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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2021 5:30am-6:01am AST

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farmers grow crops, that's how close people and animals are living to each other. here. to protect themselves, people here had made the so called chilly bombs. they say the pungent smell of a mixture of chilly and named leaves. garlic, ginger and manure repels wild animals. this area did no to have even a single case of elephants coming to the fields. but however, if you kilometers away from this place where there was, there was no to plant where did number of electrons that re infecting the fields. to an extent that some of the electrons were short down to try integers, the number of electrons come to this is the repellent, is hung up in villages and fields to water of animals looking for food and water as demand for space and farm and grows. areas where wild animals live are getting smaller, leading to a conflict between humans and wildlife, that can only wilson and it's the lasting solution is found harder matessa algebra, one gay zimbabwe. and just a few hours iraqis will begin voting in
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a parliamentary election. this will be the 5th vote since the 2003 us invasion that ended the role of the then president saddam hussein. an early election was one of the main demands of demonstrates as during protests in october of 2019 ali hash and reports from baghdad. on sunday, ali intense to vote for the 1st time in his life. 2 years ago, he saw another fest here at dyess guerra thousands of people who came to the streets in protest against corruption, mismanagement, and foreign medlink in iraq suffers was only 70 and he joined them here and it will be done on a good a name and i'm gay and she at the beginning we were hoping to force a change. we made some baby steps than they confronted us with violence. they killed a lot of young people. so people deserted the demonstrations and demands weren't met. at the time. he was thrilled to be part of the anticipated change. what now he
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says he feels stock between hope and mistrust. wanted to hover in this election, i'm 30 percent optimistic because if there are good people in parliament, things will change. but if not, everything is going to be the same. we saw we can change, but it's not going to be only me. we all should join forces because all the previous governments of 2003 failed the people. while this selection is his 1st, it's the 5th. since the us invasion in 2003 that toppled the rule of them president saddam hussein. and since the protest in 2019, the only change that's taking place has been the replacement of them. prime minister either abd maddie with most the full caught the me and is government introduced a new electoral law that was approved by the parliament, replace him bigger constituencies with smaller ones. al cardona dreaded up up was the new law gives academics and professionals that chance to run independently.
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there are minority, but at least they'll pay the way for a new political roadmap. one that's completely different from the one before they of our own. ah, let say key live now to taipei, where taiwan is president. residing when is delivering a major policy speech at an event marking national day. yes. have a listen. listening and on internet. at 1401 and today is the 100 tenths national day of the republic of china. and every year on his special day will gather together to celebrate our country's birthday. we are very swollen with that. we're seldom emotion. we will sank old thank to the previous generations for all fault for his country. and in order for their sacrifices they gave to this beautiful country and to day they one ah, a thing, the community, we are the life community for the call you already with the previous generation.
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and for the generation who are living on the ball fighting tower from a dish. last year, we faced the say case on the most severe challenge and a gap in our history. there are 850 people who passed away and the, our family members, there are communities number and a bad beginning of my speech. i want to extend that way. my most sincere that ye greetings to know the families so they can quite hear me now. how do they have suffered the loss? and who can so we can see what the half of it i have been sacrificed and also can so i got regardless how hot the weather is, do wherever they are, they were wearing masks and whoo! so there a show that true name and show what the status they are and also the,
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regardless where they are, the people who tie will, will do things orderly and according to the regulations and a thank you for your corporation. under a lieutenant not take a whole agony. did he wait for granted with efforts you have been shown gentle to day and work of the government and secret societies and working together with the government to achieve what we are and also our thank you for the nurses and doctors and house workers for them for what they've done and thank for the people show their unity through oldest different times. and as they quality of democracy, democratic equality that protect our taiwan and also on only you also have received support from international friends, japan pursuing you america. so fucking at, jack, poland, and other countries,
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and doing the most difficult times of the coverage of the pandemic. and also under the circumstances of very difficult transportation situation, they showed our supplies and also other than the representatives from lithuania, other countries. oh, i show a tv show showed up in this audio that that can show their support. yeah. in this element, is that a version for the out the are here at the comfort zones. oh, so my most sincere gratitude to the representatives of this country's telling me that name tony, have a very wetland boot for tradition. we will never forget him. the goodness people have shown to us. and last year we, we gave out some mosques, andy, this year they did give back the vaccine, this vaccine of friendship. this is that what we can do,
