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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2021 4:30pm-5:00pm AST

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ah, are they watching out a 0 that's remind you of our top stories here. this our gas prices in europe and the u. k. have risen sharply raising for years of soaring bills and inflation. as winter approaches. limited gas applies are combined with rising demand, as economy is recovered from the pandemic. taiwanese defense minister says tensions with beijing are at their worst and 40 years. that's after a record number of chinese aircraft entered the islands edison. he said china could launch an invasion within 4 years on the nobel prize in chemistry, it has been awarded to scientists for the development of a green, a way to build molecules. the royal swedish academy of sciences says the work had a great impact on pharmaceuticals. more now on our top story and that rapid spike and gas prices we can meet monday. salami is an international oil and energy economist, as well as
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a visiting professor of energy economics at the s c p. business school in london. he joins us now from there. monday, this latest price gain means that gas in the you can, europe is trading at what more than $200.00 a barrel of oil equivalent. that's almost 3 times the price of crude. should we be bracing now for why the economic damage, but beyond the energy sector? perhaps even beyond europe. actually the damage to the global economy and not only the damage to the global economy will be huge because a lot of the investments which are easier to mark to same really in the global economy we'll have to, we shifted to pay for the higher in energy prices, so it affects everybody including the global economy. i say no way have said they'll increase production and russia now seems to be following suit. is that
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enough to try to have at this now? yes, norway, and no, it will increase its supply to you. as for right there, well, the union was playing politics with the law of the stream to gas pipeline. it was completed almost one month ago. if they issued an immediate level variation, a license to it and i felt would have been supplying around $50000000000.00 the cubic meters of gas. the european union were to would have alleviated the crisis event to the j a y. that of yours, of course, is that my present person says they are going to be increasing some of that supply via ukraine. i'm curious though, there has obviously been a big push towards green,
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sustainable energy in europe. how has that affected things? well, i always maintained that there is a place for green energy, but the european urine has been pushing for energy transition. that was that a new of it at the expense of oil and gas production. that demand that they put a lot of pressure on european oil companies to divest of their oil and gas as since, and has resulted in a low on investment and low prices, phone, oil, and gas. this means, but this does not affect the global global demand. so it created a huge deficit between supplies and demand, hence the rocketing oil and gas prices. now,
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when i see that energy prices, as you say, are rising for year more broadly for electricity as well as benchmarks the colon oil. what does that mean for the continent? could it shift some political power dynamics that you think? well, this to some, to with it's me is the airlock to the purchasing power of the people know, use, and energy and guess for more as i said at the start of the intent of you, the global economy would have to shift a lot of investments ear a model to stimulate the economy, turn of the organ, your chair, into paying for higher prices for energy. so everybody's affected from the consumer to entities to the global economy. furthermore, as you notice, that is a switching from natural gas, which is now very expensive into an oil. and that is being
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affected in height of variety of good oil and her out of prices for coal. add to this, the growing demand by china, which opened its financial badge to buy anything and energy, whether it is called natural gas or oil at. and it goes so that is an affected and higher prices around the world. and of course, it is aided by shortages around to mom, do salami, then international oil and energy economy. speaking to us from downtown, great to get you insights and thoughts here on out there. thank you for joining us . monday. thank you. i'll speaking of oil protest as blocking sir dawn's main port, say they won't give up until their demands on that members of the beach. a tribes are protesting. what they say is a lack of political power in the region and poor economic conditions. madeau
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reports they should be lumbering up and down sedans, roads, shifting supplies across the country. but dozens of heavy goods. vehicles on hold up here at the parking lot in port should done. some of them are laden with goods, but with the port and roads leading to the family closed by the protesters. none of them would be going anywhere. a one and a half an hour lame of the road in lot are only god knows how badly we've been affected by the port closure. we've been here more than 20 days. we've spent the little we had and the government seems unable to resolve. the crisis protested from the beecher and had been dought swipes of is. this should done have been blocking robes and exits to the port, forcing you to close these in, protest that what they say is that he jumps, lack of political power and poor economic conditions. the protest as also under the deal, the transitional government signed with sedans, of rebel groups in october last to the crisis of the blockaded port is now slowly
