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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2021 8:00pm-8:30pm AST

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sharing people's most intimate moments when used to investigate software is by commented on al jazeera ah facebook, actively, martin to children are mars to children are the age of 18 armed gown, instagram, and definitely our targets, each known as young as 8 the on on the street in messenger a former facebook employee turned whistleblower accuses the social media platform of putting prophets before people. ah, play. you're watching al jazeera alive from our world headquarters in doha. i'm fully betty will also ahead a chance for corporation. the u. s. secretary of state is in france to men,
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ties with america's oldest ally, venezuela opens its border with colombia nearly 3 years after closing it because of a dispute about humanitarian aids and revelations of widespread sexual abuse in the french catholic church spending more than 17 years. ah, facebook is an urgent threat to the united states that the warning from a whistleblower whose testifying at a u. s. senate committee hearing and phase of social media giant needs to be regulated. francis hogan is a former facebook manager who says the company is aware of the hard spot forms calls to users, but has not done anything about it. i saw facebook repeatedly encounter conflicts between its own prophets and our safety feasible, consistently resolve these conflicts in favor of its own prophets. the result has
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been more division, more harm, more lies, more threats, and more combat. in some cases, this is this dangerous on like hack, has led to actual violence that harms and even kills evil. this is not simply a matter of certain social media users being angry or unstable. around one side being radical as against the other. it is about facebook choosing to grow at all costs, becoming an almost trillion dollar company by buying its profits with our safety. the company intentionally hides vital information from the public, from the us government and from governments around the world. or how gain has leaked thousands of internal facebook documents painting a picture of an organization that puts profits before people, fuels hate, and is harmful to children. her testimony comes a day after a world wide outage took on facebook and it's spot form. so nearly 6 years, 6 hours rather fending its chest,
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tumbling by nearly 5 per cent. lived to shebra tansy was on capitol hill where the hearing is taking place. i. it's been quite damaging testimony from francis. how good tell us more about what she's had to say? i think the point you made just a minute ago there about the documents is the key there there, because i think there are several suspicions about this sort of behavior. the sort of driver from facebook management about what, what they are most concerned about. but now the difference is we have tens of thousands of internal documents which shows that facebook's research says look, we could make things less divisive, less prone to an incitement, less prone to damaging job teenagers mental health. but that will mean that our profit line will go done, perhaps minimally node. frances, again, point 5 percent. perhaps profits might go down. that will not be acceptable. and that comes straight from the top. that comes from mark soccer back. the whole point of facebook is engagement and profit. profit,
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meaning people will eventually click on advert. how do you get people to click on adverts? you get people on facebook for as long as possible engaged. what does engagement mean? that means thumbs up, thumbs down, making comments, sharing posts, and how do you get people engaged? how do you get people so engaged? they want to do all of those things. you make them angry. that's what facebook's internal research has shown. you make people angry, they will engage, they will spend longer on the site, and then they will potentially trickle adverts and make more profit for facebook. and doesn't matter whether agonist early leads, doesn't matter whether that anger is justified. the point is just get them angry. that seems to be from both the testimony and the documentation that has been released. that seems to be the main one of the main drivers for facebook's m. o. it's modus operandi to that's what we've, what we've been hearing. hearing all morning from francis, how good that this is a model that is based on, on potentially making things, making society a lot worse. and even if they do have the solutions that they've researched,
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fail prepared to do them because it'll, it'll affect their bottom line. and there's been a lot of pushback from facebook champ. yes, though. i mean, they say that her testimony is very selective. in fact, just know facebook as tweeted saying, well it, she doesn't necessarily even have. she never even that responsibility with some of the, for the areas that she's, she's discussing, which led to a republican member of congress saying, well will if you think that then come back, come back and swear under oath that that is true that, but this is actually true, because after all, facebook already of several senior executives including mazzocco book of testified in congress. and the implication from the documentation is they have misled congress ups potentially a serious crime. in addition, this whistleblower has filed several complaints of the securities exchange commission saying that facebook is mr. investors about the algorithms. again, potentially some legal liability there for facebook. i'd love to talk about she had thank you very much for bringing us in a to say from capitol hill. shebra tansy. you never use us secretary of state
