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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2021 8:00am-8:31am AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, al jazeera, where ever you are. oh, on tie one's national day, president, sighing when says her country will not bow to pressure from china. ah, hello, i'm down, jordan, this is al jazeera life, and i also coming up holds of opened in iraq, where people are choosing who they want to represent them in parliament. united
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nations refugee agency slams libya of migrant detentions and human rights abuses. and we'll have an update on the volcano that still erupting up to 3 weeks on the island of napoleon. ah, taiwan is president says her country will not bow to pressure from beijing speaking during national day celebrations, sighing when also said her government will continue to bolster its defences. it comes a day after chinese president shing thing said there will be a peaceful reunification with the island in the past week, nearly a 150 chinese warplanes have approached, ty, one's ad defense said rob mcbride has been fallen. developments from hong kong. rob, so this was a pretty defined performance from the time when he's president. how important was this speech on national day? and what more did she have to say? the, i think her, this is
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a sensor of defiance. really reflects the kind of prevailing view in taiwan at the moment where the majority of people would be equally resistant to all of these overtures, the increased in pressure from mainland china and saying when referred to that, saying that this was pressure was being exerted by china more and more, and the taiwan simply cannot afford to relax. she spoke about the increasing assertiveness of china in the east c a. with these a sometimes aggressive gestures and posturing, evidence the incursions by up to a 150 warplanes from china. just last weekend. i'd also spoke about are the example of hong kong and the experience that hong kong has gone through in recent months, the erosion of a certain rights and freedoms that used to be enjoyed here under this implementation of this national security law. and she said that that should serve as an example, and also
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a warning to the people of taiwan when it comes to this whole question of re unification. as has been mentioned again by the chinese leadership saying, when's position is that at the that's the island of taiwan. it's future will be decided by its people and that the future is in it's people's hands. oh, thank care day. well, yeah, the relationship between timeline and china will be achieved by negotiation. we will keep negotiating and show the world that we're committed to self defense. however, no one can force us to go the pathway that is designed by china. because that road will not lead to solidarity and freedom for the people of taiwan during the whole as a robust there. thank john. has president she shing ping that talking yesterday about peaceful reunification. yet he's increasing the military component of that pressure . what calculation is beijing making here? do you think a sheet in thing is made it his mission,
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if you like to eventually achieve this way. unification, which has been the goal of a chinese presidents ever since the formation of the people's republic of china. but she is determined that under his leadership, he will be able to achieve this in his, the latest remarks he did not use the word force. he spoke about peaceful re unification about this process that i would or should be welcomed, both in taiwan and did mainland china itself. but he has used more forceful language in the past. and i think there is always an accepted implied threat from mainland china that it would be a capable and would be willing to use it's increasing military might to seize and take back the island if it felt it had to. if it felt that a taiwan was on a path to formally declare independence because of course at china says that that is, can never happen. it will always be a part of china. and increasingly, china has been building up the military might to be able to achieve that. it used
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to be the case that with it says supplies of more sophisticated weaponry from the united states. taiwan had this guarantee, a technological advantage over mainland china. that increasingly is not the case, and the people's liberation army has quickly been closing the gap. but the other calculation for china, it has to take into account is that mold that it pushes. the more pushback that seems to be a, from the taiwanese people. in fact, saying when it was re elected on an increased majority last year by a people who are increasingly alarmed at these threats from a china. and so the more that the china pushes the it has to be careful that there isn't i a reaction to that, that the more resolute the people of a tie one become a to continue on the path that they set for themselves. all right, a rama bry live for the in hong kong. rob, thank it. now voting underway in iraq to elect any parliament. and
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a poll brought forward in response to months of protests. the country's prime minister mustangs are hot to me. cast his ballot shortly after pulling stations opened. some observers are predicting a low turnout. demonstrators have been taken to the streets for 2 years, demanding an overhaul of the political system there will alhashan, joins us live from a polling station in the capital, baghdad, alley. so tell us what's happening at the polling stations. there was a turn out. are we expecting you? thank well done until the moment it looks very slow. no, no real queues in front off falling stations. we went in, there were some observers from various organizations. however, people are still like in a low numbers. funny what it's just 70 is just taking the warning for now. as you said, the prime minister accosted his go, the president. but i'm solid also gossett his ballot in the green zone glare. yes. political lead. as all suited,
