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towards the balkans at the moment on wednesday is still this north western part of it is at risk of further flooding. over inch is showing itself on his way to greece . his whole area has got a potential to provide more flooding. the slow revolving movement. it does leave the north of italy rather dry. you'll be pleased to see on thursday and on friday. and they will tell no flow balanced limited to aren't in scotland. and it's drawing a very warm, suddenly flow ahead which, which extends all across the scandinavian temperatures on that high. but when the rain is falling, it's still about 5 degrees above average, which is good for glasgow. ah. when afghan filmmaker has san for silly catches the taliban, attention, a bounty on his head forces him to flee with his family, desperately seeking sanctuary. they journey across continent, chronicling the multi year saga on their phones. midnight traveller,
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an odyssey of hope resilience and ultimately one family's love for each other. witness on al jazeera. when the news braid a, when people need to be heard. with exclusive interviews and in depth reports are choosing those sites because their civilian r g 0 has teens on the ground and say their numbers are barely a 5th of what they've heard before. the food hasn't been very good because of iraq security did. when you were award winning documentaries and live news, lou ah,
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reminder now the top stories on al jazeera facebook whistleblower has told congress the social media giant is a threat to the us. francis hogan said the company is aware of the harmony platforms, calls to users, but hasn't done anything about it. the pope has expressed deep sorrow after the release of a report of the sexual abuse within the catholic church in france. it found that were nearly $330000.00 victims. over the past 17 years, the secretary of state is in france, patch up ties after weeks of strained relations over a cancelled submarine deal. australia tore up a multi $1000000000.00 deal with france for one with the u. s. and the u. k. a group of farmers have taken control of believe, years largest coca market by force members of the younger community, fort police and rival groups. before they stormed into the market place in the
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capital lepers, they say they are the rightful and historic owners of the countries coca trade laura burden. manley has more have movement of celebration through group of coupons from believe youth, ethnic yoga community bid spent 10 days trying to take control of this market place in the capital, the powers from roiba we performance the scene is in control to the violent confrontation earlier with security forces outside their protests is blocked, a nearby road and its surrounding areas and cascade of tear gas dispersed the crowd . but they soon resumed breaking through police lines to enter the market place. thank god, god did justice for us, so we could regain our coca market. oh, we're only the producers, the police who support another group of cook
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a growers wants to silence us with gas and bullets. lupins has been a puzzle ground between 2 rival groups of coco farmers, one loyal to the government, the other to the opposition which had taken the market from its young rivals last month. the market place is important because more than 90 percent oblivious. coakley business is done here, and it generates a $173000000.00 us dollars a year. the coca leaf is often choose, am brewed by people in the andes to cope with altitude sickness. and it's also a roar ingredient in cocaine, members of the younger community, say they at the right, 4 and historic owners of the coca industry that caught on the government to allow them to continue this tradition. and they accused their leaders of trying to profit from their trade. they say tough working conditions have forced them to protest. oh
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no, we demand that the government under the general coca law that a resolution has to be passed to enable the transfer of a commercialization market to a new site for coca growers in order to guarantee the peace and unity of the youngest president. eva morales has accused the youngest of being paid off to act against his government. he says he's organizing a counter march next week, and the battle for control the bolivian lucrative coker trade hangs in the balance . law about unmanly al jazeera, the united nations, whether agency says the world will experience serious water shortages unless countries urgently adopt reforms, the number of people suffering water stress is expected to soar. due to the dwindling availability and population growth. the report says 5000000000 people will have inadequate access to water by 2050. despite some advances,
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107 countries will not need a target to achieving sustainability in their water resource management. by 2030 and the u. n. agency estimates that 60 percent of national weather agencies that are responsible for warning people and governments about climate changes impact on their water resources aren't actually able to do so. or climate change is transforming a lake in northern marley into a desert sand dunes have replaced the vast expanses of water, and the un says more than 300000 people have been displaced. land suitable for farming is becoming scarce, provoking regular and violent disputes between farmers and life stock herders. nicholas hark reports on the edge of tim book, 2 is a disappearing lake, with the temperatures approaching 50 degrees celsius, vanished into thin air or the green waters of the mighty lake figure being remind modified on reduced that says it's getting hotter, he's no longer fisherman. he's witnessed waves of sand gradually take over the
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waterways. he once sailed for fish. the sea shells from a life that once existed, remain gone. are the mango trees and the green gardens for farming morn. so smug, what number would it doesn't give him an anger for hood when there was water on our land, we grew rice and wheat. look at it. now the people, the village, are building natural barriers to stabilize the sand dunes and stop them from moving already the sand is dangerously close to their homes. from above, the natural barriers looks like a fishing net cast over the sand and attempt to stop the unstoppable desert dunes have already buried homes. now it's headed for the nearby school. i'm from edible oak seen oakland up but a cut sign of you see this sand dune wasn't there before it entered the school from the right. the ground was flat between those 2 blocks. this is a school for almost 400 students. that's an entire generation. last generation, a generation fidel to fleet, or be recruited more droughts here,
