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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2021 8:00am-8:30am AST

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ah, play an important role in protecting human client touch face ah, the u. s. senate both to raise the debt ceiling and a stop gap deal staving off a possibility of default until december. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up rescue efforts continue in southern pakistan. after at least 20 people are killed and the hundreds injured in an earthquake. parents in the u. s. debate whether to get their children vaccinated as pfizer seeks clearance to give its coded 19 job to 5 to 11 year old. on the townsend and ortho abdul ross,
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that gunner is awarded the nobel lecture surprised by his uncompromising works on colonialism on the fate of refugees. ah, but u. s. senate has paved the way for a temporary deal to stave off a possible debt default. it's voted to pass a bill to raise the debt limit by $490000000000.00. at now go to the house of representatives without raising the national barring cap. the treasury would not be authorized to pay its bills in less than $2.00 weeks. the clerk will senate democrats won a long term solution to the debt limit to make sure financial remark, it's remain stable, and our economic recovery stays on track. america's full faith and credit must never be used as a political bargaining chip. i hope my republican colleagues relent from trying to make it one when we read. revisit this issue soon. so now that republican brinkman
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ship is relented. senate democrats will focus on passing, build back better agenda. so we can finally build up ladders of opportunity for people to climb up to the middle class. so let's take a closer look at the political and economic significance of the circle debt ceiling . well, this is a limit imposed by congress on the amount of debt. the federal government can accumulate its been set at $28.00 trillion dollars since august. first, analysts say the debt ceiling is important because if the u. s. defaulted, it would damage the country's credit rating. i said could also plans the global financial system into turmoil and possibly lead to a recession. the agreement by senators to raise the debt ceiling until early december, now needs to be passed by the house of representatives. my camera has worn out from washington, dc. well, a desire to li, crucial if the u. s. had defaulted on its debt, the economy would have been entails,
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it would have been unprecedented. most experts believe that everybody was going to bow at the last moments, but it's still a tense situation. and this only came about in terms of extending the debt or, or putting a little bit of money in to allow it to run through to december. that took a lot of shenanigans in terms of what's been happening in recent weeks. in the end, the republicans or some republicans came to deal with the democrats, that they would vote to drop the filibuster on this. now what that means is that it would just need at 60 votes to pass that procedural motion saying that the debt ceiling can be raised temporarily. by a simple majority, the democrats have 50 in the senate. i plus the vice president that gives them the absolute majority in the end. the bill was passed by 50 votes to $48.00, but this is all about political games playing and certainly coming very close to
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the brink in terms of just a few days before october, the 18th, which is the deadline. another injection of capital is put in now, to put this into real terms, you are talking about the debt ceiling being at 28.4 trillion. what the senators voted on is to raise that debt ceiling to a $24.00 trillion just for the government to be able to buy it, pay its debts until december. the 3rd, when the whole thing's going to start again. now in southwestern pakistan, families are bearing those killed in an earthquake that says rescuers search for survivors. it's feared many a trapped under the rubble thursday strong, but shallow trinna has killed at least 20 people. many more. a wounded and have been left homeless in baluchistan is hon. i, that's the worst hit region. come on, hide as the latest. now, from baluchistan products, we are in arden. i, a more district in baluchistan,
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situated about 5 i'll drive from the city of went up with the provincial capital, the authority that saying that, did it damage i to 500. how did at least 20 people have been good. the military had to use helicopters to evacuate, the more seriously injured, most of the injured of gods include women and children. the idea had received a number of off their shock. and this particular wake was so strong that it would fade hundreds of miles away and the provincial capital of florida, and are the major cities of baluchistan. the government, of course, responding in dime by dated the fear that the aftershocks could lead to more damage . as some of these structures have received considerable damage. as you can see, it is dark, but we can see the rubber from the how did that. i'm mostly built out of mud and stone and therefore north side meekly. a solid enough to be able to withstand
