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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2021 8:30am-9:01am AST

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it's so exciting to hear feels like coming home again. it's all of the artists are kind of friends with each other. this is the way we all get to see chillers. it's amazing to get to see our family again and to see the fans again after so long away . it's also a chance to see some old favorites. you can count on the old franchises to spin off new shows and story lines, not to mention merchandise and video games, which are also a big portion of the event. but ultimately, it's the presence of the fans that is giving this long awaited return of comic con . it's happy ending. kristen salumi al jazeera new york. ah suffolk richard. the headlines here on al jazeera, the u. s. senate has a, the way for a temporary deal to stable a possible debt default. it's voted to pass a bill to raise the debt limit by $490000000000.00. it will now go to the house of representatives. senate democrats won a long term solution to the debt limit to make sure financial remark,
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it's remain stable, and our economic recovery stays on track. america's full faith and credit must never be used as a political bargaining chip. i hope my republican colleagues relent from trying to make it one when we read. revisit this issue soon. so now that republican brinkman ship is relented. senate democrats will focus on passing, build back better agenda. so we can finally build up ladders of opportunity for people to climb up to the middle class. and southwest on pakistan, families are bearing those killed in an earthquake. that sounds rescuer, search for survivors. it's feared many a still trapped under the rubble thursday strong, but shallow tremor has killed at least 20 people. many more wounded. nathan left homeless, boucher stones, hon. i the worst hit region. the former you a special ed voice. i hate, he says security porter princess, worsening ad massacres, am kidnappings on now. part of everyday life,
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daniel foot told congress america's policy of devoting thousands of patients would only make things worse. he resigned over their treatment at the u. s. southern border in september, early voting. has become in iraq's parliamentary election. those in the armed forces, the police all who internally displaced cam, accosted ballots today and of sunday's general vote. it's an election that was one of the top demands of massive bounty government protest in 2019 and abortion clinics in the us state of texas of reopened falling. a federal court ruling suspending a law that affects to be banned. the procedure. wednesdays, temporary judgment criticized the legislation as an offensive depravation of such an important right. some texas abortion clinics are wary, they could be shut down again with the possibility of an appeals court reinstating the law in the coming days. the texas legislation impose last month is the most restrictive in the country. those red lines that is continuous here on out to 0
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after witness. thank you. and thanks for watching bye for now. how many nukes is too many new comerica had in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british ports down to that there are fewer regulations to own a tiger than there are its own. i john, how can this be happening? we take on us politics and society and that's the bottom line i. ready can also take some people don't put it in
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my class, i'm not sure there is nothing on the a o. b is similar in the when a cushy, they put down the g a bought a little bit more funny. so the 2 units for casa,
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oh, yeah, with the stand t o g, but just keep on cooper. calon said for sure i can finish it. oh, a b, o a o, a o
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. a, a now one of the she with well it would be a lot of a double nobody but it can be done. i need to get out of that with the general of what it was company for nearly 4 months. you'll need to suspend the vehicle, go out of the garbage and we'll look at what's the unit that i didn't think was the question. for what though? so chaney, they will get a little bit of a gamble. i'm going to actually go out to where you go, because you look at that
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a few. i could only be able somebody for you, bella medical, let us know and you know, medical nation eliminating quadrant in noise. so we're going to feed through the computer and mean 10 of these on the recall. and yes, it will be that he's the same the, these are new that you told me to call you back say no. and in my pocket on pony. so she cannot, if you put any, get a book on tonight edition because the financing of it out in
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the the, from the move that but he's the one that has actually got it in. you can see that i've got to be near a to get other spin. ah, we please get up to 20. we're going to go see that i think get out of money to live tagging me see something that came in the she
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was going to my senior i've been doing a suit to me when you get closer to her there. so if that means he's busy, give me a call later if you would he enough that i need to you
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meal began cumulate that katy dalton, ali kiki, the eva the that in a massy display. me when the money up you were on that he, after it, cause a key misinger, whether the rest of them be no place at a you say said there are new or they also in your can with time to be and if you would for less thrown out that you would you would have been miscellaneous, it's going to be a lot. i'm from the memory to the latimer. as soon as great engineer was slipping days than i could, i mean, unity confronted the fire. the problem up is a bit of motor brings in a few notes looped on, but we wanted to get some interest for the show and even more spectacular than she
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thought the people are trying to go to the school. and my son was put on a piece, some of them. i mean, the tv be placed on the piano piano because it is but ecosystem which none. it willis, i yeah. they say spin sierra door feed each. it was a funny look on the psyche bulletin. i me to lay the man the psyche english so mean thought there ago, but asia pushing the brain de la body and st from nan was study vandalism. there isn't true for sure. i mean, give us your computer a cooper football, a lame. you start getting the upper using as
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a means no less of gamma part of this you do of any in all a. so glad lorianne could have settled the closing. and so you'll see me as young children. you will see these to the proper inch and thread over at ortiz, already. she is a pistol used to start to pull up, but sooner we indeed was a little more that are for sale, more minutes water opportunities for more of a key asset inches, face and whooped it initialize.
