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austrian terrell from this same system, but it's a bit more spread out in a wall, so it's not as dramatic as it was up in the north west where the story is different . now we've had flooding in italy. we've had the border, but ne v gail ringing gust of a 120 kilometers bread on the creation coast that's weakening. now the range exceeds more concentrating, albania, and probably western greece. this is during sunday and it keeps moving that general direction with the cold behind it cold enough for another to dispose even in the balkans just for time spit. of course. she is 19 degrees in not being quite so high that his the incoming autumn. it's been quite warm body from london through copenhagen the last few days, but this will change things bring temperatures back down to normal, rain, ready in scandinavia and scotland, but attempt to drop a bit more widespread. ah, but france once had a vast empire spending several continents but by the 1940s,
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the french were forced to confront reality and demands for independence. in the 1st part of a documentary series, al jazeera looks at how the colonial unrest grew. conflict, anteria and full scale worn indo china blood and tears. french. the colonization on al jazeera inequality, corruption, repression and re political. it just decided to cut to the piece of cake and sure. and you documentary laws, the desperate state of democracy in 11. 09 is really eyes of those who are losing home every day. how teams are becoming blue democracy, maybe democracy for sale on al jazeera lou
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. ah, welcome back to main stories. now, a suicide bomber is targeted friday pres at a. she are mosque in condos in northern afghanistan, killing at least 60 people i still in afghanistan. his claim to be behind the attack. at least 5 people have been shot dead at an immigration detention center in libya. and many others of escapes video posted on line shows those who broke out running through the streets of tripoli and to campaigning journalists have won the nobel peace prize. maria resar from the philippines, and dmitri myrtle from russia were honored for their work, which the prize committee says helps protect against abuses of power lies and propaganda will hours after the nobel announcement, russia, i did,
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the belling gotten vascular outlet and 9 of the journalists to it's foreign agents list so far it's given more than a $150.00 news outlets. and joe's and charities that label moscow says it's no different to rules in other countries aimed at organizations to get support from abroad. but critics, a, the law is being used to silence russian independent media that refused to tow the kremlin line. and it's smith reports from moscow to the russian state, the staff of this newsroom, a foreign agents, but dodged or tv rain has no connection to foreign governments. it is one of the few independent media outlets left in russia. before every break and every program, a message must by law appear on screen telling the viewer that what they're watching is created by russian legal entity performing the functions of a foreign agent. it's a designation that the stations management says is created to scare off subscribers
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and advertisers you know, ah, that the history of russia, of terrible period of time with communism, where the foreign agent mark label was air in a, a terrible thank a terrible thing that meant that you cannot have anything in common with the for an agent. that's why, for some part of the society, he inversion, that might be a problem. tv rain says it's subscription model helps it stay on air for now. there are more than 70 news outlets. journalist, an activist on the foreign agents register, alexander kosky, was part of a team of journalists who had worked, who rushes most respected business newspaper company. when it was taken over by sate and his giant ross left, the editorial team left and set up v times website him within 10 months, they've been branded foreign ages. my explanations because we were, we became a one year less than one year. why it's powerful?
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and we prove that we are serious and we were independent for the state for normal functioning. there are only 3. are ways of, of, of feedback. this is a free media then her real elections. so normal political system and independent the dirt vertical system. all 3, i destroy the russian. archie, america, russia's lawyer and foreign media agents was adopted in 2017. not long after the u . s. justice department told russia today, america to register as a foreign agent. there. russia federation council says activists and media. it claims a being sponsored from abroad aren't being discriminated against, but the public as a right to know who they are. now, more than $200.00 organizations have signed an online petition asking for the foreign agents law to be repealed. bernard smith, al jazeera moscow. now the secretary is a antony,
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blinkin and mexican president under his manual up, his helper door avowed to improve cooperation through a major new security agreement. announcement was made during a visit to mexico by blinking men rack or levels of drug related crime and illegal migration to the united states. and he pan replaces the marita initiative, which has been in place since 2008, during which time violet, mexico has become worse. after 13 years of the marita initiative, it's time for a comprehensive new approach to our security cooperation. one that will see us as equal partners in defining our shared priorities are tackle the root drivers of these challenges, like in equity, like corruption, live now to the manual rapid i mexico city. what is the, the purpose of this new revamped agreement between mexican united states mariam, the high level security talks of now concluded, and as we expected,
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there was a kind of wide range of topics that were discussed among them was climate change was immigration certainly. but the main theme was this by this new bilateral security strategy, as you mentioned, to replace the now 13 year old mattie the initiative, it's being called and bear with me here. it's a, it's a mouthful. it's the us mexico bicentennial framework for security, public health and safe communities. i think many of us here were hoping for a, an acronym here, but many security experts are seeing this as a sort of attempt by the united states and ever by the united states to sort of rekindle that security relationship that it once had with, with mexico in the past, when mexico 1st launched the drug war in 2006 and the medi the initiative was signed in 2008 be between then mexican president for the pick a lid on and former us president george w bush. many would argue that that relationship between the united states and mexico has eroded over the past few years. and even ahead of these talks,
