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people empower us if the agreement is failing and what's next, the country, columbia, and killing the peace on al jazeera. there are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media spread of also on al jazeera government shuttle access to social media. ah. ready i so in afghanistan says that carried out a suicide bombing at a sheer mosque. at least 60 people will have been killed. ah, i'm on the inside. this is out there, alive from doha. also coming up. ah, 6 people have been shot dead as refugees and migrants escape
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a detention center in libya. the us and mexico announced a major new security agreement aimed at tackling crime and enable migration that these evidence face reasons that can help take apart the problems from fates. fearless journalism, maria, reza, and dmitri monitor, when the nobel peace prize for defending freedom of expression in the philippines, and in russia. ah, the 60 people have been killed in northern afghanistan in the deadliest attack since foreign forces pulled out of the country at the end of august. a suicide bomber targeted friday prayers a share, most in condos close to the border with touch exxon. hundreds were injured in the attack i saw in afghanistan, which poses a growing threat to the taliban has claimed responsibility. hash. hm. how bad are
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reports from missouri sheriff? oh, these are the moments after it won't last too. through. most fact with worshippers . security officials say a suicide bomber managed to get inside, before knowing himself are killing and enduring scores of people. i sell enough gun, his dad has claimed responsibility about it. the mosque is in the town of hanna bad in condis city. that's hell to many members of the she are has are a minority. i will just come to buy jumbled. come up, muscle mana, bahati. he was around $140.00 p. m. all the muslims had gathered in the mosque, friday. prayers. and when i heard the explosion, i was near by and what i saw was just like end of the world like why is, is happening to the muslims, which religion should we adopt with is nothing like this and killing muslims is forbidden. believe god,
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i can't even talk any more. i can't tell you how many dead bodies i've shifted in my vehicle. there was no angelos. oh my god, have mercy on all sides. i've got a gun one. 0, it's one of the worst. i said, attacks says the taliban take over. as foreign forces were leaving a late august, the army group also claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at campbell airport. more than a 183 people were killed, including 13 your soldiers. i sail latest, said it was behind a series of attacks targeting the taliban in general, abandoned kabul. the taliban launched a crack down and arrested dozens of ice hill fighters in those cities. taliban officials say they are determined to eradicate their rivals. violence has increased over the last few days. the taliban next move is going to be closely monitored by the afghan people and the international community. the united states
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is expecting the taliban to deliver on a promise made in the 2020 doe hug. we're meant to prevent i sail from building a base in afghanistan. the blossom condos underscores the growing challenges. the taliban now faces sissy took over the country in august. the taliban prize itself on providing secure and stable environment. but the attacks in delilah, bad cowboy, a dove, this one in condos will increase anxieties among the afghan people. hash marlboro al, jazeera, missouri sharif celine jar, that is the human rights and minorities active as he says, history is repeating itself and be his iris of afghanistan. it seems that there are a lot of people who are willing to kill the has are, as they touched upon themselves, they have been taking, they have been committing massacres off the has r as in molly star. and just recently, invite can be and, and,
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and now these are takes which we, which were feared very much fear. because a, despite the fact that tyler bon, came out and said that they, that the war has ended and the peace has arrived. but each was quite the opposite. unfortunately, all the minority groups are being subjected to a, or to a lot of atrocities the, the sick community, the hindu coming to you and in, and in the only jew which was leaving not going to san has already left afghanistan in when it comes to particular to the, to the hazard or the taliban. a house from the 1st, despite their charm often see if they have been killing. and now a lot of reports are coming out. of course are coming out of the at night when your parents were just tied up on our forcefully displacing the indigenous has, are willie gers at the farmers and, and, and, and the people who have been living there for centuries. and nowadays they are there for sophia, off their house is their properties are confiscated, their lands are distributed to the taliban fighters in the local allies, the taliban. it has it that the responsibility of all it lies with decided on because it was,
