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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah l g 0 with oh, hello, i'm emily angland in dough hobbies at the top stories on al jazeera facebook c o mugs, zak, a berg has pushed back after a whistle blow as testimony to u. s. congress, in a blog post. he said he's companies, research had been taken out of context for more product manager, francis halligan told low mike is the social media giant is an urgent threat to its uses and should be regulated. she says the company's sides hom, children's store divisions, and wake him democracies. i saw facebook repeatedly encounter conflicts between its
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own profits and our safety. facebook consistently resolve these conflicts in favor of its own profits. the result has been more division, more harm, more lies, more threats, and more combat. in some cases, this is a, this dangerous online talk has led to actual violence that harms and even kills people. this is not simply a matter of certain social media. users being angry or unstable, are about one side being radicalized against the other. it is about facebook choosing to grow at all costs. becoming an almost trillion dollar company by buying its profits with our safety. the company intentionally hides vital information from the public, from the us government, and from governments around the world, the subcommittee cham and says facebook's negative impact on society will last for years to come. des, damage to self interest and self worth of inflicted by facebook to day will
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haunt a generation. feelings of inadequacy and insecurity, rejection and self hatred will impact this generation for years to come. our children are the ones who are victims. genes today, looking at themselves in the mirror, feel down and insecurity. mark zuckerberg ought to be looking at himself in the mirror. today. he was president joe biden has spoken to his chinese counter behind about tensions with taiwan. he says, teaching ping has promised to abide by what he's described as the tie one agreement . this comes after record number of chinese aircraft entered the islands air defense on ty, ones. defense ministry says 148 chinese war plains had breached the area since friday. by jing views the island is part of its territory,
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but ty pay sees it as an independent country. a bar i want to group. we are here with a total of more than $700000.00 people of now died in the united states from the corona virus. oh, the washington national cathedral told it spell $700.00 times to month fatalities. the number of deaths this year has already surpassed 2020 figures. while in russia depths from covered 19, if he did daily record for the 3rd time in a month, 890 fatalities were confirmed on tuesday, and more than 25000 infections. officials say the numbers concerning but there are no plans to range, reduce a lockdown. the kremlin has caught on people to get vaccinated saying it's the only
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way to stop the virus from spreading. venezuela has reopened its land border with columbia for the 1st time in almost 3 years. it was closed by president nicholas maduro in 2019. he had alleged attempted aid. shipment was part of the us backed plot to overthrow his government. nearly 330000 children were victims of sexual abuse at the hands of the french catholic church or the 70 years. that's the finding of an independent commission, which also says the church showed cruel indifference to victims. pope frances has expressed great sorrow for those who've been hurt and the nobel prize in physics has been awarded to 3 scientists for discoveries in climate and complex physical systems. those are the headlines i'm emily anguish. the news continues here on al jazeera,
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after the dark side of the green energy. bye for now. ah, i need to speak tomorrow to protest against climate change the protests or planned a massive crime marching from blue square. for years its existence has been denied. but to day climate change has become a global concerned. citizens are asking their elected officials for concrete solutions to buy pollution and rising temperatures. why should we study for a future that is being taken away from us? in 2015, 195 countries committed to reducing their c o. 2 emissions at the end of the comp $21.00 conference. the new energy transition initiatives were officially launched up by book. so let girl body,
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i thought that the age of petroleum dominance has come to an end. green technologies such as wind turbines and solar panels will now find their place. this is one of the most impressive and astounding technological revolutions in all history make our planet great. again mm, one object becomes the symbol of this new ecological era. the electric car, mitchell, shackle voucher or li zack, hold on here cuz he'd only toss. i went to a think. hello. no, that is under tony poor. lemme does say we're due to the poll, empty people are just talking about wind and solar is if that's gonna
