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or but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film, archives spanning for decades, reveals the forgotten truths of the country's modern history. the forbidden real pot for the era of darkness on a j 0 ah . ready at least 20 people are killed and hundreds injured. alternate earthquake hit, southern pakistan. ah, hello ms. clark. this is absurd. life from dough also coming up. this long awaited my letter of vaccine. these a breakthrough for signs, child, how and malaria control be development being dubbed a game changer against
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a disease that kills hundreds of thousands of people every year. we believe it yorkie is violating international law in doing so. in a rare move, the un secretary general demands evidence from ethiopia after expelled 7 officials accusing them of misconduct were in afghanistan, mazar, e sharif. the only place where girls can still go to high school. ah, a powerful earthquake is killed at least 20 people in southwest pakistan. hundreds of people have been injured off to the 5.7 quake strike in the early hours when people were sleeping. mud houses have been reduced to rubble worsted. harry is reported to be the city of hon. i, in baluchistan province. rescue efforts are underway, but it may take us to reach the hardest hit areas. come, all hider has this update from his law. this is anadia which has mostly marg and
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stone. construction re poor construction quality at dad killed many of the people were trapped on dead, a roof at least 20 came a military helicopter, and then what rush through that area to evacuate the most seriously injured and also to move change and other equipment. this is, i've gotten more region and the fact that dia quake, when they're shallow one caught considerable damage. it also cut off the key access road. so people out to was that the force responded to had to work with dodge lights, to dig through the robot. however, we are told that military rescue teams are now dead. the national de provincial dr . management auto did not dare and did of course, probing to see what had happened on the ground and how many struck to have collapsed wake what felt as far away and the provincial capital went about a 168 kilometers away from road and nodded. and aftershocks, of course, continued,
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but so far the dead goal is not significantly high. however, we shall find out as the rescue efforts and the recovery effort. i've got to get underway. well, yeah, and possibly as a geophysicist with the us geological survey and she says yes, quake had a greater impact because it was very shallow. this earthquake, it may not seem very large, but it was shallow. this, the shaking was very strong in the of the center area, and i is very close only about 15 kilometers away from the abbey center. and so if you add that to the construction of the homes and structures in the area that will unfortunately cause large damage. the fact that it happened at night when people are sleeping, that even exaggerates the damage and injuries that would happen in the area. because it's in the mountainous region, the region will be brown to landslides,
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blocking the roads and hindering aid coming into the area. in the past, the u. s. geology korea has recorded about 21, many to 6 and larger earthquakes within approximately 250 kilometers of the at the center. so the region knows large earthquakes. they happen from time to time. the most noble events that happen where magnitude 7 point one in 1997 and then to magnitude 7 in 19311935. there were very damaging people try predict earthquakes, figure out ways how we can anticipate what will happen unfortunately. so many of these large events they happen at inter was that we haven't seen a repetition of them yet. and so that makes the prediction very difficult on another. now there are folds that have been unmapped which adds to the problem of
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how do you predict something if you don't have exact data of where the faults lie around for a minister is in beirut for talks on lebanon's spiraling economic crisis. a months after the formation of a new government, there has st. amir abdulla, he n a met with lebanese president michelle own, and turan is an important backer of his bella, which is one of the main groups in lebanon's government. iran has been sending fuels shipments to lebanon as the country experiences where the well bank calls one of the worst economic collapse is anywhere over the past 150 is. when on wednesday, the lebanese army prevented angry crowds from storming a bank after being unable to withdraw cash supplies of fuel medicines and bare necessities are running critically low. then a hotter has more now from beirut. it's diplomatic language, the iranian foreign minister saying that they're ready to help lebanon break what the ran and its allies in lebanon. consider the siege on this country. but in
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reality, what he is doing is asserting iran's present asserting iran's control over this country because he is building on what happened just a few weeks ago. it's a ally, has bala managed to import sanctioned iranian fuel through us sanction syria in the country now has been saying that the aim was to alleviate the fuel shortages in the country. but there is no doubt that this was a diplomatic and propaganda victory for hezbollah. and the iranian camp in a lebanon. so basically this is that, this is the message that he, he is trying to give, that the government was not involved in the importance of fuel. in fact, the newly, the new prime minister even said, i'm sad that this happened and that lebanon's sovereignty was a, was violated. there were some protests against his visit for some people or even saying that this country is occupied by iran. but it's interesting timing. there's a new government and as of late, the french envoy from france was here. the european union is in talks with,