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antony blank in is in france to patch up ties after weeks of strained relations because of a cancelled submarine. dale. his met french president, emmanuel mccoy, and foreign ministers. i even diarrhea. both sides have agreed. there is an opportunity to deepen corporation. france was angered last month when the us announced a 3 way partnership with the u. k and australia. our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit has more from washington. this meeting is very important for repairing the diplomatic raft, when to say that france was unhappy with the deal that was struck between the united states, the u. k. and australia, over the selling of technology of nuclear powered submarines to australia would be an understatement. given the fact that not only was the french president maxwell, i rate about being kept in the dark that these negotiations for a group security group known as august happened without any consultation. but this
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is costing france millions upon millions of dollars. so there is a real economic impact. when french president macro has to face his own constituents. and so as a result, he was furious that the bible administration went ahead to help orchestrate this deal. and as a result, pulled his ambassadors, not only from the united states, but also from australia, calling them back to paris. now those ambassadors have since been restored, but the damage was done. and already, joe biden, to you as president, has had a call with french president macro. now what we're seeing with this meeting of the secretary of state in france is a further ring of trying to repair that diplomatic ref. something that we knew was going to happen, and this meeting is also something else. it's a prelude to what we expect will be in him person meeting between the u. s. president and the french president. later this month. we assume this could happen some time around the october 30,
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31 dates with respect to that when the g 20 will take place in italy. when after meeting with antony blanket in paris, the french president has now joined european leaders for dinner in slovenia, before the western bo can summit. natasha butler is therefore swear to somebody's taking place in slovenia. we've just heard from the president of the council, natasha. what did he have to say? yes, sha michelle, the presence of the a you council? i spoke as he arrived here brideau in slovenia for this a dinner with other you leaders, nash? michelle said, oh, that's the main top talking point during this a dinner would be the use international position in light. he said of recent events . he said, look, we've all been looking at what's been happening in afghanistan, the growing influence of china, particularly in the inter pacific. and then of course, the fall out of the orchestra. michelle said it has become very clear to you leaders that they need to do more to strengthen their defense capabilities. and he
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also said that, in fact a you leaders would be discussing a possible future summit next year in which a you countries could come together and talk about joint defense. and the french president, natasha joining the summit after his meeting out with the u. s. secretary of state and parish, as we mentioned earlier, what is emanuel mccaul hoping to achieve? yes, a manual. mcgraw i is expected to brief the other 20 sakes european leaders during this dinner after his meeting with you as a secretary of state as he blinked in that meeting that took place in paris a bit earlier. as far as macro is concerned of the a diplomatic route that erupted off to the august packs and really a really but may tend to made relations between a fraud and washington, particularly strained. macro sees this whole event in which this sir defense packed
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was signed, seemingly secretly, without any consultations with allies, particularly of frogs as a warning to the e. u that the you needs to do more to look after itself. if you want to become more self reliant, in fact, it was just a few days ago, the micro said that europeans need to stopping. so naive and imagining that the u. s. could be a reliable partner survey much longer the same lives as shown. michelle man, oh my cross saying that that you needs to do more to strengthen itself in terms of defense in terms of its strategic interest. maybe use the arcus packed a, to its advantage, not only to try and bring the you together, or when it comes to defense, but also to try and use it. or to put more pressure on of the united states to say, look, we want to work together with you and of course cooperate boonies corporate with us as well. in our is a strategic interests all the way, particularly a focused on for example,
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a working together in the saw hell at ash i thank you for natasha butler reporting their life from slovenia. still ahead on i'll just yeah, we'll have an update on the volcano in the island still sending more law into the atlantic ocean. ah hi again. nice to see you here is your weather update for the middle east. we can still see some lingering effects of what was psychotic storm shaheen with the circulation here spinning around some showers in yemen. and also same goes for sala, with a hive. twice 7 agrees, signed and does start. so being kicked up for southern portions of saudi y to look right now at the middle east, we've got a lot of hot sunshine to be found. of course, temperature is not as high as they were at the peak of summer were now and to fall riyadh with a high of $37.00 degrees on wednesday. through pakistan,
