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right now, so i put the colors on the darker the color, the higher the temperature and things are running a few degrees above average for southern angola on thursday. see you soon. ah, ah, how many nukes is too many nukes america has in many ways driven the arms race for parties are much more like the british parties down to the, there are fewer regulations to own a tiger than there are its own a dod, how can this be happening, you'll weakly take on us politics and society, and that's the bottom line. a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network. on al jazeera inequality, corruption, repression, and re, oh, political, it just decided to cut to the piece of cake. i'm sure i want to be a new documentary explores the desperate states of democracy and lebanon. wow,
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lou through the eyes of those who are losing home every day. oh, teams are becoming blue. democracy, maybe democracy for sale on al jazeera lou . ah ah, no. again, you're watching the news hour on al jazeera with me 3 back to our reminder of our top stories. austrian chancellor sebastian curse and 9 others are being investigated on suspicion of corruption and bribery. prosecutors are trying to determine if curse, lot advertising for favorable coverage in a newspaper. e leaders have promised 6 balkan countries seeking to join the block
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that they will be admitted, but didn't specify when they did say that before they receive membership, they must change and make changes, including judicial and economic reforms and grass gas prices in the new. and you k have risen, shot me raising fears of soaring bills and inflation as winter approaches. limited gas supplies have combined with rising demand. economies recover from the pendant. well, from on this earlier we spoke to mom, do salami, who's an international oil and energy economist. he says, the energy crisis could have a ripple effect across the damage to the global economy. and not only the u. k. damage to the global economy will be huge because a lot of their investments, which are easier to mark, to say merely and the global economy will have to be shifted to bay for the
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higher energy prices. so it affects everybody, including the global economy. i always maintained that there is a place for green energy, but the european union has been pushing for energy transition, though, or is that a new of it at the expense of oil and gas production. that demand that they put a lot of pressure on european oil companies to guy 1st of the oil and gas, as it's and has resulted in a low on investment and lower prices for oil and gas. this means, but this does not affect the global progress global demand. so it created a huge deficit between supplies and demand. hence, you know, getting oil and gas prices now to sedan. now
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a protest is blocking the country's main port, say they won't give up until their demands are met. members of the beach or tribe have been protesting against what they say is a lack of political power in the region and poor economic conditions. mom at our door reports they should be lumbering up and down sedans, roads, shifting supplies across the country. but dozens of heavy goods. vehicles on hold up here at a parking lot in port should done. some of them are laden with goods, but with the port and roads leading to it firmly closed by the protesters. none of them would be going anywhere. a one and a lot were lame of that in lot are only god knows how badly we've been affected by the port closure we've been here more than 20 days. we've spent, the little we had and the government seems unable to resolve the crisis. protest us from the beecher and had, than daughters fights of is this should done have been blocking robes and exits to the port, forcing it to close these in protest of what they said,
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that he just lack of political power and poor economic conditions. the protest as also under the deal, the transitional government signed with sedans, rebel groups in october last to the crisis of the blockaded port is now slowly turning into a national crisis. the sudanese government says the country is about to run out of essential medicine, fuel and witt at the main market in put should done. 3 does say business is bad. if i let it was and i'll let her send her. some businessmen have chosen to close down, you get a few customers and we have all been forced to re negotiate our financial commitments . but verify other than love of the loan. the other woman i've never seen puts you down in the situation and the closure of the portion roads is really turned our lives upside down. port sudan is also experiencing full shortages where they still does a low patrol. it is, is it's a spot government official, say the blockade on ports had done this was sending an economic crisis that begun
