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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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a bounty on his head forces him to flee with his family, desperately seeking sanctuary. they journey across continents chronicling their multi year saga on their phones, midnight travellers, an odyssey of hope resilience and ultimately one family's love for each other. witness i'm out is the era. ah, it is verging day in iraq, as millions of people had to the polls under tight security. ah, i'd come all santa maria and this is al jazeera life from doug, how the taiwanese president sy, in gwinnett said her country will not bow to any pressure from china
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to thousands of filled the streets of tennessee's capital to protest against what they see as a power grab a president, chi side and rivers of lava burst from la palm islands, volcano, where more than a 1000 feelings have been destroyed. ah, oliver invasions begun in iraq to elect a new parliament. and a poll brought forward in response to mass protests. iraq's prime minister must have heard academy cast his balance in bagdad. shortly after polling stations opened. there are nearly 25000000 people are eligible to vote. authorities are deployed hundreds of thousands of security personnel right across the country. we are right across the country, while enron can, in mosul in the north. we'll be with you shortly. and ron, starting with mark mood, abdul wide though, in the capital, baghdad 25000000 eligible to vote. mahmoud. what do you think about how turnouts is
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going or might go throughout the day will come out. it's is still very law at least until now for the time being, their turnout is around 6 to 5 percent in this pulling center where i'm standing at right now. this is the ssl here neighborhood in, but of that one densely populated neighborhood as it is known. and this pulling center has 8 pulling stations. we count it. i went a little while ago. i went with the high national election commission. ah, the supervisor here and we counted the votes individually and it turned out that all the pulling stations here have are from 6 to 5 percent. this is the voting percentage until now this is a little while before 9 or a m, g m t. and now people here are telling us that the turn out might increase as we
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proceed towards through the day, especially in might reach its peak around 3 or 4 at p. m. baghdad local time, but were concerning the low turnout until now. we know that many people are be cutting this election and despite the fact that there have been a lot of procedures, a lot of preparations from the i national diction commission from the government of prime minister must have academy and also from regional and international stakeholders. i'm speaking about the observers. a few can imagine a 1000 observers are monitoring this election that includes $900.00 international monitors. they include you and, and e, you, officials or supervisors, are also involved in this election. but many people here say that they do not. they are not encouraged to go when we speak to people, they say that they're not encouraged to go and cast their votes,
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as long as they believe that the same old parties are again running for parliament did just re shuffling their candidates, the changing faces. but the old dominant at parties are still the same running for their new apartment. here, security measures have been tightened as you know, that all efforts across iraq and borders have been closed since last night. my and a p. m local time. and also air movement between govern rates has, has been restricted except for those having biometric cars that they use it for voting again, this is the 1st time a reich is abroad or not having a chance to vote the commission. the election commission says that it's just because they did not have time or enough logistics to register them. but generally speaking, the turnout is still very low. and people are not encouraged to go to pulling the stations to cast their votes because they do not believe that this election is
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going to bring the change they hope for or right mark it up the were had with further word from the capital there. baghdad. now to mosul in the north and run con, what are you seeing there? well, let me show you that a security or that my colleague, muhammad, or margaret abdullah, had was talking about here. you can see actually in practice right down the road, there's the 1st checkpoint. that's where they check all the bags and her people's voting cards and then just a few meters down the road. this is checkpoint here where, where you can see these 2 soldiers who are basically just putting people down and then letting them into the polling station, which is in a school through that come up that polling station has 8000 people registered to vote. so far, the election monitor has told us that only $800.00 people have voted. it's an incredibly low turner. i've done elections in mosul before. never seen security like that before. and i've never seen such a low turn out before. we're looking at 10 percent. and what are we now about?
