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that people have the right to choose their leaders and governments in free and fair election exploring why democracy has never been so working. in so many parts of the world, a documentary series examines the biggest challenge is to democracy from those who underweight to those who are ready to die for democracy, maybe coming soon on all to 0. lou, i'm here today because i believe facebook's products harm children, stoke division and week in our democracy. a facebook employee turned whistleblower testifies before us senators saying the social media, john puts prophets or the safety. ah hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is al jazeera, alive from doha,
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also coming up. oh, the number of cove at 19 deaths in the us. this year. to pass is 2020 figures. washington national cathedral marks the 700000 fatalities. san june's replies water, a nolan, molly. this as the un wants of serious water shortages globally. and the nobel prize for physics goes to a trio of scientists for there were on the earth's changing climate. ah, it, facebook whistleblower has told the u. s. congress. the social media giant is an urgent threat to its uses and should be regulated. former product manager, frances halligan says the company's science hom, children stock division and wakened democracies. she,
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a claim to take giant is aware of this, but has done nothing about it. she had per tansy was following the testimony on capitol hill. frances, how can presented a damning picture of facebook as a company knowingly disseminating false information that could excite anger and hatred among uses negatively impact teenage mental health and even stroke ethnic violence. but goals? she says to increase the time uses spend on facebook and instagram, actively engaging with posts and then potentially being exposed to more advertising, which they would click on. this is how facebook makes its money. i saw facebook repeatedly encounter conflicts between its on prophets and our safety. facebook consistently resolve these conflicts in favor of its own prophets. the result has been more division, more harm, more lies, more threads, and more combat. in some cases, this is a, this dangerous online talk has led to actual violence that harms and even kills vivo. what makes huggins testimony so important is that she has the documentation
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to back up her claims, tens of thousands of internal pieces of paperwork that reveal facebook's knowledge of the consequences of its actions. allegedly in its pursuit of profit. how can call to more transparency and oversight over the algorithms facebook uses is like the department of transportation regulating cars. i only watching them dr. young highway. facebook is called helgren's testimony, selective and misleading. but both republicans and democrats on the committee expressed skepticism of the company's truthfulness. they knew what they were doing . they knew where the violations were, and they know they are guilty. mark zuckerberg ought to be looking at himself in the mirror to day. and yet, rather than taking responsibility and showing leadership, mister south berg is going sailing. but there is an active debate underway about
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how much regulation to impose off troll who is going to decide what is inflammatory speech and what is simply information with a powerful don't want the rest of us to hear a starting point though, it does seem to be more transparency, transparency about the algorithms facebook is using to make us angry in the 1st place and also more information about all the data facebook is harvesting about all of us. there was actually pure gold data supporting all these downstream harms of the way the platform works on those issues that are really at the integration of both. you know, the way data is used this, what we call surveillance, capitalism, where the user is tracked everywhere they go, and then that data's mind in use to target them and try to get them to engage how good has filed several complaints with the securities exchange commission alleging with our documentation but facebook has misled its investors and congress in the past, and she's clear it is founded. chairman and ceo, mugs, zuckerberg who controls facebook's behavior. she albert antsy al jazeera capitol hill. the death toll from cove at 19 in the us so far this year is higher than the
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total recorded for all of last year will in $700000.00 people have now died in total in the united states from the virus. ah, the washington national cathedral marked the grim milestone by ringing its bell at $700.00 times on tuesday. the u. s. has reported the highest number of debts from coven 19 in the world, as tens of millions continued to refuse to get vaccinated. will then 1000 people are dying from the virus h dang. for more on a story. let's bring in mike. hannah, who joins us live from washington day say, my kids are only early october. how concerning these figures with 3 months left of 2021. deeply concerning and health experts had been wanting for a period of time about this new surge being driven largely by the delta variant in
