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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2021 5:00am-5:31am AST

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across the world. so no matter why you call her out 0 will bring you the news and current affairs that mattie al jazeera ah, remembering brazil's coven 19 victims, as officials say, the nation has become the 2nd to register more than 600000 deaths. ah, my money inside this is out there, a lie from doha. also coming up. the u. s. in mexico announce a major new security agreement aimed at tackling crime. and a legal migration i saw in afghanistan says it carried out a suicide bombing at a sheer mosque. at least 60 people have been killed.
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ah, 6 people have been shot dead as refugees in migrant. a detention center in libya. ah, brazil's health ministry says the country has passed 600000 deaths from cove and 19 . it's now the 2nd to day. so off to the u. s. attribute has been paid to the victims as a parliamentary enquiries concluding in 6 month investigation into the government's handling of the pandemic. it unveiled corruption scandals linked to the acquisition vaccines, monica genevieve reports. it took hours to set the scene on this gray friday morning. despite the rain volunteers spread clothes lines on the sands of rio de janeiro, st. iconic, copper cabinet beach and hung white handkerchiefs,
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one by 1600 and all representing the 600000 brazilians, killed by colbert 19 cromwell. she ruled by brazil, hostile worlds. second largest cove, if 19 death toll who is responsible for these tragedy. the answer is president balsam arrow. what he showed no empathy towards the victims scoffed at the mosque sing, song delayed for vaccines, disrespected social distancing measures while holding rallies against brazil's democratic institutions. taxi driver master and don, you was among the real g buys volunteers. he joined the team last year after watching other n g o members plant crosses on copper cabinet, beach attribute to the 1st 40000 dead among them. madison son bruno, who had died at age 25, a few months before. oh, the visa, 600000 deaths, caused the loss of sadness when i lost my son. there was some 7500 dead from cove
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at 19 and it was already an incredible landmark of one person. is an incredible landmark. since then, it seems that the awareness of those who should have been taking care of us has not changed at all. the ceremony was interrupted back then by a bull sonata supporter who started tearing down the cross as saying the media was exaggerating the severity of a disease which the president had called to the little flew. madison rushed after him and picked them all up. this time he'll also play a part he'll carry the box with the handkerchiefs to the capital, brazil. yeah. and handed over to members of the parliamentary inquiry who've been investigating the government's handling of the pandemic. it's due to conclude on october 19th and madison like much of brazil has been watching the prob, every day on t v. local miss on a prelim allow the pierce wall. i think this parliamentary inquiry is fundamental for the country. and for those who've lost dear ones and need to know why the
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president still in denial, but for the 1st time i feel backed by an institution investigating what led to this tragedy. what the probe a showed us that it wasn't just ideology or politics, have kept the government from buying vaccine sooner. it unveiled corruption scandals proving this was also about some people making a lot of money. poison madison son died young at the beginning of the pandemic. he says everything possible was done to save him, but he also lost her cousin, who worked as a nurse in a crowded hospital. and his 54 year old sister had the government started mass vaccination earlier. marshall says she would have had her 2 doses. she died having none, and marshal blamed the government, monica, and i give all jazeera the u. s. and mexico have promised to increase cooperation to reduce migration and violence. it's part of a major new security agreement. the u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin has
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been in mexico to hammer out the details, leading a high level delegation. the plan replaces the marita initiative, which has been in place from 2008 since then. violence is only grown worse. drug related crime on illegal migration north over the border have hit record levels. minor apollo sums up what's been achieved during the talks in mexico city. senior government officials from the u. s. and mexico finalized talks in mexico city on friday. the dialogue covered a wide range of topics ranging from immigration to code, 19 and climate change. the main theme, however, was the launch of a new bilateral security initiative between both countries to reduce violence and better address the problem of trans national crime. it's time for a comprehensive view approach to our security cooperation. one that will see us as people partners in defining our shared priorities. tackle the roof drivers of
