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freight they say tough working conditions have forced them to protest. oh, we demand that the government under the general coca log that a resolution has to be passed to enable the transfer of a commercialization market to a new site for coca growers in order to guarantee the peace and unity of the youngest president. eva morales has accused the youngest of being paid off to act against his government. oh, he says he's organizing a counter march next week. and the battle controlled of believe his lucrative coca trade hangs in the balance law about a monthly al jazeera. ah, hello, you're watching out his ear and these are the top stories this our tie, one's defense minister is warning at china will be capable of launching a full scale invasion of the island within just 4 years. it comes after
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a record number of chinese military aircraft entered, ty, ones, the air defense on facebook. c o. mark zuckerberg has pushed back after a whistleblowers test to me to us congress. he says he's companies research had been taken out of context. former product manager frances, how going alleges the social media giant is an urgent threat to its uses and should be regulated. she says the company's sites hum, children's stroke division and weaken democracy's facebook and change, but is clearly not going to do so on its own. my theory that without action, divisive and extremist behaviors we see to day are only the beginning. what we saw in myanmar and are now seen and ethiopia are only the opening chapters of a story. so terrifying, no one wants to re the end of it. congress can change the rules, the facebook plays by and stop the many harms. it is now causing the death tow from coven 19 in the us. so father,
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he is higher than the total recorded for all of 20. 20. more than 700000 americans have now died from the virus. the washington national cathedral marked the fatalities by ringing its bell 700 times. investigators say a pipeline that late hundreds of thousands of leeches of oil into the water of southern california was not initially investigated for almost 12 hours. the coast guard says it didn't have enough evidence and was handed by darkness in a lack of technology. a british envoy is the 1st official from europe to made the taliban and cobbles in seats. takeover of afghanistan, simon gas. the u. k. special representative for afghanistan held talks with the tele bonds deputy prime minister, milan, baron. um those are the headlines. the news continues with rob here on al jazeera after earth rise bye for now. more than 30 years after the assassination of burkina, faso iconic liter thomas son got on those charged with his killing,
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are going on trial among them, his success, place, gunpowder. here's the country's long search for justice. finally, coming to an end, the sancho taught special cover from october 11th on alta 0. ah good climate change is an existential threats to life on the world. health organization predicts that in 30 years, it will be directly responsible for the death of over $250000.00 people each year. many feel governments of failing to respond. and it's unlikely that the paris agreement targets of keeping the global temperature rise below 2 degrees centigrade
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will be met. but determined, pressure groups, believe change is possible. thus seeking to push urgency, environmental action to the top, the political agenda, and these movements a gathering momentum. i'm the raw, tore in the us where a group of dung active if it's pushing for a radical shift in government policy in order to avert a climate crisis. and i make the carbon in the u. k. and i have come to learn. c about movement known as extinction. rebellion, whose members believe is the only route to environmental change is that a people is rising fearful for the planet, they'll inherit young people around the world are standing up and demanding a better future. in the u. s. a growing and passionate group of youth is campaigning for urgent environmental action and forcing the adults to listen. we're talking about pace is happening now. with this
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is the sunrise movement. in space of just 2 years, this group of activists, most of them are under 30, has grown 210-0000 members, are not with their strategy is clear to halts. climate change by working within the system and lobbying politicians into pushing through legislative and economic reform. i've come to boston to find out how the sunrise movement has become a force to be reckoned with in us. politics. leading the charge is 26 year olds, varsity for cash. while studying in massachusetts, she joined the university's fossil fuel divestment campaign before co founding sunrise in 2015. so you've been with the sunrise movement from the very beginning. what made you started? a number of us young people, all under the age of 30,
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we're seeing that the hurricanes were getting bigger, the fires, seasons were getting longer, the floods were getting bigger. but there wasn't a movement big enough for young people to ensure that we had a habitable planet for our future generations to talk more about why you feel you need to act right now. so scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 years to make unprecedented changes to transform every part of our economy and our society to de carbonized, to get off fossil fuels, to invest in renewables. and to protect life and human civilization on this planet as we know it. and yet our politicians have not done what's necessary. they have not built and garner the political will, that we need and people are dying as a result. at the heart of the sunrise, strategy is the green new deal with a radical environmental change policy. the idea of her, which was conceived in the us in the 1960s. the deal's goal is to completely
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transform the u. s. economy by ending its dependency on fossil fuels investing as jed and renewable energy and creating jobs in the process. the greener deal is a massive economic mobilization at a scale that we have not seen in this country since world war 2. that is an effort to stock climate change and create millions of good jobs. ah, i'm curious to find out what the real political change is possible with people power alone, particularly by those so young i've come to the sunrise, boston hub. there are 204 hubs like this spread across the nation. here, every month, 60 sunrise members gather to share experiences, get behind the cause. welcome to our april 2nd, how do i get in doing