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all there are some 70000000 americans who have not been vaccinated. this, despite the fact that the vaccination is free, that it is freely available in all parts of the nation. and clearly the barriers is that the 70000000000 if they are not vex abated now. awesome, believe not going to get vaccinated for whatever reason. and health officials pointing out that this is a new pandemic off the un vaccinated they. it is, according to the health, the experts are the ones who driving the surge. so this, of course, a major concern experts pointing as well to the possibility of new berry and submerging beyond the delta variant. given the fact that so many remain unvaccinated in total, about 55 percent of americans are unvaccinated. the only bright point of one can put it like that is that over the past months, the drop in hospital admissions has been some 25 percent of the number of recorded
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infections that's also dropped for roughly the same figure. and since september, the 23rd of the death fatality rate has dropped by some 12 percent. so those are signs that health officials are hopefully showing that this particular search may be nearing an end. but they warn very, very strongly that there are possible variance on the way that there is still no end in sight to the a damage being caused by the delta variant itself. and that people need to get vaccinated. that is a message that has been put out there, litigation vaccination. that's the only way to hold or end this ongoing search. let's hope they can do something about in the next 3 months. that's for sure. thank you very much. my candidate for us in washington dc. corona virus states in russia, meanwhile, i have heated daily record for the 3rd time in a month, 890 fatalities were confirmed on tuesday and more than $25000.00 infections. if he
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shall say the numbers concerning, but there are no plans to re introduce a lockdown. the kremlin has called on people to get vaccinated, saying it's the only way to stop the virus from spreading. the european union's drugs regulator has opened the door for member states to give 3rd doses of corona, virus jobs to certain people. booster shots of the pfizer and madonna vaccines were recommended for people with a severely weakened immune system. several e u. member states have already begun giving them out the your pain medicines agency also said it's considering whether to review merck's, coven, 19 pill, which has shown a promising results in tests. the committee concluded that administering a booster doors to people 18 years and older a least 6 months after the 2nd dose is safe and provides sharp, increasing the amount of elicited antibodies to
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a much higher level. the what was seen just after a 2nd. those investigators say a pipeline that legged large amounts of oil into the water of southern california was split, open and dragged along the ocean floor, considering whether the lake was caused by ships. anchors striking the pipeline more than 500000 liters of oil has leaked into the ocean and is now washing up on beaches. venezuela has reopened its land border with columbia for the 1st time in almost 3 years. it was closed by president nicholas maduro in 2019, in the middle of a diplomatic crisis between the south american neighbours. tens of thousands of venezuelans had depended on the crossing of crossing the border for basic goods and services. every dane alexandro ramp. yeti reports from boggart just after nearly 3 years of being close to venezuela now authorities removed the shipping containers
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physically blocking the main bridge, connecting the country with columbia in a nationally televised address some monday vice president delsey rodriguez said it was time to turn to page camp represent any thinking of our people and the brotherhood and co operation between the people of columbia and venezuela. president madeira has taken the decision to open the crossing for commerce in 2019 president. my daughter broke off diplomatic ties with columbia and sealed the border after venezuela and opposition. members attempted to bring international humanitarian aid into the country. the aid was backed by the united states in bogota. my daughter saw da this part of a plot to overthrow him. but the border have been officially closed since 2015 bringing a halt to trade between the 2 countries. that amounted to $7000000000.00 us dollars a year. columbia president, the van duke welcomed the news, but said the reopening would be gradual. columbia,
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a studies west columbia is also willing to begin an orderly process so that we can guarantee this border crossing. but i am going to be very clear that this is not going to be done clumsily, and it is not going to be done. suddenly, tens of thousands of venezuelans crossed into columbia daily for goods and services . some 1800000 have re settled in columbia, fleeing the country's economic collapse most resorted to using illegal crossings, controlled by gangs and armed groups. when i do army be added to the reopening can also help reduce the role that armed groups had achieved at the border. both colombians like ill and rebels and paramilitaries, and also then as well and gangs who were profiting from people sneezed to cross on tuesday, venezuelans were overjoyed. never. it's the best thing that has happened to us. we spent 2 years passing through illegal roads as we have so many needs that we can only fulfill in columbia. the decision will bring relief to people on both sides of
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the border by they will probably do little to help restore relations between the 2 countries. there remain at odds. columbia does not recognize my daughter as the legitimate president of venezuela, and it continued to support efforts to push for regime change in the country. allison that i'm get the al jazeera over with her. still ahead on al jazeera, taiwan warns it will do what it takes to defend itself after record number of chinese jets and it's a defense sign. and we look at how iraq's politicians are taking the challenge of convincing people to vote and made calls on social media for an election boy. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather, sponsored by cattle airways, voted world's best air line of 2021. of the tongue of rightness stretches in citron
