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i was watching. denise, yes. is this firms for me? we moved fool to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let me park linda. this is growth and progress. invest in indonesia now . ah, this is al jazeera ah 1800 hours g m say hello, i'm come all santa maria, welcome to the news our from al jesse. the taliban says it hopes to turn a new page in relations with the united states during the 1st meetings and taking charge of afghanistan. also in the news desperate scenes in libya as the un refugee
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agency office suspends operations. there is a growing migrant crisis. china's president, she vows a peaceful reunification, but taiwan insists its future lies in the hands of the people and sierra leone becomes the latest african nation to put a stop to the death penalty. as colds grow to end it, well, why? and in sport f, one world champion lewis hamilton was fastest and qualifying for sunday's turkish grand prix. it foolish, but he will be starting in full position. and mercedes driver is taking a time that plays the great penalty for an action violation. ah, we'll get all of that news in a moment, but i do want to start with some breaking news just coming in. the austrian chancellor, sebastian kurtz has announced his resignation, cuts currently under investigation over corruption allegations. he is accused of
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using public funds to gain favourable press coverage. he is denying those charges but has been under pressure from his coalition partners opposition parties had also been preparing a no confidence motion. so what's happened in the end is that sebastian goods has announced his resignation. more on that story later in this new south. i i top, sorry the of course afghan, a storm with the town of been talking about turning a new page with the united states as they hold their 1st face to face discussions. taking part in afghanistan, the acting foreign minister, american ma talkies sue who leads the taliban delegation, says that discuss aide and urge the americans to lift a band on the central bank reserves. before the meeting, the u. s. that it was going to push the taliban on issues including evacuation flights, rights of women and minorities as well. and of course, security is a big talking point, particularly the threat posed by iceland, afghanistan, or i. so k is that sometimes calls the i'm group attack to shear mosque only
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yesterday, friday, and 60 people were killed and that attack, okay, natasha game is here in dough. how following events into the evening now? 9 p. m. in dough. how, what more of you heard out of the talks to day natasha? well, the acting foreign minister, the acting afghan foreign minister actually did make some comments on day one of what's expected to be 2 days of talks 1st time talks at such a high level. since the americans pulled out in august and he said that he is looking for positive relations between the americans and the transitional afghan government, as well as quote, a mutual commitment. he says that he recognizes that security for in afghan assigned benefits, not only afghans but the international community. so he offered assurances he made please for assistance as well as issued a warning with regard to assurances,
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the acting foreign minister. his name is mall, the american will talkie says that the taliban will do its part. baron vine. that the taliban has pledged to its people, that it would be the one to provide security. but in the last week, there have been 2 major bombings in afghanistan that have killed scores of people. as you mentioned iceland and i've gone on has claimed responsibility on the economic front regarding it please for assistance. the acting foreign minister says that it is looking to the international community to help solve its financial woes . you are looking at a country that is heavily dependent on international aid, with an evolving humanitarian crisis on the ground. it is asking that the united states lifts economic sanctions freeze unfreeze its assets, and reduce restrictions or live restrictions at the afghan national bank. it says
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it needs to be able to pay its employees as well as provide services to the afghan people with regard to a warning it so that, you know, the foreign minister said, we do not want anyone to had a weaken or should the international community should not try to weaken our government, that this is a sovereign country, and no one should metal in the afghan affairs for the americans part. they're not commenting officially at this point. they did go into this meeting, making clear that one should not interpret these talks as a quote granting recognition to the taliban or convert conferring legitimacy. the united states is looking, it says to the taliban to judge it on its actions. united states is very focused on the issue of thousands of afghans, fearful of taliban reprisals still desperately trying to get out of the country. it
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wants to ensure that there is continued smooth distribution of humanitarian aid and the taliban mentioned that it would do it's part unmentioned. by the foreign ministry, at least on saturday, is the issue of safeguarding the rights of women and girls. and what it may or may not do to ensure safe passageway for the thousands of afghan allies who want to leave the american allies who want to leave the country where they might be able to find some common ground could be on the issue of security. though the taliban has said it will not work with the united states to help combat iceland, afghanistan. clearly, the united states as well, does not want to see ice will continue to grow in afghanistan and the country to become a safe haven for armed groups. and as i said, the taliban has pledged to its people that it would be the ones to be to offer