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under the former regime. this port is not just the lifeline for sudan, but also for its landlocked neighbor, south sudan, which ships $160000.00 bottles of oil. through here, every day, a government delegation managed to convince the protesters law suite to allow salt sudan to resume its exports of oil. costume was one of the protest, as it won't allow the closure of the port to continue any longer. the tribesmen say they won't leave till their grievances are dressed for now, the standoff continues. mohammed i, the world rosita, put to done with russia, has recorded more than 900 deaths for the 1st time since the start of the corona virus pandemic is reported. the highest number of deaths in europe, nearly $213000.00 in total. and also has the 5th largest number of covered 19
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infections in the world. and majority of russians still say they do not intend to get the vaccine. so gay for love is a deputy editor in chief of profile, a weekly magazine. he explains why russians are hesitant to get the shot. i think the main problem of the wireless is that a lot of people reject to make a box. and, and i know that people want my friends, which are 3 to reject, and they say never, never, never. and the same time is for me and my family. we have, we've got a native in march of this year and we feel our so very well. but still the people like me, we are minority. so i think the problem is works and many people are big. so they're discussing this topic in internet and social networks. and the kind of for mass appeal is food for the last 2 months,
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or maybe for the last 2 year. and the main opinion is against the vaccination. they say it's impossible to make the maximum for this time. so probably they try to, to use some, not real. a dutch court has rejected a request to scrap the corona pass. it said the government has a right to demand proof of a call, the 19 vaccine or a negative test in order for people to go to restaurants, bars and other public places in the netherlands. the government introduced to pass in september, despite opposition in parliament's migrate migrants in libya have begun receding vehicle with 19 vaccines. libby and officials with the un or with the support of the un migration agency, launched a vaccination drive in detention centers. they want to carry the infections in the
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centers where my grinsley vent or conditions to brazil. now, where growing numbers of people are struggling to afford food because of the economic fall out from the pandemic. there's been outrage after photos were shared of people scavenging through a heap of animal carcasses to find something to eat. traceable has a story. eating every day has become a challenge for people like eddie dunn, a former prisoner who lives on the streets of rio. there's a needle surviving here. the past year he says, has been a challenge. there were good, his brothers up, a new meal issues. as the beginning of the pandemic, the streets are very crowded and everything has become very difficult. now no one stops here to help us. there are a lot of people dying because they couldn't get emergency aid. the impact of gov 19 has devastated brazil. almost 600000 people have lost their lives and millions have been forced into poverty. i mean, rising food prices and unemployment. researchers say at least 19000000 brazilians
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are struggling for food. and recent images of people's caving animal carcasses for scraps of food have shocked the country as the difficulties people are facing each day sink in low. dr. gave rig i'm with i've taken meat from the truck many times we take the meat and are happy. but now there's a lot of demand because every one has caught onto it. they either taking it from the truck or straight from the supermarket. at the beginning of the pandemic, for sales press jayden, fernando campaigned against lockdown, saying hunger was worse than coven 19. that's why last year, the government distributed emergency cash handouts to help families and businesses . but this year, government aid has been dramatically scaled back. was another problem is that on the one hand, he has a very new liberal ah, minister of economics that does not want to spend, does not want to provide direct help for, for the population. also not always campaign against the program. so he would say
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that both of amelia was an immediate how bad lula and the politicians for the workers party from better use to buy people's votes to buy bose. ah good will. right. so as a substantial is a program that was g. people from working there is an idea ideological barrier at the soup kitchen in real, hundreds of people are showing every day to receive a meal there in desperate need of help. if i were to buy learned of improv that accumulating pretty ago, i was working. i had a job, i rented an apartment and i was able to pay the rent. i worked and on the salary every month, then the panoramic game. i lost my job. i couldn't pay my rent anymore. volunteers in the soup kitchen say, most of those coming here face a similar situation. we have lost their jobs and cannot afford to pay
