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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2021 12:00am-12:31am AST

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or at least see an inspiring story, people trust algebra to tell them what's happening in their community in a clear and unbiased. and as an african, i couldn't be more proud to be autumn, you know? ah, this is al jazeera ah hello of lauren taylor. this is the al jazeera news. i live from nothing coming up . the world health organization recommends the 1st vaccine to protect against malaria, a disease which claims thousands of young lives each year. surging demand puts pressure on gas supplies, white could it up to a very expensive winter in europe. and our report from brazil, where millions of people have been forced into a hand to mouth existence because of the pandemic. i'm john nash with sport
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european champions. if they lose for the 1st time in 3 years, as spain beat them to one implant of bullcrap place in the nation's li final mm. global health chiefs have announced a major advance against a disease which kills on average wasn't $400000.00 people a year. did he, half of the world's population lives in areas at risk of malaria? it spread by mosquitoes at 1st presenting with flu like symptoms. and if not treated within 24 hours from the 1st symptoms can rapidly become serious. under fives of the most vulnerable group, accounting for more than 2 in 3 deaths, 274000 in total and africa accounts from all $9.10 of cases record is worldwide. now the world health organization says muskie rick's
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a vaccine developed by british drug firm black. so smith kline should be widely used on african children. it's already shown 56 percent efficacy in trials and can prevent 30 percent of severe disease. a 2nd candidate developed by oxford university researches and being trial right now in kenya has already shown 77 percent efficacy in early results. as some of you may know, i started my career as a my little researcher and i longed for the day that we would have an effective vaccine against this ancient and 30 builders. and today is that day an historic day to day w jose recommending the broad to use of the world's 1st my leader vaccine. dr. thomas employer is a texas mcclain's chief global health officer joint us now from when belgium via skype. thanks so much and for being with us it tell us about the figure on the
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efficacy that seems to be different depending on how it's used. 30 percent around a severe disease disease seems quite low, but i understand it's been used with other drugs and that brings it up as well. that is correct. a clinical trial reserves, but the london school of hired student, for example, just published their own study, which was independent of cheers care. and when they combined the normal chemo prophylaxis before the rainy season with the work scene, you had a reduction in mortality in severe disease. and osgood that is ational set of 70 percent. so i think it's a combination of different tools we have to use to get the optimal effect out of this vaccine. and to enters in terms of the getting a vaccine. why it's been so difficult to achieve that. you know, so vaccines are not always the same when it comes to be they look to develop them and different bikes react differently. so you have viruses,
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you have tyria and the cause for malaria is the parent site. and it's extremely, extremely difficult to develop a vaccines against science. over the last 60 years, several researchers have tried to do it and at least now behavior supposed millerio vaccine, which was recommended today. and how quickly do you think it can be distributed and administered? so it's already still in pilot phase in 3 african countries, a domain tips up to $10000000.00 to in the medium of these sources and really been use. and if the funding community comes together and starts the procurement of the reg seen, i can see it to be rolled out at the end of 2022, beginning of 2023. and you mentioned that some of the donations, but what sort of scale are we looking at and kind of costs, would you need to achieve it to get a bigger role out?