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protection and stability in afghanistan. next up, the afghan delegation says it will be meeting with e, you representatives and those from other countries. massage again, i'm with all the lightest lines out of the town of been us talks going on here and donna. thank you, natasha. we've also got to some of been dividing cobble. he has more now on the roadmap, which is lead to the to high talks. just a fact that these 2 sides met is a major development. because this is the 1st time that the government, which is not recognized by any other government in the world, is meeting international powers, including the united states. there's been a major def, trash or views. because the taliban sees the united states as a defeated army that had pushed out of its country. and the united states seized taliban as a group of consisting of people which are under sanctions list. and many of them are considered terrorists. and just getting hair was not easy. it was a roller coaster ride. and there was shuttle diplomacy,
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especially by the state of cutter as it hosted these 2 sides. yet again after the u . s. bedroll, the taliban insisting that the united states needs to live up to its a site of the bargain at when it signed the agreement. and doha and said that all the sanctions against the taliban will be lifted. and the taliban asking that the united states should make sure that it doesn't infringe on the 40 of a plan to fund the u. s. a side saying that the of understand a government which of empowered the taliban who've been fighting them for 20 years need to live up to their side of the deal. make sure that girls schools are not closed up. there is a government which is inclusive, a government which gives rights to its people. and then finally they were able to sit together. this is the 1st day of today talks between them and the other side on the line up of the taliban was very interesting as well because it's not just a foreign minister. it is the taliban spy, chief it is the taliban deputy interior minister. and they're not only going to be
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talking to the diplomats in doha. but they're also going to be talking to various security agencies, including the americans regional powers, international players. they'll be talking to agencies as well to try and get the much needed aid they need for the afghan people. millions of people are in desperate need of help. and we've been hearing from agencies that unless the international community acts in the matter weeks, not months, there is going to be a humanitarian catastrophe. those were the words of various international donors and agencies who have been seeing the situation on the ground. that aid should not be used as a bargaining chip, but we for the international community which is now lost its leverage. after all its forces pulled out, that might be the only thing that they can use to try and get the taliban to do what they want. is some thoughts from omar sama who is a non resident senior fellow at the atlantic council and was previously afghanistan's ambassador to buy france and canada. he told us the international
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community and the taliban really have high stakes in this game. this is a new round, a new chapter in today and sort of the u. s. tunnel on relations as well as talking about you in either western donors relations. i think it's driven by a set of priorities. in an urgency, on the taller one side, the would love to have someone recognize them politically and diplomatically that hasn't happened yet. there are nuances in the region and beyond about how to engage your thought of on and under what conditions or circumstances this order, but also would like to have high advances and assets monies that have been frozen by the world bank i m f and others. and trees and so they can use that for governance purposes. yeah, there are obviously issues on the us side on their agenda. they would like to see the thought of on the more open, the more inclusive ad here to human face, women's rights give access to school to girls. and also even at the terrorism
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cooperation that possible, which taught it seem not to be ready to do at this point. but the military situation that is there dire and looming famine and the fact that people are now hungry and have no money, i think, is driving all of this, the international community to some level of responsibility. they spend hundreds of billions of dollars in the coffers into the mtf dash and floods. so at, on both sides there is a need to engage, obviously, how you frame engagement and what kind of dialogue you engage in is right now, being discussed. and i think that it's because of the dire urgency is out there and up on the sun. couple more notes from afghanistan, manga province, 1st of all, in the east, where a bomb has killed the governor of a local district, 3 of his guards wounded as well. an explosive device planted on the side of the
