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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2021 2:00am-2:31am AST

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if the agreement is failing and what's next for the country, columbia, killing the piece on al jazeera, no diverse range of stories from across the globe. from the perspective of our networks journalist on al jazeera. ah, i'm here today because i believe facebook's products harm children, stoked division and week in our democracy. a facebook employee turned whistleblower testifies before us senators sang. the social media giant puts prophets or the safety ah hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from dough house are coming up in a, swallow or reopens it's border with colombia. 2 years after president madura was angered
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by a shipment of foreign aims and oils full forces, more beaches to close in california. officials say a damaged pipeline was dragged along the ocean floor. ty, ones president warns of catastrophic consequences if the island fell to china following beijing's biggest ariel show fools. ah, a facebook whistleblower has told us congress, the social media giant is an urgent threat to its uses and should be regulated. former product manager, frances hogan says the company's science hom, children store division and waken democracies. the former employee claims to take giant is aware of this, but has done nothing about it. she had her tansy has been following the testimony on capitol hill. frances, how can present it a domain pictures, facebook as
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a company knowingly disseminating false information that could at side anger and hatred among uses negatively impact, teenager mental health and even stroke ethnic violence. but goals, she says to increase the time uses spend on facebook and instagram, actively engaging with posts and then potentially being exposed to more advertising, which they would click on. this is how facebook makes its money. i saw facebook repeatedly encounter conflicts between its on prophets and our safety. facebook consistently resolve these conflicts in favor of its own prophets. the result has been more division, more harm, more lies, more threads, and more combat. in some cases, this is this dangerous online talk has led to actual violence, a himes and even kills vivo. what makes huggins testimony so important is that she has the documentation to back up her claims, tens of thousands of internal pieces of paperwork that reveal facebook's knowledge of the consequences of its actions. allegedly in its pursuit of profit. how can
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call to more transparency and oversight over the algorithms facebook uses is like the department of transportation regulating cars, like only watching them dr. young highway. facebook is called helgren's testimony, selective and misleading. but both republicans and democrats on the committee expressed skepticism of the company's truthfulness. they knew what they were doing . they knew where the violations were, and they know they are guilty. mark zuckerberg ought to be looking at himself in the mirror to day. and yet, rather than taking responsibility and showing leadership, mr. zak a berg is going sailing. but there is an act of debate underway about how much regulation to impose after all, who is going to decide what is inflammatory speech and what is simply information with a powerful don't what the rest of us to hear. a starting point though, it does seem to be more transparency,
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transparency about the algorithms facebook is using to make us angry in the 1st place and also more information about all the data facebook is harvesting about all of us. there was actual empirical data supporting all these downstream harms of the way the platform works on those issues. they're really at the integration of both, you know, the way data is used this, what we call surveillance, capitalism, where the user is tracked everywhere they go, and then that data's mind in use to target them and try to get them to engage. how can i filed several complaints with the securities exchange commission alleging with our documentation, but facebook has misled its investors and congress in the past, and she's clear it is found at chamberlain, c, e o. mark zuckerberg who controls facebook's behavior. she albert nancy al jazeera capitol hill. jessica gonzalez is co seo at press prayers, pray press rather an organization advocating for justice in media and technology. she says helgren's testimony has highlighted just how urgently regulation on tech
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companies is needed. at the very beginning, we need much more transparency about the way facebook's operating and making decisions. so, and that's the baseline. we need to compel transparency from the company right now . they're refusing to answer the most basic questions about how they operate, how they make decisions, for instance, how, how they're investing across language is to make sure facebook is safe to use across languages. so that's, that's the baseline. i think getting to this data. privacy is another critically important way. a lot of us are handing over our personal demographic information with, with really not in the informed consent model. there is not a great awareness there. i think there was a real coalescing around the data privacy and a deeper understanding that happened today around the way facebook and other social
