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i was really passionate about stories with fox. the government would rather keep him in store to stuff, drop the fixed narrative under all depend on the reality on the good on. that is why i became a gymnast mhmr that book ah, ah. ready this is al jazeera ah hello there, i'm natalia tan. this is the news our line from our headquarters here and her coming up in the next 60 minutes. gas prices spike to record high is because of a surge and demand sparking concern about winter fuel bills. tensions flare as
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china steps up its military flights near taiwan relations. now the lowest point in decades, the nobel prize for chemistry on has a green, a way to build molecules and a technique that judges say is ingenious. every morning the fisherman leaps for the dead sea and the combat by late evening. but the catch of them not as good as they used to be. report from bangladesh where pollution and climate change are having a devastating effect on fishing communities. and if you assume it with your school, the war of words has stolen. so the head of this weekend's heavy way title fights are now and always a real piece of garbage piece of rubbish. and i'm going to blockage spock on saturday night, and i cannot wait. we'll hear more from tie some fury, andy's challenger, the auntie wilder. later this news our ah,
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ah, not gas prices in europe and the u. k. have risen sharply by 25 percent on early trading, raising fears of soaring bills and inflation as winter approaches. limited gas suppliers have combined with rising demand as economies recover from the pandemic. and that seen prices hit high is not seen in more than a decade. several british energy suppliers, meanwhile, have collapsed amid this gas priced crisis. 9 companies have already ceased trading . this year. european member states are calling for new regulations to curb runaway energy prices and to relieve consumers and businesses. the european commission now says that brussels will explore setting up common storage facilities for gas, and also focused on a shift to renewables to end dependence on imports. our economics editor added ali joins me now here in doha. our bid is this just a supply and demand issue, or is there more going on here? there's a lot more than just supply demand. this is a failure by the europeans to make sure that they got enough energy for this winter
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. now at this time of the time of year, they're sure to have filled the storage tanks up enough to cover for the winter supply. we're currently at 72 percent full. that's. that's well below where they should they, they should be, that's a 10 year low for the 1st time that's happened. and the trouble, the trouble is that there's other parts of the world which actually need the energy as well. so we're all going to be paying a lot more to keep warm this winter in the northern hemisphere because of york's failure to fill the storage tanks and of it. what's been the high end, the lack of storage this year? what's been driving that problem? well, i think there's been a total misunderstanding as to, you know, how much energy they would get from they wind turbines in particular, and there's been a lot less, a wind wind power this, this so the over the summer period. and so there's, there's been a, there's, there's this shortage which has,
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which has been created. so it's all come together all at the same time. so if you could say it's of, it's is the perfect storm. now russia has said, look, we were ready to pump more oil, some book pump pump more gas through the pipelines if it's needed because we, they want to see a gas shortage. they've already being blamed partly for the crisis, for not sending enough gas through the pipeline through the ukraine. no rush or argues that, that, you know, concur contractually it's actually a sending all the gas that is required to but at the same time, they want to see the north stream to pipeline which connects to germany to come on line so that they can pay it so they can avoid sending more gas through ukraine for geopolitical reasons. and sending this directly to, to germany. the germans say, well is that good? it's gonna take another 4 months for them to certify the recently completed pipeline. very interesting and as you say, are there jam president putin just in the last couple of hours,
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he said they are going to increase that gas supply 3 ukraine. presumably though, all of this is going to threaten the functioning of industry given this, this large gas shortage. and how might that actually affect consumers? are we going to see consumer goods, for instance, increase in price? well, we saw elizabeth this already, so in the, in the united kingdom we had the fertilizer plants which were shut down because that the, the, the price of gas was so, so much it was an economy, cruel, to produce the, the fertilizer that wasn't required. and a byproduct of that is the c o 2 production which is needed for it in the, in food production. so the british government had to step in and provide extra extra money to the fertilizer plan. so they could start production up again. and so we might see this more across the europe as well. already current companies are saying because there's a because the electricity cost in so much we might need to shut down production.
