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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2021 2:30am-3:01am AST

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there also announced the shutting down of markets, transporter, sion of animals which of course the bandits go and rustle and sold to make profit and bible guns and continued the operations. and as the operations continue, we hear reports of these bandits are after their comes will be restored by military, bombardments and ground forces belt. they are beginning to move to other states in the northwest and central possible nigeria. so it's still on a promotion going on in northwest nigeria and probably in more central parts of niger ah, this is al jazeera, these, the top stories, at least 60 people have been killed in an attack in northern afghanistan, a suicide bomber targeted friday. prayers that a sheer mosque in combed was, is the deadliest attack since foreign forces pulled out of the country. at the end of august, brazil's health ministries, as the country has passed 600000 debts from cove at 19. it is now 2nd to do so.
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after the us, the government that has been sharply criticized for mismanaging the outbreak. monica yanna kia has more present readable, san ardo himself, ah, makes a point of not wearing a mask when he can a way of saying he will not be vaccinated. but the numbers are decreasing because there has been a because vaccination has been accelerated despite the government's policies and, and, and speeches and, and, and doing everything to deny the severity of this disease. but it's still, the vaccines have been rolling out and this has reduced the rate of infection. at least 6 people have been shot dead as an immigration detention center in libya. many of us have escaped video posted on line shows those who broke out running through the streets in tripoli. the u. s. a. mexico promise to increase corporation
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to reduce migration and violence. it is part of a major new security agreement. us secretary of state antony blinkin has been in mexico to hammer out the details, leading a high level delegation. at $136.00 countries have reached a deal to impose a minimum tax ray to 15 percent multinational companies. it's aimed discouraging business, johns from declaring profits in low tax territories, even though the clients might be elsewhere. the agreement is already being criticized in developing nations that wanted the tax rate to be higher focused on liberia, kenyon show lanka still haven't signed up. nobel peace prize has been awarded to journalists marie arrests. and dmitri motor told chem and committee chairman that at least allison commanded them for the fearless jet. as your headline, news continues on out as they are often risking it all save us. talking
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to al jazeera, we ask what gets you hope that it is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing otherwise we listen. we were never on the. 3 whatever road to off migration we meet with global news makers until about the stories that imagine on al jazeera, ah, things are hopping at the road terminus and lagoon bashi and the congo. traders throng around the only available transport. hoping to get a lift to sell their goods in the town of woocommerce, they like you know,
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like a film. well i guess like a number of novel baby. a eugene is one of the few truckers willing to risk the the tories road i do with the bundles of goods, a carefully positioned wasting space on board means less money for eugene bush. a little more about the fees and based on the bulk of the goods themselves, it wouldn't be fair to get most of it at regular home and buy their white openings with what i mean is it gonna deal with the price is about a dollar keela and it's not negotiable. when you mean for medium gallons, a pretty says and what you feature for me to my
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a voided bike enough to do that. if when i go would have the little window a funny because i'm looking on one, that would be the i look at it if i'm available to perform it, i swear to see yeah. i attacks i live in full. got yeah. a bit of them in it. comes up with that value as we brought it up, what did you fill out is out of it must have it. what got that? i think oh, can void if you use it of it. it doesn't want it done. this ice road is merciless. taking a heavy toll on the trucks, many have more than a 1000000 kilometers on the clock. but eugene's truck is relatively new. it only has not stopped 700000 kilometers a plastic. you never stand like you go cuz you have to hope that said what it is.
