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friday, saturday, and sunday carries all that persistent. when we means rough seas as well, there'll be thunder and probably persistent rain for a couple days. it goes into one dog and you nan probably leaves much of viet nam, strangely rather dry bows. army get towards saturday. the monsoon trough is finally going south, is taking its time is a little later than nor was been some heavy rain around go. a recent claim to be some more, i think, and then contact our next day or so, it's largely drive the know that the snow coming into the north of pakistan, hostile ahead here on al jazeera, this long awaited my letter vaccine. these a breakthrough for signs, child health and malaria control. the development being done a game changer against a disease that kills hundreds of thousands of people each year. libya looks abroad at one's a $110000000000.00 to rebuild the country. after years of destruction and decline and transport,
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italy's record breaking unbiased and run comes to an end. and you'll be here with that story. ah, in the country with an abundance of results for the road far and walk indonesia whose firms for me, we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part linda. this is growth and progress in indonesia. now frank assessments, what's the point of view? and if multilateralism isn't part of it's a dna we need somewhere, we're sovereign states can exchange informed opinions. he's focus likely to change biking behavioral. it's not going to change their behavior. they're going to
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continue to do what they do when it's going to be more and trade less in terms of trying to match this more games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our g 0, lou ah, ah. elevate your technology 0. let's remind you about top stories. the salad. the nobel prize for literature has been awarded to tons me in bore novelist, abdul rosa groaner. his work focuses on colonialism and the face of refugees as the 1st time a black african has won the prize and over 2 decades. an earthquake in pakistan's blotch, a stand province is killed at least 20 people struck in the early hours. flattening
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homes, while most were asleep. visors as it submitted a request to the main us drug regulator to use its coven. 19 vaccine on children, edged 5 to 11 trials for that age group again, back in july. now the united states has released declassified information about the size of its nuclear weapons stockpile. as of september, last year had 3750 nuclear warheads. that number is down more than 80 percent from an all time hiv. $31255.00 that was stockpiled at the end of $900.00. 67. the u. s. says it's dismantled. more than 11 and a half 1000 warheads since 1994 and other 2000 have been decommissioned and are awaiting dismantlement. while it's at speak to tarik ralph, he's joining us from vienna. he is a nuclear arms control specialist now also a former head of verification at the international atomic energy agency. terrific, thank you for joining us again on al jazeera, i see this announcement is coming at
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a rather interesting time. there were closed or talks last week in geneva, i believe with the russians to try to move beyond the new start treaty, the caps, nuclear weapons for moscow and washington, should we be reading this as a gesture to russia? well, i think it's not only a gesture to rush here, but also to the international community showing that the united states is returning to transparency as regards its nuclear weapons. in the past, the u. s. administrations would release such data and the last release was in september 2017. as was mentioned in this press release. so the total number of warheads that the u. s. has is actually 5750. as you mentioned, $3750.00, and the active stock, 5 plus $202000.00 warheads awaiting retirement. and then if we compared that with the russian federation, they have about $4497.00. and then if we include the warheads awaiting
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dismantlement, they would have somewhere around $6257.00. that's tell a lot of warheads. i mean, i'm curious now about where this goes because on control is, talks were really stalled on the trump with russia. this is obviously quite the departure. how is the rest of the wild reading this, especially for instance, rom. well, i don't think it will make much difference in iran or north korea or india, pakistan or elsewhere. this is primarily between the united states and the russian federation. and to some extent, china given the increase and attention between china and the united states. also there is a nonproliferation review review conference coming up in january postponed from 2020, because of the trumpet ministration. really had a good while the c on nuclear arms control, they want to create the conditions for nuclear disarmament whereby the non nuclear weapon states had to somehow assure the united states that there was no tract
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before it could consider reductions. and also a related event just a week or so ago, the defense department in the us dismissed relatively senior official who was charged with the by didn't administration nuclear posture review, which would review where the biden administration is headed with regard to its nuclear weapons, nuclear arms and cro in the future of the u. s. nuclear forces. all it feels like a lot of this is really about transparency and the perceptions of transparency. and obviously some states, some more transparent than others yourself have worked on trying to monitor nuclear proliferation. how easy is it actually to do that these days, especially with robe, nuclear states, for instance. while there are a number of n jose that are estimating that the total numbers of nuclear weapons that we estimate, we have somewhere around $13100.00 among the 9 countries of which 91 percent of the
