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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2021 1:00am-1:30am AST

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a washington's ah, the world health organization recommends the 1st vaccine to protect against malaria, a disease which claims thousands of young lives each year. ah, norton taylors is out there alive from london, also coming up, surging demand, puts pressure on gas supplies. white could add up to a very expensive winter in europe. trouble in the skies, taiwan warns china could be ready to attack the airline island in a matter of years. and a report from brazil,
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where millions of people have been forced into a hand to mouth existence because of the pandemic. ah and are global health chiefs have announced a major advance against malaria, a disease which kills on average more than $400000.00 people a year. nearly half of the world's population lives in areas at risk of malaria. it spread by mosquitoes at 1st presenting with flu like symptoms. and if not treated within 24 hours from the 1st symptoms can rapidly become serious under fives of the most vulnerable group. accounting for more than 2 in 3 deaths, 274000 in total. and africa accounts for more than 9 in 10 of cases recorded worldwide. now the world health organization says must carry a vaccine developed by british drugs and black. so smith kline should be widely used on african children. it's already shown 56 percent efficacy in trials and can
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prevent 30 percent of severe disease. a 2nd candidate developed biopsy university researchers and being child right now in kenya has already shown 77 percent efficacy in early results. i. some of you may know i started my career as a my little researcher, and i longed for the day that we would have an effective vaccine against this ancient and terrible diseases. and today is that day on historic day to day, wu chose recommending the broad use of the world's 1st my later vaccine. dr. thomas prior is set like smith klein's chief global health officer. he explains why it's taking so long to develop a malaria vaccine. vaccines are not always the same when it comes to the they look to development different bikes react differently. so you have viruses,
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you have to. yeah. and the cause for malaria is the parasite and it's extremely, extremely difficult to develop a vaccines against science. over the last 60 years, several researchers have tried to do it, and at least now behave my life, you know, vaccine, which was recommended to me. i think eradication is still quite some time, i mean, but i think the combination of chemo prophylaxis and this vaccine, and maybe other vaccines in the future will bring a burden of disease down substantially and africa. and for the time being, we have now a new tool in our toolbox to millerio vaccine. and as soon as it will be implemented, i'm sure we will see a significant impact. you insist your general antonio terraces urged ethiopians government to allow the world body to deliver humanitarian aid to millions in the countries north. during a security council meeting guitars called on ethiopians leaders to allow
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unrestricted movement of desperately needed fuel and humanitarian supplies into ticker, i am horror and afar is the 2nd council meeting regarding it. he appears recent expulsion of several senior you and aid officials. if you hope your claims the officials meddled in its internal affairs on the pallet together to james bays has more from the un. we had an interesting moment at the end of the meeting when the ethiopian ambassador addressed the security council. and at this meeting, he made brand new allegations explaining, he said the expulsions. he said that the, the, you and these officials and he said it was these officials responsible. most of the u. m. were doing good work in here. he said they had inflated humanitarian figures . he said they had falsified humanitarian data. he even said they've made up the deaths of ethiopians as a result of starving that were not true. that didn't exist. very strong allegations
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. that then meant the un secretary general decided to speak again. i've never heard or seen you and secretary general use his right to reply in the security council. certainly never saw bank he moon do it. and i've never seen antonio terrace. do it until now, but he used his right to reply and this is what he said. we believe that it, your peers, not the right to expel this 8 members of un. we believe it york is violating international law in doing so. and they are ready to cooperate with the government of each european, inhalation to any situation in which the government of utopia feels that any member of the u. n. is not behaving in total impartiality in total independence as a humanitarian law, but describes. the 2nd general speaking there, and he also added that if ethiopian ambassador had proof, if he had documentary proof, he had documents he could share with the you and then the secretary general would investigate them. but the 2nd general made it quite clear that he'd had recent
