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a handy little pretext for the prime minister to clamp down on the press covering away the news is covered for listening post on a j 0 ah . senior us antonia bon officials prepared to sit down for their 1st in person talks since america's afghan withdrawal. ah. hello, i'm sammy zaden. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up a staggering loss. corona virus deaths passed 600000 in brazil, china's president, she vows reunification, taiwan insisted future lies in the hands of the people. and pow naming elephants
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is part of an ambitious plan to kick start kenya's struggling tourism business ah. senior us sentato bon officials are due to hold their 1st in person talk since american troops left afghanistan. a tannenbaum delegation led by the acting foreign minister, flew to del, highlight on friday that same day so one of the deadliest attacks in afghanistan since the tale bomb takeover. at least 60 people were killed by a suicide bomber targeting, shar, worshippers inside the mosque and couldn't dues. i so claims responsibility. more about that shortly with steph becca, who's in cobble. what versus gov's and then sasha, when i'm in dall. so. first of all, natasha. how senior, all the officials attending these talks from the 2 sides to we know the names
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a we do know some of the names. look sammy, this meeting is notable as any 1st time meeting would have been between american officials and the transitional taliban government. but as evidence that expectations should be tempered regarding a breakthrough, because at this juncture, it appears there still quite a chasm between what the us wants and what the transitional government in afghanistan wants. the united states is simply framing this meeting as quote, a continuation of pragmatic engagements. it's had with the taliban on matters of vital national interest. american interests. i should note the taliban is describing its delegation as high level. as you mentioned, it is being led by the acting foreign minister. on the united states side, there will be diplomats from the state department. there will be members of
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u. s. a. i d. and members of the intelligence community, notably absent is zell, my calozaro, he has been america's point person in talks with the taliban for years. all right, we're going to leave it down fortunately. natasha. let's go over now. stephanie deca and some of the, the issues that they're discussing on assume security, economic assistance inclusiveness. and i mean those terms have very real meanings for life in afghanistan right now. right? absolutely. i think it's safe to say sammy, that you have a population of almost 40000000 people being held hostage if you will, are due to politics, is the country that's become incredibly dependent on international money being injected into it to sustain itself, its economy. and this is what you're seeing, unraveling. now you have people who have not been paid in months, their salaries. you have people who live, you know, hand to mouth,
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day laborers who god, who depend on that money to survive and feed their families. that is not happening . you see people in the market selling small goods, household items, whatever money they can make to survive. you have good many people telling you that even though you know they might be not happy with the taliban, they want to leave because of the dire economic situation. and just to put this into context, i me, last year i covered when europe's biggest refugee camp moria, in greece. burnt down. the main population of refugees, there were afghan refugees. this was last year. they were fleeing, of course, the security situation, the economy situation with the economic situation compared to then has become far more difficult, far more catastrophic. so if you listen to the aid agencies warning about the fact that it's only weeks until you're going to have a major issue of health care of malnutrition, world food program morning that only about 5 percent of households can feed their families. this is very real and this is all contingent on that money coming to the
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ground. and this is of course, something being discussed. but as we know, they're very difficult political expectations. and as we've heard from the americans and also other international countries, which will be meeting with the taliban, that they have demands. and they're using that as leverage to recognize the government and then release the money. the taliban is saying that they don't want to have any sort of unilateral demands made on it. so again, stand off that's having major, desperate implications on the people here on that was stephanie decker from cobble . they're now the official number of lives lost to cove. 19 in brazil is past 600000. it's death toll is 2nd only to the united states. parliamentary inquiries concluding its 6 month investigation into the brazilian government's handling of the pandemic is lifted the lid on logic corruption linked to vaccines. monica anarchy of reports. it took hours to set the scene on the screen friday morning. despite the rain volunteers spread clotheslines on the sands of rhodesia,