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best way in russia and then out of state as you mentioned, coming back after the biden, within stomach, and geneva, the 2 sides start the strategic stability talks where they want to talk about all types of nuclear warheads. not just strategic warheads. so this announcement by the us also would, i think, be a transparency measure to facilitate that discussion. and finally, both the russia and in the states are observing the new start treaty, which they extended for 5 years in february. so under the start, creepy limits of $1551.00 had each. the americans have the u. s. has 1357 been russia has 1456. so they are both within the stock limits. well, let me ask you then, tara, because the, the nature of warfare has changed so much. we see obviously a lot more cyber attacks these days. lots of countries are moving towards drones. how relevant or how critical is having a nuclear stockpile in the well,
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but we now live in that's an excellent question that we could see in the recently concluded conflict. and if that is a nuclear weapon played no role in the past 20 years, these weapons really are useless in fighting today's threat of terrorism. it is very unlikely that the united states would use nuclear weapons against china or vice versa, regardless of what happens over taiwan. or in the china sea. so to a large extent, these now are weapons of our and symbolism. they're also associated with the 5 permanent members of the security council, china, france, russia, and out of state. and these nuclear weapons give them an exalted a status. and then finally, the military establishment establishment believe that their nuclear weapons have prevented a 3rd world war tara craft fair and nuclear arms control specialist. and a former head of verification at the i. yeah,
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thanks so much for joining us again on al jazeera title is great to hear from you. now, the world health organization is backing the roll out of the fast ever vaccine against malaria. it's a huge step in the battle against the virus, which is one of the leading killers of children. it's recommended. the job should be given to millions of children across africa. we try getting the reports. it's being described as a game changer for child health. a vaccine that could help save the lives of hundreds of thousands of children each year in sub saharan africa. monica has been with us for millenia. and the dream of my letter vaccine has been a long held, but attainable dream. to day. the oddity as s mallet vaccine, more than 30 years in the making changes the course of public health history. the vaccine smith, klein vaccine has been given to infants and gone at kenya. i'm allowing since 2019
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as part of a pilot program. it was found to be about 30 percent effective at preventing severe cases of the disease which is transmitted through mosquitoes. but that figure raised to around 70 percent when the vaccine was combined with all the treatments. i think eradication is still a quite some time of age, but i think the combination of business kimura relaxes and dyslexia that may be other vaccines in the future will bring a malaria burden of disease down substantially and africa. malaria causes fever, vomiting, and fatigue, and kills more than full $100000.00 people each year. mostly children on to 5 as well as pregnant women. the r t s. s. vaccine, also known as musky ricks has been welcomed by researches as an historic breakthrough. but many on the continent worry about funding and whether a mass roll out will be possible in the wake of coven, 19, and other competing priorities. we, roman i are being a disease boss, especially i,
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by and large i and dizzy as far as some south african children. ah, and given the digital geez, that our companies are facing, which will that be international? we're g. r e is going to a stand up and, and make dyslexia available to with children needed. the world health organization recommends giving the vaccine to babies in 3 phases, followed by a booster shot. but that may take time. the next step is for the global vaccine alliance known as gabby, to look at whether the vaccine is a worthwhile investment. if it's approved, gabby will buy it for countries that request it process that it's expected to take at least a year, victoria gate and be al jazeera. well that's bringing dr. bought canals. he joins us now from confir. now do island and the mold eaves. he is a malaria expert and also a chair of the dutchman area foundation. dr. canals. let's start with just how safe
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and effective these vaccines are at 30 percent. really doesn't sound very high. that's correct. i mean, the protective efficacy is actually quite low and he compared to the call with vaccines. if we are below 60 percent, protect with vix, you know, we don't even move forward with a covert or 19 vaccine candidate. however, as was mentioned, this vaccine deity has aspects in has been on the developments the last 40 years, almost. and so finally the world is having a vaccine and an against a parasitic disease, which is a lot more difficult than to develop the vaccine against the borrower. disease, so it is definitely a significant step for well forward for the global community and especially for sub saharan africa of course wall at the speaking of sub saharan africa. i want to talk about implementation. there are several shots signed the sound that are needed, and then a booster 18 months on that's going to be very hard to given some of these communities and to monitor and follow up. is this gonna work?