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media companies are collecting data about their users and then targeting them based on their vulnerabilities. and that data privacy legislation needs to move right now in this congress and that, and beyond the u. s. congress, there are federal agencies here in the u. s. such as the federal trade commission that have the power in the jurisdiction to move now to look more deeply at this issue to the rest of the day's news in venezuela has reopened its land border with columbia for the 1st time in almost 3 years. it was closed by nicholas maduro in 2019, in the middle of a diplomatic crisis between the south american neighbours. tens of thousands of venezuelans had depended on crossing the border for basic goods and services every day. alexander rep yeti reports from bug eta. just after nearly 3 years of being
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close to venezuela, now, authorities removed the shipping containers physically blocking the main bridge, connecting the country with columbia. in a nationally televised address some monday vice president delsey rodriguez said it was time to turn the page, the empress anthony thinking of our people and the brotherhood and co operation between the people of columbia and venezuela. president madeira has taken the decision to open the crossing for commerce in 2019 president, my daughter broke off diplomatic ties with columbia and sealed the border. after venezuelan opposition, members attempted to bring international humanitarian aid into the country. the aid was backed by the united states and were with her. my daughter saw da this part of a plot to overthrow him. but the border a been officially closed since 2015, bringing a halt to trade between the 2 countries. that amounted to $7000000000.00 us dollars a year. colombian president divan duke welcomed the news,
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but said the reopening would be gradual. columbia, a, studies west columbia is also willing to begin an orderly process so that we can guarantee this border crossing. but i am going to be very clear that this is not going to be done clumsily, and it is not going to be done. suddenly, tens of thousands of venezuelans crossing to columbia daily for goods and services . some 1800000 have re settled in columbia, fleeing the country's economic collapse most resorted to using illegal crossings, controlled by gangs and armed groups. when i do our am regarding the reopening can also help reduce the role that armed groups had achieved at the border. both colombians like ill and rebels and paramilitaries, and also then as well and gangs who were profiting from people's needs to cross on tuesday, venezuelans were overjoyed never. it's the best thing that has happened to us. we spent 2 years passing illegal roads as we have so many needs that we can only
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fulfill in columbia. the decision will bring relief to people on both sides of the border by the will probably do little to help restore relations between the 2 countries that remain at odds. columbia does not recognize my daughter as the legitimate president of venezuela, and it continued to support efforts to push for regime change in the country. i listened that i'm get a da 0 with her this guy to say pipeline, that lake to large amounts of oil into the water of southern california was split open and dragged along the ocean floor. they considering whether the lake was caused by ships anchors striking the pipeline more than $500000.00 ladies of oil has leaked into the ocean and is now washing up on beaches and more on the story. let's bring in mike hannah, who joins us live from washington days. say, hello there mike. what are authorities saying about the cause of this spill hasn't been confirmed? no,
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there's still investigations on going the coast guard has sent down divers who confirmed that the oil is leaking at a depth of sun that he meters or was before they switch the pipeline off. it was also dragged the pipeline as some 30 feet across a huge portion of the line was dragged across. but at this moment, they do not know the exact cause. it is speculation that it could have been a ship's anchor, which caught the pipeline and dragged it over in that area of southern california in that particular bit of ocean of huntington beach. there's a huge amount of shipping that passes through there. they are identified anchor points when a captains pass through, they all need to anchor at some particular point. the 1st thing they do is check their charts and make sure that they are clear of the myriad of pipelines, our communication cables that are down on that ocean floor. at the stage, investigators though still cannot point fingers as to the exact cause of this accident. they are also looking at the timeline and why it took so long, 12 hours,
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at least for a formal coast guard response to the leak. and mike, the cleanup as it is continuing the obviously not fast enough. how wide spread is the damage will at the stage, once again, they are still trying to see exactly what the impact is. more than a half a 1000000 liters. certainly a huge amount of oil that has gotten into that ocean the. the results already seen on near by huntington beach and other places along the coast. but the full impact of this cannot be gauged at this particular point. the aerial photos do show that that spill is leaking, is moving a further over. obviously they are oil booms out, they are attempting to clean up as they go along. the pipeline has been switched off. but the key question here that is already being asked, this apparently occurred sometime on saturday evening. now the oil companies are
