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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2021 8:30am-9:01am AST

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is now sinking the habit of who might have the elephant numbers in kristen, but if you don't have the proper habitat for them, that is the main challenge of the moment. the poachers bullet and poisoned arrow may largely be things of the past, but these iconic creatures still find themselves in danger of extinction. cathy sawyer, alta 0 and possibly national park in south and kenya and samples collected by china, lunar prob, had been identified as coming from some of the moons. youngest volcanic rocks there about 2000000000 years old. that makes them a villain. he is younger, the previous 5. ah, don't forget check of the headlines here on al jazeera, brazil's help ministry says the country is past 600000 deaths from cobra 19 is now the 2nd to do so. after united states, monica kadakya has more present readable sanara himself, ah, makes
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a point of not wearing a mask when he can or of saying he will not be vaccinated, but our numbers are decreasing because there has been a because vaccination has been now accelerated despite the governments on policies and, and, and speeches and, and, and doing everything to deny the severity of this disease. but it's still, the vaccines have been rolling out and this has reduced the rate of infection. the u. s. has announced it'll accept fully vaccinated visitors as long as they receive jobs approved by the world health organization. united states as authorized, few vaccines and other countries. the white house at early announced that restrictions on fully vaccinated travelers would be lifted in november, but didn't specify which jobs would be accepted. more than 650 undocumented migrants had been detained in mexico do travelling in refrigerated truck containers,
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heading towards the u. s. border and the us and mexico have promised to increase corporation to reduce migration and violence is all part of a major new security agreement. your secretary of state anthony, blinking letter hind, if a delegation to mexico, to work out the details. at least 60 people have been killed in an attack in northern afghanistan, a suicide bomber targeted friday prayers at a sheer mosque in condos. us diplomats will me taliban representatives in doha to be the 1st high level talks between the 2 sides. since u. s. troops pulled out in august. a taliban delegation arrived and cut off on friday. i'm china's president. she should ping says he wants to realize peaceful reunification. with taiwan, his statement comes a week of the china sent military jets and to tie once air defense di once presidential office has responded to g saying, balance, future would be decided by it's people. those are the headlines that is, continues here on al jazeera after the for been real stage and thanks for watching
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. but now after decades of conflict between successive colombian, government and the fox marxist gorillas and historic peace, the code in 2016. so fight is lay down there on 5 years on a mit rising defense and brutal police repression. i mean, i could apply that has been a send people in power if the agreement is failing and what's next. the country columbia killing the piece on al jazeera. ah, ah many
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aspects of african culture had been systematically destroyed, forgot in the afghan films archive has been largely preserved through all of these years. when so much else was brand new, changed, or blown up? a small group of people risk their lives to save the national archives. they managed to preserve the films, and these records of all of the afghanistan existing saving decades of history. they believe these films have something to give to the present moment. in the 1990 s, the taliban took control of afghanistan. filmmakers called this the era of darkness ah,
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for to j hocksey or missouri the near ski as they can their car while in mckenzie, him over almost omega key in our summer. so i idea on the songs where, you know, i am among michelle once upon albany, where he jo on i actually though the 0, the shade to the jan gray thoughtfully, that awful, cole, sir, matter. the book come on down as the key as verified as you can. the gag never acts good of thing. kit tusky. lamb can like offset my fatty axon with you, a yaks. lot of the doubt on jobs for the much help. make any that committee for hanging with
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pieces go or the junk so our la zagan preserve the key. she measure. well, you got to be sort of me. leslie. now tell what i'm miss at that was the quality ag farm on a jang though. that mission was love, task official, i'm go mission calling china much closer to sort of fisher current generation. i know my son in fleshless or you can contact me here. i'm who. mm hm. okay chris i'm he co manager. megan one can made him cry. yeah. because you're already, oh,
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but it could be anybody. there was a joy and that you do what i wanted. i hope her martha may i found out about those cham as the more shall right. discharge her. no. gord with those over saturday him. so does he could get beat that in or them? ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha! but can be sure to say it again. i seen him. okay them while came all boot on credit, they'll get each it out. but then to horny for that, but the more that it was as a media for how much is a la carte that was left and battle by that? well, not a bad cut off the g dot on 2 k as does any a z. neither does any all eugene ball e g h, an arm, all fucking up with m y e exerted be beside cologne by cut it off constant care more as i'm pushing