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well the, the point is that actually in october 2015 already the, the vaccine at asked the stage where it was ready for implementation. and it was at that time that w chose said, well we have to hold back and see what was actually going to be operational feasible in remote parts of africa to get children vaccinated 4 times because you need in the 1st 3 months, a shot. and then a booster short and month 18. and if you cannot administer the booster shot and month 18 that and the protector fixing actually drops back to 0 class. so it is really crucial. all the 4 shots are given to an individual child. and apparently the sides on are looking so good that this seems to be feasible yet. i would like to stress that is, is not the panacea. this is not the end game for malaria. because even if we look at yellow fever, which is a viral disease for which the best vaccine ever was developed, we still see outbreaks in sub saharan africa. so even if we have a good working vaccine,
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we're still not there and we will still depend on other methods to control the disease. of course, i understand also that these vaccines are pretty expensive than where i would say talking about and mass roll out. and countries that are already struggling with their budgets, are they worth it given the need for other treatments, then to increase their efficacy above 30 percent will. as you just explain, nothing, garvey is currently going to look into the sort of the net effect that we're going to get from these vaccinations in economic terms. but we should not forget that. and many of the countries in sub saharan africa, subset sub saharan africa, the budgets are actually fairly low per capita in terms of how. so if we're now looking at a vaccine that is costing $5.00 for a shot, and we need 4, that means $20.00 per child that is going to be vaccinated. it is going to have a big impact on the national health budgets. so unless there is going to be a significant amount of funding from the international community, let's say through the global fund or through you deserve that. there's going to be big contributions from these big international organizations. it's going to get in
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the way of the existing budget that are there for other disease and for controlling malaria and different ways. for instance, through rolling our benton and campaigns. so dr. bart canals there and mary, expert in the chair of the dutchman area foundation. great, get your expertise with us here in out there. thank you for joining stockton. my pleasure. now security forces and shanicea have rated the studios of an opposition tv channel and see to some of their broadcasting equipment. and just days ago, one of the tuners tv presenters was arrested for criticizing president k, a say it alive on air. the international federation of journalists has condemned the arrest. a number of media outlets have come under pressure since the president suspended parliament back in july. or foreign fans are lining up to rebel libya after an end to the fighting and the promise of elections. trade representatives are gathering with government officials and tripoli this week, and a bid to expand their businesses and provide much needed expertise when
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a trainer reports now from the capital. it's called libya billed, and after 7 years, the once annual exhibition is back. i did say catherine, which i cathy martin, 189 international and local companies are participating in libya. build 2021 farms from 5 different countries, including austria, italy, turkey, greece, and egypt are here. we believe it's a good start after returning before day event is bringing trade representatives, construction companies, and government officials together for 4 days. government officials and experts estimate that la bill will need to invest around a $110000000.00 us dollars over the next 10 years to rebuild the country. after nearly a decade of conflict and violence and libya, hundreds of thousands of homes were destroyed and key infrastructure damage. foreign trade representatives and companies are here hoping to expand their
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footprint in libya by helping the country rebuild. romano works for the italian trade commission. he is representing 10 italian companies here. i think we have a big potential market for the funding. is it past the we had based he had a leap year around one under the bank on now unless the exchange trade between equally in libya was more than 50 billions of ural now or less lucky, would like to increase to want to have more. and if it's possible to come back to the same figures at the end it's law works for a steel manufacturer is mere turkey. she says, although the firm is new to the libyan market, it could double as export to libya by next year. your company, what i show a growing all day by day and a me long to increase or visit relationship with libya until they're very important economies for our business and
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a via we want to increase our if you citizens are an export to give you the election scheduled in less than 3 months, business owners and people here are hoping for stability so the country can focus on rebuilding. this exhibition may help lay the groundwork. my latrina ultra 0 triple a massive cargo ship is reported to have made a series of unusual movements while anchored near a pipeline in california that then later ruptured more than half a 1000000 leases of oil spilled into the ocean off the coast just on saturday. and believe their ships anchor may have hit the underwater pipe, the pipeline company amplify energy corp are under scrutiny for taking several hours to report the league to federal authorities. or climate scientists say emissions need to be cut and billions of tons of syria to must be removed from the
