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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2021 6:30pm-7:00pm AST

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as also only yesterday that the forecasts will do a few more showers in that area, but the worst is probably further west and mainly in the higher ground. still that all injected moisture from that cyclic of many days ago. otherwise it's a fairly dr. pictures, route ravia implants that the shem miles picked up again, slightly dusty hot, strong. when that last for a few days, and a hint more than that of incoming winter from central asia of in tashkent at 14 degrees and do shown by at 12 degrees as well below average temperature wise as snow light fall as far south as source, what valley in northern pakistan and maybe obviously on the north mountains of afghanistan. otherwise, dr. picture, the wind across the caspian, not as strong as it was, is take you ahead to sunday. still the shamar blows. it's 41 degrees in q 8 and 14, doha. these are high temperatures and is normal for this time of the year that a moisture so from that cycling would you some significant, shallow think in well djibouti and also the european highlands.
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ah, ah, al jazeera world, sweet said she, dizzy and family facing agonizing choices. and an uncertain future they had become a type, had enough of it, and i want to move to another country. disillusioned with life in a struggling economy can be and my dream was to become a lawyer or a judge. i really wanted that what the circumstances a tennessee and family high hopes, desperate lives on al jazeera in the country with an abundance of resource trade are and why indonesia, whose firms, for me, we move full to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs.
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invest, let be part when denise is. ready growth and progress. invest even easier. now, lou ah, you're on the news on here at al jazeera, these are the top stories. afghan officials say at least 60 people have been killed in a bomb attack. at a sheer mosque in condos, no group has claimed responsibility, but the taliban has been dealing with a growing threat. posed by iso. the nobel peace prize has been awarded to journalists, margareta and dmitri mood itself. he missed the committee, chairwoman berry, grace anderson commanded them for their fearless journalists. nigerian security forces say they freed, at least a 187 hostages,
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held by armed gangs in the north and stayed at some fara. they were rescued from a forest where they had been held for several he was secretary state antony, blinkin, and other top officials. i'm eating mexico's president and their counterparts and mexico city. the goal of these talks is to try to reduce violence, drugs and gun running across the border. li agreement on addressing bonnets back in 2008 failed to produce any results. let's go to manuel wrap low in mexico city. i say there, but you know, these things, drugs running and, and, and weapons as well. i mean, it is a major issues. they don't get solved quickly. absolutely not come all. and while transnational crime and bilateral efforts to combat drug cartels is certainly going to be of a big topic, there are other topics that will be discussed as well. these talks have kicked off here in mexico city with a, a meet and greet between the u. s. and mexican delegations,
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the mexican president would participate in the opening remarks, adding that there will be a lot of ground covered from bilateral coven response between the u. s. and mexico . immigration is obviously going to be a big topic of conversation as well as reopening the border between the united states, mexico, which has remain closed since last year. but of course, the main theme here is security. establishing a new bilateral, secure security agreement between the 2 countries. and this is a bit of a mouthful, but what is being touted is the us mexico bicentennial framework for security, public health and safe communications, which unfortunately does not lend itself a very well to an acronym. but security experts here, mexico are largely seen. this is as an effort by the united states to have a bit more influence here in mexico when it comes to the countries efforts to cur, back violence. but there's little faith that both delegations are going to be able to come to an agreement at least for now have a look. ah, more than 300000 people have been killed in mexico since the start of the us led
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war on drugs in 2006. and today mexico continues to make headlines as one of the most dangerous countries in latin america. since 2006 through to these days, most of the violence is drug related and it has become a much difference violence compared to what we had in previous years. for over a decade the response to worsening violence has been a bilateral security strategy between the united states and mexico known as the meda initiative, an agreement that was signed in 2008 between former mexican president philippe cal did on and former us president george w bush, since its inception, mexico has received more than $3000000000.00 worth of us aid for security measures, along with training and equipment aimed at curbing transnational crime and reducing violence. there was a big effort to train police officers, which was carried out all over mexico municipal state and federal police officers.
