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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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desperate lights on out to sierra ah, be the hero, the world needs wash. ah, a journalist to meet the moral tall van, maria ross. so when the nobel peace prize for their fight to defend freedom of expression, ah, i am sammy say that this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up at least 30 people have been killed in an explosion inside the mosque. in the afghan city of
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conducive early voting is underway in iraq's parliamentary election. 2 days ahead of the general vote. but this anger among some say they are allowed to vote. the fuel, due to the tensions flare up in the u. s. over how to protect children from the pandemic. the country gets close to getting a job for 5 to 11 year olds, with the nobel peace prize has been awarded to journalists, maria theresa, and dmitri murat. off the norwegian noble committee announced the pair as joined when as of the 2021 prize at a ceremony in oslo. chairwoman berry throw, sanderson commented, commended them rather for their fearless journalism. miss rosa,
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i'm mr. mira are receiving the peace prize for their courageous high for freedom of expression in the philippines in russia. at the same time, they are representatives of all journalists who stand up for this idea in the world in which democracy and freedom of the press increasing the condition. one of the one is journalist mary ross are called on the world to come together to stop the spread of false news. what has happened in our information is this by rest of life that has been introduced to the algorithms of the social media platforms. it infects real people and changes and if i compare it to an atom bomb exploding in our information ecosystem and that the world must come
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together like it did after world war 2. to solve this problem, what did they do? they created the united nations. they created the universal declaration of human rights, the work. this is that kind of moment. and i don't know how we in the philippines will have integrity of elections. if guardrails are put in place around the social media platforms, the journalists will continue doing our jobs. but they're always repercussions if you do a story, someone doesn't like already. challenge joins us now live from all. those are already that's really puts the struggle of journalists in the line like, doesn't it? yeah, i think that was the intention of the nobel peace committee. when they came to this decision, i was speaking to her very gross allison after the announcement was made. and i asked her why these particular candidates have been chosen amongst
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a field of 329. and she said, well, we come out from all angles, but we were worried about the state of journalism, a freedom of information, freedom of expression in the world in a moment. and these 2 journals essentially are exemplars of courage in working in difficult circumstances in difficult countries. that is the view of things that she was trying to get across in her announcement. she said that the award of the nobel peace prize to maria resar and dmitri motto, is intended to underscore the importance of protecting and defending these fundamental rights. now, these 2 candidates, dmitri murat of he is the editor in chief of nev, i guess yetter, which for many, many years has been a bastion of independent journalism in russia. its staff of commander, significant pressure and violence over the years in most publications,
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words filled massively traumatize if they lost only one germ less to him to murder of i guess yetta has lost 6 over the years, including the famous journalist and a product of sky or maria resar as well working in the philippines her under the the rule of do tirty, basically trying to shine a light into the campaign against drugs, which is often vida had let many, many this she to come under significant pressure. so nobel prize trying to look a journalist and what they suffer in their day to day work, trying to bring the truth or to people around the world. all right, thanks so much rory challenge there. let's take this now to pavel fell. now, in moscow, he's a journalist and military analyst for no via gazette, newspaper. good to have you with us. so how much of a surprise was this for journalists that to why again the at that full mr. moran himself. i guess you probably spoken to him since the announcement. well,
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we were in contact. yes, of course it's a very, it's a surprise or most, a nice surprise, but it's still very much a surprise. and her, the mom has announced that her to the service that has no guys yet, that we have 138 and nobel prize winners. that's number staff in our newspaper. and we're all winners and the prize belongs to all of them. and of course, all the money is going to be to the last penny transferred for charity. because under a current russian law, getting money from abroad means that you can and may be sure will be declared to foreign agent. so that's a precaution that was planned in manser session event may happen a letter of the newspaper, yet he any foreign a prize for its work. and that sanguine, nice,