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and this is an attempt from them going early in the morning to vote to try draw more turn out during the day because the turnout is itself a challenge for the government. where that people are going to come to the polling stations and, and vote and come out with, with a kind of give you legitimacy to do to the elections, especially done. the 2018 elections had the very low turned out, despite the numbers that were given we're giving in the beginning, the real numbers were on good 25 percent. this is what most stuff all caused me doesn't want to see as a prime minister, who is also hoping for another 10 in the office. so now with respect to turn out, we'll wait and see during the day. but there is a lot of skepticism among the public. people are kind of concerned that the same political elite is going to emerge once again. however, in a more fragmented way. and this is going to give more. chances are more leverage to
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regional international players to have a real say in the choice of the new prime minister anal it's worth pointing out. i mean, this election came as a result of huge pro democracy protests against the government. talk us through what the main issues are for ordinary people. what a vote is concerned about ali ah, if we're really concerned about god option in the country mismanagement the country lack soft real infrastructure. there is no attic tricity. all many bar up there are bought. it got in every place in iraq. so this is a country rich with oil, with a lot of resources. however, it's not, it's not the 24 hours electricity. that is a problem with also not having real jobs for people, people who are demanding more jobs, a lot of jobless people in the streets. also mainly does the foreign medlin's in iraq's internal affairs. and this is related also to the iraq p. a political
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factions, al agency alliances with various a regional international players. so people want bad want to see back at different iraq without corruption. busy with more infrastructure, better management, and they are yet a consent that this is not what they're going to get. a good candidates are giving very high pharmacies, alley has some life as they're in baghdad. ali, thank you again a sounds taliban says he wants to turn a new page in his relationship with washington during the 1st face to face talks with us. officials in doha security was a key issue on the agenda, but aid evacuation flights and the rights of women were also discussed. the taliban ruled out cooperating with the u. s. in the fight against iceland, afghanistan. it follows a series of attacks including friday's bombing of a. she up mosque and condos that killed at least 60 people. natasha name has more on the talks in dela,
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the acting afghan foreign minister actually did make some comments on day one of what's expected to be 2 days of talks. first time talks at such a high level since the americans pulled out in august, he says that he recognizes that security for, for in afghanistan, benefits not only afghans but the international community. so he offered assurances he made please for assistance with regard to assurances the acting foreign minister . his name is molly amir. con will talkie says that the taliban will do its part. bear in mind that the taliban has pledged to its people, that it would be the one to provide security. but in the last week, there have been 2 major bombings in afghanistan that have killed scores of people on the economic front regarding it please for assistance. the acting foreign
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minister says that it is looking to the international community to help solve its financial woes. you are looking at a country that is heavily dependent on international aid, with an evolving humanitarian crisis on the ground. it is asking that the united states lifts economic sanctions freeze unfreeze its assets, and reduce restrictions or lift restrictions at the, at the afghan national bank. it says it needs to be able to pay its employees as well as provide services to the afghan people. austria sebastian cuts as announced his resignation as chancellor, but says he stay on as lead of his party in parliament. kurtz is currently under investigation of a corruption allegation, suggested that he's accused of using public funds to gain a favorable press coverage. he's deny the charges, but has been under pressure from his coalition partners. i didn't look opposition. parties had also been preparing a no confidence motion with rick brooklyn, from stanford university in berlin. he says the chancellor's resignation shows the
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system of checks and balances working in austria. well, the good thing is that this is not an authoritarian regime. apparently, it's a western type democratic system in which it has we can see now of the system of checks and balances, work pretty well. otherwise, this regime that quotes fields to make it of one person show and not of people's party that will fall paid, used to be before he came the chancellor. this is still the good news that everything works according to the constitution. and there is a system off the separation of power still kind of works that the traditional system does its job. and most importantly, the free media can do what we expect meeting pre media to do in a situation like this. also to come here with al jazeera, including people in western argentina,
