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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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ah, revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al jazeera. ah, and again, peter, i'll be here and though how your top stories on al jazeera, the nobel peace prize has been awarded to journalists, merisa, and dmitri murat. off the norwegian nobel committee announced the pair was joined winners of a 2021 prize at a ceremony in all slow chairwoman barrett re sanderson commanded them for their fearless journalism. miss ray south, and mister murata, are receiving the peace price for their courageous high. for freedom of expression in the philippines and in russia, at the same time,
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they are representatives of all journalists who stand up for this ideal in the world, in which democracy and freedom of the press. hayes increasingly adverse condition. well, one of the winners, maria resar, called on the world to come together to stop the spreads of false news. what has happened in our information this by rest of life that is been introduced to the algorithms of the social forms. it infects real people and changes and if i compare it to an atom bomb exploding in our information ecosystem and that the world must come together like it did after world war 2. to solve this problem, what did they do? they created the united nations. they created the universal declaration of human rights, the work. this is that kind of moment, and i don't know how we,
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in the philippines will have integrity of elections. if gabriella aren't put in place around the social media, journalists will continue doing our jobs. but they're always repercussions if you do a story. someone doesn't like an explosion inside a sheer mosque in northern afghanistan has killed at least 30 people and wounded 100 others. it happened in the strategic city of condos close to the border with tucker cust. on it comes just 5 days after an explosion or a mosque in comp will kill 13 people. a group affiliated with iso claim responsibility. all power has more the taliban along with i had said that the taliban forces lead unit is that the ceiling of the whole area and try to figure out the circumstances of the glass. what happened? exactly, and who was behind this, but this is something which is definitely going to put further raise all the
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taliban because they came to i've got a sense think that our biggest asset us is providing security that is now being challenged by many groups operating in the country the un human rights council has agreed to appoint to new special repertoire for afghanistan. they'll be responsible for monitoring human rights following the takeover. by the time about early voting underway in iraq's parliamentary election, security forces, prisoners, and internally displaced, people are casting their ballots. 2 days ahead of a general vote. japan's you prime minister for me. ok, she does, as promised to focus on leading the country out of an economic crisis caused by the corona virus pandemic. in his 1st policy speech, he called for cash payouts for people hit hard by the outbreak used you to lead his ruling liberal democratic party into an election later this month. what we mean we haven't gotten when he, norway. i am determined to devote body and soul to overcome the national crisis,
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who will carve out a new era and pass on the next generation country whose citizens are rich at heart . the government will drastically enhance this capabilities against the pandemic, such as strengthening the functions of government restraining the flow of people. taking legislative steps to secure medical resources, as well as they will come, domestic vaccines and madison. there are reports that you are special forces, have been secretly training taiwanese troops. it comes as tensions grow between beijing and ty, pay with taiwan defense minister, calling them the worst in more than 40 years. funerals are being held in pakistan for those killed in an earthquake on thursday. rescue are still searching for survivors. at least 22 people died. those are you headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera after blood and t as more news on this channel. in about 30 minutes, ah
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ah, it took over 400 years for the french to build and maintain their vast empire. but the whole structure came tumbling down in the space of a quarter of a century. france swam against the tide of history and tried to keep hold of its colonies by whatever means possible. but by the mid 20th century, that position was no longer sustainable. this is the story of the collapse of one of the biggest fin pies the world has ever seen with
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all of the blood. and tears sheds then ends now and of the lasting impacted switch. and it's violent and still have on the world today. ah, on the 6th of may 1931. the international colonial exhibition opened in paris. it was a huge celebration of the french empire, which had never before seen so vast, so prosperous and so powerful. ah, a city within a city had been built in the blood vans,
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san on the eastern edge of paris, including a complete replica of the uncalled water temple, cambodia, the largest religious monument in the wilds, ah, visited the tour the whole world in a single day. and the show was a huge success with 33000000 tickets sold in 6 months. ah. the overriding narrative was obey civilizing european nation, bringing invention and progress wherever it 20 lea. i'm off. oh, oh. france considered itself the center of the world is