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conversations to recent conversations with ethiopian prime minister abbe armored. and he had made none of the allegations that had been made in the security council in the last hour to the 2nd general in those 2 phone calls. ah, ah, in europe, winter's coming and as temperatures fall, the demand for heat is increasing. and that's forced gas prices up in the past year, the price of natural gas is shot up a 125 percent. it in the highest level since 2008 in the u. k. loan wholesale prices have sold 250 percent. supply is down the amount in europe's storage times this week, lags behind the same period in previous years, at plus that plus an increase in demand as economy is power up after the pandemic is adding pressure. a u and u. k. pricing policies have also had an impact and some, a blaming key supply,
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russia, their allegations, it has squeezed supply to ensure a lucrative new pipeline to germany, get support. all of this is causing concern even to nations like italy, germany and the u. k. they're more reliant on renewables, but pump in plenty of gas to top up supply in the winter. natasha, her name reports, as economies across europe rebound from the pandemic demand for gas is rising fast along with prices. they hit levels on wednesday, not seen in more than 10 years. that's leading to concerns of soaring bills and inflation as people heat their homes this winter. it is a serious issue. i think we have to be very clear that the gas prices are skyrocketing and her, but then the renewables of the prices have decreased over the last 2 years and a stable. so for us is very clear that with energy in the long term,
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it is important to invest in renewables that gives us stable prices and more independence. several energy companies in britain have collapsed due to the shortages, norway and russia are boosting supplies to the european union, which is heavily depended on imports. russia says it could make record sales of gas to the you this year. it's rejecting criticism that it's partially to blame for the supply problems. leacock leadership, that is absolutely no emotion at all in what is happening in the gas market. and there cannot be ashok as one field is fulfilling. and we'll continue to fulfill in the most, the village and man that all of its obligations on the existing contract. russia has long supplied europe with natural gas via ukraine. but amid ongoing tensions, analysts say russia wants to ensure ukraine doesn't benefit from gas revenues.
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russia now has the nord stream to pipeline running under the baltic sea directly to the continent. it was completed over the summer, but germany has yet to approve the project. european union was laying on intakes with the norm to stream to gas pipelines. it was completed almost one month ago if they issued an immediate attention at a license to it and i felt would have been supplying around $50000000.00 a cubic meters of gas to be annual in which would have alleviated the crisis. the european union is exploring ways for member states to create shared storage facilities for gas, pivoting, more to renewable energy, and ending its reliance on imports. but in the short term, it appears. there are no quick fixes. natasha game al jazeera tie.
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one's defense minister says relations with neighboring china are the worst they've been in 40 years. the comments follow 4 days of repeated incursions by chinese will plains into the islands air defense zone. taiwan is one of the issues in a deepening strategic rivalry between beijing and washington. mcbride has more from hong kong and one's ministry at the approach of nearly $150.00 war plains in waves sent over several days, has clearly alarm taiwan speaker to session of ty, one's parliament defense minister to choir chang, warned that in 4 years, china would be capable of invading the island. this was only because, you know, china does not currently possess such capabilities, but we must consider the consequences. in our judgment by 2025, they will have more comprehensive capabilities. taiwan regularly holds drills to prepare for such an invasion. thanks in part to sophisticated military equipment
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from its ally the united states. it's so far been confident of deterring any aggression. but china's rapid military build up has been closing that gap and making it, but enormous pressures psychologically and operationally on taiwan wood in taiwan society as well. i one armed forces. it also appears to be looking to undermine ty, when's president saying when, who has been coal to the idea of closer relations and is seen by china as an obstacle to its ultimate goal of unification. with these latest incursions it seems bay jane wants to send a message about the changing dynamics across the taiwan strait. not only to taiwan, but to the international community, including the united states. at a time of increasing tensions with washington. in an apparent attempt to deescalate
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the situation, you as president joe biden weighed in on the ongoing tensions by didn't seem to confirm the united states continued commitment to giving china diplomatic recognition in return for bay ging not threatening taiwan militarily. we agree. bye bye. i want agreement that we are new, we made it clear that i'll be doing it by this latest spent comes at a significant moment for the 2 neighbors with china. having just marked the october 1st anniversary of its founding and tie, one about to celebrate its national day and both with very differing ideas of what their future relationship should look like. rub mcbride al jazeera hong kong tough advisors, j. u. s. president joe biden, and chinese president changing ping have held 6 hours of talks as tensions between