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so if you, if you depart from the baseline of training of developing institutional capacities, there have been the number of baby steps if you want to say of some tiny successes that have been changed one of to the other. 13 years after the agreement was signed . critics say the strategy has failed. there were $23290.00 homicides reported in mexico in just the 1st 8 months of this year, according to statistics from the nonprofit group gal sign commune. and while the homicide rate over the past 5 years shows that violence has begun to plateau, mexico continues to average more than $35000.00 violent deaths every year. desperate to reduce violence nationwide mexican officials recently declared an end to the medi di initiative. adding that mexico and the us would work toward a new bilateral strat. some analysts, however, warned that a new agreement won't be easy to reach. i don't think the,
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the are ready. i'm of this point to come to terms. i don't know, the americans are going to be very stronger than very i'm willing to impose some sort of agreement on the as there is an agreement of mine's, there is very little that can be accomplished. and unfortunately, i don't see that that coming together. ah, very likely in 24 hours, while the u. s. has shown a willingness to negotiate on a new bilateral security arrangement. mexican leaders have said, cooperation will only be possible if the u. s. does more to stem the flow of illegal weapons crossing the border into mexico. both countries have stated their commitment to curbing violence. admitting that a drastically new approach is necessary, what's uncertain is if willingness alone will be enough to finally turn a corner on the most violent period in mexico's history. now these talks are
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expected to continue at the throughout the course of the morning here in mexico with a press conference arriving somewhere at around noon here local time. but again, a lot of ground to cover, mexico's president said in the morning during his morning press conference, that whatever the outcome is, it will surely be a quote strengthened relationship between the united states and mexico. okay, come on manual reply. thank you. we'll be back with my, my laser after that news conference with secretary blinking the european commission is warned of possible sanctions if poland doesn't respect e, you law, pollens talk court rolled that a you institutions shouldn't interfere with the polish judiciary. it's a challenge to the supremacy of e, you law over nationals, which is a key principle of the union. raise questions as well as poland future and the block and it's access to e. you funding all rulings by the european court of justice are binding on all member states authorities, including national courts. you law has primacy over national
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law, including constitutional provisions. this is what all you members, states have signed up to. as members of the european union, we will use all the powers that we have under the treaties to ensure this. this court ruling though, just the latest dispute between poland and the e. u. the block has criticized the polish government for what it sees as a rolling back of civil liberties. like in 2017 poland creator down institution for disciplining judges and prosecutors and e, you called or to pollen to dissolve it, saying it undermined the rule of law. in 2019 several polish regions passed resolutions condemning what they called l g b t. ideology. the european commission threatened to pull fundings a violated a you laws against discrimination. and earlier this year, poland passed a media law that prevents non you companies from holding a controlling stake. in polish media outlets, the government says it needed to curb the influence of hostile foreign powers. but
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again, the e. u came, commission said that could undermine freedom of the press or take pritzky is the editor in chief of visegrad, to insight a political magazine and says, this ruling may help the government consolidate its power. we know from the ruling of the european court of human rights, that the tribunal does not meet the criteria of an independent court. and it is politically influenced by the politicians. we know that from the ruling, and we know that from the journalistic reporting of the type of relationship that the top officials of this tribunal half with the sitting party officials. and it's clearly a political interest here rather than the rule of law. this ruling suspends the act of activity of something. the opposition calls the counselor on the polish
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traditional system in poland, a highly politicized chambers within the supreme court that undermine again the independence of the court system. and the european court of justice rules, in accordance with the polish regulations, with the polish constitutions, and taking into account the polish law in order to protect the independent. there is no unmovable objects here. there is a political position of the party that is deeply divided internally and 6 to consolidate on the polarization tactics. it's a political marketing tactics which has very serious consequences, of course, or poland into those europe. but it's merely merely death and nothing of conflict. of the legal of the, of the legal type of weight of the legal arguments protests have been held in indian administered kashmir against the killing of 2 school teachers.
