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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2021 12:30am-1:00am AST

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ah ah, or monday the drug store is yasandra 0. the world health organization has endorsed the 1st ever malaria vaccine recommending the black. so smith climb product be rolled out to millions of children across africa. and area kills more than $400000.00 people each year. mostly children. the inspector general has urged ethiopians leaders to allow the world body to deliver humanitarian aid to millions in the country north. during a security council meeting antonio terrace, called on them to allow unrestricted movement of desperately needed fuel and humanitarian supplies. gas prices in the european union and the u. k. have risen sharply causing fears of soaring bills as winter approaches. prices have risen to the highest level in more than a decade,
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or is fine increase in demand and supply issues. migrants in libya have begun being vaccinated against covered 19 levine. officials with the supportive urines migration agency, launched the drive this week. the vaccines are being administered at detention facilities and hope that infections will be reduced inside the centers where people live in poor conditions and trying to report some tricity the league as sick girl detention center. more than 10000 migrants and refugees are held in centers like this across libya. it's one of 4 in the capital tripoli. and it's where a campaign is being launched to vaccinate detainees against coven 19. and your mom and the have not a prepaid. we start that campaign camp. okay, wanting barza will be given this housing thanks to the 20 please. the being held on the vaccination drive comes less than a week after security services carried out in operation and the town of good garish,
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a few kilometers west. it's known as a hub for migrants, and it's where authorities recently detained thousands of people and what's been described as the largest crack down on migrants and refugees and libya in years where extremely concerned about her. they ha indiscriminate the attention of more than 5000 people over the last few days, were extremely concerned about the excessive force that was used. one migrant was killed. ah, several others are an intensive care unit. and now they're all in detention and not terribly overcrowded conditions. libya has long been a transit hub for african migrants trying to reach european shores. more than 44000 migrants arrived in europe from north africa in 2021 alone. but more than 25000 have been returned from the mediterranean sea by the libyan coast guard. and
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are put in centers like this. most of the migrants being held here in this detention center have left their countries of origin due to poverty or war. while some of them have been returned to libya from the sea, others tell us, they have no ambition to travel to europe. they tell us they're interested in getting the vaccine. for our less sir, about colbert 19. that when the corner says he doesn't want to go to europe and came from liberia to find work, to provide for a child and family back home. she says she's been in this detention center for more than 6 weeks or other. i thought the vaccine before i took it out and made dinner with them. they come in at the house with i thought the vaccine did it scheduled me to go back on the 20 of august for the 2nd one and says dallas employee castillo the. i don't have just to go back,
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not minutes to talk to my 5 minute a, don't know them yet, embracing that many migrant say they appreciate being protected from the corona virus without knowing when go be released. it's difficult to express any gratitude maltreatment ok. 0 tribute. returning now to our top story, the decision by the w ha to endorse the world's 1st malaria vaccine. professor abdulla jim day leads the team at the malaria research and training center at the university of by marco and molly. he joins us from there now. thanks very much indeed for being with us. now. no, this is a field that you've been working in for for years now. tell us that the significance of this set, this made by that again, this is a and e and she started full day twice. so i in millerio fields are because many august and many of the patients, the families have broad drink jobs off and being a my yearbook seen approved one day. and today
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a today is that day it is our, our most important. so for the fight against malaria, specifically in such are letters that the, the 30 percent roughly efficacy figure will parents still want the kids to have the vaccine? if, if that's if that's the figure, yes, 30 percent is coming to be added to be our tools that we have the, which she is the been in the indoor israel sprayed out the diagnosis and the care using a missing base formulation therapies. and this roxie in is going to actually a reach and number over our children that are not being reached by some of the other 2. so it is a going to be an additional and an important tool. 30 percent seems
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as a small at 1st sight. but if you look into sure number, all of our children are suffering and dying from from malaria and preventing him 30 percent is a formidable effort and give us an idea of when you study this illness, no kid on time, it was not given the nature of malaria, that makes it so difficult to, to manage will to treat it's a disease, it's a, you got to go to organism and it's very complex. it's the process is complex, it's a life cycle, it is complex, it changes over time. so it has been designed differently, very challenging to kind of believe good solutions at some point. we some, some actually thought that it will not be possible to have ever seen that work against this part of sites. but now we have this new news. we know that it is