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he never said going to ship and it'll say eugene's insurance comes in the form of his driver. domingo. don't mean to live with. eugene pays him a small fortune. $300.00 a trip. 3 times the average salary and the congo is a full devil. domingos unquestionably worth his wages. he's considered one of the best drivers around and after using the road for 10 years, he knows it well. you can't miss with building whom hasn't been there before. nick old. there's a 170 liters of fuel in reserve. in the middle of the bush, there are no petrol stations. to top off his income, eugene has sold off 10 places to passengers on top of his truck, there's no bust service. and once again, he decides what the fees are. $20.01 way or the whole. well what, what,
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what do i go over that with that? with that, i took you then, before each trip eugene hands over a fist full of money to domingo who handles the petty cash to cover his meals and for any contingencies along the way. congolese frank is a congolese frank, a less. i don't know why somebody. when douglas, a lot of them that they will go with well, my life to him with
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them. i am with 4 days of torture for those with put that trust, a new jeans truck nickname the fuck or share war. talk after the animal that lives in the bush for the 1st 50 kilometers the road is paved. would hold trundles along at a steady 40 kilometers an hour. later the road becomes
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a tow truck. no more town. it's just villages. and the average speed drops to barely 20 kilometers an hour. but the going gets tough with incredibly the road was once actually paved for decades ago. but after years of neglect, nature in the form of tropical rains and furnace like, heat has repossess the ground. eugene who knows the road well, the dirt track poses no surprises. ball are good. yeah. one. yeah, that's it. it, it is. and probably they time $6000.00 to the trip and they've covered 80 kilometers time to stop for some food. and at the last village, before the real challenges of the jungle begin, i got they got there,
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put up with a route to in a delicate monster mom. so that they be below for they see santa derrick when was the most of our group ah, a fucking from your mom. i'll talk to you next. die it yourself. what will my these funny guy show bill there, dan. read off. women guy come on saturdays on the down, god pop on. so george over not like you know what i said in next that benefit for the nam way to show that if you can be said to phone dish or for for fisher and etiquette. if you a big one it's, it's difficult. as soon as the rainy season has ended,
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but the downpours have taken a terrible toll on leaving huge holes filled with mud. domingo has to maneuver the 15 ton truck with great care. i want to go with with what i've got i've got an idea. i don't have it doesn't matter what i have. i mean i, i, i've,
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i've been on hold with you guys. i thought it might be a way that i might as well as with why did you want to get with god as on the plan? ah, well, most from the start, what all this falling behind schedule should have covered 100 kilometers. so father made just $150.00. ah,
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eugene and domingo decided to drive through the night despite the danger, ah, a different than a city sconce with on i said those with went out for sale a mile. again. i've called the show magic, but after 2 pm, a 23 hours on the road time to take a break at the small village of kansas. it or a party is in full swing, a j, a, a
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a after a few hours sleep, it's time to press ahead. one of the worst stretches of track lies ahead ah, 500 kilometers ago to become a whole. in this part of the road, the potholes can be as deep as 3 meters. to negotiate the track, eugene uses 3 scouts to plot a route past the holes. with the jew, an elephant hang on to the outside of the truck, acting a spotters for the driver. ah
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oh yeah, i love it when it comes to the hottest stretches of road. everyone has a different opinion with what he wasn't reading the with as a precaution, domingo asks the passengers to get off the truck. it's overloaded and more worryingly unbalanced by the huge amount of goods it's transporting. it could tip over at any moment on the uneven surface
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once the truck is on its way, domingo cannot afford to stop for fear of the vehicle getting bogged down. ah passengers follow on foot. a ga by gig. but there is a bucket road atlanta. we'll talk
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a little on g january 1st of all by 7 kilometers later. and the passengers couldn't finally board the truck again and have a wonderful got a few feet. eugene is proud of its driver. i live. oh no. oh oh and it's on video. ditto as alicia noon as us keep. where did you like was it was that was a oh wait, i'm always in well she had said, well guess if we want to jeep i would do mika. i love him. if i were to meet on monday, cuz i just already good of them. i know a little bit about that. it is a little difficult, but i don't go with the next
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few days. domingo and his team will do that. utmost to prevent the water from getting bog down the track is in such a poor state that it takes eugene's truck all day to cover just 25 kilometers. ah, if hell has a road than this surely must be its equal. ah ah! at times the truck can barely make 2 kilometers an hour. a they left lube bashing 9 days ago. so far covered just 250 kilometers, a still $400.00 to go. perched on the truck, the passengers are at their wits end. the ferocious wind whips the war talk, but eugene seems unconcerned by their complaints.
