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meaty, and is worried about his children's future monitoring, composite medical. there were over 30 wells that have been marked in our territory . they now working on the other side, but imagine what it's going to be like when they come over here. i didn't in as a government is pushing to increase oil and gas production and hoping to increase investment in back. i'm wirebah communities in the area. i hoping their interests will be considered to come off. he really said, well, i'll just cedar. so sal one he don't ident, ina. ah, don't forget, check on the headlines here on al jazeera tie, ones president has hit out at china during national day celebrations, sighing when said the ireland will not bow to pressure from beijing. i will continue to bolster its defenses in the past week, nearly a 150 chinese warplanes approach taiwan air defense m. thank j day. well, yeah,
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the relationship between taiwan and china will be achieved by negotiation, which we will keep negotiating and show the world that we're committed to self defense. however, no one can force us to go the pathway that is designed by china, because that road will not lead to solidarity and freedom for the people of taiwan . think robin bryan has more from hong off. i think it sort of reflects the current feeling i taiwan itself, where you find, i think the majority of the people at the moment at least, are equally resistance to all of this pressure that's being exerted from across the taiwan strait from china and saying when we've written saying, when referred to that directly talking about china exerting this pressure, she said more and more that tie one could not relax. also referring to the a increasingly assertive at times, aggressive posturing in the east china see where i taiwan is located. voting is
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underway in iraq to elect a new parliament, and a poll brought forward in response to months of protests, a prime minister, mustafah ha, to me was among the 1st to cast his ballad. demonstrators began taking to the streets in 20. 19. martin overhauled the political system. some observers are predicting a low turn out afghanistan. taliban says he wants to turn a new page in its relationship with washington. during talks with us officials and doha security was a key issue. the group has ruled out cooperating with the u. s and the fight against iso and afghan is done. are you in refugee office and libya has been forced to close because it's overwhelmed with people seeking re settlement on friday. god shot and killed 6 people who tried to free from a detention center in tripoli around 2000 and my gms escaped. so those were the headlines. the news continues here now to 0 after people on power station. thanks a lot bye for now. when freedom of the press is under threat, step outside the mainstream shift, the focus that pandemic has turned out to be
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a handy little pre tax for the prime minister to clamp down on the press. the listening posts on a just eda ah 2060 a deal between the colombian government and frogs. carillo's. so far as late of the own up to to a case with conflict. with 5 years old, the inequality and poverty, the fuel, the insurgency having to go that way. and when protests against the status quo still provoked the savage police response. can this troubles country ever truly be at peace with
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ah, columbia early may, 2021. the country receive a rest on an emphasis on popular tax reforms from the government of president, even duke a had trigger mass demonstrations and strikes. but underlying the protests, there was also pent up kind of over extreme inequality, police brutality and economic effects of the copays. and then the controversial tax plans were withdrawn. but of protests continue with while most strikes and demonstrations where peaceful. there was some looting and road through ex cost major destruction. but the police response was out to vote proportion to the fact they post
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a great weekend. okay. you know yet, and we can do that. but as are not all the maker is on the phone with did a gun and dig in all local dealers, competitive on it. but i didn't get that j. k. i don't even make up a minute when i back on the do you live in? i said, protests continued local and international monitors locked white spread human rights abuses. thousands of people with detained destiny, allegedly rate and torture. and many hundreds injured forensic experts found evidence of lethal weapons being used on protests. another thought that by mid june, at least 60 people had died most at the hands of the police,
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even cd lands. these have been filmed, shooting directly at them. status among those killed where people not even involved in the protests like teenagers. and you, valencia, yo up about going up up, up at mama. is that pretty here? i there are there use e dynamic i u e h e graduate either really was committee for the house. isn't mcclinton with the get owen good poly bag rebuttal case. it wasn't supposed to be like this 5 years on from a peace agreement to end columbia decade, slung, fark insurgency, a deal that was supposed to bring calm and prosperity back. the country is as divided as it's ever been with come to find out why.
