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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2021 1:00am-1:31am AST

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but could on but is why up to cambridge on this a mom or dad? ah, the 1st high level talks between the taliban and us officials in doha, afghanistan's new leaders say they're ready to reset the relationship with washington. ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah. are you watching out as they are alive from london also coming up, reports of a new offensive in ethiopia, m. r. a region where the government has launched and grown strikes on to grier rebels. libyan authorities are accused of excessive force that the guards shoot and
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kill 6 migrants and thousands more escape detention center interestingly, in kenya. so the chance to name an elephant in a bid to protect the gentle giant from the changing climate. ah, afghanistan's taliban says it wants to turn a new page in its relationship with washington during the 1st face to face talks with u. s. officials in doha security was a key issue on the agenda, but aid evacuation flights and the rights of women were also discussed significantly the taliban ruled out cooperating with the us the fight against iceland. afghanistan, it follows a series of attacks including fire this bombing over. she a mosque in conduce that killed at 46 people. the passionate her name was more now on what the taliban wants out of the talks and go ha,
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the acting afghan foreign minister actually did make some comments on day one of what's expected to be 2 days of talks. first time talks at such a high level since the american's pulled out in august, he says that he recognizes that security for in afghan assigned benefits, not only afghans but the international community. so he offered assurances he made please for assistance with regard to assurances the acting foreign minister, his name is mall, the american will talkie says that the taliban will do its part barren vine that the taliban has pledged to its people that it would be the one to provide security, but in the last week there had been 2 major bombings in afghanistan that have killed scores of people on the economic front regarding it please for assistance. the acting foreign minister says that it is looking to the international community
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to help solve its financial woes. you are looking at a country that is heavily dependent on international aid, with an evolving humanitarian crisis on the ground. it is asking that the united states lifts economic sanctions freeze unfreeze its assets, and reduce restrictions or lift restrictions at the, at the afghan national bank. it says it needs to be able to pay its employees as well as provide services to the afghan people. with a you in refugee agency says the world should urgently provide the aid that has promised to the afghan people. this comes as the country falls into a deeper humanitarian and economic crisis. nearly 7, hundreds of thousands of ones have been displaced just this year. and this kind of takes the total of displeased people that are only affected by
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conflict to $3500000.00. so we are now in a race against time to help and support a wall notable desperate our wants. ah, and winter is just around the corner. our fear is if they are not helped as soon as possible the, the consequences of all of this could do, could be really, really worrying and more problematic. and funerals have been held for the victims of the bombing income dues that we mentioned a little earlier. oh families gathered to mourn their dead. the attack was apparently carried out by a single suicide bomber. more than a 100 people were wounded. the taliban had of security in conduce said the attack was intended to stir up divisions between shia and sunni muslims. ashley barrow has
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more now from the city of missouri sheriff, which is close to condos. today was a day of grief and warning in plunder where families had to bury the loved ones who were killed in the blast in they are in the mosque yesterday. now, it was also a moment of shock for the people there who was saying, why are these people perpetrating those acts of violence against innocent worshippers who were gathering in a most for the friday prayers. hospitals were overwhelmed with the numbers over the injured and many remain in critical condition. and this is why people are worried that the death toll could further climb. in the coming days. now, many world leaders came out expressing solidarity with the families and a saying that the international committee should step in and should prosecute those
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behind the attack. now i still in applied is then claimed responsibility for the attack, a clear act of defiance against the taliban, who said that they would be trying to restore and establish safety and security across a flutist. and we, we've been taught by taliban officials that they have beefed up security in the city of condos and that they are determined to crack down on ice in enough light is on. but this is going to be definitely an extremely delicate moment for the taliban, because hundreds of our i sales operatives have been highly trained over the last 2 years. and they have managed to set up hobbs in different parts of the country, shall about cupboard and also in condos. it's got a libya now where the country's treatment of migrants and asylum seeker has come under intense scrutiny in the past 24 hours. on friday, guards shot and killed 6 people at