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a rainfall on the water has become scars, farmers and herders fight over it. in areas where the marine state is largely absent arm groups including a kind of control access to water and arable land, giving it only to those willing to join their ranks. the combination of the om conflict and the effect of climate change is like a death sentence for those population. when the whales are empty, i mean people are, i have to flee in search of for that water and there are places where people fight for water. it's a self conflict between communities today, 300000 people have fled an area where there was once an abundance of water. the surface of it was once lake like a bean, is hot with an unknown gas in its killing. the remaining shrubs, forcing the last people to leave this vanishing away sis, in search of a more friendly climate. nicholas hawk al jazeera from geneva were joined now by the director of climate at the world meteorological organization. and one of the
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lead also resolved that report max dilly, sir, thank you so much for joining us here on the al jazeera, i'm a how much is the issue behind the war to scarcity? we're seeing around the world due to climate change, or how much of a factor is also been misuse and sometimes over use of water. well, they're both contributing factors and the, the water use fi society is sometimes in excess of what's available in terms of water supply irrespective of any kind of climate changes. but we also do see on cases, parts of the world that are getting dryer as well as parts of the world that are getting wetter. and as these trends continue, the, the water stress in relation to the amount of water that's being used simply continues to, to become more acute. i mean,
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isn't that report mentions that the world is going to experience even more serious water shortages unless countries urgently adopt reforms. so i, i appreciate it's difficult to have a one size fits all, but by and large, what do you think countries should be most aware of? well, the, the main theme of the report is, 1st of all, to highlight these trends that, that were just mentioned. but secondly, 2 um increase the investments that are going into the systems that monitor water and water resources and the services that help planners and farmers and public health officials at water managers to use the resource and the most effective way. and what we're finding is that those systems and the services that are based on them are, are deficient in a lot of countries in the world. i guess something like roaches car city isn't
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really going to take much notice of national borders. so how important is it for countries to share their information and how much do you see that happening or not happening right now? well, it's extremely important and it's not happening to the extent that it should all countries in the world depend on observations that are taken by other countries and the world meteorological organization. ready where i work, in fact, was established exactly for that purpose because it was realized back even in the 18, the mid 18 hundreds that no country could really anticipate what the weather was going to be like within its own borders without knowing what was happening in the surrounding countries and indeed a half way around the world. so our ability to monitor the weather and the water
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and the climate depends on, on a global effort to take off surveillance and to share that data. and then to use that data. ready for forecasts and for supporting decisions. and we are not seeing enough of that data sharing. and that's why, in this month actually, there will be a resolution table by the world meter, a logical congress to promote the free and unrestricted sharing of those observations. because they're very essential for all countries in the world to have access to the information they need. absolutely, max daily director of climate at the world. meteorology, coal organisation, sir, thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us. it's been a pleasure go to venezuela. now. the country has reopened its land border with columbia for the 1st time in nearly 3 years. a 2200 kilometer long border separates the 2 south american nations, but it was closed in february,
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2019. after the venezuelan opposition attempted to bring humanitarian aid in from columbia. venezuelan president nicholas mendoza. the shipment was part of a u. s. clock to overthrow his government. alexander, i'm casey, has the latest now from the colombian capital overtime. the relationship between the 2 countries have been essentially shut for now over 3 years. but actually trade between the 2 countries that practically been halted since 2015. when the 2 countries 1st shut the border due to political attentions. it's significant. first of all, 4 venezuelans who need to cross into columbia for good for health services education services. most of them had so far to try and do that through illegal paths that were controlled and are controlled by a criminal group at to border. so hopefully they'll now be able to cross into
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columbia legally that will also help migrants. you know that the large number of venezuelan migrants crossing to columbia, they will also be able, hopefully to do so on the bridge. and then obviously it's important politically because this can be see as a 1st step to try and resume relationship of the diplomatic relationship between the 2 countries. and finally, economically, because at the height of their relationship, it amounted to $7000000000.00 a year. so we'll see some of that return as well. the colombian government continues to see my daughter as an illegitimate leader that stole di elections in miss will. in 2018, they continued to support what they call here. the democratic resistance of the venezuelan opposition led by kwan white dog who instead they considered a legitimate inter him a president. with these conditions in place,