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nero's iconic copper cabinet beach and hung white handkerchiefs, one by 1600. in all representing the 600000 brazilians killed by cove at 19 some of the she wouldn't buy you. brazil has the world's 2nd largest craven 90 death toll who is responsible for the tragedy. the answer is president balsam arrow. what he showed no empathy towards the victims scoffed at the mosque saying so delayed the vaccines, a disrespect his social distancing measures while holding rallies against brazil's democratic institutions. taxi driver, mass went on, you was among the real g, buys volunteers. he joined the team last here after watching other n g o members plant crosses on copper cabinet, beach attribute to the 1st 40000 dead among them. madison sun bruno, who had died at age 25, a few months before. oh, the visa, 600000 deaths, caused
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a lot of sadness when i lost my son. there were some $7500.00 debt from cove at 19, and it was already an incredible landmark. one person is an incredible landmark. since then, it seems that the awareness of those who should have been taking care of us has not changed at all. the ceremony was interrupted back then by a ball so narrow supporter who started tearing down the cross as saying the media was exaggerating the severity of a disease which the president had called to the little flue. marshal rushed after him and picked them all up. this time, he'll also play a part, he'll carry the box with the handkerchief to the capital brazilian and handed over to members of the parliamentary inquiry who've been investigating the government's handling of the pandemic. it's due to conclude on october 19 and madison like much of brazil has been watching the prob, every day on t. v. luck miss on a bill and
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a lot of this wall. i think this parliamentary inquiry is fundamental for the country. and for those who have lost dear ones and need to know why the president still in denial, but for the 1st time i feel backed by an institution investigating what led to this tragedy with the probe of showed us that it wasn't just ideology or politics kept the government from buying vaccine sooner, it unveiled corruption scandals proving this was also about some people making a lot of money. poison madison died young at the beginning of the pandemic. he says everything possible was done to save him. but he also lost a cousin who worked as a nurse in a crowded hospital. and his 54 year old sister had the government started mass vaccination earlier. marcia says she would have had her 2 doses. she died having none, and mad sir blamed the government. monica and i give al jazeera the u. s. is announced, it will accept fully vaccinated visitors as long as they've received jobs approved
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by the world health organization. the new rules will come into effect in early november on vaccinated americans will need to take tests and foreigners, suv not be in inoculate, who will be barred. although exceptions are still being considered more than 650 undocumented by grants have been detained in mexico. vir inside refrigerated truck containers found for the us border or than half our children for legit people. smugglers have been arrested the u. s. in mexico promised to increase cooperation to reduce migration and violence. secretary of state antony blaine can lead a high level delegation to mexico to work out the details. the plan replaces the marita initiative, which has been in place since 2008 since the and violence has surged, drug related crime and illegal migration north of the border of his record levels by nora palo has more from mexico city,
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senior government officials from the us and mexico finalized talks in mexico city on friday, the dialogue covered a wide range of topics ranging from immigration to cobit 19 and climate change. the main theme, however, was the launch of a new bilateral security initiative between both countries to reduce violence and better address the problem of trans national crime. it's time for a comprehensive view approach to our security cooperation. one that will see us as equal partners in defining our shared priorities. tackle the roof drivers of these challenges, like in equity, like her option, and focus not only on strengthening long foresman, but also public health of the rule of law inclusive economic opportunities. the new security strategy is being called the us mexico bicentennial framework for security, public health and safe communities. this new security agreement between the u. s.