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what he felt like to not. and i, i would promise to the international community, taiwan will contribute to the, into that honestly, accessed hostage. and we will show the goodwill continues to, to the rest the world. and in the past year, also, the pandemic has been patched our society harbor a did not take effect are dynamic over gross or so we have shortage of the a goods shortage of material and further proves that the importance of taiwan in terms of supply chain and was the can show tie was important seeking. it's that no stage and original area and we yeah, yeah, we have shown to kit, oh have show so our work was showed how close you can see p t ties or relationship with or without
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a countries on our friends. and also what we have in come perla and new bras. so and different areas working together. we are not at the fringe any more. we are in the center and we want more and more friends, a on the national siege, willing to show their support to ta, what i think we have the capability working together with the others to contribute to international community. and we are not the only in asia i can that we are also we can capable of and a we are currently facing the challenge on international stage as well. but yet i yeah. one, we situations getting passionate data, the pressure from china's lot, mo, so our, to remind every country, man,
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some nuts and can, we cannot to cut the cord relax. international stage. he political stage is having a profound change now. and the expand of what china inc. i was warned. highs is shown on here is warning, others is may other countries in international community to have alarm went on to what we can do? i think that when they call them a republic of china in the past some to 2 years experience a most difficult situations. but we are having a impact on the exemption or future future of the road. and the future of the world is have an impact on the future of taiwan. and we are faced with a very complex and severe challenge of paging assorted authorities as shown type of
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they think what they have done to hong kong and suppressed hong kong as a major development of the open. now been a reform in its history and also in east in china sea. and they are having a military in china and hub and you know, a and threatening us and having impact our stability and international slightly. he, i think international partnerships will look in together to face with the challenges and changes under you have made may to you and oh, cool. so why do i have heard me are paying special attention to the peace and stability of taiwan street and also they are paying attention to the ips if a new pacific that piece development situation. and also here i want to
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reiterate shopping and tie while would contribute. 32 again, the original on n, p, c and toner, orient stupidity. anything. and i'm going to only one, maintain our standard, and a position on the current situation where it will not be at how yeah, will resist today. thank you. thank status. grew to be changed. talk him and you there actually back and why? why he oh, why on to point the relationship to ching. okay, well china and taiwan whitening will be how on the way the chief by negotiation when will keep go season and we will show the world. so. ready that we have determined to have self defense. no one can force us to go was okay. no, no, need to go to the oh wait,
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i went pass way into that design to buy china because when that go designed by china will not have of so intriguing freedom. and also it will not have a solution for them for the people of taiwan, which $23000000.00 people. and we have put in the past some to 2 years. we are economic buffalo from talk to rich and the politically we're from or so authoritarian resume to frame me. and then we have here that you can diversified in our society and opportunity. now we show the road a brand new phase one of the canada dog. repugnant china, taiwan. and to show this new face, this is a combined assets of generations. hard work, not only single one or single group of people can achieve this by them. hold angela
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and amy, canon walk, male thing, lay brave soldiers of our country didn't give up, giving, having had and also we have semi conducting distress. the have talents via d. nabbit to protect our country. and also one of the society being fired. one of this, like our tenants, parents will from ukraine. okay. and having some other talents, parents are from philippines and so on. there were want me to 11 way. is that baseball? what he player was pants? american? nobody comes if the can't see if they would have difficulties. thank you also, that's fine. we'll do with it. if we suffered a will, thanks. will stand up again. why can't i? but now regardless who counseling 1st delirium, who would hold that choice and nobody is going to be excluded because words,
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your background is where you come from a whole whether you coming 1st all coming last by doing so way tile in always wo, come like it with open hands to unite everywhere, to welcome every what the development in the past 2070 years. the taiwanda changed great. do. however, beyond the change we have to maintain the solvent tree and protecting our country. so this one is the angel. my consist that which will net change is the very important part of the taiwan freedom and democracy. and also it is why in the past, like 72 years, our military and it is protected our country and to persists hyper on to persist to that. and without, regardless what party you are today, national party,
