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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2021 6:30am-7:01am AST

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nations and what these people have done is to have been able to select, you know, the right parameters within this very, very complicated system by which you can predict you can really mission fire systems, which is the systems are working here for the international space station is about to become cinemas, most expensive, moving sets russian access julia paras, lute and direct her claim. she practical of arrived on board. they blasted off in a saw you spacecraft, shoot the 1st have a feature film in space. it's about a surgeon. it has to save the life of an astronaut. well defined gravity. ah, this is all just here. these are the top stories. taiwan is defense minister says beijing will be capable of a full scale invasion by 2025 gallons. worried after
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a record number of chinese military aircraft flew within its air defense identification zone. since friday, beijing sees the island as part of its territory. robert bryan has more from hong kong. the defense minister went on to say that the fact the relations now the tensions with china are all the worst. they have been. he says for a 40 years. so i think taiwan has been genuinely rattled by the scale of this incursion. china, as we know for many months now, has been sending aircraft towards the island into the air defense identification. so that's the space running up to the island of taiwan. but it is the scale, the number of aircraft in the last 4 days that says, why do we tie one, facebook c o. mark zuckerberg has pushed back after a whistleblowers testimony to u. s. congress, in a blog post. he said his company's research had been taken out of context and arguments. it pushes content for profit, our illogical but former product manager francis hagen,
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told lawmakers at capitol hill. the social media giant is an urgent threat to its users and should be regulated ah, a total of more than $700000.00 people have no died in the united states from corona virus. the washington national cathedral told its bel $700.00 times to mark the fatalities. the number of deaths this year has already surpassed 2020 figures. officials say it was almost 12 hours before the damage pipeline was investigated. after oil seeped into waters of southern california and trying to find out of the damage was caused by a ship's anchor. more than 570000 liters of oil has leaked into the ocean. a british envoy has become the 1st official from europe to meet the taliban in kabul since his takeover of, of gaston, you case its special representative from ghana. stan raised the treatment of minorities in women and talks with a groups deputy prime minister. while i bought a darn those of the headlines witness is next.
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lou pitches don't lie. that's the beauty of television. journalism. i've always wanted to make the audience feel something to create an emotional connection with the story. sometimes you have to go to great lengths to do just that. when we made a film on the floor to bars, we covered it without fear or favor we. so 1st hand up to you, the pandemic record and the behavior, leave it on the truck. when you realize what's going on, the police investigating and right now office, the government expelled me, that i couldn't hide from the truth as a tax on press freedom escalate. i worked the al jazeera because i hold the line, mom drew ambrose. mm.
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ah. a beautiful also good for a my your boss on the solar? no, don't let me read it on the passenger
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a oh, a symbol in the when a cushy thing put down that they can g. a bought a little bit more funny. so the 2 units for casa, oh, the, when will the stand t o g a charge chip on coca long for sure. i can finish it.