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a rent anymore. 20 years ago, brazil became a success story when government programs pushed millions of people out of poverty. now it's an example of the government's inability to deal with the consequences of coven 19. but he said, well, i'll just cedar the nobel prize in chemistry has been jointly awarded to, to scientists for their development of a precise tool for building molecules. steve royal swedish academy of scientists says the work of benjamin left and david mcmillan hasn't had a great impact on pharmaceutical research. and he's already showing benefits for human kind or reese has more from the royal swedish academy of sciences in some hold. a big one in the science world, benjamin list of germany and david mcmillan of the usa for they work on development of asymmetric or gonna catalyst this. this essentially relates to a chemist ability to construct molecules and this is needed in everything from
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energy in but trees to creating durable materials. so even inhibiting the precisely progress of diseases. and before the work of these 2 scientists, it was thought there were only 2 catalysts, and those are things that can accelerate chemical reactions without becoming parts of them. i was thought they were already metal, and enzymes, but the work of benjamin list and david mcmillan has shown that there are a now these organic catalysts. and the idea is that this now makes the processes in all sorts of industries a lot more efficient. a lot greener, which can also tie in so those are the prize in physics affecting affecting us all with climate change as we now look forward to the rest of them though, by week the literature price smarter than going to also for the pace prize, bach her in stock on for economics next week. and this months, legislative election in iraq was one of the top demands of the 2019 anti government
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protests, more than 600 people were killed during those demonstrations. and the city of nasiriyah saw the 2nd largest number of casualties. many people there now say they'll boycott the election. mahmoud abdougla had reports. october, we'll see iraq's contentious legislative election. but for many in the city of nasiriyah, the month is associated with grief and dissent. security forces have killed at least $150.00 of the cities young people since october 2019 they were part of the anti government to protest known as to sri in a nation wide movement that eventually ousted prime minister. idle abdul maddie says jets or todd was an activist whose comments were directed against corrupt politicians. his advocacy for equality and freedom of his speech were widespread. his mother says she hasn't heard from him since he was kidnapped by gunmen in
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september to last year. she doesn't know where he's being held, or even if his alive and yet his b. m looked enough for them in the dominant political party and the city is behind it because he was so critical and outspoken about their crimes and violations. candidates posters of the foil or band in many parts of the city and angry protestors have burned down the headquarters of several political parties, no weapon. his friends are familiar, revolutionary faces in nasiriyah. they believe the whole electoral process is a false because it's been hijacked by the same political parties. they rose up against 2 years ago to fill out the sugar in the majority of revolutionaries or against the election, because it will give legitimacy again to unwonted parties. and their armed groups, which killed and kidnapped our friends, the gather to mark the 2nd anniversary of the anti government to protests. hearing the famous i'll have booby square in the city center. they demanded justice for
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their fall in protesters and freedom for those held in captivity. now there is a new anti government movement on the scene, along with a number of protest her as ela eric abbey has formed a political front called in to dad, resolve schmunk and inclination and a deal though dell of automatic. we believe we can also be part of the political system. there's no law preventing corrupt political parties from running for office . but if we gain people's trust and become part of legislature, we can make change even on the long run from the law. and son will shudder people's anger. here is triggered by poor services, economic collapse, and high unemployment. like other cities in southern iraq, no city yet is suffering from neglect. religious clerics have urgent iraq is to cast their votes into parliamentary election. so they can take part in shaping gun you administration. but many here in a city, i believe the election will not bring. what they hope for is that they say that
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a blue sion is, is still happening and taken to the streets is the best way to get their message across my mood up through i had and dizzy it up in the city, a city, southern iraq. i still ahead in sports highlights from opening night of the playoffs in major league baseball. ah.
