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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2021 12:00am-12:30am AST

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bailout venezuela launches the digital volleyball, and then attempt to revive its currency. i'm back to the seventy's died question making an unwelcome counting the calls on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm marianna mozy. well, come to the news ally from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. good. i still in afghanistan, says it carried out to suicide bombing. it is she on mos in condos province, which killed at least 60 people. this is the united nations warns there are just weeks to act to stop a humanitarian catastrophe. that could see at least a 1000000 children die from severe malnutrition. oh,
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at least 5 people. a shot dead is refugees and migrants escape from a crowded detention center in libya and the battle in school. the personal sacrifice is oh boy and journalist murray of russia and dmitri myrtle, when the nobel peace prize for fighting for freedom of expression in the philippines. and russia and i'm far as small, have all the days sport, including what was hamilton said to new lab record. and if amble is he dominates practice, how did the turkish guam pre ah hello and welcome to the news our top story. at least 60 people have been killed in northern afghanistan in the deadliest attack since fall force is pulled out of the
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country at the end of august. a suicide bomber target had friday present a sheer mosque and condors close to the border with to g cast on hundreds of people were also injured. in the attack i sell in afghanistan, which poses a growing threat to the taliban, is claim responsibility hash marlboro reports. now from missouri, sheriff, ah, these are the mobiles after a ball blast to through morse. fact with worshippers. security officials say a suicide bomber managed to get inside before blowing himself up, killing an enduring scores of people that i sell in afghanistan has claimed responsibility recovery. the mos is in the town of hannah bad in condis city. that's hell to many members of the she are hazard a minority. i will become to buy jumbled. come up with a loaner bahati. it was around $140.00 p. m. all the muslims had gathered in the
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mosque for friday. prayers. and when i heard the explosion, i was near by and what i saw was just like the end of the world. why is, is happening to the muslims, which religion should we adopt with is nothing like this and killing muslims is forbidden. believe god, i can't even talk any more. i can't tell you how many dead bodies i've shifted in my vehicle. there was no angelos. may god have mercy on all muslims. i've got a gun. it's one of the worst i seal attacks, says the taliban take over. as for enforcers were leaving elate august, the armed group also claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at campbell airport. more than a 183 people were killed, including 13 your soldiers. i sail latest, said it was behind a series of attacks targeting the taliban in general. abandon kabul. the taliban launched a crack down and arrested dozens of icy fighters in those cities. taliban officials
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say they are determined to eradicate their rivals. violence has increased over the last few days. the taliban next move is going to be closely monitored by the afghan people and the international community. the united states is expecting the taliban to deliver on a promise, bade in the 20th when to doha agreement to prevent ice hill from building a base in afghanistan. the blossom condos underscores the growing challenges. the taliban now faces susie took over the country in august. the taliban prize itself on providing secure and stable environment. but the attacks injured, albert cowboy, a dove. this one in condos would increase anxieties among the afghan people. hush mobilizes era, missouri cities speak now to her marriage. i. his chair of the has are a committee new case. she joys me from birmingham here in the u. k. and of course
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the, the sheer has are make up about 15 to 20 percent of the population of gunnison of historically suffered oppression. kidnapping, beheadings is the threat to this part of afghan society increasing now. absolutely at. this is another example of the continuation of the target to the parts against the has our community. i thought it has r s i s k and taliban are all the same because the in the past 20 years, both of the organizations are continuously targeted to has are in mosques in education, institutions, and gatherings, weddings in various forms. and right now the taliban are is placing thousands of families from central a one star or has are as so it is a act of genocide against the has our community is an act of ethnic cleansing against the community. you. so for the has are, are they view everyone as being the same? we have heard taliban leaders try to reassure the share home and abroad that they
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have changed. they say that they want to be a government that will lead all of afghanistan. what, what is the sort of general reaction to these reassurances the of them have not changed since 1990 is a very good example of how the taliban treated the has are, for example them as our chevy genocide, where in just august 1998. they killed over 10000 has r as and the fact that there displacing thousands of families from di can be, for example, is just another example of have not changed that perspective. and that treatment also has, are, is enough on a storm. have you been in touch with members of the as our community in afghanistan, particularly of the last few weeks, given developments in the country? yes, we are in constant contact with the community in afghanistan. we've spoken to some of the victims and conduce today on some of the pictures,
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reports that we have been receiving is absolutely heartbreaking. to see. we have stayed with receiving reports from the families in dikran deal. i've been displaced them. they are and you know, camping and values are very cold in the harsh conditions. and so the situation of our people in afghanistan is deteriorating and i'm the community, our feeling for a very bleak future enough on thank you very much talk to and i reside for joining us that from birmingham. well, in all the developments, at least a 1000000 children in afghanistan are risk of dying from severe malnutrition if they don't get a job treatment. united nations children's fun. unicef says the international community has only weeks to act, to prevent humanitarian catastrophe. and a warning that some of you might find the images and some of the java reports to studying this mother has just found out her one. the old baby is very sick,