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a detention center. west of tripoli and around 2000 migrants escaped. a u and refugee office was also forced to close after being overwhelmed by hundreds of people seeking resettlement. many migrants in libya are now in a holding pattern, unable to move on because of the suspension of humanitarian flights. almost a year ago, malik china has more from tripoli. it's called the community day center, a facility run by the united nations where those and need can access health care and can help with food and accommodation. hundreds of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, including women and children are gathered here. but the doors are close in the face of overwhelming crowds. where is the humanity? where are the countries we are refugees, we did not die of hunger and thirst, but we want our dignity because human dignity is the most important thing to you ends. refugee agency told us they deeply regret suspending some services at this
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office. they say they are working with their partners to help people reach hospitals for critical treatment. a security crackdown carried out by libyan security services. last week saw thousands of migrants and refugees arrested. they were put in detention centers and were a different un agency. international organization for migration calls deplorable and overcrowded conditions. 2000 migrants broke out of the elmer. barney detention center on friday. gunfire can be heard and video showing their escape. 6 migrants were reported killed in over 24 injured. there was chaos on the streets of tripoli . as those who escape ran to residential areas were absolutely devastated by the indiscriminate ah, use of live ammunition inside the perimeter of a detention center resulting in the 6 steps back in front of you and building some tell us they spent years in detention and it says he came to libya from sudan in
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2017, to attempt to travel to europe. then i tried to cross the sea in 2017 to sent year in august. but unfortunately, i didn't have some men all brought up in in the boat, then they catch us. andy, return us back to 3, plato detention place. and we stay there for 2 years. they move out from door to door in zara under organization. come, they are, unity are and just our names there. but unfortunately they didn't do anything to i didn't find any solution i, north iraq. whereas the you and hcr has us asylum seekers and refugees urgently needing assistance to use help lines and to avoid approaching its officers and person for the time being for their own safety. the ministry of interior has called for humanitarian flights to redo, but the un says it's libyan authorities that are suspended the much thing of flight for most of this year until the fights are operating normally. many migrants will be left worried about their feet in the coming weeks and months. mel trina al
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jazeera tripoli, ah, is he again forces of launch to air and ground strikes against tea gray rebels? saturdays attacks took place on the morrow region. a spokesman said it was mostly air grown and artillery bombardment. the t gray people's liberation front have been fighting pro government forces in the north for the last 11 months. samuel get at she was an independent journalist. he says ethiopian troops have been planning this offensive for weeks. it's be reported by very reliable mainstream. a new sites or news agencies that dumb ha, and they've york and side has really gone of what they've been saying from 4 weeks since a kilbourne prime minister went to turkey for instance, trying to get some drones or some kind of military support that this action will
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happen, and it's, it seems it's happening now and, and some of us will have watched it from near us. the government forces and ohio forces are really mobilizing the support that they need to really move forward. and perhaps trying to claim while was taken by the t p. i left a few months ago. they said it was a negotiated, it was just announced by the feel, been side, they never accepted it. they called a bad joke, quote, unquote. so it was never accepted and the conflict really continued in the tpa left started moving from their region, the to gray region. moving to the fiery region them higher region and really begun to be more engaged. military wise was friends that never has been explained and they've started gaining towns and villages. and that really put if yoga and
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a very compromising position. and that's why perhaps the top and science trying to regroup and come back. and this is the option that has been anticipated for a while from them president or the president of china. she jim ping has again promised that there will be a peaceful who unification with taiwan. she spoke at a ceremony marking a 110 years since the end of china's imperial rule. he avoided previous rhetoric that included using force against taiwan. but the island has come under growing military and political pressure to accept china's sovereignty. in the past week, nearly a 150 chinese war planes have approached at ty, one's airspace. rock. mcbride is following developments from hong kong. these comments by president she jin pain came at an event to mark the 1911 revolution which saw the end of d nastic rule by china's emperors and the birth of modern china. it is an event