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right up through the yellow sea by the yellow river. and the other sea towards north korea is going to keep going. that was what division between cooler than average relative beijing represents that a much warmer for the sas city. 7 is ridiculous. that both of these cities will see sort of re balancing on thursday as the rain because it is a bit weaker risk for the south. in fact, we got ready showing up on the cast the coast to southeast and china as well, or what was in the korean peninsula has been to the circulation, but not producing very much rain over land. however, in the south china sea, there is a much bigger and more active circulation. i don't think it'll necessarily turn into a cycling definitely depression. and that orange represents heavy rain. some of it in luzon, most fit in central vietnam, and the cost, the shouts are pretty watch for the south of that through malaysia and indonesia. the southwest monsoon is all the turn. in fact, this is probably the existing line as anything to the south. so potentially wet karnataka goer,
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possibly towel now to see bit of rain in the next couple of days. potential flooding here. it, it'll move away. i think during so sick, don't dry there. up in pakistan. burst the middle east remains a shaheen just here on the coast of yemen. otherwise it looks troy and others hot as it was. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted willed best airline of 2021. this is one of the most astounding technological revolutions in all of this, make our planner great. we have to meet the suitable emission target liquid casa mate miti to most and many to be mindful where people are just talking about wind and solar sake that can solve the problem. it won't. the world of history in commerce is driving energy transition each. the promise of keen energy and illusion . the dark side of green energy on al jazeera. ah
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oh. hello. you're watching al jazeera, i'm emily angland. reminder of our top stories this. our whistleblower frances halligan is urging us congress to regulate facebook as it poses an urgent threat to its uses. how gonna form a product manager is warning of the sides. harmful effects on children saying it also strokes division and weakens democracies. the death toll from coven 19 in the us. so far this year is higher than the total reported for all of 2020. more than 700000 americans have now died from the virus. the washington national cathedral marked their fatalities by ringing its bell. 700 times and venezuela has reopened his land border with columbia for the 1st time in almost 3 years. it was closed by
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president nicholas maduro in 29 team. he to alleged and attempted aid. shipment was part of the u. s. batch plot to overthrow his government. the u. s. secretary of state to antony blinkin has admitted washington should have communicated better with france over its submarine deal with estrella. lincoln has met with the french president and foreign minister in paris to patch up ties after wakes of strained relations. france was angered last month when the us announced a 3 way military partnership with u. k. and australia. it scuttled a multi $1000000000.00 french submarine contract with cambra. hi, one's president, sighing when the has warned of catastrophic consequences. if the island fell to china in an article published on tuesday, she's bound to do whatever it takes to guard against threats. it comes after a record number of chinese aircraft ain't in. ty, one's a defense identification zone. the islands to events,
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ministry says $148.00 chinese war plains had breached the zone since friday by ging has recently ramped up pressure on taiwan, which it says is part of its territory. oh, on the the urge in taiwan definitely needs to be on alert. china is increasingly over the top. the world has also st. china's repeated violations of regional pace and pressure on taiwan. so democratic countries have repeatedly issued warnings that our countrymen have to be self reliant. we have also seen the president ceaselessly supporting the national army. we must come together as one and strengthen ourselves only then will countries that want to annexed high one, not dare to easily resort to force. scott harold is a senior political scientist that ran corporation. a says china's race and show of force is unlikely to escalate to a full invasion. at this point,
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beijing is looking to put enormous pressure psychologically and operationally on taiwan in taiwan society as well as i want armed forces. at the same time, beijing is in the signal to the rest of the world to try to elicit from the rest of the world. some sort of understanding from china that their position is correct and that taiwan will not be allowed to do things like join the comprehensive and progressive agreement on a transfer sort of partnership or deep. and it's on official ties with the united states, japan, australia, and european actors. however, i think what aging is doing is clearly millage rising the situation and pushing the rest of the world to recognize the nature of the chinese regime. that's aggressive, threat for peace and stability. of region, the jane clearly recognizes that the reforms that it launched liberation army in 2015 still have a long way to go. 100 miles of open sea, the china would have to cross to bring forces over to taiwan,