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and mexico is aimed at replacing the medi that initiative, an agreement for signed in 2008 as a strategy to curve violence and reduce international drug trafficking. many security experts in mexico see the medi, the plan has largely failed to achieve those objectives. in short, i said by you a secretary of state lincoln, anesthesia begins good bye to the mary the initiative. welcome to the recent denial agreement. there was a moment though, a finalized agreement on how both countries planned to work together on addressing drug related violence remains to be signed. us and mexican officials did express a willingness to work toward a drastically new approach to many people continue to suffer, especially those. ready in our society who are the most vulnerable, they are still suffering. and thus, in the days ahead and with this new vision for security guiding us, we will focus more intensely than before on the root and the core of the forces
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that threaten us. tackling the underlying reasons why they continue to exist and grow. having concluded this round of talks, us and mexican officials have agreed to meet for a 2nd round of dialogue early next year. still ahead on al jazeera, why rock semi autonomous kurdish region could be a game changer, is the country gears out for parliamentary elections and the european union sends it wanting to poland off to the countries highest called challenges its legal authority. ah, there are 2 distinct things visible from space where the fact is over europe, this circulation of the adria to and this are king clad that is really incoming autumn. that will make it so felt more rather more the next couple of days. now for
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saturday, this low is expanding, bringing rain as far sciences as sardinia, and probably north coast of africa and right east. as far as a romania, even a touch or hint of snow's been snow, actually in the austrian terrill from this same system. but it's a bit more spread out in a while, so it's not as dramatic as it was up in the northwest. my story is different. now. we've had flooding in italy. we've had the bora, ne miguel reading gust of a 120 kilometers bread on the creation coast that's weakening. now the range is more concentrated, albania, and probably western greece. this is during sunday, and it keeps moving that general direction with the cold behind it. cold enough, a little bit as though even in the balkans just for time spit, of course. she's 19 degrees and not being quite so high that his the incoming autumn. it's been quite warmly from london through copenhagen the last few days. but this will change things bring temperatures back down to normal, rain,
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ready in scandinavia and scotland, but attempt to drop a bit more widespread, ah, in the country with an abundance of results. while this turns for me, we move to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me park linda. this is growth and progress in indonesia. now, lou ah,
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welcome back here watching al jazeera time to recap, the headlines senior u. s. and taliban officials are due to whole talks and cut out. it will be the 1st in person meeting since american troops left afghanistan, iso is high on the gender officer, a suicide bomb killed. 60 people include dues on friday. the number of brazilians killed by covey. 19 a surpassed 600000. the 2nd highest death toll in the world off to the u. s. about 600 people are dying every day. down from a peak of 3000 in april. the u. s. and mexico promised to increase cooperation to reduce migration and violence. us secretary of state antony blinking has been in mexico to work out the details. chinese president, she ging ping, is again vowing peaceful re unification with taiwan. he spoke of the ceremony marking a 110 years since the end of imperial rule. taiwan has come under increased military
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and political pressure from china to accept it sovereignty last since last friday, nearly 150 chinese war plains of flo, near its air space. so one gentleman, either leesha young, the complete unification of our country, must be and can be realised. unification is the hope of all chinese people. if china can be unified, all chinese will enjoy happier life. if china can't unify, every one will suffer. or mcbride has been following developments from hong kong. this was an interesting mix of remarks from she jin, paying about re unification, which is the long standing goal of the chinese leadership of bringing back together again, all of the chinese peoples and the territories. we've seen that happen are with macau and hong kong returning to the mother land. the next her in line it seems of is of course, taiwan or so. she said he wants to see the peaceful re unification or without the
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will use of the word force or which has been taken as a sign that this is a slightly softer approach, but he has used a stronger language in the past. i think it is generally accepted that that is china's go to position that if a taiwan ever formerly tried to declare independence that mainland china would indeed be prepared to take military action. she also had some very strong word against any body and considering the line of all that taking the path of independence warning against that nato. interestingly warning against any foreign interference, saying that at the reification matter is a matter for chinese peoples to decide and not for anybody outside. so this is taken read between the lines. this is clearly a aimed at the united states of as not trying to interfere in what she, jim ping and china regards is very much an internal affair. the, the comments came after an event that is very important to all chinese people. this is the, the anniversary of the 1911 revolution,