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i was going to ask you precisely about that point because any foreign funding has implications for russian organizations. the how much concern do journalists have? well, i'm sure they're very happy and delighted as, as journalists around the world. ah, but how much concern, perhaps, are they the of, of any unintended negative consequences of being recognized and celebrated in this way? well, you said, but said the additional kind of cross as on nowhere guys, yet village is more west. the last major printer and of course more right now, it's more in the internet than that. but anyway, a printer run the newspaper in russia that is low very much off in opposition to the kremlin. and that can have consequences though, right now, parentally, the kremlin is happy with what happened and they can graduate demitria, murat of, or because i mean them, they're happy because it's not an exceed nevada,
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because that was also a possibility. that alexia navarre made that position leader who was right now, incarcerated. that yet, that no bo pray a prize. and that would be much worse. or, i mean, they can live with me to boot more at the present. no, bo prize winner with no widening, that would be much worse. so most likely that they're happy to. when you mentioned that, you know that this can put the crosshairs on you. just how explain to us just how challenging it is to day to be a journalist. working front of, i guess the, at the, i mean, do you personally have to fear for your own well being of safety? what were your, of course, it's under pressure that the authorities don't to like you year in math. the credit that they don officials try not to talk to you. it's a, it's sort of course, the light of a problem. and a lot of journalists ad lost their jobs. and recently the
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opposition minded key, the channel, the doors to was declared their foreign agent. because they had the contract with european commission on covering russian european corporation, and they were paid for that. and that was a pretext to declare them foreign agents. and that's jerry. so we're out of weight with it nowhere guys. yet there has been kind of allowed to exist. that's good for us. right up to now the credit, i'm saying, yes, we had a be their opponents of ours, but we allow our, our position to have a voice and nobody does yet please given that role. but of course no worse, one of up to now and more than one how long that's going to continue. no one knows everyone understands that we are in their cross fairs and it's a situation between russia and their with yes, worse, i'd rather nowhere guys yet. but could also give be the consequence of that. all
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right, good talking to you and congratulations once again to your organization. thank you very much. an explosion inside a sheer mosque in northern afghanistan is killed at least 30 people and wounded a 100 others. it happened in the strategic city of conduce close to the border with tajikistan. it comes just 5 days after an explosion. near mosque, in carville killed 13 people, a group affiliated to isolate claimed responsibility that speak now to hi shamela barra. he is in northern afghanistan in the city of missouri sharif. so with an explosion like this one fears hashem usually and tragically, the casualty toll rises quite quickly. indeed sammy and this explains the very tough challenge is the hate for the taliban says that take covert of gun is sand. now i with this is, are talking about
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a suicide bomber who managed to get in so in, into a packed, a mosque packed with worshippers. and he did to native it himself. and this explains the high number of casualties as people are saying that expecting of the number of the death toll to further climbed later in the upcoming hours. because many of the answers are, is serious and for to shall. condition like by hand was, is a crowded area in calendars. and the most common it is a is a she is she are hazard, almost ponders is one of the cities in the northern part of the, of, of the country where you have different ethnic groups living together, the tactics that was mixed, the questions and the ha now there's been no claim of responsibility so far, but the guy that taliban slots versus of your law. i wish i had said that the taliban of forces the elite unit is there. so ceiling off the whole area and try in
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to figure out the circumstances of the a blast. what happens? exactly. and who was behind this, but this is something which is definitely going to put further sways on the taliban because they came to afghanistan. think that our biggest assist asset is providing security that is now being challenged by many groups operating in the country and hash him. what do we know about this group? this being described as a group affiliated to isolate claiming responsibility? well, what is happening is extraordinary. now sammy, in a plan is an ice k, all these like states of what our sam hold us and he's the more than time or would the times name of this reason include enough will on is that was established in 2015 at the very height of these la mic estates in the live bands and it spreads allegiance to alba, daddy. and then he said that his own goal is to spread. i said i geology in of
