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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2021 9:00am-9:30am AST

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ah al jazeera in with a rob matheson in doha, the top stories on al jazeera tie, one's defense minister, is wanting. china will be capable of launching a full scale invasion of the island within 4 years. a record number of chinese military ed crops recently through within taiwan, so called air defense identification zone gallons. defense ministry says a $148.00 chinese warplanes had breached the area since friday. the fight stayed inside international airspace but close enough to tie one to the quality across to identify themselves. beijing has recently ramped up pressure on taiwan, which it says is part of its territory. u. s. president joe biden says he's
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addressed the issue with china's president. she's in pain. i thought she about, i agree with well, bye bye. i want agreement that we are and we made it clear that i don't think he could be doing any other than by the roman brides in hong kong. with more on the reaction from taiwan, the defense minister went on to say that the fact the relations now the tensions with china are the worst they have been. he says, for a 40 years, i think taiwan has been genuinely rattled by the scale of this incursion. china, as we know for many months now, has been sending air craft towards the island into the air defense identification's own. that's the air space running up to the island of taiwan. but it is the scale, the number of aircraft in the last 4 days that says why read taiwan. and in recent years, taiwan has been looking at the military build up in
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a china with some alarm. it was always the case that taiwan, thanks in large part to the supplies of f sixteens and so on from the united states . it had a military superiority when it came to the technological capabilities of its weaponry. that is still the case to some extent, but a china is quickly closing the gap and is there also is a recognition in taiwan or of china is increasing economic strength. it is now the jug a lot of asia and is using that economic power to further isolate taiwan. so a taiwan is feely, increasingly under pressure. china is happy to exert that pressure, especially with the currency incumbents, of the presidency. they're saying when in taiwan, who was taken unlike her predecessors a far more stand osh offish approach a to china was to keep china at arm's length, and china was happy to try to undermine her. but of course, there is a risk, a danger in this of that at back firing,
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that that drives more people in taiwan to rally around their president, especially when they see these shows of force or from neighboring china. facebook boss mach soccer bogs, pushing back after a whistleblowers critical testimony to u. s. congress and a blog post. he said his company's research had been taken out of context, but former product manager of funds was hi, graham told lawmakers at cap hill, a social media giants an urgent threat to its users and should be regulated. she says the company's sites harm children, store divisions and weaken democracies ah, a total of more than $700000.00 people to know died in the united states from 12 in 19, the washington national cathedral told its bel $700.00 times to mark the fatalities . the number of death this year has already surpassed those recorded in 2020. the u . s. coast guard says it was almost 12 hours before the damaged pipeline was investigated. after oil seeped into waters off southern california because god says
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he didn't have enough evidence of the problem and the darkness and a lack of technology didn't help the nobel prize in physics has been awarded to 3 scientists for discovery is in climate and complex physical systems the nobel committee says to court or manner being close, hustle, men, and ga perisi revealed ground breaking contributions to our understanding of complex physical systems. international space station is about to become cinemas and most expensive movie set. russian actress julia parcelled and a director, clint chapin could have arrived on board a blasted off in a saw you spacecraft to shoot the 1st ever feature film in space is about a surgeon who has to save the life of an astronaut while defying gravity. those are the headlines. the news is going to continue on al jazeera, after witness goodbye. ah
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. ready ah ah and my job is to go around the world and investigate different housing issues and sort of see how are people faring with respect to the right to housing. but maybe you could tell me a bit about how you came to meeting to have or, and strike with for me personally. i know most bravo, my,
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of the top roach problem. i've got things that need to be repaired in the building . they withhold services, they run you around in circles, they frustrate you, you get that up. you just want to leave. but we're, we can go but rem, situation all over toronto's, the same way. there is, it is addiction by another name. yeah. and have you had any response from that cap yet? i guess it's rather a rush harassing bark. have a sign on her. she had a side on her balcony about the red stripe and they threatened to victor. i'm giving you this notice because i want to end your tendency. i want you to move out of your rental unit by such and such date reason. i believe that you or someone living with you has committed an illegal act at 6 a series given ality. yeah, on my record legal action, guns and drugs is, oh my god, a shame after with our his arms category there. yeah. so this was based on the banner. yeah. you know,
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we're not bad mouth in room or anything just as may 1st rent strike. yeah. they on 19 bill in the area and that's their plan for all the buildings is to give people like us. so the neighborhoods getting gentrified up, you know, familiar with liberty village. it's moving. it's come right up to king and duffer and this is it's only one direction into our neighbor, and we're in the way. ah ah ah, i
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only come, i sit are goal one. so that church did you go directly to the chart? in the greater toronto area, for example, in the last 30 years, housing prices have increased by 425 percent. whereas in a similar 30 year period, average family income has only grown by a 133 percent. so something else is in play and clearly it's not the economic fundamentals, as you can see from the above graph. so are you going to send this or out or what 9? i will need to check the numbers 1st, but it's pretty. i mean that it's pretty grim ah,
