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free columbia, killing the piece on al jazeera, the euro is poll with of input to people, hold the world. this has been going on for a number with global audience. how could impact your life? this is an important part of the world, and i was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. ah, hello, i'm barbara. sarah london. these at the top stories on al jazeera of facebook. whistleblower has told congress that the social media giant is an urgent threat to the us. that needs to be regulated. frances, how again warned that the company is aware of the harm. it's platforms cause to users, but hasn't done anything about it. facebook rejected the claims and says a significant amount of money has been spent on safety. i saw facebook repeatedly
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encounter conflicts between its own profits and our safety. facebook consistently resolve these conflicts in favor of its own profits. the result has been more division, more harm, more lies, more threats, and more combat. in some cases, this does, this dangerous online talk has led to actual violence that harms and even kills people. this is not simply a matter of certain social media. users being angry or unstable, are out one side being radicalized against the other. it is about facebook choosing to grow at all costs. the pope has expressed that deep sorrow after the release of a reporter to sexual abuse within the catholic church in france. it found that there were nearly 330000 victims over the past 70 years, who were then treated with deep and cruel indifference. around 3000 cleric, priests or nuns, carried out the abuse. the u. s. secretary of state is in france,
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the patch up ties after weeks of strained relations of our a cancelled submarine deal. antony blinkin has met french president manuel macro and foreign minister john eve, literally ann. and i think we were scheduled to, to discuss together mid october. we will catch up during 3020 and i think that would be the right location to see how we can round gauge very concretely m. my point is not one of the i don't, it's not an issue about words or perception issue about facts and what to do to get the u. k has sent its 1st delegation to meet the taliban in kabul since the group's takeover of afghanistan. simon gas. the u. k is a special representative for of janice done held talks with the taliban z deputy prime minister. more labrador. the envoy discussed how britton could help of canister on the dresses humanitarian crisis. stephanie decker is in couple and
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certainly in line with what we've been hearing from, particularly the british foreign secretary dominic robin. he was in carter in doha, just a couple of weeks ago saying that they weren't going to recognize the taliban yet, but that dialogue was important. and i think this is what we're seeing now. certainly it is a significant visit. there is a dialogue. there is an open line of communication and i think this is what the international community is doing. it's using this fact of international recognition of the taliban as the, the legal official governing body of this country to try and put pressure on the group to adhere to certain a certain norms that they want to see as pick their, the rights of minorities, the rights of girls and women to go to school to work, to stick to the agreement in the sense of, you know, making sure this is another thing they discussed today that afghanistan doesn't become what they call a safe haven for terrorists. so these are things that continually being discussed. i think this is what a lot of a foreign leaders have been saying and using is pressure on them with this
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legitimacy was sort of recognizing as a government to try and put pressure on them to adapt to certain things. we are at a time, of course, from the taliban, is seeking that international legitimacy. they need the millions and millions of dollars in funds to help get this country forward at a time when, you know, the winter is looming and we've got an economic dire situation. people have no money, ah, there's drought, there's famine and all these kinds of things. so what you're seeing is a political dance, if you will, so to speak. i don't think it means or any closer to officially recognizing them as the government, but a dialogue is in place and they also mentioned how the u. k. could help the humanitarian situation. that is something that still goes on. a russian actress and a film director have successfully arrived at the international space station. you lee barry sealed, and the claimant chapin co are making the world's 1st movie in orbit. over the next 12 days. they're gonna film seems for a movie about a doctor who travels in the space to save the life of an astronaut. those are the top stories that stay with us al jazeera world is next. i'll have more news and
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literally a man far from one without for one will does have the reactor. so i need the it's the staff dim melendez adrian, to lay the vic stock. hello. hi, deca. yes, michael. my aunt and uncle massaging, i think i'm a dod diarrhea, her dual adult tool, and all that, that really michelle coronado machine absorb h. which way? how much was she lab? we ship of loss watershed. i was going on with that the machine and the way it just came back to that you have to be is that her then again. yeah. jacobo on me. them are going to help different. you madden me and i don't will not know how to move. it is still on the kick gannons. yeah. to our bill of fucking good shape. and paddle coil is a full sunroof, is a fiercer commercial merging nuclear. can we have them?
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with touch in your bags without your learning. so the hotmail and you know where they are in the was it, he doesn't want to watch a lot a little right now with his he has got probably what, 8 plus actually they played linda's. belinda, we're sitting in that it couldn't, hasn't a hadley journal. and what was your monthly salary study? and will you say i was only was that you would allow it to be human openness, but he a senior he in the skin. my more and home on that one, dennis i man lucia.