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turning into a national crisis. the sudanese government says the country is about to run out of essential medicine, fuel and witt at the main market in put should done trade us say business is bud revalidated and i'll let her send her. some businessmen have chosen to close down. you get a few customers and we have all been forced to re negotiate our financial commitments . but that if i hover the love of the world on behalf of them, i've never seen puts you down in the situation. and the closure of the porton roads has really turned our lives upside down. horseshoe don is also experiencing full shortages where they still does a low patrol. it is, is, it's a sport. government official say the blockade on ports had done this was sending an economic crisis that begun under the former regime. this port is not just the lifeline for sudan, but also for its landlocked neighbor, south sudan, which ships $160000.00 bottles of oil. through here, every day,
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a government delegation managed to convince the protesters law week to allow seltzer done to resume its exports of oil. costume was one of the protest, as it won't allow the closure of the porch to continue any longer. the tribesmen say they won't leave till their grievances are dressed. for now this tumble continues mohammed i da welders eda put to done ah, ron's foreign minister has discussed reviving the nuclear deal with his russian counterpart on a visit to moscow. her sand mere of de la hans says he expects nuclear talks in vienna to restart soon. russian foreign minister sag. i love rob says he's also spoken to the u. s. secretary of state on the need to restore the deal. the by the administration says, a return to the accord is a top priority, but iran has accused washington of sending mixed messages, ability bull, but gruesome go through citizens. so miss them should we talked about methods and ways of sorting out the iranian nuclear matter. we and the iranians are convinced
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that the only way to reach an agreement according to the resolution 223. 1 is the necessity for every party to adhere to and abide by that sort of balance which was sought by the resolution. meanwhile, turkish and as a by johnny forces have been conducting joint military bell drills near the border with iran. the 2 countries expanded their defense ties. you recall after last year's war against armenia in the dispute in a gonna car back region. this trail comes after relations wasn't between bach, you and terran, nova iran supportive armenia, and as a by jones relations with israel, iran held a military exercise along its border with azerbaijan. last friday, olivia's parliamentary elections had been postponed from month by the house of representatives and to brook they were originally scheduled for december. that would have been the same time as the presidential vote. but politicians are in a dispute with the unity government in tripoli, in they say, electing a new president should be the priority. i speaking of elections this month,
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legislative poll and iraq was one of the top demands of the anti government protests back in 2019, more than 600 people were killed during those demonstrations. and the city of north korea saw the 2nd largest number of casualties. now many people there are saying build boy called the election mock, whatever. why had reports october? we'll see iraq's contentious legislative election. but for many in the city of nasiriyah, the month is associated with grief and dissent. security forces have killed at least 150 of the cities young people since october 2019. they were part of the anti government to protest known as to shrine. a nation wide movement that eventually ousted prime minister ideal abdul. maddie said jets or todd was an activist whose comments were directed against corrupt politicians. his advocacy for equality and freedom of his speech were widespread. his mother says
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she hasn't heard from him since he was kidnapped by gunmen in september to last year. she doesn't know where he's being held or even if his alive jeff is v m looked enough for them in the dominant political party and the city is behind us because he was so critical and outspoken about their crimes and violations. candidates posters of the foil or band in many parts of the city and angry protestors have burned down the headquarters of several political parties, no weapon. his friends are familiar, revolutionary faces in nasiriyah. they believe the whole electoral process is a farce. because it's been hijacked by the same political parties, they rose up again, is 2 years ago. to fill out the sharing, the majority of revolutionaries are against the election because it will give legitimacy again to unwonted parties and their armed groups, which killed and kidnapped our friends. but what they gather to mark the 2nd
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anniversary of the anti government to protests. hearing the famous al booby square in the city center, they demanded justice for their fall in protest, hers, and freedom for those held in captivity. now, there is a new anti government movement on the scene, along with a number of protest her as a la re cabbie has formed a political front called in to dad, or his goals, or smoke and inclination and do your daughter love to help let touch. we believe we can also be part of the political system. there's no law preventing corrupt political parties from running for office. but if we gain people's trust and become part of legislature, we can make change even on the long run to know up and sun will shudder people's anger here is triggered by poor services, economic collapse, and high unemployment. like other cities in southern iraq, no city yet is suffering from neglect. religious clerics have urgent iraq is to cast their votes into parliamentary election. so they can take part in shaping gun