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possible, it's still, it's not the perfect solution yet, but we hope that the from, from here, the next generations of our scenes are going to perform, perform better. so days hope that we can get seen to prevent is the true, but it's and how quickly do you think the current one that is being at the has been approved, but it can be rolled out and it is, it can be part of the, the kind of the, the batch of vaccines that kids get when then when a tiny has a going to what yeah, that is actually the important part of this prior to implementation, which was done in real life by giving the vaccine along with normal chinese food vaccine. that is normally even to, to people to reach our children and mothers and families are accustomed to so. so i mean this by seeing, has been seamlessly worked and the car has been good. the reception has been good
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and so it's not, it's not going to be reinventing the wheels. this vaccine is going to be added on to the normal e p. i. system. how concerned are you within the context of caving in the lack of sort of scenes available across the world? i mean, i don't see of available in some places and not so much and others, you can send that to kind of the, the costs will be difficult to, to find a little it will be difficult to fund the said the need vaccines for, from an area that's not what we are now. we are not worried about a bridge has shown the issue of our lack of acreage in terms of access to these companies for goods. so we are being a disease rise, especially by and large and disease for an african
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children. and given the digital cheese that our countries are facing, we hope that the international community is going to stand up and make dyslexia available to with children needed because they have to like in different danica university. thank you very much indeed. talk to thank you for millions of people in brazil are struggling to afford food because of the economic fall out of covered 19. and we shouldn't images of people scavenging for food has highlighted the reality for many out of the government scaled back. it's pandemic support packages. there isabelle reports eating every day has become a challenge for people. they get hit on a former prisoner who lives on the streets of rio, these unable surviving year. the past year he says, has been a challenge, live with his brothers by name. yeah. who issues is the beginning of the pandemic? the streets are very crowded and everything is become very difficult. now no one
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stopped here to help us out for a lot of people dying because they couldn't get an emergency aid. the impact of gov at 19 has devastated brazil. almost 600000 people have lost their lives and millions have been forced into poverty. i mean, rising foot prices and unemployment, researchers say at least $19000000.00 brazilians are struggling for food. and recent images of people's cabbage in animal carcasses for scraps of food have shocked the country. as the difficulties people are facing each day sink in. those actually gave big, i'm with a kind of taken meat from the truck. many times we take down and are happy. but now there's a lot of demand because everyone has caught on to that. they either taking it from the truck or straight from the supermarket, and you buy at the beginning of the pandemic for sales press it enjoyable. tornado campaigned against locked down. thing hunger was worse than coven 19. that's why last year the government distributed emergency cash handouts to help families and
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businesses. but this year, government aid has been dramatically scaled back. romero's problem is that on the one hand, he has a very new liberal ah, minister of economics. bad does not want to spend, does not want to provide direct out for, for the population. so sonata always campaign against the program. so he would say that both of mila was an immediate, how bad to lula and the politicians for on the workers fighting from better use to buy people's votes, to buy bose ah good will. right? so as a substantial is a program that was g. people from working there is an ideal ideological barrier at the soup kitchen in real hundreds of people actually everyday to receive a meal there in desperate need of help. if i were to buy learned nothing but
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a god accumulating pretty ago, i was working. i had a job with, i rented an apartment and i was able to pay the rent, i work, and on the salary every month, then the panoramic game. i lost my job. i couldn't pay my rent anymore found in volunteers and they sold kitchen, say, most of those coming here face a similar situation. they have lost their jobs and cannot afford to pay rent anymore. 20 years ago, brazil became a success story when government programs pushed millions of people out of poverty. now it's an example of the government's inability to deal with a consequences of coven 19. but he said, well, i'll just see that climate change in pollution or threatening the survival of one of the oldest fishing communities in bangladesh. rivers, once teeming with fish, are now empty, leaving it many people without jobs, a stronger child. we report some sit aquanda. they have been fishing in the coastline in the bay of bengal for centuries, using skills and trade pass down through the generations,