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atmosphere to stop global temperatures from rising. and so far, the main way of doing that has been by planting trees. but a factory is now just opened in iceland that permanently removes c o 2 from the air and turns it into stone. charlie angela went now to find out how to wax. it looks like modern art, but this is actually the world's largest carbon capture, blonde, a bank of fans, drawing in the air and removing it c o 2 permanently. so there's this work why works. sucks carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere. and the seal dues accumulated in these cells, we heated up and then they sent the seal do 2 carpets and we injected into the bedrock and turn it into stone. the greenhouse gas arrives here and then sent deep into the ground below where it will stay for thousands of years. here we are injecting c o 2 into the ground where it goes into boss office and rapidly turns to
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stone. and that's the essence of the complex technology we imitate, and accelerate the process that nature has been applying for millions of years. and by doing that, what able to permanently eliminate some of our c, o 2 emissions. and this is what we need to do at scale. if we are to meet our climate goals, the world released 34000000000 metric tons of c o 2 into the atmosphere. last year . the oak plant will capture just 4000 tons. the equivalent of emissions from $850.00 cars and the technology is expensive. $15000000.00 to build this site in iceland. but clients aligning up corporations and private individuals are already paying climb works to remove carbon dioxide in their name. is quite expensive and is quite a tiny market. and so one of the reasons that we were so excited to purchase current or mobile from companies like client works is that we see that our,
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our early movement here can help to develop that very nice and market. scrubs free of carbon dioxide. the iron has gone briefly back to pre industrial level. the question is, where the technology like this can be scaled up and the cost down in time to make a real impact. climate scientists optimistic that aiming of $4000.00 tons per year, which is very trivial compared to what we have to do with what is very important is that this was the 1st one on it was a muffin. what do you do if you, if you're, she'll tulips released to new york tempe here in drake of it? you know, we're or slump in the tutors, looper. iceland itself has always been a low emitter. 100 percent of the country's electricity is from geothermal and hydro power, that is what is capturing from the f i send is looking to import captured c o 2 emissions by sea and fix it deep into their bedrock. bringing the world
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a little closer to its carbon neutral goal. charlie angela al jazeera had his heavy iceland from iceland. well, it is now time for sport and his alley. thank you so much. the stars are all players from north america's top. women's for will competition have united in protest against regime for the 1st time since in abuse scandal hit, the national women's soccer league matches were paused in the 6th minute to reflect through 6 years. it's taken for some of their allegations to be heard in returning to the pitch included north carolina courage. their head, coach, full riley, was fired last week amid charges of sexual misconduct, the league, us soccer, and faith of all opened separate investigations. a statement from the leagues players association said so nice we reclaim our place on the field because we will not let our joy be taken from us, but this is not business. as usual, the reckoning has already begun. we will not be silence. we will be relentless in our pursuit of a league that deserves the players in its australians. what will federation has
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also opened up an investigation after allegations of abuse were made by full apply . at least a vanna the countries 2nd most prolific goal scorer claims to have been sexually harassed and bullied throughout her 20 year career. we are serious and committed to deepening our understanding and knowledge of the claims being made. i can say that we met with lisa in recent weeks, and while it is not appropriate to discuss the details of that meeting, it is the case that she did not raise any of the specific allegations made publicly . those allegations are very concerning. they have no place now support at any level. no saudi arabian bank deal to buy english premier league seem nicasio nights it is moving ever closer. it follows the country's commitments and being a 4 year fan of the cattle tv network being sports a possible take over stoled. last year, after being protested to the league about matches being shown on an illegal pirate
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network in saudi arabia, bein sports is the official broadcaster of premier league games in the middle east and north africa. well, we've been talking to simon chadwick, a professor of your asian sports about why you castle is being targeted in this take over been the have been rumors throughout this year, that the saudi arabia could potentially be behind, moves for, ah, clubs, in france, in, in, in italy, and i wonder whether what we are about to see is, is the public investment fund, creating a global network of clubs in the same way as we've seen at abu dhabi yawns, city football group. i think it's a new reality for sport. and, and, and i refer to the geopolitical economy of sports. this is no longer just about kicking a ball as it was in the 19th century. it's, it's no longer about business. which in, in the last part of the 20th century is what football effectively was all about.
