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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2021 3:00am-3:31am AST

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frank assessment is or case likely to change making behavior it'll, it's not going to change their behavior. they're going to continue to do what they do. and in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on out jesse era, ah, award winning documentary from around the world on how to 0. ah, today is that day on historic day, a boost for the fight against malaria, w h o recommends the 1st vaccine to protect children from the disease. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up the u. s. and national security advisor holds talks with china's top
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diplomat made rising strategic rivalry over issues ranging from trade to taiwan. we believe it yoke is violating international law in doing so in a ram or the un secretary general is demanding evidence from ethiopia for misconduct. to allegations against its 7 expelled sure. and natural gas prices in the e. u and the u. k. jung to record high russia says europe is to blame for the crisis. ah, the world health organization has endorsed the 1st ever malaria vaccine in a major step in the battle against one of the leading causes of childhood jams. it's recommended the job be rolled out to millions of children across africa, victoria gate, and b reports. it's being described as
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a game changer for child health, a vaccine that could help save the lives of hundreds of thousands of children each year in sub saharan africa. monica has been with us, poor millennial, and the dream of my letter. boxing has been a long held but a tenable dream. to day. the oddity as s mallet vaccine, more than 30 years in the making changes the course of public health history. the vaccine smith, klein vaccine has been given to infants and gone at kenya. i'm allowing since 2019 as part of a pilot program, it was found to be about 30 percent effective at preventing severe cases of the disease which is transmitted through mosquitoes. but that figure raised to around 70 percent when the vaccine was combined with all the treatments, i think eradication is still a quite some time of age. but i think the combination of benefits kimura relaxes
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and dyslexia that may be other vaccines in the future will bring us malaria burden of disease down substantially and africa. malaria causes fever, vomiting, and fatigue and kills more than full $100000.00 people each year. mostly children on to 5 as well as pregnant women. the r t s s vaccine, also known as most ski, ricks has been welcomed by researches as an historic breakthrough. but many on the continent worry about funding and whether a mass roll out will be possible in the wake of coven, 19, and other competing priorities. we, roman i are being a disease bars, especially i, by and large and dizzy as far as sub saharan africa. children, ah, and given the digital geez, that our companies are facing, ah, which will that be international? we're g r e is going to, i stand up and, and make dyslexia available to with children needed. the world health organization
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recommends giving the vaccine to babies in 3 phases, followed by a piece to shoot that that may take time. the next step is to the global vaccine alliance, known as gabby, to look at whether the vaccine is a worthwhile investment. if it's approved, gabby will buy it for countries that request it process that it's expected to take at least a year. victoria k to be al jazeera dr. chris, thank you. day a kim, i is the director of the global health innovation center at duke university. he says, any future roll out of the vaccine will be complex. dyslexia has already been more than 30 years in the making. and while we have at data today, both about safety as well as effectiveness. we know that to roll this out at scale is going to be many, many years down the road. first, we have to make sure there's financing. there are going to have to be billions of dollars of additional spending required to make this vaccine available. secondly,
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countries are going to have to make decisions about whether to actually implement this and whether to do it in a focused way or widespread away. 3rd, this has to then be integrated into the delivery of routine childhood vaccinations . and it's for doses over about 18 months, so it's not a, a single job and done. so there are operational complexities involved as well. and with the pen demik, we know that it's been that much harder to make sure that his central health services essential immunizations. continue as they should. so that's going to add just one more period of, of pressure until we get the pandemic under control. in some sense, we got really lucky with coven 19 in terms of the ability to develop vaccine. so quickly that the parasite we're talking about here is incredibly complex. and it's taken decades to get to the point where we can have a safe and effective vaccine that's able to save lives. the ladies of the u. s. in