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so initially g s k has a promise to deliver up to $15000000.00 a year and then it's a question of demand and supply when it comes to the cause. g s k, so far has invested 700000000 dollar in the development of the vaccine gsp has decided and i think he declared that he will not be corporate the development cost, but rather make to make seen available for the cost of manufacturing plus 5 percent so jesus, gabe, makes an exceptional effort here to put an end to africa. and now that funding community has to step up. and given how long it's been in research, i mean, did you think the atmosphere surrounding the quick production of vaccines for k with 19 is actually changed at people's attitudes. and that's what helped you get to the point where the w t show has as it recommended it. i think you can't really compare this to development aid. the old world was behind
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a rapid development of cooling. maxine and honestly, we were also lucky, lucky to some extent because the corporate virus was a good candidate to develop a vaccine rapidly in addition to the new technology, the messenger technology, which further accelerated to rapid development and the malaria vaccine indeed took much longer to develop and do you think that to me, in terms of what you eat, what you're going to achieve with this, how quickly do you think you could perhaps eradicate malaria if, if you will, vaccine comes on, she isn't. and then perhaps any future ones, i think eradication is still quite sometime i mean, but i think the combination of bet kimura prophylaxis and this vaccine. and you mentioned another big scene, maybe other vaccines in the future. good. bring a burden of disease down substantially and africa and for the timing we have now
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a new tool in our toolbox to millerio vaccine. and as soon as it will be implemented, i'm sure we will see a significant impact. dr. thomas wire. thank you very much indeed. for joining us now, the unit sector general antonio terrace has urged ethiopian government to allow the world body to deliver humanitarian aid to millions in the countries north. during the security council meeting, the terrorist called on here because leaders to allow unrestricted movement of desperately needed few and humanitarian supplies into ticker. i am horror and afar is the 2nd council meeting regarding ethiopia, recent expansion of several senior you and aid officials. if you get claims, officials meddled in its internal affairs, the country is facing an email's, humanitarian crisis, that the mans immediate attention. all efforts should be squarely focused on saving lives and dividing and massive human tragedy. this makes law says there's
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announcement by the government of it, your peer to expel 7th, senior, un officials, most of them, many darian stuff, but equally disturbing. what of, i could not hear that again. space is live at the united nation. so what i having to achieve with is another meeting, what are they going to get out of it? well, i think the countries, the called the meeting would like the security council's take action, but it's pretty clear the security council remains divided on what to do on the issue of ethiopia. some would like the council to issue a statement right now condemning the expulsion of 7 senior un officials. that's pretty, an unprecedented expelling 7 key officials, most of them dealing with humanitarian work and very senior ones at that, at a time when a country is facing a humanitarian catastrophe. we had an interesting moment at the end of the meeting when the ethiopian ambassador addressed the security council. and at this meeting,
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he made brand new allegations explaining. he said the expulsions. he said that the, the, you and these officials and he said it was these officials responsible. most of the u. m. were doing good work in ethiopia. he said they had inflated humanitarian figures. he said they had falsified humanitarian data. he even said they'd made up the deaths of ethiopians as a result of starving that were not true. that didn't exist. very strong allegations . that then meant the un secretary general decided to speak again. i've never heard or seen a un secretary general use his right to reply in the security council. certainly never saw bank he moon do it. and i've never seen antonio terrace. do it until now, but he used his right to reply and this is what he said. we believe that it, your peers, not the right to expel this 8 members of the when we believe it, europe is violating international law in doing so. and they are ready to cooperate
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with the government of each european in relation to any situation in which the government, if he took he feels that any member of the win is not behaving in total impartiality . in total independence, as a human italian law prescribes. the 2nd general speaking therein, he also added that if ethiopian ambassador had proof, if he had a documentary proofing documents, he could share with the you and then the secretary general would investigate them. but the secretary general made it quite clear that he had recent conversations to recent conversations with ethiopian prime as the abbe armored. and he had made none of the allegations that had been made in the security council in the last hour to the 2nd general in those 2 phone calls, or in the last few minutes. the 2nd generals, backed up by the u. s. ambassador to the united technician's linda thomas greenfield. i asked her about the new allegations from the theo,