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blame oil companies for the rising number of earthquakes. and the tables are turned in the czech republic as a right wing coalition grabs an election with marla status ah hi again and away we go with your weather forecasts for the middle east. this one features when so right off the bat, we've got a small that's a wind out of the north coming down from iraq, great through to the gulf states. so what does this mean when gusts of about 50 kilometers per hour for the gulf states? that's enough to swirl round the sand and dust, and we get those hazy conditions in terms of the act of whether we've got some rain over the higher ground in yemen. and there we go. look at that sand and dust there . q weights toward the eastern portion of saudi and right into cats are impacting places like doha, over to pakistan toward the north. it's unsettled that's also into afghanistan as
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well. so is lama bad showers, and bursts of heavy rain can be expected here. over to turkey, now a scattering of showers for assemble, cloud cover for the black sea region and some big storms over western portions of greece on sonic tropics of africa. look like this. we've got a pretty big line of storms bungie rate through at to the western portion of the democratic republic of congo. further toward the south temperatures of popped up in cape town, 25 degrees, some instability for southern sections of mozambie. and would you say, cape town will keep this temperature going up to 27 degrees on monday. that's fall above average. see soon? ah, france once had a vast empire spending several continents. but by the 1940s,
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the french were forced to confront reality and demands for independence. in the 1st part of the documentary series, al jazeera looks at how the colonial unrest grew. conflict in algeria and full scale war and indo china, blood and tears, french. the colonization on al jazeera lulu ah, we'll get back here quicker. might about top stories here. this al, a taiwan president has hit out at china during national day celebrations, sighing when said the ireland will not bow to pressure from beijing. in the past week, nearly a 150 chinese warplanes and approached high ones and defensive voting is now underway in iraq to elect a new parliament in
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a poll brought forward in response to months of protests, feminist m a stop our ha to meet was among the 1st to cost his ballots. some observers are predicting alone turnout. i'm a tell about mass root out cooperating with the us in the fight against isolate their 1st high level talk since they took over cobble, the group passel. so also u. s. to lift about an afghan central bank reserves. libby as treatment of migrants and asylum seekers as come under intense scrutiny over the past 24 hours. on friday, god shot and killed 6 people at a detention center in tripoli and around 2000 migrants escaped. the un refugee office was also forced to close after being overwhelmed by hundreds of people seeking resettlement. many migrants and libya are now in a holding pattern, unable to move on because of the suspension of humanitarian flights. almost a year ago, malik trina has more now, from tripoli. it's called the community day center,
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a facility run by the united nations where those and need can access health care and can help with food and accommodation. hundreds of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, including women and children are gathered here. but the doors are closed in the face of overwhelming crowds. where is the humanity? where are the countries we are refugees. we did not die of hunger and thirst, but we want our dignity because human dignity is the most important thing. the un refugee agency told us they deeply regret suspending some services at this office. they say they are working with their partners to help people reach hospitals for critical treatment. a security crackdown carried out by libyan security services. last week saw thousands of migrants and refugees arrested. they were put in detention centers and what a different un agency, international organization for migration calls, deplorable and overcrowded conditions. 2000 migrants broke out of the elma, barney detention center on friday. gunfire can be heard and video showing their
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escape. 6 migrants were reported killed in over 24 injured. there was chaos on the streets of tripoli. as those who escape ran to residential areas were absolutely devastated by the indiscriminate ah, use of live ammunition inside the perimeter of a detention center resulting in the 6 steps back in front of the you and building some tell us they spent years in detention admits as he came to libya from sudan in 2017, to attempt to travel to europe. then i tried to cross the sea in 2017 to sent here in august. but unfortunately, i didn't come in or brought as happened in the book. then they catch us, andy, return us back to tripoli to detention place, and we say, therefore, to hears, they move up front. i do, or do i in zara under organization? come they are, unity are, are there? yes, our names there. but unfortunately,