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a born prematurely doctor. see the baby's organs from his brain to his legs are undeveloped. he weighs just over 700 grams and doesn't have a name yet. oh, the baby must be morgan. with one we haven't must, for every child, you must put in a provision. if you haven't done a good day by day, we must take the lead on good malnutrition, increasing in the blandest on more underweight premature babies are being born at the largest children's hospital and cobble headquarters or warning hunger is rising . and half of the children in the country are at risk from acute malnutrition. the crisis is exacerbated by the withdrawal of white and international support for people here. since the taliban took over some dock to say it's
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a form of collective punishment. this intensive care ward has the capacity for 10 children, but have to accommodate 30. see this machine may out if i'm not working with it or the dying buffer, children are increasing because we haven't anything really the budget for the thing like these are right. i mean, if it is life saving bye dollars off of this is, are debra increasing it yet, but we have nothing. not in the front cover page on coming from a model that are children that are malnourished of teachers. here the approaching winter is going to make matters worse for millions of afghans who are unable to feed their families. the u. s. children body says it will try to get help from international donors. a number of children that are saying that a mom noticed equipments that are failing oh,
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supplies that are very limited. the health system is about to collapse. i have weeks, not months or years. oh, you monitored in capacity that are millions of people are going to star or there's winter coming to food shortages. so medical shortage, are you heard that there is no shortage? oh so the whole country is going to collapse. it's very don't get supported with the doctor's efforts, have paid off. the baby is alive, a lot of you. but next time in the future you don't said didn't know the prediction about the baby because you haven't anything maybe in the next hour and do all or you can give us that. you millions of of god, children peace, a similar life threatening future. and desperate for help. sama the job done the 0
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. couple a while top taliban delegates have arrived in doha. tell talks of country officials delegation, which includes acting afghan, foreign minister. i'm your con. mcduffy. also plans to me representatives of other countries. reuters says those representatives include a team from the united states as well. oh, now to libya or at least 5 people have been shot dead at an immigration detention center in the country, many others have also escaped. a video posted on line shows those who broken out running through the streets of the capital, tripoli, thousands of refugees and migrants were arrested in a crack done by libyan authorities over the past week or so. the u. n says over crowding, lead to the chaos with people sleeping out in the open and different security forces present on the streets. malik trainer has more from tripoli. we met with the i when chief on wednesday of the i when libya, chief of mission are mr. soda on wednesday, and he told us that there used to be
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a voluntary repatriation program for those that were in detention centers. it was suspended by living authorities. but as the pictures and the videos that we saw earlier today, i mean you see are just people just running the streets of tripoli caused quite a bit of chaos. or we spoke to a official and the ministry of interior earlier. he confirmed that people left the center when we asked him, was it an escape? you know what happened? he was very careful not to answer his. he wouldn't say if it was a release or an escape, i think we might see looking authorities on the next call in the next day, or to say that they released these people due to a lack of resources just to try to cover up maybe take advantage of the situation, but really a migrant refugees is, are people that are leaving, you know, poverty, they're leaving war in their countries of origin. are some come to libya to find out, you know,
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find work and to try to provide for their families back home. others live is a long been a transit up for african migrants trying to reach european shores. others do try to make the trip the dangerous trip across the mediterranean sea. the watching the news, our life from london much more still ahead on this program. 187 hostages, rescued from a forest in nigeria is i'm far a state where they've been held by armed bandits for weeks. as the nobel committee recognizes investigative journalists, russia has more independent media to it's growing. foreign agent list and in sport fi breaks out a venue preparing jose, one of europe's top football teams. ah, well, the nobel peace prize has been awarded to journalists from the philippines and russia, who braved the raf of that presidents to expose corruption and misrule. maria rasta
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and dmitri myrtle were declared, joint winners of the prize that fight to defend freedom of expression or a challenge. now, reports from oslo. a recognition for 2 journalists from countries where investigative reporting is always difficult, and sometimes deadly. miss reza and mister murata, are receiving the peace prize for their courageous high for freedom of expression in the philippines. in russia, maria ressa with her digital platform, rapper. she's investigated, president rodrigo deterred a violent anti drug campaign knocked off. i read it still sha fewer as editor in chief with the newspaper of i guess yetter. there are many aspects of russia's politics, corruption, and crime. the dmitri murat of hasn't looked into over the years. 6 colleagues have been murdered for their work. that he honored them. if the premier occupant,
