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with a new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let's be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest in indonesia. now there is no channel that covers world news like we do, we revisit places the state. i'll just euro really invest in that, and that's a privilege. as a journalist. ah, the taliban says it hopes to turn a new page in relations with the united states during their 1st meeting since taking charge in afghanistan. ah, well again, i'm come all santa maria hearing joe hop. this is the world news from al jazeera. the united nations is warning its facilities in libya. are breaking point hundreds
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of refugees and migrants seek help and reset with iraq's main parties. makes some big promises ahead. of the elections on sunday, but few believe they can actually deliver all of that. plus, i'm going to smith in moscow where koby left down the rising social inequality of lead to an explosion in the popularity of been up. ah, so the telephones talking about turning a new page with the united states as they hold their 1st face to face discussions, taking power in afghanistan, the acting foreign minister, mere harden mo tarkey who leads this taliban delegation, says, disgust aid, and have urged the americans to lift the ban on the central bank reserves. before the meeting, the u. s. said it was going to push the taliban on issues, things,
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evacuations, lights, and the rights of women and minorities and security. of course, a big talking point, particularly the threat posed by iceland afghanistan, the army group attacked the shia mosque only yesterday, friday, and killed more than 60 people in that attack. all right, let's stop with natasha. can i'm, she has more on the talks here into the acting foreign minister in afghanistan did a relief, a statement to the media late this afternoon. but let's take a moment to consider the fact that a mere few months ago, what we saw or what we were hearing happened today in doha, would not have been imaginable. former adversaries on the battlefield with 2 decades of distrust. now representing 2 governments coming together, looking for some kind of consensus around a conference table. there is a chasm between the 2 and now this diplomatic dance begins for each side to begin to find some concessions and perhaps edge closer together. before an acting foreign
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minister has said that he does want positive relations with the united states, that there should be a mutual commitment, while also issuing a warning that no one should quote, weaken the government of afghanistan, or interfere in its sovereignty and create problems. he also issued a call to the international community for it to assist with its economic woes. they come to doha with the weight of governance of a country in crisis. meanwhile, in afghanistan itself, funerals have been taking place in the north for the victims of the bombing in condos that we mentioned delia o. from his gathering to morn their dead. this attack apparently carried out by a single suicide bomber. more than a 100 people were widget. the taliban said a security incandescent. the attack was intended to stir up divisions between shia and sunni muslim hash them i'll borrow now with more from missouri. sharif close to
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couldn't us today was a day of grief and warning in plunder. were families had to bury the loved ones who were killed in the blast in they, in the mosque yesterday. now, it was also a moment of shock for the people there who was saying, why are these people perpetrating those acts of violence against innocent worshippers who was gathering in a loss for the friday prayers. hospitals were overwhelmed with the numbers over the injured and many remain in critical condition on this is why people are worried that the death toll could further climb. in the coming days. now many work leaders came out expressing solidarity with the families and a saying that the international community should step in and should prosecute those
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behind the attack. no. i, selena flighty. san claimed responsibility for the attack, a clear act of defiance against the taliban, who said that they would beat, trying to restore and establish safety and security across of lattice. and we, we've been taught by taliban officials are they have beefed up beefed up or security in the city of plunder. and that they are determined to crack down on ice in enough light is on. but this is going to be definitely an extremely delicate moment for the taliban, because hundreds of our i sales operatives have been highly trained over the last few years. and they have managed to set up hobbs in different parts of the country, shall about goblet, and also in condos and another. another note, i'm sorry, from afghanistan and explosion, and manga how province the east of the country, which has killed a governor of a local district. 3 of his guards were wounded, an explosive device had been planted on the side of the road. the now group has
