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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2021 1:00am-1:30am AST

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ah, risking at all the venezuelan columbia on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home will be even use in current affairs. that matter to you or i still in afghanistan says it carried out a suicide bombing. it is she a mosque in could, is province which killed at least 60 people also in the country. a 1000000 children at risk of dying from severe malnutrition. united nations warns there were just weeks left to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. ah,
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hello, i'm marianne nazir watching al jazeera ally from london also coming up on the program, marking brazil's tragic colored record 600 white flags to honor more than 600000 deaths. the battle is worth personal sacrifices are worth and jealous, maria ross and dmitri moore, a top winner nobel peace prize for fighting for freedom of expression in the philippines and russia ah loam welcome to the program. at least 60 people have been killed in northern afghanistan in the deadliest attack since foreign forces withdrew from the country at the end of august. a suicide bomber targeted friday prayers that a she r mosque, and condors close to the border with tucker duke. as thon hundreds were injured in the attack, i still in afghanistan which poses a growing threat to the taliban. has claimed responsibility out there is. hash
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marlborough reports now from missouri, sheriff ah, these are the moments after a ball blast to through morse. fact with worshippers security officials say a suicide bomber managed to get inside before blowing himself up, killing an enduring scores of people. i sell enough, god is done, has claimed responsibility about it. the boss is in the town of hon. a bad in condis city. that's whoa to many members of a she are has not made oddity. i will just come to buy double come. what muscle? one of a hot it was around 1 40 pm, all the muslims had gathered in the mosque, friday prayers. and when i heard the explosion, i was near by and what i saw was just thought end of the world wise is happening to the muslims, which religion should we adopt with is nothing like this and killing muslims is forbidden and believe god, i can't even talk any more,
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i can't tell you how many dead bodies i've shifted in my vehicle. there was no angelos. may god have mercy on all muslims. i'm glad he got on. it's one of the worst. i said, attacks says the taliban takeover as foreign forces were leaving elate august. the armed group also claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at campbell airport. more than a 183 people were killed, including 13 your soldiers. i sail later said it was behind a series of attacks targeting the taliban in general, abandoned kabul. the taliban launched a crack down and arrested dozens of icy fighters in those cities. taliban officials say they are determined to eradicate their rivals. violence has increased over the last few days. the taliban next move is going to be closely monitored by the afghan people and the international community. the united states is expecting the taliban
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to deliver on a promise made in the 2020 doha agreement. to prevent i sail from building a base in afghanistan, the blasting condos underscores the growing challenges the taliban now faces. since he took over the country in august, the taliban prize itself on providing secure and stable environment. but the attacks in jalal, a bad cowboy adult, this one in condos will increase anxieties among the afghan people. hash marlboro al jazeera, mazar, e sharif. meanwhile, at least a 1000000 children in afghanistan are at risk of dying from severe malnutrition. if they don't get urgent treatment, united nations children's fund, unicef says the international community has only weeks to act. to prevent humanitarian catastrophe. and a warning that some viewers might find the images and some of bon jovi, reports disturbing. this mother has just found out her one day old baby is very
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sick. a born prematurely doctor. see the baby's organs from his brain to his legs are undeveloped. he weighs just over 700 grams and doesn't have a name yet. oh, the baby must be morgan with one so we haven't must, for every child, you must put in a provision, but you haven't done a good day by day. you must take the lead on good malnutrition, increasing in the blandest on more underweight premature babies are being born at the largest children's hospital and cobble headquarters or warning. hunger is rising and half of the children in the country are at risk. from acute malnutrition, the crisis is exacerbated by the withdrawal of white and international support for
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people here. since the taliban took over some dock to say it's a form of collective punishment. this intensive care ward has the capacity for 10 children, but have to accommodate 30. see, this machine may out if i'm not working with it or the dying buffer, children are increasing because we haven't anything really. the budget for the thing like these are right. i mean, if it is life saving bye dollars off of this is deborah, increasing it yet, but we have nothing. not in the front cover page on coming from a model that are children that are malnourished teachers here the approaching winter is going to make matters worse. for millions of afghans who are unable to feed their families, the u. s. children body says it will try to get help from international donors. a number of children that are say, that a ma, norrish,