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and that's ok for your big to shut down production the, you know, the people will still be employed in those companies. but it's, it's asia where the real, what impact will be because those people are day laborers who would need to be in the job on the day during the job. otherwise don't get paid. so that's where the real issues will be. that's not to say that the will be fuel poverty in europe, but they will be built lots of property groups. a point in the at right now, and governments are stepping up and saying, okay, will help pay those bills. this over this coming winter added early, they're our economics editor with that analysis for us here in doha. thanks so much up in the meanwhile, the ears vulnerability to the surgeon gas prices as in, on leaders mines as they meet with western balkan countries in slovenia. the president of the european commission, as lavender lion said that this could be the time to speed up the transition to renewables. it is
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a serious issue. i think we have to be very clear that the gas prices are skyrocketing and her, but the renewables, the prices have decreased over the last 2 years. and our stable so for us is very clear that with energy in the long term, it is important to invest in renewables. that gives us stable prices and more independence because gas is important. 90 percent of the gas is important to the european union. my a correspondent, natasha butler is at that meeting and bird own. she joins us from there now. natasha. we know that e leaders have been addressing the energy crisis during. that's the venus on that. what have they said? yes, sir. you leaders heron sirvina, or to mainly talk about her enlargements and the western balkans spots. of course they did take time out to speak about the energy crisis in europe. as natural gas prices have been soaring, consumers can expect their bills to go up, particularly
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a, with the winter months here in europe arriving soon. now, you lead as though are divided on the approach to take. we have countries like france and spain, who believe that there should be bold action. they believe that the commission should help you governments to try whether the storm, if you like, perhaps with subsidies or a being popped up a financially. on the other hand, you have countries who wanted more, a cautious approach, wait and see said, are the dutch prime minister mark router along netherlands, along with germany. believe that perhaps in a matter of time that this crisis could be over. so they, they would prefer to wait and see it right out either way. or the commission is expected to announce some measures next week. and natasha. the main focus though of the summit has really been enlargement into the balkans. have any decisions also been taken on that?
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who has some balkan nations want to be part of european union but in recent years talks over their future membership. i've pretty much stalled and that is cause lot of frustration among those western balkans leaders work here at this summit. they said that they wanted more progress to be made. and at the end of the you are the head of the commissioner, shall haven't land said that she could give an assurance to western balkan nations . that enlargement was very much on the table for the european union that the place of the western balkan, she said is in the european union. and she said though, although some reforms have happened in the western boykin, she said there is still much work to be done. and those things are causing an obstacle if you like to accession. she is talking about things like corruption, the rule of more media freedoms, all issues that need to be addressed a for negotiations to speed up a few like. nevertheless, it is clear that the you,
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once the western balkans to suddenly be looking in its direction not turning the other way cuz there are some new leaders who are concerned that if the you doesn't look as if it's doing enough to include the western balkans in future future e u membership that it could turn to countries like russia and china there it could influence in the region is already extensive. so the easiest thing ross still committed to the western balkans, a becoming a members. and they also saying that they are putting more than $30000000000.00 of investment on the table as a sign of their commitment and hash about that i with all the latest for us, from brother in slovenia. thanks, natasha. now moving on, anti ones defense ministers as tensions with neighboring china or the once they've been and 40 years and fellows for days of repeated incursions by chinese warplanes into the islands and offense own taiwan as one of the issues and a deepening strategic rivalry between beijing and washington on mcbride has more
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now from hong kong. the approach of nearly $150.00 warplanes in waves sent over several days as clearly alarm taiwan speaking at a session of tie one's parliament defense minister to choir chang, warned that in 4 years, china would be capable of invading the island, which was on the china does not currently possess such capabilities, but we must consider the consequences in our judgment by 2025, they will have more comprehensive capabilities. taiwan regularly holds drills to prepare for such an invasion. thanks in part to sophisticated military equipment from its ally the united states. it's so far been confident of deterring any aggression. but china's rapid military build up has been closing that gap and making this enormous pressure psychologically and operationally on taiwan would in