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but bangladesh as ones driving him. the fishing community of more than half a 1000000 people is now facing a devastating threat. climate change could their m dash now in his forty's has been fishing in the best since he was a teenager. like his ancestors of it, which had i'm li just isn't enough fish to catch on like the days of our forefathers. because of changes in the environment in climate tv, there are more psych loans now, but their pattern changed frequently, which is why the fish stuck is diminishing, given in the peak sessions. now we don't get enough. the bays natural ecosystem are also under severe threat by environmental pressures. every morning the fishermen lay before the deep sea and they come back by late evening. but they say the catches are not as good as they used to be. they blame partly the weather and the pollution in the seat cushion. alum from a local charity that assists the community fears the traditional way of jolla. dutch, which is what they're known as here, is gradually eroding because of new challenges. as fish is declining,
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they have to ship the appropriation for our fishing to other but that didn't it. or beautiful. those who are living on fishing since dad bought it is very difficult for them to swiss off drunk fishing to other provision. but the yeah. you know, asian non now shipping to jobs and do business to our better our the liver liver, don't it said that some manage to find work as unskilled day laborers in the nearby ship breaking industries or work as richer pullers on it. so we're facing many problems like the recent lockdown and the annual fishing been imposed by the government or as fishermen. it's hard for us to find the way many of us have also taken out. loan was the so it's hard days for us auto legacy. several large rivers empty into the bay, occurring vast tides of untreated sewage, plastic and waste, from shaped, braking yards and other industries endangering,
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sensitive marine life last nigella sided brushing them. all these various industries you see around here are polluting the sea and humming the fish, stuck our fishing nets get caught in the propellers of the ships. sometimes even a thirty's cut fishing nets. but we have to continue that. this is our way of life . environmental expert, one gradual accumulation of pollution in the, bel, bingo, and changes in the climate code, toes, and even further threat deficient communities like the jolla dash along the coastal regions of bangladesh. tundra child re, i'll just ada should like condo tests on the body of a woman who died 7000 years ago. i reveal dna traces which could append human migration theories of biological fingerprint. the women found in indonesia showed traces of the dennis oven. people, a group whose remains were 1st found in siberia. it means they could have met early humans around modern science to lucy, up to 3 and a half 1000 years earlier than 1st thought. discovery could offer insights into the
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origins of pap, wins and indigenous australian people. the british prime minister has dismissed talk of the cost of living crisis in his country, ending his parties annual conference with a rousing speech of optimism and opportunity. at 1st, johnson's speech comes on the day the same day that millions of learners have their social benefits cut open and reports. manchester. the prime minister's speech was a typically a feat phenolic to the parties 1st in person conference since election victory in 2019 or week here in manchester. forest johnson has relentlessly talked up a britain transitioning. he says to a high wage, high skilled, high productivity economy made possible by an end to uncontrolled immigration. and we are going to deal with the biggest underlying issues of our economy and society, the problems. but no government has had the guts to tackle before. and i mean, the long term structural weaknesses in the u. k. economy like leveling up of
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opportunity and investment is central to the government strategy. talent says johnson is evenly distributed across britain. but opportunity is not in a country that is proud to be a trailblazer to judge people, not by where they come from, but by that spirit, and by what is inside them. that is the spirit that is the same across this country in every town and village and city that can be found in the hearts and minds of kids growing up everywhere. and that is the spirit we are going to unleash. the prime minister speech was of course enthusiast decay received by the loyal delegates inside especially built auditorium. but there are simmering concerns here at conference with forest. johnson is pushing this traditionally low tax pro business party in a high tax, high cost direction, and out in the wide country outside of this whole, there are grave concerns about a looming cost of living crisis coming into the winter. johnson's speech came on
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the same day as what's being described as the biggest overnight benefit cut in history of sing 96000000 people receiving a social benefit called universal credit. neil daily is one of them. now one gland of a still glean. and although shop in, i'm goodness, i'm going to still now it's coming to winter. now. that's going to double double my electric and gas. i'm not limited for that now. so i'm gonna go out without 18 and this families out there in all that, i don't know, i'll a they, as an occult, specially they all will faithfully know. he said, i don't understand why they say they take money off the fall. well, the time, you know, should take you off that evil it can afford it. recent weeks have seen a 500 percent increase in wholesale gas prices pushing up domestic fuel bills. there are shortages of labor in the farming and transport sectors. that's lead to cues at petrol stations and that the shelves in supermarkets far as johnson has an instinctive talent for booster ism and hyperbole. his supporters seem to love him.