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equipments that are failing oh, supplies that are very limited. the health system is about to collapse. we have not months or years. a millions of people are going to star. there's winter coming to food shortages. so medical shortage a so the whole country is going to collapse. it's very don't get to the doctor's efforts have paid off. the baby is alive a lot, but in this time, in the future you said in the prediction about the baby because you haven't anything maybe in next hour and do all or you can give us that you millions of of god, children, peace, assimilate, life threatening,
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future and desperate for help. some of the job done to 0. couple. meanwhile, top talent taliban delegates have arrived in doha del talks of country officials, the delegation, which includes acting afghan foreign minister, american looked happy, also plans to meet representatives of other countries. roy to this saying those representatives include a team from the united states with brazil is become 2nd country to have more than 600000 people die from cove at 19 health ministry registered a further 615 death on friday saying it pushed brazil above that mark and geo piece in rio put out $600.00 white handkerchief son cooper, cabana beach, to mark the grim statistic which the united states in june organizes is saying the gum needs to be held accountable for the huge toll and the failing to listen to
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scientists at the beginning of the outbreak, but then the hip for because this is jim law, obviously the president discourage sanitary standards, challenge mosque use, condemned social distancing was against mass vaccination because of that we have these bitter numbers. these are thousands of grieving families and one day will know how many of those that died lost their lives because they heard the denying speech of some of our main public authorities. if you don't hear the whole city or view. oh, the more that the stairs, the $600000.00 mark. he said that because when i lost my son, there was 7500 people dead from corbett 19. and it was already in an incredible mark. and since then, it seems the awareness of those who should have been taking care of us. it hasn't changed at all. no more going on. a foreign, his money at mechanic, you have choices from when his iris, he tell us more about the reaction, the country to this staggering loss of life,
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while brazilians are angry on now the other infection is of the rate. it's that it's been spreading, has its, has decreased, but because there's been more vaccination on like 45 percent of the population has already been totally vaccinated, but few people are angry because this was came too late. and brazil had the conditions to vaccinate these people. much earlier, it's a, it, it's, it's a country that is known for how well it mass vaccinate and reaches people in, in the most remote regions of the country. and this did not happen this time. and so people are angry because of the, of the number of deaths, but also this has affected are the economy. all this politics. brazil is now has are the highest inflation in on $27.00 in 2 decades. it's
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a 2 digit yearly inflation. and there is, um, a rise in unemployment arise in poverty. so what people aren't seeing is like a light at the end of the tunnel. although the infections, as i said in the rate of deaths has been decreasing and how people responding to the government's handling of the pandemic, obviously it's affect the economy and the have been protest calling for the president to be impeached. yes ah there's, there's a parliamentary inquiry that's been going on for the past 6 months. it has been trends, but it's been transmitted, live on television almost every days. so people are watching day after day. are all these explanations of why so little was done? why it was done so late, and now what the new thing is that they have unveiled to some corruption scandals
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related to the acquisition of vaccines. so yes, people are asking for the president's impeachment. all right, thank you very much, mechanic gave them one is ours. watching al jazeera ally from london, phil i had for you on the program. oh, at least 5 people shot dead as refugees and migrants escape from a crowd to detention center in libya and america's top. diplomat vows closer cooperation with mexico in the countries never ending drug wall. oh, ties, war option dies and the temperatures and sydney and birds will actually threw out a good part of southern queens and then use as well as the, the weather proper,