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back in november 2016. we were filming in a fart. the really camp in the calculus. we were following to fight us, you handy. and one from fox 30th eastern front. it was an historic day, hundreds of marxist gorillas, had convened, under a tent to witness the end of the war pass. i'm sure most had been in combat for more than a decade and had lost families and friends to the violence legal shield. they were promised a safe return to civilian life. having maggie's yet made an overlay bass. i say you are early on the young woman bandaid as fast. ah, hello, don't him as well. so we'll, as i will go ahead and restart the hills bah. but to lose you lose,
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your brazilian. not only shall 12, yes, up on 3 dishes, but i mean they can feel more bucklin, missouri though not, i am traveled alone. said he wasn't my son to school or your courses include okay. i almost as algorithm or even as a doubled up, i said you're busy a day that if we got to go to blood, my samples, my phone bill was because they've got me guilty. she was worried about it, but yeah, was it a go pick it up or after that? i would answer both. almost all. if i had your brain, i mean what you get project was going ways to ship. love this article. sort of you either have horrible. i mean, they got nobody and the bottom part feel we are and did
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a way i could see her like when i was just a few hours after the deal with sign. one and other guerrillas were already wrapping up their weapons. but many fighters were critical of the superiors were giving up their arms before making sure that the government complied with its end of the deal. or get up with a leg up for like you got a job that brought all of your several must by this wish as you know, the model she had for which if they throw some dissident far commanders even accused her former colleagues of treason and took up arms, once more, jealousy, emperor jamal, does of butler tomatoes is young. that without emotion, liquid dean wydone calling us out of my dental insurance predictability. she known
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affordable me, is this i worked with them into the deals. didn't that this is the only thing that a good school by hill and guy yell accountable knowing that a lot that lincoln got you on the local. although the piece deal with far didn't include a smaller marxist, the really group they yelling, it was meant to win the 50 year armed conflict, which kills more than $260000.00. and his placed millions at the pact was never popular without colombians and to spread to them. one man was santos left office in 2018. it has been largely disregarded by his successor. even duke. many of the deals terms have not yet been met. and the country is still play by violence . it's a theme which continued into the 2021 protests and prompted the entire american human rights commission to send a group of service. one of them was, he smiled rallied job a yard with dod yecynnia la la lockie,
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gut gay employment di napoli. she are in columbia. philly. print a. see no. the only thing you ever did a local company got e a. let me go, let me know what else did earlier by. you said no money. no, i mean, gail forwarding gail issue for the economic windshield. i guess rolla can give her a piece. she bought a came florida and travel from united left, one of their bus lane, put a guy here. i thought i should go awful bundled up those young. we'd have you gotten a bunch of bunch anybody seen do the alcorda because she is what she does your oil and b 30. i was on this as she got young said that a the he lead it is a sociology and see us as he knows a lackey iraqi say when and dad again. see when i open that no see, saw it on bob, me sign up. what a lot of it on my the saddle showing data. no, say. see it on mark. yeah. you know, a phone, so yes, give up but i really no,
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but i for the commission published a report that criticized the government for its excessive use of pools and protests . but it's been left to human rights, lawyers like self junk, our data to seek justice in court with my phone. some of his clients claim they continue to be at risk from government reprisals. one of them is one so i can help them be done. i had been moved by that time and then it was too late to locate the 30 k. if i can you. i personally propose, preliminary william would put on my cousin. you know, we don't polish my love for us, but i see you and i said and done, you come out on my view a little bit. i'm at the local level, but i live in. yeah. can law, i live in ya and put in my live diego,
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we'll be sputtering those pavilion. and then boy o valko, allow island and then who's helping out on the level is yet a land as young many stereo fins up will is. yeah. and as human being 5 years, you can find you don't get them to massages with your bottle cuz you put us to what is your favorite? remember, we had bottle out this enough that i'm in phase one, bathroom dick on that glucose cuz it's certainly not a little a yearly me, not a 5 year to pause you. leah, a if you got from saudi cousin. ah unofficial monuments to the victims have started appearing. but so far the government has had little to say about their fate. we asked ministers and security services to respond to the issues raced in this film. all our requests were declined, but one retired police colonel, a lot of the rule has did give us an insight into the security services strategy.