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that is marked both in mainland china and also in taiwan. and is the obvious opportunity for chinese leaders to bring up this vision of re unification whereby territories are returned to the motherland as we have seen with macau and hong kong . within theory, taiwan being next, she called for the peaceful re unification with taiwan. but warned that there should be no foreign interference. basically, this being taken as a warning to the us not to get involved. he also had a very stern warning for anybody in taiwan who might be considering taking the path of actual independence. suddenly a good java, taiwan independence is the greatest obstacle to national unification and a grave danger national rejuvenation. what goes for forget their heritage, betrayed their motherland and seek to split the country. oh,
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it will come to no good and they will be scorned by the people when condemned by history. taiwan marks its national day on sunday with an administration and a people who are by and large set against any talk of re unification. especially in the face of increasing tensions and the incursions by nearly a 150 a war plains from mainland china. a week ago, in statements issued on saturday, a taiwan called on bay ging to abandon what it described as provocative intrusions and harassment saying that the future of the island rests in the hands of its people. was speaking ahead of the islands at national day on sunday, the president of taiwan has promised to defend democracy gen. so mean to see the change yet. we will continue to work hard to hold fast, the front lines of democracy and freedom, strengthening collaboration with international partners through shared values,
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and making more contributions to the world. still to come in this half hour, argentina turns to frag king to help our economy. the geologists say is behind the recent surge, seismic ah hi again, good to see here is your weather update for asia pacific r. plum rains, fallen in between the yellow and the yangtze river valleys shooting out toward the korean peninsula and also in those waters between korea and japan. read in to the west of hoko, further toward the south. a lot of tropical activity going on. we'll talk about both of these disturbances. the 1st line rock made that landfall toward the northeast of han on province in china, inundating coastal sections of china. same goes for vietnam,
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the north of vietnam. so we look at hanoi on sunday, maybe $85.00 millimeters of rain and wind gusts here, 55 kilometers per hour compas who will go here. now it's swirling around the philippine seas. so here it is on sunday. and now going to put this forward into monday, we're going to see a just go over a loose on island. so the northernmost portions of the island. look at this, a $125.00 millimeters of rain and wind gusts of about 65 kilometers per hour. down under a frontal system, sliding across the south, triggering somewhat weather and also breezy conditions. sydney could get into some severe thunderstorms on sunday rain, his dance an end to the southwest portion of the south island of new zealand dry eventually for the capitol region. wellington has a height of 14, ah, every war meets a devastating impact kilometers bars. oh, thrives,
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explore some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientist safeguarding one of our most valuable results is these are important samples. we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees. striving to co exist with nature. okay, so what's going on there is the assimilating. what happens when an elephant commerce life off to conflict on al jazeera? ah ah, i reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera, the taliban has ruled out, cooperating with the u. s. and the fight against thy soul at their 1st official face to face talks since they took over cobbles. the group has also asked the us to
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lift a band on afghan. the central bank reserves. ethiopian forces have launched air and ground strikes against t grey rebels. india mara region. the t great people's liberation front have been fighting pro government forces in the north for the last 11 months. and the un refugee office in libya has been forced to close up to being overwhelmed by hundreds of people seeking re settlement on friday guards a shot and killed 6 people at a detention center in tripoli. and around 2000 migrants escaped all spheres, sebastian kurtz has announced his resignation as chancellor, but says he will stay on as leader of his party. kurtz is currently under investigation over allegations of corruption. he's accused of using public funds to gain a favourable press coverage. he denies the charges, but he has been under pressure from his coalition partners with the outgoing