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these challenges, like in equity like corruption and focus, not only on strengthening long foresman, but also public health of the rule of law inclusive economic opportunities. the new security strategy is being called the us mexico bicentennial framework for security, public health and safe community. this new security agreement between the u. s. and mexico is aimed at replacing the medi that initiative, an agreement for signed in 2008 as a strategy to curve violence and reduce international drug trafficking. many security experts in mexico see the medi, the plan has largely failed to achieve those objectives. a little bit, in short, a said by you a secretary of state, lincoln, unused as you begin. good bye to the mary the initiative. welcome to the recent annual agreement. there was a moment though, a finalized agreement on how both countries planned to work together on addressing drug related violence remains to be signed. us and mexican officials did express a willingness to work toward
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a drastically new approach to many people continue to suffer, especially those. ready ready in our society who are the most vulnerable, they are still suffering. and thus, in the days ahead and with this new vision for security guiding us, we will focus more intensely than before on the root and the core of the forces that threaten us. tackling the underlying. ready reasons why they continue to exist and grow. having concluded this round of talks, u. s. and mexican officials have agreed to meet for a 2nd round of dialogue early next year. eric farnsworth is vice president of be council of the americas. he says the u. s. is came to rebuild trust when it's southern neighbor. clearly what i had previously been on offer was not working. violence continued at unacceptable levels. i think there were a number of reasons for that, not the least of which was the continued prevalence of the drug trade between
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mexico and the united states. the continued prevalence of frankly, guns going from the united states to mexico. not official, not guns sent by the us government, but guns sent by, you know, weapons traffickers that so feeling violence that also needs to be addressed. so the 2 governments are looking for ways to really broaden the dialogue away from just security and more and enforcement and more toward things like health care initiatives and addressing root causes of addiction and things like that to try to reduce some of the pull factor of violence, you still have to have professional police forces. you still have to have well trained security forces that will still be part of the strategy. but you also have to broaden that out. you have to broaden it out in terms of judicial reforms and, and social reforms and things like that. but, you know, fundamentally, the purpose of the meeting today was to try to reset the security relationship. i
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think it's a huge statement of importance that 3 u. s. cabinet secretaries travel to mexico city, the secretary of state, the attorney general, the secretary of homeland security and sat down with the president of the country, the foreign minister and others. this shows that they really are taking the seriously. and the reason why is because the trust between the 2 countries had broken down and without trust, fundamentally, it's really difficult to cooperate on security issues. so we have to rebuild that, recognizing that both countries need each other to address these very difficult issues. but without that trust relationship, they really can't do that much together. and i think that that what the real message is to of today is, is an effort to try to rebuild that us appeals court has temporarily reinstated a controversial abortion law in the state of texas. the legislation passed last month, effectively balance and procedure, and is regarded as the most restrictive in the us. as being challenged by the biden administration and a federal court had ruled on wednesday to suspend the law. the back and forth legal
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fights could ultimately end up in the supreme court. at least 60 people have been killed in northern afghanistan in the deadliest tags, since foreign forces pulled out of the country at the end of august. the suicide bomber targeted friday prayers that a sheer mosque in couldn't, is close to the border with touchstone. hundreds of people were injured in the attack i saw in afghanistan, which poses a growing threat to the taliban has claimed responsibility. hash m, i had bought out reports from mazar, e sharif. oh, these are the both of her. all last who was packed with worshippers. security officials say a suicide bomber managed to get inside before moving him. sopa, killing, and injuring spools of people that i sell in afghanistan has claimed responsibility
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about it. the moss is in the town of hannah, bad in condo city, that's hell to many members of the she or hazard. a minority. hourly bas. come to buy, double come. what muscle? one of a hot it was around $140.00 p. m. all the muslims had gathered in the mosque was friday prayers and when i heard the explosion, i was near by. and what i saw was just like the end of the world wise is happening to the muslims, which religion should we adopt with is nothing like this and killing muslims is forbidden in the live god. i can't even talk any more. i can't tell you how many dead bodies i've shifted in my vehicle. there was no angela was. may god have mercy on all muslims? i'm glad he got on. it's one of the worst. i still attacks, says the taliban take over. as foreign forces were leaving elate august, the army group also claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at campbell airport. more than a 183 people were killed, including 13 your soldiers. i sail latest, said it was behind