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a to hubs? get people of all backgrounds, an opportunity to come together and voice, their concerns. every single person who decided to come to the senior today is a part of this movement as a part of this greater moment in history. these are young people need to be heard. it's pretty tough for tmj. mm hm. and they want to take positive steps to fix the world. we live in a little direction with the hub solution to break groups where they plan their next actions. what do we think will actually make high schoolers, unless we just post, like
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a green background with the words like brand new to you and put a link in our bio or something? i don't interrupt. so feel free to norma. dear friends, in high school care about climate change. ally of people i know i know that climate change is an issue there. that's not to be a debate, is how willingly are you able to get in both? i think a lot of young people don't feel like they have the power all to make any change if we actually come together. we totally van geem so many things. i thought i was coming into a meeting and it's really a lot more than that. there is energy. they're engaged, you feel the sense of urgency is not a reality for them. this is the future and you can feel that but for all their passion, how effective a sunrise actually been marsh these invited me to her home to show the impact sunrise is had in the top tiers of power. so this was from
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our 1st action apps, nancy pelosi office in washington dc. and as you can see, there's literally hundreds of young people lining up the halls and they're carrying science that they what is your plan? our ultimate goal was to share our vision of what the green new deal is all about looking at this or seems to be a sort of plan of action, right? there's a, there's a style that sunrise is using to achieve your goals. we're really trying to embody the fact that we are young people fighting for our future. and we want it to be joyous. and we want it to be raucous, and we want it to be serious, and we want it to be determined and resolved nunnery say that older generations, chronic and activity on environmental issues is an excuse of, from the united states will see all implementation of the nog. biding
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paris accord the current republic. government refuses to even acknowledge. there is a problem. so sunrise, believe they must act to make change happen and is alive or that we're going to talk to right now. and they are being heard. green generation has risen on a growing number of democrats. senators now support the green new deal. and sunrise have found influential political allies in socially conscious representatives like alexandria castillo cortez. this is bright before representative because in cortez unprecedentedly joined us on her 1st day of orientation as a new congress woman. to say that we have nancy pelosi in the democratic parties back in pushing for the most progressive and ambitious energy agenda. this country has ever seen with back with her,
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but firm opposition to the green new deal remains. on the 26th of march, 2019, a draft of the deal was unanimously rejected by the republican controlled senate. how did you feel when the resolution got voted down in the senate? the goal of the resolution is for it to be a statement of values to chart a blueprint to lay out the projects of what would be included with in the green new deal. we need an attitude shifts, we need to put into gear and into momentum, these big ideas so that we can write the policy over the next year and get these things to pass me. sunrise aim to create momentum further caused by directly lobbying political leaders. do it. i did sean and his team planned to doorstep andrea campbell, the president of boston city council. the gulf states get an assignment, no fossil fuel money watch got it. i later down the road, we're working with her and i several other counselors to craft
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a resolution for agree new deal that's going to pass the city council chalet, missouri. the 1st step for the group is to encourage politicians to sign a pledge, promising that they will refuse money from fossil fuel companies who want them to act in their interest. over $1400.00 politicians have signed so far. as we approached the council president's office, i'm struck by this group's confidence. they walk straight in jail to meet you. a good, nice to me. you were pumped. we're here to ask you if you could side the know fossil fuel money pledge? absolutely, i mean, i will say before i even you know, sign this. thank you for your advocacy and your work. the stuff doesn't happen by accident. if people aren't showing up, so happy to participate, happy to do this. i just want to say thank you. so it's not just her movement, whether confronting a lot of hostility,
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they're actually getting support and encouragement and more freely from politicians . i think we lead by example, and i know i do. and so by saying, let's do this. signing on and committing. we hoped that others would follow our lead. it's impressive to see these young people having genuine success in the halls of power. having meetings like this is really rushing because it shows that we do have allies out there that we can't be working with in the system to, to promote shades that we want to see the world job. he had the sunrise movement is clearly influential and it's getting results where it matters most. their ultimate goal is to convince the majority of congressmen and women to sponsor in the green new deal. so when the next government is elected in 2020, the bill has the weight of support to make it policy. the sunrise event is asking for a lot and they're asking for quickly, critic say they're too idealistic for, for a problem as massive as climate change. we do need ambitious radical solutions now
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. ah, today's environmental site uprisings of the post as proof, it's incredible. social change really is possible. in 90 no 3 in britain, the suffragettes campaigned for women to have the rights to vote with a rallying cry of deeds, not words they often resort to extreme acts at at some race course. emily davidson even gave her life for the cause. these tactics worked in 1928 women, one equal voting rights in britain 35 years later in america, the civil rights movement. so to end racial segregation, martin luther king lex, the peaceful protests. non problem is the most potent grab one available. hoover nicole under the bed for freedom in human business by $968.00 after
