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essentially shop for now over 3 years, but actually trade between the 2 countries that practically been halted since 2015 when the 2 countries 1st shot the border due to political at pensions. it's significant, 1st of all, for venezuelans who need to cross into columbia for good for health services education services. most of them had so far to try and do that through illegal paths that were controlled and controlled by a criminal group set at the border. so hopefully they'll now be able to cross into columbia legally they will also how migrant, you know, that there are a large number of nfl and migrants crossing to columbia. they will also be able, hopefully to do so on the bridge. and then obviously it's important politically because this can be seen as a 1st step to try and resume relationship,
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a diplomatic relationship between the 2 countries. and finally economically, because at the height of their relationship, it amounted to $7000000000.00 a year. so we'll see some of that return as well. the colombian government continues to see my doing as an illegitimate leader that sold the elections in venezuela in 2018. they continue to support what they call here, the democratic resistance of venezuela and opposition led by one boy who instead they considered the legitimate inter him a president with the conditions in place. it will be very difficult to go beyond what we're seeing now, which is mostly human in theory and, and obviously of interest both the countries. economically, in bolivia, our group of farmers has taken control of the country's largest culture markets by force, members of the younger community for police and government backed rivals. before
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storming into the market place in the capital, a pause. they say they're the rightful owners of the country. skulker trade. laura burton manley has more a movement of celebration for a group of coca palmer from bolivia of ethnic yoga community that spent 10 days trying to take control of this marketplace in the capital. a path from rival who performers the scene is in contrast to the violent confrontation earlier with security forces. outside their protests is blocked, a nearby road and its surrounding areas and cascade of tear gas dispersed. the crowd bounced, they soon resumed breaking through police lines to enter the market place. thank god, god did justice for us, so we could regain our coca market. oh,
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we're only the producers. the police who support another group of coca growers wants to silence us with gas and bullets. lupins has been a battle ground between 2 rival groups of coca form, with one loyal to the government, the other to the opposition which had taken the market from its young rivals last month. the market place is important because more than 90 percent oblivious. coakley business is done here, and it generates a $173000000.00 us dollars a year. the cocoa leaf is often choose, am brewed by people in the andes to cope with altitude sickness. and it's also a roar ingredients. in cocaine, members of the younger community, say they at the right, 4 and historic owners of the coca industry that caught on the government to allow them to continue this tradition. and they accused their leaders of trying to profit from their trade. they say tough working conditions have forced them to protest. oh
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no, we demand that the government under the general coca law that a resolution has to be passed to enable the transfer of a commercialization market to a new site for coca growers in order to guarantee the peace and unity of the youngest president. even morales has accused the youngest of being paid off to act against his government. he says he's organizing a counter march next week. and the battle for controlled of bolivia lucrative coca trade hangs in the balance. lore about unmanly al jazeera, thousands of french workers have taken part in a national strike to protest against president emmanuel michael's policies. they're angry about the rising energy prices and are demanding better pay and working conditions. the demonstrators also want the government to abandon plans to revise pension and unemployment class. ty winds premier says the territories on
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high alert against what he called. b james continued violations. premier suits, sang, chang made the announcement after a record number of chinese aircraft entered taiwan air defense, sol, it's ministry of defense is a 140 chinese warplanes have breached his own since friday, china has recently ramped up pressure on time on which it says is part of his territory on etiology in taiwan definitely needs to be on alert. china is increasingly over the top. the world has also seen china's repeated violations of regional pace and pressure on taiwan. so democratic countries have repeatedly issued warnings that our countrymen have to be self reliant. we have also seen the president cecily supporting the national army. we must come together as one and strengthen ourselves only then will countries that want to annexed high one, not dear to easily resort to force through. thomson is
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a visiting senior research fellow at the lee kwan you school of public policy in singapore and a former u. s defense department official, he says taiwan is responding cautiously and is willing to engage with beijing. the flights over the last 4 days have been unprecedented in terms of their size and frequency of these large stories. and stepping them up over the course of the china is national holiday. and such, large flights really indicates that this is a political warfare effort and part of a massive coercion campaign against the leadership of taiwan and the time when these people. and it's part, i think, not just of a military campaign, but an economic, diplomatic and information campaign as well. unification is a key objective for president cheating. paying. he stated as much, he stated in 2013, that this is a question that should not be left for future generations. president,
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tying one has played this very carefully. taiwan half responded cautiously to this recent uptick can flights they've exercise restraint. so for instance, you haven't seen reports about taiwan fighter bombers flying in to harass these flights. you haven't heard about air defense radars being used to paint or to target these chinese aircraft in international airspace. so they've been showing restraint. and at the same time, president tying one is expressed very clearly that she is willing to engage with beijing, presuming that they can engage as equals and without preconditions. as concerns grow about chinese real estate giant as grants, financial health. as 2nd property developer has failed to repay a debt, fantasia holdings was here to make a payment of $205000000.00 to its bondholders on monday. investors that already worried housing giant emigrant group might collapse rob advisory for some