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to try to conquer free peoples. really be a very big challenge for china, even if it was only fighting the taiwan armed forces to say nothing of having to fight the united states. and coming to i want assistance with possibly other countries, even beyond that bringing assistance or economic pressure to bear. i think right now with china is looking to do is try to pressure taiwan to try to get some red lines down and some markers in the sand. and to try to exploit a campaign. psychological worker against the island leader, president, sighing was the son of the light philippine later fed. and my cause has announced table runs the president. next he is elections fed and then michael junior has been involved in politics since his return from exile in 19915 years earlier. more than a 1000000 filipino is protested against his father's controversial marshal. eventually leading to his exit from office jamila allan doug and has moved from
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manila. he spoke today about his ability, his claim that he's able to provide a unifying leadership. but just the thought of a marcus presidency has outraged so many here that there has been a deliberate campaign to campaign against the possible return of the marcos is even before he has made this announcement. that is because survivors of those who suffered during the market years are still alive to tell their stories today. and also this is the same former senator, the son of the error of the market wealth. in fact, that has not been returned to the philippines, largely is also the same, basically candidate that actually ran for the vice presidency in 2016 and lost so many are wondering where he's actually getting the political capital to actually attempt a presidency now. but many say that what he lacks, basically in popularity, he makes up for a deliberate, sustained, online propaganda. over the past few years,
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the market says have been on this very strong online campaign painting. a rose the picture of the markers years basically preparing to propel him for our return to power. what we know also is that he's the 2nd ally of president of the good to 30 to make a gun for the presidency. does not have president would be good that there is endorsement now and actually up until yesterday he, when he was being considered as a possible vice presidential candidate. on sunday, iraqis will vote for new parliament in a snap election under an you electro law. iraq has same large anti government protests in recent years against unemployment and lack of services. ali hashim has more from baghdad on how candidates a trying to secure votes. it hasn't been an easy ride for iraq's politicians to win over people's hearts and minds. so they are doing everything they can to secure votes in the upcoming elections. and as it is
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the case these days, social media plays a huge part in the campaign. more than 60 percent of iraqis are online and active on social media because it's the easiest and the cheapest way to reach to the people. and especially we can't choose our young people, woman and people, they can, they cannot afford maybe to have good electricity to watch tv over time. ah, but after the 2019 anti government demonstrations that saw 100 soft protesters killed the read challenges, convincing people to cast their votes. so we are using on social media to encourage people to go to vote, because this is number one. before we ask them to whom they vote, we should we ask them to go and vote what there is resistance. some social media influences are calling for a boycott of their elections,
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because they say politicians need to have better policies to tackle iraq's challenges. davila hunger, cried ali fatherly, famous satire, shore presenter with hundreds of thousands of followers is one of them is using social media to promote his anti election stance kellum than if you're and, and want to handle. he, the more we criticize the candidates, the more they're going to push back and try different ways to win. i'm therefore very pessimistic about the outcome. and when i tackle this issue, i'm not going to vote and will call on people to boycott yama distal, occlusal social media is playing a crucial role in the race to get votes. during this, as an extension of the more traditional campaign like this, what pictures and posters of the candidates are what a closet, what many iraqis are angry at the politicians for failing to provide services and pre a job. so, winning them over will likely prove that difficult us we asked iraqis in but that
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if social media has been effective in changing their minds during this campaign and a 3rd high my, i don't see any influence for social media on our decisions. our generation is mature enough to know he's good and he's bad. we saw what happened in the october 2019 protests, and the price we paid and added by image of a social media is very effective. we can watch and to friendship between candidates who deserves and who doesn't quite hold him. when that happens to his young, i hopped on. the social media is much more important than tv and newspapers. but our problem in iraq is that our social media is partisan. just as the country, it's divided into parties, sex, and paths in apple, in accent. this adds to the challenges that independent candidates face in every election in a country where a point decides ation and divisions make it difficult to get their message across. aaliyah shemelle, dra 0 back that the world will experience a series,