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solve the problem. it won't as the energy transition takes us away from fossil fuel resources, it is already generating new environmental design. everything which surround us with him and society is made of minerals. basically, electric cars are made of metal to mineral ocean. they need to be mind somewhere, dental it from getting that off the ship or sometime about it later than it should listen to the next letter. and they took a, took it with a dark side of korean energies and often overlooked because the industrial and political challenges are numerous. that police went out to think of any muslim wishing of his home. all that club, however, on the sun measures didn't get either push it to so now, so soon as i can, if you see this is 2nd feca should that he told you. so he would have fear that you
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will hear that up all assume what if the promise of clean energy was only an illusion? what if green text remedies are actually worse than the evils of fossil fuels? ah ah. the ecological transition is above all and economic transition to be convinced. one only needs to visit the stanza, genevas huge car, show electric is in fashion. it is even the industries future new vehicles are presented as green or stamped as
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e for 0 emissions. the ecological argument offers traditional carmakers the opportunity to reinvent them. because since the diesel gate scandal in 2015, buyers have become more responsible adopters. off electric vehicles are people who believe and sustainability. they want to do good for the environments and they want to do their parts to contribute to fewer emissions and less pollution graham you to shikeria has one of those stood anymore. distribute them all, but we're all going to a jump off is sort of which only place and this is why i'm for us at the end of you group, it's important to offer electric fights driving in each of our segments. in addition to the public's new found awareness,
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there are new environmental constraints. this is one of the effects of cop 21. especially in the european union. by 2030 vehicles will have to emit almost 40 percent less c o 2 per kilometer. the electric car results firstly from political decisions. we have to meet the c o 2 emission targets there are sets by that european commission that all of us manufacturers have to make and they're becoming more and more stringent. if we don't meet those targets. there are penalties that will follow and we will have to pay those penalties. and this is what we of course want to avoid. ah, what we hear from the automakers is that the electric car presents only advantages on top of preserving the environment,
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it will create new jobs. so it would be a technological miracle. to morrow, hundreds of millions of electric vehicles will drive all over the planet. but manufacturers know perfectly well electric vehicles are not as clean as they are telling us. yes, oil has been abandoned. but other raw materials, which have become essential have replaced it. these are rare metals. they withdraw hisself, mostly picture tells you she is a wasp ask you so what i will know like what does look what will be me to walk. i
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seek on the lower left, only thought you patina, if you were to read the middle of the proposed exotic oakland in one of new york, you over there somehow, yoga, do the job is to veto elderly. but if you'd like to visit her, she matrix and you know, powerful, shown in which $189.00 rare metals are already present everywhere in gas fuel vehicles. mm. sorry, i'm, for example, allows windshields to filter out the sun's uv rays. mm, thanks to your opium, inter bmw screens or colored red or blue moon. ah, but in an electric car, the roll of rare metals is much more important. they even impact the
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vehicles vital functions. mm. without the odaimi m v electric car simply could not roll. mm. renewed yourself, which of these evil says the muscle true tv? is it only mortality preach? belmont, the cost told me the male secret only myoshi returned. it won't be available, said which room ah said battery is the heart of an electric car. it weighs up to half the weight of the vehicle and would not function without wear metals. to produce a maximum autonomy. an electric battery contains, among other things, cobalt or graphite, but that's not all those in, but it will, from the middle, all boxed cardelia to him. he told me to publish it to me, to tell me the additional sheet, or is it a tonal distal key?