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i think we are at an incredibly urgent moment the extent to which where c urban ization collide with stagnant wages and a lack of affordability is unprecedented. so you have like poor people really struggling now like like never before. but then you also have the middle class unable to afford to live in cities and provide the services that are necessary for a city. i don't want to over use the word crisis, but it suggests a crisis. so then we start asking, wait a 2nd, who's going to live in cities? who are cities for? ah, it's not rocket science enough. what do we think people need to have
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a dignified life? and it's clear that decent housing affordable housing is one of those things. and it's supported by international long. mm hm. kennedy heights. family is just hours away from learning whether or not they can stay in their home or be forced out on the strings. problem. housing is gobbling up more shrinking paychecks. people and 59 out of 102 countries worldwide would need to see their yearly income for at least 10 years in order to buy a house in their country. there are 2 histories we might say that intersect today in that space that we called the city and one of them is familiar aisha, which is so what we have for which we have used the term gentrification. when i
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hear people today saying it's gentrification, one reaction and ironic reaction is if only it's much deeper, it's much more foundational. cool with me. they said they needed more pieces of apple. i didn't even know until i were in the home of an older woman who is being pressured to abandon her home. because in the midst of the big new development here, there was a hospital, it's been demolished, and it was demolished to make way for condominiums, luxury condominiums, and they don't even own this land. i've heard that there are many
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units standing vacant already, luxury condos, and last because no one in both parties so can afford to buy and purchase any of these units. so these, the developments are clearly not for the people about a some. mm hm. oh, you know, a parking lot on a saturday, we don't have anybody that only will it amended feed window on the bus. and i know that you would have a photo husband. i don't know about it. well this is what i'm seeing happening around the world by and help of land, the displacement of the poorest people. and the putting up of luxury in that are not actually for the people who live in the community.
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i own a person on the. 2 contact will not be in a contract if i you hey adam, on the 10th or the demo. you know, get a silly motion to my nightmare. we've had no heat all through april, no hot water through april. there's water leaking underneath the new owners and taken over. we haven't met some, we haven't seen them. we don't know anything. it can be frosty the snowman. for all i know they're trying everything to with i mean that you what i'm what you want to. and i mean actually been, danny, this is where i grew up. and i know i'll be hell bent and balance. i'm going to be
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study here. we go. all right, bye. have a good . thank you very much. yeah. i was very proud to maybe not, you know, he'll, when he goes on where i want you to call notting hill cuz i've heard about the feel more of a king . i like about this area is the community, you know, your friends are all face or colors. is one with the family because even if he doesn't know each other, we know of a,
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by faith. i was born just 5 minutes from here and in the seventy's and eighty's in scene. oh, area change. now some pop stars and people moving into the area because they light, the vibe to live is really cool. the people seen the will, will feel they come out from all around the world. they want to see where the blue doorways. they want to see this, that the bookshop, it became very, very trendy places to live. and then the new school ledger center that's going to attract the wealthy people to come down to the area. and then they stop by and not properties study to live there. but you know, because they saw fantastic investment for them better and put in the bank
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to offer stop on the highlight, tour of london to talk received properties. these 2 properties are worth perhaps 20000000 pounds each. i believe mister paid something in the region of 40 or 50000000 pounds for it. if you could get a whole one of these, it would be 30 or 40000000 pounds and nobody lives here and nothing is happening to this thing. so it's become a dead spot in london. there was, ah news agents, there were pubs, there were a couple of restaurants. but the community itself has evaporated to leave the press of flight 94. if i so my fly, i could not live in kenton. so say, i'll be forced out the area and i'll have to assume for the move out blunt and i can stand in the middle of the street with empty car parking spaces all around me and no traffic coming. the space is now a bit of a dead,
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so we very little indication of who the owners are and a lot of them are completely empty. so if you can't go can ask them who they are, they're actually just empty all the time. ah one way of putting it is, this is not at all about housing. ah, the buildings they function as, as you want those houses to be empty and unused. because you can play with them in these dark empty buildings and they are making money. so when people think of poor investor, something went wrong. hell,
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know who? my 1st reaction to learning about this phenomenon of vacant dwellings. i was pretty outreach. i remain outraged in a human rights framework. and through the u. n. system, it's very clear who was accountable states states are responsible, they have international human rights obligations, they sign treaties, and they make commitments to the international community that they will uphold international human rights, which include the adequate housing wow, i know that's a real blow. a silly phone call to my door. and then i open the front door as as a blanket oh,
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black smoke disclosable. very common thinking of as a fire. ah, one with you right now is the beginning of the 5 weeks. do we need for 2 and a half hours? that's the beginning. that's ah. when i heard about it, i was in canada and watching it unfold through twitter and then i started getting these details. social housing estate, marginalized community community sat in a very rich,
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affluent borough allegations of poor housing conditions from before the fire. ah, can i see an arm or here? come through this month? god grant my wife and then another. and that was my come to to kind of grab myself . said, how about my dog, my dog? the officer said no, i'm sorry. we're gonna have to go. so just look to my dog and i this is an amazing dogs, mildly, my child is a to you o b who called louis hamilton the 2nd, but he chose his own name, given the options need, like louis so saw his and then we will off into the darkness and then on going down
