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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2021 9:00pm-9:30pm AST

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was lost from the syrian scientists safeguarding one of our most valuable resources . these are important samples. we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees. striving to co exist with nature. okay, so what's going on there? we are simulating what happens when an elephant commerce life off to conflict on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, this is a news hour on al jazeera. i'm fully back to go live from our world headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. today is that day on historic day, a boost for the fight against malaria. the w h. o recommends the 1st vaccine to protect children from the disease. austria is chance,
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there's the baton curse under investigation on suspicion of rivalry and corruption also this our natural gas prices in making you and you k jump to a record high russia phase europe is to blame for the crisis. any nobel prize for chemistry honors a green, a way to build molecules and a technique, a judge says he's in genius and i'm driven ash with sport. the full extent of boss salinas, of financial problems is revealed as the clubs as ceo admits they were on the verge of bankruptcy earlier this year. ah, thank you very much for joining us. it's being called a breakthrough for child health. the world health organization has endorsed a 1st ever vaccine to prevent malaria. it's been tested in 3 african countries since 2019, and is being recommended for children,
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malaria as the main cause of childhood illness and death in sub saharan africa. within $260000.00 african children under the age of 5 die every year from the disease. and some of you may know i started my career as a my little researcher. and i longed for the day that we would have an effective vaccine against this ancient and terrible diseases. and today is that day, an historic day to day, doubly chose recommending the broad use of the world's 1st my letter vaccine. let me to al jazeera nicholas. hark live in the car, senegal nick, the w. h. o. calling this a historic day. but this is not the only vaccine that's been trialed. what difference is it going to make in the fight against malaria? on the continent it is significant that there is a vaccine rubber stamps by the w h o. that means that collect so welcome,
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smith. the ones that have developed this vaccine will try to make it available in countries where people and mostly children are dying of malaria. remember, this is the, the, the most deadly infectious disease in many countries in africa. and what's interesting in the words of w h o, it's a vaccine that has been developed by africans for africans. the results of decades of research and worked to try to find a solution to this deadly parasite that has killed millions of people. mostly children, not to point 19000000 doses of this vaccine were dispersed since 2019 in the country of, of gonna kenya and malawi. so as a result of all of that research that the results of this shows that the vaccine itself on its own only gives 35 percent efficacy. but if you combine it with anti malarial than that bumps up to 70 percent, and it seems that the world health organization has learned it was it's lesson from
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the co vid outbreak and the, the, the, the speed in which it distributed coven vaccine in the past. to get a vaccine approve would take decades and we've seen now that they are speed tracking this in order to save people's life. remember, in many countries, including here in senegal or in sub saharan africa, people are dying because children are dying because they are getting bitten by a mosquito. and that is now something that is preventable if they have access to the vaccine. and that's going to be the biggest challenge ahead to make that vaccine available to most remote areas in into the poorest regions of africa. fully nicholas hack into car. thank you very much. now this vaccine is called r t s s. n has been developed by a pharmaceutical giant glank. so smith klein as nick was saying there it targets the most deadly form of malaria in africa, which is almost the most common on the continent. during the tri assigned is
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administered more than 2000000 doses. in 3 countries, 500000 people die each year from the disease, half of them children 95 percent of the woke worlds, cases and death are in africa, vaccine the malaria are. i'd rather takes the heaviest toll on pregnant women and youth. w h o has proposed giving the vaccine to babies in 3 phases, followed by a booster shot. i early i spoke to julie fisher and associate research professor and the department of microbiology and immunology at georgetown university. she says this vaccine is yet another way to help doctors in the fight against malaria. it's great to have another tool in the kit to prevent malaria, illness, and deaf switch again disproportionately affect subsaharan africa and disproportionately affected children. so while the vaccine may not be the, the dynamo that one would want to see, it is a tool we have not had before and,
