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now this threat is more the other side of the age reality because wrapped around that load is a great white cloud, which is the rain bag stuff, but also strong winds. otherwise you look up here and that's really over the ocean, the north atlantic, and i stand with dragging its feet and bringing reigning to ireland and scotland. but that's the area of most dramatic weather. i think throughout the next 2 or 3 days, there are no particular warning guys won't except for the strengths of the wind, the border window to the northeast to the it comes across croatia, dan dalmatian coast, but i think it will be flooding in italy all the same now as for autumn, but it's just being held back at the moment. yes, it's wet in ireland, scotland and norway. but south of that is really quite, quite the amount of that is bit of a warm blue 2 to 5 degrees above average, temperature wise for quite a few places. mind you. if you further south, it's a croatia down to grease, the chances are you'll be enjoying the right word. wet and windy weather, italy also involved. that's friday. and if i take you further south, it's
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a dry picture to the hit the gulf of guinea. that's where the rain is at the moment, not so much inland. ah, in the country with an abundance of resources, road and walk indonesia, his friends for me. we moved full to grow and froth. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me park when the lease is pros and progress, invest indonesia. now, when afghan filmmaker has san facility catches the taliban, attention, a bounty on his head forces him to flee with his family, desperately seeking sanctuary. they journey across continents chronicling their
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multi year saga on their phones. midnight traveler, an odyssey of hope resilience and ultimately one family's love for each other. the witness on out his era, hulu. ah, ah ha, you're watching out a 0. that's remind you about top stories. the seller, an earthquake and pakistan's baluchistan province has killed at least 20 people had struck in the early hours or flattening houses where most were asleep. ron's foreign minister is in beirut for talks on lebanon spiraling economic crisis. a month after the formation of a new government. there are st. army or de la him,
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met lebanese president, michelle, our the world health organization has endorsed the 1st ever vaccine against malaria . it's recommending the job be rolled out to millions of children across africa. the vaccine is 70 percent effective when combined with other 3. now security forces and janasia have rated the studios of an opposition tv channel and see some of their broadcasting equipment. just days ago, one of the channels men presented was also arrested for criticizing, present case site live on air. a number of media outlets have come under pressure since the president suspended parliament back in july. the broadcast regulator says the channels the tuna, tv had been operating illegally for several years for robert louis as a junior in journalist in the capital and describes the changing climate for journalists there. so do you are station offer, i'm and i yet who is a is
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a journalist where conferred is that you do an a t v i think i can say that the, the media and freedom of prayers into news or might be threatened. and i may consider this as a state back to a democracy. i mean, you can, you can agree or disagree with the journalist, but you can not judge a decent generate in front of a military. it tries, i mean, personally a, personally, and they think this is the, where the position of her syndicate of the journalist we reject military a try years of for to billions of over they are, they are opinion or are they requisition even political position? so that's why i, as a journalist, i would say right now we need to be vision and more for our freedom of speech and freedom of expressing expression which is threatening to day. now, rocks, parliament has been dissolved to make way for early legislative elections at this
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sunday. security measures are being put in place to protect voting stations. and there are here that armed groups could threaten the voting process and the candidates, muffled up why his reports now from niger simulation campaigns conducted for iraq's parliamentary election. the ballot on sunday is the 1st to be held since nationwide protestants in 2019 demanding a change in the electoral system and with intense political rivalry between armored groups. a resurgence of i still and why displayed a skepticism towards the election securing it is a major task. ah, in the city of niger soldiers are being deployed alongside police officers. to protect more that $350.00 ballot centers. they are on high alert for any threats, bahama target, our media. we have started conducting sweep operations of the ballad box locations to maintain security,
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and the whole governor it and prevent any infiltration in whatever job the government has urged people to cast their votes. upgraded by u met records will be used. the elections commission says they prevent, avoid frigging dozens of international observers will be also deployed to monitor the voting process. there are more than 50000 puddings stations and at least 3000 candidates in this parliamentary election. these security, individual, se they will do all they can to make sure everyone is safe, and the policy take place without an incident. the government says, the number of bullet stations has been increased to reduce the risk of coven 19. and the elections commission says people will be able to vote in safety to the will and okay. i know in our mission is securing the ballot boxes and transferring them
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from ballot stations to the main tele center that include securing the ballot boxes on roads. we have over a $100000.00 security individuals, including intelligence and national security units. they will remain on high alert until days after the election results are announced wasn't very, this is the nature of is one of the most densely populated cities in a rock. because it has some of its most revered this lamar shrines that has made it the target of many attacks by armored groups. since the 2003 u. s. led invasion, leaving many people anxious, the security measures on sunday will prove effective. am would up that were hate al jazeera nash, if now the united states has released declassified information about the size of its nuclear weapons stockpile. as of september, last year, it had 3715 nuclear warheads. that number is down more than 80 percent from an all