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with the lebanese government and eliminates government and talks with the international monetary fund, a for a bailout package to resolve the deep economic crisis. so iran is, is kind of worried because at the end of the day, a deal with the i, m f at the state loses some sovereignty has, while a loses some control. so, there are vying for influence in this country. lebanon is the battle ground, and lebanon. really is a battle ground between the u. s. and, and iran is through there are local allies in, in the country. the world health organization is backing your role out to the 1st of a vaccine against malaria. that is a big step in the battle against virus. that's one of the leading kennedy of children in africa. it's recommended the job should be given to millions of children mature again, because it's being described as a game changer for child health, a vaccine that could help save the lives of hundreds of thousands of children each year in sub saharan africa. monica has been with us for millennial, and the dream of my letter boxing has been a long held,
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bought on our table dream. to day, the oddity as s mallet vaccine, more than 30 years in the making, changes the course of public health history. the vaccine smith klein vaccine has been given to infants in gonna kenya. i'm allowing since 2019 as part of a pilot program, it was found to be about 30 percent effective at preventing severe cases of the disease which is transmitted through mosquitoes. but that figure raised to around 70 percent when the vaccine was combined with all the treatments, i think eradication is still a quite some time of age. but i think the combination of benefits kimura relaxes and dyslexia that may be other vaccines in the future will bring us malaria burden of disease down substantially and africa. malaria causes fever, vomiting, and fatigue and kills more than full $100000.00 people each year. mostly children
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on to 5 as well as pregnant women. the r t s s vaccine, also known as most ski, ricks has been welcomed by researches as an historic breakthrough. but many on the continent worry about funding and whether a mass roll out will be possible in the wake of coping 19 and all the competing priorities. we've roman i are being a disease bars, especially i by and large and dizzy as far as sub saharan africa, children. ah, and given the digital geez, that our companies are facing. ah, which will that be international? clear g, r e is going to, i stand up and, and make dyslexia available to with children needed. the world health organization recommends giving the vaccine to babies in 3 phases, followed by a beast to shoot. but that may take time. the next step is for the global vaccine alliance known as gabby, to look at whether the vaccine is
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a worthwhile investment. if it's approved, gabby will buy it for countries that request it process that it's expected to take at least a year, victoria gate and be al jazeera i, let's me to malcolm webber. jones's live now from my robi and malcolm. malaria, of course, always being a problem for humanity in so this is a very important advance. it kills hundreds of thousands of people every year, almost all of them here in africa, world health organization estimate that it killed nearly 400000 people in africa in 2019. now, some great gaines have be made in the fight against malaria, but they stoled in recent years is important to understand is very unequal, disease in urban areas and wealthy areas, people are much less likely to get it much more likely to be able to treat it if they do, it can be as simple as going to a pharmacy, getting a test, buying the medication and taking it now in poor rural areas. it's a completely different story. the may be no pharmacy night clinic,
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people can't afford to go there. and in some of the most millerio regions in the continent, people are getting dozens of infected bites, bites from infected mosquitoes every week. and it's of these kinds of conditions where people are constantly fighting, malaria and other diseases, that is much more likely to be fatal, particularly to children. and it's in these kinds of areas that the scientists hope that this vaccine could make a big difference. but of course, that depends on the extent of the rollouts and of course on how effective the vaccine actually is. exactly, and that's the point is now in africa carries the greatest burden of this disease. but they're still, they're all still a lot of questions about the efficacy, you know, yeah, this particular vaccine made by the u. k. black. so smith find a drug companies that had 10 years of trials and, and that 2 year. busy pilot that was carried out in malawi, gone in here in kenya. and what they've learned is that it's effective against
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preventing a serious cases disease irony about i'm and also takes up to fool doses to get that kind of immediacy and the immunity fades within a matter of months. so still quite some way to go. but scientists to saying it's a major breakthrough, just by lot of the fancy is the 1st one to be approved. that means town be given to lots of people and potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives. they also say the other vaccines will follow as one being child at the moment by scientists from the u. k. university of oxford that's measuring nearly 80 percent efficacy, but it's still anita trial stage or a promising use indeed that malcolm, thanks very much. mark went back in, nairobi still had aaron al jazeera, exactly 20 years after the 1st u. s. air strikes on the taliban. we have the view from afghanistan on how it's changed. natural gas prices in the e. u and the u. k. jumped to a record high before falling back as russia off was to stabilize the market.