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oh, a memo you did about it? did i even tell you i let you stopping idea when i make you and see the reading and 30 on the dr. levine. this little boy they got with with, with the guy who am on the found them. i'm not enough to ringo. oh video. leno, nene, if we put
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a 50 day lifting the the 100 we did, other to new off. so nicole kelly makena, portales to meet the it also to study boy city throughout the day. so call the the, what about him book up at a kid precipitous. so nick, it again, i don't need to do that. i want to provide for being mm a one for see when you sent them to log in, it's a whole sauce onion for that helps a lot
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. there lay a seems to me in christ only on the moon, on or near the union. so my number, when he gets to that to see what he's doing with the cd yet we can group at a super be amateur luna persona asking choice in 15 to week is to be in contact with the united states as a fair amount to when to do it in a future that you do on the lead after the new model that you had.
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i saw brenda took that switch and di senior at the city to fit in in new york. ready mm mm mm fuzzy lumen you seem to know the price on that to provide to get but what happens
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a. ready little bit if you are very different, a little bit different with will not on that on that the minister were to who steve. i do not 1st to michael room one for you can order them for months. your lay on have you done finding any loss he talked to and they thought a bit. we need them to do nasty stance. i tried, you know, how much did you run the yachting? much better kids channel symptom wouldn't dive in more luminary carter than it should work in schulman t d r b. yeah. oh oh
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oh i hm. ah oh, you go mental i'm will be there soon. if i said with, you must have a facebook tweak that last i believe you meant that he didn't. it was somebody. oh, let me think which other questions? no, the claim will mean milan hobbies younger liter, natty, i laugh or i, i love what had it in? not that i made that all the laptops gunmen actually, since i'm asking you know, one of each in a last made than in disconcerting good job. oh ah,
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a with that, jesse what i mean, a budget at god. okay. probably man, thank god billing for with i you that up there. i'll change your contact jane taking on capitol invariably and put it in. she came out to push the claw. edc ups. other domains that really isn't processed and getting not my you put it there, you that i'm what do you do on my media causes which is bow copy dog and my muscles, unless i know that to locust a cooperate tomorrow to la la, they're called seattle profit he came out to let you to do the t h. it broke with
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respect kathy law school with what i fight. cynthia crystal kit is one antiquity from only a new cloud of school. i since i left a libya from that in july you bet our group boss in the can you oh, i don't, you know, they call with . ringback ringback ringback 2 cars will can you what that one up a soon a few in there i'm you get i've ever toyed the sarah. oh,
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that took all copies that each i know a lot. i well fucked them for you. the man. okay. i still wonder that the route to mercantile, which is the chief that argues he thought that by a question we have his boss draw medina, moliere, k, a market, missouri, theatrical movie answer there tomorrow on the spot to little to open that final. sure. second, lay of full on your for then. okay. marked washington. rafa and laura leo came up to what she called a worker had on casualty and put the within hearing manase. i mean the word with i said it was after them. profession easter on iraq to fall mean timid, dizzy matthews's book of so enough hasn't been solved when you thought they log being so young. yeah. let me set a spanner. calisha marshall tanto. but going,
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if you don't even use an meeting, but gus and all that, i mean it, chow, in amy's, i i, i think she's my wife boy told me that we carry the words in veto. then of course, with engine at a soon or dizzy coming to prison, sony and the stranger caught up to fall. a casey stone, i'm cooking channel. oh ah, the aconia deck, a sin said me at a professional level what i you may but i'll put on a lot of battle at the 15
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but i'm at about that if i thought it was my vehicle it so i seem to find out what the no means you can disagree mcconnell the there was a boy. if i'm still with that. yeah. i think the body of cora with a lot and he's wanting to feel if y'all shrink with me a call back and talk to you guys, you know, or you want to put it in our staff will computers. and that's to those 2 factors.