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many security experts expected that this would be one of the biggest obstacles for reaching a finalized agreement between the 2 countries. have look, ah, more than 300000 people have been killed in mexico since the start of the us led war on drugs in 2006. and today mexico continues to make headlines as one of the most dangerous countries in latin america. since 2006 through to these days, most of the violence is drug related and it has become a much difference violence compared to what we had in previous years. for over a decade the response to worsening violence has been a bilateral security strategy between the united states and mexico known as the meda initiative, an agreement that was signed in 2008 between former mexican president philippe cal did on and former us president george w bush, since its inception, mexico has received more than $3000000000.00 worth of us aid for security measures,
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along with training and equipment aimed at curbing transnational crime and reducing violence. there was a big effort to train police officers, which was carried out all over mexico municipal state and federal police officers. so if you, if you depart from the baseline of training of developing institutional capacities, there have been the number of baby steps if you want to say of some tiny successes that have been changed one after the other. 13 years after the agreement was signed . critics say the strategy has failed. there were $23290.00 homicides reported in mexico and just the 1st 8 months of this year, according to statistics from the nonprofit group gal sign commune. and while the homicide rate over the past 5 years shows that violence has begun to plateau, mexico continues to average more than $35000.00 violent deaths every year. desperate to reduce violence. nationwide mexican officials recently declared an end
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to the medi the initiative. adding that mexico and the u. s. would work toward a new bilateral str attitude. some analysts, however, warned that a new agreement won't be easy to reach title, think the, the are ready. i'm of this point to come to terms. i don't know, the americans are going to be very stronger than very i'm willing to impose some sort of of agreement unless there is an agreement of mine's. there is very little that can be accomplished. and unfortunately, i don't see that that coming together. ah, very likely in 24 hours, while the us has shown a willingness to negotiate on a new bilateral security arrangement, mexican leaders have said, cooperation will only be possible if the u. s. does more to stem the flow of illegal weapons crossing the border into mexico. both countries have stated their commitment to curbing violence. admitting that
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a drastically new approach is necessary, what's uncertain is if willingness alone will be enough to finally turn a corner on the most violent period in mexico's history. now marian, we should note here that a finalized security agreement has not been signed just yet. instead, what we heard from mexico's foreign minister, marcella not at the end of the talks today, was that what has been agreed on is a framework. and a of it is, is a road map for how the framework is going to be worked in the days ahead with plans for more talks a 2nd round of talks to take place some time early next year in the united states. thank you. manny wrap around mexico city. brazil has become his 2nd country to register more than 600000 deaths from covert 19 are to the health ministry reported a further 615 deaths on friday. earlier. the enjo piece in rio put out $600.00 white handkerchiefs on copa gabana beach to mark the tragic milestone which the
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united states hit in june. organizers say the government needs to be held accountable for the huge toll and for failing to listen to scientists at the beginning of the outbreak. for more monica young, kia joins us live from when, as iris that was more about the reaction of the country to this tragic milestone. well, yes, it saw the reaction. a people are angry because for the past 6 months, a parliamentary committee has been investigating the handling of the pandemic. and many, many ah, wrongdoings have come up. um, to begin with, the denial of the, of the pandemic itself, present shibel sonata until to this day, to arm. not promoting the vaccine, promoting medicine, which has no guarantee that it will cure
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a coven 19. there's no scientific proof ah, scorning the use of the mask holding rallies at a time when social distancing was required, and scientists were saying so, and so were many governors and many a mayor's. so there's that. and now there's also the discovery that there have been corruption scandals involving the acquisition of vaccines. so it wasn't just a political or an ideological thing. it was also there was also money involved in it. and that's what is making brazilians very angry, especially because also this has this delay in the vaccines has effected also the economy of brazil is now having a very high inflation rate for brazilian standards over 10 percent in the last 12 months. ah. and so that the economic recovery will not be what was expected and people are feeling awe,
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hopeless. and we seen brazilians taking to the streets in protest, calling for the present terrible scenario to be impeached. wow, is this affecting the, the political situation? how much on rest is it causing well, you'll have both sides. you'll have both sonata rallying his people. he still has some 25 percent that support him, although 59 percent. ah reject him. ah. and you have the opposition going out to the streets to show that they are against balsam out of the they are not necessarily united ah, with somebody but they are definitely against. also not on these rallies have been called by not only trade unions and left waiting parties like the workers party. ah, but also by groups of people that had rallied for president deal metal, seps impeachment and which was what ended up ha,