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you administration. but many here in the city, i believe the election will not bring to what they hope for. instead they say that a balloon is, is still happening and taken to the streets is the best way to get their message across my mood up through i had until you are in the city, a city southern iraq now astray, lee. i will stop sending asylum seekers to detention centers and pop when your guinea and practice has been widely condemned by rights groups on the united nations and has been doing so for the past 8 years under a deal with the pacific nation. the detention center in pop when your guinea will be closed. now, at the end of this year, boss, australia will continue to send migrants to the island of new room under a separate deal. australia's home, if, as minister says the countries strict immigration policy is, will not change or climate change and pollution are threatening the livelihoods of one of the oldest fishing communities and bangladesh. rivers once teeming with fish on our empty,
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leaving many without jobs. candied chattering reports from such aquanda. there been fishing in the coastline in the bay of bingo for centuries, using skills and trade pass down through the generations. but bangladesh is ones driving him. the fishing community of more than half a 1000000 people is now facing a devastating threat to climate change. quoted m dash, now in his forty's has been fishing in the past since he was a teenager. like his ancestors on with it. what we said i'm leave just isn't enough fish to catch on like the days of our forefathers because of changes in the environment and climate tv. there are more psych loans now. but your pattern change frequently, which is why the fish stuck is diminishing, given in the peak sessions. now we don't get enough. the bays natural ecosystem are also under severe threat by environmental pressures. every morning the fishermen lay before the deep sea and they come back by late evening, but the catches are not as good as they used to be. they blame partly the weather
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and the pollution in the sea cushion. alum from a local charity that assists the community fears the traditional way of july, thus, which is what they are known as here, is gradually eroding because of new challenges. as fish is declining, they have to ship the appropriation for our fishing to other. but that didn't or people, those who are living on fishing since they had bought it is very difficult for them to switch off from fishing to other profession. but yeah, you know, ation not now shipping to jobs or do business to our better are deliver live, don't it said that some manage to find work as unskilled day laborers in the nearby ship breaking industries or work as richer pullers on it. so we're facing many problems like the recent lockdown and the annual fishing been imposed by the government as fishermen. it's hard for us to find the way many of us have also
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taken out. loan was the so it's hard days for us auto legacy. several large rivers empty into the bay, occurring vast tides of untreated sewage, plastic and waste from ship breaking yards and other industries endangering, sensitive married life, last nigella sided brushing them. all these various industries you see around here are polluting the sea and humming the fish, stuck. our fishing nets get caught in the propellers of the ships. sometimes even a thirty's cut fishing nets, but we have to continue. this is our way of life. environmental expert, one gradual accumulation of pollution in the bay of bingo, and changes in their climate code toes, and even further threat deficient communities like the jolla dash along the coastal regions of bangladesh. tunbridge chaudhry i'll jazeera, should i condo? i'll growing numbers of people in brazil are struggling to afford food because of the economic fall out from coven 19. there's been outrage after photos of a shed of people scavenging to a heap of animal carcasses to try to find something to eat. theresa by reports
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eating every day has become a challenge for people like eddie on a former prisoner who lives on the streets of rio, these unable surviving here the past year. he says has been a challenge there with his brothers up on him. yeah. issue since the beginning of the pandemic, the streets are very crowded, and everything is become very difficult. now, no one stopped here to help us out there. a lot of people dying because they couldn't get emergency aid. the impact of coven 19 has devastated brazil. almost 600000 people have lost their lives, and millions have been forced into poverty. i mean, rising food prices and unemployment. researchers say at least 19000000 brazilians are struggling for food. and recent images of people's cabbage in animal carcasses for scraps of food have shocked the country as the difficulties people are facing each day sinkin lucky big i'm with a i've taken meat from the truck many times we take the meat and are happy,
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but not is a lot of demand because everyone has caught onto it. they either take it from the truck or straight from the supermarket. at the beginning of the pandemic, for sales press it enjoyable. tornado campaigned against lockdown, saying hunger was worse than coven 19. that's why last year the government distributed emergency cash handouts to help families and businesses. but this year, government aid has been dramatically scaled back. was not his problem is that on the one hand he has a very new liberal ah, minister of economics that does not want to spend, does not want to provide direct help for, for the population. also narrow always campaign against the program. so he would say that both of amelia was an immediate, now dad lula and the politicians from the workers party from better use to buy people's votes, to buy bose ah good will. right?