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road, though no group has claimed any responsibility for that. and the refugee agency says the world should urgently provide the aid. it has promised to the afghan people, a number of international organizations of want. afghanistan is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. nearly 700 or 1000. other ones have been displaced just this year. and this a kind of takes the total off displeased people that are only affected by conflict to $3500000.00. so we are now in a race against time to help and support wall notable, desperate are wants, ah, and winterly is just around the corner. our fear is if they are not helped as soon as possible, or the consequences of all of this could do, could be really,
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really worrying and more problematic. it's returned to the breaking news. we told you about the start. a news are the resignation of the austrian chancel at sebastian kurtz. we have got all rick brooklyn with us to talk about us a political analyst and profess in european studies at stanford university. berlin is on stock skype from stuttgart, and we thank you for your time with us developing story. look at 2 days ago. yes, today is thursday. ah, mr. curts was denying any wrong doing and said he had no plans to step done. what's changed? well 1st of all, every day, a week at new information about the dimension off the scandal that he's confronted with. and if only in parts of the accusations are correct, and this is far bigger than anything we have seen before. when his junior coalition partner pier antelli, just tell her what forced to step down because of that videotape from the pizza,
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in which the spirit of this government, while thinking in terms of corruption and fraud, and pretending that they own the country, came into public attention. so 1st of all, he is not the only leader he is in a coalition, and the greek green party were to was every possible the chicken to see if they would continue to stay in common with him. so it's clear that he would lose support in the parliament, but i think it's the sheer size of the dimension that forces seemed rather step down and not wait until that. so now i'm you lots him out of office, right. okay. so it's one of those times when his position became untenable, i guess what happens under under, under austrian rules as to when the, when the chancellor resigned, who takes over new elections. what, what is the president for this?
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well the good thing is that this is not an authoritarian regime. apparently it's a western type democratic system in which as we can see now the system of checks and balances work pretty well. otherwise this regime. ready cut quotes fields to make it a one person show and not to people's hardy. that's their fault. he used to be before he came the chancellor. this is still the good knows that everything works according to the constitution. and there is a system off. the separation of powers still kind of works that the traditional system does its job and most importantly, the free media can do what we expect free media to do in a situation like this. right? australian politics is not something we hear a lot about. and internationally, i think i can say that so i wonder if you can tell our viewers if we separate out
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the scandals. ready and, and the political pressure which has clearly come on to the chancellor at what sort of leader was he and was he actually well liked by the electorate by the people. well, austria is on the one hand, a very stable political system. and it used to be a 2 party system between now moderate left, the social democrats and a moderate right system that changed over the years in which the green party played growing important role. and for the 1st time in this government, they are the junior partner. but there's also a very strong pop to list sort of very right wing system that was established in 1990. some then transformed became a to friend, hardy by name. but there's always been no been also re, terry and spirit in some parts of society. and quotes managed to transform to
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people's party with a sort of santa rights ideology into a regime that is completely focused on the role of the party. a charismatic mild form of the populace. that makes it seem dependent on him as the person. and this is a change that austria has never experienced before, and a lot of people are very concerned about. it's long term implications. but no one really expected this to be a scandal off that i mentioned that has now been checked, lied to on right now. thank you for your time today and putting into some context for us. this says southern resignation of the austrian chance to thank you. thanks for how can we are 17 minutes past the news on here's what's coming up with iraq. main parties make some big promises ahead of the elections on
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sunday q i believe that they can actually deliver we will also see how naming an elephant is part of an ambitious plan to kick start. kenya's struggling tourist industry plus your sports news and we're going to hear from the heavy white title rivals getting ready to fight for a 3rd time. ah, libya now in the u. n. refugee office there has been forced to close after being overwhelmed by hundreds of people seeking resettlement. migrants were st. holding up signs and banners, pleading for international organizations to help them. you and hcr is urging the government to resume humanitarian flights, which have been suspended for most of this year. at alia, round 2000 migrants escaped from a detention center and tripoli. she will know who i am. oh, do they look at the people outside the united nations? this is awful field record on people,
