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mobilizing supports against media restrictions gioia merchants, we have 2 feelings, joy, because this is an extraordinary tribute to 2 journalists, maria and dmitri, unto jeanette as himself and urgency, because it would be a, this is indicate for jeanette, his im, jeannette, he is in danger. democracies are weakened by this information, by remorse, by 8 speech. this is the time for mobilization. fortunate is him for democracy on this award. will be very useful to call on everybody to mobilize forces important and keep social function, which is journalism. ok, let's bring in henrich odell, the executive director of the piece research institute in all slow henry go dol. welcome to the news are what does this award say about genuine, honest,
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balanced journalism? it is a price that precisely underscore is the importance of press freedom and of independent journalism. and not only these 2 countries and, and of their art to extraordinary am winners have from the philippines resigned. and the russia morocco ebit is, is also a price that goes out to journalists everywhere in the world. this is sasha speaking to thee, one of the largest issues of our time, how we combat misinformation and fake news. and i think you said you surprise that is going to resonate at all over the world. when you talk about fake news, though, you're clearly talking about platforms such as twitter, such as facebook, maria, theresa has very distinct opinions on that ecosystem of her journalism can be deployed into that kind of journalistic aquarium if you will, and it becomes tainted and changed. but a few are rodrigo to touch, say,
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if you all vladimir putin looking in on these awards, what might your reaction be to that? the em, maria essays, not only a journalist who's so who's interested in these issues. she's also taking part in a major initiative by the reporters without borders sunday in on dean for that make kathy initiative on the online freedom offer offer m journalism and at that sills of an initiative that pre osa is specifically supporting. and i think that that, that bolster church and i, and putin are, as certainly as seeing the sasa as a price that is unwanted. am an unwelcome in many ways. and i think that that this price is sound going to focus on the work of these journalists to the extent that it's going to be difficult for the filipino and the russian government to crack down on free media to the same extent that this as they haven't
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passed so hopefully this is a price, it will have a very direct impact on the ability of to use journalists to do their job. so clearly this is a tick the g gold star. when it comes to these 2 individuals, that journalism, that's what we're discussing. so it makes them more powerful as global journalists does. it also make them more of a target? because if someone like a mr to turn tape or mr. putin feel slightly cornered, slightly threatened by this, might they react in a rather unpleasant way? these are journalists that have already been under threat for a number of years and we see would you know, i guess that that, that there are total of 6 journalists over the course of outage of the journals lives that have lost their lives to, to, and violent deaths and it's 15 years as in some apple, it's called sky i was, i was killed outside of her flat. so these are journalists are already at putting
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their lives on the road for their work. and my hope is that we did the eyes of the world that to that the price than i, you know, come switch, it will be a less i rob than more difficult for them to do their work. and, but of course, being a journalist, indecent contexts is not easy and represent, say, a quite significant risk was the difference here though, between this level and this impact of journalism and being a rabble rouser and anna, i'm not trying to be sarcastic here. i'm, i'm not trying to diminish the value in the worth of getting a nobel peace prize, but i think it was round about late 20162017. the rap website started publishing articles and i've got one of them here on my computer. why do touch? say has to be ousted as a headline, that's clearly a headline as a good headline, very grabby people will go with that. but that's not journalism that something else . so i think that to that the cool news outlets will,
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will have to pay attention to the importance the stay. so if not contributing to polarize, seeing the situation unnecessary. that being said it ace clay alyssa, that to, that, to governments and all to crafts in particular need to behold, account accountable for their actions. and i think that is what it is dominating their work. both of them august theater and of rattler. and, but of course, it is important i think, to, to be aware of the situation that and the important role that to whole. so journalists play in making sure that we are having a civilized discourse that we're making sure that we're not. and necessarily exaggerating and pull polarizing the public and debate. okay, a finessed point. to draw conversations. we're close. henrich odell many thanks. thank you. turns across the u. s. the debasing whether they should vaccinate the children less because pfizer has requested permission from the u. s. drug