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oh, a . ready oh, i'm looking to move a year . oh, a buddy for florida? yes. you are looking for a noun clause with well,
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it would be a lot of a double number. every company you wanted to get out of that with the general with it. i was company for nearly 4 months, the only suspense because the dodgy going to go out of the garbage or not the will look at that. i didn't think was the question though. so channing it, they will, they will get you down a little i'm going to go through them. you actually go out of where you go, because you look at what's similar to that. if you could only be somebody for c, l c, medical, let us know. and you know what, i've heard nothing about the renters,
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30. i don't know, maybe hold on to no nation eliminating court and we still would have to go in the field through the computer and mean 10 of these on the recall that or yes it will be that is the same. the, these are new that you will to me to call you back soon and again, i'm in my pocket. i'm pony so she can and if i'm sorry, you've been getting a number going tonight initially because the finance of the the problem with that putting out the one that is that you can see that i've got to
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be near a to get other city or the 2nd, 5 to 20, where you on your own will see that i think a lot of money to live in the tagging me see that again? they could be sooner because even when i go to my senior, mr. miller, i've been doing a suit. me. mooney consecutive aesthetic as the one, you know, you know, he lens, he's been filled with the protocol layer yet
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if you would, he enough that i know meal began to know later. katy generally giddy eva the that animosity displayed when the moon and up to $132.00. it caused me to give other the interim. i 1st of them be push it
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a you say said there are new or they also in your maternity been be and if you would have less thrown out that you would you would have been initially and if you could, i mean a lot. i was in the memory to the latimer as soon as christ engineer was sipping taste and i really couldn't renew it. and we sort of confronted the fire that propped up as a bit of motor brings a few notes looped on, but we wanted to get some interest to show anything more to the spectacular than she oh, because i tried to get all my time with tv based on the
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piano, piano chevy. sheena kiser flor it equals. you started bitching a cliff. hi. yeah, there is been sierra door. he took worker for me. look on the psyche bulletin i me to lay the man the psyche, english storming thought. are there to go over the asia pushing the brain delivery and st. i'm nan was study vandalism. there was one through for sure. let me give you a call back and let me start getting the upper. he's gonna say me no less up yamaha authority. she jordan in all of her gladly and can i subtle the closing and so you are see me as you want or you will see these to the proper inch and throw parity the owner, the she is, are you crystal years to start the broken up?
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but to on wednesdays, possible more that are for to the lord unit will order or to to actually see for more of the key asset into spencer. wanted initialize oh oh a little more you did for bad. did that out even a just stopping idea when i make you and see the
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reading that he only dr. levine. i wanted a guy with with a guy who am i? am the found them? i'm not enough reno man. oh video? leno? nene? if we put a 50 day left in the, the 100 we did, other than to new or so, nicole kelly makena portales to meet the it also to study play city throughout the day. so call the the, what i'm adding book up at a kit precipitous. so nick and kim, i don't need to do that. i want to provide for
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being mm. a good one for see when you sent them a whole stuff done before that helped a there lay a seems to me in christ only on
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the corner near the companion my number where he could just see what he joined in one of the cd. but yet we're lacking of glue. but as a broker, the amateur luna persona asking to get choice in 15 to week is to be in contact to the united states as a confederate to when to do it in a few to chat. what did you do on that to the new model that you had? i saw brenda took that switch and so it seems like the city to fit in in new york.
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mm mm mm. such as, you know, we seem to know the price on that to provide to get but what happens a. ready little bit if you are very different, a little bit different with will not or not on that. the minister were to who steve. i do not 1st. we're not
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going to run for months. your lay on have you done fighting any last he talked soon, italy between h i c dot com to do nasty stance. i tried. i didn't come to the audit. they might all becky sooner symptom wouldn't dive, you know, more luminary car ability to work in schulman t d albany. yeah. oh oh oh oh no.