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inter half to by law have early warning signals in terms of leakage. these normally take up to 5 minutes. it is intended for the leak to show up on the monitoring devices. this was not the case. it was reported late that night to the coast guard that a ship had seen a sheen on the ocean. coast guard says it couldn't sent out investigators immediately because it was still dark. and the morning dariel photo show that there was indeed an oil leak and coast guard went in there to try and start cleaning up the pipeline was shut off according to the ceo of the company that owns that particular pipeline. but straw, a myriad of questions about the danger of drilling operations, oil operations close to densely populated areas like that of the huntington beach in dave, thank you very much, mike hannah, let report impress, lived there in washington. ok still ahead on al jazeera, more on the revelations of widespread sexual abuse in the french catholic church,
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spending more than 70 years. living in families take over a coca marketplace and say, they want a biggest stay in the industry. ah, there are flood warnings out for alabama, and this is the reason masses of slow moving thunderstorms. and then there's this little arc of tie bringing a wintry weather to british columbia between the 2. it's pretty warm, want extending from the gulf states right up to the plains towards the middle of canada. bismark shows the point, the average temperature is 14 is tonya. i got 32 at 31 on monday, says to want you to seems quite likely. and we're down to about 27 by 30, still,
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well above the average, you'll notice that things aren't moving that quickly. where the cold air is coming in it's coming in to was the mountain states, but is not really pushing for the reason that and you see was a flood warning out for alabama. probably georgia will join at some point that rain is going to be fairly persistent. for a couple of days in the for thunderstorms says be local flash study, but it's a pretty sudden area at the moment. anyway. so after this, the seasonal rain is coming back towards nicaragua and honduras. so for a few showered down in costa rica and panama not shares it was in his band, euro accumulated is still sherry and the mexico, the shout moved a bit further. south mexico city itself still potential to produce some flash flooding. but i think the place to watch is probably for the sas, guatemala, nicaragua, costa rica. ah, this is one of the most astounding that in the logical revolution in all of this
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room mate, our planner grid. we have to meet the seo tool emission targets electrical new metric motion that need to be mind from where people are just talking about wind in solar sake. that's going to solve the problem. it won't. the world of boosters and commerce is driving the energy transmission is the promise of clean energy and illusion. the top side of green energy on al jazeera. ah ah. hello, are you watching al jazeera? i'm emily angry. and a reminder of our top stories, this alum whistleblower frances, how guineas urging us congress to regulate facebook as it poses an urgent threat to
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its uses. how again, a former product manager is wanting of besides harmful effects on children, saying it stokes to vision and weakens democracy. venezuela has reopened its land border with colombia for the 1st time in almost 3 years. it was closed by president nicholas maduro in 29 chain. he had alleged and attempted each shipment was part of the us back to plot to overthrow his government and investigated say, pipeline that legged large amounts of oil into the water off southern california was split open and dragged along the ocean floor. they considering whether the lake was caused by a ship sank, it striking the pipeline tie one's president, sighing when has warned of catastrophic consequences. if the island fell to china in an article published on tuesday, she's bound to do whatever it takes to guard against threats. it comes after a record number of chinese aircraft, ain't it?
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ty, ones, air defense identifications on the islands. defense ministry says $148.00 chinese warplanes had breached the zones since friday by jing has recently ramped up pressure on taiwan, which it says is part of its territory. oh, on the, the urge in taiwan definitely needs to be on alert. china is increasingly over the top. the world has also seen china's repeated violations of regional pace and pressure on taiwan. so democratic countries have repeatedly issued warnings that our countrymen have to be self reliant. we have also seen the president ceaselessly supporting the national army. we must come together as one and strengthen ourselves only then will countries that want to annexed high one, not dare to easily resort to force. for more analysis on this, let's bring in scott harrow. he's a senior political scientist at rand corporation in washington, d. c. thanks for joining us,
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scott. this wake has really shown an escalation in china's aggression, realistically what you think beijing's and game is. i think paging is looking to put enormous pressure psychologically and operationally on taiwan, who in taiwan society as well as i one armed forces at the same time, beijing is in the signal to the rest of the world to try to elicit from the rest of the world, some sort of understanding from china that their position is correct and that taiwan will not be allowed to do things like join the comprehensive and progressive . agree going on a trend specific partnership or deep and it's on official ties with the united states, japan, australia, and european actors. however, i think what aging is doing is clearly militarize the situation and pushing the rest of the world to recognize the nature of the chinese regime aggressive rep for peace and stability region. scott, if taiwan was to hypothetically for the president said the consequences would be