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in recent weeks, ever. grand has been selling off assets to meet its debts, but has still been missing. we payment deadlines. now analysts are predicting it may have to sell off part of its property management unit to a hong kong based real estate company to raise billions of dollars more as ever grand problems have snowballed. it shares have lost more than 80 percent in value this year. it has well over a 1000 property developments across china, putting many homeowners at risk of losing their investments. founded in the mid nineties, ever grant has grown quickly into a conglomerate, not only involved in real estate, but with interests in sectors, from personal finance, to food and drink and electric cars. any y'all in even owning one of china's most important football clubs. and there are growing fears about the possible contagion effect for other large property developers. because the evergreen saga has been
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dragging on for some time. the air poverty market had really come to a stand still, an and pot. but if prices are fully given ever grand size and reach across the chinese economy, there's real concern about the fall out if it fails, or even if it can be allowed to fail by the central government. especially in a country where maintaining social stability is so important. in the southern chinese city of shame, gen worried investors have laid siege to the company's offices, return our money champions. protesters. it's widely believed the government has been prodding, state backed entities to buy assets from ebay, grand to prop it up with the priority being to settled debts at home 1st ever ran has a heavy exposure to the overseas investors upon market. and then i think they're the last in line to gather paintings,
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selling more assets will give ever grand another respite, but the billions of dollars of debt it will still carry forward makes its whole future an uncertain. rob mcbride, al jazeera hong kong. cone of i assess in russia have had a daily record for the 3rd time in a month's 895 fatalities were confirmed on tuesday and more than 25000 infections. official say the numbers are concerning, but there are no plans to reintroduce or lock down. the kremlin has called on people to get vaccinated, saying it's the only way to stop the virus from spreading a vote of no confidence in romania as parliament has brought down the government for kids. so central government had only been in power for 9 months when a large majority voted to topple it from power. the motion sent censure was filed by the opposition social democrat party. the president must now nominate a new prime minister. in the philippines, the son of the late leisure ferdinand marcos has announced he will run for
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president in next year's elections for design. marcus junior has been involved in politics since his return from exile in 1991. in 1986 more than a 1000000 filipinos protested against his father's controversial martial law. eventually, leading to his exit from office on sunday, rockies were vote for a new parliament in a snap election under a new electro long iraq, a seen large anti govern protest in recent years against unemployment and a lack of services. ali ha, shami has more from baghdad on how candidates i react. i reaching otis, it hasn't been an easy ride for iraq's politicians to win over people's hearts and minds. so they are doing everything they can to secure votes in the upcoming elections. and as it is the case these days, social media plays a huge part in the campaign. more than 60 percent of iraqis are online and active
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on social media because it's the easiest and the cheapest way to reach to the people. and especially we can't choose our young people, women, and people, they can, they cannot afford maybe to have good electricity to watch tv all the time. ah, but after the 2019 anti government demonstrations that saw 100 soft protesters killed, the real challenge is convincing people to cast their votes. so we are using on social media to encourage people to go to vote, because this is number one. before we ask them to whom they vote, we should we ask them to go and vote what there is resistance. some social media influences are calling for a boycott of the elections because they say politicians need to have better policies to tackle iraq's challenges. gyla hunger, dr. ali fatherly, famous satire,
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short presenter with hundreds of thousands of followers, is one of them is using social media to promote his anti election stance kellum than a clear and washer handler. he, the more we criticize the candidates, the more they're going to push back and try different ways to win. i'm therefore very pessimistic about the outcome. and when i tackle this issue, i'm not going to vote and will call on people to boycott. jama distal occlusal social media is playing a crucial role in the race to get both during this as an extension of the more traditional campaign like this. what pictures and posters of the candidates are, what i got to see, what many iraqis are angry at the politicians for failing to provide services and create jobs. so, winning them over will likely pool the difficult we asked iraqis and, but that if social media has been effective in changing their minds during this campaign, and i thought i might, i don't see any influence for social media on our decisions. our generation is
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mature enough to know his good and his bad. we saw what happened in the october 2019 protests, and the price we paid and added by image of the social media is very effective. we can watch and to friendship between candidates who deserves and who doesn't quite hold him when at home with his young, i hopped on. the social media is much more important than tv and newspapers. but our problem in iraq is that our social media is partisan. just as the country, it's divided into parties, sex and paths, elaborate in accent. this adds to the challenges that independent candidates face in every election in a country where a quality sized ation and divisions make it difficult to get their message across. aaliyah shimaya, 0, baghdad. the world will experience serious water shortages unless countries make changes saps the warning from the united nations, whether agency, it says the number of people without water is expected to soar due to lack of