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with the withdrawal of the southwest monsoon, were starting to see more fresh air and play here losing that humidity. but it will come back at times karachi, a bit below average for this type of the year. turkey mostly dry except for say, coastal areas of the black sea is sample 20 degrees and we'll have breezy conditions over the next few days. but your temperature here pretty well where it should be for this sub the year, off through our equitorial countries in africa and what you would expect. storms uganda, right into democratic republic of congo. a justine stuff kinshasa on wednesday, further toward the south, disturbed weather is still for the eastern cape and you know, the winds are gonna wind up here. over the next few days, we could see them up to 65 kilometers per hour on thursday. a frank assessments is likely to change making behavior it, it's not going to change their behavior. they're going to continue to do what they
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do and in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our 0 more than 30 years after the assassination of burkina. faso was iconic liter thomas son . good are those chores. he's killing are going on trial among them. his success plays compound. here's the country's long search for justice. finally, coming to an end, the son good are taught special coverage from october 11th on old 0. ah ah, welcome back. a recap of our top stories on al jazeera, facebook whistleblower fancies how game has been telling the us senate about the social media giant is a threat to uses around the world. cheese,
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testifying that facebook repeatedly prioritized profit over the safety of its use. if you are secretary of state antony blinking, his aim, france to patch up ties after weeks of strained relations because of a cancelled submarine deal. both sides have agreed. there's an opportunity to deepen corporation and he, you leaders are meeting in phil pena to talk about the union's relationship with china. and the us also in the agenda is the proposal of setting up an easy gas reserved for the block and an economic collapse of afghanistan to venezuela now, which has reopened its land border with columbia after it was closed nearly 3 years ago. it was shut down in 2019 after the venezuelan opposition tried to bring in humanitarian aid from columbia prison, nicholas maduro said the shipment was part of a u. s. plot to overthrow his government and his weight, his vice president has said his time to turn the page at spring in, alexander amputee, who was in bogota, columbia's capital for his. tell us about the significance alessandro of the
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reopening of this border. yes, fairly well, it's significant to for a number of reasons, obviously, symbolically the removal of these containers that were blocking physically blocking the passage on these are bridges between the 2 countries shows the willingness, some part of their my daughter administration to pick a 1st step towards restarting some sort of relationship with its neighboring country from a humanitarian point of view. this is extremely important for many venezuelans in particular that need to cross into columbia to buy goods that are scar, sim, venezuela, to access health services education services in a columbia. before the closure, tens of thousands of venezuela with crossing to columbia on a daily basis. this also brings up possibly back
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a level of security. a given the fact that the people who were crossing during these years of closures were doing so to dirt paths that are controlled by criminal gangs that were imposing taxes on people in good and goods. trying to move between the 2 countries. and finally, from an economic stand point before the closure trade between the 2 countries at the border amounted to more than $7000000000.00 us dollars a year that we don't expect though to see those numbers quickly. but definitely there will be a resumption now of that tre than that, sir. especially good for a columbia at this point. so can we expect a normalization of diplomatic relations between columbia and venezuela in the near future? well i've been speaking to a number of analysts about here in columbia and in venezuela,
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and they say that they don't expect that to happen. this is definitely good news. it bring some sense back to the situation at the border that it's been critical really for almost a decade now since my daughter has van into power and then it became particularly critical after the attempt on part of the venezuelan, our position to try and push aid the from the us into the country against the will of the my douro, a government to saw. this is part of a plot, backed by the sea to try and kick him out of power. but much more is needed to actually restart real written diplomatic relationship between the 2 countries. and that's because the current government here in columbia van do, okay, it does not recognize my daughter as the legitimate president of venezuela yesterday. and now seeing or commenting on this decision by venezuela,