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it's hard about who released all of these are isis key tourists and all out of terry's from, from the prisons act across afghanistan. at least 1000000 children in afghanistan are at risk of dying from severe acute malnutrition. if they don't get urgent treatment is f as the internet for community as a weeks to act. to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, a warning some viewers may find the images in osama been job aids or puerto stabbing. this mother has just found out her one day old baby is very sick. really born prematurely doctor see the babies organs from his brain to his legs are underdeveloped. he weighs just over 700 grams and doesn't have a name yet. oh, the better it must be more than $2500.00 on this one. we haven't much for every child. you must put in a provision, but we haven't done
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a good day by day. we must take the lead on good man, addition increasing in the blandest on more underweight premature babies are being born at the largest children's hospital and cobble headquarters or warning. hunger is rising and half of the children in the country are at risk. from acute malnutrition, the crisis is exacerbated by the withdrawal of white and international support for people here. since the taliban took over. some doctors say it's a form of collective punishment. this intensive care ward has the capacity for 10 children, but have to accommodate 30. see this machine may of this are not working to legit or the dying bob for children is are increasing because we haven't anything really the budget for this thing like these are drugs. i mean, if it is life saving right dog road off of this is deborah in busy. yeah. but we
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have nothing. not only from call fish and coming from, i'd have problems with them all good children that are malnourished. the sweetest here, the approaching winter is going to make matters worse for millions of afghans who are unable to feed their families. the u. s. children body says it will try to get help from international donors. o number of children that are a mom noticed. equipments that are failing supplies that are very limited the health system is about to collapse. we have weeks, not months or years. a capacitor or millions of people are going to star. there's winter coming to food shortages, medical shortage. or you know that there's fuel shortage. ok,
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so the whole country is going to collapse. if they don't get support the media, the doctors efforts have paid off. the baby is alive, happy if you let me, but next time in the future you don't said didn't know the prediction about the baby because you haven't anything maybe next hour and do all or you can give us the millions of, of god, children, peace. a similar life threatening future and desperate for help. some of a job without the 0 cobble was staying with afghan as tom top taliban delegates have arrived in doha to hold talks with kentoria officials. the delegation includes the acting afghan foreign minister and also plans to meet representatives of all the countries. according to the reuters news agency team from the u. s. which would be the 1st high level talk since troops pulled out in august. will also be attending brazil has become the 2nd country to register. more than
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600000 deaths from coven. 19 off to the health minister reported $615.00 death on friday. early at the end geo piece in, we're put out $600.00 white handkerchiefs on cobra. cabana beach to monk. the tragic milestone organizer say, the government needs to be held accountable for the huge toll and for failing to listen to scientists at the beginning of the outbreak as case monica yanna kiff, who joins us live from when is there is a stagnant grim statistic. monica, but many in brazil continued to down. play the pandemic severity. yes, so well president j dable sonata himself makes a point of not wearing a mask when he can a way of saying he will not be vaccinated. but the numbers are decreasing because there has been a because vaccination has been accelerated despite the government's um,
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policies and, and, and speeches and, and, and doing everything to deny the severity of this disease. but still, the vaccines have been rolling out and this has reduced the rate of infection, but people are much aware of what is going on. because for the past 6 months, there has been a parliamentary inquiry into the government's handling of the pandemic. and it was an only denial, or it was an only ideology that, that made ah, reasonable sonata will delay the vaccination campaign. now people are discovering that there are also corruption scandals related to the acquisition of vaccines. so principal sonata was elected, saying that he was an honest person, then he would never be related to any corruption scandal. ah, and compared himself to prior presidents who have been impeached or imprisoned. but now as it turns out, corruption is also tainting this government. and he,
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thanks for that, monica yona key. if speaking to us back from when is aris and the 6 people have been shot dead as an immigration detention center. libya, many others have escaped video posted on line shows those who broke out running through the streets. macapp to tripoli, athens and refugees, and migrants by rested in the crack down by levying authorities over the past week . now that china has the latest food to play. on friday afternoon videos and images began circulating on libyan social media, showing thousands of migrants escape a detention center in the area of child. that's a few kilometers west of tripoli. now we're hearing numbers of around 323500 migrants escaping the detention center. now this comes just a week after a security operation was carried out in the area of good gathers from the town of gathers where thousands of migrants and referee geez were detained and arrested.