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which is the rain dive south. next assistance coming in towards adelaide and melbourne late on saturday. attempts is surviving until that point, but the same as in perth, which is suddenly with cloud and if you shares, but we're up to 14 business, 27 in sidney and sidney gets warmer still. is this warms he's just pushed out of the way. eventually the wind swings round during sunday in the front comes in as obvious here. need as a 19 by monday, but the rain keeps falling. so looks a bit dismal, frankly, for the next 3 days or more. rather more violent weather and rather wet weather is obvious though in the south china sea and to the east, the philippines to named tropical cycling. this one, the most obvious one to watch for the time being with torrential rain is main contributor to nasty weather for southern china, and eventually wants to get highlander and northern parts of vietnam. it must have made land for some time on sunday by which time it starts. look like this. winds of 85 kilometers per hour. one me storm surge for me to waves,
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but rain. i think it's main contributor with widespread flooding. ah, unkindly, because is the will to dependence on poll dollar. beth is about get a bailout, but his waiver loan to digital volleyball and then have to revive its currency. i'm back to the seventy's died place an unwelcome counting the calls on al jazeera. oh, you want to help save the world ah. sneezing to your elbow. mm mm. oh, wow. oh,
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buckle back the main stories now, a suicide bomber is targeted friday, pres, at a shall mosque in could, is in northern afghanistan, killing at least 60 people. i still in afghanistan, his crime to have carried out the attack. at least a 1000000 children in afghanistan are risk of dying from severe malnutrition if they don't get urgent treatment, united nations children's fund. unicef says the international community has only weeks to act, to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. and in brazil, al, from ministry, very se in the country is past 600000 cove at 19 deaths, just the 2nd country to reach that grim statistic. deaths were marked by 600 handkerchiefs on rio's cup, a cabana beach. at least 5 people have been shot dead at an immigration detention center and libya and many others have escaped. video posted
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on line shows those who've broken out running through the streets of the capital tripoli, thousands of refugees and migrants were arrested in a cracked down by libyan authorities over the past week or so. un says over crowding, lead to big hales with people sleeping out in the open and different security forces present. malik traina has more from tripoli. we met with the iowa chief on wednesday of the i went libya, chief of mission are mr. so on wednesday, and he told us that there used to be a voluntary repatriation program for those that were in detention centers. it was suspended by living authorities. but the pictures and the videos that we saw earlier today. i mean, you see just people just running the streets of tripoli had caused quite a bit of chaos. or we spoke to a official in the ministry of interior earlier. he confirmed that people left the center. when we asked him, was it an escape? you know what happened? he was very careful not to answer his. he wouldn't say if it was
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a release or an escape. i think we might see looking at stories on the next call in the next day or 2 say that they released these people due to a lack of resources just to try to cover up maybe take advantage of the situation. but really a migrant refugees. these are people that are leaving, you know, poverty, they're leaving war in their countries of origin. are some come to libya to find out, you know, find work and to try to provide for their families back home. others live is a long been a transit up for african migrants trying to reach your pin shores. others do try to make the trip the dangerous trip across the mediterranean sea. and above his prize has been awarded to journalists from the philippines and russia brave the wrath of their presidents to expose corruption and miserable. maria arrested dmitri merch health were declared joint. when is the price for that fight to defend, freedom of expression, or a challenge reports now from oslo. a recognition for 2 journalists
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from countries where investigative reporting is always difficult, and sometimes deadly miss rosetta, i miss them murata, are receiving the peace prize for their courageous high for freedom of expression in the philippines. in russia, maria ressa, with her digital platform, rapper. she's investigated, president rodrigo detached, a violent anti drug campaign, knocked off. i read it still sha fewer as editor in chief of the newspaper of i guess yet. there are many aspects of rushes, politics, corruption, and crime. dmitri murat of hasn't looked into over the years. 6 colleagues have been murdered for their work, that he honored them. if the premier occupant, of course this awarded for anna political sky, eureka eager domco anastasio,