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a series of attacks targeting the taliban in general, abandoned kabul. the taliban launched a crack down and arrested dozens of ice ill fighters in those cities. taliban officials say they are determined to eradicate their rivals. violence has increased over the last few days. the taliban next move is going to be closely monitored by the afghan people and the international community. the united states is expecting the taliban to deliver on a promise, bade in the 2020 doe hug. we're meant to prevent i sail from building a base in afghanistan. the bloss in condos underscores the growing challenges. the taliban now faces sissy took over the country in august. the taliban prize itself on providing secure and stable environment. but the attacks in july, la bad cobble,
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a dove, this one in condos will increase anxieties among the afghan people. hash about about al jazeera, mazata city, top taliban representatives. armando, hard to hold talks with guitar. he officials, a delegation, includes the acting afghan foreign minister. they also planned to meet representatives of other countries among them team from the u. s. according to the reuters news agency. it would be the 1st time that talks between the 2 sides had taken place since troops pulled out in august. still ahead on out his era of to month negotiations, a $136.00 countries agree on a minimum tax rates and major corporations and kenya holds a festival to give names to elephants will tell you why it's formed. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cutter
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airways voted world's best air line of 2021. well sudden child is not the place to be. what was tropical storm lie and rock running eastwards and then making landfall . probably in the northern part of career, much of china isn't particularly where to start as was it was is along shore breeze . pre bring humidity and then eventually rain to shanghai. this rain stretches from sichuan through june, and the yellow sea is heading slowly southwards. that could be heavy at times for north korea and eventually into sol as well. drifted to south korea during sunday. but the tropical storm lion rocks may be the one to watch. by the time it makes landfall, its winds could be about 85 kilometers. right. it will not make typhoon status window. big problem at the ways might be it for me, it is under storm search around this part of the coast. but the amount of rain's been the real risks. so far. 've already seen half a meter in places that could be added to. so flooding, think of flooding is the main risk, and there it is doing its thing is taken most the energy of the atmosphere. so
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south of all this. there are scattered showers and thunderstorms, but not that many, to be honest. and the monsoon trough on its way south is stalled a bit so, but a circulation, the arabian sea takes some of the impetus from that potential for flooding in the deck and platter. but across in the and monique, on south persistent west, the wind and persistent rain, the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world best air line of 2021 at night and stockholm supper. somali mums patrol to street police game a gang violence. they use the maternal approach to prevent crime a had a do with the stories we don't out in here told by the people who lived them. mothers of ring could be, this is europe on algebra. ah
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oh, you're watching out as a reminder of our top stories this, our brazil's health ministry says the country's past 600000 deaths from code 19. it's now the 2nd to do so on the u. s. government, there has been sharply criticized for mismanaging the outbreak. the us and mexico have promised to increase corporation to reduce migration and violence policy major new security agreement. you are sexy of state antony blinking has been in mexico to hammer out the details. at least 60 people have been killed in the attack in northern afghanistan, the suicide bomber targeted friday. prayers that a sheer mosque in conduce it is the deadliest attack since foreign forces pulled
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out of the country at the end of august. at least 6 people have been shot dead, an immigration detention center in libya. many others have escaped. video posted on line shows those who broke out running through the streets of the capital tripoli, thousands of refugees and migrants were arrested in a cracked down by libyan authorities. over the last week on a trainer has the latest from their on friday afternoon videos and images began circulating on libyan social media, showing thousands of migrants escape and detention center in the area of child. that's a few kilometers west of tripoli. now we're hearing numbers of around 323500 migrants escaping the detention center. now this comes just a week after a security operation was carried out in the area of good gathers on. a ton of good gathers where thousands of migrants and refugees were detained and arrested. they
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were put in detention centers a scattered across western libya. now these detention centers are often overcrowded. other is, there's a do the migrants are forced to live in very poor conditions during this break out . this particular break out according to the aisle women, at least 6 migraines were killed. and really it caused a lot of chaos in the lives. capital tripoli, we spoke to an official earlier today, we asked him about the breakout. he was very careful not to say that this was an escape, or it could have been a release or so we might see living authorities comment about this incident in the next day or 2. but there hasn't been any official statements from the government. as of yet, european commission has worn to earth possible sanctions. after polish court ruling challenged the supremacy of e laws as even concerns,