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a global powers rise. yes, national security advisor jake sullivan and chinese foreign policy adviser. younger g at met face to face in zurich on my hand, and joins us live from washington, d. c. as to what more do we know about this meeting? well, that hasn't been that much from the american side. apart from the fact that the meeting lasted 6 hours and it was exceedingly constructive, but the chinese news agency as reported fairly extensively on walk the 2 parties, discussed it covered a wide range of things, basically as well. stressing that it was essential for china and the us to forge a working relationship because any friction between these 2 countries impacts on the rest of the world are the chinese new jason c saying as well, that the national security advisor was told by his chinese counterpart that china does not like the word competition, a word which is often used in relation to what is going on between the us and china
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. but to all accounts, according to those reports, it was a highly constructive meeting which did cover a lot of ground. and importantly, appears to be setting up the way for a face to face meeting between the u. s. president and the chinese president in coming weeks old perhaps months. this is being confirmed by the white house which says such meeting is being contemplated to build on the september the phone called the 2 leaders had. but at the moment, it is working out when where and how such a meeting is going to take place. and has joe biden outlined his china policy? well, the bite and administration has been conducting an in depth review of us china policy . as since taking over the administration now real science as to what they are going to do were given by the national trade official on monday, in a wide ranging speech, a catherine towel said that the policy as was created by trump,
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with his agreement that he reached as china, in january last year, would remain in place for the time being also will remain in place. the tray, tara upset, were introduced by the previous administration, but pointing out to that the commitment set china made in terms of what was called the phase one agreement, will be a demanded by the biden administration. so that is the one layer of it at his care that the policy is going to go on as it was before. but biden different from the trump administration is seeking to engage his in you partners, for example, in forging ok here and, and multilateral policy towards china. this very different from that that was under the trumpet ministration. but at the same time, biden's coming under pressure from some republicans who insist that he is attending, attempting to softball china with the intent of getting them to engage in his climate change policies being soft on china with regard to human rights in
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particular. so there's a lot of movement, a lot of wheels within wheels in terms of the us chinese relationship. but maybe things will clarify if that face to face meeting takes place or rather when that face to face meeting takes place. my kind of thank you very much, need still to come the so far the village that no longer exists, wiped off the map as the canary islands volcano keeps erupting ah, as we went to spring temperatures go up and down quite rapidly anywhere but australia is no exception. sidney is the latest casing point because this frontal system comes across the byte, which means a drop in temperature and bit of rain. so ahead of it is quite walk, 13 sidney, and it's just up to city 3 in birds. feel that the weather itself is diving out of
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the way towards the tasman see, but the wind direction will be noted because in sydney it's 30 degrees. you got less tropical normally and then the wind swings ran later on 30, to drop you down to $22.00 on friday, and then it wouldn't drops out altogether and it starts to walk this gentle northerly during saturday all this time, the sun's the dominant thing in the sky path a little bit more cloudy with suddenly breeze at 21 degrees for you there in the south china sea. and i think it's really the southwest one soon. returning south was getting these circulations in the flow, huge my to raise fold in vietnam, half october's rate in 24 hours. and as more to come has been flooding in high. now this is lyle and he is this city in the southeast cor, about meter and a half 60 homes flooded. it's an island after all. but there's more rain still to come because this big circulation stretches in the philippines was up to hong kong on friday. and back down towards the coast of viet nam, very wet weather. ah,
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after decades of conflict between successive colombian government and the far marxist gorilla and historic peace, the code in 2015. so 5 is lay down there on 5 years on a bit, rising defense and the brutal police repression. a new cycle of violence has wrought the nation. people in power, if the agreement is failing and what the next that a country columbia, killing the piece on al jazeera lu. ah,
