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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2021 2:30am-3:01am AST

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did preparations to extract tens of billions of dollars worth of nearby offshore natural gas, french oil. john total suspended his operations because of the conflict. people here have been in need of government help for generations. now they'll need even more help to return to what's left of their homes. malcolm web al jazeera, bow mozambique, and you can find much more on all our stories on our website. the address that east al jazeera, don't com, to check it out. as is al jazeera, these you top stories are you in refugee office in libya has been forced to close off to being overwhelmed by hundreds of people seeking the settlement on friday, gaunt shots and killed 6 people at a detention center and tripoli and around 2000 migrants escape,
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he will do one more. do the look at the people outside the united nations. this is awful thought. recall on people, european arabic and african countries. here we suffer from an awful situation of look at the situation for the women. it is really humiliating that we call on people and the american and european governments to come up with the solutions for these people is getting worse and worse and not people are sitting outdoors. there are people jailed and unknown locations. and there are people who were killed in unknown locations, the taliban has ruled out, cooperating with the us in the fight against i. so at that 1st high level talk, since they took over kabul, the group is also on the u. s. to lift a ban on afghans central bank preserves, natasha. any hospital e acting foreign minister says that it is looking to the international community to help solve its financial woes. you are looking at a country that is heavily dependent on international aid,
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with an evolving humanitarian crisis on the ground. it is asking that the united states lifts economic sanctions freeze unfreeze its assets, and reduce restrictions or lift restrictions. after at the afghan national bank, it says it needs to be able to pay its employees, as well as provide services to the afghan people. ethiopian forces have launched a new rounds of air and ground strikes against to grey and rebels. the attacks took place in the m har region the t great people's liberation front has been fighting program and forces in the north for the last 11 months. all serious batson chorus has announced his resignation as chancellor, but says he will stay on as lead of his policy in parliament. he's currently on investigation a corruption allegations and has denied the charges. but he has been on depression from his petition, ponderous, a headlines out his air witnesses next?
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ah, how many nukes is too many nukes america has in many ways driven the arms race for parties are much more like the british parties bout to that. there are fewer regulation to own a tiger than there are its own a dog. how can this be happening? you'll weakly take on us politics and society, and that's the bottom line. october oh, now to sierra them growing vaccine inequality to the political and economic impacts . the latest development as the corona virus pandemic continues to spread across the globe. democracy made an expensive new series, explores the ever growing challenges to democracy around the world. former became effective president place come for it goes on 5 for the assassination of it's free to fester comments. context, india direct removed by brings insights and perspectives from the world's most populous democracy. iraqis go to the poll in an election likely to define the
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countries future october on al jazeera. ah. ready a beautiful, also good i don't want to buy your boss on the solo a read so it's a ah,
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a few bucks. oh, a symbol in the when a christian they put down the g. a bought i looted bill more money to be, to be honest with casa, oh, the money with this done, g o g, a
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teen sinners with oh, a b o, a o. a money for all
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one of my people would be a lot of trouble. nobody but he got, we got to get out of that with the general of what it was company for nearly 4 months. you'll need to suspend that vehicle. dodgy, go out of the garbage and we'll look at what's the unit that i didn't think was the question. for what though, so chaney, they will get a little bit of a bunny gamble. i'm going to actually go out of where you go, because you look at what several down it is that a few. i couldn't remember the person that i filled it up and
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you know what i meant was, you know, 3 will be go down to no nation in my hearing current in noise. so we're going to feel throw that in the meantime. these on the recall, and yes, it will be that he's the same the, these are new that you told me to call you back soon on in the pony. so she cannot, if you put any, get through the book on tonight edition because the financing of it out in the the problem
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move for that too. and but he did his attitude to get it. so you can see that i've got to be near a studio the weekly check up to 20. we're going to concede that i think get out of money to live in the me see that again. they could be, she was going to my senior, i've been doing a suit to me when you get closer to her aesthetic as a little bit. he
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was younger protocol if you would he enough to do that. i know the meal began cumulate that katy dalton ali, kiki, the eva the that in a massey display. we when the new netapp you were on 30 at it, i for cause a misprint of other the interim. i 1st of them please
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say set danny. are they also in your committed to be in if you would for less thrown out, you would have been in miss sonia and it could be a lot. i was in the memory to the latimer as soon as great engineer was slipping days than i could. i mean, unity, me sort of confronted the problem up as a bit of motor brings in a few notes and looked on paul, we wanted to get some interesting products shown even more to the spectacular than she thought the people are trying to go to the school and my phone was on a piece, some of them,
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i mean the tv because i don't that the piano piano because i was ill, but he was just reaching out to you need to go to for me on the psyche to now me to a done on the cycling was so mean they're, they're going to be a show pushing the brain, that same study of ambulance in their consumer 1113 please. if they mean not for services or in the morning. can i settle into your same as your own study? you ah, c v study prop inch and thread over at ortiz already. she's,
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are you coastal years to start to propose up but to own it. we indeed was little more that is for to the lord in a school water or 2 and she needed it for more of it ki. i see it in that he said it initialize oh oh a little
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more you did about it. did i even tell you i just got an idea when i make you and see the reading and 30 on the dr. levine. this book or they got with it. okay, look at them when i found them. i'm all i do with math in ringo. oh video, leno, nene this way, but if the, the lifting the, the 100 of either the new or so nicole kelly makena portales to meet the it also to putting money play city throughout the day. so call the the, what about him book up at a kid. precipitous. so nick, it again,
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i don't need to do that. i'm going to pull out the other 2 a one for see when you sent them to log in. is that a. busy whole stuff done before that helps a lot. there lay a seems to me increased only into long on the moon
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on different corner near the n. yes. oh my god. number, when he gets to see me what he joined, what do you think we lack of glue but a super be amateur luna? persona asking choice in 15 to week is to be in contact to the confirm as to when to do it current in a future request that you do on the lead after the new model that you had, i saw that a switch. and so it seems like the city to fit in in the new new order. ready
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i me me me a little me in to know the price on that to provide to get but what happens a. ready little bit if you are very different, a little bit different with
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will not or not, or not to be honest with you. if i do not 1st to michael with a lay on have you done fucking any loss? he talked to on a pilot between h. i c dot com to do nasty stance. i tried, you know, i wanted to run the yard and they might call that occasional symptom. wouldn't dive in more luminary carter than it should work in schulman t d r b. yeah. tell me. oh oh no. oh, i hm.