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resulting in the election of bull sonata. so we have people from all walks of life, much against the president, but will you, you don't see is that a candidate that will unite that 30 percent of brazilians that are looking for somebody that will not the former president we see national or the silver. and will not be present bull sonata to stand up next year's election. thank you. want to can, kevin one is iris now the russian authorities say more than $49000.00 people died from cove at 19 in the month of august, and the countries overall toe is 41893930 6 deaths are recorded in the past 24 hours, the 3rd day in a row, the country siena a record daily high since the pandemic began. more than 27000 new cases reported a slight decline from the day before. russia says the delta varied in
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a low vaccination rate as prolonged a devastating 3rd wave. and then health workers in romania say they're treating patients and conditions that resemble the front lines of a war as record high covey cases, they're reported across the country. all in 15000 daily cases were reported on tuesday with the government warning there are no free intensive care beds left remaining has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the u. just over a 3rd of adults have received both jobs. the authorities of suspended non emergency surgery and state hospitals for a month, and we deployed staff to cope with the latest wave emerged. you can remember how many i've treated in the hundreds. last night we had 20 ambulances waiting outside, and we had nowhere to put them in. this was the solution. if people agree to be treated and conditions like the front lines of a war, we have to receive them with them for france and germany is foreign ministers of issued a joint statement wanting poland that the supremacy of european union law is
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a key factor in the blocks membership. this after a polish court ruled the parts of you lower are incompatible with the countries constitution, plunging the block into an existential crisis. this is increased fears that poland could eventually leave the u. santiago, reports or gun on you otoh bass gate. jo, i am pausing the decision that's put in holland on a collision course with brussels. the president of the constitutional tribunal declared some articles of the new treaties clash with clauses. in the polish constitution, it was brought up. oscar, near moses from conceal no right yet. the republic of poland cannot function as a sovereign and democratic state. it is inconsistent with article 2, article 8, an article, 90 paragraph. one of the polish constitution duties are to possibly de boesky a case requested by the prime minister. mateus might have yet ski on whether you institutions could stop poland from reorganizing its judiciary outside the court
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deal, happiness, pro european. he had demonstrated you'll have to start learning the russian language because poland does not fit in with europe any more. america come it out that we will manage. we survived the soviet occupation. it's not easy, but we will survive this. the european commissions reaction came swiftly with a message i, b, e. u, does not function as a pick and choose system. we are very firm, all the different principles and we will use all the tools of all disposal to be short as possible to protect such a kind of for principles because it's of the core of the union. and if the position of the citizens is the protection of the internal market to support action of all the different actors and union relations between warsaw and brussels have been strained by poland. judicial reforms that began with the law and justice party took power in 2015. opponents say that the reforms amount to a government takeover of the justice system. it also drew condemnation from the you,
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court of justice and led to the commission blocking ponens access to the you. pandemic recovery fund. ah, the government has said that this is about poland. sovereignty it's opponent, say it could, poland, out of each you all together. and given the overwhelming support for the you with in poland, that would backfire on the law and justice party has already seen its support. we can over, it's hardly the pandemic, a political defeat from which it might never recover. sony diego, our da, 0 days after itself, it is 6 our outage. facebook is confirmed that some uses are, again having trouble accessing its apps and services. some users couldnt load their instagram feeds, while others weren't able to use facebook. messenger people safely took to twitter to sham names about the 2nd disruption this week. mondays, crash was triggered by an era during routine maintenance on its network of data
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centers. still ahead and have all the way to sports news. it's the battle of the brothers as the toughest foot race on earth. heads to a close will take you to the ty cafe. that is not letting a little flooding get in the way of business. we'll have more on that officer. quick break. ah
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ah whole ah ah sport now as far? marian thank you so much. we start with football and the road to the cat are 2022 world cab. germany survived real scares. they faced romania earlier on. see,
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flick side went behind at home after less than a minute. they were saved by byron munich, douro, surgeon aubrey, and thomas miller. oh scored in the 2nd half to seal the 21 when germany said top a group, jay with a 6 point cushion whales played out a thrilling to to draw away to the czech republic. aaron ramsey put the visitor's head in the 1st half within minutes. the home side struck back wales and faltered after the break or keeper, making a mess of ramsey's backpacks to fall behind. but they rallied daniel james, getting the crucial equalizer. it means the checks that 2nd in group e left one point with wales and 3rd than other ones are looking good to qualify for cats are after not making the 2018 finals. they're currently top of group gene. dana classes scoring as they b latvia, one nil ivory coast range, undefeated in the 2nd round of african qualifying for the world cup. on friday,