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claimed responsibility for it to libya. where are you in refugee office has been forced to close after being overwhelmed by hundreds of people seeking re settlement . the you and hcr is urging the government to resume humanitarian flights that have been suspended for most of this year. at a early around 2000 migrants escaped from a detention center in tripoli and spoke to federico soto battle of this. at the chief of mission of the international organization for migration in the b, he says, authorities to often react with violence. when tensions bryce, we often have lots of life in areas that are supposed to be under the control of the forty's. when they're, they're detention centers or different bartman points after they've been picked up at sea. but we haven't seen anything of this scale in some time, fortunately, but we're absolutely devastated by the indiscriminate use of live ammunition
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inside the perimeter of a detention center resulting in 6 steps. we have received no explanation. the, the statement that the government is put out to are not explaining anything about the incident, their, their, their justifying the use of excessive force during the raids to, to indiscriminately around people up i think it's just, it's indicative of the fact that the government doesn't have full control over these facilities. it didn't, it didn't have the capacity to deal with. they had the inflow of migrants following the raids and all too often, when the situation gets tense, bullets start flying and, and people get at least hurt and often killed. european forces have launched a new round of air and ground strikes against 2 grey rebels. the attacks took place in the horror region to go people's aggression front us been fighting for
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government forces in the north for the last 11 months. more on this, what time you'll get to choose an independent journalist who says ethiopian troops have been planning a tax on the take very rebels for weeks. it's be reported by a reliable mainstream, new sites or news agencies that and the yoga and side has really gone what they've been saying from 4 weeks since they've been prime minister. went to turkey, for instance, trying to get some drones or some kind of military support that this action will happen. and it's, it seems it's happening now and, and some of us will have watched it from near us government forces. and now our forces are really mobilizing the support that they need to really move forward and perhaps trying to claim while was taken by the t p. i left a few months ago. they said it was a negotiated, it was just announced by the job and side, they never accepted it. they called it
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a bad joke, quote unquote. so it was never accepted and the conflict really continued. and the t p left started moving from their region, the to gray region, moving to the fiery region higher region, and really begun to be more engaged. military wise was friends that never has been explained. and they've started gaining towns and villages. and that really quick if you're in a very compromising position, and that's why perhaps the job inside trying to regroup and come back. and this is the option that has been anticipated for a while from the lebanon, has no electricity nationwide, after its 2 biggest power plants have shut down to the countries. crippling fuel shortage generators are currently the only way to use power prior to the outage. many in lebanon receiving just 2 hours of electricity a day from the state company,
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supplies a fuel, medicine, and basic necessities are critically low as lebanon and jewels. what the world bank holds one of the worst economic collapses in a 150 years on saturday. rock will hold its 5th election since the us led invasion of 2003 that ended the rule of president saddam hussein. and early election was one of the main demands of demonstrators began protesting in october of 2019 am on han, has mona from iraq's semi autonomous kurdish rich alexis airing is in full swing here in our bill, the capital of the kurdish region of iraq. now what all the issues the kurds really care about here? well, there are a few, the key issues, all the economy, particularly for young people, young people, hey, say that, that all no jobs that they can go to. and that's frustrating, particularly if you're a graduates, they simply on a graduate job you can get into the other one is the relationship with baghdad. that's absolutely crucial. it's baghdad and the kurdish regional government that
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decide between them the budget for the k r g. that budget is walt the k o g. the government will spend on goods and services for that people. however, one political commentator the we spoke to said because the policies in all so divided, showing united face in baghdad is very difficult and that's hurting the code is people. it is unfortunate that to the invoice is not united and we concede before we go to baghdad, they have 2 different separate, at least many political parties, climate body, and they're sick leave her parties as will that separated. but i hope after the election, those voice come together and for them they could, they could this tiny block in baghdad that lack of unity is one of the reasons many kurdish people are frustrated with that politicians. now that may well have an impact on the ballot box, much like
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a lot of pulse of iraq. the boy caught the voice movement is getting increasingly more vocal even hey, in our bill. whether that has an impact on the ballot, bolts remains to be seen, but it's certainly a big talking point in the czech republic, the senator write opposition coalition has overtaken prime minister andre bob is his ruling party in a parliamentary election while the 98 percent of the votes encountered. looks up, your position is going to win a 108 seats in the 200 member parliament opposition leader. even boucher says he plans to start talks on forming a new government. now thousands of people have gathered in the italian capital to protest against a new mandatory cove at 19 health, who now without the so called greenhouse employees, won't be able to get into their place of work. the past shows if you've been vaccinated or you've had a recent negative test or recovered from the virus in the past 6 months or goes