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greatness and strength. at the heart of the 40 or more territories under its control, the message was clear, ah, phone apoptosis epic wanted the middleman. often i did a myself here with us young on for not you. and then when you know, like all over the home for the french of the time, this was all completely normal in a good that you are you sick on the some who knew a morning little while ago? i don't see an idea the he said, certainly that they don't own that, but other has they were difficult and confidential. skegs, remember, remember we know bianca. but by the 1930s, the tide of history was beginning to turn from the car to ponti sherry and from tongue came to algiers. rebellion was in the air. a new generation of
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leaders was finding its voice. alan al fussy in morocco, happy boggy by into neesha and miss sally hygiene algeria with questioning the colonial order and in africa and the caribbean. leo posted off and gov in synagogue, and amy says a martinique denounced the colonial regime. and in indo china, a young communist called ho, she mean was emerging as the leader of national liberation movement. people in the colonies simply wanted their dignity across the empire, the colonizers were firmly in charge of injustice and inequality
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had few means of redress. regimes were authoritarian, and among the millions, living under colonial rule, only a few elected officials had the right to vote. and the widespread use of forced labor under pins. the whole system a powerful symbol of this exploitation of labor was the construction of the congo ocean railway opened in 1934. thank you. and all her colonial author double g, enough, sought on me wanted a policy, bought a double. yup. millimeter or unit lesandra, or would you like to motivate lemay,
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say north fillmore, on? oh, great armies, avenue. dick need also made aussie, i mean you are a human. i design ludwig, it went on but progress was built on the blood and sweat of local people and the new railway cost. 20000 african lies from exhaustion or disease. to skip you so fair grammar, madge, all jasa m all her grandma on the machine. a parser, sound good logo, he goes 3 years for domain. it is super. yea, we're good about a good day. good tom, we're good to rudy. this will be you see? so neither is actually robert said to not be a color yellow of the past in nothing. he saw the subjects of the empire calculated their own value in kind local berrigan physically that a shell is to be up on the tail. no eagle on in a fork i just,
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we saw on the day it fed out to his will be earlier than jen davis. about ashley ponder tallapoosa lippy boy lee bill ponder there as it were. a vandal political all is penelope, me liberties andalum. what you politically look on, what you poorly cushion that you one way publicly caution with la keith was this while there don't pleasure of it. the lady marcus guessed mourner early could all share who saucy, little as to why her community to donal measures have i keep is when she is in the college kid. amanda calling them to has why, the mercy of it. early it is, i was going to hope era as here in mac os land produce in work to shake are you? he seen much like idea to say for this kind of
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injustice was behind the new demands of colonial workers. but their voices were soon drowned out by the sound of more. ah, on the 1st of september, 1939. the world exploded. from my york city book to algiers to saigon. the soldiers of the empire were called on to modernize for friday. only lucille, this id jane did one time colony. again, not 3 little viola, but the manase saw me. you'll drop off a anemic gin. why? by feeble thought this you gave me let a ball. he's got the all the left in his on
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10 months later, on the 14th of june, 1940, the german army marched into paris. the ranks of colonial troops was shocked. france had been defeated. the white colonizer was not invincible. ah, marsha peyton's government in vichy collaborated with nazi germany, while charles de gaulle made his famous call of the 18th of june to fight on. but he stood alone to resist and to liberate france. he had only one option to rally the empire to his cause. starting with africa. in august 1940 felix, a boy, the 1st black governor of chad joined to go. soon, cameroon, the congo, the barn, and others joined him. with this level of support,
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the goal could now prepare for the liberation of occupied france. support for the general and marshal the tire, respectively, split the empire into or something my shun luella. to day little so the bitter saddam or woo goose. antonia la la museum, the yorba linda de la glare as is it allow you lip arlo wanted the dog for samar, a new titles will shoot up. well, if you are shot dead, you know the good of exhaust who saw mr. dog mean of salgado shot. this article over the course of several months and battles, whole areas of the entire joined. the goal is coun, virginia. i had to make promises, like offering independence to syria and lebanon in return for their support.