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regulators to offer its cobit 19 job to children aged as young as 5 years. hardly jo, castro, rossi through the fall, give you a walk to school in california. this week turned into a confrontation between anti vaccine protesters and parents. harassed for having their children where masculine guy seems like this are playing out across the country as tensions flare over how to protect children from the pandemic. this is the backdrop to pfizer by on tax application submitted thursday, asking the f j to authorize it's covered vaccine for children. ages 5 to 11. i think it's, it's the next step forward and, and moving us towards having a safe and effective vaccine for our youngest children. 123. you did great. swavay, pfizer says in its clinical trials, children developed a strong immune response and no serious side effects. when given
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a 2 shot regimen at a 3rd of the adult dosage level, 8 year old sebastian primal was among the $2200.00 trial participants. i makes me very happy that, oh, i am helping other kids get the vaccine in. like, honestly, if i had to get this child again, i would, children now account for one in for new coven cases in the u. s. and more than $500.00 have died since the start of the pandemic. why are we losing any children to cove it? if we have a very simple fixes of masking social distancing, and now a vaccine. but according to the kaiser family foundation, only one in 3 parents in the u. s. plan to vaccinate their young child. as soon as the government allows listen to has some allergies that make me very concerned. you know, i just, i don't, i don't trust it. california was the 1st state to announce
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a covered vaccine mandate for public school children pending the da's full approval . doctor said that's no different from requiring kids to be vaccinated against other routine diseases. this is as oxy, my getting others. and, and i think our states and our school systems will have to think about how that fits into the broader, you know, their broader immunization fans. oh, the f. d, a will likely decide within weeks whether to authorize the pfizer vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 who number about 28000000 in the u. s. health experts say that will bring the country another step closer to defeating the virus. but only if parents get their children the shots, heidi joe castro al jazeera. there are reports that you, our special forces have been secretly training taiwanese troops since last year. it comes as tensions grow between beijing and ty, pay with taiwan defense minister,
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calling the worst and more than 4 decades. rob mcbride has more for us from hong kong. this latest controversy comes at a sensitive time in cross straight relations with increasing tensions between the 2 neighbors. and in recent days, china dispatching waves of its war planes are towards the island of taiwan. now, according to these latest reports being carried in us media for nearly a year now a team of us special forces has been based in taiwan helping train their counterparts. now at the u. s. pentagon has not responded directly to these claims, but has said that the u. s. continues to support, tie one's military based on what it calls their defense needs, which does seem to give some credence to these stories. now the a u. s. does support taiwan with the sale of sophisticated military hardware, such as fighter jets, which always angers a china and these fir, the claims are,
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are adding to that. a sense of anger with his ali jan or china's ministry of foreign affairs spokesperson calling on the united states to respect the one china principle by which the united states gives bay jing a diplomatic recognition. and calling on the us not to foster closer relations with taiwan. that china regards as a break away renegade province when you to another, the ego and he to one china principal is a political foundation for china. and u. s. relations to us must sever diplomatic relations and aggregate. it's mutual defense treaty with taiwan. and us forces must withdraw from the island. i don't mean in a tree joint common casing. the u. s. declared that it would, and cultural commercial and under official relations with the people of taiwan ha. d u. s. site should pay attention to the high level sensitivity and importance of the issue. they're gonna stop selling arms to taiwan,
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you and cut your official ties. otherwise, it would undermine piece to built into straightened a single lenses. you a secretary of state antony blinkin is in mexico to discuss rising drug related violence. mister blinkin and the mexican government are working to form a new joint security plan. it's aimed at reducing cross border crime. manuel, repulse reports now from mexico city. more than 300000 people have been killed in mexico since the start of the us led war on drugs in 2006. and today, mexico continues to make headlines as one of the most dangerous countries in latin america. since 2006 to to these days, most of the violence is drug related and it has become a much difference violence compared to what we had in previous years. for over a decade. the response to worsening violence has been a bilateral security strategy between the united states and mexico known as the