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into full so not tobar 15th, the government says it's needed to avoid another lockdown. but critics, i just infringes on personal freedoms. and in fact, my pictures right now from romans situation seems to have deteriorated from those pictures we showed you and the want back, right place out in force. and i mean, it looks like in what you, that of t as in the others are certainly looks like it in the lights. they're all this opposition to the idea of having a covet 19 pass vaccine password a negative test passes. we said plenty of opposition to that in rome and, and the number of a european countries is what we will keep an eye on these pictures and just see how the situation develops and run it will so ahead for you the rwandan forces pushed him out of it following a heavy battle and can see the remains of it. explosives have blown the roof of this building in the of bullet holes in the eye and sheets. red access to northern
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mozambie county regional forces push out al shabamo vices even western argentina, blaming oil companies for a rising number off earthquakes. ah hello there. we'll have a look at the weather in africa in just a moment. but 1st, let's look to the middle east and it's warm, it's relatively dry. that is robin dusty. we've got a shamar wind blowing down. that's a northerly wind from iraq into q, weights. and cats are kicking up a lot of dust, so hazy sunshine for this area as well as the u. e. but the temperature is going to get down in doha, in the days to come. and with that, we are going to see the humidity pick up. will be sitting in early thirty's, by the time we get to choose day for the north. this temperatures are above average,
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down in the south, within and coastal showers around areas of yemen. nice feed into those. found us on the shower, the cross at central band of africa, heavier across parts of ethiopia, as we go into monday. however, it's going to be gone or that see some of the heavier falls. those storms brewing across the gulf of guinea. lots of showers for parts of the democratic republic of congo. those come with the heat of the day and further south to south africa. we've had a trough pushed through from the west to the east, leaving behind plenty of sunshine. in cape town, it is looking rather wet though, for eastern areas, johannesburg, seeing some rain, but it's gonna be the east of mozambique that sees the rain pick up by the time we get some monday that to weather. ah frank assessments, what's the point of the un it multilateralism isn't part of it's dna. we need someone. we're sovereign steve's chemistry of focus likely to change biking
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behavior. it's not gonna change their behavior. they're going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match morgans mentality in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou aah! on al jazeera, these are the top stories this our seni, a u. s. in town, about officials have begun talks here and cuts are the 2 sides of disgust. aid and getting coven vaccinations into afghanistan. tell about done. sorry taliban
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delegation will later meet representatives from the u. a. u and refugee office in libby has been full to close off to being overwhelmed by hundreds of people seeking re settlement day. early up, up, 2000 migrants in libya, escaped from a detention center. and ethiopian forces of launched a new round of air and ground strikes against ticker rebels in the m ha region. to grab people's liberation front has been fighting government forces for almost and you the president of taiwan is promising to defend her islands democracy, sighing. when was responding to china's president who'd earlier reiterated his vow, that there will be a peaceful reification with ty while she jumping avoided the previous rhetoric that included using force. but the island has come under growing pressure to accept china's sovereignty. in the past week, nearly 150 chinese warplanes of approached towns aspects cancel, mutual, c o, the chain ship. we will continue to work hard to hold fast,
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the front lines of democracy and to freedom, strengthening collaboration with international partners through shared values and making more contributions to the world. the french president, manju micron is launching a campaign for the world wide abolition of the death penalty. he made the announcement of francis 40th anniversary of its last execution describing the death penalty as an abomination good of hon. savano, pseudo combat or liberty soon france will re launch the fight for universal abolition within the framework of the presidency of the european union. we will organize in paris with the en cio together against the death penalty. a meeting at the highest level bring together civil society from states that still apply the death penalty in order to convince their leaders of the importance and urgency of abolishing it. one more and sierra leone has become the latest african nation to abolish capital punishment. president julius mother be owed signed the ban into law to ceremony in the capital free town. it will be replaced with a maximum penalty of life in prison. sierra leone becomes the 23rd african country