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of course this awarded for anna political sky, eureka eager domco, anastasio, but rover stuff markle off natasha as to moreover, our foreign colleagues who gave their lives for the profession. i am not the right beneficiary of this prize. the rules me maria resar, is also suffered harassment. intimidation, told al jazeera of her worries for journalism in the age of social media. when news organizations last id keeping howard technology platforms are. those platforms advocated responsibility for the public sphere and back has made facts debatable because the data facts and my eyes are actually treated equally. in fact, the algorithms of the world's largest distributor, a news facebook. actually, a feverish light laced with anger in act spread faster and there's been tracks for some who watched the nobel peace prize and it's regular controversies closely. this
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year's decision is a welcome one. i think this was bull's eye. it's a obviously, well, the served and it's 2 candidates that, that bulls have done exceptional work in their home countries. but this is all surprised that speaks to the larger issue, the larger issue of press freedom, a larger issue, affect countering fake news, and welcome news too, for those hoping to see more women winning an award that seldom come their way. since the swedish industrialist alfred nobel founded the nobel prizes and the late 19th century behalf only be 17 individual female winners of the peace prize. maria theresa is the 18th, a small step towards correcting a pretty big gender imbalance. i asked barrick rice anderson why there are so few. we have always paid attention to the way them versus a in the time where there was
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a much worse and quality situation than it is today. lots of a difficult time live with continued the woman in selecting these to win as the nobel committee has made a statement. it says freedoms of information, an expression matter they matter to democracy, they matter to piece. and so the matter to billions of us rory talents al jazeera osler. i can now speak to tar, clara carmine, a yamani human rights activist, janice and politician who joined. he won the nobel peace prize in 2011. so as a recipient of the prize, can i ask about the difference? this is made to your walk again. thank you, maria. for this, i want to congratulate you and every woman and every man who defended human rights and who is the know interesting. and depending on experience,
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right, this is, you know, the winning or maria theresa. so if it had been to morocco for 3 bits for the press and the struggle with them of expression. so winning nobel peace prize is a very big privilege under the big international. the nation, the committee, every organization, every one on the plan to do the, the justice rides and $22.00 democracy to be there around the world. so, for me to know, i mean, i forgive, you know, give up my struggle for fishing, for one of the derives for democracy. and i'm sure it will be the same thing for
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the mary. and speaking of dmitri, obviously, we see that freedom of speech in russia is come under increasing precious. similarly, in the case of maria rest are in the philippines. she and members of a team have been charged with multiple crimes, including tax evasion and fraud. in your opinion does, is that a risk that winning this prize can put one security more risk or does it offer some kind of protection look at when you talk about human rights to defend those who put their life on the risk before the winning open piece right, so they don't why they don't care about the risk before and winning not be surprised. or after winning noble surprise, they did the great war and then open to try to give them more responsibility. yes, if you will give them some kind of protection because this is an international
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issue, but more than that is what's about the about their struggling all well, the world will be been struggling in the countries around the world to see them of solutions for human rights in general, now they had to miss, you know, black form and yesterday, now well known and we are so brown again, but they will have a look if you know, challenges in front of been the 1st challenge. they will face like the same, but they had, i, since i went over to strive, you know, yesterday was the 10th birthday when nobody writes for me. so 10 years of wanting open to strive to me is going to be a, you know, be ignorance mixing and also the conspiracy on the international community and from the some of the western government to service
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in our region. so yes, you disagree with the nation. unfortunately, we fear big, big challenges when the international community, when the western government, man, but they are democrats, they ally against they make known as human rights defenders and also has not been crazy naughty. it's, we are alone in our back to, depending on human rights, on the exclusions on women's rights. now you see how the world, how the international community, how those things that align with the dictators in our region for, for example, how they receive the 10 man get to the grounds of that would be autumn, desired only because we've been, you know, those 2 to 3 can to saudi land. they way to we'll
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talk again and count against our ambition and against our struggle and against us. you know, august me as silicon against, you know, you know, defenders against novelty. it's still so we, i don't loan unfortunately, but i feel that maria mystery and if people like, then we will be one hand facing this for the jury and regina facing the know the segments of the, of the world. the no, no. of all of this hatred of this one will be wish we should be one voice. we will continue our, our 2nd. we will not give up as we didn't give up before winning open to surprise without any kind of care and up to the no winning. no, nope. and he says,
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and i think they, unlike me, i am on the thing that i hate, you know, to me and i am so that the, the chiron c as any me. so i think they, they will continue their work. we have a very big responsibility, young as noble to strive to continue our struggle with the world doing that or without being good. that's so thank you. thanks to nobel prize, call me a good political canadian of our flag. and that we have a really a really big kelly, but the one who b side with bit of bad news look lot with what you say. it's not just about winning the prize itself. it's important for the international community to really support those recipients of the prize our call carmen. thank you very much for joining us. i appreciate it. thank you so much. now the on human rights offer says that it