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p and ambassador. and she said the key point was they were new allegations. why had no one heard them until now in space. thank you very much and it coming up on al jazeera, this news, our trouble in the skies, taiwan warns of china could be ready to attack the island in a matter of years. village that no longer exists, wiped off the map. as the canary islands volcano keeps erupting the full extent of barcelona, as financial problems is revealed. general re all details, insult. ah. in europe winter is coming, anders temperatures full, the demand for heat is increasing and that's forced gas prices up. in the past year, the price of natural gas has shot up a 125 percent. it in the highest level since 2008 in the u. k. loan wholesale prices have sought 250 percent. supply is down the mountain,
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europe's storage tanks. this week lags behind the same period in previous years, that plus an increase in demand as economies power up after the pandemic is adding pressure. e u and u k. pricing policies have also had an impact. and some, a blaming key supplier, russia, their allegations that it has squeezed supply to ensure a lucrative new pipeline to germany, get support. or this is causing concern even in nations like italy, germany and the u. k. and more reliant on renewables, but pump in plenty of gas to top up supply in the winter. and i shall name reports as economies across europe rebound from the pandemic demand for gas is rising fast along with prices. they hit levels on wednesday, not seen in more than 10 years. that's leading to concerns of soaring bills and inflation as people heat their homes this winter. it is a serious issue. i think we have to be very clear that the gas prices are
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skyrocketing and her, but the renewables, the prices have decreased over the yes and are stable so fast is very clear that with energy in the long term, it is important to invest in renewables that gives us stable prices and more independence. several energy companies and britain have collapsed due to the shortages. norway and russia are boosting supplies to the european union, which is heavily dependent on imports. russia says it could make record sales of gas to the e u. this year it's rejecting criticism that it's partially to blame for the supply problems. leacock leadership, that is absolutely not ashen at all in what is happening in the gas market. and there cannot be russia yes, fulfilled is fulfilling and view continued to fulfill. in the most diligent manner,
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all of its obligations under existing contracts. russia has long supplied europe with natural gas via ukraine. but amid ongoing tensions, analysts say russia wants to ensure ukraine doesn't benefit from gas revenues. russia now has the nord stream to pipeline running under the baltic sea directly to the continent. it was completed over the summer, but germany has yet to approve. the project you won't be on union was laying politics with the norm to stream to gas pipeline. it was completed almost one month ago if they issued an immediate, a license and i would have been supplying around $50000000000.00. if you make me as of gas to be, i knew you were, you would have alleviated that. i should. the european union is exploring ways
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remember states to create shared storage facilities for gas, pivoting, more to renewable energy, and ending its reliance on imports. but in the short term, it appears there are no quick fixes. natasha game al jazeera tie ones defense minister says relations with neighboring china other worse they've been for 40 years at the comments for a full days of repeated incursions by chinese will planes into the islands at defense soon. taiwan is one of the issues in a deepening strategic rivalry between beijing and washington. ro mcbride as more from hong kong. i went with the approach of nearly 150 war plains in waves sent over several days, has clearly alarm taiwan speaking at a session of tie one's parliament defense minister to choir chang, warned that in 4 years, china would be capable of invading the island which was a little hero. china does not currently possess such capabilities,
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but we must consider the consequences or in our judgment by 2025, they will have more comprehensive capabilities. taiwan regularly holds drills to prepare for such an invasion. thanks in part to sophisticated military equipment from its allied united states, it so far been confident of deterring any aggression. but china as rapid military buildup has been closing that gap and making it, but enormous pressures psychologically and operationally on taiwan wood in taiwan society as well as i one armed forces. it also appears to be looking to undermine ty, when's president sighing when? who has been coal to the idea of closer relations and is seen by china as an obstacle to its ultimate goal of unification. with these latest incursions, it seems by ging wants to send a message about the changing dynamics across the taiwan strait. not only to taiwan,
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but to the international community, including the united states at a time of increasing tensions with washington. in an apparent attempt to deescalate the situation, you as president joe biden weighed in on the ongoing tensions by didn't seem to confirm the united states continued commitment to giving china diplomatic recognition in return for bay jane. not threatening taiwan militarily. we agree. bye bye. i want agreement that we are, we made it clear that this this latest spent comes at a significant moment for the 2 neighbors with china having just marked the october 1st anniversary of its founding. and tie one about to celebrate its national day. and both with very differing ideas and what their future relationship should look