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european arabic and african country. we suffer from an awful situation. look at the situation for the women. it is really humiliating that we call on people and the american and european governments to come up with solutions for these people is getting worse and worse and not the people are sitting outdoors. there are people jailed in unknown locations, and there are people who were killed in unknown locations more on this story. now with my trainer entropy the iowa has just issued a statement condemning or the killing of 6 migrants and, and, and the injury of over 24 others are now this happened in the ma bonnie detention center which is in the area of charl are yesterday after a riot inside the detention center and an attempted escape. according to the iowa guards began, shooting are resulting in the, in the death of 6 migrants and the injury of 24 others. now this follows
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a crackdown that happened last week, where live in authorities carried out an operation in the area of good gathers. are they detained over 4000 migrants or a during that operation and in the days to follow over a 1000 more. are now these 5000 migrants were put into detention centers across western libya. many of them in the detention center where we saw the escape take, place them or benny detention center. now in the seed center center, there was 3400 migrants, including 356 women, and a 144 children. a 2000 of them escaped yesterday in the footage. it's just cause a lot of chaos in the streets of tripoli. as i smoked affinity consider who is the chief of mission for the international organization for migration in libya? his concern is that authorities to often react with violence, wendy's tensions arise. we often have lots of life in areas that
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are supposed to be under the control of the authorities, whether they're detention centers or dis, and bartman point after they've been picked up at sea. but we haven't seen anything of this scale in some time, fortunately, but we're absolutely devastated by the indiscriminate use of live ammunition inside the perimeter of a detention center resulting in 6 steps. we have received no explanation that the statements that the government is put out are not explaining anything about the incident. they're there, they're just to find the use of excessive force during the rates to, to indiscriminately around people up. i think it's just, it's indicative of the fact that the government doesn't have full control over these facilities. it didn't, it didn't have the capacity to deal with a heavy inflow of migrants following the raids and all too often when the
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situation gets tense, bullet start flying, and people get at least hurt and often killed. now, sierra leone has abolish the death penalty. president julius mother be assigned to the ban into lot of ceremony in the capital, free tom to be replaced with a maximum penalty of life in prison. instead, no executions have taken place in seattle and 1998, but they had been this resistance to removing it completely. sierra leone becomes the 23rd african country to abolish capital punishment. i want you to do a but even with the slightest development in sierra leone, the issue of the death penalty remains at best murky in many parts of the world.
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got some information here from 2 organizations, amnesty international, and also the death penalty information center. in the u. s. so amazon national, just watch this festival. we are looking at a timeline which has rolling through from 2007 to 2020 watch in the map. the number of yellow and grey countries which keep increasing that is more countries which abolish the death penalty for either all crimes or ordinary crimes. the countries in black that were the ones which don't change the united states. a lot of other african countries, middle east countries, india, china as well. they are what we call retention. hist. countries they hold on to the death penalty. so it is getting better in some parts of the world. but as you see here, a 108 countries that they have completely abolished the death penalty. there have been 483 people executed in 2020. but that excludes china because according to amnesty, they could be thousands of people being executed in china because we just don't know now a quick look at the united states. we're going to talk to
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a guest in the moment. but i just wanna show you the united states as well. that high point there of 98. that was in the year 1999. they were 98 executions. and all it is done is go downhill since then, which is good, even though in 2020 donald trump washers would have been early than that. 2019. sorry donald trump brought ah federal executions back into play. and that is now being reviewed by the biden administration. the french president monument granted i also calling for a universal abolition of the dental death penalty. we will wage this fight as europeans again and again he said, right, matthew, mon, gina with us now an attorney former parole board member for pennsylvania, an author of the execution is toll on skype. from pittsburgh to diane. it's great to see you, matthew. i'll talk more specifically about the us in a moment because i know that is your particular area of expertise. but from the day sir, i gave there the death toll is being phased out in countries. but my goodness,