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a strong earthquake. the people of god will be expecting relief from the government . they will be expecting danes, so that those people who have lost their homes can be looked after. the military is head and strength and i've got the rescue deemed have been working all day long. in order to find people under robin. the former us special envoy for haiti has slammed the worst thing security situation in port a prince, saying masochism kidnappings are now part of everyday life. daniel foot has been briefing the house foreign affairs committee after he resigned from his position in september of the treatment of haitian migrants of the southern border. thousands were deported without being given a chance to claim asylum, a decision foot cold in humane and counterproductive. angelica as well from miami. 6 this was frankly a pretty scathing briefing from the former us special envoy to haiti daniel foot. he of course, was appointed in july,
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i just days after president job. now mo east was assassinated, which largely explains the situation in haiti right now. but his main points of contention with the, by them ministration was the treatment of those thousands of patients of the mast at the us mexico border saying that they should have been treated more fairly and perhaps given a chance to get processed through the immigration system. he also said that forcibly we patch, rating haitians back to the country at this point in time is counterproductive. let's listen to what the former us special envoy to haiti had to say. deportation back to haiti is not the answer right now. i am not saying that that the intending migrants who are in illegal status shouldn't be deported. but haiti is too dangerous. our own diplomats cannot leave our compound and cord branch without armed guard and the already failed. essential
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services delivery, the haitian government is really overwhelmed in places like c, d, 's. so the biggest slum in them this year i've seen pictures of waste and stuff. so deportation in the short term is not going to make a more stable. in fact, it's going to make it worse. daniel foot also talked extensively about the security situation in haiti saying that essentially porter prince is now being on by gangs. and he was aware that in one day alone, there were 20 abductions. that's the point he makes about, asians going back, the security situation is extremely dire and the really is no functioning government at the moment at now. of course, the biden administration's main policies are free and fair elections that and as soon as possible, but that isn't going to happen until some time next year. meanwhile, the effect of daniel foot words, a lifelong diplomat on the, by the ministrations policies, remain to be seen us special forces and marines have been secretly training taiwanese troops since 2020. that's according to media reports. it comes as
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tensions grow between beijing and ty pay with ty, ones defense minister, calling them the worst in more than 4 decades. ra mcbride has moved from hong kong . these reports are being reported and are from a number of different media sources in the us. but interestingly, as similar reports to these 1st appeared last november in taiwanese media, and that would have been if these stories are true at about the time that these are us special forces who are meant to number may be as many as 20 would have 1st arrived on the island of a taiwan at the time, the u. s. military said the reports were inaccurate this time around the pentagon. at while not commenting directly on the reports has issued an interesting statement, saying that a support for thailand's v a military will be gauge depending on its defense needs . which does seem to give these reports. some credence, the u. s. of course, does support taiwan military in terms of hardware, the latest air jet,
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jet fighters, and so on. it has for a number of years that is always an good china, if these reports are true, of having a pretty much a permanent, a presence military presence on the island of tra foot, a very boots on the ground as it were, that would a give a china further cause or to be angry, and they haven't been a u. s. military presence permanently on the island of ty, once it's 1979, and a u. s. could argue that these troops, if they have been there for nearly a year, are merely taking part in an ongoing training exercise. but it does have an air of permanence about it for so a break here now to 0. when we come back, early voting starts in iraq for parliamentary election demanded by mass protests. and the superheroes in super villains who bounded together at one of the biggest pop culture conventions in the us more than ah,