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light is that it then find it's 7, a collision course with the taliban, which was been fighting for a bigger presence in of that is that i was talking over the last few weeks here enough. what is that particularly the capital capital with senior taliban officials about about eyes gay. and they said that the argument they want to eradicate. i escape because the consider it to be an enemy on existence shall threat for the taliban. so from 2015, the managed to earth is set up themselves in different parts of the country in general about a bed which is widely seen as the focal point, or the stronghold of ice gay, but also in the capitol cabinet. and also in different parts of the northern part of the country where i am now not far from here. there is a presence of different groups. i was planning a trip. tuba jewel condos. i told you hours ago that
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it's i really need to get a clearance from the taliban to be able to move forward to those areas because they say that one of the biggest concerns is that the presence of arms, groups from the wrote her in different bought from here all the way towards a 100 eyes k now presents itself as the biggest challenge for the time and be able to a key clamp crack down on the ice cake. we have to we and see because what is happening now is that you have the forces of the taliban stress thin. in under, for example, the taliban decided to move thousands of its fighters all the way on the border with tajikistan because of this tension there has been a, there has been a building up there. and this gives us an idea about the challenges that the taliban will be facing a different boss of the country. that was hash mahala barbara there from masada sharif and afghanistan. still, i had on al jazeera health care life support will tell you why the emergency department at lebanon's biggest hospital is almost empty. reports emerge that you
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and special forces have been secretly training taiwanese troops as rising tensions with china's spark global concern. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways, boated world's best air line of 2021. right? not good prospects. the sudden child moment the cloud coming up here contains a tropical storm called lion rock. that'll effect grand on you now. and eventually northern viet nam, it will be on the edge on kong y. so you got gales and rain elsewhere in china attempted to come down to normal. we still got this rain waving through the l o. c . and then towards north korea, in the far north, east of china and in japan where it's those walls, it was, it's north shims. it was a few showers around to tokyo. for example,
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hong kong forecast being on the edge of that tropical storm is a windy, one with rough seas right through the weekend or monday. it's better. and rather warmer i should say. and of course us knocker to be true for vietnam, but at the same time, the rain is heading south of shanghai is going to wet tire of it. and same is true probably for sol and most of south korea. the monsoon rains are officially on their way out, but they were a bit late in doing so and as they're doing so, they still got the potential to give more value for cartucker, the circulation radians see, and this flow of air through the bay of bengal are rather, more telling, in fact there's a warning of nasty weather in the and a mile and nick of our islands with port blair in the heart of it. west of the gales and right. the weather sponsored my cattle airways voted world best air line of 2021 in the country with an abundance of results. great. i really want him to leave here his friends for me,
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we move full to grow and fry. we balance the green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let it be part of linda. this is growth and progress in either media now. ah ah. or come back, you're watching al jazeera, now it's time to recap those headlines. the nobel peace prize has been awarded to journalists, maria risa, and the meet 3 more out of committee, chairwoman berry trace anderson commended them for their fearless journalism and
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explosion inside the sheer mosque in northern afghanistan is killed at least 30 people, and wounded a 100 others it happened in the strategic city of could dues close to the border with g to stand. and staying with afghanistan, the human rights council of the united nations has agreed to appoint a new special rappel tours of the country. they'll be responsible for monitoring human rights following the taliban takeover. amnesty international has welcomed the decision, saying, an independent investigative mechanism will be critical. the organization is accused the tardy barn of human rights violations, including targeted killings of civilians and blocking humanitarian aid. stephanie decker has more from cobble we haven't had any official reaction from the taliban as of yet in terms of whether they would cooperate with such a position. we're expecting that position to be taken up or on march of next year. but of course the a, the countries now controlled by the taliban, so any movement across the country needs to be coordinated with them. and then of