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what's pasta bypassed? well, on a local time, we should have been seeing a lot more people come in. the call to prayer has just gone up there, but the people will be at the mosque right now. maybe they will come off to that. we don't know most of people they've been talking to us or been talked to us about the anger that they feel towards baghdad. and they have to remember mosul is a predominantly some neat muslim city. they feel they've been completely ignored by the central government in baghdad. and they're frustrated at the slow process of rebuilding mosul after the war against isolate frustrated electricity shortages, the economy. and a lot of people are just simply saying, well, actually nothing's gonna change the same old places are in parliament anyway. so why should we vote so that boy caught the votes movement you think actually having the impact it wanted? where is very difficult to say clearly whether a has had an impact or not. but just anecdotally,
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just by my own personal observation, i think it has a it was very vocal particular in the days in the cold days running up to the election. lots of people were talking about, we're not going to go, we're not going to vote. it was an an organized movement. it wasn't like there were posters, everywhere. there wasn't a leader. it was basically a lot of people just on social media and all radio on television saying we're not going to go up vote. we don't think anything's gonna change. we're not getting the changes that we want to see. and it does after say, seem like it is having an impact. now, there are a few hours before the poll shut, but if you're asking me from this point of view, from this polling station, given the only 800 people so far of turned up out of a potential 8000. i think you have to say the vote, the book up the vote movement has had an impact in k him on con, more with them run throughout the day from most so now thousands of tune indians a back on the streets of the capital tunis, protesting against their president,
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mass demonstrations have been taking place ever since. i said seas near total power 2 months ago said dismissed the government suspended the parliament and assumed executive authority in july, sam kimball, in soonest. tell us about what's been happening today. and i mean, that looks like a pretty big turn off yes sir, we've just come back from the avenue habib gila, which is the central thoroughfare here in tunis, the capital of tunisia. and from my estimation, it looked like a few 1000 people had gathered rather quickly as we had just been checking some photographs from the, from the avenue a few hours earlier. and it was completely empty. heavy police presence a lot of the protestors waving red tunisian flags chanting. the people want the english translation being something like the people want the, the resignation or the impeachment of the president. and the power is the property
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of the people. at a certain point it started to get a little rough, has some protesters started to take down, no crowd control barriers and police started to move in. and, and at a certain point, there were people just streaming in down some of the main thoroughfares in to the protest which was being tightly controlled by police who were checking people's bags and making people come in through single file lines. and so it's, it is, it is a large gathering and the largest that we've seen recently in opposition to the exceptional measures that president, i say, it took on july 25th. just remind us of those exceptional measures. i mentioned them briefly before, but just a little more background of that. yeah, and the tunisian president, i sired on july 25th on the heels and nash demonstrations. took some exceptional measures, including the freezing of parliament,
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are the stripping of parliamentary immunity and the sacking of then prime minister, his sham machinery, and the presidency had affirmed that this was in response to a growing political stalemate and crisis as well as an out of control health crisis related to the coven hand demick and, and initially the, the, the measures were met by much approval by large segments of the chinese in population. though it should be said also large seconds of the population in and staunch opposition to the measures on notably the. 2 largest opposition party and not the in parliament and, and the presidents. he has since affirmed that these extraordinary measures were taken in the interests of the tunisian people. and that there are no fears to be had around the return of our autocracy or, and, and that things such as freedom of speech and freedom of the press will not be
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infringed upon an however, this, the background to this most recent protest was the am a meeting that was called for last sunday for to bring together various opposition groups in society, in a southern suburb of tunis. however, the one who called that meeting opposition politician joe had been bardic said that the meeting was interact was, was cancelled because he claims police pressured, the owner of the, the meeting hall where they were going to get together. and, and so since that day that's to say last sunday he has called for people from all around the country to come to here to nest the capital, to protest about against the president's exceptional measures. and it has since been endorsed by a former tunisian president months of madison. okay. who is also a, a human rights activist. so this is some of the,
