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a duke. well, house with the stories we don't often hear told by the people who lived them. mothers bring to be. this is europe on al jazeera. ah. i sill in afghanistan says it carried out a suicide bombing at a shia mosque in condos province, which killed at least 60 people. this as the united nations warns there are just weeks to act to stop a humanitarian catastrophe. that could see at least a 1000000 children die from severe malnutrition. ah, hello, i'm sorry, i'm noisy in london, you're watching algae 0. so coming up on the program,
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the battle is worth the personal sacrifice. it's worth journalist, maria, russia. and dmitri moreton, when the nobel peace prize for fighting for freedom of expression in the philippines and russia, ah, and at least 5 people, shot dead is refugees and migrants escape from a crowd to detention center in libya. ah, we're gonna be your license and our top story in a moment. the targeting of shall worshippers at a mosque in afghanistan 1st. so we have a live event to bring you in mexico. whether your sub tree sate anthony blinking in the mexican foreign minister or seller abroad are speaking now from the secretary of state. the attorney general,
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i'm and from the secretary of hope, all no representatives of the us government that we have a relation and wish mexico's priorities are the same. have the same level of priority as the ones from the united states today is something. this is something that we can say something that we did not have before. for mexico, we must prioritize violence, homicides, providing opportunity for development. for young people we are addressing the root causes of all of the issues that we are facing. and these priorities have been taken into account. in this document, we see a translation of a system, an institutional system to follow up on this agreement. this agreement is not a declaration, it's a path to be taken that is verifiable and that will provide results. we have to present on december 1st. our yearly plan. what are we going to do from december 1st?
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2021 to december 1st, 2022nd. at the end of january, by next year we have to lay down on paper, write down on paper. what we're going to do in the next 3 years, so verifiable, transparent towards our citizen when he returns to summarizing the years. this is not a limited cooperation. this is a partnership that is superior qualitatively speaking. a partnership with people that you trust and respect. partnership cannot be done otherwise. mm hm. so respect, co responsibility and reciprocity. partnership between mexico and the united states and matters of security, public health and safe communities. this is one day.
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notice you will see that there are 3 within broad objects to protect our people, to prevent crime in the border region to dismantle criminal organizations. to create and media memorandums, imo used to reduce addiction to drugs and the harm related to them. this is the 1st time that we do something like this in our history, in an m o. u to launch the program for control of report containers by national working group on chemical precursors, including joint work in terms of supporting what mexico is doing and forensics to locate it is people who have disappeared in. so this is an agreement that will be memorable. he due to its content and due to the fact that it translates for
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our pupils for our societies, the coincidences that both administrations, both governments have thank you so much to be us delegation and especially the secretary of state mr. antony blinking. who will have before can assist with pleasure to be here with you, with your entire delegation in ours. i think the spirit of collaboration of teamwork, a partnership was as strong as i've ever felt it. in working, working with united states and mexico and its wonderful community, back in mexico, my last visit was actually a virtual one or one of the 1st visits i did when we 1st took office. but i think even a brief time here is a demonstration that there is no substitute for being together in person or
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2 countries. mexico, the united states share so much more than a border. we share a history which i had the opportunity to see this morning in the incredibly evocative bureaus of diego rivera. i think, well, that's enough to know. and i had something i will never forget, which was a personal commentary on the murals and on the history of mexico, vice president lopez overall. it was for me, it's a truly extraordinary moment. i'm so grateful to him for taking the time and sharing so much about his knowledge of mexico's history and the history that unites our country's cultural economic ties. the bonds of course, between our communities and families. the relationship between our governments is wide ranging and complex. every single day we are working together on an
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incredibly broad range of issues from congress to climate, from public health, to public education, torsion to regional diplomacy. maintaining that relationship and strengthening it, demands constant candid dialogue at every level requires seizing opportunities and adapting to new challenges. and that's exactly what we did today with the high level dialogue. and i'm tempted to say i agree with everything. marcello said, because i do, it was a very accurate and important description of what we of the work we did today. and i have to say the relationship that we demonstrated today the the trust that is there between us. i'd like to say if i can more so i think that's the kind of relationship we've been able to build these past 9 months for which i'm really, really grateful for. so as you all know this morning,
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together with the attorney general garland, secretary of homeland security, my august deputy treasury secretary adriano and other senior officials from our administration. we started the day with the chance to meet with president of whatever we touched on. again, the very broad range of issues that are so crucial to our relationship, including security, including migration, the economy covered 19 the climate crisis and, and after that with the executive ard and our colleagues, we had a very productive 1st meeting of the high level security dialogue where we launched the us mexico bicentennial framework on security, public health and communities. now that might sound like a mouthful and it is, but it is rooted in the idea that we have a shared responsibility as neighbors and as partners to improve security for the people of our, of our nations. that's what it boils down to. and it marks the beginning of
