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to people, all right, well this is been going on for a number of, oh, you just been, you had the whole story from an international perspective to try to explain to a global audience. how does it impact the learning? this is an important part of the world and how does he was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan and joe hall with the top stories here on al jazeera, brazil's help ministry says the country has passed 600000 deaths from cobra 19 is now the 2nd to do so after the u. s. the government's been sharply criticized for mismanaging the outbreak. monica, your market has more present, readable, sanara himself, ah, makes a point of not wearing a mask when he can a way of saying he will not be vaccinated, but the numbers are decreasing because there has been a because vaccination has been accelerated despite the governments on
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policies and, and, and speeches and, and, and doing everything to deny the severity of this disease. but it's still, the vaccines have been rolling out and this has reduced the rate of infection. so u. s. has announce it'll accept fully vaccinated visitors as long as they receive jobs approved by the world health organization. the u. s. has authorized few vaccines and other countries. the white house had earlier announced that restrictions on fully vaccinated travelers would be lifted in november, but didn't specify which jobs would be accepted. more than 650 undocumented migrants have been detained in mexico. they were traveling and refrigerated truck containers, heading towards the u. s border. more than half of them were children, mexican police, arrested for people for transporting the migrants. earlier the u. s. and mexico promised to increase corporation to reduce migration and violence. it's all part of a major new security agreement. u. s. secretary of state, anthony blink, and lead
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a high level delegation to mexico to work out the details. the plan replaces the marita initiative, which has been in place from 2008. since then, violence has only grown worse, drug related crime and illegal migration north over the border of hit record levels . china's president sheesh and ping says he wants to realize peaceful reunification with ty. one statement comes a week of the china and military jets and to tie one's ad defense in taiwan, considers itself a sovereign state. but china abused as a breakaway province tie one's presidential office has responded to sheet, saying the out in the future will be decided by its people. robert bride as the latest from hong kong. this was a, an interesting mix of remarks from she jin, paying about we unification, which is the long standing goal of the chinese leadership of bringing back together again, all of the chinese people's and the territories. we've seen that happen are with
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macau and hong kong. returning to the mother land the next day in line, it seems a of is of course, taiwan or so she said he wants to see the peaceful re unification or without the will use of the word force or which has been taken as a sign that this is a slightly softer approach, but he has used a stronger language in the past. i think it is generally accepted that that is china's go to position that if taiwan ever formerly try to declare independence that a mainland china would indeed be prepared to take military action. she also had some very strong word against any body and considering the line of thought that taking the path of independence warning against that not so interestingly warning against any foreign interference, saying that at the re certification matter is a matter for chinese people's or to decide and not for anybody outside. so this is taken re to between the lines. this is clearly a aimed at the united states of as not trying to interfere in what she, jim ping and china regards is very much an internal affair. the,
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the comments came under an event that is very important to all chinese people. this is the, the anniversary of the 1911 revolution, which basically saw an end to feudalism in china and enter dynastic rule by the emperor's a. the start, if you like, of modern china. at least 60 people have been killed in an attack in northern afghanistan, a suicide bomber targeted friday prayers at a sheer mosque and condos hundreds were injured in the attack. i, sol in afghanistan, which poses a growing threat to the taliban as claim responsibility. and us diplomats old me taliban representatives in doha. it would be the 1st high level talks between the 2 sides. since u. s. troops pulled out in august. a taliban delegation arrived and cutout on friday. those were the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera after witness state. you are watching. ah,
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with lincoln booth at night in a stock home. stubborn somali mums patrol the streets. bully ski and know a lot of money. i'm tired of gang violence. they use a maternal approach to prevent times a do what house bid button in the stories we don't often hear told by the people who lived on
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mothers of bring to be. this is europe on al jazeera, with more than 200000000 cases of coven 19 worldwide governments, a batting to fight fresh weights of the virus. a new barrier. there has been a 3rd in the number of people working vaccination appointments from human cost to political and economic fall out. all just there brings to the latest on the pandemic vessels, head back maybe more than 1100 people here, all of them migrant farm workers. people on hold just thing because they think that there is a risk to democracy, special coverage on i'll just incarcerated as a half his life convicted by a non unanimous jury for a crime in which no one was hut or blackmail making eye contact. when the white boise could cause him to lose his wife, and in this particular situation, it caused him to lose his freedom. why did the lord deemed unconstitutional by the supreme court? still keep people behind boss in the state of louisiana being incarcerated. there's
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just another form of slavery. the jim co convictions on al jazeera, mary lou. hello, i'm darn jordan doe. the cook reminder, the headlines here on the al jazeera, brazil's help ministry, says the country has passed 600000 debts from cobit 19. it's now the 2nd to do so after the u. s. a government's been sharply criticized for mismanaging the outbreak . monica, you're not yet as more president tradable sonata himself ah, makes a point of not wearing a.


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