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i. 6 am afraid is demanded justice following the attack insurance gown. thursday, gunman stormed a government run school and shot the teachers who belonged to minority communities . in the past week 7 civilians have been killed. 2 of lebanon's main public hospitals have scaled back their services because of a strike by staff demanding better pay. they have been affected by the countries unprecedented economic crisis, but seeing their salaries d value and inflation skyrocket. say no other reports now from bed, which this is the emergency room of the main public hospital in the lebanese capital. only patients with life threatening cases are being treated. members of staff have been on strike for nearly a week. the countries 2 year old economic crisis led to the collapse of the local currency, and that's why they want better pay to have him under the in la and on their, our salaries. and i not for
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a decent standard of living. we can't even afford to pay for transport to get work . we can survive any longer. they aren't the only ones struggling. many people have sunk into poverty and have no financial safety net. le him king. i don't think any one can afford to admit a patient in a private hospital any longer. i would have had to sell property or an organ or beg for money to be able to admit my mother in a private facility. that's why public hospitals are now at the forefront in providing health care. but they are under funded and long neglected by successive governments accused of corruption that led to the economic collapse. political parties that are, that are still in power to day as systematically destroyed the state and anti did oh, it's institutional capacity to provide services to all purpose in order for them to monopolize service provision. the nearly bankrupt state is also failing to pay its
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dues to the national social security fund that supposed to cover hospital fees for about $1600000.00 private sector employees and their families is a model for all. if we don't find solutions, people will start selling their homes to pay for their hospital bills. our fund is supposed to cover health care for a 3rd of the population. but with the devaluation of the currency, it's the citizens who are paying 90 percent of the bill that most of the government is also unable to buy diesel to run generators at public hospitals due to a severe electricity crisis. the united nations is putting the bill. hospitals are also struggling to secure medicines and retained staff and estimated 40 percent of doctors and 30 percent of nurses have left the country. the world health organization describes that exodus as alarming. those who remain say they like the system, are stretched beyond limit and unless their salaries are increased,
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medical services will be disrupted. than a hood or else rosita, beirut, japan's new prime minister. so me ok. see, there has promised to focus on leading the country out of the crisis caused by the pandemic. in his 1st policy speech, he called for cash payouts to companies, and people who have been hit hard by the outbreak or from scott hydra. it is 1st policy address and taking office japanese prime minister for me o key she'd have said that he's focused on leading his country out of the cove. 19 crisis to see the government majestically enhanced the capability for its caving 19 crisis response to strengthening the functions of government leadership restraining the flow of people, making legislative steps to secure medical resources, as well as developing domestic that seems in madison. a longstanding state of emergency issued to curb code 19 cases was lifted earlier this month. this as daily cases have fallen recently. his predecessor, yoshi, he de suca, saw
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a dramatic slide in support when case is searched. what the pandemic is not the only challenge the former foreign minister will be facing in his new job. security will also be front and center as tension between the u. s. and china is extremely high, especially over territory around taiwan. watson, usa and north korea has restarted testing its missile systems. he sheeta has indicated he's considering countering this regional tension with more force breaking with his countries defensive only military posture. some feel it might not be enough. he, she that mentioned just loose and lee that japan might need to develop strike capability rather than defensive capability. lay and time aside, defense, japan has that capability. but what if ah, does country like north korea has not only one chalk, a stick and chalk that a chart of me sigh. what depends on to do it? addressing the relationship with the regions top power, china kesha focused on stability and dialogue. joe kua on did it is important to
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build stable ties with china for both countries and the region as well as the international community. while working with countries with which we share universal values, we say what needs to be said to china and demand family. that it behave responsibly, we also will maintain dialogue and continue cooperating with them and tackling common issues. my. the new p. m will need to gain momentum and grow his support quickly. as his ruling liberal democratic party faces a general election on october 31st, it's got hardly al jazeera. your support is coming up on this news. i'm going to hear from one of newcastle, united new owners as fans hope an era of success is about to begin ah