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it could trigger poland exit from the block. funny guy, anger reports, or a gun at uni. obey ski, jo. i am posing a decision that's put in poland on a collision course with brussels. the president of the constitutional tribunal declared some articles of the new treaties clash with clauses in the polish constitution. it was bullied upon oscar, near moses from conceal no great jacobite. the republic of poland cannot function as a sovereign and democratic state. it is inconsistent with article 2, article 8, an article 19 paragraph. one of the polish constitutions easier to possibly de boesky, a case requested by the prime minister mateus might have yet ski on whether you institutions could stop poland from reorganizing its judiciary outside the court. deep unhappiness from pro european union demonstrators will have to start learning the russian language because poland does not fit in with europe any more. if you
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met our family dog that we will manage, we survived the soviet occupation. it's not easy, but we will survive this in the european commissions reaction came swiftly with a message i, b, e. u, does not function as a leader and choose system. we are very firm on the different principles and we will use all the tools of all disposal to be short as possible to protect such a kind of for principles because it said the cause of the union. and if the position of the citizens is a protection of the internal market to support action of all, do you, different actress and union relations between warsaw and brussels have been strained by poland. judicial reforms that began with the law and justice party took power in 2015. opponents say that the reforms amount to a government takeover of the justice system. it also drew condemnation from the you court of justice and let the commission blocking ponens access to the you. pandemic recovery fund. ah,
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government has said that this is about poland. sovereignty it's opponent, say it could push poland out of the you altogether. and given the overwhelming support for the you with him, poland, that would back fire on the law and justice party, which is already seen it's support we can of it's hardly of the pandemic, a political defeat from which it might never recover. sony diego al jazeera google has welcome to deal agreed by $136.00 countries to impose a maximum tax rate of 15 percent on multinational companies. it's aim that the scourging business, johns from declaring profits and low tanks territories, even though their clients might be elsewhere. the agreement is already being criticized in developing nations that wanted the tax rate to be higher. alex cobham is chief executive the tax justice network. he says the agreement will have little impacts. when you look at the details of this deal,
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what you see is that it's really failed to deliver on any of the ambition numbers there when they began in 2019. so you have 2 pillars, pillow one in which you're switch to a line, the right to tax with way companies are actually making their money that was gonna apply to all multinationals and all of their profits. and that would really be revolutionary. and instead, it's only applying to about $100.00 multinational and a small bit of them brokerage. so that's really kind of small beer. hello to is the one that still has the ambition. this is the global minimum tax rates as low as 15 percent, where tax havens long island and for sure it to be means 2 things. firstly, it's not very ambitious in terms of allowing others to raise their taxes. secondly, the incentives to shift profits out of the countries that advertise tray to say $25.00 or 30 percent is still going to be very substantial. so we're going to see
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that profit shifting continued because neither of these elements are going to stop it. we estimate that more than a trillion dollars, profit is shifted by the biggest, multinational every year, causing revenue loss is about $245000000000.00. this may reduce that, but not all. yes, president joe biden has reversed a trump error policy and restore the status of 2 monuments and a marine conservation area. the monuments line, the state of utah, one of them known as bears is, is sacred to native americans. the other one known as the grand staircase escalante, became famous in the year 2000 after 75000000 year old dinosaur fossil was discovered that the marine conservation area lies of the new england coast. trump had reduced their size to allow the commercial activity. this may be the easiest thing i've ever done. so far as president. for me that i made,
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the protection of public lands must become, must not become, i should say, a pendulum swings back and forth, depending on who's in public office. it's not a partisan issue. the nobel peace prize has been awarded to 2 journalists, maria ressa, and dmitri motor to, for that fight to defend freedom of expression. norwegian no bow committee, announced the path as joint when is of b. 2021 price worry challenge reports, mostly a recognition for 2 journalists from countries where investigative reporting is always difficult and sometimes deadly. miss vesa and mister murata, are receiving the peace price for their courageous high for freedom of expression in the philippines, and in russia. maria ressa with her digital platform, rapper. she's investigated, president rodrigo detached,
