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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm AST

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pretty heavy rain to the and abandon nick a bar aisles and some fatty heavy rain out through the deck and platter throughout southern india. still to come here on this program, the european union sends a warning to poland. after its highest court challenges. it's legal authority. the u. s. and mexico discuss overhauling their approach and the so called war on drugs as violent surges to unprecedented levels and in sports, sliding into history at baseball. first in this playoff series, open up ah, of the, what was the iraqis, it, vague to the home? in a long, although you general election math products and political unrest around the country led through an earlier them mandate a new election laws being put in place. can the government now deliver on a promise? they had an open process, 2nd covering on a da 0. ah
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ah. welcome back 1330 g m t. you're watching the news are, my name's peach. adobe, your 2 main top stories afghan official safely 60 people have been killed in a bomb attack. at a sheer mosque in condos, no group has claimed responsibility. but the taliban has been dealing with a growing threat posed by iso and the nobel peace prize has been awarded to the philippines jealous merisa and the russian editor dmitri murat. off they were commanded foot standing up for press freedom both effaced imprisonment. after criticising the authorities in their 2 respective countries in afghanistan now and the security situation, there continues to remain unstable efforts to ensure a reliable food supply of putting the countries young people at risk. at least
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1000000 children across the country around the threat of dying from severe and acute malnutrition. if do not get action supplies, that's according to unicef. to say the international community has only weeks to act, to prevent or humanitarian catastrophe. a wanting some he was may find the images in this report from osama bin debate disturbing this mother has just found out her one day old baby is basic with born prematurely dr. see the babies organs from his brain to his legs are undeveloped. he weighs just over 700 grams and doesn't have a name yet. oh, that baby must be more than 2011 and he's listed one. so we haven't must, for every child, you must put in a provision. if you haven't done a good day by day,
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you must take the lead on good malnutrition, increasing in the blandest on more underweight premature babies are being born at the largest children's hospital and cobble headquarters or warning hunger is rising . and half of the children in the country are at risk from acute malnutrition. the crisis is exacerbated by the withdrawal of white and international support for people here. since the taliban took over some dock to say it's a form of collective punishment. this intensive care ward has the capacity for 10 children, but have to accommodate 30 see this machine. many of them are not working with it or the dying buffer. children are increasing because we haven't anything really the budget for the thing like these are right. i mean, if it is life saving right dollars off of this is, are debra, increasing it yet, but we have nothing. not in the front cover face. i'm coming from
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a model that are children that are malnourished. the approaching winter is going to make matters worse for millions of afghans who are unable to feed their families. the u. s. children body says it will try to get help from international donors. seeing number of children that are saying that a mon norrish of equipment that are failing oh, supplies that are very limited. the health system is about to collapse. ah, we have weeks, not months or years. we will have humanity and capacity that are millions of people that out of going to star there's winter coming to food shortage is is a medical shortage or you heard that there is fuels short fish? ah, so the whole country is going to collapse. if they don't get support the media. the
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doctor's efforts have paid off. the baby is alive, it isn't heavy if you love you, but next time in the future you don't said didn't look at the prediction about the baby because you haven't anything maybe and next hour in these do all or you can give again millions of of god children, faith, assimilate, life, threatening, future, and desperate for help. sama enjoy it out of the euro. cobble ok, let's get more now on one of our other top stories the awarding of the nobel peace prize to maria wrestler. and dmitri murat. off we're going to talk to dan smith's director of the stock home international piece, research institute, cheese one of the wills meeting, body providers, giving us research and conflict and disarmament. dan smith, welcome to the usa. we can't start this conversation by saying 2021 has been good for peace or peace may king. so what's your reading of who the award has gone to? well i think that as you say, there's really no peace mediators of peacemakers who this year could be recognized
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unless it was for lifetime achievement. so committee has looked at it quite often does across other connected issues and they've gone for this issue of press freedom and, and good reporting under extremely difficult circumstances where both are journalists who have received their ward have had threats to their life and who stand for i think the very best standards in journalism and an accurate reporting fidelity to the truth. so i think this is an an award to them individually. and it's also, i'm sure, is meant to send a message or, you know, encouragement and inspiration to other journalists, possibly those also and difficult circumstances to stand their ground. okay, to continue speaking truth to power. ok. anything that speaks to power, these are the human rights or freedom of the media or the negatives, you know that this kind of alber algorithmic ecosystem that particular maria
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theresa does have an understandable problem with because she's been on the receiving end of lies and untruths. that have been propagated in that on that media platform by the people that is topical, but it's only topical, surely to the country. people in the countries in which maria, theresa and murat, off works. are you the philippines and russia, the old soviet union, eastern bloc countries. as well, there are other issues that are more relevant and more topical to the rest of us. i'm thinking about climate change for one because we're all experiencing year on year. and we have experienced this past 9 months so. so the real impact of something like climate change? yes, i think climate change is a hot topical issue. ah, it would have been perfectly possible, i think, for the peace prize committee to have decided to award the are the price to climate change activists this year. after all, this has been a very bad year for the climate, and there is a major international climate change conference coming up in 3 weeks time. got
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26000 glasgow. but the issue of press freedom is of moral events than just in the 2 countries. the philippines and russia, we've seen attacks on journalism and journalists, physical attacks and also attacks attempting to smear good journalism to get people to distrust it. and that has been mounting that has been accumulating over time. and i think this is a very important issue that is also the directly connected to the question of peace because freedom of expression is at the core of democracy. and democratic states are better for peace than dictatorships. democratic states do not fight each other . and on average, but quite clearly are more stable and peaceful internally than no other other systems of government. so i think there's a very strong case to be made here that this was a relevant award, a proper award to be giving, even if, as you point out, you know, there could be other candidates. hm. and then there are also other years as well.