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like gathering columbia a case at roja. lockwitzer mara's issue. she is he colo. he is poorly in the inside. you have ram, noise, grey, less noisy meters love as well as the porter. my, she own fan, immediate diaries, conroy. what do you see us out to be in them? i was like, look what about i go pace. you now you go patients now they get silly. it's insane. yeah. ok. my dad. i like name ego. he shall go. the more daddy south gate. it will not go there. more good. i'd be cool. he glass. we'll see. yeah . no, no, says john or mother you. how did he now? i asked if you say you put us in it,
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but when husky is sending out little data box. so i leave here just so lost the key he need and is this whole thing in a land lease that are basically speak to to another. every now says he, now that rody used by the end of july, i said nationwide, protests were dying down. many protesters went into hiding club boys, police retaliation. but others were still determined to demand justice. a boy a new number of course, but didn't experience well. yeah, we 80 up what, what do you see? i mean, my says he, on the book that he thought a quad may spread out or whether it's who, who do you see on know this, but i do not go credit funding. covered thigh meat, vietnam. hopefully, you know, i had a not the one on the 11th i v commission.
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i but i believe nothing. i mean, i mean like the battle 9 in french, michael. he said okay, i mean may or not. so i talked to rob music with say he hasn't mother, i mean, you know, mom not domain got wrong, they're far past a lot of our service, but i'm only done with, with what i believe that is in columbia is on, organisation is good. me now. linda, you guys have medical that on vehicle, but ultimately gonzalez what's on the list, how t v and then it lists at the pool. the role played by paramilitaries in support of the army during the insurgency has been well documented. but the road and the protests pieces so clear, we met at the santa from the h u. c. paramilitary group, the largest in the country. if, when he left us and notify me that is that, and i think that any sold baldwin loyal dolton, the lovers football. but all foreclosure german from y'all,
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the general younger dorsey as alterations as thought invalid all hardy was so notice is that a barry this were all on a little blue laurel boy, windows artful as old burdens as soon as you did wrong. i saw them in the war was in after the peace deal, if 5000 strong, nationally duration army was the only active to really group left in columbia all our time. i think i think i've been up all the, all, it moved into remote areas abandoned by that the mobilized mark. and claimed to be using it's new to rhetoric control to eradicate rather than benefit from the drug straight metrics. we met some of its members on the border with venezuela. they told us they were training new recruits and fighting against paramilitaries, working for both narco traffickers and the government. they claimed their ranks swelled in response to the police cracked down from protesters this year. this
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group of fight her school told we're rehearsing for action on the following day. we were told later their mission had been success. mm. i like whether la la, but i won't go as i thought i was local or manner law morocco. or made up your order and will not all of our medical emo commander, pablo explained why the national liberation army was waging war against the paramilitaries and the drug gangs. lamazzo. where will not the other threat? there her go. but are her not the mental? the plan comparing to campus a failure compositional pro to ya. i'm fed your main face and got a refund, then seattle and i'm out at the era as a would be worth it. so it equals if i were thought i had, but i'll, i love it. i, i feel good, but i mean these, buddy mo, i lot of, he honest,
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don't based on your god, you not had the little poke almost, you'll get the no contract, you know, federal, haverford, but i mean that is more you have company. no, kara, there, but i how you? yes. id on the sienna config will awkward people. they will feel if you bought a car, nobody out there. i've been on the left or if and no are your but i'll fuel and if it blank confidential hadn't been louder. lafayette, well, go home, papa lifted up every bear comalla when he performa beth hour, you gotta be a columbia, anna. that's a good of him on fernando and for their own being edel than that. but i think we were told that the liberation on his new focus was popular among young recruits, which seemed paramilitaries shooting at both testers with totes and impunity. next, we drove to territory controlled by dissidence park. the richness with us was you had me one of the fight. this would be mobilized in 2016. when i way to her
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old camp, we saw the southern park propaganda everywhere. and newly formed coke with headquarters calling to see if he's had a, an updated nanny with see if you guys are, i bluegrass is palpable. must fuzzy into sally must gloom, gotta be up, whatever they are. so it, it is different and stuff with we didn't meet
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a single military unit patrolling the road, but it did look like were being followed as a circuit from a more direct from farther get realty. i said, as i go now colutus and he did up his plan is the said he thought he was for korean ended that i've been with us. but as how american is home, we reached the area when we 1st met you had me in 2016 while her unit was waiting to disarm custom builders. where to go? like i said, learners were i just felt bad for marcia math, her lunch, a salary with several escalate them, but they're a colored man. yeah. we never did. what? okay. so the key yet that is that are but different marcia,