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they were put in detention centers of scattered across western libya. now these detention centers are often overcrowded, other than the migrants are forced to live in very poor conditions. during this break out, this particular a break out according to the aisle women that we 6 migraines were killed. and really it caused a lot of chaos in the loop. as capital tripoli, we spoke to an official earlier today, we asked him about the breakout. he was very careful not to say that this was an escape, or it could have been a re lease or so we might see living authorities comments about this incident in the next day or 2. but there hasn't been any official statements from the government as of yet still had on algae there. amongst negotiations a $136.00 countries agree on
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a minimum tax rates. the major corporations and nigerian security forces rescue nearly to under people abducted in separate incidents. and hidden in a forest. ah well that extreme warmth stretched out through the nose and place the dakotas in the middle of canada is being wiped away. now as this cold front comes in that give it a snow to british columbia. it will introduce showers throughout the mountain states, the west, the waltz, then, as it's slowly being pushed southwards, is still full of his moisture. so there's rain, likely scratching through most of ontario, midwest, the great lakes, and then towards the carolinas. that'll be quite wet. i suspect with more flooding likely, but this is beneficial, right? like to fall over the fire still burning in this accord national forest for example
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. that rain or at least help, there may not do much. the bit of snow on the tops, the matches that to show the temperatures have dropped. this will be stormy stuff, i think going through north dakota and south dakota during saturday. that circulation near rally. that is going to cause some local flooding, some local diff to difficulty with a strong on shore breeze. now, the trade winds are still blowing nicely. so for the wind, with owls looks pretty wet on and off. heavy rain like 3 down through costa rica in panama, and what we have seen in mexico. well, that's becoming a little dry and i've anything off shore we could see a circulation try and fall during sunday. funding potential for colombia is still there. it's still cold that in one to there, throughout uruguay. ah, gotta one of the fastest growing nations in the condo needed to oakland and develop it international shipping company to become
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a middle eastern co tried to pull money skillfully myself. 3 key is up to about filling a prominence of connecting the world, connecting future while need. cato. gatos gateway to whoa trade. lou. lou ha, watching the opposite reminder, auto stories this hour. at least 60 people have been killed in an attack in northern afghanistan. the suicide bomb a target said friday prayers that a sham lost in couldn't do. it is the deadliest attack since foreign forces pulled out of the country. at the end of august,
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brazil's health ministry says the country has passed 600000 deaths from cape 19, south 2nd country to d. so off the u. s. the government has been sharply criticized from mismanaging the outbreak. at least 6 people have been shot dead as an immigration detention center in libya and many others have escaped. a video posted on line shows those who broke out running through the streets in germany you know, to states and mexico have promised to increase corporation to reduce migration and violence. it is part of a major new security agreement. us sex, your state, antony blinkin has been in mexico to hammer out the details. leading a high level delegation. the plan replaces the marita initiative, which has been in place from 2008. since then, vaughan is between the 2 countries as only grown was drug related crime and illegal migration over the border have hit record levels. let's go to
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a correspond manual repulse. who's in mexico city manual gives a bit more detail about what was announced today. as you mentioned, this was a dialogue that included a wide range of topics in these 2 delegations from the u. s. and mexico touch on everything from immigration to climate change to the ongoing pandemic. but of course, it was the security negotiations that were the main theme and the announcement of the so called us mexico bicentennial framework for security, public health and safe communities. it's quite the mouthful, but this is sort of representative of all these shared responsibilities that both of these countries have. now, as you mentioned already this, this new framework, this new agreement that is being discussed still is aimed at replacing the medi that initiative which was signed in 2008, 3000000000 dollars and aid training and equipment sent by the united states to mexico. by large, what we've heard from security experts here in the country is that that's
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a plan that has failed and not only has it been in need of revision, it's been need of a drastic change. and that's really what both of these countries were talking about . and exactly what would come into play to replace the media initiative. now this is also being seen by many security analysts here, mexico as a sort of effort by the united states to sort of rekindle a, a bilateral security relationship that it has, that you could argue has eroded over the past few years between the united states. in mexico, bring things back to the style of co operation that the 2 countries had back in, in 2006 through 2008 under former mexican president philly, because they don't in former us president george w bush. there's a divergence today between the strategies that mexico has in terms of curbing back violence in the strategy that the united states wishes mexico would implement. and many people were expecting that that could be possibly a, an obstacle in landing this new agreement. having that said