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time high. a fancy $1255.00 that were stockpiled at the end of 1967. the u. s. as it's dismantled, more than 11 and a half 1000 warheads just since 1994. now the 2000 have been decommissioned and are waiting dismantlement a bruce president, pedro castillo has replaced his prime minister in almost half as cabinet. only 2 months after he took office at castillo has been under pressure from an opposition that congress and now from members of his own party as marina sanchez reports from lima. recently, illegal to social media there ask is a lawyer and former head of congress is appointed the new prime minister in one of the most politically unstable times he, hey, do there have been 5 precedents in the last 5 years? what are the or for god for this country of women and men will every day fight for a dignified life without discrimination and for real change? yes, i swear this, give me that feel her predecessor either way you
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a hard liner marxist was removed after major disagreements with both the opposition and allies, including president, gusty u. s. d u has been facing pressure from party members like the outgoing prime minister d. the legal to follow on and popular measures like re writing the constitution and nationalizing the gas industry. it was but more to the so believe it is time to properly above all ideology and isolated parties and position. this only therefore, i have informed the country that to day we have accepted the resignation of the president of the council of ministers. guido, by you, duke. i say it's only been 2 months since rural primary teacher is august the year to office, but the political instability continues. su once to implement reforms that will favor will peruvians? the question is, how can i get that you use it? i think castillo has done well. he's not disassociated himself from the discourse of change that peru liberate party has put forward,
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but he has decided to do it with people who make more conductive proposals. mr. vasquez is clearly a more predictable and democratic left us who wants significant change and i believe she will achieve them. as the president's party members are not happy with the dismissal of the either, and 7 of his ministers were center just the us decision brought strong criticism from extremists in his own party. they say gusio must reflect on his choices because they feel betrayed, and they warn, the freak middle party will not support him in congress for now. the question is, how will estie of govern lucy allies and with a strong belief amongst the opposition that nasty using, capable, to preside over the country? mariana sanctus. i'll just see that you might be too many of you and secretary general has demanded evidence from ethiopia to justify an expulsion of 7. you and staff members that had accused of misconduct. and when you get harris had a ran public exchange of lads with ethiopian ambassador, he's calling on it's government to allow unrestricted access to deliver
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humanitarian aid to millions of people and of america that james bay is reports. now from the us. with the conflict in ethiopia, widening and the humanitarian crisis growing the un secretary general address the security council. the country is facing any mouse humanitarian crises that the man's immediate attention. all efforts should be squarely focused on saving lives and avoiding a massive human tragedy. this makes law serves as announcement by the government of its your peer to expel 7th, senior un officials. most of them humanitarian stuff, but equally disturbing. but the ethiopian ambassador then justified those expulsions with new allegations. he claimed that the 7 senior staff had falsified data, inflated humanitarian figures, and even had invented cases of death by starvation. they were looking to create
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a data for like situation. they suddenly, an overnight created 1000000 victims of held the disaster. the secretary general had taken the unusual step of asking for a right to reply and invite the sacred general of the, you know, to patience. he demanded that the ethiopians provide documents to prove their new claims. we believe it, europe is violating international law in doing so. and we are ready to cooperate with the government of each your peer in relation to any situation in which the government of utopia feels that any member of the win is not behaving in total impartiality in total independence as a humanitarian law, but describes as he left the security council chamber, he added this here my duty to defend the honor of united nations. the secretary general has made it clear that he believes a humanitarian catastrophe, is unfolding in ethiopia and urgent international action is needed. however,
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the security council remains divided and almost a year since the crisis started security council members have only been able to agree one joint statement. james bays al jazeera, the united nations. now a 100 year old from the concentration camp god has appeared before at court and germany becoming the oldest person yet to be tried for nazi era crimes. joseph schwartz is charged with complicity and mass murder at the saxon house in camp between 19421945 german prosecutors are racing to bring the last surviving perpetrators to justice. in recent years, they've been focusing on lower ranking nancy stuff. while the drug trade is booming and argentina's, slums, threats and shootings have risen manager in the past year. federal forces have been sent into the city of rosario, that's home to one of the countries busiest ports to try to catch the violence. trees about accompanied police as they carried out rates. oh,
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it's become one of the most dangerous cities in argentina. reciting nearly 300 kilometers northwest of when a site is shootings have become an everyday occurrence as gangs battle each other to control the drug. trade is a more feminine all american lawyer. we just received a call that a woman heard 30 shots. so we came here as fast as we could. we're evaluating what's going on, checking on possible suspects with we accompanied the police doing several raids across the city. they were looking for drugs, cache, and guns. one of our gen tina's most important ports is located here, or 30, say, it's a get away for drugs. and the violins here is all about control of the local trade. i don't remember galena or the one i don't care what we're saying. cocaine marijuana drug trade has increased missouri area and we are trying to go to