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ah ah ah
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ah, for we get the sports, we're going to take you to new york comic cotton, which is one of the biggest pop culture conventions nighted states and it is back in business south to the corona virus forced it to go virtual. last year, kristen salumi has our border superheroes, an super villains joint forces to celebrate the return of comic con, where a culture once considered under ground goes way over the top. the people, the people are really what make comic con, so special. it's everyone that's just like the annual comic convention is back in new york after the corona virus pandemic forced it to go virtual last year
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and fans could not be happier. it's definitely great to be back because i haven't been to a gone in like 23 years. so this is definitely word that an amazing from last year to this is, was a relief list to be around all these people. even if coven safety requirements, pose costuming. challenges, i'm happy that i can, but you know, at the same time that we had the whole faith in order. a little cramps use out a little bit, but yeah, all attendees must be vaccinated as well. artists are just thrilled to have the business back. it's great with everyone's looking for the ones just for to get out like a true super villain. colvin kell comic on in 2020 for the pandemic, was actually good for comic book sales and graphic novel sales, which taught a record setting $1200000000.00 in north america. last year. comic con is where
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fans and publishers come to discover the next big thing. it's so exciting to hear feels like coming home again. all of the artists are kind of friends with each other. this is the way we all get to see each other. it's amazing to get to see our family again and to see the fans again after so long away. it's also a chance to see some old favorites. you can count on the old franchises to spin off new shows and story lines, not to mention merchandise and video games, which are also a big portion of the event. but ultimately it's the presence of the fans that is giving this long awaited return of comic con. it's happy and kristen salumi al jazeera new york. right now. time for look into sports. laura, come all. thank you so much. mercedes driver louis hamilton is sound pace ahead of sunday's turkish grand prix. the reigning formal one world champion, set a track record during practice on friday, and assemble hamilton will need to be out is best for the re says, hell have
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a tenant place that grid penalty after exceeding his seasons engine allocation. british driver currently leads to drivers championship by 2 points of match for stopping. struggled in practice was only 5th, quickest in the afternoon session. in so much good the result there, which is awesome. and oh, so it's made it much, much more enjoyable. talk to dr. much more like it was before newcastle, united fans are hoping a new era of successes, but to begin their club on thursday are $400000000.00. saudi arabian back takeover was completed. i'm going owner, mike. ashley says he rejected a higher bid, but believes he's acted in the best interests of newcastle. really improved the deal after receiving legally binding assurances that the savvy states would not be in control of the clock. premier league football is the best in the world. i'm newcastle united is the best team in the world, and we want to say got those trophies obviously
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a top of the premier league in europe, but to get trophies, it means investment patience time. and we want everybody just to work with us to build a club toward it, needs to be are important. barker has been following the story for us from newcastle, which, judging by the incredibly jubilant scenes outside the james's park on thursday night, the real hopa across the board is that this will mean of a huge reversal of newcastle united states for chiefs. they bumped around the bottom of the premier league for some time, faced the very real threats of relegation. the hope is, of course, that this massive cash injection will allow the club in the coming months, months to go on something of a spending spray bring again, top talent from elsewhere, allowing the club to hold on to the talent that it already has of cool. so be questions about saudi arabia's human rights record. have not gone away overnight and they're likely to continue joking the owners. so if they say a club for the foreseeable or we've heard from a teacher,
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jenkins sees the fiance of the motor journalist jamal i showed you use express her disappointment. and in this takeover describing it to sports washing of saudi arabia, simply a line against self to the glamorous glamorous premier league to kind of sweep the human rights issues a under the carpet. we know that one of the big issues between consol based being sports that has the right to broadcast the premier league in the middle east and north africa. i'm saudi arabia house being sold. saudi had been accused of pirating the premier league that now all seems or been resolved. but as i mentioned that when it comes to the issue of human rights that has not gone away. and it does, of course, race, some big, big questions about english will. will it also international football about what matters more to the fans, to the league itself? is the depth of an owner's pockets. or is it their integrity when it comes to things like human rights? fran staged a dramatic come back to book a spot in the final,