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like. rub mcbride al jazeera hong kong tough advisors to you as president joe biden . and chinese president changing ping of health 6 hours of talks as tensions between the global powers rise. yes, national security advisor, jake sullivan, and chinese foreign policy advisor, young j t. that face to face enduring my can joins us live from washington dc. what, what do we know about this meeting? i well, for the long beating 6 hours it was said afterwards that many issues were discussed . it was described by the chinese side as exceedingly constructive. but very clearly what is happening here as well, is that the way is being paved for a meeting between the u. s. president and the chinese presidential asian ping. now, last month, the 2 spoke by telephone, president biden making very clear that he wanted to meet with jason ping, a face to face. he knows so the president of china well from his time as vice
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president. and but insisting that it's necessary in order to forge a constructive relationship with china, to have this face to face meeting. now the white house press spokesperson says that they are working towards a time and a place for such a meeting. very difficult to see how it can be worked. prism gigi ping has stayed in china throughout the pandemic. or he is not attending the g 20 summit that is taking place in coming weeks. but as we heard from the white house press spokesperson, it is being worked on, but there's a lot of issues on the table here. significantly, the u. s. trade adviser, katherine towel announced at the beginning of the week that the biden administration was going to stay with the trump china policy. that phase one deal that he signed with china in january 2020. but the trade representative said president biden's going to insist that china meets its commitments in that deal. now indeed as well, what is happening is that the tray tariffs, against china,
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imposed by president trump, will remain in place as well. while the administration continues to review its policy, but also biden's coming under attack from republicans, for example, who insist that he is going soft on china's human rights record, because he wants to get it involved in his climate change policies. so a lot of moving parts in this particular point, but we should know in coming weeks when and where as that meeting is going to take place. what is clear at this particular time is that there is going to be a face to face meeting in the near, if not that distant future. my kind of thank you very much, need genet. insecurity, forties have rated the studios of an opposition tv channel and seized some of its broadcasting equipment. and just days ago, one of the channels main presenters was arrested for criticizing. president guy said live on air. trinity tv regulatory body says the channel as
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a tune. a tv had been operating illegally for several years. morris, i'm joined by changes in janice rubber by the way in the capital tunis. so can you tell us what your understanding of what happened at the channel? so 1st of all, he said channels to an atv, a was a channel. and let's say the media in tunisia are already cold to regulate a channel through a through the laws, etc. but let's say in the last 5 years, that channel and system to continue. it's a, i mean it's advisement and it's work normally against the law. so i think this, this decision might be critical, especially in this time while we are leaving, i mean, an economic and political a crisis. but i can i think these measures taken by president
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i it gave the authority, the media authority, a hiker, the our, to execute a, it's a, it's rules that she already lunch it 5 years ago. what more burnt more broadly there? what is the climate for journalist at the moment in june as you well, a study or station of her, i'm and i yet, who is a, is a journalist working for it is the unity v. i think i can say that the media and freedom of her brain injuries are, might be threatened. and i may consider this as a state back to democracy. i mean, you can, you can agree or disagree with the journalist, but you can not a judge, a disadvantage in front of a military. it tries, i mean, personally and personally. and i think this is the where the position of her
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syndicate of the journalist we reject military trials. our 1st civilians are over. they are, they are opinion or are they requisition even political position? so that's why i, as a journalist, i would say right now we need to be vision and more for our freedom of speech and freedom of expressing an expression which is threatening to day a revolution. thank you very much indeed for donors and apologies that there was a bit of a break up on that line there. ok, now on the spanish, on the lapel, my is continuing to spew larva 17 days after it 1st began interrupting. it's already for $6000.00 people to flee and destroyed almost a 1000 homes that include the entire village of to the aqua which has effectively been wiped off. the map by vast lava flows. journal reports from alabama.
