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compiled, he's the countries long search for justice. finally, coming to an end, the sancho taught special coverage from october 11th on august 0. lou anti one's national day president, sighing when says her country will not bow to pressure from china. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera la you from doha. also coming up the united nations refugee agency slams libya with migrant detention and human rights abuses. folds opened in iraq's elections and the next few hours we'll look at what's on the minds of voters plus i'm adam across the in zimbabwe. a country that has more elephants then they can handle. i've been reporting from wind gay way,
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animals and humans, a fight and get a challenge. living side by side, ah, di one's president says her country will not bounce a pressure from beijing speaking during national day celebrations. shying away and also said her government will continue to bolster its defenses. comes a day off, the chinese president, she shing thing said they'll be a peaceful reunification with the island. in the past week, nearly a 150 chinese warplanes have approached high ones at defense. so robot bride has been following that speech from hong kong. rob said this speech by taiwan is president, comes as we are saying. they're against the backdrop of growing tensions between beijing, anti pay. how important was this speech day, but a sign when didn't hold back in her criticism, a beijing, what did you make of it? that's why there was a typically up beat, very defiant message from
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a saying when really focusing, i suppose on the increase intentions that we have seen across the straight to the taiwan strait. talking about the chinese that pressure increasing more and more. she said i'd urging taiwanese not to relax. they can't afford to relax, talking about the severe and a complex challenges of beijing. it's expected expansionism into the at surrounding c. she mentioned the east c at where taiwan is located. that is, of course, where we saw the incursion last weekend by these waves of war plains, from the mainland china. interestingly, she referred to these incursions by maidens by a croft these fighters and bombers from the bay land and said it gave that taiwan the chance to show what it has a cause. it scrambles its own fight to jets, to i fly, go up and intercept if they need to. if they up and encroach too closely to the island of taiwan and she said it gave a given the taiwanese,
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the chance to see all the different hardware that tile taiwan can now brandish. but she also had warnings about what the future might hold. this idea of re unification, holding up the example of hong kong because these hong kong is absorbed back into mainland china on to the so called one country to systems process by which a we are one country. but here in hong kong, it is meant to maintain certain freedoms as certain as things like a right of expression, right of association, right? to demonstrate, have a free press, a free expression and so on. at which, arguably, people here in hong kong say, well, in the last few months with the implication application of the national security law, all those freedoms have simply vanished. they have simply gone away and studying when's message was that taiwan which would be absorbed into mainland china. under a similar kind of process really cannot go down that to pass a she really having a warning. let's here to work. this is what she's had to say specifically about the
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homecoming example. and what kind of a warning that sends to the people of taiwan they came in kansas younger. yeah, we are faced with a complex and severe challenge. beijing authorities have shown what they've done to hong kong and suppressed hong kong. it's the major development of opening up a reform in history. also in the east china, see the chinese military has a new norm and are threatening us and rob. so how will people in taiwan be viewing this national day? because many, they're view reunification with china as a real threat to their democracy, don't they? well, that's right and saying when said that the basically as no body can a dictate to taiwan, that it has to take a specific path and not even china can do that as a, a path details or out or outlined by mainland china is up to the people of taiwan
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to decide their future. and so i think she really speaks on behalf of the, the majority though in the island of taiwan. that there are different approaches when it comes to relations with mainland china that they are out. and they are old chinese people's ad, but when it comes to re unification, that is a, a really divisive issue at times that have been attempts by administrations in taiwan. i'm thinking in particular of the quarman tang, one of the traditional a party of government in taiwan. that was empower for decades towards the end of its time in office on the last administration, the k and t had entered into talks with mainland china that possibly could be leading to some sort of closer relationship we've seen in more recent years. people have simply been turned away from that and as we've seen, more saber rattling, more incursions by warplanes, it seems to make people even more determined in taiwan not to forge