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it is some of the background. it's really notable in terms of protests against the presidents, most recent actions. and so that's, that's what's happening today and that's the background. thank you so much for all of that. sam kimball in tunis talk. so tween us and taliban officials have entered a 2nd day here in doha. they are the 1st in person meeting since the army group seized power back in august, security aid evacuation flights and the rights of women were discussed on the 1st day. the taliban has ruled out cooperating with the united states in the fight against deisel in afghanistan. that's after a series of attacks including fraud as bombing of a sheer mosque and condos that killed at least 60 people is more from natasha. and i am monitoring the talks under her. she says the taliban is eager for assistance with afghan hassan facing shortages and an economic crisis. the afghan delegation led by the acting foreign minister, american mo. mo talkie came here with duelling economic and humanitarian crises at
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home. on top of emerging and emerging security threat by iso in afghanistan, and it is clear that it needs international recognition, but more importantly, the money that will flow as a result of that recognition. at the start of the talks, the u. s. made clear that these talks are a quote, continuation of pragmatic and tank engagement with the taliban, and not granting recognition or conferring legitimacy to the taliban that that will have to come with a, quote, sustained track record. so what we heard from the foreign minister because the americans are not talking on the record at this point is that we heard assurances, we heard please for assistance and warnings on saturday, saying that no one should d, stabilized the government or metal in internal affairs and that the wishes of the afghan
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people must be respected on the issue of assisting, honest on with its major financial stressors. the united states government as a means of leverage. once the taliban came into power post. august has frozen about $10000000000.00 in africa and assets and groups like the international monetary fund in the world bank have stopped providing financial assistance. so what the taliban leaders here are looking for is some much needed assistance in the news. i had a highly contagious outbreak that went unchecked for months will tell you what congolese authorities are doing to tackle it. i'm a farmer job that gobble that. i'll tell you how kind of on fights are the good routing destroyed helicopters. what they're calling on air force. ah
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hello there. the remnants of tropical storm lion rock likely to bring intense rainstorms to parts of indo china in the days to come. now the system made land for in south china's heinen island, bringing the wet and windy weather onwards to northern parts of vietnam and into laos. it's going to move further west, and we are likely to see more flooding as it edges into thailand. in the days to come the harness hills, we got another system tropical storm campus. so it's moved north over the philippines being some real wet and windy weather with at joining up with another tropical system. so it has strengthened, we're talking winds of about a 120 kilometers per hour. so damaging winds. rough seas and a bit of a storm surge. it's following a similar path across hind, an island and into northern areas of vietnam. as we go into the rest of the week, so very wet picture, up here, down in the south. it is looking dry up,
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particularly as we go into tuesday for indonesia and malaysia. but for australia it's looking very wet. indeed, we've got a weather system working its way west. it's warmer, ahead of that, but cooler behind. and if we look at the 3 day for brisbin, it is going to turn rather cool and wet by the time we get into wednesday, that should weather update. ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results for the road already won indonesia whose turns for me. we moved full to grow and frock. we balanced for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let it be part linda. this is growth and progress. invent either media
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. now, lou ah, on al jazeera, these are the top stories this our voting is began in iraq to elect to new parliament. a poll brought forward in response to mass protests. prime minister must fall platinum a was among the 1st to cast a ballot. he attempted to encourage turnouts, talks between the u. s. and taliban officials and don't. harv ended a 2nd day. they are the 1st in person meetings since the on group seized power in afghanistan, security aid and women's rights from the gender. on the 1st day, and thousands of tenants into back on the streets of the capital tunis protesting against the president. they are accusing kind of side of orchestrating
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a qu after he suspended parliament and assumed more powers back in july. that one's president says our government will not bow to pressure from paging. speaking during national day celebrations, sighing when promised to increase, tie one's defenses. this is the day after the chinese president, she's paying insisted there would be a peaceful reinforce with the island, the pulse, regular $150.00 chinese fighter jets of approached tie ones at defense soon. thank j. well, the relationship between taiwan and china will be achieved by negotiation, which we will keep negotiating and show the world that we're committed to self defense. however, no one can force us to go the pathway that is designed by china, because that road will not lead to solidarity and freedom for the people of taiwan, the mo, from rob mcbride, his following developments in hong kong. i think it sort of reflects the current feeling and as a taiwan itself where you find,
