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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2021 11:00am-11:31am AST

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o l g 0. when ever you oh, oh, search and rescue team scow, a remote areas of ivers following a deadly quake in pakistan. ah sammy say, dan, this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up early voting gets on the way in iraq is 25000000 eligible votes is are expected to take part in this. he is parliamentary elections. the u. n's, human rights council agrees on creating a special rapport. so as a help monitor human rights abuses in afghanistan and
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a former nazi god goes on trial in germany accused of assisting in the murder of thousands of prisoners. ah, now we begin in southwest, in pakistan, where families are burying those killed in fuzz days. earthquake. rescuers, the still searching for survivors. at least 22 people are confirmed to have been killed. many more a wounded and have been left homeless in bullets. she stands how denied the worst hit region. let's go now to kemal high day. he's live for us in ha deny. so come on how a people faring in the aftermath now. where most people who have lost their homes and spend a day and night under open skies. it is pretty hard, although it will be winter soon. but be by looking for shade,
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is that something which hasn't arrived a yet $500.00. how did? according to the government, i'd have been destroyed completely or have suffered major structural damage. moisture fall or game should be understood dead despite the fact that the military would to 1st to read it. for the search and rescue. we did not see many of the politicians had. this morning we saw one, a ledger. plato was a promising to bring helpful p, but that people have got concerned a new chairs, a new games, and i need them far because dead on the open skies. we also had off to shrug this morning, which we felt. a idea has been shaken by aftershocks after that major earthquake, now hard night go. so vague rich in court to coordinate ministers, crow my, and always so natural gas. but despite all, died the people who live in abject poverty,
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most of the ideas are under develop. people who don't have basic facilities, and therefore it is going to be a difficult dos to try and get a dame or help in because it dates almost 5 hours from the city of quite damaging to provincial capital. and not to forget the fact that most of the roads leading to are not well built because of the line flight that had knowledge of that weight on that was come on high the from pakistan, early voting is began in iraq's parliamentary election, security forces, prisoners and internally displaced, people are casting their balance 2 days ahead of the general vote and election that was one of the top demands of anti government protests. movements that began in 2019 many internally displaced people in iraq say they haven't been given their voting cards. something that's likely to have an impact on results. in amman,
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con reports a proud display, a political affiliations. the polls open on october 10th, iraq's parliamentary election. 423 candidates are competing with 30 full seats and government here in, in of a province. but across the province, the turnout might not be what the candidates are hoping for. the provincial capital is mostly a predominantly suddenly muslim city. there's a lot of anger and frustration directed that the government in baghdad, who they accuse of forgetting about them because they're suddenly so much so that many a cooling for a boycott of the vote. i heard the micra, is it okay? now what's voting going to change? nothing and at the same people will be in charge right after as they were before who diesel is a professor at the college of political science at mostly university. within the hour to an artist, norman, there are many calls for
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a boy caught in. the 1st is from the people frustrated with the old parties who have controlled parliament since 2005. the 2nd is the failure, the government to compensate those who have lost homes, businesses, and lives assailant, particularly in the old city. the old city of mosul was devastated in the fight against iso. the group had declared it the capital of its territory. people have been slowly returning in small numbers, but most still live in displacement camps like this. this camp is home to about 5000 people at that, about 2000 or eligible to vote. however, only 700 people have actually received voting cards. now, what the iraqi federal government has said, if those people want to vote, they have to go back to their homes. but their homes are in places like the old city of mosul, or in san jose. some of the most destroyed places within iraq itself. now they have nothing to go back to this, no homes that they can return to. so they stay in this camp
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a lot. the camp management of said is actually the people they want. the rocky federal government wants to return back to their homes. are actually some of iraq's most vulnerable. similar numbers are repeated across displacement camps, housing, rockies. they are in effect, refugees in their own country. it's not known just how many people won't be able to vote, but it's clear that people are voicing their frustration with the government loudly . and whether it's the boycott, the vote movement, or people's inability to vote both unlikely to have an impact on the polls. let's bring in name ron. now. eas, lie for us outside the polling station in habit. so we can see behind you streams of people lining up houses shaping up there. well, judging by the streams of people, as you say, this looks like it could be quite a good turner. everybody's checking their names on that list over there. if the names on that list are able to go in and vote, but there seems to be