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china will hold talks before the end of the year. it comes as a strategic rivalry deepens on multiple fronts, ranging from trade to taiwan, top advisors to both joe biden, and she's in ping agreed to the virtual meeting after they had a 6 hour discussion in switzerland. it's unclear when exactly the talks will take place spot. they will be aimed at improving communication and relations between the 2 global powers. mike hannah has moved from washington. d. c. was very significant and leaders have agreed in their phone call that they held last month that it's essential for them to maintain open lines of communication. because of the nature of this brought relationship, they've made very clear that it's necessary for them to talk to each other, to try and lower what has been an immense amount of tension between china and the u . s. at the u. s. phases at, in terms of competition. this is a word that china says it does not like it is seeking, it says,
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a good relationship with the u. s. as it stands at the moment. president biden has now made clear that he will continue the policies instituted by his predecessor, in particular that agreement that was reached in january last year. the so called phase one agreement, in terms of which china made certain commitments which president biden says, he is now going to insist that china meets also staying in place. so other straight tariffs that president trump, then president trump, imposed no sign that the u. s. administration is going to change that there despite repeated calls from a number of businesses who are believe i'd be suffering from that particular trade tariff, a policy that was instituted by the trump administration. so very important though, from both leaders to keep the lines of communication open to avoid any misunderstandings that it is put that might occur. ty, one's defense minister, meanwhile, says tensions with neighboring china are the worst it spain in 40 years. it follows
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4 days of repeated incursions by chinese war plains into the islands air defense sign shrub. mcbride has more from hong kong. the approach of nearly 150 war plains in waves sent over several days, has clearly alarm taiwan speaking at a session of tie one's parliament defense minister to choir chang, warned that in 4 years, china would be capable of invading the island. was was on the call. he know china does not currently possess such capabilities, but we must consider the consequences in our judgment by 2025, they will have more comprehensive capabilities. taiwan regularly holds drills to prepare for such an invasion. thanks in part to sophisticated military equipment from its ally the united states. it's so far been confident of deterring any aggression. but china's rapid military build up has been closing that gap. and
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paging is looking to put enormous pressure psychologically and operation on taiwan wood in taiwan society as well as i one our forces. it also appears to be looking to undermine ty, when's president saying when, who has been coal to the idea of closer relations and is seen by china as an obstacle to its ultimate goal of unification. with these latest incursions it seems bay jing wants to send a message about the changing dynamics across the taiwan strait. not only to taiwan, but to the international community, including the united states. at a time of increasing tensions with washington. in an apparent attempt to deescalate the situation, you as president joe biden weighed in on the ongoing tensions by didn't seem to confirm the united states continued commitment to giving china diplomatic
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recognition in return for bay jane. not threatening taiwan militarily. we agree. bye bye. i want agreement that we are here, we made it clear that i'll be doing it by the group. this latest spent comes at a significant moment for the 2 neighbors with china. having just marked the october 1st anniversary of its founding and taiwan about to celebrate its national day and both with very differing ideas of what their future relationship should look like. rub mcbride al jazeera hong kong. a delegation of french senators has arrived in taiwan as relations between the self, rhode island, and beijing. worse and the group led by senator elaine rashad will meet president sy in when, before the trip, china's ambassador to france wrote to rashad wanting him to cancel the 5 day visit,