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fears me and mars military is planning a large scale, offensive targeting the resistance movements that oppose february's qu, is reportedly been a heavy build up of troops and internet shout downs in chin. sa, gang, and mcg, weight states. country has been racked by unrest since the elected government of unsung suit. she was ousted more serious combat in rural areas, close to its northwest and border. there had been reports of mass arrests as well as torture and summary executions. military clearance operations have involved the use of artillery barrages and air strikes against villages. the internet shut downs have also meant that millions of people have lost the means to communicate with each other and to obtain information necessary for their survival. and this has cast an information blackout over potential abuses. now nigerian security forces say at least the $187.00 hostages, who are being held by armed bandits in the north of the country have been freed hostages, who included babies were rescued from
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a forest and some forest stay where they'd been hell for many weeks. i, jerry and forces recently launched a major security operation against kidnappers in the state, shutting down mobile phone networks and restricting gatherings. we can now speak to david otto account, a terrorism expert at the geneva center for africa, security, and strategic studies in a buddha. first we'll do, we have any information about the, the situation in the, the condition of the hostages. now, i think we know that the host is in a very poor situation. marian of because of course they to be in on that the, you know, the keeping of these are known funding very long time. so i think now what is more important, at least for them to be able to be reunited your families. but of course, after going through a medical checkups to ensure that you know, they have these. ok, i mean very and this has been a national disaster be described by many you know, what the numbers see on the mind which people have been kicked not to the kick. now
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press up, sped, anyone, military personnel can these traditional news. and that's, you mentioned, children have been taken hostage by these families, you know, and then asking for ransom, you know, so i think what the nigerian government has done now is to take a very strong stand and refuse to be around some they've now, you know, caught the supply chain of some of these families, you know, by refusing people to supply them with food and 12 and weapons. it's also been able to shut down again, as i mentioned, the move i to the food network, which is the thought was as a result of, you know, produce some counter intelligence, you know, to the bands who are always informed when the nigerian military over that during these wants to launch an operation. so you know, all these measures that the government is taking place, including i think they're in a new flight zone and also somehow, you know, what?
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restricting and movements and gatherings. if i ask you why, i mean you have these long term issues, the security forces not being funded properly, unemployment and then access to guns. but why? why is the government struggling to prevent these abductions from taking place? i think one of the reasons why the government struggle these because it has been a miscommunication and on coordination up and also different approaches between the government, the federal government and also the state government. i think while some of the states, especially in the north west, in the north central preferred to have a dialogue with the bodies you know, prepared to pay around. so when people that kick not the federal government says, you know, they want to use, they had metal. and there has been a breach of communication there. and that has allowed to, you know, a gap which these bindings have exploited. nothing. what the government,
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the federal government has done now, is to ignore some of the state measures. and they've gone directly to employing a strategic operation that will deny these bindings. you know, one of the free space that they've had, you know, within that location that i have to also mentioned marin, that it's important to note that the areas where these boundaries with freight is actually huge. i mean, chessboard as written here. so it's also very difficult, you know, for the government forces to track down these bonds. but that is not an excuse on, i think that, you know, this is been linked up by the federal government. thank you very much. david attorney, a blue jack. thank you. with an ease ally from london still had america's top to come out vows. class cooperation with mexico. countries never ending drug war activists hang 600 white handkerchiefs on rios cover. cabana beach is brazil's corona virus death. toll passes 600000 and we'll hear from one of new
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cars, the united new owners. as fans hope an air of success is about again ah, there are 2 distinct things visible from space where the fact is over europe, the circulation of the adria to this arkin clad that is really incoming autumn. that will make it so felt more rather more the next couple of days now for saturday . this lows expanding, bringing rain as far sciences. so sardinia and probably the north coast of africa. right east, as far as a romania, even a touch or hint of snow's been snow. ashby, in the austrian terrill from this same system, but it's a bit more spread out in a wall. so it's not as dramatic as it was up in the north west where the story is different. now we've had flooding in italy. we've had the border ne v gail reading
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gust of a 120 kilometers bread on the creation coast that's weakening. now the range is more concentrating, albania, and probably western greece. this is during sunday to keep moving that general direction with the cold behind it, cold enough and under the snow, even in the balkans just for time split. of course, she's 19 degrees in not being quite so high. that is the incoming autumn. it's been quite warmly from london through copenhagen the last few days. but this will change things bring temperatures back down to normal, rain, ready in scandinavia and scotland, but attempt to drop a bit more widespread. ah, france ones that have lost empire spending several continents.


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