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he said that this is a consequence of the pressure. the countries like columbia are putting on venezuela and the pressure of what they call the democratic resistance. of the venezuelan opposition led the by one white dog, who still is considered by columbia as the legitimate entering president of the country. so as the situation remains, as it is, it will be very difficult to see a full reopening of diplomatic relationships between columbia in venice. with alexander, i'm pitied, loretta. thank you. the pulse has expressed deep sorrow after the release of a report into sexual abuse within the catholic church in france. it found they were nearly 330000 victims over the past 70 years and detail when they called the churches deep and cruel indifference. the head of the french conference of bishops has expressed shame, asks for forgiveness and promised to act. need banker has army port. ah,
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many children abused by members of the catholic church were not believed or listened to for years. some were even accused of contributing to what had happened to them. among those victims olivia 7 jak abused by a priest when he was 13. oscar we sit in season and we sit and while yes, the report is an earthquake. yes, it's a hurricane. yes, it's a soon army, and it has to be as soon army because the day when we see the numbers it so damning that no one can be in denial because both within the catholic church and the whole of society don't. yeah. the roman catholic church betrayed the trust of the young and vulnerable on a devastating scale. the conclusion of a 2 and a half year investigation into clerical child abuse carried out by $3000.00 suspected peter files and the french church on a population francais in the french population. now aged 18 and over 216000 plus or minus 50000 was sexually assaulted by clerics priests or nuns,
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known as minor sounds bushel of this the and when lay members of the church such as teachers at catholic schools are included. 6, the number of child victims, climes to 330000 of the 7 decade periodontal and poor measure. a major point the must been the mind is until the early 2000 school there was a deep total and even coolant difference. for years. recent scandals have decimated the church, has credibility at a time of dwindling attendances last year defraud french catholic priest, bernard craner, was sentenced to 5 years in jail for abusing scouts in his care. several decades ago. the case also led to the resignation of his superior, the archbishop of leon philly. barbara accused of covering up the abuse. the scandal in france is the latest to hit. the catholic church rocked by abuse scandals around the world. in june. pope france is said the church abuse crisis was a world wide catastrophe. this year he issued an extensive revision of church law,
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insisting bishops take robust action against clerical abuse. the french church said in march, it would propose some form of financial aid to the victims. the campaigners have been left asking how it's possible to put a price on suffering. neve parker al jazeera and in these felt to massimo fi, joni was a professor of historical theology at villanova university. he says that wave of sexual abuse disclosures has forced the catholic church to change how it reacts. the problem that design in faces is that there is so far in the article, a refusal or denial to address systemic issues that have to do with the priestly ministry of, of the priests. celibacy and monarchical structure of the church on other issues, actually has been slipped and decisive. what needs to be done,
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and this is something this report, acknowledges and demands is a series of steps in dismantling the hierarchical structure of the church as a monopoly on the control of all of everything that moves in the church. this is something on which frances as been so far, very cautious or reluctant, even the problem is that, or our hope is that the solution right now is not any more in the hands of the church. it's much more than in the past in the hands of public opinion of the press of justice of the police system. so that's why we are new faith because whatever the church does internally, it is regularly overcome and surpassed by
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a series of actions that have taken place is already outside of the church. and the catholic church is still on the defensive. and you some sense what the church can do about the past is not the most important question. is what the church will let justice system investigating commissions to do. thousands of french workers have held mass protest marches. several unions call for a strike day over issue such as rising energy prices better pay and working conditions. protesters are all surging the government to abandon plants for route to revise, pension and unemployment plans. a vote of no confidence in romania parliament has brought down the government floor in kit. so centrist government had only been in power for 9 months when a large majority voted to topple it from power. the oppositions accused of poor
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handling of 40 handling the corona virus pandemic, and the economy. the president must now nominate a new prime minister a british envoys, the 1st official from europe to meet with the taliban in kabul since the takeover of afghanistan summoned gosti u. k. special represent shift for afghan. his son, harold talks with the taliban, his deputy prime minister, pamela bar. dar, a u. k. government spokesman says the envoy, discuss how brittan could help of county san address. it's humanitarian crisis and raised the treatment of minorities and women. stephanie deck, as more from kabul on what this meeting needs, it's certainly in line with what we've been hearing from, particularly the british foreign secretary dominic robin. he was in carter in doha, just a couple of weeks ago saying that they weren't going to recognize the taliban yet, but that dialogue was important. and i think this is what we're seeing now. certainly it is a significant visit. there is a dialogue, there's an open line of communication, and i think this is what the international community is doing. it's using this fact