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a new chapter in mexico, u. s. security cooperation. one that will see us working as equal partners in defining and tackling share priorities. one that seeks to address the root causes of the security challenges that we face, including an equity corruption. impunity, and one that does that. not only by modernizing law enforcement, but also strengthening public health, rule of law and broader based economic opportunity. there are 3 pillars to this framework, which i just want to very briefly describe. the 1st is protecting the health and safety of the people of our nations. often in the past, we've tried to do this by relying too much on security forces into little and other tools in our kit. of course, law enforcement has a critical role to play in reducing homicides and other serious crimes. but it's efforts have to be mentioned by investments in going you can on the opportunity,
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particularly for underserved communities in regions. that happens to be a central focus of the high level of economic dialogue that we launched a few weeks ago in washington. and it is crucial to giving mexican and american workers the tools they need to compete in the 21st century economy. our efforts also have to include substance abuse prevention, treatment, recovery support to help those struggling with addiction. to reduce the profound harm that illicit drugs inflict on our communities and to reduce demand and our governance agree that protecting our people means protecting human rights. and that means establishing effective mechanisms to assure that abusers are held accountable, which is critical to earning the trust of communities. showing up again the rule of law and giving victims the justice they deserve. it's more solar notice we're, we're expanding through our partnership efforts for resolving tens of thousands of cases of disappearances and missing persons in mexico. that is one example of how
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we can work toward this broader goal together. it could help bring closure to families, as they search for their loved ones and impunity for offenders. the 2nd bill is under venting trafficking across borders. we know that reducing arms trafficking is a priority from mexico. as many of the illicit weapons in this country come from the united states. and we're committed to deepening our collaboration on arms, tracy, on investigations on prosecutions, to disrupt the supply, russell collaborating and fighting human smoking and trafficking organizations. as well as drug trafficking organizations, which perpetuate cycles of violence and human suffering. finally, the 3rd pillar of the framework focuses on pursuing transnational criminal networks . we will deepen our collaboration to combat money laundering and other forms of corruption, particularly as these listen organizations are growing more nimble and exploiting
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financial systems will be making our justice systems more effective at investigating and prosecuting organized crime and increasing cooperation on expeditions. we agree to build better metrics as well so that we can track all of these goals and hold ourselves accountable to the delegation that represented the united states government in today's high level dialogue, including the attorney general structure of homeland security, the deputy sector, the treasury in and of itself reflects how seriously we take our shared responsibility to deliver security for our people and the comprehensive tools that we are bringing to bear to do that. but crucial as this new framework is, we want the mexico us relationship to the about more much more than migration and security. instead, it has to reflect the full range of issues where we share interests and we share values, including the environment, agriculture technology, energy trades, supply chains, and the innovative ideas that we came up with at the 1st level,
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economic dialogue. the next months and years could the transformation in realizing the full potential of the mexico us relationship and delivering in concrete ways for our people were committed to working with our mexican partners to make that happen. thank you very, very much good. i said with those put it on to the left brain to me and i go that up with a has a part of a i want to know a border security will be a real good for a harder for mike with over. i'm will that more resources be fun to central america pilot programs such as a
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thank you and have a happy to sir. we are determined to have border that is vibrant. that is a connection between our countries between our people. commerce are truly living living thing because these connections are so important to both of us,
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but it also has to be safe, orderly, you mean in terms of the way we deal with illegal migration? we're doing a lot of things together and also on our part to, to move more effectively in that direction including working to strengthen our own asylum system so that we can deal much more effectively rapidly. and you mainly with those who have putting forward assign claims. and we're also working to expand legal pathways, which is so critical for migration. and of course, we will uphold the rule of law. so much of what we've been doing as well, has been in collaboration, cooperation with mexico. and i have to tell you how grateful we are for that
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because we face a challenge that in many ways is i think, unique with tremendous pressure from illegal migratory flows coming in different ways of different parts of the the hemisphere irregular migration. again, for very, for understandable reasons, shall come to in a minute. we see not only in the northern triangle, but also of course, recently 80 countries in the region that have have had large asian origin populations as well. and potentially other challenges to come so much of this driven by economic challenges, which have been exacerbated by coven 19 as well as well as security challenges. and other challenges i think is we've been working so closely together on this one of the understanding that we have that we,
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that we share 2 things even as we're making sure that we have an approach that ensures that it say it's orderly, it's you mean that we uphold the law, we have to do 2 things. and this is what the united states and mexico are working together. one, we have to tackle the root causes of regular migration. even if we're dealing with the immediate challenges, ultimately the only solution is to deal with the root causes. because again, it is not as if most people from wherever they are, wake up one morning and say, wouldn't it be a great thing to leave everything i know behind my family, my community, my, my culture, my language, everything. and make this incredibly hazardous journey and come to try to come to the united states and also by the way,