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catastrophic. the regional pace g. so china escalating its behavior to a full blown invasion? no, not only mediate. near term, i think not a b. jane clearly recognizes that the reforms that it launched people's liberation army in 2015 still have a long way to go. 100 miles of open sea, the china would have to cross to bring forces over to taiwan, to try to conquer a free people. would really be a very big challenge for china, even if it was only fighting, i one armed forces to say nothing of having to fight the united states. and coming to i want assistance with possibly other countries, even beyond that bringing assistance or economic pressure to bear. i think right now a china is looking to do is try to pressure taiwan. you try to put some red lines down some markers in the sand. and to try to ex, delayed a campaign, psychological worker against the islands leader, president, sighing. you mentioned some of ty, one's friends,
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countries like japan at the u. s. and the u. k. one message is kind of trying to send them will try to clearly has not been happy with the fact that all year long of united states led by the, by the administration, the sooner administration. and not she, the administration in japan and other countries around the region around the world, clearly signal the peace and stability in the taiwan straits is the fundamental under 30 of their relationship with china. their assumption in normalizing relations with china was china would be committed to peace and still in taiwan strait. and so they have made that very clear repeatedly to child that it cannot annex i want by force. if it does so, it will destroy its relationship with them. and in addition, there might be an armed war with an our conflict with the united states and its allies, the partners of china, china tries to attack i want. so i think very clearly, beijing is trying to test the limits and there has been a very measured but from pushback, saying in essence, if you go this route,
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there will be cost to pay and it will not turn out well. so you're speaking of armed conflict, tie, one can't compare to china militarily, but with the u. s. or the southeast engine, that nation step in china actually attacked ty, one well to be clear, a tie. one has enormous or natural resilience. it has a 100 miles of water between itself and china. it has high mountainous sea walls on the eastern side and low mud flaps plus the urban terrain. go right up to a post on the west side in taiwan has been here for this armed conflict. the 70 plus years the united states has been reinforcing taiwan ability to resist coercion by selling arms for the past 30 plus years, almost 40 years now. so taiwan has a capacity to resist. the united states has been helping taiwan by army, as well as by helping you through some of the ways in which it can use its armed
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forces more effectively, including, by reinforcing its reserves, reading it's all up mechanisms presents. i noted an article today will be a major focus. i want continued defense modernization efforts in 2022. the approach to build up and modernize rapidly away its armed forces in the time has happened doesn't come to that. thank you for your insight, scott, harrow, they're a senior political scientist at rand corporation in washington, d. c. thank you. thank you. hi, francis has expressed a deep sorrow after the release of a reporting to sexual abuse within the catholic church in france. it found that when nearly 330000 victims over the past 70 years investigation detailed what it calls the churches deep and cruel indifference name baccha report. ah, many children abused by members of the catholic church were not believed or listened to for years. some were even accused of contributing to what had happened to them.
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among those victims. olivia 7 jak abused by a priest when he was 13. oscar we sit in season and we sit and while yes, the report is an earthquake. yes, it's a hurricane. yes, it's a soon army way, and it has to be a soon army because the day when we see the numbers it so damning that no one can be in denial both within the catholic church and the whole of society don't. yet. the roman catholic church betrayed the trust of the young and vulnerable on a devastating scale. the conclusion of a 2 and a half year investigation into clerical child abuse carried out by $3000.00 suspected peter files in the french church. on a popular issue on says in the french population now aged 18 and over 216000 plus or minus $50000.00 was sexually assaulted by clerics priests or nuns as minor since bushel. and when lay members of the church, such as teachers at catholic schools are included, 6 the number of child victims,
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climes to 330000 of the 7 decade periodontal and poor measure. full. a major point must be the line is until the early 2000 school, there was a deep total and even call indifference. for years, recent scandals have decimated the church, has credibility at a time of dwindling attendances. last year defraud french catholic priest bernard printer was sentenced to 5 years in jail for abusing scouts in his care. several decades ago. the case also led to the resignation of his superior, the archbishop of leon philly. barbara accused of covering up the abuse the scandal in frances, the latest to hit. the catholic church rocked by abuse scandals around the world. in june, pope from says said the church abuse crisis was a world wide catastrophe. this year he issued an extensive revision of church law insisting bishops take were bust action against clerical abuse. the french church