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the risk for this prime minister is that voters start to see a disconnect between his rhetoric and their economic reality pull brennan al jazeera manchester. still to come when our 0 news out saudi arabia reverse is it's been one sports broadcast to be in. jama will have more that coming up with
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a whole ah oh tom his partner, his jim, thank you. laura and european champions, italy have lost a game for the 1st time in 3 years. they would be tended to one by spain,
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in the semi finals of the nation's league. it's eddie with 37 matches on base and going into this with that record was seen on the threats when foreign torres put spain a heads, italy and then went down to 10 men when they had not been eat. she was given a 2nd yellow 3 minutes before the break. that was still time for another spain go before halftime. torres scoring his 2nd of the nights to make it to nil. lorenzo pelligrini pulled one back for italy with 7 minutes to go, but spain hold on to book that place in sundays final where they will play belgium or france midfielder. gavia made his debut for spain in the match and became the youngest ever international. at 17 years and 62 days old, it was just the full start of his professional career abby's club side boss. selena has revealed the full extent of their financial problems. it's much they were technically bankrupt when joe, on the porter took over as president in march bosses as seo says, the club would have been dissolved in april if it was
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a public limited company. speaking it's news conference in the new count on wednesday of fair on reverse. i criticized former president joseph maria bought my years running of the club as disastrous virt. his accused at the previous board of signing play, as they couldn't afford and offering inflated wages. the club has since strict drastically reduced its payroll, which is one of the reasons they couldn't give the messy a new contract. is edie that on the kids, the son jimmy during 2 and a half years barcelona didn't generate profits to pay for all these investments. so all the investment during this period of time was done by borrowing money. it is true that had it not been for the coven 19 pandemic. it would have been $18000000.00 instead. but we are talking of about $593000000.00. better than i much, mike louder gonna we know very well that we must have a competitive team. we've taken a series of very harsh decisions right now. but both the president and sporting director know very well that we must have the best team we can get. and we will put all our efforts to achieve that. org working over the results of this order to
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which was commissioned by bosses new administration shade when they took over in march, the club had debts and future liabilities of one point. $55000000000.00 are slain. a close to the $22021.00 a financial year with $555000000.00 and losses. the clubs as salary cap has now been caused it to a $113000000.00 ass. about $334000000.00 less than a year ago. and more than 7 times smaller than lots of round madrid's. but the cub say they have a credible planet to recover. they've already received the loan of around as $685000000.00, which they're paying back over 10 years. elo savvy, putting their famed lamazzo youth academy at the forefront current player and the fatty one of those who came through the ranks. and he certainly in good company, previous graduates include messy javin address any ester to weld, qualifies an african, our and guinea bas our missing several players with food poisoning as they were
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thrashed of 5 nell by morocco. guinea have played their 1st competitive game since a q there last month. they were how to 11, the by sudan mohammed bio, but guinea in front livable midfield at now. decatur came on for guinea as a substitute, as sudan had back with 18 minutes ago in the match in america. saudi arabia will lift its foyer by unknown casara broadcast, have been sports and has promised to close pirate websites. the network which owns the tv rights for the premier league across the middle east and north africa has been unable to broadcast in the kingdom as part of a diplomatic disputes that he sighs. the also understood to be close to settling, settling a $1000000000.00 claim for damages caused by piracy. the news also means that new casa united's of potential take a vote by a sound to lead consort him could now be a step closer after it's stalled. last, jeff to book thing and the pre fight trash talk is in full swing ahead of tyson