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the gummies of morocco, the spa, he's of algeria, senegalese wife, or men and soldiers from syria and lebanon, joined the forces of the free french awe from the heels of monte casino to the force of the vote. the soldiers of the entire flew to the rescue of occupied france, so called savages to be civilized, had become liberated. they didn't have the right to vote, but they had the right to die for fun. but in 1944, as a defeat of germany's 3rd reich began to look likely,
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nationalist demands once again shook the french colonial order as the gold criss crossed the empire. he heard back hall reforms were needed to galvanized the troops and con there spirits. so on the 30th of january, 1944, he opened the brazza via conference in congo, promising to rebuild the empire on new, different foundations. while you all got on there, there's no delays or e v your enough data and all ordered up by the oh no, go ahead. i will be back there again. oh wow. wow. that's a room full of colonial officials. the goal expressed
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a willingness to change what independence was not. on his agenda. francis greatness depended on its empire disappointment spread across the colonies. 7 months later, in june 1944 allied forces landed in normandy and then in august in the south of france. the war was not over yet, but the reality of the colonies was harsh and would lead to yet more bloodshed. victory in europe was on the horizon. so the french army had to be whitewashed, so that in the eyes of the world, it would look as though it was the people of france who were liberating themselves . so the government decided to demobilize several regiments of senegalese rifle, men and other african troops to speed up their return to africa. they were promised
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that they'd be paid as soon as he arrived in the car. the rifleman duly said me best at play or to enjoy be a great deal wholly nani jojo. cynically it back a deca, he saw oils and conklin up rapidly pool he yard kilometer persona. donny bergman a content rapport? seduce book fair? be you love them. will you mo, data and do a are forced, this is, did nancy zulu come on under contract already up ladonna underwood shall above this armor. i tell you that the colonial authorities claim that their demand for pay amounted to a mutiny and ordered french troops to fire on the west african soldiers.
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the ot diesel took you do monday lo d cinema bounded one because under my pass on to select them i want i particularly no, she's a local, not a liver. scuse, she, she knows and square by she think or beth equal. she too sweet though here. see patty desantis shaw viva achy store back on this new quote me dall demanded all this. it's what is all beyond me in combat, nerve conquered person. oh, good is all i do is on his arm, beverly, take on any additional appraisal. what started as an act of free pression became a massacre. the french claim that $35.00 died, but war veterans and former prisoners of war say $300.00 african soldiers were killed. on the 30th of november, 1944 white troops had fired on their black brothers in arms.
