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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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interviews and in dance reports, they're choosing those sites because their civilian target g 0 has teams on the ground and say the numbers are barely a 5th of what they were before. the foods hasn't been made because of iraq. security to been reward win documentaries, and lives lou office and don't have the top storage on all 0. the magnitude 5.9 hours wake in pakistan has killed at least 20 people left hundreds injured in the early hours of thursday while people was sleeping. the worst effect today we reported so far as the city of han lion baluchistan province. well, hider has this update from islamabad. if he, the navy, which has mostly marked and gone construction way, poor construction quality,
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had killed many of the b. but what kept on dead a roof? many, as you mentioned, at least, 20 killed a military helicopter. then what rush through that area to evacuate them or mediately injured in order to move gains than other equipment. this is i've gotten more region and the fact that the earthquake was a shallow one caught configurable damaged. it also cut off the key access the road . he'll be back to work, go to the 4th respond. i do have to work with dodge light to dig through the rubber . the won't. health organization is for the 1st time recommending the widespread use of a malaria vaccine for children is being testing the job and 3 countries since 2019 malaria is the primary cause of childhood illness and death in sub saharan africa. the u. s. federal court is suspended a law in the state of texas, which effectively bands abortions that mean nationwide protest since it was imposed last month. it regarded as the most restrictive law and abortion control in the
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country. the un secretary general has demanded evidence from ethiopia after 7 un staff were expelled for allegations of misconduct. attorney gutierrez intervened in a rare public exchange with ethiopia, as ambassador. he's calling on its government to allow unrestricted access to deliver humanitarian aid. the vice president of the philippines then his robledo has announced she'll be running for president. next year, roberto is a human rights lawyer and leader of the opposition has been a critic of the current president rodrigo, to tati. but whose prime minister, guido, be ego, has been replaced just 2 months after taking office. former president of congress, mr. vasquez will step in for you. there is a left wing politician. he's been accused of sympathizing with rebel fighters and promoting the nationalization of key sectors. and that's angered congress and large sections of the population. those are the headlines. the news continues here on angie's europe, after the dark side of green energy. good bye. ah
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ah ah ah. ah. to measure the real impact of mining, the whole system must be analyzed. not just the mind because the contamination zone extends over several 1000 square kilometers.
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the city of anti for gustavo is a 4 hour drive southwest of the tricky kilometer mine. it's inhabitants live to the rhythm of the daily valley of trucks and trains which transport the copper from this industrial port words exported to the 4 continents. the air is saturated with particles of heavy metals disseminated by these convoys, which nobody pays attention to any more even far from the mine the 200000 inhabitants of anti for august, i suffer from the diseases associated with it. in the city center, a healthy disaster has already started in 2016
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this dr. published a study that was ignored by the mining industrialists dose of cellular coils. they looked there shall be less equate, less like got them. you know, still they look alisha to have the mean from daily. he st controller aspect. also just around the middle epistle, little delays lip at center for youth symphony them and dylan they bought a fic jenika. there were laddies and in not there last affix illness. consideration efforts, children through gosselin, 11th, you belk, also marty. he sewell, john cala, contact me not. john, is an elite an anti for guster in certain districts, more than 10 percent of the population suffers from cancer due to the copper industry
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regularly that did prelim noise. so look, a look at said doug green going into our mental senior guess will set us in the lab or lesson g f. work on that. me now is that i me do, you know, said there was the at 1000 broil jamie deal so. so demilia elegance had one out there have been doing the he in indigo if the sun are so soon as i can, she sees a 2nd figure so that he thought you so he would have fear. lulu here will abolla seal the deductible sir. so sacrificial hinted on a son alone, official yes to some of them in official. so like i said when that it took people to lucas, it won't go lawyer. and if you live here in a here, so i listen with here in raleigh, in a few visitors bureau, i am thinking about the energy transition sometimes turns to absurdity to make green energies. the use of
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coal is increasing in certain places on the planet. the world of green tax is not as fritz us, as some consumers imagined. on the outskirts of oslo, the countryside is immaculate, and the norwegians are proud to be among the most environmentally friendly populations on earth. here the streets are clean and the locals breathe, clean air. it must be said that in the scandinavian kinda the energy transition was launched. 20 years ago already. electron mobility has become a religion to day one and 2 new cars purchased is electric.