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and great talk to, thanks very much, dan smith, the director of the stock co, into national peace research institute. staying in europe. the european commission has warned poland, it must respect you. law, poland, top court ruled that e u institution should not interfere with the polish judiciary. it's a challenge to the supremacy of e. you law of a national laws, a key principle of the union. it raised questions of opponents future in the block, and it's access crucially to you funding all rulings by the european court of justice are binding on all member states authorities, including national courts. law has primacy over national law, including constitutional provisions. this is what all member states have signed up to. as members of the european union, we will use all the powers that we have under the treaties to ensure this life now
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to berlin and our corresponding mer, dominant cane dom. either this sounds like fighting talk on both sides. well, certainly it sounds as though a collision course has been set underway between warsaw and brussels as it were. from the polish perspective, the government in poland and warsaw is determined that it believes that it has the rights to assert the value of its own constitution. it believes that that being the case, then it's law, the law that is passed by polish parliament that's enacted by the polish government should be supreme. and the problem with that of course, is that that goes against the european law, which previous polish governments adhered to. so clearly the european union perspective is simple, that by joining the
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e u when it did in 2004 the polish then government, the parliament accepted the clear suggestion from you law that from the you rather than joining the you meant accepting the supremacy of you law, so that's what we were hearing from the use perspective. they believe that poland, rather the polish government that is, is acting against the, the assertion of you law. so he has a collision course because it's clear. the polish government has selected judges to sit in the constitutional tribunal who have come to a routing. the funny thing about this is that this is one constitutional tribunal. now saying the polish law is paramount in certain areas. when of course, it was the constitutional constitutional tribunal in 2004, a different one, obviously with different judges and said, no, you laurie supreme securely a collision course. one final thing to say here is here in germany, we for the foreign minister, high co mass,
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fully backing the you and saying the german government backs the commission in whatever it needs to do to enforce acceptance of the law. in other e. u countries, don't many thanks. dominant came there. berlin correspondent, stay with the story. joining us from warsaw is void. check. she belsky, editor in chief of the visa grad insight. that's up on the school magazine that void check. she belsky welcome back to the news, or is this the polish government, or is it the polish government talking for the people of poland? well, this is definitely the polish government, a influencing thir ruling we and know from the ruling of the european court of human rights. that the tribunal does not meet the criteria and independent court. and it is politically, are influenced by the politicians. we know that from the ruling can we know that from the journalist reporting of the type of relationship that the top officials of
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this tribunal half with the sitting a party officials are. and it's clearly a political interest here, rather than the rule of law. that is, that is a, that has been uttered through that mouth through the voting that took place in the constitutional tribunal. okay. this is boiling down to the european union's courts of justice in effect, correct me if i'm wrong here, in effect, threatening to either suspend or over rule new legislation as being introduced in war sort to do with the legal system in poland. so that's an immovable object. meeting another immovable object, somebody has got to blink and walk away here. well, yes, but again, we have already the ruling of the european court of justice. this ruling suspends the act, the activity of something the position calls accounts are on the polish judicial
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system in poland. highly politicized chambers within the supreme court that undermine again the independence of the court system. and the european court of justice ruled in accordance with the polish regulations with the polish constitutions and take into account the polish law in order to protect the independence. there is no unmovable objects here. there is a political position of the party that is deeply divided internally and seeks to consolidate on the polarization tactics. it's a political marketing tactics which has very serious consequences, of course, for poland in today's europe. but it's merely merely death and nothing of conflict of the legal of the, of the legal type of weight of the legal argument. okay, we have to leave it. the check should be ski there more. so thank you very much.