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camera that i'm here with them. want me to take you just tell me that i've got that and i will call in league and leanne the little steady form of dog with bowman half done more when the half of them fell. by lexi bruland, my son. oh, he is deadly. went to school with love. hi, she can get you into a high chicken with luminous lydia gilbert. this may have caused you. good luck. manadis guinea. my thought is that the sneer disco stuff we're gonna pick up. is it though? miguel ha, but us me mind was at the moment. war, ma, get lore. me on the war. me. i committed. if you go to the again leaps more. because this guy lay upside down, my bad luck ideas and i will be it must suck along with him with miss see it looks like the show i had a pap smear. he battled gunther mccardie from a castille, weedy at them. she would she affect the number that had? what am i lived here in the new house for from a he has a gay but i'm alive polka sauce. nana guardian will help miracle. my husband,
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me. i should be. can sell you some. i am so bad. nelson, and that will be a contestant key the key though, that boy button you shouldn't have done with them for had them pass i yet, that often buckled fast. so the idea chef here all will show you had the most benefit when thought, say, image, have the cylinder, the numbers are still human. a name, you know, i had them some hot defilippis. i did so from them 1st i 2nd it can be done with that thought it was still available. they could campbell by sam with concura, medea's in school for the day they had to give them a nail that us may be a bang that he think she and you know what? i would say the i'm the full size. huge, but it's draw down both for sadie and then these old beer as an absurd
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rises, macklin. so be a he act you almost little a few orders. he a shock and mind the pow wow. theat 2 o'clock by my 2nd be beneficial. make them as a, at a why hello zillow, from a scorn, bonham sheer on middle for thoughts. gallo mom, i'm the pow media solutions near beans. so he had a home and she, as i did that up, jackie and what i was kind of to put on the tradition badly, and when we 2nd the been for sound, most the hail it will be a boon. most know where have double door. i saw handled with this guy. i'm what i'm feeling, the madison p fear. go home with south ashley smith. the only bit to be are come with fear. how will my most of the out of the fe we? i had the is, i'm law for dixie wanted lava, galani, zoe bay soluble so many subs if she would say, again, has on his home and he thought cameras on the deposit. it could be, can i get some fat flores? i'm franklin out of when he was met samantha. hm. mm hm. um,
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most walk up. yeah. i had a couple of them. la la book this book with but one of them, one of the home say it was son. that was book with them via m m. o u m, again, not a problem or not. got aha, no base lewis door yet lem at le, when new people will not file it. she thought i had it on the 0. will i? sure i do. i just need one official then. yes huh. pm. yeah, we had defendants. have you tried to lead them back? i've been having she bled off financial math from the from since she didn't look at it. i don't see that this paulette got a yes. yeah. like a 100 fucking g. he can see if that would offer that he of her lawyer had kneeled to swear how legal
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a bit of us one law use them fm. i can give the accent and i'm there when i would i have that. what us them, me in the, in how come little p m. that is more but the, but what role here. but though with a, with a,
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with a homeless though, i'm leave them a sound like a good one new. let us know. yeah, yeah, we're have, i'm call me up, have come up with the started. so what am i from shy?
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again, how kind of a snail to get them on that level or how come so i would get them and here we will, i will. i would have been a really good then up see enough. so for the idea of where i had a zoe, a good mazacco nat. geo. hell is the number that goes with it with i have obama look at it wouldn't be i had that i have but all the bad. yeah. yeah, no way that i don't want it. let me look the whites to full representation participation. democracy means that people have the right to choose their leaders and governments in free and fair election exploring
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why democracy has never been so frightened in so many parts of the world. a documentary theories examines the biggest challenge is to democracy from those who undermined to those who are ready to die for right democracy maybe coming soon on all to 0. france once had a vast empire spending several continents. but by the 1940s, the french were forced to confront reality and demands for independence. in the 1st part of the documentary series out 0 looks at how the colonial unrest grew. conflict and algeria and full scale warn indo china blood and tears french. the colonization on al jazeera at night in a stall called suburb. somali mums patrol the streets bully ski and no longer to hire or lack of clean yameen. tired of gang violence, the use,
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the maternal approach to prevent time is fully devoted to had made a doom warehouse. but a bit to do button in the stories. we don't often hear told by the people who lived them. mothers of ring could be. this is europe on algae 0. lou. hello, i'm barbara sarah london. these are the top stories on al jazeera, a facebook whistleblower has told congress that the social media giant is an urgent threat to the us. that needs to be regulated. frances, how get and warned that the company is aware of the harm that it's platforms calls to users, but hasn't done anything about it. facebook rejected the claims and says a significant amount of money has been spent on safety. i saw facebook repeatedly
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encounter conflicts between its own prophets and our safety. these will consist of .


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