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medi that initiative, an agreement that was signed in 2008 between former mexican president philippe cal did on and former us president george w bush. since its inception, mexico has received more than $3000000000.00 worth of us aid for security measures, along with training and equipment aimed at curbing transnational crime and reducing violence. there was a big effort to train police officers, which was carried out all over mexico municipal state and federal police officers. so if you, if you depart from the baseline of training of developing institutional capacities, there have been the number of baby steps if you want to say of some tiny successes that have been changed one after the other. 13 years after the agreement was signed . critics say the strategy has failed. there were $23290.00 homicides reported in mexico in just the 1st 8 months of this year, according to statistics from the non profit group gal sign commune. and while the
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homicide rate over the past 5 years shows that violence has begun to plateau, mexico continues to average more than $35000.00 violent deaths every year. desperate to reduce violence. nationwide mexican officials recently declared an end to the medi by initiative. adding that mexico and the us would work toward a new bilateral strategy. some analysts, however, warned that a new agreement won't be easy to reach. i don't think that they are ready. ah, at this point to come to terms. i don't know, the americans are going to be very stronger than very i'm willing to impose some sort of agreement unless there is an agreement of mine's. there is very little that can be accomplished. and unfortunately, i don't see that that coming together. ah, very likely in 24 hours, while the u. s. has shown a willingness to negotiate on
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a new bilateral security arrangement. mexican leaders have said, cooperation will only be possible if the u. s. does more to stem the flow of illegal weapons crossing the border into mexico. both countries have stated their commitment to curbing violence. admitting that a drastically new approach is necessary, what's uncertain is if willingness alone will be enough to finally turn a corner on the most violent period in mexico's history. man who is that below al jazeera mexico city to lebanon's main public hospital. so scaled back this services because of a strike west off demanding, better pay. they've been affected by the countries unprecedented economic crisis. xena halter reports from beirut. this is the emergency room of the main public hospital in the lebanese capital. only patients with life threatening cases are being treated. members of staff have been on strike for nearly a week. the country's 2 year old economic crisis led to the collapse of the local
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currency, and that's why they want better pay to have him under to be in la and on their, our salaries and i enough for a decent standard of living. we can't even afford to pay for transport to get work . we can survive any longer. they aren't the only ones struggling. many people have sunk into poverty and have no financial safety net. le him king. i don't think any one can afford to meet a patient in a private hospital any longer. i would have had to sell property or an organ or beg for money to be able to admit my mother in a private facility. that's why public hospitals are now at the forefront in providing health care. but they are under funded and long neglected by successive governments. accused of corruption that lead to the economic collapse. political parties that are, that are still in power to day as systematically destroyed the sea and emptied it. oh, it's institutional capacity to provide services to p. o. purpose,
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in order for them to monopolize service provision. the nearly bankrupt state is also failing to pay its dues to the national social security fund that supposed to cover hospital fees for about $1600000.00 private sector employees and their families. grandma, for all, if we don't find solutions, people will start selling their homes to pay for their hospital bills. our fund is supposed to cover health care for a 3rd of the population. but with the d valuation of the currency, it's the citizens who are paying 90 percent of the bill. that especially the government is also unable to buy diesel to run generators at public hospitals due to a severe electricity crisis. the united nations is putting the bill. hospitals are also struggling to secure medicines and retain staff and estimated 40 percent of doctors in 30 percent of nurses have left the country. the world health organization describes that exodus as alarming. those who remain say they like the
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system, are stretched beyond limit and unless their salaries are increased, medical services will be disrupted than their elders. eda beirut still ahead here on al jazeera, the sports news will be live in new castle, where fans are hoping a new era of success is to. let's begin with football club. ah .