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the remains of the psycho sheehan are visible only in the form of funds domes in western. yeah. but otherwise it's a drive picture. the sure miles forget that normally wind blows out of iraq down through the gulf states. usually removing the humidity settles when there's no wind, dry picture otherwise. but there are fairly obviously winds around the edge and they will come to show a difference. so that shamal keeps blind. look at the top right hand corner, zoom in on the top right hand corner, which is education. give you some. and the hindu kush northern pakistan. it's starts to rain that it starts to snow. attempt to start dropped by tommy, get the end of sunday looking rather more like winter than late summer or autumn. 10 degrees below. no one is temperature. regime stress you right the way back to my shot. but otherwise, it's a dry picture, and the cold wind does not extend through the caspian old black seas, not a cold wind, just a wind. at the moment, the rain threaded through greece would justify edge into the western side of turkey
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by the end of friday. the winds are not strong in the eastern part of the med, so enjoy your sunshine in gaza at about $29.00 degrees. and although recently there is very heavy rain around the r congo. the next few days, i think not just regular range, but daily lake victoria breeds overnight produced a shower and spreads them out during the day. ah, knowledge is the real world's meat, said she dizzy and family facing agonizing choices and an search feature. we had to find the time you had enough of it and i want to move out another country. disillusioned with life in a struggling economy can be and my dream was to become a lawyer or a judge. i really wanted back what the circumstances a tendency in family high hopes desperate lives on al jazeera
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lou ah, walk back a quick reminder about top stories here on al jazeera. the u. s. senate has paid the way for a temporary deal to stave off a possible debt default. it's voted to pass a bill to raise the debt limit by $490000000000.00. it will now go to the house of representatives. the federals of some of those killed in an earthquake in southwest pakistan have taken place as rescue is continue searching for survivors those days strong. but shallow. china has killed at least 20 people on the for my us special envoy. the haiti says security and for to prince is worsening massacres. can nothing's a now part of everyday life. daniel foot told congress america's policy of deporting
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thousands of patients would only make things worse. early voting has begun in iraq's parliamentary election. those in the armed forces, police or who are internally displaced, can cast their ballots today ahead of some days, general vote. it's an election that was one of the top demands of massive anti government protests back in 2019. what alhashan was live for us now in the rocky capital alley. so some of the voting already started back behind. you tell us what's been happening. got and we are standing in front of one of the 600 polling stations dedicated to especially working as you said on forces. the members of the interior ministry, internally displaced and also some inmates with expect it to be all on sunday the public day for all the all photos
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and. busy trustingly, the b, i've used it popular mobilization units weren't that were excluded from the special vote on the armed forces and they'll be voting with on, on sunday. so the selections means a lot to do the rockies, especially with the being one of the main demand and some of them draw tests in 2019 the new electoral law will allow more independent candidates to get to the follow him. and however, there is a bit of a skepticism among the iraqi public, mainly between the iraqi civil society on whether this is going to be possible, especially with the parties re introducing themselves, presenting a new rebranded a new grounded face of them, a giving you a candidates why it's just the same policies. it's just the same
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agenda that they used to present in the past year. so it's not going to be a drastic change at least this is what the civil society thinks because the candidates are in willie our out. it's willing greedy to do this big change. big changes on a several lay out us on got options sides of combating corruption on giving more jobs to people. and at the same time, one of the main demand self that brought us kirby, the intern at the foreign intervention, or the for the medley in iraq, the office or to alley hash on line for us there in the rocky capital bank that ali, thank you. now, parents up and down the usaa debating whether or not to get their children vaccinated comes off to pfizer requested permission from the us food and drug administration to offer it's coded 19 job to children, age 5 to 11. the pharmaceutical giant says it's vaccine performed well in clinical trials for that age group with no serious side effects. how does your castro asthma