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a closer relationship that they do see that re unification would lose the kind of freedoms that they have enjoyed and this national day celebration is really a chance for a tie. want to send a message back to mainland china to say, look, we are a vibrant chinese democracy. we have a very powerful sophisticated military. the doesn't have quite the technological edge that it used to have over mainland china, but it is still a potent force to be reckoned with. and we are a hugely important economy to the world. and that was repeated references by saying when, as taiwan often does it really appeals and sends a message to the international community, we are part of the a world order. the world leads us. the world needs all semi conductors and chips that we produce in such abundance are really making it appeal that if ever it was challenged and is being challenged by china. and if that ever turned into some sort of conflict, it would be looking to help or from its friends, its allies in the rest of the world at rob, just
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a final thoughts you before you go. and as you're saying there were talk about china's president, she, she thing yesterday saying he wants to see peaceful reunification with taiwan. yet he's increasing the military component of that pressure. what calculation is beijing making here? there is always this, the implied threat of from bay jing on saturday when she damping was talking about re unification. he stressed that he was peaceful a would be peaceful. there was no use of the word force, but he has talked in more forceful terms. and in the past, and there is this acceptance and understanding that china would never stand for the island of taiwan formerly tried to declare independence and becoming a separate state or country. a trying to regards it as a break away, renegade province. that will be one day re unified. so there is, i think, at a general acceptance that if ever a taiwan took the path of formal independence,
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that china would react militarily. and in the past, at the given the military support that taiwan has received from the united states with sophisticated hardware, it's jet fighters and so on. it would, could always guarantee that it could resist any kind of any kind of military challenz. that's not so much the case. now we have had a warning from the defense minister infected just the past week that in just a few years time, given the expansion of the military on mainland china. it's not very long before china would be able to, if it wanted to completely overwhelm and take back the island by force or right, or ra mcbride life, or stay in hong kong. rob, thank you. now is the one, some other news, libya's treatment of migrants and asylum seekers has come under intense scrutiny in the past 24 hours on friday guard shot and killed 6 people at a detention center in tripoli and around 2000 migrants escaped. a, you and refugee office was also forced to close off,
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being overwhelmed by hundreds of people seeking resettlement. many migrants and libya are now in a holding pattern, unable to move on because of the suspension of humanitarian flights almost a year ago. while it trina has more than tripoli, it's called the community day center of facility run by the united nations where those and need can access health care and can help with food and accommodation. hundreds of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, including women and children, are gathered here. but the doors are close in the face of overwhelming crowds. where is the humanity? where are the countries we are refugees. we did not die of hunger and thirst, but we want our dignity because human dignity is the most important thing. the u. n . refugee agency told us they deeply regret suspend, in some services at this office. they say they are working with their partners to help people reach hospitals for critical treatment. a security crack down carried out by libyan security services. last week. saw thousands of migrants and refugees
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arrested. they were put in detention centers and what a different un agency, international organization for migration calls, deplorable and overcrowded conditions. 2000 migrants broke out of the elma, barney detention center on friday. gunfire can be heard and video showing their escape. 6 migrants were reported killed in over 24 injured. there was chaos on the streets of tripoli. as those who escape ran to residential areas were absolutely devastated by the indiscriminate ah, use of live ammunition inside the perimeter of a detention center resulting in the 6 steps back in front of the you and building some tell us they spent years in detention at mid says he came to libya from sudan in 2017, to attempt to travel to europe. then i tried to cross the sea and 2017 to sent here in august. but unfortunately, i didn't owe some men all promised happen in the boat, then they catch us. andy,
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return us back to aaa, tow detention place and we say therefore to hears they move out from director in zara under organization. come, they are unit they are and they're our names there. but unfortunately they didn't do anything to. i didn't find any solution i north evacuated us. the you and hcr has us asylum seekers and refugees urgently needing assistance to use help lines and to avoid approaching its officers and person for the time being for their own safety. the ministry of interior has called for humanitarian flights to resume, but the un says it's libyan authorities that are suspended the motioning of flights for most of this year until the flights are operating normally. many migrants will be left worrying about their feet in the coming weeks and months. now, latrina al jazeera tripoli. afghanistan's taliban says it wants to turn a new page and it's relationship with washington during the 1st face to face talks