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a little bit of confusion as to who is able to vote from here. now, early voting means that security services, government workers, bureaucrats, et cetera, are allowed to come and vote. however, a lot of these people are, was thought they would be able to early vote, even if they weren't members of those particular professions. but the key vote here is that the displaced people who are living in camps they are being bused in from around the corner over there. and then they just come through here from various different camps across the kurdish regional territory are what they are voting for . what they want to see changed is very simple. they want to be able to go back home to their places that were destroyed in the war against ice. la, been to those places you saw them, the old city of mosul, there in my report, it's completely destroyed. the only people that been able to go back are business owners who've got private loans to be able to open their shops. very few residents . i've been able to go back to there's no services there, there's no water,
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there's no, let's see, there's nothing even remotely that allows them to be able to go back. and that's just one area times that by single times that by other areas in iraq and you get a big pitcher. now the iraqi federal government as was in that report, wants them to go back. they said there's no way to go back to said this vote for them is absolutely crucial. they'll be voting almost on a one issue or type of decision who can get us home the quickest. right. thanks so much. im non con there now the un human rights council has agreed to appoint a special ruffle tour on afghanistan. the new repertoire will be responsible for monitoring human rights following the toner, bond takeover. amnesty international as welcome to the decision saying, an independent investigative mechanism will be critical. the organization is accused the taliban of human rights violations, including targeted killings of civilians and the blockading of humanitarian aid.
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stephanie decker joins us now live from cobble. so stephanie, any indication from the thought about holly might deal with a special report. so for human rights who have had no official reaction from the taliban as of yet, the taliban has maintained that they've offered amnesty to all the former government employees, government soldiers, those if they fought for many years. but at the same time, there been many reports in there, very difficult to verify sammy, that there have been incidents of targeted killings. but hickey, amnesty international, the last couple of days accusing the group of killing 13 ethnic has r as 9 of those being members of the former african security forces after they at turned themselves in. so again, these are very difficult to verify. also reports of some child by members going house to house, summoning people who used to work for any of the foreign forces also to appear in court, threatening their families. but again, all of these things incredibly difficult to verify. so i think this will be one of the challenges this boat means that this un,
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special repertoire should be on the ground here, march of next year. and then, you know, how will they operate? will the taliban facilitate their movement along the country? at an investor investigation like this will need the team to interview members of atrocities victims. any members of the taliban president will not allow them to speak for it is i think it remains a challenge. me, but certainly at the moment it's welcomed by the international community, some criticism china saying, well, why hasn't the you and then pointed to finger the united states and its allies for many of the violations that they did over the last 20 years out. but at the moment, i think it's a sign of increasing pressure on the taliban. the time when it is seeking international legitimacy, the world is talking to the group. but of course, sir, no country has officially recognized them as a government here as of yet and all of this also to do with millions of dollars of aid that the international community is withholding at a time when it says that the taliban is not adhering to the specifics of the doe
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high agreement, but what it really means is that you've got millions and millions of afghans being held hostage when it comes to the dire economic situation here. you know, famine, people don't have enough to eat. there is no money. so really, very difficult times indeed. all right, we'll leave that thanks so much. stephanie decker, who still had on al jazeera regulators in the u. s. the said, the rule of current of iris vaccines is safe for children aged as young as 5 reports emerge. that us special forces have been covertly training taiwanese troops rising tensions with china spark global concern. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day of 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways, boated world's best air line of 2021. there are 2 very obvious features, the weather in your loan, you can see him from space. one is,