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to abolish the death penalty. nearly 800000 people were displaced in northern mozambique during a 4 year conflict. i'll shavaun fight has targeted the results rich region until rwandan forces helped push them out. now people are waiting for it to be safe enough to return to their homes. malcolm webb has this report from in bow we found neurology use if sitting by the roadside, he'd been hiding in a nearby forest for weeks, fearing for his life by now. he showed us around the village and that for now is home here in northern mozambique. and of but it's not his everyone here also fled. he sleeps in one of the abandoned homes. people have been running away from an armed group called al. sure bab, notorious for beheading and abducting people when we can do it. avoiding i don't know where exactly they've all gone, but they must still be hiding in the forest. because when you leave,
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when you have to hide in the forest, you have to run directly. you cannot stop because if they find you, if they find you and they will kill you almost in the last 3 months, rwandan soldiers have fought the armed group out of the towns. it controlled in cupboard delgado province, the supporting mozambique government that had been losing ground in most towns. the armed group retreated into the forests. as the rwandan fought his advanced. in a few places like the arm groups headquarters in the town of some bough, they fought, the rwandan forces pushed them out of it following a heavy battle. and you can see the remains of it. explosives have blown the roof of this building in the bullet holes in the iron sheets on the floor. you can see the remains of the shopkeepers property, all of the people that used to live here. and now wondering if or when it will be safe for them to come home. around 700000 people have been displaced by the conflict. we met some scattered around the towns and villages. when the ruined an
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army took us to visit the places it now controls the area that we visited together is pacified. and we are returning. i did is back to their homes and working closely with them was on the can on me to where sure that we conduct continuous security operations. most of the displaced are encamped where they're given some food and other help. the un says many areas still aren't safe for people to go back. the military accompanying the returns, the voluntary returns of the of civilians is not ideal. obviously this can lead to these serb civilians being targeted. and of course, associate return movements with, with military aims cover. delgado was extremely poor even before the conflict began 4 years ago. the mozambique and state was largely absent that fuel discontent,
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as did preparations to extract tens of billions of dollars worth of nearby offshore natural gas. french oil giant total suspended his operations because of the conflict. people here have been in need of government help the generations. now they'll need even more help to return to what's left of their homes. malcolm web al jazeera bow mozambique campus launched a new conservation drive, offering people a chance to name an elephant for around $5000.00. i country needs the money to continue to fight against elephant poachers. ethan sawyer reports from amber, sally national park, and southern canyon. this is one of the most photographed landscapes in kenya, elephant, and other wildlife room freely attracting thousands of tourists every year. and we're selling,
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national park is also the heart of conservation works that have seen poaching in canyon nearly eliminated. we have a very good relationship with canal f service, or whenever there is an artist where they, it's by the community rentals. they work very closely with the, with the kent police. we work root canal i've service to ensure that the porters are really received to whatever penalties they're supposed to. in the last 4 years, the elephant population in kenya has grown by 2000 plus 36000. so this is the closest we've actually come to one of the larger hearts here in i'm with alien, it's really quite breathtaking. the ranges here tell us that the incidents of poaching have gone down significantly over the last few years, but there are other emerging threats. climate change resulting to frickin, drought loss of habitat. and we have humans settlements around the parks. this is causing quite a concern and they say, these are the silent killers, a cross,
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ample sally, and into several east national park. they call this the elephant graveyard of a 4000 joules of elephants are kept here. but these elephants warren killed by poachers. there remains a here to serve as a reminder of what droughts can do. with these wildlife reciting, says rivers are drying up. humans settlements are taking over migratory corridors and elephant are becoming increasingly isolated to the main threat. now is the issue of climate change? i think that's the main thing that can talk about casa is the one which is now shrinking the habit of who might have the elephant numbers increasing. but if you don't have the proper habitat for them, that is the main challenge of the moment. the poachers bullet and poisoned arrow may lightly be things of the past, but this iconic creatures still find themselves in danger of extinction. katherine saw al jazeera and basil national park in southern kenya,