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but rover stuff markle off. natasha. esther. moreover, our foreign colleagues who gave their lives for the profession, i am not the right beneficiary of this prize. the rules are here. maria resar is also suffered harassment. intimidation, told al jazeera of her worries for journalism in the age of social media when news organizations last are keeping powers to technology platforms. are those platforms advocated responsibility for the public sphere and back made facts debatable because the data facts and my eyes are actually treated equally. in fact, the algorithms of the world's largest distributor, a news facebook. actually, a feverish light laced with anger in act spread faster and there's been tracks for some who watched the nobel peace prize and it's regular controversies closely. this year's decision is a welcome one. i think this was bull's eye. it's obviously well, the served and it's 2 candidates that that bulls have done exceptional work in
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their home countries. but this is all surprised that speaks to the larger issue, the larger issue of press freedom, a larger issue of countering fake news. and welcome news too, for those hoping to see more women winning an award that seldom come their way. since the swedish industrialist alfred nobel founded the nobel prizes and the late 19th century behalf only be 17 individual female winners of the peace prize. maria theresa is the 18th, a small step towards correcting a pretty big gender imbalance. i asked barrett rice, anderson why there are so few. we have always paid attention to the way them versus it in the time where there was a much worse and quality situation than it is today. not having it difficult to find the continued the
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a woman in selecting these to win as the nobel committee has made a statement. it says freedoms of information, an expression matter they matter to democracy, they matter to piece. and so the matter to billions of us, rory talents, al jazeera osler aus after no but announcement russia added the belling cat investigative outlet and 9 of the journalist to it's foreign agents list so far it's given more than 150 news outlets and joe's and charities that label moscow says it's no different to rules in other countries. and organizations that get support from abroad. but critics say the lore is being used to silence russian independent media that refused to tow the crammed men's line. bonnet. smith reports on this now from moscow to the russian state, the status of this newsroom. a foreign agents, but dodged or tv rain has no connection to foreign governments. it is one of the few independent media outlets left in russia before every break and every program,
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a message must by law appear on screen telling the viewer that what they're watching is created by russian legal entity performing the functions of a foreign agent. its designation that the stations management says is created to scare off subscribers and advertisers, you know, that the history of russia, of terrible period of time with communism where foreign agent mark label was air in a, at a terrible thank a terrible think that meant that you can not have anything in common with the for an agent. that's why, for some part of the society he in vash at that might be a problem. tv rain says it's subscription model helps it stay on air for now. there are more than 70 news outlets. journalist, an activist on the foreign agents register, alexander kosky, was part of a team of journalists got who'd worked, who rushes most respected business newspaper company when it was taken over by
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state and his giant ross left the editorial team left and set up v times website to him, within 10 months, they've been branded foreign ages. my explanations because we were, we became a one year less than one year, quite powerful. and with prove that we are serious and we were independent of the state for normal functioning, there are only 3 ways of feedback. this for free media then on real elections. so normal political system and independent the direct vertical system. all 3 i destroyed and russia. r t. america rushes lawyers on foreign media agents was adopted in 2017. not long after the u. s. justice department told russia today, america to register as a foreign agent. there. russia federation council says activists and media. it claims a being sponsored from abroad aunt being discriminated against,
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but the public has a right to know who they are. now, more than $200.00 organizations have signed an online petition asking for the foreign agents law to be repealed. bernard smith, al jazeera moscow. now to nigeria, security forces, they are saying at least 287 hostages, who, being held by armed bandits in the north of the country, have been freed. the hostages, who included babies were rescued from a forest in some far state where they had been held for weeks. nigerian forces recently launched a major security operation against kidnap as in a state, shutting down mobile phone networks and restricting gatherings. will they say that nearly 200 hostages that were being held by bandits in the north, they have now been freed? and as he was saying, they included a number of children and babies. now they have been, the government is really struggle to stop these large scale abductions from taking