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and yet another way to protect children from, from this terrible illness and, and from families from tragedy. it's estimated at preventing about 30 percent of severe illnesses which is, which is lower than what we expect from other childhood vaccines. but again, without other existing tools beyond bed nuts on and preventive medications out, we have limited options. so that is, it's truly going to be life life saving in terms of what the vaccine will prevent against it, primarily protects against plasmodium foster param, which is the kind of malaria parasite that is most commonly found in sub saharan africa and associate with very severe disease. well, there's 2 challenges. first. malaria is an incredibly complex parasite. it has multiple life stages that make it just technically very challenging to develop an effective vaccine. and the 2nd question was practical. this vaccine requires for doses over a period of many months to protect children fully,
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and there were questions about whether that would be acceptable and practical in the countries that are hardest hit by malaria. so there were several, several years of trials to make sure 1st that the vaccine is safe and effective, and then 2nd that it could be practically used by the population at highest risk. in the world news prosecutors in austria are investigating chancellor sebastian curse on suspicion of corruption and bribery. his offices were rated as part of the investigation. the accusations involve a $1500000.00 deal that prosecutors believe was made to gain the chancellor positive media coverage in a tabloid. dominic cane has more from berlin. the central suspicion that investigators in vienna are working towards is that chancellor courts over the course of the last 4 to 5 years, going back before he became chancellor, was involved in a scheme whereby federal funding was funneled to
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a particular newspaper in return for it. putting preferential coverage of mister courts and his people's party in it's newspapers, specifically that opinion polls appeared in the newspaper, which shared preferential light on mister colson his party. now the point here is that investigators who said they are also looking into how it was that certain individuals from the tabloid newspaper in question may have been procured positions on the editor, the executive board, rather of a particular austrian company. during the same time frame. mister courts has denied completely the allegation, the suspicion that is attached to him in association with this investigation. but it clearly represents a political problem for mr. courts. the question now is, how far will this investigation go? clearly, investigators say they are looking very deeply into what they have found and may
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well be bringing further investigation. so light in the course of the next few weeks can to moorhead on his knees, our, including a stand off in to dan. why, there he is, a country may run out of essential goods. rossville, a that hardy corona virus pandemic, has led to an economic and social crisis in brazil at flat millions, desperate and hungry. and saudi arabia reverses its ban on force. bond class abbey in general, half that sorry, coming up. ha. ah, gas prices in the european union and u. k. have risen sharply as economies around the globe came out of the coven, 19 into slam, is creating a gas shortage pushing prices to the highest level in more than a decade. and that's raising fears over the cost of heating homes in europe during the upcoming winter. natasha go name reports as economies across europe rebound
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from the pandemic demand for gas is rising fast along with prices. they hit levels on wednesday, not seen in more than 10 years. that's leading to concerns of soaring bills and inflation as people heat their homes this winter. it is a serious issue. i think we have to be very clear that the gas prices are skyrocketing and her, but the renewables of the prices have decreased over the last 2 years and a stable. so for us is very clear that with energy in the long term, it is important to invest in renewables that gives us stable prices and more independence. several energy companies in britain have collapsed due to the shortages, norway and russia are boosting supplies to the european union, which is heavily depended on imports. russia says it could make record sales of gas
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to the e. u. this year is rejecting criticism that it's partially to blame for the supply problems. leacock leadership, that is absolutely not ocean at all in what is happening in the gas market. and there cannot be russia. yes, one field is fulfilling. and the view continued to fulfill in the most diligent manner, all of its obligations on the existing contract. russia has long supplied europe with natural gas via ukraine, but amid ongoing tensions, analysts say russia wants to ensure ukraine doesn't benefit from gas revenues. russia now has the nord stream to pipeline running under the baltic sea directly to the continent. it was completed over the summer, but germany has yet to approve. the project you won't be on union was laying politics with the norm to stream to gas pipeline. it was completed
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almost one month ago if they issued an immediate ovation and a license to it. and i felt would have been some lying around 50000000. if you'd like to meet those of gas, it'll be annually, which would have alleviated because the european union is exploring ways. remember states to create shared storage facilities for gas, pivoting, more to renewable energy and ending its reliance on imports. but in the short term, it appears there are no quick fixes. natasha. game al jazeera al jazeera is economics editor, added. ali explains why behind the spike in prices. this is a failure by the europeans to make sure that they got enough energy for this winter . now at this time of the time of year, they should have filled the storage tanks up enough to cover for the winter supply