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which basically saw an end to feudalism in china and enter dynastic rule by the emperor's a. the start, if you like, of modern china, iraq's prime minister, myself on call them. he says he'll do everything to ensure fair elections. the country is holding a parliamentary vote on sunday. early ballots were cast on friday by members of the security forces as well as prisoners and internally displaced people. the election was one of the big demands from an anti government protest movement that began in 2019 iran con is in the rock semi autonomous kurdish region has more and how the reaction is being seen there alexis airing is in full swing. hey, in our bill, the capital of the kurdish region of iraq. now what all the issues the kurds really care about here? well, there are a few, the key issues, all the economy, particularly for young people. young people, hey, say that, that all, no jobs that they can go to and that's for straightening, particularly if you're
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a graduates, they simply on a graduate job you can get into the other one is the relationship with baghdad. that's absolutely crucial. it's baghdad and the kurdish regional government that decide between them the budget for the k r g. that budget is what the k o g, the government will spend on goods and services for that people. however, one political commentator the we spoke to said because the policies in all so divided, showing united face in baghdad is very difficult and that's hurting the code is people. it is unfortunate that to the invoice is not united, and we concede before we go to baghdad to they have 2 different separate, at least many political parties, klamath body, and their sicklerville parties as will that separated. but i hope after the election, those voice come together and for them they could, they could this tiny block in baghdad that lack of unity is one of the reasons many
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kurdish people are frustrated with that politicians. now that may well have an impact on the ballot box, much like a lot of parts of iraq. the boy caught the vote. movement is getting increasingly more vocal even hey, in our bill. whether that has an impact on the ballot boats remains to be seen, but it's certainly a big talking point. a european commission officials, a warning of possible sanctions after a polish court ruling challenged the authority of e. you laws as even concerns a could trigger poems exit from the block. sunny guy go reports, organic mooney, obey sky joe. i am present a decision that's put in poland on a commission course with brussels. the president of the constitutional tribunal declared some articles of the you treaties clash with clauses in the polish constitution. it was by either bhaskar near moses from conceal no right. your copies of the republican poland cannot function as
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a sovereign and democratic state. it is inconsistent with article 2, article 8, an article, 90 paragraph. one of the polish constitution was politi boesky. a case requested by the prime minister mateus might have yet ski on whether you institutions could stop poland from reorganizing its judiciary outside the court. deep unhappiness from pro european union demonstrators that version you will have to start learning the russian language because poland does not fit in with europe any more met adam found out that we will manage. we survived the soviet occupation. it's not easy, but we will survive this. the european commissions reaction came swiftly with a message. the e u does not function as a pick and choose system. we are very firm on the different principles and we will use all the tools of all disposal to be sure it's possible to protect such a kind of for principles because it's at the core of the union. and if the position
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of the citizens is a protection of the internal market to support election of all the different actors in the union, relations between warsaw and brussels have been strained by poland. judicial reforms that began with the law and justice party took power in 2015. opponents say that the reforms amount to a government takeover of the justice system. it also drew condemnation. you court of justice and let the commission blocking poland access to the you. pandemic recovery fund. government has said that this is about poland, sovereignty its opponents say it could push poland out of the you all together. and given the overwhelming support for the e, with in poland, that would back fire on the law and justice party, which has already seen its support. we can, i think it's handling of the pandemic, a political defeat from which it might never recover. sunny diego al jazeera tag giant google is welcoming a deal agreed by a $136.00 countries to impose
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a minimum tax rate of 15 percent on multinational companies. it saying that discouraging business giants from declaring profits and low tax territories even though their clients might be elsewhere. but the agreement is already being criticized in developing nations. want the tax rate to be higher. ireland, hungary and estonia were among the last to join the agreement. the u. s. appeals court is allowing the state of taxes to resume a band on most abortions. the legislation passed last month is regarded as the most restrictive in the country. it's been challenged by the biden administration and could end up in the supreme court. kenya has launched a new conservation drive, offering people the chance to name an elephant for round $5000.00. the country needs the money to keep its initiatives going that strengthening its fight against