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it will be very difficult to go beyond what we're seeing now, which is mostly humanitarian and obviously of interest to both the countries. economically, the son of the late philippine leader of ferdinand marcus has announced that he will run for president in next year's elections. ferdinand marcus junior has been involved in politics since his return from exile in 1991. his father was overthrown in 1986. after more than a 1000000 filipinos protested against controversial martial law. jemina. linda again has more on this from money logistics. you spoke to day about his ability. his claim that he's able to provide a unifying leadership. but just the thought of a marcus presidency has outraged so many here that there has been a deliberate campaign to campaign against the possible return of the marcos, as even before he has made this announcement that is because survivors of those who
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suffered during the market years are still alive to tell their stories to day. and also this is the same former senator, the son of the error of the market wealth. in fact, that has not been returned to the philippines. largely is also the same, basically candidate that actually ran for the vice presidency in 2016 and lost so many are wondering where he is actually getting the political capital to actually attempt a presidency now. but many said that what he lacks, basically in popularity, he makes up for a deliberate, sustained, online propaganda. over the past few years, the market says have been on this very strong online campaign for painting a rosy picture of the markers years. basically preparing to propel him for our return to power. what we though also is that these, the 2nd ally of our president are the good, the 3rd day to make a gun for the presidency. does not have president of the good that there does
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endorsement now. and actually up until yesterday, he will, he was being considered as a possible vice presidential candidate. the european union's drugs regulator has opened the door for members states to give 3rd doses of crone of irish jobs to certain people. booster shots of the pfizer and more during the vaccines were recommended for people with a severely weakened immune system. several e u. member states have already begun giving them out. the european medicines agency also said it's considering whether to review marks coping 19 pill which has shown some promising results in tests. the committee concluded that administering a booster doors to people 18 years and older a lease 6 months after the 2nd dose is safe and provides sharp, increasing the amount of elicited antibodies to a much higher level. the what was seen just after a 2nd dose. the nobel prize for physics has been given to 3 scientists afford
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discoveries in climate and complex physical systems. and here all the japanese, american su, google men are bay one the for creating the 1st predictions of the effect of carbon dioxide on the planet. he was joined by 89 year old german klaus hassle man who helped show how those predictions are reliable. and italy's georgia head easy was honored for explaining why gases and liquids appear to move in random ways. while re says more now from the royal swedish academy of sciences in stockholm. what's perhaps slightly ironic about this is prize going to these 3 scientists is that it shows how or accumulative scientific advances over the millennia are contributing to something that might possibly cause our own destruction. climate change secure. i mean, nobody in clarks hustle men there. modeling of climate predicting global warming
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and our impact on it through the release of c o. 2 and linked in with that, ga, precise, at discoveries on the interplay of disorder and complex systems. one of those complex systems being climate to it being whether the 2 prizes linked together in our understanding of how climate change works. and that's plenty to chew on this confirmation of the science behind climate change. plenty for those worldly, just to think about as they go into the cop $26.00 in glasgow at the end of october . still to come on al jazeera in berlin lights up as the logo is unveiled for the next u. p. and championship in germany. more on that coming up and support. ah
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ah, a a
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a demons here now with all the sport tank, keep all right with just 2 weeks to go out until the start of the n b a season. the brooklyn met. so how to train without one of the stop i is kyrie having missed the teams of fust practice session, back in brooklyn, on tuesday. play on table to practice will play in new york if they haven't had at least one cove at vaccine. having his cipher declined to say, if he's have the job and stands to lose around $380000.00 per game, if he's unable to participate in high games. next coach steve nash has ruled out the possibility of the team training outside the city. as in new york health regulations in san francisco will say, mean player base that needs to be vaccinated to play in high games as well. golden state warriors forward and re. wiggins says he felt forced to get the job. you went
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to work in society today, then i guess they made the rules the world knew about what you knew or hopefully there's a lot of people out there you know, struggling to me and version of what they believe hopefully works. oh no, for them. basketball veteran powell castle has announced his retirement from the game. the spaniards career lasted more than 2 decades in which he under 2 and b, a titles and a world championship gold with his national team. the 41 year old at one the, the titles with the los angeles lakers, they've decided to retire his number 16 jersey to hang alongside that of late teammate coby. brian's eagerness. i really wanted to make a special mention to cooper bryant. i really would have liked for him to be here, but sometimes life can be very unfair and we miss him and his daughter gigi a great deal, which isn't what he told me how to be a better leader, a better competitor. he showed me what it meant to be a winner. i've always considered in my older brother. so thank you. the world's top
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for clothes are in danger of burn out is compulsory breaks aunt introduced in the game. that's according to the global players union. a report on men's football by faith pro says a frequent rest periods urgently needed to relieve the strain on professionals. the union has proposed a player should miss a game after as few as 3 matches in the critical zain, which his appearances of at least 45 minutes in matches less than 5 days apart. and yet we spoke with the general secretary of faith pro yanis by a huffman what we studied in the latest report and previous reports is the frequency with which players essentially play games without 5 days of rest. in between, that's scientifically established and in practice established standards where you get optimal recovery for your body. and of course, that cannot be granted all the time, but it should be granted in a very periodic basis. and what we see now is that some of the lead players in the world, they play up to 7080 percent of their games without the rest. and that is very