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of international recognition of the taliban as the, the legal official governing body of this country to try and put pressure on the group to adhere to certain a certain norms that they want to see as pick their, the rights of minorities, the rights of girls and women to go to school to work, to stick to the agreement in the sense of, you know, making sure this is another thing they discussed today that afghanistan doesn't become what they call a safe haven for terrorists. so these are things of continually being discussed. i think this is what a lot of a foreign leaders have been saying and using is pressure on them with this legitimacy was sort of recognizing as a government to try and put pressure on them to dock to certain things. we are at a time. of course, from the taliban is seeking that international legitimacy. they need the millions and millions of dollars in funds to help get this country forward at a time when, you know the winter is looming and we've got an economic dire situation. people have no money. there's drought, there's famine and all these kinds of things. so what you're seeing is
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a political dance, if you will, so to speak. i don't think it means or any closer to officially recognizing them as the government, but a dialogue is in place and they also mentioned how the u. k. could help the humanitarian situation. that is something that still goes on. authorities on the spanish island of la pon mar, stepping up surveillance of the routine volcano. after part of the crater collapsed, it sent a huge, a huge lava, a surge of lava, down the hill side and into the sea. your options become more explosive, causing significant damage to property and farmland. more than a 1000 homes have been destroyed. john hall has mall from la palmer every day here at the volcano, face things change whether it's the size of the plume, the substance, the color of that volcanic ash or the booming explosions. emmett, emanating from the core, their subsiding escalating subsiding aspects, very noisy. today i'll step out and then you have a closer look at it. but i tell you that every day we're here. we learned something
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new about volcanic eruptions. the latest being that on a monday night the volcano started emitting what are ominously known as love of bombs. these are great pudgy bowls of volcanic ash being shot high up into the air there about the size of a sort of well stuffed rubbish bag and landing up to a kilometer away in all directions with enormous destructive capacity. that's why they call it the danger zone. of courson. oh, i'm standing at the moment, abner police roadblock keeping people out of the danger zone residence allowed in occasionally to visit their homes to check on pets, to collect valuables and so on. but generally people kept well away. we're about 3 kilometers away. now. 14 percent of the world's coral has been lost in less than a decade. a report by the u. n. backs global data network warns more we saw at risk of disappearing because of climate change. warming oceans are causing more carl
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bleaching events. that's when coals under heat stress expel the colorful ocoee living in their tissues and die. the nobel prize of physics has been awarded to 3 scientists for discoveries in climate and complex physical systems. nobel committee says so coral, my knobby class hassle, and ga perisi revealed groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of complex physical systems. last spring is a former chairman of the nobel committee for physics, explains how they pick the recipients of the price when it should discovery. it has to have certain height is really be sort of a watershed. so you can see when a before and after. and i think, you know, all the things you can say that if you go back to my novice work where he does, you know, a complex system for, for, for the atmosphere of, nope, he could, by physical means, you know, you could compute that an increase in c,
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o 2 would increase the temperature on earth and house. and then later on came, you know, made it pretty much for true model of all the time. and so this is basic science. this is a discovery among, you know, this is, you know, and then it goes, but what i should say is that, you know, usually in physical discoveries, if you use reductionism, you would down to score is one. yes. and then you can find patterns and then you can find formula, you can find it your find course or find work very superconductivity when you get, but most phenomenon in the world are complex fluctuations. and what these people have done is to have been able to select, you know, the right parameters within the very,
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very complicated system by which you can predict and you can really measure, you can find the system with the systems are working here like camera and action on the international space station rush actress julia parasite, then film director, claim ship, ankle on board. the i assess, they blasted off in a still use spacecraft to shoot the 1st ever feature film in space and movies about a surgeon who has to perform surgery and save the life of an astronaut with her again, i'm fully back.


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