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said in march, it would propose some form of financial aid to the victims. but campaigners have been left asking how it's possible to put a price on suffering. need balkan al jazeera climate change is transforming. molly's lake foggy bane into a desert. in the timber to region, the un says more than 300000 people have been displaced. usable land for farming is becoming scarce, causing violent disputes between farmers and livestock. head is nicholas hark reports. on the edge of tim book to is a disappearing lake, with the temperatures approaching 50 degrees celsius, vanished into thin air or the green waters of the mighty lake figure being grandma modified. i'm a deuce one says it's getting hotter. he's no longer a fisherman. he's witnessed waves of sand gradually take over the waterways. he once sailed for fish. the sea shells from a life that once existed remain gone. are the mango trees and the green gardens for farming mourns who smuggler never would attack again. 9, if one hold on with one,
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there was water on our land. we grew rice and wheat. look at it. now the people, the village, are building natural barriers to stabilize the sand dunes and stop them for moving already. the sand is dangerously close to their homes. from above, the natural barriers looks like a fishing net cast over the sand and attempt to stop the unstoppable desert dunes have already buried homes. now it's headed for the nearby school. i'm from edible oak seen oakland up for a co sign of you see this sand dune wasn't there before it entered the school from the right. the ground was flat between those 2 blocks. this is a school for almost 400 students. that's an entire generation. a loss generation, a generation condemned to fleet, or be recruited more droughts here, a rainfall on the water has become scars, farmers and herders fight over it. in areas where the 1000000 state is largely absent arm groups including a kind of control access to water and arable land, giving it only to those willing to join their ranks. the combination of the arm
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conflicts and the effect of climate change is like a death sentence for those population. when the whales are empty, i mean people are on, i've to flee in search of that water and there are places where people fight for water. it's a source of conflict between communities to day 300000 people have fled an area where there was once an abundance of water, the surface of what was once lake fuck had been as hot with an unknown gas in its killing the remaining shrubs. forcing the last people to leave this vanishing oasis, in search of a more friendly climate. nicholas hawk al jazeera, a group of farmers, has taken control of believe is largest coca market by force. members of the younger community for police and government bank protested before storming into the marketplace in the capital a pass. they say they're the rightful owners of the countries. coca trade. laura
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burton manley explains a moment of celebration for a group of coca palmer from bolivia of ethnic yoga community that spent 10 days trying to take control of this marketplace in the capital la pas from rival crew performers. the scene is in contrast to the violent confrontation earlier with security forces. outside their protests is blocked in nearby road and its surrounding areas and cascade of tear gas dispersed the crowd. but they soon reformed, breaking through police lines to enter the market place. thank god, god did justice for us, so we could regain our coca market. oh, we're only the producers. the police who support another group of coca growers wants to silence us with gas and bullets. lupins has been
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a battle ground between 2 rival groups of cocoa form with one loyal to the government, the other to the opposition which had taken the market from its young rivals last month. the market place is important because more than 90 percent oblivious. coakley business is done here, and it generates a $173000000.00 us dollars a year. the cocoa leaf is often choose, am brewed by people in the andes to cope with altitude sickness. and it's also a roar ingredients. in cocaine, members of the younger community, say they at the right for and historic owners of the coca industry. they have caught on the government to allow them to continue this tradition and they accused their leaders of trying to profit from their trade. they say tough working conditions have forced them to protest. oh no, we demand that the government under the general coca law that a resolution has to be passed to enable the transfer of a commercialization market to
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a new site for coca growers in order to guarantee the peace and unity of the youngest president. even morales has accused the youngest of being paid off to act against his government. he says he's organizing a counter march next week. and the battle controlled of bolivia lucrative coca trade hangs in the balance law about a monthly al jazeera. ah and are you watching out his ear and these are the top stories this our whistleblower francis hogan is urging u. s. congress to regulate facebook claim it poses an urgent threat to its uses. hogan or former product manager is warning of the science handle effects on children saying it strikes division and weakens democracies. venezuela has reopened its land border with columbia for the.


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