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that the through the 3rd, if you did a walk to school in california, this week turned into a confrontation between anti vaccine protesters and parents. harassed for having their children where masculine guy seems like this are playing out across the country as tensions flare over how to protect children from the pandemic. this is the backdrop to pfizer by on tax application submitted thursday, asking the f j to authorize it's covered vaccine for children. ages 5 to 11. i think it's, it's the next step forward and, and moving us towards having a safe and effective vaccine for our youngest children. 123. you did great sweeney. pfizer says in its clinical trials, children developed a strong immune response and no serious side effects. when given a 2 shot regimen at a 3rd of the adult dosage level,
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8 year old sebastian primal was among the $2200.00 trial participants. i makes me very happy that, oh, i am helping other kids get the vaccine in. like, honestly, if i had to get this child again, i with children now account for one in for new coven cases in the u. s. and more than $500.00 have died since the start of the pandemic. why are we losing any children to coven? if we have a very simple fixes of masking social distancing, and now a vaccine. but according to the kaiser family foundation, only one in 3 parents in the us plan to vaccinate their young child. as soon as the government allows, my son particular has some allergies that make me very concerned and you know, i just, i don't, i don't trust it. california was the 1st state to announce a covered vaccine mandate for public school children pending the f. da's full
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approval, doctor said that's no different from requiring kids to be vaccinated against other routine diseases. this is a vaccine like any others. and, and i think our states and our school systems will have to think about how that fits into the broader, you know, their broader immunization fans. oh, the f. d, a will likely decide within weeks whether to authorize the pfizer vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 who number about 28000000 in the u. s. health experts say that will bring the country another step closer to defeating the virus. but only if parents get their children. the shots. heidi joe castro al jazeera, the un human rights council has voted to end its war crimes investigation in yemen . of the 47 member, you and council 21 countries voted against the resolution to extend the probe by 2 years with 18 in favor. independent investigators of said in the past,
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but all sides in yemen, ongoing conflict have committed acts that may amount to war crimes. dozens of trunks in easton sedan had been allowed through a blockade which has been causing a supply crisis, demonstrates us at force ports down to close as part of a protest against the government. but if now allow, laurie is carrying medicines to pass for humanitarian reasons. the members of the bay tribe, angry about the regions, week economy, and a peace deal between the government and rebel troops. guinea is newly appointed interim prime minister, has pledge to prioritize government reforms before handing power back to civilians . i'm at beg of, we has no previous government experience, but he's an expert in agricultural finance and has worked for international organizations including the u. n. me last week in trim, president muddy w was sworn in following last month, qu just and new year has said, elections will be held. there's no word on when yes to state anthony blink and is
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visiting mexico to discuss rising drug related violence. lincoln and mexican authorities are working to form a new joint security plan. it's aimed at reducing cross bought a crime by targeting criminal networks, money, rapid reports now from mexico city. more than 300000 people have been killed in mexico since the start of the us led war on drugs in 2006. and today, mexico continues to make headlines as one of the most dangerous countries in latin america. since 2006 to to these days, most of the violence is drug related and it has become a much difference violence compared to what we had in previous years for over a decade. the response to worsening violence has been a bilateral security strategy between the united states and mexico known as the medi that initiative, an agreement that was signed in 2008 between former mexican president philippe cal did on and former us president george w bush. since its inception,
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mexico has received more than $3000000000.00 worth of us aid for security measures, along with training and equipment aimed at curbing trans national crime and reducing violence. there was a big effort to train police officers, which was carried out all over mexico municipal state and federal police officers. so if you, if you depart from that baseline of training, of developing institutional capacities, there have been the number of baby steps if you want to say of some tiny successes that have been changed one of the other 13 years after the agreement was signed. critics say the strategy has failed. there were $23290.00 homicides reported in mexico in just the 1st 8 months of this year, according to statistics from the nonprofit group gal sign commune. and while the homicide rate over the past 5 years shows that violence has begun to plateau, mexico continues to averaged more than $35000.00 violent deaths every year.