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different areas like slums, where suspects are hiding. we are seeing lots of young people who are behind the attacks. they begin around 16 years old. many of them are responsible for several killings. big gangs are using teenagers and children o residents in the slums of law side. you are struggling with poverty and difficulties that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. there is scarcity of food and jobs. families, especially children, are intimidated by the strong police presence. the gang leader of a group known as law monarch, was recently put on trial for using children to sell drugs and for threatening judicial authorities. he was sentenced to over 80 years in prison, but his power and influence go beyond the prison walls. the valley says that one of served persons being held here has close links with one of the gang leaders that is currently in prisons,
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operations like this one happening almost every night. as the security forces here in raw side, you are trying to tackle violence last week. the government of alberta before the members agree to send federal forces to help in the fight against gangs after a protected witness was executed. i mean, congressman calhoun friday has been receiving threats for months. he has been denouncing for years. the system that has allowed the drug trade to flourish. for law school at the mostly lawana, there are local drug sales, but above them you have criminals in the police, in the justice system, among businessmen who are not appearing anywhere, the real delinquency and not being touched. the gains can by everyone, increasing government forces is only a temporary problem. they have to control the money and nobody does that go to them . so for now, the focus is on the slums and on its people. it is here were criminal organizations, find the foot soldiers, they need to continue with their trade. many, several,
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under cedar rosario, more climate scientists say emissions need to be cut and billions of tons of c o. 2 must be removed from the atmosphere to stop global temperatures. rising so far, the main way of doing that has been by planting trees. but now a factory has opened an iceland that permanently remove c o 2 from the air and turns it into stone. charlie angela went there to find out how this process works. it looks like modern art, but this is actually the world's largest carbon capture blonde, a bank of fans, drawing in the air and removing it c o 2 permanently. so this is work line works. sucks carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere and the seal doors accumulated in the cells. we heated up and then they sent the seal due to conflicts. and we injected into the bedrock and turn it into stone. the greenhouse gas arrives here
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and is then sent deep into the ground below where it will stay for thousands of years. here we are injecting c o 2 into the ground to where it goes in to post office and rapidly turned to stone. and that's the essence of the complex technology we imitate, and accelerate the process that nature has been applying for millions of years. and by doing that, what able to permanently eliminate some of our c, o 2 emissions. and this is what we need to do at scale. if we are to meet our climate goals, the world released 34000000000 metric tons of c o 2 into the atmosphere. last year . the oca plant will capture just 4000 tons. the equivalent of emissions from $850.00 cause and the technology is expensive. $15000000.00 to build this site in iceland. but clients, a lining up corporations and private individuals already paying climb, works to remove carbon dioxide in their name. is quite expensive and is quite
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a tiny market. and so one of the reasons that we were so excited to purchase car removal from companies like client work is that we see that our, our early movement here can help to develop that very nice and market. scrubs free of carbon dioxide. the iron has gone briefly back to pre industrial level. the question is, where the technology like needs to be scaled up and the cost down in time to make a real impact. climate scientists optimistic that aiming of $4000.00 tons per year, which is very trivial compared to what we have to do. but what is very important is this is the 1st one on it. there's a muffin where you do it. you, if you're, she'll tulips released the new york tempe here in reykjavik, or, you know, or slump in a tooth. there's looper. ice and itself is always being a low emitter,
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100 percent of the country's electricity is from geothermal and hydropower, but is what is capturing from the f i send is looking to import captured c o 2 emissions by sea and fix it deep into their bedrock bringing the world a little closer to its carbon neutral goal. charlie angela al jazeera had his heavy iceland whilst i had here on al jazeera in school at the high run that set up the historic series and major league baseball player with with
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with mm. whole lou ah,
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welcome back. it's now time for sport and his andy, thank you so much. the stars you will place if you night sit in protest in north america's top women's football competition games have regime for the 1st time since in abuse scandal hit. the national women's soccer league matches were paused in the 6 minutes to reflect the 6 years it's taken. as some of the allegations have you heard seems returning to the pitch included north carolina courage. their head coach, pull, riley, was fired last week and mid charges of sexual misconduct. this li, us soccer and fee for her all open separate investigations. a statement from the leagues players association and he said tonights, we reclaim our place on the field because we will not let our joy be taken from us . but this is not business. as usual, the reckoning has already begun. we will not be silenced, will be we will be relentless enough to shoot of a league that deserves the players in its. well, straight is football federation has also opened up an investigation after