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so she said a partial. * ecosystem it formulas. meg roser, one of the co. oh goodness herbert's on bloom cost him a film if and not a soft m. o. j. kamisha bichon calendar all much had can't get them if anybody dunbar was hovered up denials. mistake he act, bum kathy. why such a drug of k from a hate this tina manami for me? he if he are not the bizarre guest. but as you see alibaba on his son, cherokee, you're them nish under that kid now looked it up on his son and ride as seneca. pete, the seneca houma h must select nice. ha ha, madonna. that was your career,
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which i did as an wow. he said, no more kite. ah, give me that in the was i am more i'm he said they've given him college. i need test. your daughter can buy that the nice ama with us, you know, he blows why they find you how to avoid that. but he's yadi std does say vocal that oh that wife and about all of them are you able to lay of them alone. 9 all must own what he did. if all you go by this doggie number, i'm yes, it all the shy one. okay. so each i recall ah, lose hoyde bus to swan bouquet zone, monique k local, marty, or sandra bonnie booth. oh, wow. it is cathartic discharge from will show,
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show any my dad is in the game with the man, right? almost hemlock. out of them. medical k to i, michelle. i conclude that cinema has gone out. was clean hud. there she went and got k yet. she's a but it may go okay to our freshman was yet they call one. besides, you cannot misha, but each cast cassette has mean can nami toner or mamma 2 years only think about a chamomile little while he shush more. but i'll not that he'd make another call what passed me over the cottage roku. ah, for jack, why toby? so must issues with facility. as you know, i got all my boost. no good. as usual. i just said that he thought might be flat on feel better how but our key but moscow draft wife wants to be sent an additional a septum bed those s o d by laundry samples for that was offshore while he might act. but thought nora hot,
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we'll make our own little majority basil. your horrible hot snowball hub. blood shiloh douglas, glen. good. that was issued him all by sasha basil majority mahalo fez on hall with on kit activities. remember i goofed on, i got a yak, voted against sand hauled out of sophie to the student by the shot. mom bought rocket coal, willa. no boot legally. why? yoga that was the see, number hobble shall bazemore, as a joy wound back all the wrong such odd bad one resembled him, he would it would get why i got schusters to kid that who did others your the us film hyatt cut are those get taught middle as they wanted past you, tony half want to stomach only what you would have me thought assumed that hanukkah, john bought mahmoud abbas bought now who to poorly have gone up with the oci from the gong. why gotcha, course buffed out of my door. okay,
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them it can was on i had that kind of me to this how, why i don't have one from a sat like all book and i thought she was my daughter was in the d. c moment quantum up a lot. i couldn't more john my younger mac, a beach, did he come on short? you out with us, you know all both good, jack. good. won't you have lots of shot aboard rocket? cathy michel might on mitchell restored with money but i ah
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with was told will as judy on the jan cause you're telling me as to that i get there probably so that i didn't jango bind to do some band man on mine as well that went down that fine is slow me down that somehow i saw a thorough ged. ah, son,
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i've said thursday, that's on the same them will, hadn't thou on a foot from my very plain. but i seated with her. she was up to 30 ah, corruption. ah, my name is james and john carroll we bought a matter ah, monet. philadelphia was either past me soci soft amish. 2 a mom horrible. am this red bit of them a ha mish chad saw awful barbaric and they chatted balboa ah, ah,
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you want someone to next up with avenues? you're not gonna lose them at the corner. let me john hope, but shortly the so by this jury on bush. not about would that polish before what it is you can but joy of what for. call. the shorter my suits middle club pools. use a charlotte coburn, friend busy with all your tardies meet. i wanna go yeah. okay. you did tell her body. denise, as a broker to hop on julia charlotte. acosta. i've told has all, my, you well beat on your b. we'll start the in shot for a double shot. lady suck the had fallen
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a rose doughty mall that i'm bar and that sort of a catch on the if the holidays had sabina done had that i'm while them in jeannie added doctor who done no visa, shaw it a little that in kind of how he could enroll story and was up to them. ringback in there was no government really commissioning them to make films anymore, but they continue to film all the way up until 96. and at a certain point, i think their project became very personal. and that's what the house of history sort of represents is. i think it's one of the most personal films in the african
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films archive. it's really an essay film about the destruction of kabul. and it sort of shifts about halfway through into a lament for the destruction of the cobbled museum, the archaeological museum, and how it represents the destruction of all of these other histories of, of canis on all of the non his la mic histories. been busy in the sub halter bespoke, could years into sort of equal to the whole you hawk hawk a study in had the cheesy that a vast nice but on caught that a whole year he on a to generate the 100 pals make with a more like a yes, his ammonium? all true notion. hows out the turbo. yes. indeed. a miracle. hot chocolate ammonia zamiah's help make one up. john dunlab hall. you scoot us to push on. he does really enjoy,