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ivory poachers. catherine sawyer reports from under sally national park in southern kenya. this is one of the most photographed landscapes in kenya, elephants and other wildlife roam freely attracting thousands of tourists every year and was selling national park is also the heart of conservation works that have seen poaching in canyon nearly eliminated. we have a very good relationship with canal left service for whenever there is an artist, whether it's by the community renters, they work very closely with the, with the kent police, the work root canal i've service to ensure that the porters are really received to whatever penalties they're supposed to in the last 4 years, the elephant population in kenya has grown by 2000 to about 36000. so this is the closest we've actually come to one of the larger hearts here in i'm with alien, it's really quite breathtaking. the ranges here tell us that the incidents of poaching
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have gone down significantly over the last few years, but there are other emerging threats. climate change resulting to frickin, drought loss of habitat. and we have humans settlements around the parks. this is causing quite a concern and they say, these are the silent killers, a cross, ample sally, and into several east national park. they call this the elephant graveyard of a 4000 joules of elephants are kept here. but this elephants warren killed by poachers. there remains a here to serve as a reminder of what droughts can do. the climate to discuss this wildlife research says rivers are drying up. humans settlements are taking over migratory corridors and elephant are becoming increasingly isolated to the main thread. now is the issue of climate change? i think that's the main thing that i can talk about. kazer is the one which is now shrinking the habit of who might have the elephant numbers increasing. but if you
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don't have the proper habitat for them, but is the main challenge of the moment. the poachers bullet and poisoned arrow may largely be things of the past, but this iconic creatures still find themselves in danger of extinction. as go live now to catherine soil. so catherine, understand there is actually a naming ceremony going on right now. take us through what's happening. yes, there is a naming ceremony. it's a fast time it's being held in kenya, it's going to be an annual event and it's very significant because it's going to help a raise money of for conservation. we spoke to the cabinet secretary off tourism nadine bella, who said that in the last 2 or so years because of the corona virus, we have seen a less tourists come into the country. so that means less money for conservation efforts. so this is very significant. so what's going to happen for $5000.00?
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some even you can get to name an elephant with different categories of this. you can a name, a newborn call, for example, a loan bull or even, you know, a bachelor's in a heart. and then there is a great task as a who's have b, a heavy talks get almost to the brand. so that can be named as, while we have write about safety task as left in the country. so a lot of officials here are saying that this is very important and hopefully going forward that are going to raise more money for conservation efforts. i'm catherine . how will the money actually help me through some of the challenges which are report highlighted there when it comes to climate change in human settlements and so on? yes, we have been speaking to santa scientists who have been doing research on,
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you know, animals like elephants and they are very concerned about the effects of climate change. they're talking about habitats of, you know, big animals like elephants are decreasing. they're talking about a settlement. so this i learned is owned by the messiah community, and normally they have conservancy where they allow for migratory routes for elephants. but a lately we have seen a more and more subdivisions of this land, and this is causing quite a concern. so this man is going to help us to as empower in communities a to in a work together with government officials and also to understand the importance of conservation. the importance of the leaving space is open for some of this animal. so the scientists say that because of frequent drought, we're seeing and not just loss of habitat, but also are reducing of, you know, resources like grazing lands and or water of for these animals which is very
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important. so the idea is to manipulate or the ecosystem to track water, to some of the rivers that are drying up and all this requires a lot of money. that's why i, the government say that it needs this, you know, other sources for revenue, other sources for money to help keep these animals alive. all right, thanks so much. katherine sawyer. yes, president joe biden is reversed a trump era policy and restored the status of to monuments and a marine conservation area. the monuments are in the state of utah, while the known as bears is, is sacred to native americans. the other became famous in the year 2000 austria 75000000 year old dinosaur fossil was discovered there from had reduced their size for our commercial activity. a volcano on the spanish island of lapel mize, continuing to spew love after it began erupting nearly 3 weeks. ago,
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6000 people have been forced from their homes more than a 1000 buildings have been destroyed. la palmer's islands airport remains closed last week. the spanish government pledged $239000000.00 to help the island recover from devastation. ah, and let's take you through some of the headlines here now. jazeera now senior us and taliban officials are due to hold talks in cutter. it will be the 1st in person meeting since american troops left afghanistan. i sole is high on the agenda after a suicide bomb killed 60 people and couldn't do it on friday at that.


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