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place in its thought. that fact is that a contributing to this are unemployment and underfunded security force in nigeria, but also the sort of poverty and general instability. i'm at address has more from kaduna state. these operations have been going on and ahead of these operations are there were measures a raft of measures announced by governments in the region, announcing measures that will help security forces deal with the situation. these include the cutting of telephone networks in those areas, banding, the cell of petrol in cannes and other containers, and also banding the use of motorcyclists in the region, which is of course, ah, the preferred means of transportation by these band is because it's easy to maneuver in the forest and other bushes, with motorcycles rather than heavy duty vehicles. they've also announced the shutting down of markets, transportation of animals which of course the bandits. go and rustle and sell to
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make profit and buy more guns and continue the operations. and as the operations continue, we hear reports of these bandits after their camps have been destroyed by military, bombardments and ground forces the out. they are beginning to move to other states in the north, west and central class of nigeria. so it's still operation going on in northwest nigeria and probably in north central parts of niger l u. s. actually st. anthony blinking in the max comprising under his manual as a per door have vowed to improve cooperation through a major new security agreement. in out that was made during a visit to max, cut my blank can emit record levels of drug related crime and illegal migration to united states. and he plan replaces the marita initiative, which has been in place since 2008, during which time violence in mexico has become worse. after 13 years of the marita initiative, it's time for a comprehensive new approach to our security cooperation. one that will see us as equal partners in defining our shared priorities,
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tackled the root drivers of these challenges, like in equity like corruption. now the uncle of the syrian president, bashar assad, has returned home after 36 years in exile. local media says referred to aside, arrived in the capital damascus on thursday to avoid imprisonment in france, where he's under investigation for tax fraud and money laundering. he was allowed back by president bashar as a, despite leaving syria in 1984. after mounting a failed coo against his brother, a polish court ruling that parts of you, laura incompatible with the countries constitution, has plunged the block into an existential crisis. now, the ruling challenge is the supremacy of european union law. a key factor in the blocks membership and it's increased fears that poland could eventually leave the u . on a year ago, reports, organic mooney, odo bass gate. jo, i am present
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a decision that is put a holland on a commission course with brussels. the president of the constitutional tribunal declared some articles of the new treaties crash with clauses in the polish constitution, it was brought up, oscar, near moses from conceal no right yet. the republic of poland cannot function as a sovereign and democratic state. it is inconsistent with article 2, article 8, an article, 90 paragraph. one of the polish constitution duties are to possibly de boesky a case requested by the prime minister. mateus more. i've yet ski on whether you institutions could stop poland from reorganizing its judiciary outside the car deal happiness program. and he had demonstrated you'll have to start learning the russian language because poland does not say end with europe anymore. he mirabelle stammered out that we will manage. we survive the soviet occupation. it's not easy, but we will survive this in the european commissions reaction came swiftly with
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a message i ricky, you does not function as a leader and choose system. we are very firm on the different principles and we will use all the tools of all disposal to be sure it's possible to protect such a kind of for principles because it said the cause of the union. and if the position of the citizens is the protection of the internal market to support election of all the different actors and union relations between warsaw and brussels, have been strained by poland. judicial reforms that began with the law and justice party took power in 2015. opponents say that the reforms amount to a government takeover of the justice system. it also drew condemnation from the you, court of justice and led to the commission blocking poland, access to the e. u. pandemic recovery fund. the government has said that this is about poland, sovereignty it's opponent say it could opponent out of you altogether. and given
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the overwhelming support for the u within poland, that would backfire on the law and justice party, which has already seen its support. we can over it's hardly of the pandemic, a political defeat from which it might never recover. sony, diego al jazeera, warn't everything we're covering right here, al jazeera dot com, including all the latest on our top story that devastating explosion in northern afghanistan. more on that in a couple of seconds. ah, as i was saying, at least 60 people have been killed in northern afghanistan in the deadliest attack 1st since the withdrawal of foreign forces from the country at the end of august, a suicide bomber targeted friday prize that a she r mosque in kinder city close to the border with.


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