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with us. officials in doha security was a key issue on the agenda, but aid evacuation flights and the rights of women were also discussed. and taliban ruled out cooperating with the u. s. in the fight against iso in afghanistan, it follows a series of attacks including fried his bombing of a sheer mos in conduce a killed at least 60 people. natasha g. a name has more. and what the taliban? once out of the talks in dela, the acting afghan foreign minister actually did make some comments on day one of what's expected to be 2 days of talks. first time talks at such a high level since the americans pulled out in august, he says that he recognizes that security for in afghan assigned benefits, not only afghans but the international community. so he offered assurances he made please for assistance with regard to assurances the acting foreign minister. his name is molly amir. con will talkie says that the taliban will do its part. bear in
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mind that the taliban has pledged to its people, that it would be the one to provide security. but in the last week, there have been 2 major bombings in afghanistan that have killed scores of people on the economic front regarding it please for assistance. the acting foreign minister says that it is looking to the international community to help solve its financial woes. you are looking at a country that is heavily dependent on international aid, with an evolving humanitarian crisis on the ground. it is asking that the united states lifts economic sanctions freeze unfreeze its assets and reduce restrictions or life restrictions after at the afghan national bank, it says it needs to be able to pay its employees as well as provide services to the afghan people. for short break here and i was 0 when we come back,
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people in western argentina, blame oil companies for the rising number of earthquakes. former us president donald trump addresses are running in the swing state of iowa, leading to speculation about his political future. more on the state. ah ah, hi again, yours or whether soy for the americas at frontal system producing some heavy rain paraguay rate through to that southeast of brazil. and it has kicked down temperatures in rio de janeiro. well below where you should be 20 degrees. the average is about $26.00, top and of south america. the rain is piling up for the pacific coast of columbia cloudy day for bogota. we've also seen some flash flooding for northern venezuela impact in caracas. a transport services have had a huge impact with that flooding. central america now some heavy falls over cuba,
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also the bahamas on sunday rain is peter in out across mexico. but still long that pacific coast stack of poco, some scattered showers for you. flash flood risk is now in north carolina. so places like raleigh, where we could see about a 100 millimeters of rain, disturbed weather, still through the great lakes. it's been a gloomy pattern here. quite windy for newfoundland. there have been wind warnings in play here. got a 100120 kilometers per hour temperatures of definitely come down across parts of western canada, some rain, vancouver over the other side of the rockies into alberta. and we'll have to watch for the potential of an intense pocket of energy rate through texas as we get into the oklahoma panhandle on sunday season. ah gutter, one of the fastest growing nations in the pony, cato needed to open and development international shipping company to become a key,
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middle east trade money skills. 3 key areas of filling up from the work future. lonnie cutter. cutter's gateway to whoa trade. lou. ah welcome back. a quick reminder about top stories here. this our tie once president has hit out at china during national day celebrations, sighing when said the ireland will not bow to pressure from beijing. in the past week, maybe a 150 chinese warplanes approached high ones and defensive un refugee office. and
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libya has been forced to close because it's overwhelmed with people seeking re settlement on friday, gods shot and killed 6 people who try to flee from a detention center in tripoli. and the taliban as ruled out cooperating with the u . s. in the fight against iso following high level talks and cuts off, the group is also asking washington to lift a band afghans central bank reserves. austria, sebastian kurtz has announced his resignation as chancellor, but says he will stay on as leader of his party in parliament. courtesy is currently under investigation of a corruption allegations. he's accused of using public funds to gain favorable press coverage. he's denied the charges, but has been under pressure from his coalition partners. opposition parties had also been preparing a no confidence motion. but rick brooklyn is from stanford university in berlin. he says, the chance does resignation shows that a system of checks and balances is working in austria. well the good thing is that this is not an awful retiring. ready regime apparently it's