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begging opposes international engagement with taiwan. china and taiwan split during the civil war in 1949 and but by jenkins it, is it a breakaway program province? the un secretary general has demanded evidence from ethiopia over its expulsion of 7 un staff on misconduct allegations. and tony a good terriers intervened in a rare public exchange with ethiopian ambassador, his calling on the government to allow unrestricted access to deliver humanitarian aid to millions. a diplomatic editor james bay's reports from the un. with the conflict in ethiopia, widening and the humanitarian crisis growing the un secretary general address the security council. the country is facing any mouse humanitarian crises that the man's immediate attention. all efforts should be squarely focused on saving lives
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and avoiding a massive human tragedy. this makes law serves this announcement by the government of its your peer to expel 7th, senior un officials. most of them humanitarian stuff, but equally disturbing. but the ethiopian ambassador then justified those expulsions with new allegations. he claimed that the 7 senior staff had falsified data, inflated humanitarian figures, and even had invented cases of death by starvation. they were looking to create a data for like situation. the suddenly, an overnight created 1000000 victims of held the disaster. the secretary general had taken the unusual step of asking for a right to reply and invite the sacred general of the you know, to patience. he demanded that the ethiopians provide documents to prove the new claims we believe at york is violating international law in doing so. and we are
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ready to cooperate with the government of each european in relation to any situation in which the government of utopia feels that any member of the win is not behaving in total impartiality in total independence as humanitarian law, but describes as he left the security council chamber, he added this la duty to defend the honor of united nations. the secretary general has made it clear that he believes a humanitarian catastrophe, is unfolding in ethiopia and urgent international action is needed. however, the security council remains divided almost a year since the crisis started. security council members have only been able to agree one joint statement. james bays al jazeera at the united nations uni will soon have a new interim. prime minister, former civil servant mohammed by virgie, has been appointed by the military jointed to help steer
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a promised return to democratic room last week, inch and president medea dubai. i was foreign in his vow to return the country to civil rule after lading at last month's cure that deposed long time later alpha condemned to berea has said, elections will be held, but is no word on. when still ahead on al jazeera, the investigation into austria is chancellors. sebastian, kids whose be accused of bribery and corruption, and the bell tolls for by jojo's political create more than once behind the resignation of peruse, prime minister. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. is right in the south and is right in
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the north. these 2 areas are coming together, squeezing out the heat. that was quite present. great, and for example, some degrees, reveries still, but it is cooling down, largely because this injection moisture means is more cloud in the sky and rain from shanghai down to hong kong. it's now dry and beijing and temperatures here about where they should be. and the revolving storm here in the sea of japan is like to brings a rain to hawkeye. there are northern han, shibley's, not significant is left the korean peninsula. laughter drive the few on shore showers. things don't change very much on friday except this orange street k, which is heavy rain on its way to hong kong. for a big circulation, the south china sea which will bring more flooding to viet nam, that'll stretch in lands as well. think through allows better to cambodia and the still potential more flooding. i think in the philippines and look at what's happening in the philippines. see, want to watch in case it turns into anything significant shouts for the south. there's of necessity really are rather more scattered,
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but they're still significant if you're underneath them. that the monsoon trough is officially stopped to return our parts of rochester, nor bone dry, which means the rain is concentrated for the south cartucker. i'm carol alarm to the places where you get the wettest weather in the next day, or maybe 2 days. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. al jazeera world speed said she, dizzy and family, facing agonizing choices and an uncertain future lead. time had enough of it, and i want to move to another country. disillusioned with life in struggling economy, yet in my train was to become a lawyer or a judge. i really wanted that what the circumstances a tendency in family high hopes desperate lives on al jazeera blue.