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a decade of campaigning, african americans to secure legal rights to equal employment voting and housing. by analyzing passive resistance movements, political scientist erica chenoweth identified a threshold for success. a 3 and a half percent, the population mobilized against the establishment. social change will happen with force. many of us need to change the way we treat out. there is one group which is taking things to the next level. in october 2018, a group of activists and good by political inaction on climate change declared themselves to be an open defiance of the u. k. government. they hold themselves extinction, rebellion or exile for sure. i'm doing the right amount is in place. they, they,
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what, outside the system, engaging in bold, non violent acts of civil disobedience. their strategy is to create headline grabbing protest designed to maximize public exposure. they believe this will gain them a mass following and force real change. in just 6 months, they have already expanded into 15 countries to spread across full continent. i met that london headquarters on the day of one of their most extreme actions. yet in a protest day, a cooling blood of all children exile plant, still 500 liters of fake blood on downing street office, an residence of british prime minister hiker. and i live in history. nice me one of the ex i was co founders is clare tiro, when the idea of the blood of our children were already suffering
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a genocide because of the impacts of pollution. so we're trying of this action to get people to understand that it's that it kills people and that it kills people. now it's already killing people. it's not like something ahead in the future. a, as we make our way to downing street, i want to know why they're compelled to confront the political establishment in such a drastic way. we think it's important that our actions are direct to the government because this only, i think a state lead a thought internationally that's going to make a meaningful change to the situation that we're in. so we're trying to represent the kind of visceral reality of death and suffering which climate change has already started to close around the world in which it will cause in the future. the procession is designed to feel like a funeral match. it comes to a stop and the crowd flew silent
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with the part of my children, my children, and young people here. x r a, making a profound statement, just a stone's theory from the prime minister's office. ah, we need to take action. we don't have much time left. please don't let this be the reality. i'm struck by the emotion on the display. what is the political change, the extinction rebellion work to see? what do you want to achieve by all of us? we do have 3 main demands. the 1st one is for the government to tell the truth, it's helped to communicate the crisis to the public. the 2nd demand is to reduce carbon emissions to net 0 by 2025. and then the 3rd demand,
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which i think is the main prizes to achieve structural political change in the form of the citizens assembly, ordinary people who are educated on the facts and then come together to talk about what might be the best route forward. do you think, is it cheaper? well, i think it's necessary. mm hm. x i want to become impossible to ignore. so it's members of planning, the biggest protest yet they hope to bring london to a standstill with a 2 week human blockade of the city streets at exiles h key. i'm missing one of the chief coordinators of the shut down larch, maxie, what we're doing for with the rebellion is having it go up, causing the level of disruption that could bring about you know, the government to me. i demolish. do you think that you're at risk of almost alienation yourself by crossing over into that legal category?
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look, this atomic voices. there's an ecological crisis. we're here to stop this. he exist central threat. we face, we nonviolent, the maintaining respect. we're putting ourselves on the lines, were risking our liberty. the plan is to block the streets of the you, case capitol with walls of people. they'll chain lock and even glue themselves to structures and to one another. these actions are deliberately planned to create maximum disruption and caused arrests. just lichtenstein trains members on how to deal with the police in a non violent way, can only have a activist who is willing to be arrested and carried off the lease. ma'am, in the middle, you're willing to gara said they're not going to make it easy for that members trained to go live as soon as they attached. or i was think they were going to rest . so it would take as many as 5 police officers to remove a single activist by maximizing the number of arise x are believe they can create
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publicity and a groundswell of support or extension billions, only way floor. this is the only way they believe that things are going to improve the sort of civil disobedience in these kinds of actions. 15th of april, 2019 and it's the morning of the london shut down. the organizers are expecting thousands of protesters. they plan to block london to main streets and bridges for 2 weeks, bringing the city to a grinding hold. i'm meeting claire as she prepares. what could be the biggest demonstration in exxon history and come in thank a feeling hopeful. i'm feeling hopeful that we're gonna have more impact william half and more people can understand the message from the and the seriousness of it . the reason why we have to do this is because it is this bad. we do feel this afraid of our future. don't know what else to do with
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extinction rebellions target is the government. but the people who will be hit hardest to day or the every day commuters as a tried to get to work. there's potential then that all of this can be disrupted and people might be able to get to where they go. and because of the actions that say, hey, how is that justified? we're really sorry. we don't really want to do this, but we also don't want to pass on a livable planet. the next generation we arrive at oxford. zach has an 8 30 am and only a handful of activists are here. we quickly get a taste of where public favour might lie. i'm not quite sure how the group succeed in blocking the very heart of london was the plan here because at the moment, right, isn't all spies. there's nothing on it. so what's gonna happen?