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clearly aligned with an increase of injury risk. and that is aligned with, of course, performance reduction in terms of the distance that you run with the speed with which you run, etc. and those are very substantial problems. so what we're suggesting and what we're, what we're looking to negotiate with the stakeholders is how you can cap essentially the number of games that you would play without this minimum amount of rest. and therefore, where you would have almost mandatory risk periods in between games. and then of course you will see how that aligns with the scheduling of games, but potentially of course players with games out in order to recover better. and then there's many other assets in this report which talk about the travel, we compare players from same teams depending on which country they represent outside of the continent where they play football or when we look at off season breaks and mid season breaks, the entire number of minutes the players have been feel that et cetera. so there's a lot of data there, which we think is critical because we cannot take decisions on something as
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fundamental as the metric calendar on anecdotal ideas. but we need data and we need to have smart decision making here, specialize what we hope and then not suffering with any injuries. by the time the next european championship comes around, the 2024 tournament will be held across 10 cities in germany. the fine was in berlin, where the official grounding was unveiled on tuesday with a pretty impressive light show. the arrays trophies at the center of the lego with 20 full colored slices around it to represent the participating teams. organizes say they want to promote a tournament. a diversity is celebrated and everyone feels welcome. a brazilian football has been charged with attempted murder off to kicking a referee in the head, leaving him unconscious. we won't show you the moment the attack takes place, but it happened in a 6th tear match in south paolo with him who barrow became angry when the referee awarded a free kick against him. the game was abandoned as police and medics intervened. the berries team have terminated his contract. cooling the attack revolting.
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baseball is a biggest rivals at the boston red sox and the new york yankees go head to head just over 2 hours with us seasons on the line. the when will go home, a wild card game will dictate to advances to the next round of the m l b. playoffs . awaiting the went out the tampa bay raise and the best of 5 division series. it's very exciting and obviously you know, there with the the yankees to in the history with the red sox yankees. yeah. it's, it's going to be a, you know, it's going to be a dog fight and it's gonna be all hands on deck. yeah. you're just trying to find a way to win it anyway possible. i mean, i think it's just like, can we, can we get it going already? you know, it's like a bit of a waiting game i think, which is good for the body. good for the mind to a certain extent to recover, but you're, you're dropping out a bit to get back out there and, and, you know, excited for the challenge ahead of us competitors at this year's a marathon day. sagal of how a minute silence for one of their fellow runners who died on monday. the french out
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tra martha runner was in his fifties and hasn't been named. he's offered a cardiac arrest during the 2nd stage in the sahara desert. and is the 3rd person to die in 35 editions of the race organizes decided to continue with the 37 o'clock to stage 3 on wednesday, which was won by mohammed alamos, bitty, he's got his brother rashid's overlaid down to one minute. 42 seconds. rashid has won this race 7 times, so he will be a tough man to beat. no doubt. barbara, that is all your support from me. jemma. thank you so much. and that is the tit for this. you remember the you can get the latest on everything that we have been covering here on the program on our website. there it is. i was 0 dot com. you can see our top story there. the latest the about of facebook. at least that whistle blowers saying that facebook prioritizes profits over people. we're going
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to have more on that story and everything else that we've been covering today. just a few minutes join me. ah ah. and france once had a vast empire spending several continents. but by the 1940s, the french were forced to confront reality and demands for independence. in the 1st part of a documentary series,
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al jazeera looks at how the colonial unrest grew. conflict, anteria and full scale war and indo china, blood and tears. french. the colonization on al jazeera, more than 30 years after the assassination of burkina. faso was iconic liter thomas sung, got those charged with his killing are going on trial among them. his success plays compounding is the countries long search for justice, find them coming to an end. the sancho taught special coverage from october 11th on all diseases. china has been very strategic in the way to expanding its sweet indian ocean. what is it? and we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in without the international aid. what do you think is going to happen? the afghani common counting the coast on al jazeera. i care about how the u. s. engages with the rest of the world. i cover foreign policy, national curity. this is very much
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a political em have here the policy like how do we illustrated, are we telling the good story? will people get what we're trying to do here? they're living outside and make this is not the way any family want to raise their children. we're really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise. and to actually feel as if you were there. ah, i'm here today because i believe facebook's products harm children, stoke division and we can our democracy form of facebook employee turned. whistleblower testifies before us sen saying the social media giant puts profits over people. ah, hello, i'm barbara.


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