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it's all ready the largest eruption on this volcanic island in a century and there could be weeks left in it yet. but for many the damage has been done. roberta lay all watched helpless as the church in his local town square crumbled under the lava. oh no sir. no, no, no. well over a year but i had to be on mcgill beside it stood his father's house, and his uncle's house also destroyed generations of the layout family had lived in the town of tod. okay, for 200 years now, much of what they built there is gone. shame. but then sir, a horror novel, helplessness, horror. it was like a horror movie. at night in my dreams, i only see the volcano, only the volcano eating everything. but what worries me most is not my future, but my family, my father who's lost everything and also my 3 brothers, my uncle,
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and my 2 cousins side of the road to tanaka is paved in volcanic ash. it's raining down on us all the time. down there, a police roadblock prevents any further travel towards what were homes, businesses, a school and across that church all now entombed beneath a river of cooling lava. and if still coming, just look at that. this eruption shows no sign of slowing down. as the central vent widens, new threads appear, exploding gas bubbles and lethal projectiles called lava bombs. hurtling into the sky. you wouldn't want to be hit by one of these. and on the outskirts of todd decay itself, fresh lava threatens yet more destruction. one does that amena, one, the south america. if one when will it end? when will we be allowed to go back there? we don't know what the future starts when the volcano stops in my future will be
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here on this island or into decay if it's possible that and my family agrees, well, we'll stay here and get on with our lives. told okay, is not alone and nor is the layout family more than a 1000 buildings have been swallowed up, swathes of valuable farm land consumed. roberto says he'll rebuild and told okay, he says will rise again. such his life in the shadow of a volcano jona hull al jazeera la palmer. still to come on out there is usa, ancient fishing community in bangladesh, which says, industry and pollution and a way of life. and that is the spirit we are going to at least pick maturities of food fuel and workers will bars junctions. enthusiasm really change the u. k. for now and i was a real piece of garbage piece of rubbish. and i'm going to knock spark out on
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saturday. night and i come at white. ward words has started before this weekend's heavyweight title fight. we'll hear more from talking fury and is john j. dante well wilder mason smith. ah. well after reco breaking flooding in northwest his leo monday. it's a sort of sicily yesterday heavy rain once again, that was result in a timely coast in the southeast. it's still raining there, but the rain is generally speaking, moving east, which is this massive cloud here in the balkans. and it's been caught up by, you know, systems this is a big area of weakness, low pressure, which is where rainy's likely those usually just ahead of it. so what is the story then? well, the rest of thursday is going to be an unwinding depression. search rain down to
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greece, up to the balkans and still through it, but not the northwest. still possibly in sicily, quite a strong wind. the bora damaging winds coming out of croatia, all part of the system here. the rest of europe looking quite quiet. the northwest is just hanging on to what was briefly some pretty autumnal, stormy weather. it's just been backed off a little bit that we go further into this for friday and saturday. the circulation continues over italy, greece spreads towards the boss for sleeping things, rather dryer in italy, switzerland, and from the system expanding more so on saturday was or tumbler whether there is, is rain for allan scotland and for norway. but between here and what's happening for this, i have much of northern europe is quite warm. ah, every war lisa, devastating, in fact, killing me environment, earth rise, explode some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientist.
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safeguarding one of our most valuable results is these are important samples. we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees. striving to co exist with nature. okay, so what's going on there is the assimilating. what happens when an elephant thomas life off to conflict on al jazeera? we town the untold story. ah, we speak when others done, ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes us, a fan of my eyes and power and pasha. we tell your story. we are your voice. your news, your net out his ear. lulu .
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ah. are mandatory stories yasandra 0. the world health organization has endorsed the 1st ever malaria vaccine recommending the black. so smith climb product be rolled out to millions of children across africa, and area kills more than $400000.00 people each year. mostly children view inspector general has urged ethiopians leaders to allow the world body to deliver humanitarian aid to millions in the country north. during the security council meeting and tony the terrace called on them to allow unrestricted movement of desperately needed fuel and humanitarian supplies. gas prices in the european union and the u. k. have risen sharply causing fears of soaring bills as winter approaches. prices have risen to the highest level and more than a decade.


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