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government in the czech republic. looks to have fallen short of a parliamentary majority in the general election. now opposition coalitions hope that they can take over from the controversial prime minister andrade by bish as nothing baba now reports o aiming to take power in the czech republic. the today general election has seen a strong showing by the together coalition of conservative and christian democrat parties. its leader, petra fiala, says, we are positions ready to for the next government. good wants if you still holding that for him yet, but apparently there will be a meeting with coalition of pirates and stan within 24 hours. because we promised people that with this coalition we want and we will bring political change. i am convinced the outcome of the election is clear, the democratic opposition to now go. the majority of seats in the lower house and the constitution of chuck republic is clear to vote. was widely seen as a referendum on prime minister under a rubbish. and as predicted,
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it's his centrist and oh, yes, movement that's coming out ahead of any other single party. the country president has said that is what will determine the mandate to form a new government. meaning 67 year old babich gets to try 1st. i'm doing up a flat tire on, i've told voters what i can offer them. i'm hardworking courageous, decisive, and i'll look after check interests in europe. the opposition blames babbage for chaotic leadership during the covet 19 pandemic. the czech republic has suffered one of europe's worst per capita, deaf tolls. the european union has accused babich of a conflict of interest around his former business empire. and recently he denied reports in the pandora papers that he put more than $20000000.00 into shell companies to buy properties in france, valise lay and all sudden were democratic. this woman says we voted for one of the democratic coalitions with my husband. and i chose the pierced on coalition, mainly because they're not the i no party pitch down is
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a coalition between even bar torsion. his pirate party which already controls the capitol, prague and the grass roots movement of local mason, independence and re bobby. his accused paras, done of selling out the country by supporting more european integration and eventual adoption of the euro. this man says it certainly shouldn't be the pirates and these coalitions because they are horrible. the outgoing governments worried some vote is by taking on large debts, but it's promised to continue raising public sector wages and pensions. it's not clear whether that's enough for it to hold on to power. lady barbara al jazeera argentina is betting on oil and gas to recover from its economic crisis, but people say it's putting their lives at risk is been increased that seismic activity in the west of the country. and some geologists say that the practice of tracking is to blame the reasonable reports now from south bonito in argentina's,
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new a can province. ah, it's one of the largest shale oil and gas reserves in the world that come what it is located in argentina. but the owner region, it covers an area of over 30000 square kilometers and extraction companies have invested heavily in exploiting it the same this and the while has been living in the regional town of south sal warning all his life. he says, while he's glad of the new economy opportunities brought by the companies, there is also a downside earthquakes. the key comes from william info has grown it. these are not natural movements. i never felt before. i felt for very strong shakes that broke my house. the house started to shake and for a few seconds we all looked at each other and then it stopped. increasingly, locals are blaming the practice of fracking for this is miguel activity. fracking uses thousands of letters of water and sand that are injected in the soil at high
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pressure to push out the oil and gas. scientists continue to debate whether the practice can provoke earthquakes. although a recent study in argentina says, there is a direct link between fracking and sysmic activity right across this river. there is at least 90 sites where oil and gas are being extracted using fracking. people living in the area say that the fis nick activity here began when oil company started operating in this area, there's reports off, i'd leased at 36 small earthquake of happening in just one weekend. to release her, go resend. this house has several cracks because of the tremors. he says he's hoping or thought he will help him and his neighbors fortify their homes for what is likely to become a regular thing, not any. i'm only this is we're not denying. there is an increase in activity. the importance is how strong the earthquakes are and how to prepare the population. we
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need know who was doing it and how and where the population is. we to sit down at the same table and plan how it's going to be done. but almost everyone agrees. argentina's economy struggling and promoting oil and gas extraction is crucial to helping the country recover. yet the filter rotherford you figure, but people like roberto are concerned. he's a member of the my paul chain dead unit community and is worried about his children's future monitoring capacity of america. there are over 30 wells that have been marked in al tier tree. they now working on the other side, but imagine what it's going to be like when they come over here. i didn't in as government is pushing to increase oil and gas production and hoping to increase investment in back america. communities in the area i hoping their interests will be considered to come off. he did, he said, well i'll just sita. so sal one he don't. i didn't. tina new rivers of lava have