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is circulation in the adria tick, which has been around for a couple days. and the other one is autumn, waiting to come in again to the northwestern shores of europe. this is the position during friday. that circulation will throw rain august. the balkans dance was grease and still in italy. and this, this is still edging into ireland and scotland. let's take you a day forward. now i headed this is been quite warm temperatures in london and copenhagen and stockholm of 2 to 5 degrees above normal. so it's roofing quite present. but this is gonna change things as it works in. it'll bring rain into norway that will drop the sandwiches down eventually. and the big circulation here is bringing a lot of rain to croatia to prostate has going on and this wind 120 kilometers per hour. now that is a standard seasonal wind called a bora, it's warmed office. a ne gaelic can cause damage down on that coast. as you can see it still blowing throughout saturday. the rains move south by that time, but the chance of flooding are still there. probably this time in greece,
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in africa we've seen flooding recently in northern gala, but you see the trend, mostly the rain is going for the south is still going round the corner of guinea. but i think nigeria and carol route are the focus the next few days. the weather sponsored by kat are airways voted world best airline of 2021 in the country with an abundance of resort trade. i really want him to leave here his friends for me. we moved full to grow and frock. we balance, but real economy, blue economy and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let it be part when the, the, his growth and progress. invent either media now. ah
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ah, welcome back here watching al jazeera time to recap, our headlines, funerals are being held in south southwest them focused on 4 people killed in an earthquake on thursday. rescue as a still searching for survivors. unblocked justine, at least 22 people have confirmed to have been killed. early voting has begun in iraq's parliamentary election, security forces, prisoners, and internally despised people accosting their balance 2 days ahead of the general vote. the un human rights council has agreed to appoint a new special report, sir, to monitor human rights in afghanistan, following the toner, bonds, takeover, china, russia, and pakistan opposed. the resolution for u. s. senate has approved the deal to avert a debt default. it's voted to pass a bill temporarily raising the federal debt limits by $480000000000.00. the u. s.
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treasury estimates it'll allow the government to cover its expenses until early december. the bill will now go to the house of representatives. the senate democrats won a long term solution to the debt limit to make sure financial remarks remain stable and our economic recovery stays on track. america's full faith and credit must never be used as a political bargaining chip. i hope my republican colleagues relent from trying to make it one when we read. revisit this issue soon. so now that republican brinkman ship is relented. senate democrats will focus on passing, build back better agenda. so we can finally build up ladders of opportunity for people to climb up to the middle class. as take a closer look of the political and economic significance of the so called debt ceiling, it's a limit imposed by congress on the amount of debt,
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the u. s. government can accumulate. it's been set at $28.00 trillion dollars since early august. analysts say the ceiling is important because if the u. s. defaulted, it would damage the country's credit rating, should also plunge the white global financial system into turmoil. the bill to temporarily raise the debt ceiling, now needs to be passed by the house of representatives before being signed off by president joe biden. mike hannah has more from washington dc. well, a desire to li, crucial. if the u. s. had defaulted on its debt, the economy would have been entail, so it would have been unprecedented. most experts believe that everybody was going to bow at the last moments, but it's still a tense situation. and this only came about in terms of extending the dead to oh, oh, putting a little bit of money in to allow it to run through to december. that took a lot of shenanigans in terms of what's been happening in recent weeks. in the end,
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the republicans or some republicans came to deal with the democrats and that they would vote to drop the filibuster on this. now what that means is that it would just need at 60 votes to pass that procedural motion saying that the debt ceiling can be raised temporarily. by a simple majority, the democrats have 50 in the senate are plus the vice president that gives them the absolute majority. in the end, the bill was passed by 50 votes to 48, but this is all about political games playing and certainly coming very close to the brink in terms of just a few days before october, the 18th, which is the deadline. another injection of capital is put in now, to put this into real terms, you are talking about the debt ceiling being at 28.4 trillion. what the senators voted on is to raise that debt ceiling to a $24.00 trillion just for the government to be able to buy it,