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fury of dante walters and trinity fights in las vegas on saturday. the british world heavyweight champion puts his w b. c. title on the line against american wilder. and there's plenty of history between the path there 1st bout in 2018 and it in a drool before fury, one that re match last. it was a dominant victory. louder, late acclaimed fury, had cheated during their 2nd contest. i'm living in wildest mind. rent free the whole time, 2 years every to every time he looks in the murray seat, tyson theory, a semi bin them up and then knocking them out. you know, many things that are as many things that are, that i, vis last in the 1st, by, along with the sector, you know, and i, d, s q game plan. every time he goes to bed before we close his eyes at night he sees a g p king. and every thing he wakes up on thinks about in the morning. he thinks that i some theory, but this time around it, is it just a different feeling? you know, all the way around, you know, just all the surrounding around me,
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the atmosphere. yes. and it just the energy and as a whole, when we was 1st going to fight for, it was a decent man like a family mom, you know, there when he for his kids and allah. but now i know it's a real piece, a garbage piece of rubbish. i look forward to porn on a great performance. come october to night. you know, when are those is going to be in the arena? they're gonna feel the lectures is in there. i'm going to knock him spark out saturday night and i cannot wait to get him in that ring and give him a good i did for sure. i'm not even take it slow of him. i might take islam punish him, make him say no mass theory that entertaining is always now moving on to tennis and u. s. hyphen champion emma erotic connie says that she's going to take her time finding a new coach, the 18 year old, a parted ways with her former trainer, shortly after her grand slam victory bye to connie returns to action on friday at indian wells. that will be had debut in that tournament following a very busy few weeks, which included the mat gala in new york,
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playing tennis with the duchess of cambridge at kate middleton and attending the world premier of the latest james bond film. a focus down now though, is the firmly back on continuing her career. i'm looking for someone hopefully even more experience at a high level because like i'm now 22 in the world and. 6 it's new to me, so i wish i would have someone who had been there and experience that but. 6 my courage, andrew from us open was great, and we had a lot of good times together. but i think for this next chapter, i just want some more, more experience. and that is all useful for me. laura chima, thanks very much. and we'll see you from day, how soon we're going to be here on the we will tell you. thank you very much. and that's it. to us news out of get, you know, was catch up with our website. the address for that is al jazeera dot com and you want, which is live okay, on the orange line icon, is it to me on taylor 1st news? i'll be back with more news in just a minute. ah
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ah. and i talked to al jazeera, we asked what gives you hope that is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing otherwise we listen. we were never on the. 3 whatever road to off migration we meet with global news makers until about the stories on al jazeera of you comes here every year for either a 5 day festival where everyone dresses in white men,
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women and children submerge and running water of the tigris river, depend their body than wash away their sins. this baptism is a monday and ritual, also known as civilians in iraq. they are the followers of one of the stick religion, which predates islam and christianity a monday. i was the 1st relation to the world, i believe in one god created life and he is. i have a lasting akins or a bomb. well, the 1st books of profit adam sheet and they want to dispel the myth about witchcraft and magic. being associated with the gnostic religion, sabi, and say their numbers are barely a 5th of what they were before. the 2003 invasion because of iraq security and there is being a close religion. one can only be born into the faith in marrying into their religion is forbidden, and the population has dwindled even further because thousands of taken refuge elsewhere for safety bmw be the hero in the world,
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needs right now. washer. ah, the world health organization recommends the 1st vaccine to protect against malaria, a disease which claims thousands of young lives each year. ah, lauren taylors is out there, alive from london, also coming up, surging demand, puts pressure on gas supplies. white could add up.


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