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wouldn't need anything else. the automobile industry has therefore become entirely dependent on these unknown raw materials. raw materials that are also found in most green technologies. the effect that we're trying to click step is on the methyl hawkman did off google vo. uh well there's, wow, this a moment by example, poorly malta, they would yena would do to steer me to keep obama to fabric yearly sooner and they've been, oh, so now listen, who knew a foot over there? he can almost wander. mitzo don't put, put me every new analogy. vet, you know, she of one who grabbed at you when that was long, they made the ha, ah, clean energy, currently represents only 7 percent of the plants,
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electricity production. with the energy transition solar and wind power will supply almost half of our electricity in 2050 ah, in this greener world, it will soon be difficult to light heat or move around without rare metals, ah, mechanically, global demand will explode. there is the ayana with willy little ha ha. pasi panama don't rule. what are the faithful? nearly napalioni unknown? don't cur dorothy gone? they will? yeah. no buys on jail. is lilian of shock of off the lift the la over well which diseases? gatlin thunder do the middle, ha ha, by william. ah,
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after oil dependence, we're in the process of setting up a new dependence so where do these absolutely essential resources come from? wire manufacturers, not communicating on their importance? perhaps because rare metals are extracted far from our cities, far from sight. cobble comes mainly from mines in the democratic republic of the congo. australia, chilly, and bolivia have abundant lithium deposits. indonesia is a key producer of tantalus zirconium, or 10. ah,
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thousands of mines on 4 continents are already producing hundreds of millions of tons of these resources. but one country in particular, has colossal reserves of these strategic raw materials. china the world's leading producer of rare metals, china extract 70 percent of one mineral. that is particularly prized by green tech manufacturers graphite we are in china's far north region in the province of hey long john. here,
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the giant excavators brought down the mountain and laid bare the water tables to ensure our green future. graphite is refined and antiquated factories. humans from great risks and nature is destroy graphite residues are scattered across the countryside. these lives count very little compared to the billions in business they graph i produces for beijing. and china has thousands of rare earth, metal mines and refineries. india m antimony, gallium,
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but also tungsten or germanium. they are scattered throughout the country from what i is french, what a she'll she'll should on the way should a free tongue thought she no. hollywood glee shield utilize. she shows her gt; it's; i await either ashley or a dog's weight boxes. you got bianco. soda comes up. she's all i show your farm bureau quite the you. so you'll notice your usual header, a little high mania surgically that all buyers are sure with the chinese are paying a particularly heavy environmental and human price to allow our world to transition to green energy. it here, can i speak with on the at home, but have ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, 20, and a tunnel. now on her don't gen one. i don't to that be a towards enter to ha, ha,
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ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha, can afford. yeah, i don't want another one, but then i had her, i don't, it will end up with all you have to get by now to his go for the only thing there for you, for the children, other than that ah, 2000 miles from hey long young in inner mongolia, the chinese have built spectacular industrial centers. those in the town about 2 are entirely dedicated to the refining of rare minerals. a specific family of rare metals. the main pollution discharged from these factories is untreated wastewater. at the gates of the city,
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a huge artificial lake is born fed by torrents of black water, saturated with assets and heavy metals such as florian or mercury dose. you don't know what will check on the here fish rite not have it away. it does have it go on to how you had the washer a young on these. how do you have a sure go formula? you know, are there any thought on her? oh no, we thought we were, i'm for the favorite poet, dr. we'll go that a good 3. wow. oh and we will do i all you to faith off it algebra? her father? no, they were to the corner. i was really here. we are to love isa, or the mom of the tenant, or cause her, or to her condo, to montana quickly to put our young 1030. i'm sure what it was, hilton double to think my yet. how are you with under a foundation where these
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sources of pollution are the price to be paid? so our wind turbines are solar panels and our green cars can purify the air in europe. ah, whole regions at the other end of the world i destroy. and the height of the paradox is that these toxic discharges and polluting emissions continue to worse in our planets. atmospheric pollution a fairly powerful tool filter. so yeah, above the blue pod, rekey swallow, the of went back to the it was he will do a sample. so like hulu or i come will pull you up officially did to get to the valuable ship to that view and i backed the south or gal. these cooler pollution was in a back nose of juicy, poor poor is he,