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so as a sustain shalicia program, there was g. people from working there is an ideal ideological barrier at the soup kitchen in real, hundreds of people are showing every day to receive a meal. they're in desperate need of help that are with rabbi learned of him for a dad to culinary pre ago i was working. i had a job, i rented an apartment and i was able to pay the rent. i worked and on the salary every month, then the panoramic game, i lost my job. i can pay my rent anymore. volunteers in the soup kitchen, say, most of those coming here face a similar situation. they have lost their jobs and cannot afford to pay rent anymore. 20 years ago, brazil became a success story when government programs pushed millions of people out of poverty. now it's an example of the government's inability to deal with a consequences of coven 19. but he said, well, i'll just cedar all new drone video has captured close up images of the volcano
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that's been erupting for the past. 17 days now, on the spanish island of la palmer, the eruption on cobra via her has picked up intensity in recent days, making its smoke visible from space. spearing lava has been through crops and destroyed nearly a 1000 buildings. more than 6000 people have left towns near by i still had here on out as in the 70 year old rob climate who just broke her own record. all the details coming up shortly with with
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with ah ah ah,
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welcome back. it's now time to sport and his pizza the so the thank you so much. will stall with boxing and the pre 5 theatric softened, deliver major entertainment. and the best in the business is arguably tie some fury . the british world heavyweight champion, his gearing up to defend his w b. c. title against american dionte walder. and there's plenty of history between the pair. they 1st bounce in 2018 ended in a draw before fury. one they re match last year with the dominant victory, while delays acclaimed fury had cheated during their 2nd meeting. i'm living in wildest mind rent free the whole time, 2 years. every to, every time he looks in the murray seat, tyson theory, a semi bin them up and then knock them out. you know, many things that are as many things that are, that i, vis last in the 1st by, along with the sector. you know, and i day as q game plan every time he goes to bed before we close his eyes at
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night he sees a g p king. and every thing he wakes up on thinks about in the morning. he thinks that i some theory, but this time around it, is it just a different feeling? you know, all the way around, you know, just all the surrounding around me, the atmosphere? yes. and it just the energy and as a whole, when we was 1st going to fight for, it was a decent man like a family mom, you know, tony for his kids and allah. but now i know it's a real piece, a garbage piece of rubbish. i look forward to porn on a great performance. come october night. you know, when are those is going to be in the arena? they're gonna feel the electricity is in there. i'm going to knock him spark out saturday night and i cannot wait to get him in that ring and give him a good i did for sure. i'm not even take it slow of him. i might take islam punish him, make him say, no mass. the boston red sox have these on the new york yankees, as 2 of the sports biggest foes, making a one off shoot off for a place in the next round of major league baseball player. some to use that turned out to be a one sided contest as boston dominated from the start of the thinking. the lead in
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the 1st inning through a zander bogart's 2 run homer. they never looked back call. sure, by adding a home run of his own as the red sox, 160 boston, advanced to bessie 5 division series against the tampa bay raise game one is on thursday. the future of brooklyn. net star carry irving is still up in the air with just 10 days to go before the new nbc season starts. that's because the player has so far declined to say whether or not he has been vaccinated against coven. 19 the next office to prepare without him because players on not able to practice all play in new york if they have not had at least one vaccine jab. as in new york health regulations in san francisco, also mean players based their needs to be vaccinated to plain home games. golden state warriors forward and wigan says he felt forced to get the jap you want to work with. are you today? then?