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allegations of abuse were made by for player lisa de vanna, the countries 2nd most prolific goals score claims to have been sexually harassed and bullied throughout her 20 year career. we are serious and committed to deepening our understanding and knowledge of the claims being made. i can say that we met with lisa in recent weeks, and while it is not appropriate to discuss the details of that meeting, it is the case that she did not race any of the specific allegations made publicly . those allegations are very concerning. they have no place now support at any level. all a saudi arabian bank deal to buy english premier league senior kasey united is moving ever closer. it follows the country's commitment to ending a 4 year ban of the castle, tv network being sports a possible take over store. last year of to been protested to the league about matches being shown on an illegal pirate network in saudi arabia or bein sports is the official broadcaster of premier league games in the middle east and north
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africa. or we've been talking to simon chadwick, a professor of your asian sports about why new castle is being targeted for this takeover. the have been rumors throughout this year that the saudi arabia could potentially be behind, moves for, ah, clubs, in france, in, in, in italy. and i wonder whether what we are about to see is, is the public investment fund, creating a global network of clubs in the same way. as we've seen, abu dhabi yawns, city football group. i think it's a new reality for sport. and, and i refer to the geopolitical economy of sports. this is no longer just about kicking a ball as it was in the 19th century. it's, it's no longer about business. which in, in the last part of the 20th century is what football effectively was all about. nowadays football is about geography. it's a way for countries to,
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to deal with some of the geographic challenges they face when now not just in the primarily but i think across world football. confronted with this reality, that was, we might be watching 11 v 11 or feel of play behind the scenes. there are ready what i would call giga changes and, and, and, and global institutions, global actors influencing what happens in football, in terms of who owns clubs, in terms of who, who sits on the boards of governing bodies. what kinds of sponsors are getting involved. so this is, this is a very, very different kind of football even to 10 years ago, i think and, and it's the reality that looking ahead to certainly the next decade, but possibly even longer we're going to see more, more off european champions, italy of lost a game for the 1st time in 3 years, they were beaten to one by spain and the same funds of the nation's league, italy. we're on a world record,
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37 matches beaten on going into this fixture. that street under threat pretty quickly went for an sar is their foot spain ahead. italy and going down to 10 men went leonardo been in, she was given a 2nd yellow car just before the break. and it quickly got even worse for italy or is his going. his 2nd of the nights making signal. lorenzo pelligrini did pull on bank italy with a few minutes to go with spain, holding on to put their place in sunday's final l. like belgium of france. they face each other later on this thursday. now don't say walder has doubled down on accusations that's young at tyson fear. a sorry a cheated during the last fights the heavy weight. rivals are due to meet for 3rd time on saturday. their 1st concert finished in a drawer with w. b. c, champion fury winning the 2nd bout while the climbed fury had concealed small whites in his gloves during that fight. mere law women law, which are ours, them law, which is see, you know, so many can people can believe what they want. we all human,
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we believe what we wall, we're the as the law. and it only made me better as a man, as a fighter, to understand in the, on the see certain thing and note things for facts. while the said i only one more 2nd flight because i cheated. but then he goes and changes his whole team and does all this extra training and trains as hard as he's ever trying to bring on all his team at all. so i asked the question is if i only one because the cheated. what was the point in changing everything and doing all this all the work and the los angeles dodgers have set up a 1st ever playoff meeting with the san francisco giants. this sir, on how much from chris tyler in the 9th inning saw the reigning world series champions, vc, vc, louis cardinals, 31. thank you for meet the johnson game. one of the national league division series on friday. okay. plenty more for me throughout the day, but that is how your sports is looking. finance. thanks so much sandy. well, that's it for me and it's valgy. hey, for this news alice,
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i'll hand you over to nick who will be here with one use in just a moment and i'll for you up to that. ah, mm hm. frank assessments. what's the point of the un if multilateralism isn't part of its dna? we need somewhere, we're sovereign states can exchange informed opinions is focus likely to change biking behavioral. it's not going to change their behavior. they're going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match this more games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global
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headlines inside story. on out jesse era. for to remy, they simply molina families to pain is unbearable for their relatives were killed last week during a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government, security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said date died in combat when neighbors and family members insist they were innocent, taken from their homes and executed under pressure venezuela's defense minister by the made by the reno, said the armed forces were applied to defend that country from irregular groups that added that human rights needed to be respected. and that the events at the border would be investigated on air or on line be part of the debate or pacific people. the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the ocean when no topic is off the table, it's as children side atmosphere, people are demoralized. they're exhausted and many health care workers are
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experiencing p t s d like symptoms. jump into this dream and julie now global community appeal, unusual right now you can be part of those conversations. wow, this dream. oh, now to sierra a at least 20 people are killed as enough. great causes death and destruction. southern partners down. ah, hello nick loud. this is al, they're alive from doha. also coming up as i get grows about lebanon's economic crisis, iran's foreign minister as in beirut to meet the new government this long, a way to my letter of vaccine these a breakthrough for signs, child, home and malaria control. but development being top the game.


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