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because when you featured have made it seem to me because he didn't tell them to show them that you run the percentage and get it when you to your you seem to put in a sudden in sky, just people could just be that a i don't know limit to stream it to never know because you, you probably need meeting in all still hearing me i can
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get, i'm willing to go see general setup in its own in the city to sort of deal with my daughter for a lawyer. i don't sure more good to go out and we went out and woke up lucy booth and that is for the
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study i'm working from fione of was the 20th on august, the quote thought a be to jordan, a deeper all that the 5 they do. if we indeed the persona, believe it out, you pull out it ah mother to liberal on middle a lot of them but she knew emotional issues. tional didn't that could be it. i sure do you have far too much to be clueless financing but given you and your father charles, mother, she did a funeral or codle matter. sure. you could me a lot of this. so i went back to the us video. i'm
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realizing that i little bit of a little know vehicles about via but, but in that age a, b to what is it a little bit more than 200000000 cases of kids of 19 worldwide governments. a batting to fight fresh weights of the virus. a new barrier. there has been a search and the number of people working vaccination appointments from human cough . she to political and economic full out. i'll just the era brings to the latest on the pandemic, visuals had vaccinated more than 1100 people here, all of them migrant farm workers. people on told testing because they, but there is a risk to democracy. special coverage on al jazeera with tiny hidden cameras,
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criminals are illegally filming, and sharing people's most intimate moments. when east investigate south for is by coming the demick on algebra. ah peaches, joint wine, that's the beauty of television. journalism i've always wanted to make the audience feel something to create an emotional connection with the story. sometimes you have to go to great lengths to do just that. ah, when we made a film on the provider bars, we covered it without 05. we saw 1st hand the fee, the pandemic, of course, the high you, late on the truck, when you realize what's going on, the police investigated and write it out with the government expelled me by. couldn't hide from the truth as
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a tax on press freedom escalate. i worked the al jazeera because i hold the line, mom drew ambrose. mm mm. every war meets a devastating impact. tell me environment. earth rises, explore some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientist. safeguarding one of our most valuable results is these are important samples. we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees. striving to co exist with nature. okay, so what's going on there? is there assimilating what happens when an elephant commerce life off to conflict on al jazeera? the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people,
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uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments, and of vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground. in the world and in the lab. now more than ever the world needs w h l, making a healthier world for you everywhere. ah . ready hello, i'm darn jordan doh how the quick reminder, the top stories aaron al jazeera, the u. s. senate has paid the way for a temporary deal to stave off a possible debt default is voted to pass a bill to raise the debt limit by $490000000000.00. it'll now go to the house of representatives without raising the national barring cap. the treasury would not be authorized to pay its bills in less than $2.00 weeks. full of 4 senate democrats won a long term solution to the debt limit to make sure financial remarks remain stable
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and our economic recovery stays on track. america's.


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