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water shortages unless countries make changes. that's the warning from the united nations, whether agency, it says the number of people without water is expected to saw due to a lack of availability and to population growth. experts believe 5000000000 paid for will have inadequate access to water. i 2015 water related hazards like floods and droughts are increasing because of climate change. despite some advances, 107 countries here remain off track in managing their water resources by 2030. and climate change is transforming molly's leg, funky bane into a desert in at tim. but to in the tim back to region. rather, the un says more than 300000 people have been displaced. usable land for farming is becoming scares, calling, causing a violent disputes between farmers and livestock. heard is nicholas hark reports on the edge of tim book to is a disappearing lake,
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with the temperatures approaching 50 degrees celsius, vanished into thin air, or the green waters of the mighty lake figure being very la laudatory. but when we do this one says it's getting hotter, he's no longer fisherman. he's witnessed waves of sand gradually take over the waterways. he once sailed for fish. the sea shells from a life that once existed, remain gone. are the mango trees and the green gardens for farming mourn, so smuggler never would attacking your manenda foothold on with one, there was water on our land. we grew rice and wheat. look at it. now the people, the village, are building natural barriers to stabilize the sand. dunes and stop them for moving already, the sand is dangerously close to their homes. from above, the natural barriers looks like a fishing net cast over the sand and attempt to stop the unstoppable desert dunes have already buried homes. now it's headed for the nearby school. often they do belong thing called up a but a cut sign of you see this sand dune wasn't there before it entered the school from the right. the ground was flat between those 2 blocks. this is
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a school for almost 400 students. that's an entire generation, a last generation, a generation condemned to fleet, or be recruited more droughts here, a rainfall on the water has become scars, farmers and herders fight over it. in areas where the 1000000 state is largely absent arm groups including a carried a control access to water and arable land, giving it only to those willing to join their ranks. the combination of the arm conflicts and the effect of climate change is like a death sentence for those population. when the whales are empty, i mean people are, i have to flee in search of that water and there are places where people fight for water. it's a source of conflict between communities to day 300000 people have fled an area where there was once an abundance of water. the surface of it was once lake fuck had been as hot with an unknown gas in its killing the remaining shrubs. forcing
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the last people to leave this vanishing oasis in search of a more friendly climate. nicholas hawk al jazeera, the nobel prize in physics has been awarded to 3 scientists for discoveries in climate and complex physical systems. the noble committee says, sir, you, curly man, a b class. houseman, and giorgio bracy revealed a ground ranking contributions to our understanding of complex physical systems. blast break is a former chairman of the naval committee for physics. he explains how they pick the recipients of the prize when it should discovery, it has to have certain height is really be sort of a watershed you will, you can see when before and, and after. and i think you know these to say that if you go back to my novice work where he gets up, you know, a complex system for, for, for the atmosphere of the low. he could by physical means. you know,
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you could compute that an increase in c o 2 crease, the temperature on earth and hudson. and then later on came, you know, maybe a much more true model of the time. and so this is basic science. this is a discovery among, you know, this is, you know, it's and then of course, but what i should say is that, you know, you should be critical discoveries. physics. if you use reductionism, you down to sports one, d t s. and then you can find patterns and then you can find formula. you can find your find course or find work very superconductivity with when you get but most phenomena in the world are complex. there are cases and what these people have done is to have been able to select, you know,
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the right parameters within this very, very complicated systems by which you can predict and you can really measure inside the system, which is the systems are working here and out of service jackson, india got stuck under a bridge on a jenny bye right to it's me. hi, i'm the for my india. a boss was filmed, struggling to be frayed, isn't naturally squeezed, and several other ponce's donnas will soon be able to 8 aps inside the plane. it's been converted into a restaurant for an airline, same chain called runway one. 0, hello. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. this hour was the blow of france. frances, how gin is urging u. s. congress to regulate facebook, claiming it poses an urgent threat to its uses. how going
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a former product manager is wanting of the science, harmful effects on children, also saying it's stokes division and weakens democracy.


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