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or might have touched or is yoga 0. the world health organization has endorsed the 1st ever malaria vaccine recommending the black. so smith, client product be rolled out to millions of children across africa, but area kills will be $400000.00 people each year. mostly children. view into extra general researched ethiopians leaders to allow the world body to deliver humanitarian aid to millions in the countries north. during a security council meeting and turn new tires called on them to allow unrestricted movement are desperately needed fuel and humanitarian supplies and gas prices in the european union, and the u. k. have risen shop be causing fears of soaring bills as winter approaches. prices have risen to the highest level in a decade, caused by increasing demand and supply issues. prosecutors in austria are investigating chance, listen bastion courts, or suspicion of corruption and bribery courts. his offices were rated as part of
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the investigation, including the conservative party headquarters in vienna. it's alleged a $1500000.00 payment was made to secure positive media coverage about the chancellor in a tabloid publication courts. his people's party has denied the allegations, migrants in libya, the gun being vaccinated against kevin 19, have been officials where the support of you ends. migration agency launched the drive this week. the vaccines are being administered at detention facilities. attempt infections will be reduced and signed dissenters by people live in poor conditions as malick trying to report some tiffany, the 3 as sick girl detention center. more than 10000 migrants and refugees are held in centers like this across libya. it's one of 4 in the capitol tripoli, and it's where a campaign is being launched to vaccinate detainees against coven, 19 norma, and the have not a prepaid. we started our campaign camp. okay,
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with 19 bars will be given. the passing thanks to the in $23.00 communities were being held higher than the vaccination drive comes less than a week after security services carried out in operation and the town of good garish . a few kilometers worse. it's known as a hub for migrants. and it's where authorities recently detained thousands of people and what's been described as the largest crack down on migrants and refugees in libya, in years we were extremely concerned about, ha ha, ha, indiscriminate attention of more than 5000 people over the last few days. ah, we're extremely concerned about the excessive force that was used. one migrant was killed ah, several others are an intensive care unit. and now they're all in detention in not terribly overcrowded conditions. libya has long been a transit hub for african migrant trying to reach europe ensures more than 44000
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migrants arrived in europe from north africa in 2021 alone. but more than 25000 have been returned from the mediterranean sea by the libyan coast guard, and are put sensors like this. most of the migrants being held here in this detention center. i've left their countries of origin due to poverty or war. while some of them have been returned to libya from the sea, others tell us, they have no ambition to travel to europe. they tell us they are interested in getting the vaccine or less concerned about coven 19 than when the corner says she doesn't want to go to europe and came from liberia to find work, to provide for a child and family back home. she says she's been in this detention center for more than 6 weeks or other unless that's on the vast in before. i took it out and met in alpha come in at the doctor hospital,
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the vaccine did it schedule me to go back on the 20 of us by the 2nd one and says allison, fully glasgow. the, i don't have just to go back, not minutes to talk to my fun minute, don't know them yet in prison, many migrant say they appreciate being protected from the corona virus. but without knowing when don't be released, it's difficult to express any gratitude valid, trina ultra 0, triple millions of people in brazil are struggling to afford food because of the economic fallout from coven. 19 a recent image is a people scavenging for food has highlighted the reality for many after the government scaled back. it's pandemic support packages to there's a bull report eating every day has become a challenge for people. they get hit on a former prisoner who lives on the streets of rio, these unable surviving year. the past year he says, has been a challenge neuberger. this problem does up on the issues is the beginning of the
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pandemic. the streets are very crowded and everything is become very difficult. now, no one stops here to help us. there. a lot of people dying because they couldn't get emergency aid. the impact of gov at 19 has devastated brazil. almost 600000 people have lost their lives and millions have been forced into poverty. i mean, rising food prices and unemployment. researchers say at least 19000000 brazilians are struggling for food. and recent images of people scavenging animal carcasses for scraps of food have shocked the country as the difficulties people are facing each day sink in. those actually begun with a kind of ticket meet from the truck many times that we take out and are happy, but not is a lot of demand because everyone has caught onto it. they either taking it from the truck or straight from the supermarket, and you buy at the beginning of the pandemic for sales press it enjoyable. tornado campaign against locked down. thing hunger was worse than coven 19. that's why last