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taiwan society as well. as i one armed forces, it also appears to be looking to undermine ty, when's president saying, when, who has been coal to the idea of closer relations and is seen by china as an obstacle to its ultimate goal of unification. with these latest incursions, it seems bay ging wants to send a message about the changing dynamics across the taiwan strait. not only to taiwan, but to the international community, including the united states. at a time of increasing tensions with washington in an apparent attempt to deescalate the situation, you as president joe biden weighed in on the ongoing tensions by didn't seem to confirm the united states continued commitment to giving china diplomatic recognition in return for bay ging not threatening taiwan, militarily, we agree. bye bye. i want agreement that we are new. we made it clear
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that i'll be doing it by this latest bank comes at a significant moment for the 2 neighbors with china having just marked the october 1st anniversary of its founding anti one about to celebrate its national day and both with very differing ideas of what their future relationship should look like. rub mcbride al jazeera hong kong. now the nobel prize in chemistry has been jointly awarded to scientists for their development of a precise tool for building molecules. the royal swedish academy of sciences says the work of benjamin list and david mcmillan has had a great impact on pharmaceutical research and is already greatly benefiting mankind . many molecules can be mirror images from one another, so they can look like a sand like that. and pretty much the same, but not exactly. and that looks like unimportant,
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but in biology it's hugely important. so the human body can react completely differently to the same molecule, if it's right on the left hand. and the worst case it can be, the one version can be an effective drug. the other one that bad side effects or so it's hugely important to be able to control that. and that something that when achieved with these molecules is molecules by themselves on f tenant, right? and, and can't transfer that to the target. so we're can specifically derive one part on here as one of the laurie and benjamin lists response to has when basically worked a professor david mcmillan, i have discovered in around the late ninety's was that there is a 3rd class of catalyst available, which with which we can make all these molecules that we need, like drugs and send more rules, but also plastics. pretty much everything that surrounds us and the new class that we discover organic molecules before we talk. there are only enzymes and transition metal complexes that can be used as covers. and we found simple small organic
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molecules that you can isolate from, from natural materials. and some we even make an own body like the amino acid proliant, which we used as a catalyst. and that was really a shock even to us at the time. well, ali, i spoke to jennifer newson, she is the content head of edison, the chemistry, wild. that's the monthly news magazine published by the royal society of chemistry . she explains the significance of their discovery. melanie, alice showed that you could use small organic molecules, so things made from carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen to, to guide yo yo chemical reactions. and you need to very mind that chemist want to make molecules in very particular ways. and you can often make and you can make molecules in different ways. but if, if they're the wrong mirror image of each other, then that can have consequences, especially when you're making pharmaceuticals. you want to make your molecules need to be very precise. and by using an organic molecules as catalyst,
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it's got lots of benefits in terms of the environment in terms of costs, metals often very expensive and not in terms of toxicity. so the work of these chemists has it's got incredibly far reaching and applications and it is work that is, is, is only going to be expanding over the years. and yet this is a really, is a very interesting and nobel prize. it wasn't exactly what we were maybe expecting that definitely big names in the field. but they one at the top of our predictions list. got to say that, but that does not mean that it's not an, an incredibly important award. capitalistic, just their central to everything and chemistry. while there's plenty more had to this news, our including turkey in azerbaijan, whole joint exercises after ron's military drills and a border region. ah,
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my protestors abroad and saddam's main supply route to a standstill and, and support highlights from opening eyes of the playoffs in major league baseball. ah, known investigation is underway and to just when authorized, he is, and a pipeline company in california actually learned about a major oil spell. it's imagine it took 3 hours for a pipeline to be shut down once the damage was already discovered. alexia bryan, reports of huntington beach in california. an ecological emergency is unfolding. look at it, look at it is everywhere. oil puddles on the once pristine sand and work isn't, has met, suits cone, the shore on a clean up mission. any discharge boil into our sensitive coastal waters is