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ah ah. ah. time sport it. thank you so much pizza, all newcastle, united friends are hoping
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a new era of success is about to begin at their club. on thursday, a 400000000 dollar saudi arabian back takeover was finally completed, outgoing owner, my cash. he says he rejected a higher bid, but believes he's acted in the best interests of newcastle. the premier league approved the deal after receiving legally binding assurances that the saudi state wouldn't be in control of the club. well, let's go live now to new castle and our report, sir, need barker. neve water fans hoping is gonna happen next. were judging by the incredibly jubilant scenes outside and james's parker on thursday night. the real hopa across the board is that this will mean of a huge reversal of newcastle united states for chiefs, they bumped around the bottom of the premier lake for some time, faced the very real threats of relegation. the hope is, of course, that this massive cash injection will allow the club in the coming months, months to go on something of a spending spray bring again,
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top talent from elsewhere, allowing the club to hold on to the talent that it already has. we know that some concerns have been raised by steve bruce, the current manager who's asked the new owners to keep him old either. although i think he's the possible reality that the, the new owners wants to start again. his book might be dawning on him at the moment . and as you mentioned that am i ashley, the man that says now? so the club after 14 years is come out saying that he had, in fact, had received a high offer than the 400000000 on the table. that spina agreed. now to take over this club, although i think it's fair to say that across the board here, and you counsel, he's universally disliked a man, has been accused of stifling innovation and undermining the clubs prospect post breaks across the board. though a real feeling here that this is a fresh stop for the club and even at the end of a sieve, a alun gates it in hugely controversial process. what some of the wind reaction
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i've been to this deal yeah, this has been a take over this be mod by controversy over the past the 18 months. of course sir, be questions about saudi arabia's human rights record. have not gone away overnight and are likely to continue jogging the owners. so if they sir, club for the foreseeable, or we've heard from her teacher jenkins sees the fiance of the motor journalist yamaha showed you use express her disappointment in this take over describing it to sports, washing of saudi arabia. simply a line to get self to the glamorous glamorous premier league to kind of sweep the human rights issues are under the carpet. we know that one of the big issues between a cutoff base bein sports that has the rise to broadcast the premier league in the middle east and north africa and saudi arabia house been sold. saudi had been accused of pirates seeing the premier league that now all seems have been resolved
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. but as i mentioned there when it comes to the issue of human rights that has not gone away. and it does, of course, raise some big, big questions about english for bullet also international football. about what matters more to the fans to the league itself? is it the depth of an owner's pockets? or is it their integrity when it comes to things like human rights? ne, brock alive for his son, james is poor. thank you so much, sharon 8th. well, front staged a dramatic comebacks up a spot in the final of the wafer nations at lake their semi final against belgium. and let's be as good as over half some as they went in signal down a goal here, some cream benzo my just passed the hour and then a killian bath, a penalty soon after level things up. belgium thought they'd snatched victory lights on. but romilly, lacoff is f. it was real to be off side france than school our last minute when a through fernandez to seal it. 32, the will champions will face spain in the final thought. mueller, mija pasco,
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nurse after monk. they are one of the best teams in the world and in europe her, you have to recognize the quality, the strengths of this belgian team. but despite everything, the situation has happened before that i've already seen it if it's complicated, but there is quality in the french team that are obviously in this match, things worked out in our favor and i'm very proud and very happy for my players. you mija of brazil for back to beat venezuela 31 in south american world cup, qualifying some insane there. perfect reco. they were playing without the suspended name or for some wilker when his training with trailing against her. but on the type of venezuela until the 17th 1st minute, sir, mocking us there. leveling the matching characters, gabrielle barbosa doubled their advantage, sher from the county spot 6 minutes from time and debbie to antony was the governor's sailor when in stockbridge, time, brazil now have 9 winds from as many games and lead the standing by 8 points from argentina. gopro mark champion sergeant st out a bit of a night, forgetting their game against their paraguay. this much phoenician go las must want