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a finalized agreement has not yet been signed. what we did here from mexico's foreign minister marcella but out is that a road map has been agreed upon for a for a framework moving forward in cooperation. but it does also open the door for another round of talks to take place between the 2 delegations later this year and early next year in the united states. money, thanks that money or we're part of that for us in mexico city, we can get more on the subject left speak to eric farms with who is vice president of the council of the americas. he joined us by skype from clean virginia. many thanks for joining the program. as we had that from one correspond in the previous security pack, the media initiative channel, billions of dollars in aid to mexico, but failed to cut massive drug trafficking in violence. how do you think this initiative? when we finally see it will be different. well, that's a really good question and obviously we have to see what they finally agreed to and then we have to give it time to be implemented and executed. so we don't really
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know if it will be successful just yet, but clearly what had previously been on offer was not working. violence continued on acceptable levels. i think there were a number of reasons for that. and not the least of which was the continued for problems of the drug trade between mexico and united states. the continued prevalence of frankly, guns going from the united states to mexico. not official, not you know, guns sent by the government, but guns and by, you know, weapons traffickers, it, so fuel in violence that also needs to be addressed. so the 2 governments are looking for ways to really broaden the dialogue away from just security and more and enforcement and more toward things like health care initiatives and addressing root causes of addiction and things like that to try to reduce some of the poll factors of violence picking up on that, mexico's president has declared that using force against cartels doesn't resolve
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anything. is that the plan not to just throw money at the problem? well yeah, you still have to have professional police force and you still have to have well trained security forces that will still be part of the strategy. but you also have to broaden it out. you have to broaden it out in terms of judicial reforms and social reforms and things like that. but, you know, fundamentally, the purpose of the meeting today was to try to reset the security relationship. i think it's a huge statement of importance. the 3 us cabinet secretaries travel to mexico city, the secretary of state, the attorney general, the secretary of homeland security and sat down with the president of the country, the foreign minister and others. this shows that they really are taking the seriously. and the reason why is because the trust between the 2 countries had broken down and without trust, fundamentally, it's really difficult to cooperate on security issues. so we have to rebuild that, recognizing that both countries need each other to address these very difficult
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issues. but without that trust relationship, they really can't do that much together. and i think that that what the real message is to of today is, is an effort to try to rebuild up the u. s. has spent around $3000000000.00 on the marina and estate in the last 13 years. why does it appear they have so little to shy? fred? well, i think it's a really good question. i mean, 1st of all, the issues are intractable. i mean, the drug trade continues and we're dealing with very sophisticated cartels who are able to react to what the governments do. so if you fight them in one geographic area or with one tool, they quickly react and they shift focus. they go to different geographic areas, they shift their tactics, they shift countries, they shift all kinds of different patterns. and so it's really difficult to keep in front of them. these are very difficult issues to deal with in cartels are expert at really working around the government enforcement efforts. the other thing is
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that the nature of the threat has changed. maybe before it was trafficking and cocaine or marijuana. now it's trafficking and fentenol that is coming from china. it's trafficking and people not just people individually trying to cross the border in terms of migration flows. but it's a real industry of trying to traffic in desperate people. and there are tools have changed as well in terms of the ability to move money with crypto currency and with all kinds of different tools that frankly didn't even exist just a few short years ago. so we're dealing with a world that has changed the tools that the us and mexico have, has not necessarily kept up and working together. they're going to have to find a way now to address these very difficult issues and very sophisticated cartels and the methods of the past clearly have not been effective. and they need to be up to many things he a time eric phones with vice president of the council of america. thank you. $136.00 countries have reached a deal to impose