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damaging to the environment and it is disruptive through the economy at a minimum. this is a significant incident and i want you to know, ah, how seriously those of us that live in work in california take it to her. but as the days passed, more questions are being raised about how quickly authorities and the pipeline company responded to the incident. the coast guard was 1st notified of dirty water on friday night. at that time, in the approaches nightfall, she can be very difficult to see on the water. the information from the reporting source, the coast guard investigator spoke with was inconclusive. so it was saturday morning before it went out to investigate the reports that same morning about who i am and alarm had sounded and amplify energies control room warning that pressure had dropped in the pipeline. early finding show, the company waited more than 3 hours to shut it off. the pipeline had been split open and apparently dragged, more than 50 meters along the ocean floor,
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possibly by ships anchor. it st. hundreds of thousands of liters of oil spilling into the water. and on 2 beaches and protected marshland, california's governor says the spell is more proof, aging oil platforms need to be phased out. so it's time once and for all to disabuse ourselves that this has to be part of our future. this is part of our past, and we can moralize and talk about the good old days. we can talk about how important these rigs have been to the prosperity of this country in the middle class. but at the end of the day, this is about the stale air of normalcy versus the fresh air progress. safety advocates have pushed the years for tougher rules on detecting spills and things like automatic valves to shut down the flow of oil. but the industries resisted such measures because of the costs involved along this coastline, beaches could remain closed for weeks, and the pipeline companies being investigated for possible negligence. experts say
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it's too early to know the full cost to the local economy and environment. alexia brian al jazeera. now you k prime minister paras, johnson says, has government well changed the direction of the british economy and move away from what he called uncontrolled immigration? giving his keynote speech at the conservative party conference. johnson promised to end a broken model of low wages and low growth. the answer to the present stresses and strains which are mainly a function of growth and economic revival, is not to reach for that same old lever of uncontrolled immigration to keep wages low. the answer is to control immigration to allow people of talent to come to this country, but not to use immigration as an excuse for failure to invest in people in schools and in the equipment the facilities, machinery anal corresponding port brennan is at that conference in manchester.
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forest, all this really sounded like a speech from britain rather than the while then also very much embarrassed. johnson's rather than bombastic style. indeed, the rhetoric was very typical. johnson. i mean there was a checklist of issues that included some foreign issues of international interests . you know, but he delivered them in typical boris johnson fashion. you know, the, i mentioned for example of the recent defense steel which put the nose of france. so out of joint he described as the ra chris, squaw crossover. orcus is just the way doris johnson does. these things, he kind of dismisses them half and in joking fashion, i have to say, as you say though, that this, it was very much about a domestic agenda. this is boris johnson, king of his party riding high in the polls. despite a backdrop of difficulties on the a domestic economic front at 70 to the loyal supporters here at conference,
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he can almost do no wrong. and when he spoke about things like a leveling up and the need for britain to move from a low wage, low skill economy to high wage, high skill and probably high cost economy, you can sense a party in transit, not just a party, but a country in transition as well, if he can pull it off and say a policy in a country and hands transition. and i wonder how much was this damage control as britain remains in crisis on voters going and bias? well, i mean, on this very day, a major benefits social benefit called universal credit, which has put an extra 20 pounds or around $27.00 in the pockets of some of the lowest income recipients in this society in the u. k. finishes, it finishes today. now that's going to cut around 10 percent from the income of some very, very poor people. indeed, at a time when wholesale gas prices have risen, more than 500 percent,
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in fact has been another leap of around 37 percent just to day and wholesale gas prices. that's going to put corresponding pressure on domestic energy bills. it, we've also seen empties supermarket shelves, cues outside petrol stations because of a shortage of labor and hg the laurie drivers. the farming community in the transport sector are complaining that they can't get the staff that they need. so there is a backdrop of economic uncertainty and difficulty, and many people regard it as the potential for a crisis, a sorry, a cost of living crisis coming in to winter. that said, bonus, johnson said this is a vital transition period that we simply have to have what he described the guts to get through her van and there with all the letters for us, from that conference. and manchester, thanks so much for going to the pond on it. and my grants and libya have begun receiving their jobs against credit. 19 libby and officials with the support of the u. n. z migration agency