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a violent anti drug campaign knocked off. i read it still sha fewer as editor in chief of the newspaper, nevada, as yet. there are many aspects of russia's politics, corruption, and crime. the dmitri murat of hasn't looked into it over the years. 6 colleagues have been murdered for their work, and he honored them if the premier occupant, of course this award is for anna political sky, urico get more eager. domco anastasio barava stock market off. natasha. esther. moreover, our foreign colleagues who gave their lives for the profession, i am not the right beneficiary of this prize. the rules here, maria reza, who's also suffered harassment. intimidation, told al jazeera of her worries for journalism. in the age of social media when news organizations last id keeping howard technology platforms are the dos platforms abdicated responsibility for the public sphere. and back has made facts debatable
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because the data facts and my eyes are actually treated equally. in fact, the algorithms of the world's largest distributor of news facebook actually a feverish lice laced with anger and spread faster. and they've been tracked for some who watched the nobel peace prize in its regular controversies closely. this year's decision is a welcome one. i think this was full size, it's a obviously, well, the served and it's 2 candidates that, that both have done exceptional work in their home countries. but this is all surprised that speaks to the larger issue, the larger issue of press freedom or the larger issue or for accounting, fake news. and welcome news too for those hoping to see more women winning an award that seldom come their way. since the swedish industrialists alfred nobel founded the nobel prizes and the late 19th century behalf only be 17 individual female winners of the peace prize. maria theresa is the 18th,
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a small step towards correcting a pretty big gender imbalance. i asked barrett rice, anderson why there are so few. we have always paid attention to the way. then there's a in the time where there was a much worse and quality situation than it is today, not to me, it's difficult to find the would contribute the a woman in selecting these to win as the nobel committee has made a statement. it says freedoms of information, an expression matter, they matter to democracy, they matter to piece. and so the matter to billions of us, rory talents al jazeera osler, kenya, has launched a new conservation fundraiser, offering people a chance to name an elephant for around $5000.00. a country needs money to keep its conservation initiatives going with making a real difference in its fight against ivory pages. catherine sawyer,
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reports from amber, sat 8 national park in southern canyon. this is one of the most photographed landscapes in kenya, elephants and other wildlife roam freely attracting thousands of tourists every year. and possibly national park is also the heart of conservation works that have seen poaching in canyon nearly eliminated. we have a very good relationship with kenneth left service for whenever there is an artist, whether it's by the community renters, the work very closely we be really kind of police. we work root canal. i've service to ensure that the porters are really received to whatever penalties they're supposed to in the last 4 years. the elephant population in kenya has grown by 2000 to about 36000. so this is the closest we've actually come to one of the larger hearts here in i'm with alien, it's really quite breathtaking. the ranges here tell us that the incidents of
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poaching have gone down significantly over the last few years. but there are other emerging threats. climate change resulting to frickin drought loss of habitat, and we have humans settlements around the parks. this is causing quite a concern and they say, these are the silent killers. a cross, ample sally, and into several east national park. they call this the elephant graveyard of a 4000 joules of elephants are kept here. but this elephants warren killed by poachers. there remains a here to serve as a reminder of what grout can do. the clematis, discuss this wildlife research says rivers are drying up. humans settlements are taking over migratory corridors and elephant are becoming increasingly isolated to the main throat. now is the issue of climate change? i think that's the main thing better can talk about kazer is the one which is now shrinking the habit of who might have the elephant numbers increasing. but if you don't have the proper habitat for them,
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but is the main challenge of the moment. the poachers bullet and poisoned arrow may largely be things of the past, but this iconic creatures still find themselves in danger of extinction. katherine saw alta 0 and was sally national park in southern kenya. ah, this is al jazeera, these, your top stories, brazil's health ministry says the country has passed 600000 deaths from cove 19. it's now a 2nd to do so after the u. s. the government has been sharply criticized for mismanaging the outbreak. monica yanna, kia has more present readable, san ardo himself are, makes a point of not wearing a mask when he can or of saying he will not be vaccinated a but.


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