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nowadays, football is about geography. it's a way for countries to, to deal with some of the geographic challenges they face when now not just in the primarily but i think across world football. confronted with this reality, that was, we might be watching 11 v 11 or feel of play behind the scenes. there are ready what i would call giga changes and, and global institutions, global actors influencing what happens in football, in terms of who owns clubs, in terms of who, who sits on the boards of governing bodies, what kinds of sponsors are getting involved. so this is, this is a very, very different kind of football even to 10 years ago, i think and, and it's the reality that looking ahead to certainly the next decade, but possibly even longer we're going to see more, more off european champions. italy have lost a game for the 1st time in 3 years. i were beaten. c. want bite spain in the semi
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finals of the you. i financially. italy, we're on a world record. 37 matches beaten run. going into this one frustrate, seen on the threats when parents are as they're put spain ahead. italy and going down to 10 men when 11 i would have been in, she was given a 2nd yellow car. quickly got even worse. firstly, as i scroll his 2nd of the night to make it seem nailed, lorenzo pellegrini number one bank for italy with 7 minutes to go the spain held on to put that place in sunday's final. they'll plague belgium and france he faced each other later on. this thirst now don't say wilder has doubled down on accusations that high scent theory cheated during their last fight. the heavy white rivals are due to mate for 3rd time on saturday. their 1st concert finished in a drawer with w. b. c champion fury winning. the 2nd bout, while the claims fury had concealed at small whites in his gloves during that fight . mere law women law, which are ours done law, which is see, you know,
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so many can people can believe what they want. we all human. we believe what we wall, we're the as the law and it only made me better as a man, as a fighter, to understand in the, on the see certain thing and note things for facts. while the said that i only one more 2nd fight because i cheated, but then he goes and changes his whole team and does all as extra training and trains as hard as he's ever trained to bring on all his team at all. so i asked the question is if only one, because a cheated was appoint, changing everything to do in all a saw the work and the los angeles dodgers are set up a 1st ever playoff mates in with the san francisco giants reyes fires sway. oh, soon ron home from chris taylor in the 9th inning saw the rain in world series champions bt b. st. louis, cardinals, 31. the doctors will meet the johnson game. one of the national league division series on friday. okay. plenty more sport coming up throughout the day,
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but that is how we're looking for them. thanks so much and the role that set to this new usa, but on go away, i'll be back in a couple minutes with more. today's stay with us. ah. on error on the part of the debate or pacific people, the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the ocean when no topic is off the table, it's a true inside atmosphere. people are demoralized, they're exhausted, and many health care workers are experiencing p t s d like symptoms jump into this dream and doing our global community of here on light on you to right now. you can be part of those conversations last, this dream. oh, now to sierra at night and us talk on southern somali mums patrol street police ski a gang violence, they use
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a maternal approach to prevent crime a do with the stories. we don't often hear told by the people who lived them. mothers of ring could be, this is europe. on al jazeera, there's more than 12000 migrants, mostly haitians in the camp that sprung up in their real texas over the last 2 weeks. they won't asylum us. authorities are overwhelmed. this is just the latest flash point in a month long serge of people illegally crossing the border. and there's little in the camp for them. you can see the time frame trying to trying to stop people getting back in for the coming up that they went across to make sure to get through . they said there was enough food for them to be there in the car. we met nicholas on the mexican bank to the river, searching for food,
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a medicine for his family. he hadn't realized until we asked him about it. the us authorities rules are now flying haitians back home. there is no president, crime as high students can't go to school, there is no work. the economy is down. people can't put up with deportation, is not good for us. ah, the nobel prize for latricia goes to tanzanian ortho, abil, rosin governor for his taste tip. i his take on colonialism and the facial refugees . ah, hello there, i'm this. darcy tan. this is al 0 live from dar ha. also coming up and ask why collapse as a coal mine and dozens of homes and southern pakistan killing at least 20 people
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trucks begin to move in ports to don. aft almost 2 weeks of a blockade.


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