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they didn't do anything to i didn't find any solution i north evacuated as the you and hcr has us asylum seekers and refugees urgently needing assistance to use help lines and to avoid approaching its offices and person for the time being for their own safety. the ministry of interior has called for humanitarian flights to resume, but the un says it's libyan authorities that are suspended the motioning of flights for most of this year until the flights are operating normally. many migrants will be left worried about their feet in the coming weeks and months. malik, trina al jazeera tripoli, french muslin gym on your macro is launching a campaign for the world wide abolition of the death penalty. he made the announcement at france's 40th anniversary of its last execution describing the death penalty as an abomination could have hosted on or silicon that liberty from france will re launch the fight for universal abolition within the framework of the presidency of the european union. we will organize in paris with the n cio together against the death penalty,
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a meeting at the highest level. now bring together civil society from states that still apply the death penalty in order to convince their leaders of the importance and urgency of abolishing it one. and sierra known as abolished it's death penalty . the president julius motto b of signed the abolition bill that a ceremony in the capital free town. it will be replaced with a maximum penalty of life in prison. no executions have taken place in sierra leone since 1990. 8 for the husband was systems to removing the death penalty completely . sierra leone is the 23rd african country to abolish capital punishment. when matthew manguno is an attorney in pennsylvania, he says, some governments are using the death penalty for political gain. i think it in a lot of ways the death penalty is driven by politics. ah, you know, people want to seem as though they're tough on crime and it's a way of getting your, your, your bon, a cds for being tough on crime by saying, you know, we support the death penalty. and so,
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so i think that's part of the reason why the death penalty hangs on. although the trend around the world is really seems to be that the death penalty is it is a fading a. it's not a certainly as popular as it has been in years gone by. it's, it's best exemplified in the united states where you see, you know, a number of read states, you know, hang on to the death malady. because the politicians in those states, the members of the legislature, they don't want to be the ones who are perceived as soft on crime, who's done away with the death penalty. and then there's some horrific crime that occurs in their state, and the death penalty is not an option. so, so at least in the u. s. and i think in other parts of the world, the death penalty is churned by politics. the government in the czech republic has lost his majority after this weekend's parliamentary election and an opposition
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alliance says it now has the numbers to form. the next administration of the prime minister's party remains the single biggest group and it's still unclear what'll happen next. that in bottles aiming to take power in the czech republic. the today general election has seen a strong showing by the together coalition of conservative and christian democrat parties. it's leader, petro fiala, says the opposition is ready to form the next governments. but of us if each these hoodie nickel him yet but a be any there will be a meeting with coalition of pirates and stan within 24 hours because we promised the people that were disc wallison we want and we will bring political change. i am convinced the outcome of the election is clear, the democratic opposition till now got the majority of seats in the lower house. and the constitution of check republic is clear. the vote was widely seen as a referendum on prime minister under a babich and as predicted, it's his centrist and oh, yes, movements that's coming out ahead of any other single party. the countries president has said that is what will determine the mandate to form
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a new government. meaning 67 year old babich gets detroit 1st and wound up a flat tire front. i've told voters what i can offer them. i'm hardworking courageous, decisive, and i'll look after check interests in europe. the opposition blames babbage for chaotic leadership during the covered 19 pandemic. the czech republic has suffered one of europe's worst per capita, deaf tolls. the european union has accused babich of a conflict of interest around his former business empire. and recently, he denied reports in the pandora papers that he put more than $20000000.00 into shell companies to buy properties in france, wirelessly. and also the more democratic we voted for one of the democratic collisions, both my husband and i chose to per stand coalition, mainly because they are not the a i now party fish down is a coalition between even barto sion, his pirate party, which already controlled the capital, prague,
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and the grass roots movement of local mazily dependence. and re, bobby sh, is accused per se done of selling out the country by supporting more european integration, the venture adoption of the euro. listen, it certainly should not be the pirates and these coalitions because they are horrible. the outgoing governments worried some vote is by taking on large debts, but it's promised to continue raising public sector wages and pensions. it's not clear whether that's enough for it to hold on to power. nadine baba al jazeera, now new rivers of lava, had emerged from the volcano when the canary islands threatening more homes and farms. tourists, souls are flocking to the area to catch a glimpse of the raw power of nature. under chappelle has this update. well, over the course of weeks, it's destroyed absolutely everything in its path. hundreds of hectares of farm land and banana plantations that are key to the islands economy. a new lava flow poured down on saturday after