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ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways, boated worlds best, a line of 2021. there's been a lot of setting in italy recently, but the system that's bringing it in is this master class. here is edging slowly. eastwood so now the threat is more the other side of the age reacting because wrapped around that load is a great deal of white clad, which is the rain bag stuff but also strong winds. otherwise you look up here and that's really over the ocean. the north atlantic and i stood with dragging its feet and bringing rain into ireland and scotland. but that's the area of most dramatic weather. i think throughout the next 2 or 3 days, there are no particular one you guys won't except for the strengths of the wind, the border window to the northeast till it comes across croatia, down the dalmatian coast. but i think it'll be floating in italy all the same now
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as for autumn, but it's just being held back at the moment. yes, it's wet in ireland, scotland and norway. but south of that is for the quite, quite a modified is with a warm blue 2 to 5 degrees above average, temperature wise for quite a few places. mind you, if you're further south, it's a croatia down to grease. the chances are you'll be enjoying that's the right word . wet and windy weather, italy also involved. that's friday. and if i take you further south, it's a dry picture to hit the gulf of guinea. that's where the rain is at the moment, not so much inland. the weather, sponsored by cattle airways, boated world best air line of 2021 in the country with an abundance of results. great far and wide, indonesia whose firms forming we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs.
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invest, let to be part linda. this is growth and progress in indonesia now. ah ah. every day you're watching out 0 reminder on top stories itself and an earthquake in pakistan's baluchistan. police is killed at least 20 people. it struck in the early hours flattening houses while people were asleep. the world health organization has endorsed the 1st to ever vaccine against malaria recommended the jap be rolled up to millions of children across africa. vaccine is 70 percent effective when combined with other treatments runs for ministers in beirut talks on levins
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spiraling economic crisis a month after the formation of a you government saying i have to live again, met to liberties president michelle high schools and public universities a close to girls in most parts of afghanistan and that's raising baris, about their education. but in mazar, e sharif, they're still welcoming classrooms as hash omaha bar reports, girls are weighing their dreams for the future against the uncertainties of the present. this is the only place in afghanistan where girls can go to school. mazata sheriff is a vibrant cultural and commercial center. and schools have remained open since the taliban took over the country. here at go ha ha to one of the most established elementary and high schools in the city, girls hope to pursue their studies and chase their dreams. i have a dream. oh, it's me. all life,
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little print and i want to be an astronaut in the future. and it seems to be a big dream to achieve in afghanistan. but i also sunday, i could be traveling to faithful betsy life for the teachers. the curriculum hasn't changed for now, but the future is uncertain. molo abraham med, maureen bell. he's the man in charge of education in the city, in that holligan mom, but we need female teachers, architects, doctors. but we also want our women to be educated along islamic beliefs and principles. we value women. the 1st lessons we learn come from our mothers. see, may students cannot go to public universities yet? the taliban says it's sorting out the logistics. these are students of medicine, other prestigious molena sheridan mohammed bell. he university. the curtain was
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recently added to segregate students by gender. i have another feature and here because we have no idea what the taliban will decide about both education. look at other provinces, universities are still closed. the bahama, nor any, is the tally vans. senior culture and information official in the city. he says, education is one of the top priorities for the leadership. promo. macarthur born a school for open teacher from student. go to classroom for life, normal, and curriculum to remain the fame. we haven't changed anything so far. no. on each one of the many taliban officials who believe the u. s. and many european countries are trying to discredit the group when it is desperately seeking international recognition. the debate of a girl education in afghanistan has extended to what kind of role, where they have under the taliban rule. and will they get represented in the government and parliament? and most importantly, will the basic rise be protected?