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emerged from spain's lap on the volcano. further is further threatening homes and farms on the island. tourists are also flowing to the area to catch a glimpse of the raw power of nature. and it chappelle has the something. well, over the course of 3 weeks, it's destroyed absolutely everything in its path. hundreds of hectares of farm land and banana plantations that are key to the islands economy. a new lava flow poured down on saturday after a partial collapse of the volcanic cone. more than 1000 homes and other buildings had been destroyed. it's a slow moving disaster for the residence of la paloma fortunately, people in the lava path had already been evacuated around 6000 had been told to leave their homes while firefighters save what they can. local authorities are
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asking residents to remain calm and listen for updates in the morning at the moment with the amount of love and direction it's flowing. we don't need to evacuate more people as we've already evacuated every one below. for those living on the wrong side of the co brave, you have all k know the losses are immense. it on either with any and below the middle. the memories of my parents, the inheritance i had there, it's all gone though, via norden owner. the lava has not yet reached my house. it took 50 years of sacrifice sown by stone. we built it. i have hope and faith that it will be saved. ah, the ground continues to shake. nearly 40 small earthquakes were recorded on friday and saturday alone. the local officials want tourists to know the island is safe to visit. le palmas airport has managed to reopen after being closed for 2 days, due to ash, with the once in a lifetime,
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opportunity seasoning with the volcano has become a draw of its own. it's hard to look away when hell has been unleashed. local officials hope the lava will continue flowing down the main path. keeping people watching. rather than running into chappelle al jazeera in marley, a colombian none the kidnapped in 2017 by an al qaeda linked group has been freed. gloria sicilian that of as was kidnapped by the machine in liberation front. near the border was booking a fossil, her release follows years of negotiations. it's not known whether a ransom was paid a kenya has launched a new conservation drive, offering people the chance to name an elephant for around $5000.00. the country needs the money to continue the fight against poachers. katherine sawyer reports now from the embassy national park, in southern kenya. say boy's name means gentle in the local messiah
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language, and she has just been said, wait, it needs to be called by wildlife officials. so they can track her movements as well as those of 70 other elephants in her hired. they want to keep them from string into people's forms at homes, and protect them from poachers. where are these elephants going? are we able to anticipate human while, if conflicts early enough to have it prevented? because we can see where these animals agree. so we have a system, but kenya's endangered animals are facing another threat that's causing more conflicts between wildlife and people. climate change, rivers or trying out greasing land is shrinking, and some roots long used by wildlife for migration have been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all this, kenya needs more money for conservation. and with a corona virus pandemic keeping many visitors away. revenue from tourism isn't
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enough. climate change is real. under is more dangerous than even fortune. we can control the borders, we can use ammunition to safeguard our elephant, but we can not use ammunition to safeguard the climate. we need to have a long term plan. 2017. we lost over $400.00 elephant from just dropped a my what it is the coming year. oh oh. here at the embassy national park, an annual ceremony has been launched, where corporations and individuals pay 5000 years dollars to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. like this one, it's a conservancy ran by communities that have allowed wildlife a safe passage to woods on their land. the eldest, see, protecting the wildlife, gives them a sense of pride and they are also seeing the benefits of it. so what rob hallie
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had we for conversation began, we were not benefiting from the way life. would we make some money about the keyboard for our children? noble are young people are also being employed. as community game rangers, the focus is now shifting from protecting kenya's wildlife. from a porch is paulette or poisoned arrow to climate change. it has been described as a bigger, more dangerous threat, but needs to be dealt with quickly. if animals like the elephant or to be kept alive, katherine saw al jazeera either arbitrarily national park. ah . and now the top stories on al jazeera, afghanistan's taliban says it wants to turn a new page in its relationship with washington during the 1st face to face talks of the u. s. officials in doha, since the group took power, security was a key issue on the.


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