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wow. ah, hello, you're watching out here. i'm emily anglin, a reminder of our top stories this our, the world health organization has endorsed the 1st ever vaccine to prevent malaria is recommended. the jap be rolled out to millions of children across africa. the ladies of the us and china will hold talks before the end of the year, top advisors to joe biden, and she jin ping agreed to the virtual meeting after they met to 6 hours in switzerland. and the un secretary general has demanded evidence from ethiopia over it's expulsion of 7 un staff on misconduct charges. antonio good terrace is also calling on ethiopian government to allow unrestricted access to deliver humanitarian aid to millions of people. the prime minister of peru
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has resigned just 2 months into the new administration. left as politician, guido by edo, has become a contentious figure for both congress and peruvian citizens. protest against the government have grown in recent weeks by eda, who has at talked openly about nationalizing peruse natural gas resources and was struggling to negotiate agreements with indigenous communities, prompting kohls for his resignation. in momento, they've been born april bill. it's time to place peru above all ideology and isolated parties and positions. so i informed the country that today we've accepted the resignation of the president of the counselors ministers, guido polito, who my thank for his services rendered to the nation. in its way to after the announcement by ego implied, he would fight back and posted a pitcher from the movie gladiator. a hint at challenges ahead for president
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castillo, gas prices in the european union. and the u. k. have risen as sharply causing phase of soaring bills as winter approaches. natasha. barnum reports as economies across europe rebound from the pandemic demand for gas is rising fast along with prices. they hit levels on wednesday, not seen in more than 10 years. that's leading to concerns of soaring bills and inflation as people heat their homes this winter. it is a serious issue. i think we have to be very clear that the gas prices are skyrocketing and her, but the renewables of the prices have decreased over the last 2 years and a stable. so for us is very clear that with energy in the long term, it is important to invest in renewables that gives us stable prices and more
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independence. several energy companies in britain have collapsed due to the shortages, norway and russia are boosting supplies to the european union, which is heavily depended on imports. russia says it could make record sales of gas to the e u this year. it's rejecting criticism that it's partially to blame for the supply problems. leacock leadership that is absolutely not ocean at all in what is happening in the gas market. and there cannot be russia. yes, one field is fulfilling. and we'll continue to fulfill in the most diligent manner, all of its obligations on the existing contract. russia has long supplied europe with natural gas via ukraine, but amid ongoing tensions, analysts say russia wants to ensure ukraine doesn't benefit from gas revenues. russia now has the nord stream to pipeline running under the baltic sea directly to
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the continent. it was completed over the summer, but germany has yet to approve the project you won't be on your on was laying politics with the north to stream to gas pipelines. it was completed almost one month ago. if they issued an immediate ovation that a license and i fell, would have been supplying around $50000000000.00 if you'd like to meet those of gas to be and you were to would have alleviated the the european union is exploring ways. remember, states to create shared storage facilities for gas, pivoting, more to renewable energy, and ending its reliance on imports. but in the short term, it appears there are no quick fixes. natasha named al jazeera prosecutors
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in austria are investigating chancello, sebastian kurtz on suspicion of corruption, and bribery cuts his offices were rated as part of the investigation. the accusations involve a $1500000.00 deal that prosecute is believe was made to gain the chancellor positive media coverage in a tabloid dom that came, has the lightest from berlin. the central suspicion that investigators in vienna are working towards is that chancellor courts over the course of the last 4 to 5 years. going back before he became chancellor, was involved in a scheme whereby federal funding walls funneled to a particular newspaper in return for it. putting preferential coverage of mister courts and his people's party in it's newspapers, specifically that opinion polls appeared in the newspaper, which shed preferential light on mister colson his party. now the point here is
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that investigators who said they are also looking into how it was that certain individuals from the tabloid newspaper in question may have been procured positions on the editor, the executive board, rather of a particular austrian company. during the same time frame. mister courts has denied completely the allegation, the suspicion that is attached to him in association with this investigation. but it clearly represents a political problem for mr. courts. the question now is, how far will this investigation go? clearly, investigators say they are looking very deeply into what they have found and may well be bringing further investigation. so light in the course of the next few weeks, european union ladies have failed to set out a timeline for 6 falcon stains seeking membership to the block, but reassured them they could join a you if they meet certain standards. some members are concerned if integration is