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desperate to reduce violence nationwide mexican officials recently declared an end to the medi di initiative. adding that mexico and the us would work toward a new bilateral strategy. some analysts, however, warned that a new agreement won't be easy to reach. i don't think that they are ready ah, of this point to come to terms. i don't know, the americans are going to be very stronger than very i'm willing to impose some sort of of agreement unless there is an agreement of mine's. there is very little that can be accomplished. and unfortunately, i will see that, that coming together. ah, very likely in 24 hours, while the u. s. has shown a willingness to negotiate on a new bilateral security arrangement. mexican leaders have said, cooperation will only be possible if the u. s. does more to stem the flow of
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illegal weapons crossing the border into mexico. both countries have stated their commitment to curbing violence. admitting that a drastically new approach is necessary, what's uncertain is if willingness alone will be enough to finally turn a corner on the most violent period in mexico's history. my name is lat. below al jazeera mexico city abortion clinics in the us state of texas of reopened falling a federal court ruling suspending a law that effectively bound the procedure. wednesday's tempered judgment criticized the legislation as an offensive depravation of such an important right. some texas clinics are wary that could be shut down again with the possibility of an appeals court reinstating the law in the coming days. the nobel prize for literature has been awarded to the tanzanian born novelist abdur was at gunner. his work focuses on colonialism and the fate of refugees as a 1st time in 35 years that a black african has won the prize and comes as the swedish academy tries to avoid
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charges of western bias poorest reports from stock. it began as a typical thursday for abdul rosa ghana. but by lunch time had gone down in literary history. the 72 year old tanzanian being named the winner of the nobel prize for literature. getting the news on the phone in his kitchen in canterbury, england. and his man says, ah, ah, hello, i am from the swedish academy. oh congratulations. you have won the nobel prize for literature. and i said, is this a prank? shortly afterwards, the rest of the world knew as well. but about prize in literature for 2021 is awarded to the novelist verbal rhetoric. gordon. well, born his algebra active in england for his uncompromising and compressions. penetration of the effects of colonialism and the fates of the refugee in the gulf
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between cultures and continence. some war, many drama gunner is the 1st black african to win the nobel prize in literature since 1986, he fled zanzibar after an uprising in 1964 as citizens of arab heritage like himself suffered persecution. gonna arrived in england as an 18 year old going on to rights 10 novels. his work has explored the continuing effects of colonialism on africa and given a voice to the experience of refugees. there is a kind of meanness, i think in this response to i'm people who want to come from elsewhere to europe is not like they're coming empty handed or anything like that. it's not like the coming saying, here's my begging, bold please visit. the swedish academy has promised to become less western centric, as well as less male oriented good is when follows to female prize. win is in
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20192020 his books including after lives and the book a shortlisted paradise were written as he worked as a professor at the university of kent demand for them could now go through the roof . he had from the c. m. at he, how funny i, we don't have any more clue than anyone else who's going to win. and then when it's announced, people are excited and want to buy the books is often a shortage. so we have to be ready to order. they mean as soon as the announcement is made a thought gern, as when breaks ground for african writing. although he still in a small minority of non western literature laureates. the swedish academy has faced questions over the prevalence of europeans and americans in its previous choices. and over the relevance of this a 120 year old prize in today's world, the sudden fame that has fallen on abdul ross at gunner in becoming the 2021, no bell laureate, in literature answers both of those questions for this year at least polaris out is
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era stock i? new york comic con is one of the biggest pop culture conventions in the u. s. sam bits back in business after the corona virus forced it to go virtual last year. kristen swim your porch from new york and superheroes, an super villains joint forces to celebrate the return of comic con, where a culture once considered under ground goes way over the top. the people, the people are really what may come across. so special is everyone that's just like the annual comic convention is back in new york after the corona virus pandemic forced it to go virtual last year and fans could not be happier. it's definitely great to be back because i haven't been to yvonne in like, 23 years. so this is definitely worth it. and i think from work to this is like it's, it's a relief. that's a relisted be around all these people. even f covered safety requirements,
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post costuming challenges. i'm happy back, but you know, at the same time that we had the whole safety in order a little cramped. you sound a little bit, but yeah, all attendees must be vaccinated as well. artists are just thrilled to have the business back. it's great once, easy after one. mm hm. and everyone's looking for the ones just to get out like a true super villain. colbin kell comic on in 2020 for the pandemic was actually good for comic book sales and graphic novel sales, which taught a record setting $1200000000.00 in north america last year. comic con is where fans and publishers come to discover the next big thing. it's so exciting to hear feels like coming home again. all of the artists are kind of friends with each other. this is the way we all get to see each other. it's amazing to get to see our family again and just see the fans again after so long away. it's also
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a chance to see some old fe address. you can count on the old franchises to spin off new shows and story lines, not to mention merchandise and video games, which are also a big portion of the event. but ultimately, it's the presence of the fans that is giving this long awaited return of comic con . it's happy ending. kristen salumi al jazeera new york. ah, suffolk returned of the headlines here on al jazeera, the u. s. senate as a the way for a temporary deal to stave off a possible debt default. it's voted to pass a bill to raise the debt limit by $480000000000.00. it will now go to the house of representatives. senate democrats won a long term.


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