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course, if you have any taliban presence, if you're interviewing any sort of survivors or victims of a legit atrocities, if you have any shadow bomb present, they will be possible to speak freely. it's already very difficult to verify things . at the moment. there's a lot of reports of taliban going house to house intimidating those. it used to work for the government with foreign forces translator. as you know, female judges gone into hiding because many prisoners were released. taliban chasing them. these things are very difficult to verify on an independent basis. what is absolutely true is that people remain fearful, certainly in general about what the future holds. but i think this is also a message from the international community that the eyes are on the taliban, that they're trying to put pressure on them to adhere to certain things that were agreed upon in doha to this agreement. and of course, is that a time when the taliban once and needs international legitimacy, recognizing it as the official government of this country because you're talking about millions and millions of dollars of aid that is being withheld. now that is
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really having an impact on the ground here people i cannot stress enough like do not have enough to eat. they don't have the means to buy anything. people are selling their household items. you have many people who live and to mouth day by day laborers who go out and simply survive on the little a few dollars they make a day. funerals are being held in southwest, in pakistan for those killed in an earthquake on thursday. rescue as a still searching for survivors. at least 22 people died. many more were left, all are well home injured rather or left homeless and vultures, fans how deny that's the worst hit region. early voting is underway in the wrongs. parliamentary election, security forces, prisoners and internally displaced, people are casting their balance 2 days ahead of the general vote. the election was one of the key demands of an anti government protest movement that began in 2019. and van con revolts a proud display,
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a political affiliations. the polls opened on october 10th, xerox parliamentary election, $423.00 candidates, are competing for 30 full seats and government here in, in of a province. but across the province, the turnout might not be what the candidates hoping for the provincial capital is mostly a predominantly sunni muslim city. there's a lot of anger and frustration directed to the government in baghdad, who they accuse of forgetting about them because they're suddenly so much so that many a calling for a boycott of the vote heard via my clara. ha, ha ha. now what's voting going to change? nothing and at the same people will be in charge right after as they were before. ma, who's diesel, is a professor at the college of political science. at mostly university. i want the hour to an artist, norman. there are many calls for a boy called the 1st is from the people frustrated with the old partners who have
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controlled parliament since 2005. the 2nd is the failure, the government to compensate those who have lost homes, businesses and live zealand, particularly in the old city deal city of mosul was devastated in the fight against iso. the group had declared it the capital of its territory. people have been slowly returning in small numbers, but most still live in displacement camps like this. this camp is home to about 5000 people at that, about 2000 or eligible to vote. however, only 700 people had actually received voting cards. now, what the rocky federal government is said, if those people want to vote, they have to go back to their homes. but their homes are in places like the old city of mosul, or in singe, or some of the most destroyed places within iraq itself. now they have nothing to go back to this, no homes that they can return to. so they stay in this camp. and what the camp management have said is actually the people they want. the rocky federal government
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wants to return back to their homes, are actually some of iraq's most vulnerable. similar numbers are repeated across displacement camps, housing, rockies. they are in effect, refugees in their own country. it's not known just how many people won't be able to vote. but it's clear that people are voicing their frustration with the government loudly and whether it's the boycott, the vote movement, or people's inability to vote both unlikely to have an impact on the polls. emron car out a 0 hassan sham camp nineveh proteins to of lebanon's main public hospitals of scale, the bank, their services because of a strike. my staff demanding better pay. they've been affected by the countries unprecedented economic crisis that has seen their salaries, the value and inflation skyrocket. santa holder reports now from beirut. this is the emergency room of the main public hospital in the lebanese capital. only
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patients with life threatening cases are being treated. members of staff have been on strike for nearly a week. the country's 2 year old economic crisis led to the collapse of the local currency, and that's why they want better pay to have him under to be in latin or let our seller isn't enough for a decent standard of living. we can't even afford to pay for transport to get work . we can survive any longer. they aren't the only ones struggling. many people have sunk into poverty and have no financial safety net. le him king. i don't think any one can afford to admit a patient in a private hospital any longer. i would have had to sell property or an organ or beg for money to be able to admit my mother in a private facility. that's why public hospitals are now at the forefront in providing health care. but they are under funded and long neglected by successive governments. accused of corruption that lead to the economic collapse. political