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the u. s. secretary of state and sampling chin is in mexico to discuss rising drug related violence. there, mister lincoln and the mexican government, want to form a new joint security plan. it's aimed at reducing cross border crime by targeting criminal networks. manuel republic sets up our conversation from mexico city more than 300000 people have been killed in mexico since the start of the us led war on drugs in 2006. and today, mexico continues to make headlines as one of the most dangerous countries in latin america since 2006 through to these days, most of the violence is drug related and it has become a much difference violence compared to what we had in previous years for over a decade, the response to worsening violence has been a bilateral security strategy between the united states and mexico known as the medi that initiative in agreement that was signed in 2008 between former mexican
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president philippe cal did on. and former us president george w bush. since its inception, mexico has received more than $3000000000.00 worth of us aid for security measures, along with training and equipment aimed at curbing transnational crime and reducing violence. there was a big effort to train police officers, which was carried out all over mexico municipal state and federal police officers. so if you, if you depart from the baseline of training of developing institutional capacities, there have been a number of baby steps if you want to say of some tiny successes that have been changed one after the other. 13 years after the agreement was signed. critics say the strategy has failed. there were $23290.00 homicides reported in mexico in just the 1st 8 months of this year, according to statistics from the nonprofit group gal sign commune. and while the homicide rate over the past 5 years shows that violence has begun to play, hell,
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mexico continues to average more than $35000.00 violent deaths every year. desperate to reduce violence. nationwide mexican officials recently declared an end to the medi by initiative. adding that mexico and the us would work toward a new bilateral strategy. some analysts, however, warned that a new agreement won't be easy to reach. i don't think that they are ready ah, of this point to come to terms. i don't know the americans are going to to be very, is stronger than very i'm willing to impose some sort of of agreement unless there is an agreement of mine's. there is very little that can be accomplished. and unfortunately, i will see that, that coming together. ah, very likely in 24 hours, while the u. s. has shown a willingness to negotiate on a new bilateral security arrangement. mexican leaders have said,
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cooperation will only be possible if the u. s. does more to stem the flow of illegal weapons crossing the border into mexico. both countries have stated their commitment to curbing violence. admitting that a drastically new approach is necessary, what's uncertain is if willingness alone will be enough to finally turn a corner on the most violent period in mexico's history. my name is lap a low al jazeera mexico city. to lebanon's main public hospitals have scaled back their services because of a strike by staff demanding better pay. they've been affected by the countries unprecedented economic crisis that has seen the salaries good on in value zenato. now from beirut, this is the emergency room of the main public hospital in the lebanese capital. only patients with life threatening cases are being treated. members of staff have been on strike for nearly a week. the country's 2 year old economic crisis led to the collapse of the local currency, and that's why they want better pay to have them under to be in latin,
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on their, our salaries, and enough for a decent standard of living. we can't even afford to pay for transport to get work . we can't survive any longer. they aren't the only ones struggling. many people have sunk into poverty and have no financial safety net. le him king. i don't think any one can afford to admit a patient in a private hospital any longer. i would have had to sell property or an organ or beg for money to be able to admit my mother in a private facility. that's why public hospitals are now at the forefront in providing health care. but they are under funded and long neglected by successive governments. accused of corruption that lead to the economic collapse. political parties that are, that are still in power to day as systematically destroyed the state and anti did oh, it's institutional capacity to provide services to be on purpose in order for them
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to monopolize service provision. the nearly bankrupt state is also failing to pay its dues to the national social security fund that supposed to cover hospital fees for about $1600000.00 private sector employees and their families. because i'm aware that for all, if we don't find solutions, people will start selling their homes to pay for their hospital bills. our fund is supposed to cover health care for a 3rd of the population. but with the devaluation of the currency, it's the citizens who are paying 90 percent of the bill that must the government is also unable to buy diesel to run generators at public hospitals due to a severe electricity crisis. the united nations is footing the bill. hospitals are also struggling to secure medicines and retained staff and estimated 40 percent of doctors and 30 percent of nurses have left the country. the world health organization describes that exodus as alarming. those who remain say they like the
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system, are stretched beyond limit. and unless their salaries are increased, medical services will be disrupted, than who they are else. rosita beirut, still to come here. all the news are for you in sport. we'll hear from one of newcastle, united's new owners who spans hopefully era of success is about to begin ah
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ah ah, ah ah, 20, thanks so much peter, newcastle, united fans, hoping a new era of success is about to begin at that club on thursday. a $400000000.00