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availability and population growth. experts say 5000000000 people will have inadequate access to water by 2050 water related hazards like floods and drown, sir, increasing because of climate change. despite some advances, a 170 countries remain off track in managing their water resources by 2030. while climate change is transforming, molly's lake foggy, been into a desert in the tumbled to region. the un says more than 300000 people have been displaced. usable land for farming is becoming scarce, causing violet dispute between farmers and lifestyle. curtis, nicholas ha. reports on the edge of tim book, 2 is a disappearing lake, with the temperatures approaching 50 degrees celsius, vanished into thin air, or the green waters of the mighty lake figure being la la. thought that when reduced one says it's getting hotter, he's no longer a fisherman. he's witnessed waves of sand gradually take over the waterways. he once sailed for fish. the sea shells from a life that once existed,
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remain gone. are the mango trees and the green gardens for farming morn, so smuggler never would attacking them another food. and with one there was water on our land. we grew rice and wheat. look at it now. the people, the village, are building natural barriers to stabilize the sand dunes and stop them from moving already. the sand is dangerously close to their homes. from above, the natural barriers looks like a fishing net cast over the sand and attempt to stop the unstoppable desert dunes have already buried homes. now it's headed for the nearby school. often they do belong thing called up for a cut sign of you see this sand dune wasn't there before it entered the school from the right. the ground was flat between those 2 blocks. this is a school for almost 400 students. that's an entire generation. a lost generation, a generation condemned to fleet, or be recruited more droughts here a rainfall. water has become scars, farmers and herders fight over it. in areas where the mountain state is largely
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absent arm groups including a kind of control access to water and arable land, giving it only to those willing to join their ranks. the combination of the om conflicts and the effect of climate change is like a death sentence for those population. when the whales are empty, i mean people are, ah, i have to flee in search of that water and there are places where people fight for water. it's a south of conflict between communities to day. 300000 people have fled an area where there was once an abundance of water. the surface of what was once lake like a bean is hot with an unknown gas and it's killing the remaining shrubs. forcing the last people to leave this vanishing oasis in search of a more friendly climate. nicholas hawk al jazeera. still ahead on al jazeera afghanistan's cricket, his fine tune their preparations for the 2020 well cup will hear from inside their training count as coming up in support for germany.
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ah. ah
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ah whole ah ah, thomas for saw his gemma. thank you. follow the world's top 4 legs are in danger of burnouts. if compulsory breaks armed, introduced in the game, that's according to the global play. as union reports, all men's football by faith prey says frequent rest periods really needed to leave the strain on professionals. the union has proposed a plan should miss a game after as few as 3 matches in the critical zine, which is
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a parent says at least 45 minutes and match is less than 5 days apart. and yet we spike with the general secretary of faith, private yes, my husband. we studied in the latest report and previous reports of the frequency with which players essentially play games without 5 days of rest. in between. that's scientifically established in practice established standards where you get optimal recovery for your body. and of course, that cannot be granted all the time, but it should be granted in a very periodic basis. and what we see now is that some of the lead players in the world, they play up to 7080 percent of their games without the rest. and that is very clearly aligned with an increase of injury risk. and that is aligned with, of course, performance reduction in terms of the distance that you run with the speed with which you run, etc. and those are very substantial problems. so what we're suggesting and what we're, what we're looking to negotiate with the stakeholders is how you can cap essentially the number of games that you would play without this minimum amount of rest. and
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therefore, where you would have almost a mandatory risk period in between games. and then of course you will see how that aligns with the scheduling of games, but potentially of course players with games out in order to recover better. and then there's many other assets in this report which talk about the travel, we compare players from same teams depending on which country they represent outside of the continent where they play football or when we look at the off season breaks and mid season breaks the entire number of minutes, the players have been feel that it's central. so there's a lot of data there, which we think is critical because we cannot take decisions on something as fundamental as the metric calendar on anecdotal ideas. but we need data. we need to have smart decision making. a visit in circle has been charged with attempted murder off to kicking a referee in the head, leaving him unconscious. we won't show you the moment the attack takes place, but it happens in a 6 year match. in sao paolo,
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what im hebert became angry when the referee awarded a free kick against him. the game was abandoned. as police medics intervened, harry's team have terminated his contracts. cooling me, attack revolting, afghanistan's cricketers, and se than not just that to make up the numbers at the upcoming t 20 world cup. the team continues to train in cobble before heading to the u. a for the opening game on october 25th. despite being relative newcomers to international crickets, afghanistan have already qualified for the main part of the competition where they'll face new zealand, india, and pakistan. but one of them could be the murano of the players is very high. the boys are also very enthusiastic. so the sooner we can go to the bar and start practicing, we come, god willing do it. in fact, we can even when the final or at least get to the semi finals. basketball veteran, the pow gossip has announced his retirement from the game as funny as career lasted more than 2 decades in which he ended to and be a titles and the world championship gold. with his national team. the 41 year old,