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it's the world record they know to get so high via of it on their lawn or how well the hotel been sold if you were to saw not the way to one or 2 is a little poor. poor lost give i it there. commer till ok from it in order to get hard at the corporate mall of issue from so scroll all of your bill is from salus, vada and electric. spill in charge stations have invaded oslo streets. there are $400.00 to day and they will be $82025.00. we are hot and cool their love for the letter. do you know it again?
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they elizabeth sailed from to know about get off this boom. pulsating it, or it's a leg among a hot muggy community, but i get off this. but carrying t legs are already also free. thought the tall and mom's a liberal success. i dig and play of that. it's example. so a lot is all on the long. ah no way is a country entirely dominated by green energies. ah, renewable is visible everywhere. there is some degree of hypocrisy involved. here politicians are aware of the situation of where minerals and materials are sourced from what they consider than
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may be less important than electrifying the wheat of society and having a la carte, an ostrich for the norwegian authorities, the calculation of c o 2 emissions seems to stop at the countries borders. focus of poor or more freaked little call program to learn on stem, even little 9 bill. i'd at least the point or the clock from lucas then. so i can move level of is coconut, his floor cell. probably still he up to the yes, dylan. the heidi goose for the link for the v imported be little mickey border and sauce men, miller cetera specific solicitor blue color. and the forensics used for the, in some transport for to on hard in norway, the electric vehicles, the emblem of korean tech is universally popular as it is everywhere else in europe
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. politicians and industry are promoting them everywhere. even if many have known about its true ecological impact for a long time, there were actually ticks of renew. nobody's you a bunch of them along woocommerce idea who said by foss, him out, blow, failure, misuse him. her does in southern missouri, particularly penicillin only leisurely in a b r a poorly, poorly graham. the more that them all today school is or course 3 you to the said eventually think get his toilet planet security of us over year. don't all. there is a mission, so the question you're on the multi blo actually think, no i i actually, i situation it dog offers on saw on it on, on february repulsion,
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electron gate. ah, the profits of the energy transition are sweeping aside the questions raised by green technologies because in the short term, the green techs are primarily synonymous with a new industrial revolution. globally, at a time of recession, 25000000 green jobs will be created in the next 10 years. ah, western leaders, dream of taking advantage of the economic windfall represented by green technologies. but this tree may never come true. because a country has already taken control of these new professions china,
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which holds 75 percent of the rare metal reserves in the world, intends to take advantage of its advantage. my flu shot to where you go to undertaker of flu ever did on the title with you going to try to think that you go to artifacts long ago are to where you go. cynthia will go could see a champion of them when you go archers auto trigger or true core for calderon, in the south of china. the old fishing born of sions. n is today a thriving economic center. a capital city of $12000000.00 inhabitants growing at the rate of china's largest technology companies. b y id is one of the most important from
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a sub contractor manufacturing batteries in just 10 years. the company as come as a human automobile construction party about yeah, yeah. the under and total water, $1000.00. the rental. sold out when you renew the party you bought. yeah. yeah. did you fire the at all or talk to somebody that can be only going to talk about martha? the $16000.00 buses that run oceans. and today are 100 percent electric b y. d also supplies taxi companies. and the ambitions of this economic giant are now global this in, or until the 30 pm would change olu with our role was look, what else did you talk about? some of the charter them or the older woman that we are lee of up our walk through it, not a contract. somehow i'm not when you know, found her attempting to play macros she was. do i do a pick gratia rugs,
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equipment vishal? preschooler. she replied me rush in when the other. i like to learn what you developed. semantic, reveal new up. i, vic, devote you per share. if woodcock yours, yours are poorly, cassandra, or be a digital christian. chinese industry is no longer the only one threatening european jobs. many other mining countries are dreaming of the coming the new motors of the energy transition. is she not as heavy olivia? then we see the social slowly switches to tilly, so not the alma side you or vinyl sheeny of the village. you tweak, decide, then cheaper massage nationally summer, or this alumnus on it. you have act did eat you, steve. i hadn't come li me may well stormer or they are lonesome. she little or believe your some her lead you to both it. is it lonesome bolivia village fought
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the unity in that are ticket lum, tang of each lucky. but then the merely happen me young at men's side is to specialist you ah, with batteries needed for electric cars? the world demand for lithium has literally exploded. and this demand is expected to be multiplied by 20 within 15 years in southwest bolivia, at an altitude of more than 11000 feet. the uni solved flat is a sea of salt covering 4000 square miles. and no man's land with the largest reserves of lithium on the planet.