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but i'm cabana. does not meet us up tall as dark. i'm hurry hot, much, i'll hurry foot off on welsh um the cobra. what i wanna order morrow missed we should get it. she said that honeywell quiet, but if you get taught about jill all about, i could have done, we come, come on with them, but absolutely well models. i'm thinking we got them cache right. caldwell mccaul back because i don't recall. tolliver, wiley, muscles, mike boucher, ducky, she could have rama cricket janet. okay. she had to focus on that front test and get a some get added to welcome of to cobble bullshit the shadow, covalent, fuzzy. some darrell, but he casual had he would get if there would, but hope mother could all my halle toady caught on the mobile can shrink. i'm horseback. motion can morrow in
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a motel if it'd be with him. a sucking hope. zaya shaw my dog, hod boss. tuck you off, he's la. beamed bad but i caught them on a doctor as evil as that which i did you boss: oh started i bonnie: i'm not haunted because you're me to say it will cut us a cheese a but but that has yet to fuck with to that a lot of stuff i became a father, so i should didn't get told of all that i go cobbled, roderick holborn. national make when i'm up by have got all the chevy fossil a. how these are a lobby. i told her boss, a don mode as you can reach it on or by the exhorted the god was. she thought i was so slow. mackname the bud live, all say slow, beautiful shades on hall by the call will be due to bob. it's on, on bizarre, but i am how me, she's a good that old you. i have dichotomy should. while as i'm a more that i would get how much food and good dr. legible, a dom,
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couple m as if it's a matter that of all signals. it will seine push, get them good companies, you'll find me new mythical attributable. now want us, you'll find military law on ticket. i will need nicholas in june. i had to thought about that shotuko movement. my little boy well would have mama rushed roughly. i will as a need of good, but all that it looked up to the g. o a are these by not always listening. matter my result. powerful my warm moses against an awful to try the sum of all to z. he seal sees yielded are sure. lemme august couple got a lot of those of getaway usage of hoodie, a castrato. ball boy shackle by heart. so i'll that am by the g o. how mcgee does shuler some good blood pressure, but he was, he was yet cope. nice. well, my good us have shot at hawkins mo bras ross's shelf is as
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you already bought, a mother still there with shit to fall caught of. oh i'd enjoy you can't bull shit off like a moss toby hall. what the gall, what a deed, guy besought of mac os. ammonia is an honest man, but as for you see them all, you'd others them a sauce, make an okay, got a bear. sure, that one from a tutor book on, on those 222. osh no di yos the march, which is about a box, which of those you could thought about. wow, but it was a small bike and i would lot out that it won't be on us mind me when i'm on at the thought he feels down. coleman and when for judicial saucen, tardy fios in march. i oodles, look,
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she'll charles bother shit. no miles up mournful meg blossom, a saint was the hall case. my food, a bachelor record would ignore one good uncle who was go to most yas, bottom of jim caught us gay. jak, i had to poke study. i had a ton of boys. i was on at the, at law to $500.00 tangible on she shot one foot robin one know who'd be susan? hub madison. he couldn't. must cozen, think he cared of them? i slackin. i'd shemika them do better than i me tons. but he boyar, they be alma k or the amana. when you take a cabbage for them k, i said you could be b, c, k, to more me than my kid daf lantern booth and would avoid denver that. and then they go louder than fishy. i them lift a moment, i owe them heat. shoddy. another shovel shot. josie could a death in could. wow, the guy did m c r. shut. the guy did him well to moment. oh, may time condition how
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does he get to fault by that of thought? put outside, but he won't. okay. and all this up top, opposite mustn't shades you won't that i said he actually told he was yet 3 casks about john elmer so bothers. your stays up top on it to fuck off. good. that new york shoots for household. how do you or the sub boys should get taught at law? a man what a large his car be young? well my soon to come home to my attention, especially she did a good bottle missouri them. we would get one 0, sunken is or me or has it been suzy by on chicken, that i want to store the house. all mattel, butter quarterman. laugh luncheon at lunch. okay. metal info. what are joy bin hornby quinn? fuck that, that's my. how about if you have that issue,
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most the good book be caught up with your oh, with on mine and i'm with over some of them how to bend my buddy or put on a budget of chicago. i'm a good model. root no growth m kellen been remodeled with shadow harking group. but when it hit griffin, i'm not sure if that's how gun the sciences been called rank drum, which is our job. we just murmured felicia, want to scare circle mine at those who was mother by mando brush. are uh huh. well, my son had, i wish i'm going to wash it out of my to do my with him to so so under, so can i meet jesus get, fill me like a human me. how he, what it on me for me, even emotion migrant adrica go to make any stuff on my jaws us. but as you eod, i'm like what i get if i borrow money.