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a partial collapse of the volcanic cone. more than 1000 homes and other buildings have been destroyed. it's a slow moving disaster for the residence of la palmer. fortunately, people in the lava path had already been evacuated around 6000 had been told to leave their homes well, firefighters save what they can. local authorities are asking residents to remain calm and listen for updates. in is the moment at the moment with the amount of love and direction it's flowing. we don't need to evacuate more people as we've already evacuated every one below. for those living on the wrong side of the complaint, you have volcano, the losses are immense pedals that on either with anyone to let the melody with the memories of my parents. the inheritance i had there, it's all gone though via northern order. the lava has not yet reached my house. it took 50 years of sacrifice sown by stone. we built it. i have hope and faith that
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it will be saved. ah, the ground continues to shake. nearly 40 small earthquakes recorded on friday and saturday alone. the local officials want tourist to know the island is safe to visit. le palmas airport has managed to reopen after being closed for 2 days, due to ash, with a once in a lifetime of june, seasoning like the volcano has become a draw of its own. it's hard to look away when hell has been unleashed. local officials hope the lava will continue flowing down the main path, keeping people watching rather than running into chappelle al jazeera. for my years, president donald trump has held his 1st rally and the key swing state of iowa since his election loss in 2020 speaking in front of hundreds, trump took a familiar tone attacking the democrats voting to make the country great again, the rally stirring speculation about trumps political future. he won iowa in 2020.
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we will not bend, we will not break. we will not yield. we will never give in. we will never give up . we will never ever back down and we will never ever surrender. we will never so like they just did and have gaston, my fellow americans, our movement is far from over. in fact, our fight has only just begun. not people in western argentina say they have noticed the grounds, shaking beneath them much more over the last year. more than 200 earthquakes have been reported in that time. then a geologist blamed this on fracking. teresa by reports from south south bonito in argentine as mac n province. it's one of the largest shale oil and gas we serves in the world vac. i'm what it is located in argentina, but the only a region,
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it covers an area of over 30000 square kilometers. and extraction companies have invested heavily in exploiting it the same, the same noel has been living in the regional town of cell cell one. you don't all his life. he says, well, he's glad of the new economy opportunities brought by the companies. there we, sol, so a downside earthquakes. the key comes from william intronas. rarely. these are not natural movements. i never felt before. i felt for very strong shakes that broke my house. the house started to shake and for a few seconds we all looked at each other and then it stopped. increasingly, locals are blaming the practice of fracking for this is make activity. fracking uses thousands of liters of water and sent that are injected in the soil at high pressure to push out the oil and gas. scientists continue to debate whether the practice can provoke earthquakes. although a recent study in argentina says, there is
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a direct link between fracking and sysmic activity right across this river. there is at least 90 sites where oil and gas are being extracted using fracking. people living in the area say that the fis nick activity here began when oil company started operating in this area, those reports of at least 36 small earthquake of happening in just one weekend. to leave her go, we think this house has several cracks because of the tremors. he says he's hoping or thought he will help him and his neighbors fortify their homes for what is likely to become a regular thing. nolan, emily, this is we are not denying, there is an increase in activity. the importance is how strong the earthquakes are and how to prepare the population. we need to know who is doing it and how and where the population is. we to sit down at the same table and plan how it's going to be done. but almost everyone agrees. argentina's economy struggling and
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promoting oil and gas extraction is crucial to helping the country recovered. yet the filter rotherford you figure when people like roberto are concerned. he's a member of the, my 14 dead unit community and is worried about his children's future monitoring capacity of america. there were over sushi wells living marked in our territory. they now working on the other side, but imagine what it's going to be like when they come over here. i didn't in as government is pushing to increase oil and gas production and hoping to increase investment in back on wirebah. communities in the area are hoping their interests will be considered to faculty. billy several. i'll just sita. so cell one, i don't, i didn't tina. ah, don't forget, check the headlines here on al jazeera tie. ones president has hit out at china during national day celebrations, sighing when said the ireland will not bow to pressure from beijing. i will
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continue to bolster defenses. in the past week, nearly


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