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i think the majority of the people at the moment at least, are equally resistance to all of this pressure that's being exerted from across the taiwan strait from china and saying when we've written, saying, when referred to that directly talking about china exerting this pressure, she said more and more that tie one could not relax. also referring to the a increasingly assertive at times, aggressive posturing in the east china see where a taiwan is located. evidence this incursion, or by up to 150 war plain sir last weekend. so as she said that they had to resist that this kind of pressure that was being exerted by her, by china, and also referring directly to the example of hong kong. where of course we have seen in the recent months with the application of the national security law, various freedoms and rights, which had been enjoyed by people here for
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a number of years. i have simply been eroded away. china and the government here would argue that is not the case that it still enjoys certain freedoms that do not exist on mainland china. butter. many people here would say that it is, they are not getting the kind of rights that they were guaranteed and saying when's warning to a taiwan is that if we follow the same path as hong kong, we too will lose those freedom. so she wanted to, hong kong to serve as a warning to taiwan. so when it comes to the whole point of re unification, the process. yes, the have been these renewed calls are from teaching ping of china that i should be a peaceful re unification. signing. when's a view is that the island of taiwan will determine what each future will be saying that the future of taiwan and our is in the hands of its people. hardon kathy or con, known as the father of pakistan's nuclear bomb, has died at the age of 85. according to a state run tv channel con,
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passed away after being admitted to hospital for a long problem. the scientist in pakistan at least was hail as a national hero, but he was accused by western countries of smuggling nuclear technology to so called rogue states out there as obtained exclusive access to the billions of dollars worth of military hardware left by us and coalition forces in afghanistan, much of that equipment was destroyed. but now the taliban says it has recruited aviation experts to build its own air force osama bin job. it is more from cobbles, military or field. the gobble air strip is home to a variety of of gone miller, trees hardware from american black hawks to russian helicopters are all lined up here and many of them are inoperable. oh oh, it isn't really the country. yeah. they can it from years leg this banner that i'm glad has broken and we can be we can resolve that. i'll our of our
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craft because about 2 or 3 in my 17. as a result of it, in that he started in the ground in flight also like this helicopter yard. so we completed that art lance, but some met lens, me be missing to that just not started. who really tried to me be in 2 days with solar ro after or scattered all over this air field is destroyed helicopters. this even holds in the fuselage or in the bodies, the ones that are intact, good to come inside them and you entered the cockpit. there's nothing here but shattered glass and destroyed equipment. ah, although many of these technicians have not been paid for months, they've returned to fix what they can. they found some essential items in storage and the rest was salvage from other aircraft. they continued to turn up for work
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regardless of who's in the government. balaban fight to say they've inherited hangers full of helicopters, which have been destroyed beyond repair. but what they have been able to do is recruit engineers, aviation experts, pilots, and convert doors. fuselage is beyond repair and use the parts to convert helicopters like this. a balaban commander in charge of 10 year feels told aldo 0 at the strength. dear croft, including helicopters and fixing sisters, have been rebuilt. most pilots trained by us forces of left, but some have stayed in their found dozens of others trade before the u. s. envision in 2001. this is what is left of the cobbled air field. and you can see military hardware which belongs to the americans to the russians, to the indians. and what taliban fighters want to do is refurbish all of these helicopters to build their own air force. a russian military plane has crashed in the tar to sun region, killing at least 15 people. the aircraft was carrying
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a group of paratroopers. when it went down. 7 people have been pulled from the wreckage, wreckage. and there been at least 2 similar plane crashes in russia in just the past 2 months. they are going german, chancellor, anglo merkel is meeting as really prime minister naphtali bennett's in western islam. the leaders are expected to discuss regional threats and challenges. in particular, iran's nuclear program are germany's urged around to restart negotiations on the 2015 nuclear deal, which israel opposes michael had to cancel her visit in august to, to israel because of us withdrawal from afghanistan. the austrian chancellor sebastian cuts and stepped down in the wake of corruption allegations. but kurt says he will stay on as the door of his party in parliament. the public prosecutor's office is investigating kurtz for using public funds to gain favorable press coverage. it sparked her government crisis, sand and no confidence motion from opposition parties. kurtz, as always, denied the charges. initially,