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parties that are, that are still in power to the has systematically destroyed the sea and anti did oh, it's institutional capacity to provide services to p. o purpose, in order for them to monopolize service provision. the nearly bankrupt state is also failing to pay its dues to the national social security fund that supposed to cover hospital fees for about $1600000.00 private sector employees and their families is i'm another fool if we don't find solutions, people will start sewing their homes to pay for their hospital bills. our fund is supposed to cover health care for a 3rd of the population, but with the devaluation of the currency. it's the citizens who are paying 90 percent of the bill that the muster. the government is also unable to buy diesel to run generators at public hospitals due to a severe electricity crisis. the united nations is footing the bill. hospitals are
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also struggling to secure medicines and retain staff and estimated 40 percent of doctors and 30 percent of nurses have left the country. the world health organization describes that exodus as alarming. those who remain see they like the system, are stretched beyond limit and unless their salaries are increased, medical services will be disrupted. than a hood their al jazeera balte. now there are reports, us special forces have been secretly training taiwanese troops since last year. it comes as tensions grow between beijing and ty, pay with ty, one's defense minister, calling them the worst to more than 4 decades tie. one's president says the island isn't seeking military confrontation, but has the right to defend itself. japan's new prime minister for me. ok, is she those promising to focus on leaving the country out of an economic crisis caused by the pandemic in his 1st policy speech as primary as though he called for
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cash payouts for companies. and people hit hard by the outbreak is due to lead his ruling liberal democratic party into a general election later this month. hold me doesn't, doesn't. when you go to boys, i am determined to devote body and soul to overcome to national crisis. who will carve out a new era and personal the next generation country, whose citizens are rich at heart? the government will drastically enhance capabilities against a pandemic. such a strengthening the functions of government is training the flow of people are taking legislative steps to secure medical resources, as well as their will come, domestic vaccines and medicine. parents across the us are debating whether they should vaccinate their children. that's because pfizer has requested permission from you or strong regulators to offer. it's covered 19 job to children aged as young as 5 high. did jo,
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castro explains that the fuel do so give you a walk to school in california. this week turned into a confrontation between anti vaccine protesters and parents, harassed for having their children wear masks with scenes like this are playing out across the country as tensions flare over how to protect children from the pandemic. this is the backdrop to pfizer by on tax application submitted thursday, asking the f da, to authorize it's covered vaccine for children. ages 5 to 11. i think it's, it's the next step forward and, and moving us towards having a safe and effective vaccine for our youngest children. one to 3. you did great, sweet pfizer says in its clinical trials, children developed a strong immune response and no serious side effects. when given a 2 shot regimen at a 3rd of the adult dosage level, 8 year old sebastian primal was among the $2200.00 trial participants. i raised me
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very happy that. oh, i am helping other kids get the vaccine in. like, honestly, if i had to get to charlotte again, i with children now account for one in for new cobit cases in the u. s. and more than $500.00 have died since the start of the pandemic. why are we losing any children to coven? if we have a very simple fixes of masking social distancing, and now a vaccine. but according to the kaiser family foundation, only one in 3 parents in the us plan to vaccinate their young child. as soon as the government allows. my son in particular has some allergies that make me very concerned and you know, i just, i don't, i don't trust it. california was the 1st state to announce a covered vaccine mandate for public school children pending the f. da's full
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approval. doctor said that's no different from requiring kids to be vaccinated against other routine diseases. this is as oxy, mike, any others? and, and i think are steeps, and our school systems will have to think about how that fits into the broader, you know, their broader immunization fans. oh, the f. d, a will likely decide within weeks whether to authorize the pfizer vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 who number about 28000000 in the u. s. health experts say that will bring the country another step closer to defeating the virus. but only if parents get their children the shots, heidi joe castro al jazeera ah plan. let's take you through some of the headlines here and al jazeera. now, the nobel peace prize has been awarded to journalists, maria ross,
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son dmitri moore, altoff committee, chairwoman berry, thrice anderson commended them for that fearless journalism miss.


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