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. we're currently at 72 percent fall that's, that's well below where they should they, they should be, that's a 10 year low for the 1st time that's happened. and the trouble, the trouble is that there's other parts of the world which actually need the energy as well. so we're all going to be paying a lot more to keep warm this winter in the northern hemisphere because of europe's failure to fill this storage tank. now russia has said, look, we were ready to pump more oil, but pump pump more gas through the power lines if it's needed. because we don't want to see a gas shortage. they've already being blamed partly for the crisis, for not sending enough gas through the pipelines through ukraine. now it russia argues that, you know, conquered contractually it's actually is sending all the gas that is required to wear at the same time. they want to see the north stream 2 pipeline which connects to germany to come on line so that they can pay. so they can avoid sending more gas
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through ukraine for geopolitical reasons and send it directly to, to germany. the germans say, well is that it's gonna take another 4 months for them to certify the recently completed pipeline. european union leaders meeting in slovenia have told 6 balkan countries that these will eventually join the block. but no time line was set for the integration. the you had said are the 6 must meet certain standards, including judicial and economic reforms. and for being admitted, the chief reassured them though that they belong to the family. we want to send a very clear message. and that message is that the western vulcan belong to the european union. we want them in the european union. we are one european family. we share the same history. we share the same values, and i'm deeply convinced we share the same destiny to argue. there is natasha
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battle reports from slovenia or western balkan nations. want to be part of the european union. but in recent years talks over their future membership. i pretty much stalled and that has caused a lot of frustration among those are western balkans leaders work here at this summit. they said that they wanted more progress to be made. and at the end of the you are the head of the commissioners. relevant, lance said that she could give an assurance to western balkan nations. that enlargement was very much on the table or for the european union that the place of the western balkan she said is in the european union. and she said though, although some reforms of happened in the west of broken, she said there is still much work to be done. and those things are causing an obstacle if you like to accession. she is talking about things like corruption, the rule of law, media, freedoms, all issues that need to be addressed a for negotiations to speed up if you like. nevertheless, it is clear that the you,
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once the western balkans to suddenly be looking in its direction not turning the other way cuz there are some new leaders who are concerned that if the you doesn't look as if it's doing enough to include the western balkans in future future you membership that it could turn to countries like russia and china. they're a good influence in the region is already extensive. so the e was saying ross still committed to the western balkans, a becoming a members. and they also saying that they are putting more than $30000000000.00 of investment on the table as a sign of their commitment on the 6 balkan states seeking membership of the block are different stages of integrating. montenegro and serbia have held so called accession negotiations, meaning they've agreed to implement you laws, albania, and north macedonia have yet to begin such talks, and bosnia and kosovo are only listed as potential candidate countries. the integration has been slowed by their hesitancy to adopt reforms and reluctance
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among the members to allowing states who aren't in line with the block standards. the usa biggest for an investor and trade partner and some members are concerned if integration is delayed, the states could turn to other international please let speak to jell. mouse about this. he's a founding chairman at the european stability initiative and is joining us from berlin. thank you very much, gerald to being with us so that they seem to be widespread passes and pessimism over the e u being expanded to include these 6 balkan countries. i want to ask you 1st about the face of the relationship right now between the 2 sides, who needs whom the most right now? well, it should of course be, and the only way it can work is if it will be a win win relationship. so the western balkans are hoping to join the soul of peace and prosperity, a region western europe, central europe, where war and armed conflicts have become unthinkable. so nobody thinks about it. a