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to give everyone a break, eugene makes us stop the supplies with drinking water and a chance to make sure none of the nuts and bolts on the water. ugh! have come loose. a truck has been sorely tried so to have the passengers who are now days behind schedule. ah, up to 300 kilometers potholes. thousands of hours of being shaken, unwelcome surprise. the war talk loses a key component of its suspension, which breaks off again. you're the
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one that led down. yes, yes, miss andrew, that i don't do. i'll guide you. leave me a buzz. domingo is upset. now they'll be delayed even more a bit of a a a a every one settles down for a long wait.
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almost midnight and the crew i've been trying to fix the problem for more than 5 hours. it's dale. it's josh. this is sure. on my foot, bethany, proceeding from year book phantom m c. so mom, they started jang on it. did i find it? eugene, who had expected the journey to take 4 days now has to face up to the fact that they've been on the road for 12 days. and that still only half way there. ah, there is no time to waste. they lost another 3 days repairing the truck with them now being on the road for 2 weeks, and still barely half way to their destination. the voyage has turned into
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a nightmare. ah, the truck moves along at a snail's pace. the odyssey becomes surreal. in the middle of the bush, a traffic jam a dozen or so trucks in single file waiting to move on with the truck's been stuck for 3 days. the driver has unloaded all its cargo in a desperate effort to extricate his vehicle with wine. and that's the case now, as domingo tries what have a means,
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he can't bypass the obstruction. any feelings of solidarity with a trap to drive up, put aside for the risks, getting bog down himself with eugene can't get over it. he may be a mean businessman, but he's full of admiration for his driver a our with
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me or you are doing a . 6 galvanized by domingo success, the other drivers chance they are luck with they claim victory to soon as just a few kilobit as further down the road, there are another dozen trucks and all of them have become trapped in a mile. a drive is going for broke
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a oh, blue truck has to be moved out in the bush. it's all a matter of being resource with everyone has their own solution. however,
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bizarre may want to go back to pick up on my you live. it was sent home with a 3rd eventually a plan is agreed on by the members schumacher smoke bank watching the spectacle on the fold. eugene is concerned. some of the passengers haven't any food. monday. monday when i some trucks have been stuck here for 11 days. we want them off to while i'm on g, i want to move. can you see dr. munoz to remind you that even if i was going to buy or to have like will i know this. you don't, they don't want it comes out of water. if you want to send it by new things,
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you know, they made the different last word lemming. with despite the best efforts eugene domingo and the rest of the drivers will remain stuck in the mud for another 2 weeks. a deal with
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journey that should have taken 4 days will eventually take the watauga a month a month to cover the 650 kilometers to become a ah, ah. the venezuela, columbia borgia has become a stamping ground for trespasses as desperate people transgress an illegal passage to feed an emerging fuel trafficking market. we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking at all the venezuelan columbia on al jazeera, ah
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and there is no channel that covers world views like we do. the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen that the health care. what we want to know is how do these things affect people? we revisit places state, even when they're no international headline. al jazeera, really invest in that. and that's a privilege. as a journalist with tiny hidden cameras, criminals are illegally filming, and sharing people's most intimate moments when used investigate south for is by coming the demick on al jazeera. ready too often of con, astonished, portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks
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to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film, archives spawning for decades, reviews the forgotten truths of the country's modern history. the forbidden real pot for the era of darkness on a j 0 blue i saw in afghanistan says that carried out a suicide bombing at a sheer most at least 60 people have been killed. ah, hello, i'm on the inside. this is i was there a lie from dive hall or so coming up? remembering brazil's coven 19 victims as official say the nation.


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