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any. well, it's either get us to really look to, to, well, in the joker's ok into further burden. i'm either going to work with them either the shuttle more. ah, yes, lawyer movie me or moyer, june dawes auto do for curriculum k. just let us ma scovella. c c wow, my rough them us, my don't know. we a good of stoba. i was always awful fiddle with it was all for sure. sure. okay, just so it will. so it was reduce it. michelle shawna some good. and how about for the mobile joyfully spoke you build up. c c ah
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. 1 how well you had them. it can man, there must go. oh my god, i'm on fenmont m i g b a, give a cell say, but in this ok, my come moment if hermana yes about it, the guy. and if you look, i don't i shockey, they can my medium. i sammy that can we get him? i will sign up both tommy g 0 is a huntington membership. the all black girl she the she, all boy a cushy show why i cannot shelba ab, by the cheese. i am with that i could, i could that santa to fall castillo, that with a know how my, you know, doing much johnny it. when i push a holiday meal, my car joe, on, but i'm crazy ball. my blue with on mark was your hard f team. she halted all to you dusty. he has he, the guy that xena model, not all model model. i want them then damage
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what that emma? as job do, social waddle does sure that the shore tara shirt thought is the was it that he will go? well, he will open up my google. but i have that a job with him while rather put it love upset article love shy before before so. but all of them do bought a record but a soon while, but otherwise the jobs so long as you know why i want to solar beetle wickersham, r j bullshit, blah, huckman batted or da, da, da, da da suvs. i mean to hold on one of the stuff up well, i think denison is at a stage now where pieces of its history are starting to resurface
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into the say of from the unspeakable. when you're coming out of a period of intense conflict, there are parts of the past that are untouchable. and then gradually, gradually, gradually, they become things that you can look at and speak about again. but i think, you know, archives are incredibly important for that reason, because in an archive you sort of can seal off these histories. ah, and keep them until the moment when it's safe to look at them again. 220 a, a legal e, g o and in b o. o. e,
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by doing p o e b, b, could o. e. ah, how many nukes is too many nukes america has in many ways driven the arms race for parties are much more like the british pointed out to the, there are you oh, regulations who own a tiger than there are its own a dog. how can this be happening? you'll weakly take on us politics and society, and that's the bottom line. inequality, corruption, repression and range political. it just decided to cost to the piece of cake. i'm sure i want to be a new documentary explores the desperate states of democracy and lebanon. wow, lou through the eyes of those who are losing home every day,
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o teens are becoming blue. democracy, maybe democracy for sale on al jazeera. the usaa is full was of impress to people who wrote the world. this has been going on for a number of vote with use of the reports story from an international perspective, crisis claim for global audience, how this could impact your life. this is an important part of the world and i was just, he was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. joe hall with the top stories here on al jazeera, brazil's help ministry, says the country has passed 600000 deaths from cobra 19. it's now the 2nd to do so . after the u. s. the government's been sharply criticized for mismanaging the outbreak. monica, your market has more present readable, sonata himself, ah, makes a point of not wearing a mask when he can out of saying he will not be vaccinated,
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but the numbers are decreasing because there has been a because vaccination has been.


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