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a western type democratic system in which she has, we can see now of the system of checks and balances work pretty well. otherwise this regime. ready cut quotes the old still make it of one person show was not a people's party that there were fault. he used to be before he came the chancellor . this is still the good news that everything works according to the constitution. and there is a system off. the separation of power still kind of works that the traditional system does its job. and most importantly, the free media can do what we expect meeting pre media to do in a situation like this. thousands that gathered in the italian capital to protest against a new mandatory cove at 19 health boss without the so called green pass. employees won't be able to get into that place of work. the past shows if you've been vaccinated, had
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a recent negative test or recovered from the virus in the past 6 months. it goes into force on october 15. the government said is needed to avoid another lockdown, but critics say it infringes and personal freedoms. now in the next hour iraqis will begin voting to decide who they want to represent them in parliament is the 5th election since the 2003 u. s. invasion. that ended the rule of then president saddam hussein and early election was one of the demands by demonstrators during big protest in 2019 ali hush and reports from baghdad. on sunday, ali intense to vote for the 1st time in his life. 2 years ago he saw another fest here in dallas square. oh, thousands of people who came to the streets in protest against corruption, mismanagement, and foreign medlink in iraq suffers was only 70. and he joined them here and it will be done on a good done and then i'm gay. and she at the beginning we were hoping to force a change. we made some baby steps than they confronted us with violence. they
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killed a lot of young people. so people deserted the demonstrations and demands weren't met at the time. he was thrilled to be part of the anticipated change. but now he says he feels stock between hope and mistrust. wanted to how barbara, in this election, i'm 30 percent optimistic. because if there are good people in parliament, things will change. but if not, everything is going to be the same. we saw we can change, but it's not going to be only me. we all should join forces because all the previous governments of 2003 failed the people. while this selection is his 1st, it's the 5th. since the us invasion in 2003 that toppled the rule of them president saddam hussein. and since the protest in 2019, the only change that's taking place has been the replacement of them. prime minister either abdul maddie with most of all caught the me and his government introduced a new electoral law that was approved by the parliament,
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replace him bigger constituencies with smaller ones. al cardona dreaded up up was the new law gives academics and professionals that chance to run independently. there are minority, but at least paved the way for a new political road map was that's completely different from the one of the for sale by own more than 640 international observers will monitor the election. however, the european union, steam will have a different mandate. we watch, we document, we take note and we report, we have no mandate for interference. we have no mandate for super wise or interfere into domestic affairs. the main political parties and veteran politicians do most of their campaigning at large meetings. candidates, i make him big promises and gatherings like this. they're aware of the discontent among the voters who are going through
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a crisis of frost with politicians many or say they want the election to be a vehicle for drastic change. but this is not what those running for office can or are willing to of what the selection isn't only about domestic politics and other countries are expected to influence the vote. it's only natural that there will be influence. there are political parties who are closely connected and related to either regional or international support or have support. and i'm definitely with the idea that iraq becomes an a positive effect has a positive effect on the, on the regional issues, all regional issues and not become a ground for proxy wars. and the more iraq's electoral commission says it expects to announce the result within 24 hours of polling stations glossy. but it's unlikely any block will win outright and
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a hunk parliament is widely expected. and that would make installing a new government and prime minister in iraq. another difficult task. alisha moses iraq. back that if you open forces of launched a new round of air on ground strikes against chick rye rebels attacks took place and the i'm horror region. the chick ry people's liberation front has been fighting pro grubman forces in the north. the last 11 months. officials in zimbabwe, national parks receive more than a 1000 distress calls last year. from people whose villages were being trembled by elephants. so far this year, dozens of people have been killed in animal attacks. us however much us paused not from hunger national park. communities have started relying on their own methods to keep animals away. not one thing about him right. bros name is amber escape of elephants. her husband was killed by one a few months ago when he was hurting cattle. yeah. is there any he's?