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year the government distributed emergency cash handouts to help families and businesses. but this year, government aid has been dramatically scaled back. romero's problem is that, on the one hand, he has a very new liberal ah, minister of economics. bad does not want to spend, does not want to provide direct help for, for the population. also not always convey against the program. so he would say that both of emilia was an immediate, how bad lula and the politicians from the workers parted from better use to buy people's votes, to buy bose ah good will. right? so as a sustain shalicia program, that was g. people from working there is an ideal ideological barrier at the soup kitchen in real, hundreds of people are showing every day to receive
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a meal. they are in desperate need of help that are with that i buy learned of in put her dad or 2000000 pretty ago. i was working. i had a job with my rental an apartment and i was able to pay the rent, i work, and on the salary every month than the panoramic game, i lost my job. i couldn't pay my rent anymore found in volunteers in the soup kitchen. say, most of those coming year face a similar situation. they have lost their jobs and cannot afford to pay a rent anymore. 20 years ago, brazil became a success story when government programs pushed millions of people out of poverty. now it's an example of the government's inability to deal with a consequences of coven. 19 it is i will, i'll just cedar authorities in california facing questions over how much damage could have been prevented if action had been taken more swiftly after major oil leak. it's believed a ship's anchor hit, an underwater pipeline at ruptured and spilled more than 500000 liters of crude oil
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into the ocean. the accident happened last friday of hunter huntington beach. but it took several hours for forties to act. volcano on the spanish island of lapel mass, continuing to spew lava. 17 days after it 1st began erupting. it's already for $6000.00 people to flee and destroyed almost a 1000 homes that include the entire village of to decay, which has effectively been wiped off the map. turner, how reports from the pan it's already the largest eruption on this volcanic island in a century. and there could be weeks left in it yet. but for many the damage has been done. roberta lay all watched helpless as the church in his local town square crumbled under the lava. oh no say no, no, they're well over the yard, but i to be on the girl beside it stood his father's house and his uncle's house
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also destroyed generations of the layout family had lived in the town of tod ok for 200 years now much of what they built there, he's gone shame, but then sir, a harder on it. not for the helplessness horror, it was like a horror movie. at night in my dreams, i only see the volcano, only the volcano eating everything. but what worries me most is not my future, but my family, my father who's lost everything. and also my 3 brothers, my uncle, and my to cousin sort of in the road to tanaka, is paved in volcanic ash. it's raining down on us all the time. down there, a police road block prevents any further travel towards what were homes, businesses, a school and across that church all now entombed beneath a river of cooling lava. and it's still coming. just look at that this eruption shows no sign of slowing down. as the central vent
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widens, new threads appear, exploding gas bubbles and lethal projectiles called lava bombs. hurtling into the sky. you wouldn't want to be hit by one of these. and on the outskirts of todd decay itself, fresh lava threatens yet more destruction. one does that amena, one, the sovereign arcadia one. when will it end? when will we be allowed to go back there? we don't know what the future starts when the volcano stops, my future will be here on this island or into decay if it's possible and my family agrees on, we'll stay here and get on with our lives. toward okay, is not alone, and nor is the layout family. more than a 1000 buildings have been swallowed up, swathes of valuable farmland consumed. roberto says he'll rebuild and told okay, he says will rise again. such his life in the shadow of a volcano jona whole al jazeera, la palmer tests on the body of
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a woman who died 7000 years ago. revealed dna traces that could append human migration theories. the biological fingerprint of the women found in indonesia showed traces of the dentist, 7 people, a group whose remains were 1st found in siberia, means they could have met early humans around modern south to, to where he up to 3 and a half 1000 years earlier than 1st thought ah, top stories and out 0, the world health organization has endorsed the 1st ever malaria vaccine. w choa recommended it. he rolled out to millions of children across africa.


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