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ah, you go mental m will be the vicinity i said with a facebook tweak that last. i believe you meant that he didn't say it was summer. oh, let me think which of these questions? no, the claim will mean. melanie dijon your little mattie, i laugh. all right, i love what add a note that i made that all the laptops gunmen actually, since i'm asking you know, one of each in alaska made them disconcerting to job. oh ah, a with
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the i mean that our budget at god. okay. probably man. thank god billing for with i you that up there. i'll change your contact. jane taken on capitol. invariably. and with so put it in. she came out to push the claw ups. other domains, dr. modi it says from kissing la petite, the youth that i'm what he had a lot of my medical causes, which is foul copied over my, my social's unless i know that low cost or cooperation where we should lad and other cool. seattle profit came out. let's try to do the cheat sheet that the past year. thank god fill with what i fight. cynthia crystal kit is finance equity from only a new cloud of school. i. since i left
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a libya rooms at angela with the betty at our group boss with oh, i don't, you know, they call a depo with . ringback ringback ringback 2 casual anywhere they want to pursue in a few in there. i mean it, i live, i was told the sarah local that took origin colby's that you to know a lot, i will fuck don't put the man. okay. i still wonder start that ot mcclintock, which is the chief that i did. you see a economy irish boss? cool. medina, moliere, k,
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a multimedia factory can really answer that tomorrow on the starter. would you open that final? sure. sick one, lay your full on your friend. ok. a more to washington martha. and what earlier came up to what she called it on casualty and put the alternating man. awesome. i mean the you would live, i still would after them proficient easter on iraq to been mean timothy matthew's program. so enough hasn't been solved when me that they logged in . so i'm young. yeah, let me set a spanner. college. i'm marshal tanto. but growing a few minutes and meeting with gus and all that, i mean it, chow in amy's, i, i got you
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with whatever. she's my way. boy talking that we carry the person he thought within a closet engine at a soon or easy come in to present sign any stranger and put up a crazy stone for could you sort of vehicle? yeah. that a seen the need for me at a professional level, what i may, but i'll put on a lot of battle at the 15 but i'm not about that. if i thought it done one sofa love it. so i seem to find out when i'm in
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the federal mcconnell, the there was a boy. if i'm still with that. yeah. it was sent to bobby, i'm correct a lot and he's wanting to heal. if y'all shrink with me a call he did to call him back home and talk to you guys, you know, or you want to put it in that little computer that's good to those to get because when you featured permit me because he didn't
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tell them to show on a boat that you run, but it's an inch and pick it up when you, when you you think you put in a sudden in sky. just people could just be that a i don't know limit to stream it. you know? because you, you probably need meeting in all year, you know, if you want me one i can get, i'm willing to go see general setup that omega in
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the city of june in the city to sort of deal with my daughter for lloyd sitting in the mall go to go out and move out in boca flu, so aah booth. and that is with this video multiplan c o. nicholas, the twin sunni office, the core thought a be to jordan, a deeper all of our the 5 they do. if we indeed the persona believe it or to pull out it,
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whether too liberal on, on middle a lot of them with financial issues from all doing that could be at are sort of, you have far too much to be clueless financing. but given you any furniture or some other shit that are for union or codle matter? sure. you could me a lot of this. so i went back to the us video. i'm realizing that i little bit of dba little know vehicles about via the put in a b to what is it. look with
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gwinnett scans, filmmaker sam sicily catches the taliban attention. a bounty on his head forces him to flee with his family, desperately seeking sanctuary. they journey across continents chronicling their multi year saga on their phones. midnight traveller, an odyssey of hope, resilience and ultimately one family's love for each other. witness on out his era, ah.
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after decades of conflict between successive colombian, governments and the fox marks this guerrillas and historic peace accord in 2016. so a fight has laid down their arm 5 years on a mit rising defense and fruitful police repression. a new plan of violence has robbed the nation, people and power off if the agreement is failing and what's next for the country. columbia, killing the piece on al jazeera, the venezuela, columbia borgia has become a stomping grounds for trespasses as desperate people transgress and illegal passage to feed an emerging fuel trafficking markets. we follow that perilous journey unguarded, through the line of fire. risking at all the sun is wailing columbia on al jazeera,
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the u. s. is always of interest to people. all right, the world, this has been going on for a number of hours with the use of the whole story from an international perspective . we try to explain to a global audience how this could impact via life. this is an important part of the world and how to do this very good at bringing the news to the world from here. ah, you know, isolations refugee agency slams libya over migrant detentions and human rights to be, ah, hello, on money side. this is al jazeera ally from dough hall. so coming up the taliban whole, their 1st face to face talks with us. officials in doha and rule out,
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cooperating with the americans in the fight against i. so there been forces launch as strong some ground attacks on t grey rebels in the m horror region.


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