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i'm heartbroken. i still can't believe it. i had to identify his trampled body when they found him. not far away from her, gideon dubia is slowly getting used to walking on crutches. the 74 old was trampled by 2 elephants. that he said seemed to appear from no way to pansy. yeah, have plaza, the 2 elephants knocked me down. i tried to get up, but saw my me was broken. when they left i crawled for hours to the road to get help. the number of elephants in zimbabwe is estimated to be slightly more than 100000, up from 84000 in 2014. when the last census was done, the national parks authority says the country can only manage about $45000.00 elephant overpopulated. it's unsustainable. the animals are slowly becoming a danger unto themselves. they're destroying their own happy, that they're destroying other animals to bring down numbers. national parks are
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selling hunting licenses and considering culling some things the bobby loss did in the late 19 eighties. another option for pock officials is to move the animals to less populated parts of the country, but it's an expensive exercise. a few years ago, $100.00 elephants were moved at a cost of about $400000.00. the national parks authority says he doesn't have the funds to keep doing this. this area isn't the one get national park. the largest gamers of, in zimbabwe, across the road, farmers grow crops. that's how close people and animals are living to each other. here. to protect themselves, people here have made the so called chilly bombs. they say the pungent smell of a mixture of chilly and named leaves. garlic, ginger and manure repels wild animals. this area did no to have even a single case of elephants coming to the fields. but however, if you kilometers away from displays where there was, there was no to pill. and where did numbers elephant that room invading the fields
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to an extent that some of the electrons were short down to try integers. the number of elephants come to the since the repellent is hung up in villages and fields to water of animals looking for food and water as demand for space and farm. and grows . areas where wild animals live are getting smaller, leading to a conflict between humans and wildlife, that can only wilson and it's the lasting solution is found harder. matessa al jazeera, one guy, zimbabwe. former us president donald trump has held his 1st rally and the key swing state of iowa. since is election lawson 2020. speaking in front of hundreds, trump. ok, familiar tone. attacking the democrats and vowing to make the country great again. the rally stirring speculation about trumps political future. from one iowa back in 2020. we will not bend. we will not break. we will not yield. we will never give in . we will never give up. we will never, ever back down and we will never,
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ever surrender. we will never surrender. like they just did in afghanistan. my fellow americans are movement is far from over. in fact, our fight has only just begun deeper in the western argentina. say they have noticed the ground shaking beneath them much more over the last year. more than 200 earthquakes have been reported. many geologist blameless on fracking out his ear as theresa by reports from salzar bonito and argentina's mclinn province. it's one of the largest shale oil and gas we serves in the world vac. i'm what it is located in argentina, but the only a region, it covers an area of over 30000 square kilometers and extraction companies have invested heavily in exploiting it the same. this and o l has been living in the regional town of south sal,
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won't go all his life. he says, well, he's glad of the new economy opportunities brought by the companies. there we, sol. so a downside earthquakes vicki comes from william intronas burleson. these are not natural movements, i never felt before. i felt for very strong shakes that broke my house. the house started to shake and for a few seconds we all looked at each other and then it stopped. increasingly locals are blaming the practice of fracking for this is miguel to vittie. fracking uses thousands of letters of water and sent that are injected in the soil at high pressure to push out the oil and gas. scientists continue to debate whether the practice can provoke earthquakes. although a recent study in argentina says there is a direct link between fracking and sysmic activity right across this river. there's at least 90 sites where oil and gas are being extracted using fracking. people living in the area say that the fis mc activity here began when oil company started
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operating in this area, there's report off i'd least 36 small earthquake of happening in just one weekend to leave her go, be sent. this house has several cracks because of the tremors. he says he's hoping or authorities will help him and his neighbors fortify their homes for what is likely to become a regular thing. yeah, not any. i'm always, this is, we're not denying. there is an increase in activity. the importance is how strong the earthquakes are and how to prepare the population. we need to know who was doing it and how and where the population is. we to sit down at the same table and plan how it's going to be done. but almost everyone agrees. argentina's economy struggling and promoting oil and gas extraction is crucial to helping the country recovery yet before. oh perfect. you think? but people like roberto are concerned. he's a member of the my 14 dead unit community and is worried about his children's
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future monitoring capacity of america. there were over 30 wells that have been marked in our territory. they now working on the other side, but imagine what it's going to be like when they come over here. i didn't in as a government is pushing to increase oil and gas production and hoping to increase investment in back um whatever communities in the area are hoping their interests will be considered to come off. he did, he said, well, i'll just cedar. so sal one he don't ident, tina ah, dr. truck of the headlines here on al jazeera, ty, ones president as hit out of china during national day celebrations, sighing when said the island will not bow to pressure from beijing. in the past week, nearly a 150 chinese warplanes of approached tie one's ad defense zone. in her speech, she also referred to beijing.


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