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with oh, lou. ah, welcome back. climate change and pollution are threatening the livelihood of one of the oldest fishing communities in bangladesh. rivers, once teeming with fish,
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are now empty, leaving many without jobs. tanveer shall draw reports from seat conduct. they have been fishing in the coastline in the bay of bengal for centuries, using skills and trade pass down through the generations. but bangladesh is once driving him to fishing community of more than half a 1000000 people is now facing a devastating threat. climate change. quarter m dash now in his forty's has been fishing in the best since he was a teenager. like his ancestors, a mother which i'm leave just isn't enough fish to catch on like the days of our forefathers. because of changes in the environment and climate. there are more psych loans now for their pattern change frequently, which is why the fish stuck is diminishing. given in the peak sessions, now we don't get enough. the bays natural ecosystem are also under severe threat by environmental pressures. every morning the fisherman lives for the deep sea and they come back by late evening. but they say the catches are not as good as they
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used to be. they blame partly the weather and the pollution in the sea cushion dollar from a local charity that assist the community fears the traditional way of jolla. dutch, which is what they're known as here. is gradually eroding because of new challenges . as fish is declining, they have to ship the appropriation for our fishing to other. but that didn't or people, those who are living on fishing since they are. but it is very difficult for them to switch off from phishing to other profession. but yeah, you know, ation not now shipping to jobs or do business to our better are the liver, don't it said that some manage to find work as unskilled day laborers in the nearby ship breaking industries or work as richer pullers on it. so we're facing many problems like the recent lockdown and the annual fishing band and posed by the government as fishermen. it's hard for us to find the way many of us have also
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taken out. loan was the so it's hard days for us auto legacy. several large rivers empty into the bay, occurring vast tides of untreated sewage, plastic and waves from ship breaking yards and other industries endangering, sensitive married life. last night, ellen sided bashing them. all these various industries you see around here are polluting the sea and humming the fish, stuck. our fishing nets get caught in the propellers of the ships. sometimes even authorities cut fishing nets, but we have to continue. this is our way of life. environmental expert, one gradual accumulation of pollution in the bay of bengal and changes in the climate could cause and even further threat deficient communities like the jolla thus along the coastal regions of bangladesh. tunbridge chaudhry al jazeera, should i condo, 10 of us forces pita 40. thank you very much. we started boxing, and the pre fi, theatrics often deliver major entertainment, and the best in the business is arguably tyson fury. the british wool heavyweight
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champion is gearing up to defend his w. b. c. title against american dante, wilder, and there's plenty of history between the pay. their 1st bounce in 2018 ended in a draw before fury, one their re match last year with a dominant victory, while the late acclaimed fury had cheated during their 2nd meeting. like, i'm living in wildest mind rent free the whole time, 2 years. every to, every time he looks in the murray seas, tyson theory, a sim, been him up and they're not going to mouth, you know, a many things that are as many things that are, that i, i, vis last in the 1st, by, along with the sector you know, and i day as cute game plan. every time he goes to bed before we close his eyes at night he sees a gypsy king and everything he wakes up on thinks about in the morning. he thinks that i some fury, but this time around it, is it just a different feeling? you know, all the way around, you know, just all the surrounding around me, the atmosphere? yes. and it just the energy and as a whole, when we was 1st going to fight for,
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it was a decent man like a family mom, you know, do any for his kids and allah. but now i know he's a real piece, a garbage piece of rubbish. i look forward to porn on a great performance. come october to night. you know, when are those is going to be in the arena? they're gonna feel the electricity is in there. i'm going to knock him spock out on saturday night, and i cannot wait to get him in that ring and give him a good i did for sure. i might even take it slow of him. i might take islam punish him, make him say no mass. the boston red sox have beaten the new york yankees as 2 of sports biggest firs made in a one of shoot up for a place in the next round of major league baseball's play of some tuesday. it turned out to be a one sided contest as boston dominated from the start of the taking the lead. in the 1st inning through a xander bogart 2 run homer, they never looked back called schwaber, added a home run of his own as the red sox. $16.00 to boston, advanced to a base, the 5 division series against the temp of a raise. game one is on thursday. obviously, you don't want them to,