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they are no contemporary records, only word of mouth accounts. french propaganda chose instead to film the joyful return to his village of a wife or man. probably unaware of the tragedy in charlie. i saw your mother, adair, did you get a movie? not only 50 souls, a minimal good e. and i do also know that unbalanced refrain on it. now, no more than a motive. you know, you didn't mind. so another guy married many business. your how does your name with the tahoe a massacre was kept a secret in france for nearly 50 years. yeah. okay, no memoir, the size a dealer said tell empty bedroom in wild is even more by sir. oh, she better said toss. mister le is in southern manner. the mess i cannot tell is
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phone bow quinn usual you oh see, come see. so either busy sick is sick, i must say. gov could, could. amir could on the phone, says a sit it commiserate, little space crew. so pool of it could sit down and do all the barrel is all finished school over on normal media like a screw on then you do lose, you put it in nobody. diana, except fiscal 5th bessie malika, pester wonder who and i'm one local to special. and today's, on the 8th of may 1945, a victory in europe. nasty germany surrendered, and the rest of europe rejoice. france and its empire celebrated the end of 5 years of fierce fighting and the step by step we conquest of home territory. it was epic,
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awe in tunis, brazza via the car and algiers. people also took to the streets in celebration. ah, but perhaps deep down. they sense that this was a time to ask for their do that shed their lives. now, it was payback time. ah, in algeria, the french colonial authorities allowed public demonstrations on condition that no one fly the algerian flag but in the city of city, the parade would turn into a battle field. one that lives on in memory to day. sure, no. need no idea because yes ma'am,
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under near do additionally no, don't good food on that one and you know, now i stay thank you on it did not love new point. she buried the city that new socialist got on was edgy. this bessie won't because she blew up there should quit, the gate d losses will suppress you saving up all history. she say, can go and do this. i breeze. i'd fall, duffy v r on mass. she room. she already, she les, a beauty she day you wanted to garcia. 2. who in which rig in the melee, a french policeman had shot and killed a young man waving an algerian flag full of anger. the demonstrators attack settlers and kill them in the streets. soon they were over a 100 dead. this photograph of
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a victim with his hands cut off was widely distributed and spread panic among the colonial french. hatred had now been sown in algerian hans victory in europe was immediately forgotten. the colonial settlers organized themselves into local malicious, and the french army went into action. in the areas around cities, gilmer and keratin villages were raised to the grounds. the army didn't stop to question suspects. they let the cameras get the footage and the executions began. dollar masika murder, city flew members like out. thank you. can try me. the the shingle humble is latonya. mose. her. donna. beth asked you to it. kate dasia,
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dupont. i think she should those awful official cowboys? oh, fondly goes to the carpet. but don't do. hipaa tinkled with boy. so whichever public would more yonder proceed is on board. and phil is the doctor when i see him. so the boss due to combating level financial a clue cause he documented dude. and we'll see, see kesh was coming from our marketing. so too fast for z. q le lenore offered the best enjoy to trade in a man. yeah. doin the tricks i did one on programming. believe jose, close to the listener. fears, spread through the our population. to show that older had been restored, the army reenacted scenes of surrender ah unloaded rifles were given to villages gathered,
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especially for the occasion. the official french figures were around $1500.00 dead. but according to some algerian sources, it was between 20 and 45000. the colonial authorities covered it up. a few days later, algerian soldiers, who had fought for france, began returning to their homeland. i'm glad you were on your fe, did you? did you know the all yes, yes. there was a knock on the back. if i go a little while would only be a missile . lo, jackie, so with that i go all to via dollars on the cannot i to get much a tooth? la miss oil showed year off, i me or does she may daughter her? i hope all her he,
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his lawyer her up as of our the but she feel like you gosh on the left off. the settings of she is then nearly death on figure bazzi beller. bella bimmer because you know, by example, or do grandma, you know n and clay are blue vendors. i sent him under kaiser on it and descriptively is it new love or law or not? do you want a new bali, the, on the top of, oh, about magic. her kapoor is it won't have any clothes off at lay other shape. on the french side, you understood the gravity of what had just happened. the french general haman duval told the colonial government that he could establish peace for 10 years, but the colonizers must reconcile the 2 communities. but france did nothing. he said, the consequences could be disastrous. not even deval realised how true his
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words would turn out to be too often of canister as portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film archives spanning for decades reveals the forgotten truths of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part for the era of darkness on a, jazeera, indonesia, the country with an abundance of resources trade far and walk indonesia, his firms forming. we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs
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investment. let me park when denise is growth and progress, invest even easier. now, lou lou again, pete adobe here in dough. how you top stories from al jazeera, an explosion inside a sheer mosque in northern afghanistan, has killed the 60 people and wounded more than 100 others. it happened and couldn't do this, which is close to the border with touching his stock. he comes just 5 days after an explosion or a mosque and cobbled killed 13 people. a group affiliated to iso claimed responsibility. ash my hall barbara has more the taliban sources of the home on which i had said that the taliban of forces the elite unit is that the ceiling.


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