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police used water cannon and tear gas to disperse demonstrators, protesting against an extension of coven 19 health pass. protesters approached the prime minister's office in rome, that's as far as they got though they were opposing a so called green pass, which will be mandatory for public and private sector workers from october 15th. the government says it's needed to avoid another lockdown. critics say it violates their personal freedoms, democratic republic of congo, and struggling to control the meningitis outbreak in august, the government declared an epidemic. but 200 people have died in the north central chapel province, st. basra. he has more. ah, a mass vaccination campaign is under way in the democratic republic of congo. the world health organization began vaccinating people on saturday for bacterial meningitis. the d r. c. government declared an epidemic in august,
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but the highly contagious outbreak may have started months earlier and went unchecked. he go to my needy math class for 2 days in my village. i had a high fever, cold and convulsions, headaches as well. i did not know it was meningitis, but when they brought me here at the test results was positive for meningitis. a fellow, it's an inflammation disease that can have flu like symptoms and causes the soft protective tissue around the brain and spinal cord to swell the affected chapel province is located in the middle of a country that is located in the middle of a continent. the hope is a rapid response now can contain this very serious illness, to the local population and banal you and keep it from spreading throughout the province and beyond. you had no money up to now we still have huge challenges in assisting all the people in need of treatment because of logistics. as most people affected by the outbreak in this territory live in the mining zones located on the other side of the river. they need to be brought yet to the hospital for treatment,
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but unfortunately, we don't have about to do so often. where this is happening is part of the african meningitis belt. a region that runs across the continent from senegal to with yoga, and comprises 26 countries. it is the most vulnerable region in the world to re occuring outbreaks. this outbreak seems to be more deadly compared to the last. in my area, there's many cases of paper movement shot us in a critical condition. i've already lost around 7 members in my area, including members of mine and families. most of them died here in the hospital and some in the house were suffering too much. while the latest epidemic seems to have been confined for now, tracking data points to a grim reality. this time the disease is deadlier than before. zane bus ravi al jazeera, a nun in columbia, a sorry, a non from columbia,
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who was kidnapped in molly in 2017 by now coddling troop has been freight. gloria cecilia nevaeh's was taken by the messina liberation front me the border with picking of farsight, her release voice more than 4 years of negotiations. though it's not known whether a ransom was in fact paid. now flight's tune from the palmer in spain's canary islands have resumed off to be grounded because of clouds of volcanic ash, but new rivers of love and gulf buildings near the volcano. and tourists are also flocking to the area on a catch, a glimpse of the raw power of nature. andrew chappelle as well. well, over the course of 3 weeks, it's destroyed absolutely everything in its path. hundreds of hectares of farm land and banana plantations that are key to the islands economy. a new lava flow poured down on saturday after a partial collapse of the volcanic cone. more than 1000 homes and other buildings
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had been destroyed. it's a slow moving disaster for the residence of la paloma fortunately, people in the lava path had already been evacuated around 6000 had been told to leave their homes while firefighters save what they can. local authorities are asking residents to remain calm and listen for updates in the morning at the moment with the amount of love and direction it's flowing. we don't need to evacuate more people as we've already evacuated every one below. for those living on the wrong side of the comm, brave yeah. volcano, the losses are immense. is that on either with anyone below the middle, the memories of my parents, the inheritance i had there. it's all gone, though, via norden owner. the lava has not yet reached my house. it took 50 years of sacrifice. stone by stone. we built it. i have hope and faith that it will be saved . ah, the ground continues to shake. nearly 40 small earthquakes were recorded on friday
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and saturday alone. the local officials want tourist to know the island is safe to visit. le palmas airport has managed to reopen after being closed for 2 days due to ash once in a lifetime of june seasoning i think the volcano has become a draw of its own. it's hard to look away when hell has been unleashed. local officials hope the lava will continue flowing down the main path, keeping people watching rather than running and chappelle al jazeera ah, at alpha the are, these are the top stories. voting is began in iraq to elect a new parliament in a poll brought forward in response to mass protests. prime minister must throw academy, was among the 1st to cast a ballot in an attempt to encourage voter turnouts. madame de la hid with more now
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from baghdad high at security measures that have been put in place to secure this anecdotal law pros.


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