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pay its debts until december. the 3rd, when the whole thing's going to start again. new special forces and marines have been secretly training taiwanese troops since 2020. according to media reports. it comes as tensions are growing between beijing in taipei with ty, ones defense minister, calling them the worst in more than 4 decades. rob mcbride has more from hong kong . these reports are being reported and are from a number of different media sources in the us. but interestingly, similar reports to these 1st appeared last november and taiwanese media and that would have been if these stories are true at about the time that these are us special forces who are meant to number may be as many as 20 would have 1st arrived on the island of a taiwan at the time, the u. s. military said the reports were inaccurate this time around the pentagon. at while not commenting directly on the reports has issued an interesting statement
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. saying that a support for thailand's the military will be gauged depending on its defense needs, which does seem to give these reports some credence. the u. s. of course, does support taiwan military in terms of hardware, the latest their jet jet fighters and so on. it has for a number of years that is always an good china, if these reports are true, of having a pretty much a permanent, a presence military presence on the island of 2 foot, a very boots on the ground as it were, that would a give china further cause or to be angry and they haven't been a u. s. military presence permanently on the island of taiwan since 1979. and a u. s. could argue that these troops, if they have been there for nearly a year, are merely taking part in an ongoing training exercise. but it does have an air of permanence about it. now, japan's new prime minister, few mucus, she'd, as promised to focus on leading the country out of the crisis caused by the crown
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of iris pandemic. in his 1st policy speech, he called for cash payouts to companies, as well as people who have been hit hard by the outbreak will be leading his ruling liberal democratic party into a general election late of this month. little boy, i am determined to devote body and soul to overcome this national crisis, who will carve out a new era and personal in the next generation country, whose citizens are rich at heart. the government will drastically enhance its capabilities against a pandemic, such as strengthening the functions of government is training the flow of people taking legislative steps to secure medical resources, as well as their will come domestic vaccines and medicine. oh, the parents across the u. s. are debating whether or not to get their children vaccinated. it comes after pfizer requested permission from us dr. regulators to offer its covey 19 job to children as young as 5 years old. hard to jo,
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castro explains that the fuel do so give you a walk to school in california. this week turned into a confrontation between anti vaccine protesters and parents. harassed for having their children where masks seems like this are playing out across the country as tensions flare over how to protect children from the pandemic. this is the backdrop to pfizer by on tax application submitted thursday, asking the f da, to authorize it's covered vaccine for children. ages 5 to 11. i think it's, it's the next step forward and, and moving us towards having a safe and effective vaccine for our youngest children. one in 3. you did great sweetie, pfizer says in its clinical trials, children developed a strong immune response and no serious side effects. when given a 2 shot regimen at a 3rd of the adult dosage level,
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8 year old sebastian primal was among the $2200.00 trial participants. i raised me very happy that. oh, i am helping other kids get the vaccine in. i honestly, if i had to get, is charlie again, i with children now account for one in for new cove cases in the u. s. and more than $500.00 have died since the start of the pandemic. why are we losing any children to cove it? if we have a very simple fix, is masking social distancing, and now a vaccine. but according to the kaiser family foundation, only one in 3 parents in the u. s. plan to vaccinate their young child as soon as the government allows my son particular has some allergies that make me very concerned and you know, i just, i don't, i don't trust it. california was the 1st state to announce a covered vaccine mandate for public school. children pending the f da's full
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approval. doctor said that's no different from requiring kids to be vaccinated against other routine diseases. this is a vaccine like any others. and, and i think our states and our school systems will have to think about how that fits into the, the broader, you know, their broader immunization fans. oh, the f. d, a will likely decide within weeks whether to authorize the pfizer vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 who number about 28000000 in the u. s. health experts say that will bring the country another step closer to defeating the virus. but only if parents get their children. the shots, heidi joe castro, al jazeera president, joe biden is calling for more americans to get jabbed with vaccination. right? slowing down across the us. we know there is no other way to beat pandemic than to get the vast majority of americans. actually,
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it's as simple as that and to say than words to spread to our children, to spread throughout society or hospitals and the risk of other variance is all dangerous and obvious, but we're still not there. we have to be too soon. abortion clinics in taxes serv reopened. after a federal court stepped in to suspend a law that effectively banned the procedure. some clinics in the us state are concerned, they could be shut down again with the possibility of an appeals court, reinstating the law in the coming days. the texas legislation imposed last month is regarded as the most restrictive in the u. s. a former us special envoy for haiti has criticized the biden administration for its policy of mass deportations. daniel fruits has been briefing the house foreign affairs committee after he resigned from his position in september. he says haiti is reeling from poverty crime and a recent earthquake. he says, forcing migrants home will only increase suffering. and the gallagher has more from