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oh you go mental i'm will be there soon. if i said with you most a facebook tweak that last i get navina event that it and then it quit. oh, let me think which really equates to the claim. will mean milan hobbies you're going to be donati. i laugh or i love what add a not that i make that all the platters gunmen actually, since i'm asking you know, one of each in a last made than in disconcerting. gotcha. oh ah . a with a j at god. okay,
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probably man. thank god billing for with i you that up that i'll change your contact jane taking a look at people invariably and put it in. she came out to push the cla, uti philip's other domains. dr. modi it says from getting la casita you that a movie, it a one of my media who's us, which is bow capital over my, my social's elizabeth. i know that the orchestra cooperate will know what to laddie leather called seniors on a property, came out to let you to do the cheese. it broke with seca fil with what i found, cynthia crystal case, one antiquity from only a new cloud of school. i, since i left a libya rooms out in july with the betty at our group
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boss leaves me in the feeling oh, i don't you know, they call with . ringback ringback ringback ringback you guys will tell you what they want to pursue and i feel we know that. i mean it, i live, i will do it. the corolla local that took origin colby's that you to know a lot. i will fucked on for you. the man who appears to ponder that that ot mcclintock, which was the chief that argues, he thought that it was to me, i wish boss draw medina moliere, k, a market, missouri theatrical movie. answer there tomorrow on the spot to little to open
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that final. sure. second, lay or full on your for then. okay. marked washington. rafa and laura leo came up to what she called a real it on casualty and put the within adding manase. i mean the word will i still go after them profession easter on iraq. spell mean timothy izzy matthews, book and so on. if, if it's been several minutes that they log being so young. yeah. let me set a spanner. calisha more substantial, but go on a few minutes and meeting. but gus and all that, i mean it, chow, in amy's, i, i
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think she's my way boy talking that we carry the words and he thought that it was an engine at a sooner or is he coming to prison? sony. any stranger put up your fall is east or get your song neck when yeah, that is seen the need for me at a professional level what i may, but i'll put on a lot of battle at the 15 but i'm not about that. if i thought it was fine, he love it. so i seem to find
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open. i mean, you can just give me a call over there was a boy, a federal woman sealed with that? yeah, i think the father of course a lot and he's wanting to heal. if you have y'all, she's with me a call me back home and talk to you guys, you know, or you want to put it in our south road. okay. and that's just those to the fact that their cousin would you featured a vermont a stuff, cynthia, me, kazi ho dean did the one to let it bushland activity level or does it,
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does this your ground really? but finance. yeah. if you that when are you will to you'll missing to april 10th and up until suddenly and tricky just to be able to just fidel. yeah. i don't know the limit to stream it to no, no because he can, you provide me what i mean in all still are you hearing. ready me because i'm willing to go see jennifer said that when the city of june in the city to deal with
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my daughter for a lawyer said i don't mo daughter. go out and won't let her go out. and papa luisel booth. and that is for the city i'm working from fione. it was the 20th on august the court thought a be to jordan, the the provide the 5 they do if we indeed the persona believe it or to pull out it ah
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little mother to throw on on the middle of a lot of them. but she knew she wished, she'll know, don't that can be at are sort of you have fast to is to be clueless financing but given you and if i chose some other shoot that off, you know, i could on that or sure. no, you could me a lot of this. so i went back to the us video emily and i think that i little bit of a little know vehicles about via that, but in that a, a b 2. what is it look in
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housing has become a commodity instead of a human rights. thank you. some people the ability to take advantage of others, the elite feel free to violate basic laws, the working classes that have lost a lot of ground to high society. a un special reporter on adequate housing travels the world and the gates in the global crisis. people are evicted to clear the way for investors and properties too often left empty. push a witness documentary on a just, you know, the latest news as it breaks, free democrats and the greens are talking to each other, trying to ionize that differences. because together, they form a large block in parliament with detail coverage because the world's largest producer of low to see that children are being used to meet the rising demand from around the world. the island has increased in land. math is as if riviera with this
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corruption is pulling the island of la palmer out of the ocean. when freedom of the press is under threat, step outside the mainstream shift the focus, the pandemic has turned out to be a handy little pre tax for the prime minister, clamped down on the press. the listening post on a just ita around $200.00 wise buyers have struck turkey in recent weeks and also support has how to bring them on the control almost a decade that go west spaniel. glad martin was an exchange student in turkey's boost province. she had no idea she will be flying planes over turkeys agent, coastline to have come back. wildfires is one of a dozen fire fighters who everite from spain to counter fires that have eaten up forest and pastures along the turkeys a gym and mediterranean coast. in the distance headquarters refilled their camp to
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buckets for another go at the fires though many are now contained, others have stubbornly spread due to change in dreams. their crafts have played a white to roll in these operations because they can cover long distances in a matter of minutes, especially in mountainous terrain. the long turkey autumn coast. ah, taiwan warns china will be able to mount a full scale invasion by 2025. his tensions escalate over beijing's latest show of aerial force. ah, i'll buy this and this is algebra live from doha. also coming up. i'm here today because i believe.


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