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the taliban has dismissed international concerns about women's rights as a propaganda and insisted the world must also respect of got his dance culture and the taliban. conservative outlook hash about about al jazeera mazata city. it's been 20 years since the us led coalition fired its 1st air strikes on taliban controlled afghanistan in response to the 911 attacks, so called war on terror, targeted al qaeda and other taliban link groups. tens of thousands of people were killed. america's longest war. finally ended in august and with a chaotic troop withdrawal and the taliban back in power. and let's meet now to some of injured his life for us in kabul and his armor. so 20 years is 2 decades. how much has happened and how much has changed was like 20 years on after the u. s. lead. envision over 2 trillion dollars spent thousands of american and
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coalition troops last hundreds of thousands, according to afghan estimates. civilians killed and the taliban is now back in power. and what we're seeing is at a consolidated power grab by the taliban now up much more than what it used to be in 2001 when the us forces took place. because if you look at the geography of afghanistan, back in 2001 in the north was still contested, thought about did not have control. and now they seem to be in charge of the whole country. by and large, the people in the street will tell you that they are enjoying that relative a security and safety in the street. they don't have to worry about being robbed or killed in the street. a kidnapping for ransom is down, but again, that people are afraid or they don't know what the policies of this new version of taliban are. they have been seeing a boost, some sort of clamped down on the feeder move expression. there is immediate restrictions on the people who were reporting earlier, and then there is the missing element of public of women from public life. the new
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taliban cabinet does not have members of the, from the, from bremen. they do not have enough members and, and majority of them are pushed on dominated. you see this government dominated by people who the taliban trust have been fighting with them for the last 20 years. so now i've got a son is at a place where the only thing which has remained constant is the poverty in afghanistan is the suffering of the people in afghanistan. if the lack of services for people in rural areas, lack of schools, roads, hospitals, that is something which has remained constant throughout the years. there has been some progress made in terms of women's rights. but then again, now that is all under question because the taliban is now in power. they're trying to transform themselves from a party which was at war for 20 years. and effect of leaves on a concrete. how will they run the bureaucracy of this country? will they allow women freedom of space and a more stepping stone or where they were in the power circles of of gun
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a son we've seen at bremond go back to some parts of government services. i've, you've seen children go back to school, but again, most of the children and especially girls were 12 years old, cannot go back to school. they are restrictions on universities. so i've gone to son is now in a holding pattern. again, the americans and their allies have now in 20 years, replaced the taliban with the taliban, and the people are of got a son are holding their breath to see what will this new government bring for them? and the as omen, thanks for it is on for jerry day in couple you in secretary general has demanded evidence from ethiopia. after 7 un staff were expelled and accused of misconduct. and target harris had a rare public exchange of words with the countries ambassador, his calling on its government to allow unrestricted access to deliver humanitarian aid to millions of people. our diplomatic editor james baynes reports now from the you. with the conflict in ethiopia,
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widening and the humanitarian crisis growing the un secretary general address the security council. the country is facing any mouse humanitarian crises that the man's immediate attention. all efforts should be squarely focused on saving lives and avoiding a massive human tragedy. this makes law serves his announcement by the government of ethiopia to expel 7th senior un officials. most of them humanitarian stuff, but equally disturbing. but the ethiopian ambassador then justified those expulsions with new allegations. he claimed that the 7 senior staff had falsified data, inflated humanitarian figures, and even had invented cases of death by starvation. they were looking to create a data for like situation. they suddenly, an overnight created 1000000 victims of held the disaster. the secretary general
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had taken the unusual step of asking for a right to reply and invite the sacred general of the united nations. he demanded that the ethiopians provide documents to prove their new claims. we believe it, europe is violating international law in doing so. and we are ready to cooperate with the government of each your peer in relation to any situation in which the government of utopia feels that any member of the win is not behaving in total impartiality in total independence as humanitarian law, but describes as he left the security council chamber, he added this here my duty to defend the honor of united nations. the secretary general has made it clear that he believes a humanitarian catastrophe, is unfolding in ethiopia and urgent international action is needed. however, the security council remains divided and almost a year since the crisis started security council members have only been able to