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it's slow, isn't it? why is that this? i why to countries want to hang on to that? why? i think it, in a lot of ways on the death valley is driven by politics. ah, you know, people want to seem as though they're tough on crime and it's a way of getting your, your, your bon, a cds for it being tough on crime by saying, you know, we support the death penalty. and so, so i think that's part of the reason why the death penalty hangs on. although the trend around the world is really seems to be that the death penalty is it is a fading eye. it's not a certainly, as popular as it has been in years gone by. seems to be, as i said, something that by hang on to in fact we're looking at pictures from sierra leone, where that they hadn't been in execution since i said 1998. but still i hung on to the idea. is that just, it's so much like, oh,
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we've just got there just in case well, yeah, it's in and i think it's, it's best exemplified in the united states where you see, you know, a number of read states, you know, hang on to the death penalty because the politicians in those states, the members of the legislature, they don't want to be the ones who are perceived as soft on crime, who's done away with the death penalty. and then there's some horrific crime that occurs in their state in the death penalty is not an option. so, so at least in the u. s. and i think in other parts of the world, the death penalty is churned by politics. now i rather poorly tried to explain before what happened in the united states. maybe you can clear that up for us. the fact that donald trump, when he was empowered, did bring back it, was at its executions at the federal level, but that is now being reviewed by the biden administration. not just removed. well,
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that's correct. you know, i think that, that donald trump is a perfect example of politics. churning the death out i, you know, federal execution. there have been only 3 of them in the modern era of the death of the united states. and then all a sudden, you know, donald trump, in the midst of a re election, starts carrying out federal execution. you know, so you select this, these group of people that you're going to execute, either out of a number of people or on death row on the federal level. you know, it's sort of arbitrary, but it's certainly, you know, was being used as an issue is, hey, i'm tough, i'm going to go after criminals on the guy that needs to be re elected. so that's, that's really the kind of the prime example of how politics churns the death poly in this current in the united states. and what's brought it down, as i pointed out, it was 1999 that the high watermark goes there of 98 executions. and it's gone down and down to believe 7 this year so far. ah, what's the reason for that?
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well, i, you know, i, the death penalty number one, you know, jury's across the country or nodded, imposing it in the, in the numbers that they were in the past. so, so prosecutors aren't seeking it. juries are an imposing it and states aren't carrying it out right now in the united states in those 7 executions so far in 2021. 3 of those were from the trump administration in january of this year. you know, right before he left office, so there's only been 4 executions carried out in states across the country since president biden took office and he has taken a position that he'd like to to see the death cloudy. abolished now he could do that on a federal level or a lease they can work toward that end up in the,
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in the other states, there are $27.00 states that still have none. novelty and united states. and those $27.00 states are going to have the each one, abolish the death penalty. if you are going to have an abortion, the death penalty across the board in the u. s. such is how you as politics always works, doesn't and at the mention are great to talk to you. thank you for your time. thank you. let's move on to corona. are see thousands of people gathering in the italian capital, protesting against a new mandate treat cove at 19 health paths. now live pictures now showing things getting quite unsettled. there it was just a large number of people gathering earlier, but now definitely police out with their right dear. what they are concerned about is this green pass where employees wouldn't be able to get into their place of work . in fact, the past would mean you would have to show that you've either been vaccinated or you've had a negative test or you have recovered from cove it. this will all come into force
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october 15th. so we're only 6 days away. the government says it's needed to avoid another lockdown, but critics, people out on the street to night and roam site infringes on their personal freedoms. live pictures from the arm there is the protest continue against cove it green pass. we're coming up half past the i will grab a break on the you sound when we come back. people in western argentina, blaming oil companies for a rising number of earthquakes. basil sports news with farrah and the teenage shore. this teenage dodson 1st match since her u. s o and triumph, but it ends and defeats ah, how low they will have a look at the weather in africa in just a moment. but 1st let's look to the.


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