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not be able to get there. there are very powerful drivers that give people a sense that they have no choice. we have to be able to address that. i think fundamentally it's about economic opportunity and demonstrating to people that they can have a livelihood. they can have the possibility of providing for themselves for their families, for their futures at home. and we're working on that together. the 2nd thing i'll say is that i think mexico in the united states also believe strongly that we have to have a stronger regional approach to this challenge. that there has to be a greater sense and a greater practical application of the notion of shared responsibility. and there are 2 are countries are working together to do that? right so we've just been listening to you as a, as the blank and speaking alongside the mexico. formative. see you see them
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marcella. abroad an attempt to revive the relationship between the u. s. in mexico . in order to tackle key issues, crime drugs, illegal integration, people smuggling, as you caring from blank in that u. s. once mexico to do more to crack down on illegal immigration to the united states, undocumented migrants reaching that border has hit to the highest level in over 2 decades. in recent times, mexico for its part is pushing the united states to take action to prevent the flow of illegal guns in to mexico, which is obviously fueling the, the crime and drugs wave. so let's go to money roughly in mexico city. now, how is the fraying relationship between the u. s. and mexico affected their ability to take on that the powerful drug cartels? what is that? what is the point of what we're seeing here today? i think that's one of the biggest challenges for both sides of these delegations
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from the united states and mexico. mariam, this sort of divergence in the strategy that mexico's been implementing for the last few years here in mexico compared to the strategy that the united states wishes that mexico was implementing here. now these high level talks have now concluded we were just listening that press conference. and as you mentioned, those many, many wide ranging topics, there really is a lot to one pack and a lot to be discussed over the course of, of this morning in only just a few hours. and, and it's brings us back to, to this point that the foreign minister of mexico said that this is not an agreement that's been settled and finalized today. this is merely an agreement on the next steps that are going to be taken for a larger, more wide, reaching a framework of negotiations framework of cooperation between the 2 countries. there was mention of a bilateral cooperation on coven, 19 relief. there was mention about immigration, obviously reopening the border between the united states and mexico, which has been closed since last year. which has sort of offended the traditional asylum process and turning immigration on its head for both countries. but
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certainly the central point, the central theme of these attacks that are taking place that of that finish now in mexico is security cooperation. the announcement of the so called us mexico bicentennial framework for security, public health and safe communications. it's quite a mouthful to say there is no acronym as of yet. but as we heard from you as secretary of state antony blinking, saying that, you know, part of the reason for this long name and is that it is so far reaching it. and it sort of speaks to the shared responsibility that both countries have on a number of wide raging issues. but on the topic of security, what's been announced is the end of the medi di initiative. this is a security strategy that was signed between the united states and mexico and 2008, following the launch of the mexican drug war. this was an agreement that was initially signed between former mexican president philly because they don't. and former us president george w bush and what a lot of people here are saying. many security analysts say that after $3000000000.00 was spent, the united states ascending aid equipment training security forces in mexico. the
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plan itself failed violence in the country, has spiraled its plateaued over the last 5 years. but mexico continues to average more than $35000.00 violent deaths every year. so many see that that initiative is failing. and what we heard from both delegations, today's that is that the medi, the initiative is dead. it is now being replaced by this new bicentennial framework for cooperation between the united states and mexico. and another kind of interesting aspect that we're hearing for many political analysts, security experts, is that this may be an attempt by the united states to sort of rekindle that security relationship that existed between the 2 countries. that sort of dissolved over the past year. over the past couple of years. there is still a lot that needs to be worked out, particularly from mexico asking the united states do more in terms of stopping the illegal flow of weapons. entering mexico from the united states for the united states to share some of that responsibility, some of the burden of when it comes to immigration. but overall,
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the conclusion here, the, the, the sort of final sentiment is that this is a step toward re strengthening the relationship between the 2 countries. and this is only one round of negotiations as there will be more to sort of finalize this larger framework with talks that are expected to take place early next year in the united states. thank you. l. a. now, a to a story that we have been following, either the posse, as at least 60 people, have been killed in northern afghanistan in the deadliest attack. since foreign forces pulled out of the country at the end of august, a suicide while mentality to fight a pres it as she r mosque and condos. and during hundreds of people, i still in afghanistan has claimed responsibility for this attack hash. my old barra reports on this story now from his on a sheriff. oh, these are the moments after a bomb blast to through mos backed with worshippers. security officials