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miami. with this is frankly a pretty scathing briefing from the former us special envoy to haiti daniel foot. he of course, was appointed in july, i just days after president job. now maurice was assassinated, which largely explains the situation in haiti right now, but his main points of contention with the, by them ministration was the treatment of those thousands of patients of the mast at the us mexico border saying that they should have been treated more fairly and perhaps given a chance to get processed through the immigration system, he also said that forcibly we patch, rating haitians back to the country. at this point in time is counterproductive. let's listen to what the former us special envoy to haiti had to say. deportation back to haiti is not the and to right now, i am not saying that that the intending migrates were illegal. status shouldn't be deported. but haiti is too dangerous. our own diplomats cannot
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leave our compound and cord branch without armed guard and the already failed. essential services delivery, the haitian government is really overwhelmed and placed like c d. so lead the biggest slum, ma'am this year i've seen pictures of, of waste and stuff. so deportation in the short term is not going to make a more stable. in fact, it's going to make it worse. daniel ford also talked extensively about the security situation in haiti saying that essentially porter prince is now being run by gangs . and he was aware that in one day alone, there were 20 abductions. that's the point he makes about ations going back. that security situation is extremely dire and there really is no functioning government at the moment. now of course, the biden administration's main policy is a free and fair elections that and as soon as possible, but that isn't going to happen until some time next year. meanwhile,
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the effect of daniel foot words, a lifelong diplomat on the, by the ministrations policies, remain to be seen. the trial over 100 year olds. former concentration camp guard has begun in germany. joseph shoots is the oldest person to be tried for nazi iraq crimes. he's accused of knowingly and willingly help in the murder of more than 3000 prisoners. donna cain, reports from section was in camp outside berlin. he is 100 years old and barely able to stand on his own. yet here in court, yoseph s is standing trial on charges relating to his 3 years as an s s guard at the saxon house in concentration camp. he does not believe he should be on trial and i'm flat is on the flat flood. the defendant was asked if he had anything to sane response to the charity. he had no comment,
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but said through his lawyer that at the next court date he would tell us about his own life. the court's interest in his life will concern how it affected the more than 200000 people who were held at the camp during the nazi era. some estimate suggest as many as half of all the prisoners who were brought here died here. many worked to death forced to act as slave laborers on starvation rations. many more were actively murdered, either shot individually or in small numbers. but it was in this particular complex that the s s improvised, the gas chamber, in which they could murder victims and then burn their bodies in comparative secrecy. the existence of such horrors only became widely known after the war's end . the film of the camps liberated by the allies became evidence it could be used to bring suspected walk criminals to trial between 19451946. and that trial was
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held in nuremberg the defendant to plead guilty or not guilty charges against them. this is where the most senior nazis like ham and gurgling, who among his many crimes, ordered the creation of the concentration camps were brought to justice, urethra for the 1st time history and the heads of state. happy to be held responsible in front of the tribunal sitting basically right over there and but personally trial for what they did in their representative functions. if what they and the crimes committed in at work to day historian site. the nuremberg trials is helping bring about the creation of the international criminal court. and while the nuremberg trials ended 75 years ago, this autumn, the memory of the crimes they adjudicated upon, lingers on in camps like this. in this precise spot, more than 10000 soviet prisoners of war were murdered in just 10 weeks. in 1941
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years of s began working at the camp after this atrocity took place. but in the nearly 3 years, he was here many thousands of others died at the hands of the s. s. his defense is that he was not directly responsible for those deaths. it will be for the court to decide his fate. doner kane al jazeera at the former saxon housing concentration camp. ah and let's take you through some of the headlines here now. jazeera now funerals are being held in southwest, in pakistan for people killed in an earthquake on thursday. rescuers are still searching for survivors in bellagio, stan, at least 22 people are confirmed. dad, come on, hide the has.


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