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the white parson could cause him to lose his life, and in this particular situation, it cause him to lose his freedom. why just the law deemed unconstitutional by the supreme court still keep people behind boss in the state of louisiana. being incarcerated is just another form of slavery. the jim co convictions on al jazeera, mary lou. hello, i'm darn jordan. tow the program mind at the headlines here on the al jazeera, brazil's help ministry says the country is past 600000 deaths from cobra 19. it's now the 2nd to do so after the u. s. a government's been sharply criticized for mismanaging the outbreak. monica, you're not yet as more present veritable sonata himself. ah, makes a point of not wearing a mask when he can or of saying he will not be vaccinated. but the numbers are
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decreasing because there has been a because vaccination has been now accelerated, despite the governments on policies and, and, and speeches and, and, and doing everything to deny the severity of this disease. but it's still, the vaccines have been rolling out, and this has reduced the rate of infection. the usaa has announced it will accept fully vaccinated visitors, as long as they receive jobs approved by the world health organization. united states has authorized few vaccines and other countries. the white house had earlier announced that restrictions on fully vaccinated travelers would be lifted in november, but didn't specify which jobs would be accepted. more than 650 undocumented migrants have been detained in mexico. they were traveling in refrigerated truck containers, heading towards the u. s border. more than half of them were children. earlier,
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the u. s. in mexico promised to increase corporation to reduce migration and balance. it's all part of a major new security agreement. you are a secretary of state anthony blinking. let a high level delegation to mexico to work out the details. china's president ching ping says he wants to realize peaceful reification with taiwan. the statement comes a week of the china sent military jets and to tie one's air defense in taiwan considered itself a sovereign state. but china use it as a breakaway province. di ones presidential office has responded to she saying, the islands future will be decided by its people. at least 60 people have been killed in an attack in northern afghanistan, a suicide bomber. targeted fighter president shim moss and condos and yours diplomats will meet taliban representatives in dough. it'd be the 1st high level talks between the 2 sides. since u. s. troops pulled out in august, a taliban delegation arrived and cut off on friday. well, those are the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera off the witness
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ah . stripped of their citizenship, thousands of haitian dominicans a penalized for their heritage, a state sanctioned racism, forces them into legal limbo. a young attorney mouth, the grassroots political campaign, advocating for social justice. but can she shine a light on the racial hatred and institutionalized depression that plagues the dominican republic? state less, a witness documentary on al jazeera, examining the impact of today's headlines. let's move to cobit 19, terrible demonstration of the failure of human knowledge of it. setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions. what i frame what i saw, what i read medicine, i pre, nobody sees it in their own country. international filmmakers, the world class journalists. let's take a deep dive into geez,
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common prosperity bring programs to inform and inspire you rec nickel solutions that can make a difference about on al jazeera, with tiny hidden cameras, criminals are illegally filming, and sharing people's most intimate moments. when use to investigate soccer is by coming the demick on al jazeera psychos, so he maintained enough strength going through the empty core to when he got to human. to do this, this was to watch when there is rain down. huge amount of rain fell on the coast in this part of the oven, and that was what, how it looked on thursday. so it's still not been cleared up. the still right on the ground of the clean up will carry on. but the moisture form is still visible in the clouds, and the shower is likely further west in yemen across in djibouti as well. otherwise it's a fairly dry picture which you might expect this time of year. sure,
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miles ping. yep. again, blowing out of iraq and down towards the youi, sort of curling in through katara where to be joined by wind from the other direction. probably later in the weekends. quite a strong shamal but not particularly dusty one. the showers are dying out by this time. winter is showing itself very early. you might argue in the hindu cushion, places to the north. the temperatures in dish on base are about 10 degrees below normal. they tend to revive a little bit on monday. is the snow disappears, but that's a hint, a swap value, get some snow as well. i suspect the temperatures were 10 degrees below. no, they are going to rise. there is got a strong wind blowing towards the black sea now. and rain is coming through greece towards western turkey, but to the levant, for the eastern med, the winds are light. ah. when freedom of the press is under threats in all how he just called thought,
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genuinely about your thoughts towards the vacant government step outside the main street. there has been a policy implement here system of access towards the internet shift the focus, but pandemic has turned out to be a handy little pretext for the prime minister to clamped out on the press covering the way the news is covered. the listening post on a j 0 ah . ready senior you as antonio bon officials prepared to sit down for their 1st in person talks since america's afghan withdraw. ah, hello, i'm sammy's a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up


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