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boy noble numerically sought to do duty. novick dish armed with blash are commonly mil to performers for lima. his, when the new 3 year machine was where you are green technologies contain not only rare minerals they are also made up of all kinds of metals. even the most abundant to build a wind turbine, you need on average 20 tons of aluminum. and up to 500 tons of steel with an electric vehicle can contain up to 175 pounds of copper. this is 4 times more than some gasoline powered cars. this red brown metal is particularly popular with green tech manufacturers. who
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passage i li creek de long look. retrieval. decrease best crew it renewal. yeah. and what we can offer me fully cabinet. fully p funding quad destination. what is the what you wanted to know value from a debug battling a pie donkey. godly bhakti. i decree little small losses spots. so paula jordan crill, i go onto a football fix out fully initials on pondering new to new treatment on the penal lunar 90 on the all by the all paris on your army on the tongue retrieval . like all, so we'll continue slowly, croissant spoon, norma. actually full hop on your la mem. quantity. volley compulsion that are i call them don't, don't, don't you? buffalo, audriel, squan these up hold me, repeat the remaining loops emerged through the need a moment or 2. no,
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not just with a need for abundant metals such as copper. many other countries are now impacted by the production of green energies. is the subject, the promoters of the energy transition are remaining very discrete about to measure the extent of the damage. we must travel thousands of miles in northern chile. it's yuki come out of mine, is the world's largest open pet copper mine. this mine is state owned. it is a huge crater, 2.5 miles in diameter and more than half a mile deep. as
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global demand increases, the number of people and machines in operation continues to increase the football or tacoma that the name won't let me go over to fee nor long are you that there isn't a think dummy ganita little meal. there's a go to fino said, go to god, the name of the for nearly right. this will be within him. dick daniel the in a closer look at the, in the to gum ada civil youth. and i said a lot of what was interested in dummy to and i go to finish. if do know you thought go, but i would, i mean i guess here what the st doesn't that he's done a lot. chicky tomato contains 13 percent of the world copper reserves, but the deeper you dig into the rock, the less metal there is with the current rates, the material is already starting to become scarce. as you log on to soup,
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the lamp problem, the provision more debris, lot normally a portions i think yeah. member id please. your personal taz at least a unique fin. messenger. napoleon, surely completely pony short donnie's and been calling to his dance that you'll new mom. if you're playing with nicholas all lit up on his shoulder, creal, i'm him ask with graphite and china juki, kemati contaminates the surrounding soils and rivers, with its toxic releases of heavy metals discharged into nature. but in chile, copper mining has serious cascading effects. in a country where the smell supports almost 10 percent of the working population, only a handful of individuals dare to publicly denounced the impact of the mind on the environment that emma has been, my loa,
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giving battle than been will gladly denominate here in an inductor. natasha to extract and refine the copper, you need water, lots of water. chucky commodity consumes almost 2000 leaders of water per 2nd. however, in certain areas of this desert, one of the most arid zones in the world, it has not rained for 500 years. well but a 3rd of warfare alice, he let not pass football earliest the iowa sondra mentorship soon. us for late. i mean in here it's a thin door. i'm in for uncle for more i color sassik gala, but i think i'm in the law. well, what is the 2nd number? how would i give them the relative canada? so that solid explore bundle it dialogue in agreement that the name of comment,
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a set of on republican ethos. your group to larry nidia. october was the iraqis. it'll take to the whole in a long overdue general election math products and political unrest around the country lead through an earlier them mandate a new election laws being put in place. and the government now deliver on a promise. they had an open process question covering on a da 0 talk to al jazeera, we are asked what gives you hope that there is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seemed to be pointing. otherwise we listen. we were never on the whatever road to off migration we meet with global news makers until about the stories that matter on al jazeera. we know what's happening and i return, we know have to get for places that others cannot. i want to don't fear guy by the
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police on purpose in fires. instead, i'm going on with you. tell the story is what can make a difference lou ah, hello, i'm emily ang window. how these are the top stories on al jazeera, facebook, c o. mark zuckerberg has pushed back after a whistle blow was testimony to us congress in a blog post. he said his company's research had been taken out of context for more product manager. frances, how going told lawmakers the social media giant is an urgent threat to its uses and should be regulated. she says the company's sides hom, children's stroke division and weaken democracies. u. s. president joe biden has


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