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region where you have had countries, the baltic states, poland, romania converge and ketchup economically at a rapid pace. and the region that borders have become invisible. now that's where the western balkans wants to join. the european union wants stability and peace in the region as well. but some of the your opinion are making every thing in recent years to slow down the actual process. and that has led to a very deep crisis of credibility for these a, these accession negotiations, which i should say only have started with 2 of the 6 countries. the other 4 are not even engaged in talks at the moment. what, why this reluctance among some members of the e u. why does the e want to keep a balkan nations happy by offering them economic support, but not eager to offer full membership of the i think we have a, at
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a very clear position by some governments which say that the e itself has to sort of internal problems before it can hold all the credible prom is a full membership. there is a crisis of the rule of law of corruption, of independent judges, m e u member states. it is more serious than anything that you had experienced in the past with its own members from poland to hungry. that is a crisis of decision making of metos being wielded by single members. so french president macro made very clear in 2019 that france for example, will only approve full membership if the e manager to sold out this internal brothers. but now the challenge is, what can you do now? so that the region does not return to some of the very bad ideas of the ninety's when you had 4 was in the region. and what we've been advocating for a long time is hold out a credible interim step. that promise for all the 6 countries to joined
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a single market like norway hes, which means that borders would also become invisible. you're also a part of the single biggest economic zone and market in the world. and this isn't yet full membership, so the french would accept it. right as being that there the suggestion that recent flare ups, the recent verbs between kosovo in serbia have their, their roots in e, you neglects. do you think there's a risk today that these ball can, nations could, could turn to rush hour even china? and what would that mean for the eel when there is a difference? yeah, i mean, russia would like to slow down the process of european integration and it is, it is trying to stop it, but it has doesn't have a very strong hands as we have seen every time that you promised incredible progress to a country. this country time, the way from russia, russia's chance is when the e o stops holding
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a credible promise and attends china just wants to engage economically. but it doesn't like to adhere to all that. you stand this so that the real threat i think is neither russia or china. the real threat is nationalism in the region that is in the 19 eighties and nineties, nationalists projects in what are still mainly multi ethnic and complex states. i returning mobilizing people and the massive progress of now 2 decades of peace could then be threatened from within. now it's in the eels hands and in the hands of european reformers in the region to stopped it. but we shouldn't be complacent. and that is why this summer was disappointing because there has been no credible promise to reengage. very good to talk to you about this in here. thoughts, geral, canals from the european stability initiative, joining us from 1000000000 we appreciate your time. thank you. go to us as ranking
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sedans. main poor say they won't give up until their demands are met. members of the betia tribe, if been protesting against what they say is a lack of political power in the region and poor economic conditions. mom at i don't reports, they should be lumbering up and down sedans, roads, shifting supplies across the country. but dozens of heavy goods. vehicles on hold up here at a parking lot in port should done. some of them are laden with goods, but with the port androids leading to the family close by the protesters, none of them would be going anywhere, a one and a half an hour later, the reading lot are only god knows how badly we've been affected by the port closure we've been here more than 20 days. we've spent the little we had and the government seems unable to resolve the crisis. protestors from the beach and had done daughters fights of eastern sudan have been blocking robes and exits to the port, forcing it to close these in protest. what they say is that he just lack of political
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power and poor economic conditions. the protest as also andrew, the deal, the transitional government signed with sedans, of rebel groups in october last to the crisis of the blockaded port is now slowly turning into a much more crisis. the sudanese government says the country is about to run out of essential medicine. fuel and witt at the main market in put should done trade as se businesses. but if i let it was, and i'll let her send her, some businessmen have chosen to close down. you get a few customers and we have all been forced to negotiate our financial commitments . but verify other than love of the long. the other woman i've never seen port sudan in this situation and the closure of the portion roads has really turned our lives upside down. ports to don is also experiencing full shortages where they still de zillow patrol. it is, is, it's a spot government officials say the blockade on ports had done. this was sending an economic crisis that begun under the former regime. this port is not just the