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the way for nations league. there are sent me final against belgium. look to be over at how time as they went in to nail down at a goal from cream. ben zima just passed the hour and then a kilian about the penalties soon after level things up. belgium thought they'd snatched victory late on, but roman conklin effort was ruled off side. france then scored a last minute winner through feel hernandez. cecilia 3 to the world champions will face spain in the final to me you must who know so did monk dell, one of the best teams in the world and in europe. or you have to recognize the quality, the strengths of this belgian team. but despite everything, the situation has happened before that i've already seen it. it's complicated, but there is quality in the french tea. little obviously in this match, things worked out in our favor and i'm very proud and very happy for my players. me . yeah, brazil fought back to beat venezuela 31 and south american world cup qualifying to maintain their perfect record. playing without suspended name are the 5 time world
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cup winners trail bottom of the table, then as well until the 71st minute. when marchin yost leveled the match in caracas, gabriel barbosa put his team ahead from the county spot 6 minutes from time. debutante anthony sealed the wind and stop his time. brazil now have 9 winds from his many qualifiers then lead the standings by 8 points from argentina global america champions, argentina had a night to forget in their qualifier against paraguay mismatch finish goess. despite the presence of lena massey, argentine are still unbeaten, but they've drawn 4 of their 9 games. top 4 teams in this group will go through to the finals, automatically. ivory coast topped their group an african world cup qualifying they beat ma lowry 3 now earlier on thursdays, central african republic pulled off a huge upset. a team ranked a 100 and 24th and the world beat 3 time african champions nigeria last minute goal from carla conduct, deciding the game and logos spite the last nigeria are still top of their group.
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and there was a baseball 1st and playoff game between the tampa bay raise and boston red sox, tampa bay, rookie randy arose, raina became the 1st player to hit a home run and still home in a post season game is happens helping the race to way 50 when and this american league division series opener game to is coming up later this friday. okay. and that is all your sport for now. come on back to you of our thank you will say far a little bit later and i mixed use out just before we go. lot of people worried about things like rising sea levels. not everyone though, have a look at this. a barbecue cafe outside bangkok, which is making waves literally videos of dinah's with murky waters. up to the lapse have gone viral, and it's attracted more customers. recent storms flooded some 300000 buildings in many regions of thailand. but the owner of this cafe is happy because business is booming with pandemic restrictions east. that's in yourself back with more in just
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a moment. oh ah. a more than 30 years after the assassination of burkina, faso, iconic liter, thomas son got those charged with his killing are going on trial among them. his success place compound is the countries long search for justice. find them coming to an end. the sancho taught special coverage from october 11th on all diseases. i'm kindly the cough is the world too dependent on colon dollar invest is about to get
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a bailout. that is why it launches the digital volleyball and having to revive its currency and back to the seventy's back lation, making an unwelcome with counting the cost on al jazeera, the city of cobble has experience so much upheaval for decades, and they says another change to get used to and one that's boss from easy mother situation and now it's not clear. all the people are just lost and confused. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic rights in particular for women and girls. despite assurances from the taliban and about to return to cruel punishment for certain crimes was everybody will be safe. nobody's kid will be kidnapped again from ransom. now together, they're feeling their way forward into the new reality. with tiny hidden cameras, criminals are illegally filming, and sharing people's most intimate moments. when you investigate south korea's by
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kind of the demick on algebra, ah dozens killed in northern afghanistan and a powerful boss, and a she, a mosque, a worst attack since foreign forces left the country. ah. hello again. uncommon, santa maria here in doug hart. this is the wild news from al jazeera when you're in a battle for acts.


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