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a minimum tax rate of 15 percent on multinational companies. it's aimed at discouraging business. johns from declaring profits in low tanks territories, even though the clients might be elsewhere. the agreement has already been criticized in developing nations that want the tax rate to be higher. pakistan, nigeria, kenya, answer lanka. still haven't signed up. the nobel peace prize has been awarded to 2 journalists, maria theresa, and me to him. what at all for their fight to defend freedom of expression. and when no bell committee announced the parent as joy, when is the 2021 price or challenge has the support mosley? a recognition for 2 journalists from countries where investigative reporting is always difficult and sometimes deadly. miss reza, and mister murata, are receiving the peace prize for their courageous high for freedom of
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expression in the philippines. in russia, maria ressa with her digital platform, rapper. she's investigated, president rodrigo detective violent anti drug campaign knocked off. i read it still sha fewer as editor in chief of the newspaper, nevada, as yet. there are many aspects of rushes, politics, corruption, and crime. dmitri murat of hasn't looked into it over the years. 6 colleagues have been murdered for their work that he honored them. if the premier occupant, of course this awarded for anna political sky, eureka get more eager. d'amico asked darcy, but we're over star markle off natasha. esther. moreover, our foreign colleagues who gave their lives for the profession, i am not the right beneficiary of this prize. the rules are they here, maria resar, who's also suffered harassment and intimidation, told al jazeera of her worries for journalism. in the age of social media when news
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organizations are keeping powers to technology platforms on those platforms amputated, responsibility for the public sphere and back has made facts debatable because the data facts lies are actually treated equally. in fact, the algorithms of the world's largest distributor of news facebook actual, a feverish light laced with anger and ate at spread faster than shack for some who watched the nobel peace prize in its regular controversies closely. this year's decision is a welcome one. i think this was bull's eye gets, are obviously, well, the served and it's 2 candidates that are, that both have a dumb, exceptional work in their home countries. but this is all surprised that speaks to the larger issue, the larger issue of press freedom or the larger issue of countering fake news. and welcome news too, for those hoping to see more women winning an award that seldom come their way.
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since the swedish industrialist alfred nobel founded the nobel prizes in the late 19th century, behalf only be 17 individual female winners of the peace prize. maria theresa is the 18th, a small step towards correcting a pretty big gender imbalance. i asked barrick rice anderson why there are so few. we have always paid attention to the way them versus a in the time where there was a much worse and quality situation than it is today. lots of a difficult time live, continued the woman in selecting these to win as the nobel committee has made a statement. it says freedoms of information, an expression matter they matter to democracy, they matter to piece. and so the matter to billions of us, rory talents al jazeera osler security forces have freed at least
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a 187 people who were kidnapped by armed gangs in northern nigeria. the hostages, including babies, were rescued from a forest in some far a state that been held there for weeks. my dear invoices recently launched a major security operation against kidnappers in the state that borders misha. i am an address, has moved from kaduna. these operations have been going on and ahead of these operations are, there were measures a raft of measures announced by governments in the region announcing measures that will help security forces deal with the situation. these include the cutting of telephone networks in those areas, binding the sale of pitfall in cans and other containers and also binding the use of motorcycles in the region, which is of course are the preferred means of transportation by this band is because it's easy to maneuver in the forest and other bushes, with motorcycles rather than heavy duty vehicles. they've also announced the
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shutting down of market transportation of animals which of course the bandits. go and rustle and sell to make profit and buy more guns and continued the operations. and as the operations continue, we hear reports of these bandits after their camps have been destroyed by military, bombardments and ground forces. they are, they are beginning to move to other states in the northwest and central puzzled nigeria, so it's still on operation going on in northwest nigeria and probably in north central parts of niger. ah, this is al jazeera, these, the top stories. only 60 people have been killed in an attack in northern afghanistan, a suicide bomber targeted friday. prayers that a shame mosque in come to us is the deadliest attacks and foreign forces pulled out of the country at the end of august. result health ministries as the country has passed, 600000 deaths from k with 19. it is now 2nd to decide after the us,
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the government that has been sharply criticized for mismanaging the am.


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