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and then on treading on things think oh, there must have the water pipes already in the stairwell, but then the realization know i figured people off the on treading on own i'm bodies on treading on something. something this is that is in my way, i was actually quite happy when they put, clad in to make it pretty make it look nicest for the surrounding area. and somebody knew that that day on the cheek. there were these elements that seemed to be a bit of a global phenomenon where you have a kind of vulnerable community, most of the people in rental working,
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but they're working poor literally living side by side with incredibly wealthy people. and i credible amount of wealth the tension between the 2 and then watching this fire, it was like a physical representation of the displacement of a community. for me, that's the narrative of the world right now. one of the i heard one of the counselors while the counselor said, if you can't live in knowing he'll daysia neutral being milledgeville was all about to say several other did you get, we'll go from. so he's not, he would, i live there all their lives. i just mean like tree like that me and this will limit makes me sick to want to i briefed issamottom. well just disregard them like their rubbish. like they have that file. they just put them as like, as like, you know, this is the richest town in america. how can i oh,
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you have human rights obligations easy and you can't let these investors and the financial system run amok on its own. i see why human rights, every single person has a bunch of rights. and then i have a question for you. and that is a, you are legal scholar on human rights. you just okay, yes, right? you have the instrumentality that is the law. exactly. because when i see is those with power board, can they deploy the law in ways that work for their stuff is happening? lou prices go up in the neighborhood that is fixed. that's when the everybody understands that part. and then they should understand that at that point, another actor might come into the picture, a monster that nobody can see that nobody really understands
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whose language is incomprehensible. who is this? what is happening here? ah, i don't believe that capitalism itself is hugely problematic. is unbridled capitalism in an area that is a human right? problematic. yes. and i think that's what differentiates housing as a commodity from gold as a commodity goal does not a human right. housing is ah, so complex that since you haven't wow yourself monday. well, the previous landlords, i think we'll see a c d i think they,
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they put information up. let a, let us know that the bill due to conflicts is going to be sold. but this is before phil, phil, phil, phil came it, you know, who is fairfield? i don't know who they are from. what i'm told to pay a bill is a subsidiary of mom. is a black storm. right. private equity firm. yes, exactly. they want to raise each, each carmine the rent up to like $900.00 each. that is by $900.00 by margin. are you going to be able to pay that? i don't know. i mean, i can definitely say next year it is, there is no way and we have one to go. i don't have a clue. i don't know. right. and do you mind me asking, are you employed to say yeah, and so what percentage of your income would this be 2590 percent low 90 assay glory. yes. 9090 percent. and do you consider that affordable for you and mm. i think human rights law hasn't caught up and it worries me that i
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haven't quite yet found the language. how do we describe it in a way that will make sense resonate and really get at that issue? i'm still looking. i'm looking for that. i feel a little bit desperate about that. so maybe i need to keep talking to the people in the financial field. the 1st title, find out. i noticed when i came here was luther or a label admitted the opening hours. they filled out and, and thought they are willing to come in for monday. this is 3 hours or week am on tuesday. so every time the appointment is vacant, they thought they renovation, whereby lake and increase. the rents will lower of fleet, 50 percent. but these are increased, rents have no connection at all to the actual costs. why this is very,
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very profitable for them. ah, my name is sherry district from the bank. we only banks, that's fine. it's you know, it's sell something. we pay money for the finance is totally different. i always say finance. so something it does not and that means that finance is basically an extract finance. it's like mining once it has extracted what it needs, it doesn't care what happens with the rest the value of all real estate, that functions as an asset is $217.00 trillion dollars. that's more than global g, d,
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p of all the countries in the world of all the economies in the world. ah, they're highly cannon flashed extractions because they come in the ship of extraordinarily complex instruments that nobody who's not in the business can understand it. so complex that we delegate to the experts who are the experts, is the financial sector itself. at night in stockholm, southern somali months patrol the streets fully ski and no longer no luck of the monthly premium in tired of gang violence. the use a maternal approach to prevent time is fully devoted to had a do warehouse, but a bit didn't button in the stories. we don't often hear told by the people who
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lived them. mothers of ring could be. this is europe. on al jazeera, france once had a vast empire spending several continents. but by the 1940s, the french were forced to confront reality and demands for independence. in the 1st part of a documentary series, al jazeera looks at how the colonial unrest grew. conflict to no julia and full scale war and indo china blood and his french, the colonization on al jazeera, the latest news, as it breaks, freedom of breaths and the creams of talking to each other, trying to ins that differences. because together, they form a large block in parliament with detailed coverage because the world's largest producer of low to sleep. but children are being used to beat the rising demand from around the world. the island has increased in land map. it's as if rivera with
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this corruption is pulling the island of la paloma out of the ocean. lou are about to send and doha, the top stories on al jazeera, ty, ones defense minister, says beijing will be capable of a full scale invasion by 2025. since friday, a record number of chinese military aircraft are flown inside an air defense buffer zone. close to taiwan pol, remaining within international airspace. beijing seize the island as part of its territory. robin bryan has more from hong kong.


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