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to pull us out of believe the day because you know, i think the game yet i ain't been derrick. reynosa is going to tell you what is this time risky? yeah. wait. am i'm a lot. he gauge my fig another document for this one they already know. send them via i guess the better it doesn't have to step on to come home to me. but i went down to live with them or help us build new times. quentin, when i care, they still when to say when night this was one, the unit sniper, he moved to a village after the mobilizing and became a baker. he was late a shot, but survived the attack only to then disappear entirely
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several of those with films with had high hopes for the late to disappear in suspicious circumstances. their fate unknown thought i was a theater that i think the, the 1st is a is in the for that the little higher millerio in england. it look as young source because it agreement and up with my neck age. nothing. prevent the like where the one i think it come with and on which other units moment look whether by now linda must have your home until this again until the faculty up on us women head and i e . learn up yesterday. i'm hoping for somebody to phone him. ah, many former fog light us are now missing some suspect paramilitaries or eventual security forces. others believe that this has been far groups might be targeting former comrades who went along with the peace deal. we went to the peace and
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reconciliation foundation to talk to several parties, an expert on demobilized fighters. give them a done the olympics let it be in was, are, are the m, as in columbia? i some was as $16.00, but oh, lemme get us to do it again. if, if you, i mean this is hiena or to pay you national contract as urine investment as keep the, almost if, if the, i mean the highlander, i think for a busy lawyer when i'm on it equitably. jennel jennel. it is this, he disliked them in the gay good opal in. if someone says tindall allied uga a, the, the law says, but i mean that is, yeah, you know, like when people dutcheon a in the lower than, i mean the young villas group was out of miles on even that we thought yell it just, but he might wanna hinder it now hinder it. gabriel dees. her a quick julie felicia to let her. does he like to start a few on campus and i they got us yawn, but i know boy, this evening isadine is,
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is expired yet. but it seemed almost impossible to establish which group tried to kill one. we attempted to reach dissident fark in the outskirts of cali to ask them about it is a pretty thought see that already. but we waited 4 hours for the commander to show up. we're fairly off camera, the fighters received news from the re b o. earlier paramilitaries seemed to be active in the area that night. and we had to stay put on my men. a woman both broken off, both the level to level for someone completely up to suddenly warm it for a minute but it didn't work to limit work or fema foreclosure. cumberland
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is mm hm. cooper, cooper, beautiful. her garage from carrie when i went to a humble florida. oh, the dissident park couldn't guarantee our safe passage through the round territory . the following day, we ventured uphill following a lead from set your bodies. at the mobilization we reached a remote village where the local dissidence park commander junior gave his 1st into nozzle. those in lord lay out so more love at the end of his days. yeah. at a moderately less fat yet cannot. this is maggie. i'm out. los angeles, but no way more. it was has him built. this is cynthia. nice, almost little was novel. but i mean bad though mom would let me know if you ended up wanting the other lab router out of mala. gemalto will not be left or left. omar
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bullied, yeah, can meet our most gay, like where the door was. no, us have completed, but the then we have in person no sore throat, but mom would let me know if your day is not as a young randall. leave what and all will not do a little push and he'll a don't know where these in because on that these he then said there was no so to know some of these ends up was in the meanwhile, back in cali, city, another protest against police brutality was getting underway, a penny and other former guerrillas had to fight threats on their lives to join them
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. i was in mind i with 5 years on columbus, p. steel, the park gorilla is yet to be fully implemented. and poverty, inequality and injustice continue to drive columbia on to the streets. with too many people invested in keeping the status quo, the question is whether this divided country will ever truly be at peace. ah.
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talking to al jazeera, we ask what gives you hope that it is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing. otherwise we listen. we were never on the whatever road to off migration. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera, more than 30 years after the assassination of burkina, faso, iconic liter, thomas son, gunner. those charged with his killing are going on trial among them. his success plays compound. he's the countries loan search for justice, find them coming to an end. the sancho taught special coverage from october 11th on al jazeera. every war lisa, devastating in thank, tell me environment. earth rise, explore some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientist.
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safeguarding one of our most valuable results is these are important samples. we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees. striving to co exist with nature. okay, so what's going on there is the assimilating. what happens when an elephant e commerce life off to conflict on al jazeera? ah, hello, i'm down, jordan and dough. with a quick reminder of the top stories here on the al jazeera tie, once president says, her country will not bow to pressure from beijing speaking during national day celebrations, sighing when also said her government will continue to bolster his defenses. it comes a day after the chinese president, she she thinks said there will be a peaceful reunification with the island in the past week. nearly a 100 and.


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