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economists are mostly la, belinda c, and then the master records us went those i meant that be a mazda danika posse of barrel. yet on those up, those a but a me not as have been own putting stones, put him on the think, went us into person to live listed on the i iss and own a center by becoming the number one producer of lithium in the world. the bolivians hope one day to be able to fix the price to better enrich themselves. as china does to day with many for our metals. the public company which operates this brand new factory was created for this purpose 10 years ago by the government. well, you cannot be a man does offer the momento named austria the crossroads in a month. i have been given those poor to look well sir. a comp belastrary. theseus
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loon, impreza, felicia bower. pissy bower. lamar miss g knowles. hey, is this is inclusive, don't they say a when in but a such enough here? look across 3 list of luck to invest in bolivia, you must now commit to buying local lithium. an effective way to gain access to markets in countries around the world or not minister as fast as a spread. he's a man pay up on that then their associates is that they he bought a k, a. molly vehicle motel? not the no. now, given the mumbling one thought that he has any fatal, see it would opa and does the city now be in a 2nd and amanda? he's all okay. i lost quite a lot of home data. i've been there with the world. lithium market will be $45000000000.00 by 2022.
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the post oil era is a unique and almost unseen opportunity for this andy and republican law pies. even dreams of exporting green technologies, produced with its own resources. phase way a little common oil is glenn, this is bit answers kings, ulysses tank on. good thunder. yeah. but the federal know the lake on a mia? he came there a little while you wanting to return her? he was out a while ago. yellowstone massage amber picking his color. yes, her name j. e. a brochure brochures, he was keller, my or no. on what other been this fall, i meant the my 3rd prima as well. no longer with like bolivia,
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many countries dream of taking their place in the global economy as it takes shape . this is also the revolution in green technologies. as for the promise of a limited human impact on the environment, it does not weigh heavily in the face of these considerable challenges. and the rush for these new raw materials will also ultimately destroy our planet. the ultimate paradox in the world of green tack is the question of recycling it like that of wind turbines, for example,
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whose life span is limited in northern germany, huge blades have been abandoned in the wild for several years. luther meyer has been denouncing the multiplication of these on the authorized dumps. godfrey had put swung to shar and the household on an gunam storm osland on dasanya to man the expedited bure harm yet thus probably him. thus the instant been merlin up about bad mission . in germany alone between $20.30 tons, a wind turbine blades must now be recycled each year. the leaves issue that freeland yarn, when kind of weird see and does it z. hellish, neat. a lot of walk. i've kreger this is kind of mr. officer wish zach there
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gazette ski, barney. strange not of who are beautifully william recycling reader to, to free with you again in and enjoy taking a look you line i laguna taking a looky d fund of, of herb was zebra. glue stood out and gone. gone off, daughter, this'll be a niche. we've emitting the destin on gains on you put it seamless. i was just glad you probably him me sean or tom. cruise of the can't be martin. i'm ended in glycogen feler and the question of where metals remains what to do with these raw materials present in solar panels, electric batteries, and wind turbine rotors due to the lack of investment. and despite their rarity, most of them are hardly recycled at all. so let's you group us if a spend all the screws, cute,
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extend immuno backwards in one shaft. kosky soil extend. if you're dorsey clash on most, my jointed ika says that you all said couldn't proceed me to and probably bettina where people sheep at to smith as a homo jengragorio of no shelmet. no. the city near mo, little delita. are it will it there? ha, on his hipaa, if, if you only, or she can count bomb up or she close because mooresville ah, will the salvation of green energy's be in new discoveries. this is the gamble being made by industrialists persuaded they'll find ways to make the sector more virtuous. so don't that, don't got to realize what it shall judge that plants rescue ivy is on example. they been also less and you said organic it reddish around you select open. vogala depends select useful measure lucinda chevrolet but can put on some mission to come