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saudi writing back take cover was completed out going out of my cash. he says yes or rejected a higher bid, but believes he's acted in the best interests of newcastle. the premier league approved the deal after receiving legally binding assurances that the saudi states wouldn't be in control of the club. premier league football is the best in the world, and newcastle united is the best team in the world and we want to get those trophies, obviously a top of the premier league in europe, but to get trophies. that means investment patience time. and we want everybody just to work with us to build the club, to what it needs to be are for to nice folk has been following that story for us in new castle. were judging by the incredibly jubilant scenes outside of james's park on thursday night. the real hopa across the board is that this will mean a huge reversal of newcastle united sport sheaves. they bumped around the bottom of
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the premier league for some time, faced the very real threats of relegation. the hope is, of course, that this massive cash injection will allow the club in the coming months, months to go on something of a spending spray bring again, top talent from elsewhere, allowing the club to hold on to the talent that it already has of cool. so be questions about saudi arabia's human rights record. have not gone away overnight and a likely to continue joking the owners. so if they say a club for the foreseeable or we've heard foam had t, j jenkins sees the fiance of the motor journalist jamal i showed you, use express hood disappointment. and this take over describing it to sports washing of saudi arabia. simply a line against self to the glamorous, glamorous premier league to kind of sweep the human rights issues a under the carpet. we know that one of the big issues between consol base being sports that has the right to broadcast the premier league in the middle east and north africa and saudi arabia house being sold saudi had been accused of pirating
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the premier league that now all seems have been resolved, but as i mentioned that when it comes to the issue of human rights that has not gone away. and it does, of course, race, some big, big questions about english football and also international football about what matters more to the fans to the league itself. is it the depth of an own as pockets, or is it their integrity when it comes to things like human rights? or france? staged a dramatic combat to book a spot in the final update you a few nations league, their semi final against belgium, when it looked to be as good as over half times. they went in to nail down a bit ago from korean. benjamin just passed the hour and then a kilian about a penalty soon after level things up. belgium then thought they'd snatch victory lights on, but wrongly leacock is f. it was rural to be off side and front and school the last minute when a series here and others to sit at 3 to the will. champions will face spain in the final so an issue or brazil for bank to meet venezuela $31.00 in south american
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wilcock qualifying that maintains their perfect record playing without the suspended name all the 5 time when is trail bottom of the table, venezuela and will be 71st minutes where martinos leveled the matching characters every barbosa would esteem ahead from the penalties. what was just 6 minutes to go . and debutante anthony sealed the winning stock which time brazil now have 9 winds from as many games. they lead the standings by 8 points from argentina. did you go to brazil? well, copper, american champions, argentina had a night to figure out an aqua far against paraguay. how about this mac? sure finishing goals. despite the presence of lena messy argentina are still and beaten, but they've drawn 4 of their 9 games. the top 4 teams in this group will go through to the finals. he but the central african republic pulled off a huge upset in their world cup qualify the team, ranked 100 and 24th in the world beat 3 time african champions nigeria and last
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minute goal from column gander, deciding the game in lagos. despite the last though nigeria still top of that group, june as you made it 3, winston 3, look at this for going to be long. las gary with this dunning strike to open the scoring against mauritania. it finished 3 knelt she, nidia of 3 points clear of acts or guinea, that sort of grew the molly also looking good for a place in cattle and abraham. a coney hatchet. put them on the way to a 5. no. when against tenure, malia top of groupies, there are a couple of points ahead of uganda. and of the baseball 1st in the playoff game between the tampa bay rays and the boston red sox, tampa bay, rookie randy arose, urena became the 1st player to had a home run and steal home in a post season game is if it's helping the race to a 5 nothing. when in this american league division series open again to coming up
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and the lights are on this friday. okay. that is i suppose looking for now and, and thank you very much. when we come back, i will talk live to maria resar nobel peace prize winner. stay with us. ah, at night in a stock home, stubborn somali mums patrol the streets fully ski and no longer no longer clean yameen tired of gang violence, they use the maternal approach to prevent crime a what a do we're house, but a bit to button in the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them . mother is a friend to be. this is europe. on al jazeera. people are much more those 2 types, the communities they live in,
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no matter how much i need to present titian as much as anyone else's. or going to like the main one of the most popular police at part of the night at delta . and now it's people say they want a clean up of their deployed embodiment with the media lance, the coverage or covers you just when you suffer calamities. i don't think that's right and back is what i wanted to change. i wanted to go further to cover story stuff, impact the lives of people to truthfully tell the students that i was really passionate about stories with fox. the government would rather keep him in story stuff, drop the fixed narrative, and all depend on the reality on the ground. but is why i became a journalist, mhmr that book i, inequality corruption, repression and dre the bullet to keep it just decided to cut the piece of cake. i'm
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sure it won't be a new documentary to explore the desperate state of democracy in lebanon. oh. through the eyes of those who are losing hope every day. oh dreams are becoming blue. democracy maybe democracy for sale on al jazeera. ah, a bomb says through a mosque in the afghan city of kuhn dues killing at least 60 people in the worst attack since the taliban takeover. ah. hello again on pizza w a, watching al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up. journalist dmitri murat. all fun, maria ressa when the nobel peace.


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