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delayed, the 6 my turn to other international players. natasha butler is in slovenia, arriving for the summit and produce lavinia. the head of the u commission sought to reassure western balkan leaders about their possible future membership of the block . we want to send a very clear message, and that message is that the western balkan belong to the european union. we want them in the european union. we are one european family by the leaders of albania, balls near montenegro, north macedonia, serbia, and kosovo are increasingly frustrated with the u promises. they say they want more progress on membership talks that have stalled in recent years. we are hopeful that the summit will make you stay faithful, took its essence and that is enlargement. during the meeting at you, leaders acknowledge that western balkan countries had made some reforms,
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but they said there was still work to be done on the rule of law corruption and major freedom. ongoing rivalries in the region are also impeding progress. historic tensions between crossover in serbia recently flared up again for border dispute. the issue of enlargement may have slipped down. they use list of priorities in recent times. but some you lead to say that if the western balkans become disillusioned with the process, they may turn away from the block. russia and china's influence is already being felt in the region. join is building its 1st european cove. it vaccine plot in serbia. if we want to make europe stronger and also extend our geopolitical influence, this is our backyard so to speak. the western balkans is a very that either europe extends the hand and pulls these countries towards us. or someone else will extend the hand and pulled the countries in a different direction. the meeting ended with more pledges of enlargement and an
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announcement of a $35000000000.00 investment plan for the region. and we hope that the doors are investments will through an important role. also, in order to, to move to the european presence, the use presence more visible, more tangible for the people. the money is a sign of the blocks commitment to the region, but could also be seen as a way of trying to keep the western balkans on side at a time when they use particularly concerned about safeguarding its strategic interests and strengthening. it's an international standing. natasha butler. i'll just 0 brideau sirvina. ah, to breaking news now and at least 15 people have been killed after an earthquake struck southern pakistan. the details are limited at the moment, but what we do know is the quake was a magnitude of $5.00 and was centered east of quitter, or bringing more details when they come to hand in bullet hymns later on.
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turkish and as a by johnny forces have conducted joint military do drills near the border with iran. the 2 countries expand, expanded their defense ties after last he is war against our mania in the disputed know corner caraballo region. this dro comes after relations worse and between back who and t a run over around support of our mania and as a by john's relations with israel. iran held a military exercise along its border with as a by john at last friday. eruption of the volcano on the spanish island of la paloma has intensified. it's already prompted the evacuation of 6000 people and destroyed merely a 1000 times. jonah howl reports from the pa my in the canary. it's all ready the largest eruption on this volcanic island in a century, and there could be weeks left in it yet. but for many, the damage has been done. roberta lay all watched helpless as the church in his
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local town square crumbled under the lava. oh no say no, no, they're well over a yard, but i to be on the girl beside it stood his father's house and his uncle's house also destroyed generations of the layout family had lived in the town of todd. okay, for 200 years now, much of what they built there. he's gone. shame, but then sir, a horror novel, helplessness, horror. it was like a horror movie. at night in my dreams, i only see the volcano, only the volcano eating everything. but what worries me most is not my future, but my family, my father who's lost everything. and also my 3 brothers, my uncle, and my to cousin sort of in the road to tanaka, is paved in volcanic ash. it's raining down on us all the time. down there, a police road block prevents any further travel towards what were homes,
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businesses, a school. and of course that church all now entombed beneath a river of cooling lava. and it's still coming. just look at that. disruption shows no sign of slowing down. as the central vent widens, new threads appear, exploding gas bubbles and lethal projectiles called lava bombs. hurtling into the sky. you wouldn't want to be hit by one of these. and on the outskirts of todd decay itself, fresh lava threatens yet more destruction. one looked at amena one, the sovereign or guy. you won. when will it end? when will we be allowed to go back there? we don't know what the future starts. when the volcano stops, my future will be here on this island or into decay. if it's possible and my family agrees gone, we'll stay here and get on with our lives. tanaka is not alone,
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and nor is the layout family. more than a 1000 buildings have been swallowed up, swathes of valuable farmland consumed. roberto says he'll rebuild and told okay, he says will rise again. such his life in the shadow of a volcano. jonah, how al jazeera la palmer and i will prize in chemistry has been awarded to, to scientists for their development of the project precise tool for building molecules. the royal swedish academy of sciences says the work of benjamin list and david mcmillan has had a great impact on pharmaceutical research and is already showing benefits for human kinds. ah, hello, you're watching out here. and these are the top stories at this hour, at least 15 people have been kill.


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