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to win for the, for, for, for the, you know, for the right reasons for us. but you know, you just have respect for them, you know, i know it just happened that and i, we, we played better. saudi arabia will lift its full year ban on katara broadcast to be in sports and has promised to close pirate websites. the network which owns the tv rights of the premier league across the middle east and north africa has been unable to broadcast in the kingdom as part of the diplomatic dispute. the 2 sides are also understood to be close to settling a $1000000000.00 claim for damages caused by piracy. the news could also have implications for new consul united's potential take over by a saudi lead consortium, which stalled last year. the future of brooklyn. it star curry irving is still up in the air with less than 2 weeks to go before the new india season starts. that's because the player has so far declined to say whether or not he has been vaccinated against over 19 than it's all prepaid forced to prepare without him. because
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players are not able to practice or play in new york if they have not had at least one vaccine jab. health regulations in san francisco holds them in place. they have to be vaccinated to plain home games. golden state warriors forward, andrew wiggins says he felt forced to get the job. you went to work in society today, then i give them the rules of uncles in your mind what you do and hopefully there's a lot of people out there. there are no stronger than me. thank you, brian and you know and for the gleam and hopefully works out for them. good nisa, cricket fans, the ashes of sets a go ahead of the england captain joe route confirmed. he will travel to australia for the series as follows, weeks of negotiations between the critical authorities of both countries. england's main sticking point was whether or not their families would be allowed to join them, given australia's. busy strict corona virus protocols,
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if they drive from pillar to post it with their, with their schedule over the last couple of months, the, quite a lot of test cricket. so yeah, i can understand where they've come from. been having families around, especially in a pandemic gauze are on the road for a lot longer than what tools used to go when you adding on quarantine at the start and potentially at the end depending where you come from and going. so i'll ask him to the hospital with that is difficult. us open champion, emma radical new says she won't rush into making a decision on a new coach. the 18 year old parted ways with a former trainer. shortly after a grand slam victory. red economy returns to tournament tennis this week at indian wells following a busy few weeks, which included the met gala in new york playing tennis with the duchess of cambridge, kate middleton, and attending the will. premier of the latest james bond film. her focus is now firmly back on continuing her career. i'm looking for someone who can even more experience at a high level because like i'm now 22 in the world and it's new to me. so i,
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i wish i would have someone who had been there and experience that but. 6 yeah, my coach, andrew from us open was gray and we had a lot of good time together. but i think for this next chapter, i just want someone more experience at the us open squash in philadelphia, egypt world number 10 will stuff or are so as reach the final. it's the 1st time you play in the final will. through a platinum event, i saw the ruse. diego, las 5 game thriller on tuesday waiting for him in the final is another egyptian static moment. most 70 year olds are winding down or looking to enjoy a peaceful retirement, but not dear dre will make. she celebrated her 70th birthday by breaking her own regular, being the oldest person to climb the l. capital peak at yosemite national park in california. she is the mother of the famous free. so low rock climate, alex arnold. whenever they send out most policies on the way again later falling
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video, thank you very much for that. bassette for this news are on al jazeera. thanks in the world news on our side of course algebra dot com. i'll be back in just a few minutes with martha dacy, 6 hart. ah, ah. october oh, now jesse and brewing vaccine inequality to the political and economic impacts. the latest development at the corona virus pandemic continues to spread across the globe. democracy made an expensive new series,
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explores the ever growing challenges to democracy around the world former but he, macbeth of president, blaze come pouring goes on 5 for the assassination of his predecessors. commer. thank other context, india direct from them by brings insights and perspectives from the world's most populous democracy. iraqis go to the poll in an election likely to define the countries future. october on al jazeera, france once had a vast empire spending several continents. but by the 1940s, the french were forced to confront reality and demands for independence. in the 1st part of a documentary series, al jazeera looks at how the colonial unrest grew. conflict to no jury and full scale war and indo china, blood and tears french, the colonization on al jazeera, how many nukes has too many nukes america has in many ways driven the arms race for
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parties are much more like the british parties about to the there are fewer regulations to own a tiger than there are to own a dog. how can this be happening? you'll weakly take on us politics and society, and that's the bottom line. ah ha, says chancellor sebastian, cursed under investigation on suspicion of bribery and corruption after his office is operated. ah, they're watching al jazeera live from doha. i'm fully back table, also a head natural gas prices in the you and you k jump to a record high rush essays,
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europe face debate for the crisis. and nobel prize for chemistry honors a green, a way to build molecules. and a technique i judge says easy.


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