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in for depression. to santas, passamore crystal vessel phenom, bottle so poorer met her the favorite beds. so no battle is shown as you mab online . pull yourself on quite mm. and then the all elias read it only when it felt like there was you have a 3 message yesterday was all i make your dollars ish to use ros. this regina, even, i mean you also wanted to follow exam a form for rebellion, a triple. i'm 4 by all secret, santa clarita for you. mm hm. and what if we have forgotten that in any change brought about by industry, it is primarily their business sustainability that prevails the world of business and commerce is driving the energy transition. and so it's not like there's benevolent heartful people out there trying to solve the problems in the best possible ways, the wind companies and the solar companies,
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they're trying to make a profit. they're trying to have a profitable business. and that's not going to save the planet or save our human race. we're still going ankles of us when they shoot to kill ski caps we want koya fall. i meant to neil my point of view or so i mixed like tv sla minute between legacy survey. she noticed like hostile face compress, mcneil po right? now industrial society talks about growth in the elected officials. the politicians all want to have global growth, growth in the economy, growth in spending growth and investments. everybody wants, wants growth. but the truth is we need to, to orchestrate a major, you turn in a fundamentally different direction. we need to live in a different kind of way. we need to start reducing the amount of damage we do to
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the earth. kingwood a rule where y'all show sions as she fought by a good yom thus shall finish. will good mutual, double call. you will mission them in the shouldn't or 100 on the jolly. she freed on june. woman bazooka. woman 3, she we all show you. she von found out. what are you doing so good. and they, on the dollar me, on beautician to total woman, turn jude. we need to radically reduce the energy of material consumption in our lives. that is not a message you can easily sell to the world, a business to the captains of industry. that is not a message you can sell to the politicians who want to be re elect. ah, can we really give up on gross?
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even if it is green. and with it, give up on a part of our material comfort. it is urgent to rethink our relationship with raw materials to ultimately consume less energy and extract fewer resources. ah, it's been a lot of moisture injecting. the skies remains of shaheen is still around. you can't see it as circulation, but it came from i went across and to quarter, and these showers in the western side of yemen, maybe the southwest society, our result of the moisture. the breeze is picky up to down the red sea and also down the gulf. bit of a shamal here. probably a dusty one. the tension to heart cities, but average schmidt's,
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you probably be dying with this dry ish we and otherwise it's sunshine all over the place. there is significant weather around not so much now in the south, as in, in the north come out of central asia, a bit of coal showing early signs of winter in tajikistan, for example. not quite afghanistan. and that breeze blows across the caspian buck, whose temperature 50 is actually where it should be, its average, but it probably feel a bit chilly in that breeze and it's generating showers in the north of iran as well. the breeze goes across the black sees it will blow through the fuss, the boss for us. but beyond that, beyond these shall the rain progress coming into greece is a fairly dry picture of a turkey down through cypress. and the liver, the wind, not strong, he gather about 20 degrees, most places, probably below 30. and as the season shows, so the shouts are coming slowly. sites with the sun still. there are in lake victoria. ah
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frank assessments. what's the point of the un if multilateralism isn't part of its dna, we need some or we're sovereign states can exchange opinions likely to change biking behavior. it's not going to change their behavior, they're going to continue to do what they do and it's gonna be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match this more games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on out jesse era, france once had a vast empire standing several continents. but by the 1940s, the french were forced to confront reality and demands for independence. in the 1st part of a documentary series, al jazeera looks at how the colonial unrest grew. conflict to now jerry and full scale war and indo china blood and tears, french tea colonization on al jazeera of so, but it was the iraqis,
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it'll take to the whole in a long overdue general electric not products and political rec, around the country lead through an earlier than that date, a new election laws being put in place. again, the government now deliver on a promise. they had an open process, especially recovery on a da 0. ah at least 20 people are killed and hundreds injured after north. great. his southern pakistan. ah. 11 o'clock, this is al 0 life and also come this long awaited my later vaccine. these at breakthrough for signs, child, home and malaria controlled the development being dumped the game changer against
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a disease that kills hundreds of thousands of people every year. we believe it york is high, lengthy.


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