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the solely chairman and democratic party, a different chem, as from different parties ah, here, waiting to hear. and to take part in this conference. and i just just tow shows 2 shows to the world and the, the democracy and freedom of the child tower and can present way. and we also one, we will see you want to protect the dignity and freedom of the town is we have to unite by uniting we can have a protect the freedom free and democratic longing way of life of tony's p tony's. so we have to have the constitution, which is free democratic, democratic, and we have to maintain lethal can. well, we have to maintain fact that's why republican child and the people supercharger a separate and we have to maintain work together with different parties. we have to
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maintain the against that hailing a consciousness, the conscious of the tower. nice. this other important principles on this out. yes . biggest, i'll greatest one. the common factor based on that a common factor will have to reach more congest to senses, to unite, to face the future challenges. and we have a common responsibility to make sure the young people is land. well, they often, kathy will half will still be freight continued to be free. and unrestrained to, since the day i become the president and i emphasize they have had high energy transformation. now, diversity linking cagle until economic re generator ruck mandate tank helsinki. the regeneration on the handle,
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i faced with the changes in the world we helped they business chow and his business to he was speed up their transformation and upgrading and i think he came down because he there. huh. i wight. reasons. oh, there are reasons causing feet of the slow development and investment going outwards. i. so where did a great deal of work and also need by doing that we have right. we are ranked number one on the aging for dragons, one entity rather than you, you know, oh, it cannot make moto, we cannot as it how, when thinking about, we cannot get, i'll have the new economic modot appointed sir. this is very important for taiwan to stand up in the international stage. and dear friends and fellow countrymen, the door of the world is open to us. we have to walk with our determination and
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let's hope that they china up thinking white republics. china will keep developing the next 30 years apart from the comic development. we have some other reform as well during the reform. we have diplomatic breakthroughs and he other what he breakthroughs a so many things are ongoing. last few years by the hard work of everybody. we can see the chick changes as presented to us only until to the rest of the world. everybody can see what we have achieved. there are people asking me, what else can you do to number in the future? yes. my else is very simple. other than economic and development, we will go, i'm the keys, we have i set a foundation, good foundation for long governing and long peaceful off of
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country to face the future challenges we might face feel like we must face home, bee line the differences and we will have the facing the differences and which is difficult to reach consensus would have to fix this issue. however, you have to rich a solution which is accepted by majority of us by doing that tower will have no consents. o'neil. that's would drag us like from going forward think we have the quote nice for future development. we meet on day 5 and then on the other develop the regional development and loco develop linda. so um we have some issues . we have to look back to the issues we have learn a lot from the past experiences and constitutional reform as
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the i can not one of the issue we have to face it. so we have a constitutional reform committee has already set up. we will be protecting the democratize demarc, democratic and freedom in a free constitution. i understand that threshold is my height and weight must understand that the constitutional reform is very important for our country. you have to discuss seriously discussing the my thing exist, discuss the constitutional reform. the history have taught us and a history taught us and how we can evaluate, how can we move forward and his testing, our wisdom for of our generation and energy policy is another issue. we have to consider when there is not one country that can keep
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accumulated the dynamics of scene for the economy grows. we have to think about our energy reform without in terms emission emission as well. we'll have to have their pathway. what we can do in the future, so we'll have to reduce the risks are also, we have to have a more reliable and more adaptable energy supply, electric c. like to supply up to do that, we have to show our courage. so to, to achieve, to solve audio issues, we'll have a solid foundation for future development, long term food, their future development. and we'll have a solid on issue for the young people in future. and the discussion for those issues, of course, or shimmering will be very easily distracted by it and put it to policy differences and political differences of different parties and also different ideologies. all
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the argument is not good for the development for the future of this country. so bear with me, i think in the future few years, one, i'm in the president. we have to work together to find a solution for the isp issues from his issues to make sure that society and the political into button to work together to find the greatest common factor for the same issue to resolve the differences and to contribute to set a solid foundation for the future development of this country. 2021 as a year. that would be the great challenges yet. how it is very emotional yet for us in the talk you olympic games. we have an unprecedented rich heaved unprecedented result. an ingle shave to they own to extend my