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say a suicide bomber managed to get inside before blowing himself up, killing and enduring scores of people i sell in afghanistan has claimed responsibility comedy. the mos is in the town of hannah bad in condis city. that's hell to many members of the she are has are a minority. i will just come to buy jumbled. come up with a loaner, but what it was around $140.00 p. m. all the muslims had gathered in the mosque for friday. prayers. and when i heard the explosion, i was near by and what i saw was just like the end of the world wise is happening to the muslims, which religion should we adopt with is nothing like this and killing muslims is forbidden. believe god, i can't even talk anymore. i can't tell you how many dead bodies i've shifted in my vehicle. there was no angelos. my god, have mercy on all muslims. i'm glad he got on. it's one of the worst i said attacks since the taliban take over. as foreign forces were leaving a late august,
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the armed group also claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at campbell airport. more than a 183 people were killed, including 13 your soldiers. i sail later said it was behind a series of attacks targeting the taliban in general, abandoned kabul. the taliban launched a crack down and arrested dozens of i sell fighters in those cities. taliban officials say they are determined to eradicate their rivals. violence has increased over the last few days. the taliban next move is going to be closely monitored by the afghan people and the international community. the united states is expecting the taliban to deliver on a promise made in the 2020 doe hug. we're meant to prevent i sail from building a base in afghanistan. the blasting condos underscores the growing challenges the
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taliban now faces. since he took over the country in august, the taliban prize itself on providing secure and stable environment. but the attacks in july labatte cobble adult this one in condos will increase anxieties among the afghan people. hash mobilizes either mazata sharif. let's go live now to stephanie deka is in the afghan capital cobble and losing devastating scenes from inside that mosque. stephanie that the shia have long been targeted and persecuted in the country. tell us more about reaction that to this attack. that's why we've had a reaction, a statement from the taliban spokesperson condemning the attack and saying that the perpetrators will be brought to justice. and as, as we know now, it's been claimed as expected, somewhat by ice. ok. and as you mentioned again, it's a long string of optic and attacks over the last couple of weeks or so they were
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1st focus more in july labatte in the east of, of canis dawn. and then here in kabul significantly last sunday, when a suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance of the mall square, senior members of the taliban were gathered security at that venue was very tight carried out by the budget brigade. this is the taliban special forces. they still managed to get there one man blowing himself up and now this devastating attack and condos on, on a, on a she em all square the suicide bomb actually managed to get inside. so it raises the question, you know, the taliban is set has one card that it plays, which is that it can provide security. that security has been so much better in the country since it's came to power. we now have this sort of unpredictable spade of attacks the, the group, the taliban have up. they are that say, you know, a campaign against them even before there was the, the claim on sunday, last sunday against cobble talbot in, went and did a sort of search and had an exchange of fired,
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killed 3 ice. okay. members. so they were very clear, i think before even the claim came, who was responsible. but it seems a challenge. what happened just a couple of months ago too. before they came into cobble, they really slow to prisoners including hardened ice. okay. fighters and that disappeared among the people. so the concerns that, you know, have sleeper cells, ah, you know, in certain areas of afghanistan also here in cobble. and it is a, it's a challenge. and as you heard in the nation's report, you know, as international community is looking at the taliban to get things under control to full, more in line about what was agreed in doha to release as many as dollars of cash. but security is a major issue. so i think a certainly a challenge of moving forward, and of course you're seeing she is targeted before in actually before the withdrawal of foreign troops, a maternity ward of a hospital was targeted also school for as our girls. the taliban explained exactly what steps they will take to against the i so group to try and prevent these
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attacks from, from happening. they haven't broken it down. they say that they will eradicate them and they do play down the threatened, the sense that they're trying to give an image that it is under control. they realize that there is an issue, but i think, you know, if you talk, if you talk to experts have been monitoring this. they believe that they're perhaps more i sal fighters out there than previously thought. also there is the possibility of recruitment the taliban. of course fighters, many young fighters have been in the mountains for years. that is the only language really they know many of them now coming to cobble just having to man checkpoints or you know, just be on the street protecting certain things. many of them potentially overtime, particularly the economy, so bad, even the town of odds and can't pay their own fighters. people will say there's a concern for potential recruitment you were talking about the persecution of minorities. if this is not something you are the has ours have been attacked before by i. so k, by the taliban, you now have the taliban. that used to be the insurgency group. mary,
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they are now in power. they are now running the country and they're now having to deal with the kinds of attacks that they used to carry out themselves. so certainly i think challenges ahead. thank you very much. stephanie decker and cobble to campaigning journalists of won the nobel peace prize. maria rest. so who is the 1st filipino to win the prizes face multiple legal cases for her work? she and dmitri myrtle from russia's no via guys, yet 10 years paper. we're honored for that work which the price committees that helps protect abuses of power lies and will propaganda. russia at the prize reflected the difficulties her profession was facing there. it's never been, it's hard to be a journalist as it, it's a, this is my 30 year as a journalist and imagine in the philippine government file 10 arrest warrants against me in less than 2 years. i've never lived do anything like that. and i guess the well.


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