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the presence of berlin massey argentina are still and beats him, but they've drawn 4 of their 9 games for team to miss group. will go through to the finals also magically. now, central african republic pulled off a huge upset in their qualifier that seem ranked 100 and 24th in the world, beating 3 time african champions nigeria a last minute goal there from carl and gander. deciding the game in lagos despite the last nigeria are still top of that group. chinese, you made it 3 wins from 3. check out this go las scary with a stunning strike to open the scoring against mauritania. it finished 3 male chin as he of 3 points. clear exar a guinea at the top of group b. molly, also looking good for a place in cats and abraham, occurring a hattrick, putting them on the weights of 5, no one against kenya, malia top of groupie. there are a couple of points ahead of uganda. and the noted states,
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the top of the group in north and central america qualifying after bank bank draws 2 goals from 18 year old striker ricardo peppy saw them beating, jamaica soon ill. he became the youngest american to score and consecutive world cut qualifies. this is a pretty tight group, the u. s. lead mexico only on goal difference. officials briefly had to stop mexico's home qualifier against canada because of homophobic chanting. go from the crown of the tech, a stadium, mexico worth sanctioned earlier in the year for a similar offense and had to play one home game without fans, canada able to grab a 11 drawer in this one there and beaten, and stay 3rd in the table a top 3 finish would be good enough to qualify for casso. okay, that is a sports is are looking for now. pizza and b, thanks very much. new york comic on is one of the biggest pop culture conventions in the us and it's back in business. this year after the corona virus pandemic
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forces to go old. but sure, last year his christian saloon superheroes and super villains joined forces to celebrate the return of comic con, where a culture once considered under ground goes way over the top. the people, the people are really what may comic con, so special. it's everyone that's just like the annual comic convention is back in new york after the corona virus pandemic, forced to go virtual last year and fans could not be happier. it's definitely great to be back because i haven't been to a gone in like 23 years. so this is definitely worth it. and amazing for mercer to this is, was a relief list. we're on all these people. even if coven safety requirements posed, costuming challenges, i'm happy that i can, but you know, at the same time that we had the whole faith in order. a little cramps use out a little bit, but yeah. all attendees must be vaccinated as well. artists are just thrilled to
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have the business back. it's great once movie after one have money to spend. everyone's looking for the ones just for to get out. like a true super villain, cold in kel comic han in 2020 for the pandemic was actually good for comic book sales and graphic novel sales, which taught a record setting $1200000000.00 in north america. last year. comic con is where fans and publishers come to discover the next big thing. it's so exciting to hear feels like coming home again. all of the artists are kind of friends with each other. this is the way we all get to see each other. it's amazing to get to see our family again and to see the fans again after so long away. it's so a chance to see some old favorites, you can count on the old franchises to spin off new shows and story lines, not to mention merchandise and video games, which are also
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a big portion of the event. but ultimately it's the presence of the fans that is giving this long awaited return of comic con. it's happy and do. kristen salumi al jazeera new york facial hair, much sammy's next i'll season away. ah . mm hm. and france once had a vast empire spending several continents but by the 1940s, the french were forced to confront reality and demands for independence. in the 1st part of a documentary series,
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al jazeera looks at how the colonial unrest grew. conflict to no julia and full scale war and indo china blood and tears french, the colonization on al jazeera hospital. but it was the iraqis, it vague through the whole in a long overdue general election math products and political on rec, around the country lead grew an earlier them mandate a new election laws being put in place. again, the government now deliver on a promise. they had an open profit medical coverage on a da 0 alger 0 world suites that she dizzy and family facing agonizing choices and an uncertain future. we had the family type, you had enough of a there, and i want to move out another country. disillusioned with the life been struggling economy, peggy and my dream was to become a lawyer or a judge. i really wanted back what the circumstances a tendency in family high hopes desperate lives on al jazeera.
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ah, be the hero, the world needs right now. washer. oh. journalist to meet me more. all tall van, maria ross. so when the nobel peace prize for that fight to defend freedom of expression, ah, i'm standing say that this is al, just they are alive from dough hall. so coming up at least 30 people have been killed.


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