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one of the titles with the los angeles lakers, but also played for, for other and be a teams is lost and be a game. was with them the will he bucks back in 2019. but willis says when his 1st nascar cup race was a huge weight lifted off his shoulders on his 100 and 43rd stopped, wallace was leading the yellow at 500 avenue talladega super speedway when rain. it stopped the race was like attempts to dry the tracks in any 45 minutes. it was cooled off, and wallace was given the victory. he's the 1st black driver to win the, at nascar elite cub level since window school in 1900. 63. this is all those kids out there that want to have an opportunity and whatever they want to achieve and be the best of what they want to do. and i'm going to stick true to your your path and not let the nonsense get to you. and they strolled, the whole thing hungry plenty of times where i wanted to give up and you surround yourself with the right people and it's more like to say your pursuit. baseball is
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biggest rivals the boston red sox and the new york yankees go head to head later on tuesday with best seasons on the line. the when will go? hi, i'm a wild card game will dictate to advance is it to the next round of the m l b. playoffs awaiting the when the tampa bay raise and the best of 5 division series. it's very exciting and obviously you know, there with the, the yankees, to in the history with the red sox yankees, it's, it's going to be a, you know, it's going to be a dog fight, and it's gonna be all hands on deck. yeah. you're just trying to find a way to win in any way possible. i mean, i think it's just like, can we, can we get it going already? you know, it's like a bit of a waiting game i think, which is good for the body. good for the mind to a certain extent to recover, but you're, you're dropping it a bit to get back out there and, and, you know, excited for the challenge that ahead of us competitors at this year's, at martha and a sob of how a minute silence. one of their fellow runners who died on monday,
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the french out from arthur runa was in his fifties and hasn't been named. he suffered a cardiac arrest during the 2nd say to the sahara desert and is the 3rd person to die in $35.00 editions of the race organizers decided to continue with the 37 kilometer stage 3 on wednesday, which was won by mohammed alamo busy. he's caught his brother rashid's. i relate down to one minute, 42 seconds, and that is all you'll support from me for now. i'll be back with more a little bit later. gem, i thank you very much for that. the nobel prize. a physics has been awarded to 3 scientists for discoveries in climate and complex physical systems. the nobel committee says here, coral may not be class hassle men. and ga perisi revealed groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of complex physical systems. earlier we spoke to last spring was a former chairman of the know about committee for physics, and he explained how they pick the recipients of the price. will it discovery?
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it has to have certain height is should really be sort of a watershed. so you can see when a before and after and i think you know the server. if you go back to my novice work where he does, you know, a complex system for, for, for the atmosphere of the know he could by physical means. you know, you could compute that an increase in c o 2 would crease, the temperature on earth and house. and then later on came, you know, maybe a much more through model of climate. and so this is basic science. this is a discovery among, you know, this is, you know, and then it goes, but what i should say is that, you know, usually physically, discoveries, if you use
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a reduction is really we're down to score is one of the tests. and then you can find patterns and then you can find formula. you can find it your find course or find work very superconductivity when you get but most phenomena in the world are complex locations. and what these people have done is to have been able to select, you know, the right parameters within the very, very complicated system by which you can predict and you can really measure inside of the system which is, is, isms are working here. and finally, 14 percent of the wealth coral has been lost in less than a decade. report by the u and backs global data. network warns more we saw at risk of disappearing because of climate change. warming oceans are causing more carl bleaching events. that's when called under heat stress, expel the colorful on key living in their tissues and died. leslie for the scenes
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out on out there were life. amanda next. with barbara. sarah, thanks a lot. ah ah, al jazeera world, sweet said she, dizzy and family facing agonising choices and an uncertain future. we had the family type, you had enough of it and i want to move out another country. disillusioned with life in a struggling economy has been my dream, was to become a lawyer or a judge. i really wanted fact what the circumstances a tennessee and family high hopes desperate lives on al jazeera,
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france once had a vast empire spending several continents. but by the 1940s, the french were forced to confront reality and demands for independence. in the 1st part of a documentary series, al jazeera looks at how the colonial unrest grew. conflict and algeria and full scale warn indo china blood and tears french. the colonization on al jazeera october on al jazeera, from growing vaccine inequality to the political and economic impacts. the latest development as the corona virus pandemic continues to spread across the globe. democracy made it an expensive new series, explored the ever growing challenges to democracy around the world. former book him a catholic, president, place come for it goes on 5 for the assassination of free to suffer from
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a psychology context. india direct from them by brings insights and perspectives from the world's most populous democracy. yorkies go to the palm in an election likely to define the countries future. october on al jazeera. ah, i'm here today because i believe facebook's products harm children stoked division and week in our democracy. a former facebook employee turned whistleblower testifies before us senators. same the social media giant puts profits over people . ah.


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