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i give me the rules of uncle's in your mind, what you do. and hopefully there's lot of people out there are no stronger than me . and you, brian and you know, and for the gleam hopefully works out for them. good news for cricket fans. the ashes are set to go ahead off to england. captain jo, rude confirmed. he will travel to australia for the series as well as weeks of negotiations between the cricket authorities of both countries. england's main sticking point was whether or not their families would be allowed to join them, given australia's strict karone of ours protocols. this, they drive from pillar to post with their, with their schedule over the last couple of months. the, quite a lot of test cricket. so yeah, i can understand where they've come from having families around, especially in a pandemic, gauze or on the road for a lot longer than what tools used to go when you adding on quarantine at the start and potentially at the end. depending where you come from. and going, so yeah, awesome, awesome. so with that is difficult. us open champion a beretta,
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connie says she won't rush into making a decision on a new coach. the 18 year old parted ways with a former trainer shortly after a grand slam victory. but a kanu returns to tournament tennis this week at indian wells sawing a busy few weeks concluded the main goal in new york, playing tennis with the duchess of cambridge, kate middleton and attending the wolf premier of the latest james bond film of focus is now firmly back on continuing her career i'm looking for someone hopefully even more experience at a high level because like i'm now 22 in the world and it's new to me. so i, i wish i would have someone who had been there and experience that. but. 6 yeah, my coach andrew from us open was great and we had a lot of good times together. but i think for this next chapter, i just want some more experience at the us open squash in philadelphia. egypt swirled,
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member taylor stuff are so has reached the final. it's the 1st time you play in the final or will field platinum events are so. beats perused. diego earlier sienna, 5 game thriller on tuesday, waiting for him in the final is another egyptian side. a moment and it will be in all egyptian affair in the women's final 2 world number 6, hernia l, her mommy, soul, off world number one, new al shall beany in the semi finals. ester stumpy again down the star works. she'll face defending champion newton. go hard in the final most 70 year olds are winding down and looking to into a piece or 2 times, but not dierdre will all make. she celebrated her 70th birthday by breaking her own record of being the oldest person to climb the old capital peak at yosemite national park in california. she is the mother of the famous free. so low rock lima, alex arnold. okay, that's all the sports. it's been, i'll be here again later with another uptake with other thanks so much pizza. well,
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that set for mean associates a for this new server, don't go away. i'll be back in just a couple of minutes with more of the days news here on amazon. ah. ready too often of canister is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film archive spanning for decades, reveals the forgotten truths of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part for the era of darkness on a j 0. ah, they have been waiting for weeks, could be allowed to cross the gulf of the bottom. now it's finally happening. thousands of migrants were allowed to travel to the town of i can be where the journey towards the darien gap, a dense jungle on the border between panama and columbia begins. this is the 1st
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time migrants are using this. crossing a people be around a $100.00 each to the guides. locus are involved in the business. they offered to take migrants on cards, tractors, and motorcycles, but only a part of the way. those who cannot afford it have to go on foot. the pace is fast, and the heat humidity makes it difficult for the most vulnerable. there are lots of women carrying very young children. this one, for example, is only a month and a half old. it's a dangerous journey and many do not make it across the jungle. migrants know the risks. they say they have no choice. we town the untold story, lou, we speak when other stuff. ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes us. a fin, sir?
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yeah, and power in pasha. we tell your stories. we are your voice, your news, your net al jazeera, ah gas prices spike to record high is because of a sudden demand sparking concern about wind to fuel bills. ah, hello there i'm installs the attain, this is al jazeera life. also coming up, the u. s. president weighs in on taiwan china. tensions as taipei warns of a full.


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