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agree one joint statement. james bays al jazeera, the united nations security forces engineers here have rated the studios of an opposition tv channel and seen some of its broadcasting equipment. just days ago, one of the channels main presenters was arrested for criticizing president chi. saeed. live on earth. a number of media outlets have come under pressure since the president suspended parliament and july broadcast regulator says that the channel g to an a t v have been operating illegally for several years. every bit louis is a chin, is in journalist in the capital and describes how the climate is changing for journalists. the are still do you a station osler and then i yes. who is a is a journalist where conferred is that you do in a tv. i think i can say that they're the media and freedom of her, pres, engineers are made to be threatened, and i may consider this as a state back to democracy. i mean, you can,
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you can agree or disagree with the journalist, but you can not a judge, a disadvantage in front of military. it tries, i mean, personally and personally. and they think this is where the position of her syndicate of the journalist we are reject military a try years, a 1st you billions of over, they are their opinion or a requisition even political position. so that's why i, as a journalist, i would say right now we need to be vision and more for our freedom of speech and freedom of expressing expression, which is threatening to day b, philippine vice president, lenny robledo as announced she's running for the top office, read a reserve human rights lawyer and leader of the opposition she'd been a vocal critic of president rodriguez to turn in his violent cracked on on the illegal drugs trade. russian authorities of a fired 5 prison officials and opened several criminal investigations. after videos
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were linked, revealing widespread abuse of prisoners. a prominent angio released graphic evidence showing torture and sexual abuse of inmates in the city of south of south east of moscow act of his se, confirm systemic torture across the country's prison system. european gas prices have fallen from record high is after rushes, president offer to increase supplies to europe sharply rising prices over the last week, cause fears of soaring energy bills as winter approaches, some e u members, according on the block to intervene directly as natasha can name no reports as economies across europe rebound from the pandemic demand for gas is rising fast along with prices. they hit levels on wednesday, not seen in more than 10 years. that's leading to concerns of soaring bills and inflation as people heat their homes this winter. it is
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a serious issue. i think we have to be very clear that the gas prices are skyrocketing and her, but then the renewables, the prices have decreased over the last years. and a stable so far says very clear that with energy in the long term, and it is important to invest in renewables that gives us stable prices and more independence. several energy companies and britain have collapsed due to the shortages. norway and russia are boosting supplies to the european union, which is heavily dependent on imports. russia says it could make record sales of gas to the e u this year. it's rejecting criticism that it's partially to blame for the supply problems. leacock leadership that is absolutely not ashen at all in what is happening in the gas market. and there cannot be russia yes, fulfilled, reform is fulfilling. and we'll continue to fulfill in the most village and manner
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all of its obligations on the existing contract. russia has long supplied europe with natural gas via ukraine, but amid ongoing tensions, analysts say russia wants to ensure ukraine doesn't benefit from gas revenues. russia now has the nord stream to pipeline running under the baltic sea directly to the continent. it was completed over the summer, but germany has yet to approve the project. european union was laying politics with the norm to stream to gas pipeline. it was completed almost one month ago. if they issued an immediate obeying a license to it. and i still would have been supplying around 50000000000 if you make me as of gas to be and you were, you would have alleviated the right. the european union is exploring ways. remember
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states to create shared storage facilities for gas, pivoting, more to renewable energy, and ending its reliance on imports. but in the short term, it appears there are no quick fixes natasha game al jazeera. the main airport on the spanish island of la palmer has closed as a result of an ash cloud from the convivial volcano. 6000 people have been displaced since it began erupting on september 19th. rivers of lava have destroyed almost a 1000. ah! let's have a quick check in the headlines here and al jazeera and an earthquake in pakistan's baluchistan province was killed at least 20 people. it struck amelia's flattening houses while people were sleep. rescue operations are underway, but the hardest hit areas are difficult to get around. for
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a minister as in beirut for talks on 11 and spiraling economic crisis a month after the formation of a new government. the saying of july.


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