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the beat malawi, 3, know the result means they top their group with 7 points from 3 games i re coast are looking to return to the finals after missing out on russia in 2018 there's been a fire at the national stadium and an dora broke out a day before england are set to face the tiny nation and european world cup. qualifying fire had a lower part of the venue that can hold around $3000.00 spectators. authority say the blaze was put out by fire fighters, not long after it started. and during football association of also confirm that despite the incident, the match will go ahead sent to the damage and the cause of the fire not been disclosed. you counsel united fans are hoping a new era of success is about to begin at their club. on thursday of $400000000.00, saudi arabian back takeover was completed, outgoing owner, mike ashley says he rejected a higher bid, but believes he's acted in the best interests of newcastle,
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primarily to prove the deal after receiving legally binding assurances that saudi state would not be in control of the club, premier league football is the best in the world. i'm newcastle. united is the best team in the world. and we want to say got those trophies, obviously a top of the premier league in europe, but to get trophies, it means investment patience time. and we want everybody just to you work with us to build the club taught it needs to be a reporter ne barker has been following the story for us from newcastle. were judging by the incredibly jubilant scenes outside of james's park on thursday night . the real hopa across the board is that this will mean a huge reversal of newcastle united sport sheaves. they bumped around the bottom of the premier league for some time, faced the very real threats of relegation. the hope is, of course, that this massive cash injection will allow the club in the coming months,
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months to go on something of a spending spray bring again, top talent from elsewhere, allowing the club to hold on to the talent that it already has of cool. so be questions about saudi arabia's human rights record. have not gone away overnight and a likely to continue joking the owners. so if they say a club for the foreseeable or we've heard foam had teacher jenkins sees the fiance of the motor journalist jamal i showed you use express her disappointment. and this takeover describing it's a sports washing of saudi arabia. simply a line to get self to the glamorous glamorous premier league to kind of sweep the human rights issues are under the carpet. we know that one of the big issues between consol based being sports that has the right to broadcast the premier league in the middle east and north africa and saudi arabia house being sold saudi had been accused of pirating the premier league that now all seems have been resolved, but as i mentioned that when it comes to the issue of human rights that has not
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gone away and it does, of course, race, some big, big questions about english will bullet also international football about what matters more to the fans to the league itself. is it the depth of an own as pockets, or is it their integrity when it comes to things like human rights? mercedes drive really was hamilton, is setting the pace ahead of sundays, a turkish grand prix reigning formula world champion. so to track record during friday's practice and assemble, hamilton will need to be added best for the race as hell have a 10 place grid penalty, which are exceeding has seasons. engine allocation. british driver currently leads the drivers championship by 2 points that were much for stopping. struggled in practice was only 5th quickest in the afternoon session. intense, how much did there is out there, which is awesome. oh, so it made it much, much more enjoyable truck to drive much more like it was before. so looking around a bit of what to do because we are different here. we don't have
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a lot of big before here with this plan, the falls, and soon soon we have a bit of an evening ahead to try and make it a bit better. because today was the best of those and moroccan runner mohammed al more b t has one stage 5 of the marathon de psalm, all his brothers 7 times champion, russia maintains the overall lead russia who finished the penultimate stage in 4th . so has a 14 minute lead over his brother heading in to saturdays, final leg. the 6251 kilometer ultramarathon through the sahara desert is considered to be the toughest foot race on earth. okay, and that is all your sport for now. it's now back to marian and london. thank you for finding what everyone seems to be worried about rising sea levels and flooding a barbecue cafe. outside bangkok is making waves videos of diners with murky waters up to that lapse of gone viral, attracting even more customers. recent storms flooded some 300000 buildings in
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nearly half of thailand's regions. but the owner of this cafes just happy that his business is booming. now that pandemic restrictions have been eased, active, and he so i will see you in a couple of ah ah, along with every war lisa, devastating and tell me environment. earth rises, explore some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientist. safeguarding one of our most valuable results is these are important samples. we
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have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees. striving to co exist with nature. okay, so what's going on there is the assimilating. what happens when an elephant accomplish life off to conflict on al jazeera. when the news break out, a lot of the other day when people need to be hi. with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, they're choosing those sites because their civilian target al jazeera, has teens on the ground and say their numbers are barely a 5th of what they were before. the 3003 invasion because of iraq, security to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied nice. the venezuela columbia, buddha has become a stamping ground for trespasses as desperate people transgress and illegal passage to feed an emerging field trafficking market. we follow that perilous journey
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unguarded, through the line of fire. risking at all the sand is wayland columbia. on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter when you call home, we'll give you the news and current affairs that matter to you. i i still, in afghanistan says it carried out a suicide bombing it. is she a mosque in condos province which killed at least 60 people also in the country? a 1000000 children at risk of dying from severe malnutrition. united nations won't zera just weeks left to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. ah.


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