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launched the vaccination drive and detention centers. i want to cobb infections in the centers where migrants are living in poor conditions. the access to health services and to the vaccine are 4 migrants, is our top priority. and died extremely important that as many people as possible are vaccinated as quickly as possible. in order that together, we can overcome the pandemic. nobody is safe until everybody's safe. meanwhile, russia has recorded more than 900 deaths for the 1st time since the start of this pandemic. the country has the highest number of death in europe from coven, 1000, nearly 213000 in total. russia also has the 5th largest number of current virus infections and the wild maxine uptake there has been slow and a majority of russians still say they don't intend to get the job early. i spoke to 2nd follow up. he's a deputy editor in chief of profile weekly magazine. he explains why some russians
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are still unwilling to get vaccinated. i think the main. busy problem of the work is that a lot of people reject to make a buxton and i know the people among my friends, which are strategic and they say never, never, never. and the same time as for me and my family, we have, we got it in march of this year and we feel our so really well. but still the people like me, we are minority. so i think the problem is works in age may be a big for they discussing this topic in internet and social networks. and the kind of for my son is home for the last 2 months or maybe for the last 2 year. for this, for main opinion,
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against the vaccination, they say it's impossible to wait for the vaccine for the time. so probably they try to, to use something, not real. maxine or the number of people have died from coven 19 in the united states. so far this year is now higher than all of those recorded last year. more than 700000 people have now passed away in the u. s. because of a result of the current of ass, ah, hedge allergies were marked at the washington national cathedral as you can hear their bites bell being rung 700 times. more people are reported to have died from the disease in the us than any other country that tens of millions of americans are still refusing to be vaccinated. while it is now time for the weather, and he is jeff. the southwest monsoon beginning to retreat, hello,
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have few weeks behind schedule, but here's what it's looking like. the rains not as active as they have been for that reason, but still some heavy falls can be found maharaj straw rate in to go up, but all red and amber weather alerts have been dropped over to the south china sea . we've got a weather maker swirling around its whipping rain around all sides here. so north of mandela that a $130.00 millimeters of rain and then for northern in central parts of vietnam, about $200.00 millimeters. and then this also happened on high nan province in china. water rescues here more than 30 people to flood water is about a meter and a half deep here. all caused by that weather makers spinning around in the south china sea. now for southern sections of china, temperature is dropping in grey lin 33 degrees and we've got our plumb rains falling between the yellow and the yang see river valley. and also some bursts of some intense rain can be expected for eastern portions of china. we go into the korean peninsula, the plum brain slamming into here as well,
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but the bulk of the energy stain out toward open waters on thursday, between korea and japan. and speaking of japan, those temperature is now starting to come down just a bit for tokyo, with a high of 25 degrees on thursday that show up they bye for now. i'll still had here on al jazeera, why anti government protest as in southern iraq said, taking to the streets is more effective than heading to the poles. homeless in brazil, millions of for center poverty in the aftermath of covered 19 as the government scales back aid. and after a few weeks of downtime the us open champion is ready to resume playing more on that lay said ah! when afghan filmmaker has san fuzzily catches the taliban attention. a bounty on his head forces him to flee with his family,
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desperately seeking sanctuary. they journey across continents chronicling their multi year saga on their phones. midnight traveller, an odyssey of hope resilience and ultimately one family's love for each other. witness on al jazeera, got her one of the fastest growing nations in the world news. ronnie, casa needed to oakland, and develop its whole international shipping to become a middle east and pro or trade and wanting skillfully enough, free key as of 2, both filling a prominence connecting the world, connecting the future while the cost cutters gateway to whoa trade, lou
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ah, ah, kind of a watching al jazeera that's remind you about top stories here. the salad gas prices in europe and the u. k. have risen sharply raising for years of soaring bills and inflation. as winter approaches, limited gas applies, combined with rising demand, as economy is recovered from the pandemic. taiwanese defense minister says tensions with beijing are at their west and 40 years. that's off to a record number of chinese aircraft. and so the islands air defense zone, he said china could launch an invasion within 4 years. on the nobel prize in chemistry, it has been awarded to scientists for the development of a green, a way to build molecules. the royal swedish academy of sciences says the work had a great impact on pharmaceuticals such.


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