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scientists and sheila have developed a metal eating bacteria that can help get rid of pollution and waste. the micro organism can dissolve a nail in 3 days. used to take much longer, but researchers were able to speed up the process it took, the bacteria will be used to reduce waste from chillies, highly polluting mining industry. when the people in western argentina have noticed the ground shaking beneath them a lot more in this past year, more than 200 earthquakes and facts have been reported in that time. and geologists blame it on fracking. teresa bar reports now from so. so benito in argentina's neck when province. ah, it's one of the largest shale oil and gas reserves in the world. the commodities located in argentina. but though only a region, it covers an area of over 30000 square kilometers. and extraction companies have invested heavily in exploiting it the same this under while has been living in the
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regional town of south sal won't all his life. he says, well, he's glad of the new economy opportunities brought by the companies. there is also a downside earthquakes. the key comes from william into her world. these are not natural movements. i never felt before. i felt for very strong shakes that broke my house. the house started to shake and for a few seconds we all looked at each other and then it stopped. increasingly, locals are blaming the practice of racking for this is miguel to vittie. fracking uses thousands of liters of water and sand that are injected in the soil at high pressure to push out the oil and gas. scientists continue to debate whether the practice can provoke earthquakes. although i recent studying argentina says there is a direct link between fracking and sysmic activity right across this river. there is at least 90 sites where oil and gas are being extracted using fracking. people
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living in the area say that the fis mc activity here began when oil companies started operating in this area, there's reports off, i'd leased at 36 small earthquake of happening in just one weekend. to release her go, we send this house has several cracks because of the tremors. he says he's popping or so he will help him and his neighbors fortify their homes for what is likely to become a regular thing. yeah, no, let me am only if we're not denying, there is an increase in activity. the importance is how strong the earthquakes are and how to prepare the population. we need to know who is doing it and how and where the population is. we to sit down at the same table and plan how it's going to be done. but almost everyone agrees. argentina's economy struggling and promoting oil and gas extraction is crucial to helping the country recovery. yet the for fact, you think, but people like romantic are concerned. he's
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a member of the, my 14 dead unit community and is worried about his children's future. i'm on the think a possible america there were over sushi wills that have been marked and al tier a tree. they now working on the other side. but imagine what it's going to be like when they come over here. i didn't, teen as government is pushing to increase oil and gas production and hoping to increase investment in back on what other communities in the area are hoping their interests will be considered to come off. he did. he said, well, i'll just cedar. so sal when he don't, i, gen, tina, now in russia, bare knuckle boxing, searched and popular. he jury locked on her if the fight as it offers an escape from a stagnant economy that's making life difficult. should warn you though, that this report from bernard smith in moscow does contain some violent pictures. you might ha, it's brutal, bloody, unfortunately,
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brief. vanetta boxing has exploded in popularity in russia. in the past 2 years. the organizers put that down to printer progression from a struggling economy and cove. 19 puzzle show sky is one of the current champions and the man to beat from a small russian town. he's not working at the moment. let me know so to rochester, the closure, but the hardest part of the fight is when you're waiting for the judge's decision, i enjoy the fight. i put a lot of work into it. training for one or 2 months for the sake of 3 rounds of 2 minute wait. on this night, russia recorded an all time high of cove 19 related deaths. 6 with an infection rate up 27 percent in the last week. ah. but the organizer whipping up the crowd. the seemingly never ending, but news temps more and more men and women into the ring. you saw me, lucy, of the miller were not living in the easiest of times, not only in our country, but the whole world. and people wanted to release their emotion somewhere and get
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relief in russia. a big percentage of the population live in tough circumstances. and this helps them get out of the value in russia. incomes are falling or have been stagnant for years. ah, the permit to describe these boxes. glad it's oil is certainly very busy. effectively releasing anger and frustration. several fighters were not to the floor while we filmed, and at least one left in an ambulance. but the organizers claim it's less dangerous than gloved boxing, whether a more punches, and so, more risks of long term brain damage. i got a russian doctor told al jazeera any strike the head is dangerous and can cause outside. i mustn't other life threatening injuries. 6


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