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groups of people are going to close roads and then something should be arriving. there's no way out of the blue reinforcement to right. oh, it's something i didn't expect in a hundreds of activists crowd around the bite on the london shut down has begun in a matter of hours. 10000 supporters descend upon 5 sites. of course, the capital, oxford circus parliament square marble arch, piccadilly, circus and worsley bridge manned by lots and his team. they have blocked the entire
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stretch of rage with trees, a music stage, camps and a human being a i've managed to find locked status. notice police activity. so i'm just watching them go boy, coming in on. what's been happening, or we're just kind of monitoring the place as numbers of increase slightly at some point that gonna be under pressure to clear the bridge on me. and what we've got to try and do is get them to build. question is, how much disruption will the government force us to create until they do the right thing and meet the demands and start to try and keep a site. and you're willing to lose your liberty for it and get arrested if people are willing to sacrifice the liberty, it sends a message to the public, to the media and to the built the politicians that this is a serious issue. elsewhere, demonstrations are escalating as protest is target, the largest oil and gas company in europe shall just run down to a site where rebel was have to forget themselves and knocked himself up outside.
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shall h. fees are burned. like i'm eat linden at woodson. one of the lead demonstrate is here. tell me a little bit about why your hair show was nervous about the problem of climate change for over 30 years. and they all, one of the biggest, uh, bits is called in the water to like these acts of criminal damage or the catalyst for the police to make that 1st arrest. oh, need to hunt shell accountable with the atrocities. think human kind angela natural? well, we've just seen to extinction. rebellion rebel has been taken away by police. i know to make sexual valiant getting exactly what they're after. 8 hours after the shut down began. please take action. citing section 14 at the public order act which prepaids obstruction, the highway. ah,
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more than a 1000 arrests and 30000 new recruits later with goring support of course, 33 countries. b u. k. government finally agrees to meet exxon. on the 1st of may 2019. the house of commons makes history becoming the 1st national parliament in the world to declare a climate and ecological emergency. climate change. activism stretches back 50 years. april the 22nd 1917. so the launch of us day. 20000000 americans took to the streets on a modern environmental movement was born. in the eighty's, greenpeace took matters into their own hands. heading to the seas to battle the commercial dumping of toxic waste, nuclear testing and whale hunting. today, the movement has a new fick ahead and teenager gretta turned back. the older generation has failed
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tackling the biggest crisis humanity as of the face by going on school strike. she inspired 1400000 students and 112 countries to join her in a global woke house. the message has been clear for 50 years, but to day the voices louder and more insistence than ever. oh, the cry change must happen now. ah. every war lisa, devastating in time, tony environment, earth rise, explore some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientists. safeguarding one of our most valuable results is these are important samples. we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees. striving to co exist with nature. okay, so what's going on there is the assimilating. what happens when an elephant
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accomplish life off to conflict on al jazeera ah, alger 0 rate, with no off the decades of conflict between successive colombian, government and the fox marxist gorillas. and historic peace, the code in 2016 so fight is lay down their arms 5 years on a rising defense and the fruitful police repression a new like the violence has rocked the nation. people and power off if the agreement is failing and what's next, that the country columbia killing the piece on al jazeera with 20 hidden cameras, criminals are illegally filming, and sharing people's most intimate moments. when used to investigate south korea's
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by coming the demick on algebra. ah, taiwan warns china will be able to mount a full scale invasion by 2025 as tensions escalate over beijing's latest show of aerial force. ah, i'm rollback isn't. this is all 0 live from doha. also coming up. i'm here today because i believe.


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