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lifeline for sudan, but also for its landlocked neighbor, south sudan, which ships $160000.00 bottles of oil. through here, every day, a government delegation managed to convince the protesters last week to allow south sudan to resume its exports of oil. costume has worn the protest as it won't allow the closure of the port to continue any longer. the tribesmen say they won't leave till their grievances are dressed for now, the standoff continues. mohammed i da, well just either put sedan still i had on the news are more questions than answers e oil spill off the coast of southern california where live from one of the affected areas. but now, and it was a real piece, a garbage piece of my bush, and i'm going to knock it spock out on saturday night, and i cannot wait. and the war worries has started ahead of this weekend's heavyweight title fight will hear more from tyson here. he had his challenger, dionte winder, nativist. ah
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plenty in the way of sunshine across the middle east. hello everyone. let me show you what i'm talking about. temperature at 37 degrees in riyadh dough full on sunshine at 36. thank you. weights, you're actually above average for this time of the year with a high of 41 degrees on thursday. take it to pakistan right now, thinks of fresh and up. we flushed out that humidity as we start to see that southwest monsoon retreat. it is a few weeks behind schedule, but here's what we're looking at. 33 in karachi. la hor, 35 degrees. was brights, blue sky for turkey just as scattering of some showers across the black sea coast. otherwise things are dry, butts. look around the mediterranean. we've got some big storms plowing their way through greece on thursday. athens 24 degrees. take you to central africa right now,
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and we do have our storms coming and going, but particularly heavy for our equitorial countries. so at gabon and cameroon, on thursdays, seen those bursts of heavy rain. it's just a few scattered showers for a southern portions of mozambique in and around durban. and a bit of the brits when we're seen for the eastern cape on soc temperatures right now. so put the colors on the darker the color, the higher the temperature and things are running a few degrees above average for southern angola on thursday sees him. ah, the talk to al jazeera, we all get what gives you hope that it is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing. otherwise we listen. we were never on the whatever road to off migration we meet with global news makers until about the stories that matter on al jazeera. most people will never know what's beyond these
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doors. the deafening silence of 100000 forms. how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with. every breath is precious, with fear is not an option. but we're not most people with bold and i'm told stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera with ah,
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megan, you're watching. the news are on al jazeera with me fully vegetable a reminder of our top stories. the world health organization has recommended the use of a malaria vaccine for children. w h o has been testing it in 3 african countries seems 2019 larry as the primary cause of childhood illness and death in sub saharan africa. austrian chancellor sebastian curse and 9 others are being investigated on suspicion of corruption and bribery. prosecutors are trying to figure out if cursed font advertising for favorable coverage continues paper and gas prices in the u. n . u k. have risen sharply raising fears of soaring builds and inflation as winter approaches them had gas supplies have combined with rising demands, as economies recover from the pendant. but i want to defense minister says tensions with neighboring china. ah, they're at their worst sin, 40 years. it follows 4 days of repeated incursions by chinese warplanes into the islands air defense zone. taiwan is one of the issues in
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a deepening strategic rivalry between baking and washington. rob mcbride has more from uncle. the approach of nearly 150 war plains in waves sent over several days, has clearly alarm taiwan speaking at a session of tie one's parliament defense minister to choir chang, warned that in 4 years china would be capable of invading the island, which was only china does not currently possess such capabilities, but we must consider the consequences or in our judgment by 2025, they will have more comprehensive capabilities. taiwan regularly holds drills to prepare for such an invasion. thanks in part to sophisticated military equipment from its ally the united states. it's so far been confident of deterring any aggression. but china's rapid military build up has been closing that gap,
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engaging in enormous pressure psychologically, and operation on taiwan wood in taiwan society as well as i one our forces. it also appears to be looking to undermine ty, when's president saying when, who has been coal to the idea of closer relations and is seen by china as an obstacle to its ultimate goal of unification. with these latest incursions it seems bay jing wants to send a message about the changing dynamics across the taiwan strait. not only to taiwan, but to the international community, including the united states. at a time of increasing tensions with washington. in an apparent attempt to deescalate the situation, you as president joe biden weighed in on the ongoing tensions biden seemed to confirm the united states continued commitment to giving china diplomatic recognition in return for.


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