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greatest gratitude for athletes and for all the people was supported. oh, prepared for the games. thank you for so intel, on to the world on during the games, taiwan, people again showed that they told me community conscious, yahoo, i said, which is regardless so on. thank regardless who you are, whether this is for you or this is, this is me or that you when we so see the game, everybody so nervous and we will cherry behind the athletes. this is what i mean by community that you who knew i had a community by community because by doing that, that makes no difference distinction between what is was oh and what is others. we're happy together with sharing together. and i believe that when viewing the
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olympic games, i can, i can assure the people who are chairing together and crying together together sometimes. so when we can show the child was covetous, towers, current, courage. and so to the road we are together. and this summer, which showed ward word that we are together and the whole handle when the chinese like pull that military across, flat, flew over the lake towers straight. we'd like a clunky what we can see. they only assholes which will be protecting go to our country and not, not only the ship viewed our military flying past. also, they have will have different developments heading our way england, namely, and many other equipment in military recruitment will hardly show ever
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seen by the public but this summer, which showed to them on our straight, which is not long ago when the military prey was going all people take our mobile phones, taking pictures, taking videos, that's just so that's a one or 2 they show today with a king that tony's people began calling the cat, the cat, the abbey, protected the can, the protected and does, there will be no can says on the military's there to protect the terminus people when freedom and democracy was threatened, the military will be protecting us in 2021. taiwan bought a. so when you bought one, when these see when the well come back, they one and then pick heroes back while back to our country, our working air force so escorted them back into our country. this on that he,
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we tricked them as heroes. and the audio heroes, and we, i hope that everybody will now tow in israel, realize how good a tower and his how important thailand is. and i hope that this community will, that will show general. i'm thinking, be proud and the international storage. let's see. we'll work together in the future to be our own owner and make tie was the world's taiwan. finally, i wish i took the one republic china house halsey kitchen housey future, and i wish everyone in the tie while a healthy future. thank you. all right, so you're watching the live pictures there from the tie when he is capital taipei. that was tie one's president at sighing when delivering a major policy speech at an event marking national day live pictures. they're
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coming in from taiwan to national debt. comes again, of course, against the backdrop of that a very important speech yesterday given by china's president choosing ping, where he talked about a, a peaceful reunification of taiwan. i'm saying when gave a very wide ranging speech, she talked about the challenges over corona virus and offered condolences to the families of those who died. and she thanked the taiwanese people for their unity over what was a very difficult time. she talked about facing challenges on the international stage with increasing pressure from china. of course, everybody was watching for this particular part of the speech. given the recent rise and tensions between taiwan and china, just had tie on his face with a series of complex challenges from beijing and referred to china's actions in hong kong and the south china sea. along with the taiwan strait, she said taiwan has contributed to regional peace and stability and to resist any
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unilateral chain and she will to the status quo. she said she will show the world that tie one is capable of self defense and protecting ty, when he's democracy and sovereignty. that's it for me for now. all the back up the top of the, with much more news here on out here with tiny hidden cameras and the nose are illegally filming, and sharing people's most intimate moments. when used to investigate south korea's by coming the demick on al jazeera, unkindly, the cost is the will to dependence on coal and dollar investment is about to get a bailout. that is why the launch is the digital volleyball game and attempt to revive its currency. and back to the seventy's degradation making an unwelcome with counting the cost on al jazeera, every war meets a devastating impact killing me environment. earth rise explodes,
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some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientists. safeguarding one of our most valuable results is these are important samples. we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees. striving to co exist with nature. ok, so what's going on there? we have simulating what happens when an elephant thomas life off to conflict on al jazeera, the venezuela, columbia borgia has become a stamping ground for trespasses, as desperate people transgress an illegal passage to feed an emerging fuel trafficking market. we follow that perilous journey unguarded, through the line of fire, risking at all and his wailing columbia on al jazeera, more than 30 years after the assassination of bertino fossils,
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iconic liter thomas son got those charged with his killing are going on trial among them. his success place compound is the countries long search for justice. finally, coming to an end, the son got taught special coverage from october 11th on august. ah, ty one's national day president, sighing when says her country will not bow to pressure from china. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera la you from doha. also coming up, the united nations refugee agency slammed libya with migrant detention and human rights abuses holds open that iraq's elections in the next few hours. we'll look at
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what's on the minds of voters plus i'm adamant casa in zimbabwe. a country that has more elephants, then they can hand.


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